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25 May 2021 18:28:34
Can you have a 3 team trade with all s&t?


Raptors - Derozan

Spurs - Drummond

Lakers - Lowry

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25 May 2021 19:21:36
If you can get those three players wanting to sign with those three teams and that the salaries of the 3 players are essentially equal.

And the $$$ has to be considered as well because the Hard Apron Tax would be imposed on all 3 teams which would probably be a problem for the Lakers who would be at the Hard Apron Tax line with 3-4 roster spots still to fill.

Also, seriously doubt Spurs are interested in signing for Drummond at that $$$$ amount. If they were, they just would have traded for him when he was sent to Cleveland.

25 May 2021 19:26:40
Wasn’t meaning to be a trade idea, was just wondering if it’s possible for a s&t with 3+ teams.

25 May 2021 20:06:54
No rules against it. Just hard to imagine that 3 teams and 3 players all work together like that.

I think I saw that there have only been like 3 sign and trades in the last 4 years? Something like that. It’s become less likely recently.

25 May 2021 21:33:42
I thonk I can name 4 S&Ts in the last 4 years without doing any research.

Walker to Boston
Heyward to Charlotte
DLo to Warriors
Durant to Brooklyn

PG13 was an extend and trade?

26 May 2021 02:46:03
Butler to Philly.

26 May 2021 04:00:36
Or wait was it Butler s&t to Mia for Richardson.

26 May 2021 14:03:02
George’s extension was independent of the trade.

Still, 5 in 4 years isn’t much. And it’s all star level players, not Horton-Tucker and Drummond.

26 May 2021 15:45:42
And the main reason that it is all all-star players because very few teams have the $30 mil in cap space, thus requiring salary to be sent back to the other team.



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