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22 May 2021 12:37:15
SMART trades:

01. of July:

NYN: S&T Brunson 13m 2+1y
DAL: Get 1st 2023 of Mavs back + 12m Trade Exception

WIZ: Green and 3x1st
DAL: Beal

Sign Holmes 2+1y 40m
Sign THJ 4y 40m
Sign Melli 3y 10m
Sign Boban 1.5m


Holmes, Powell, Boban
KP, Maxi, Melli
Josh, DFS, Bey
Beal, THJ, Hinton
Luca, Burke, Terry

The vet dreams of Carlise come true having 2x Powerforward and 3x Playmaking :)

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22 May 2021 13:59:11
Wiz say no.
Holmes says no.
THJ says no.

Knicks say no also. Not giving up a 1st for Brunson.

22 May 2021 14:54:31
Porzingis cash for Love

Luca 2nd for Killian Hayes.

22 May 2021 15:41:10
Wiz take 3st and Green immediatelly
Holmes would sign for less but sure starting 13m
THJ will stay anyway.

22 May 2021 15:42:30
NY is already good and will have only late 1st so they would love to have Brunson instead of a late first round pick 2023.

22 May 2021 15:47:10
LA has LB and Davies, PG and Kaiwi, Brookly has Durant, Harden, Kyrie and others > hence Beal will be smart and willing to join Luca and KP and Holmes and THJ in any case.

22 May 2021 15:47:32
= ring ring.

22 May 2021 20:51:47
After Mavs have nailed the LA a. s they could offer the MLE to Kaiwi ; )

22 May 2021 21:15:50
In order to create the cap space to do the Beal trade after the Brunson trade, Dallas would have to waive the cap hold (rights to exceed the salary cap in order to resign Mav FAs for more than the vet minimum) on THJ, Melli and Boban.

Next assuming that Dallas is using the 12 mil exception to sign Holmes, the Mavs would have no more available cap space.

Next, assuming assuming that Dallas uses the MLE to resign THJ at a lower amount and then the BLE on Melli. That would leave resigning Boban at the Vet Min (10 year player is at $2,564,753 for one year) .

So technically this could happen with some minor adjustments in the $$$$. However, the lynch pin is the Brunson trade. In order to do the S&T, Dallas would first have to waive Brunson in order to "resign" him. This creates an opportunity for NY to straight out sign Brunson as a FA since they will have around $45 mil in cap space (after picking up Randle's option) . There is no real reason for NY to do a S&T in order to get Brunson.

22 May 2021 22:43:00
After Clips eliminate Mavs there will be no third star in Dallas. Asset wise they’re not in great shape.

22 May 2021 22:53:52
Vildoza > Brunson. Watch him.

22 May 2021 23:24:21
Hi Fred, nice, y got it!

And y right on Brunson, but Mavs have a team option, it would technically a Extend and Trade deal. And y are right, the $$$ are a challenge, but it could work somehow.

If not, Mavs could do a S&T with THJ 4y 60m to 76ers when they send Thybulle to Wiz and Green at 3y 30m to Dallas (what fits the MLE) . This szenario would fit well with the $$$.

To be honest I would not bet on Mavs again Clippers - but if they send Clippers back to LA - that szenario with Beal and Holmes become even more realistic.

23 May 2021 01:54:09
The extend and trade does not work because Mavs would have to pick up the option this year ($1.8 mil) and then extend him in future years. This creates only a $1.8 trade exception to try to fit Holmes into.

Also not sure you can do the S&T with THJ as he would be taking a pay cut. There is an obsure rule in the CBA about the salary amounts that a player can sign for in a S&T.

23 May 2021 03:15:24
definitely would start finney smith if this deal happened which it won't.

24 May 2021 09:18:28
Freedy: I talked y "like" an extend and trade. Mavs could agree with Nicks for a simple S&T in this case Mavs would deny their option to keep Brunson at 1.8m. If NY doens`t agree, Mavs simple exerice their option and keep Brunson.

Hence "if" Knicks want to have Brunson for the 1st 2023 back, Mavs would deny their option and afterwards S&T him at 12.5m to Knicks.

24 May 2021 16:58:00
you are committing the same offenses that Milwaukee-Kings committed in the Bogdonavich S&T deal.

Plus, you have to insure Brunson WANTS to sign with the Knicks.



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