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31 May 2021 15:57:45
Lakers need some change next year

Lakers - White
Spurs - Kuzma

- Lakers get a shooter, can also defend and playmake
- Spurs get more youth at PF, has a ton of guards

Lakers - Monk
Hornets - Harrell

- Lakers get a shooter/scorer off bench
- Hornets get a young big

Lakers - Nance
Cavs - THT

- Lakers get a 2 way big
- Cavs get a good fit next to garland, especially with Sexton looking to go

Resign Schroeder if not go for Dinwiddie who will be cheaper
Sign Whiteside


- Better shooting and scoring bench, gets better rebounding big man also

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31 May 2021 16:34:36
I like these trades/.

31 May 2021 16:47:26
Monk is a RFA next year?

THT is a RFA next year?

Not sure Cavs will trade Nance considering how short on PF/ Cs the teams is. Love (unreliable health), Prince, Nance and Allen (hopefully resigned) .

31 May 2021 17:15:30
I can see them moving Harrell for sure. He is a victim of the rotations w Drummond there. No way a 6th man of the year should be getting DNPs.

31 May 2021 18:13:56
Yes Fredman that’s why sign and trades are a thing, thought that would be easy to comprehend w/ o me having to say it.

31 May 2021 18:18:45
However Idk if the last trade (s&t) can work financially for the Lakers.

31 May 2021 19:06:22
Also Fred don’t take that the wrong way, wasn’t meaning it in harsh way.

31 May 2021 19:56:08
Lakers are pretty much prevented from doing a sign and trade because that would hard cap them. It's not simply a matter of Dinwiddie or Schroeder because Lakers have bird rights to Schroeder and can go over the cap to keep him, but cannot sign Dinwiddie unless its a sign and trade, which, again, would hard cap them. They have to hope that Harrell will opt in even if its just to trade him later because they can't replace his salary otherwise. They are pretty much limited to straight trades, exceptions and vet minimum ring chasers, and overpaying to keep their own free agents, in order to try to improve the team.

31 May 2021 21:48:07
I like derrick white and think he would be a great fit for the lakers, but I don't think kuzma is valued that highly around the league. but i like the other two deals. I like signing whiteside, but not shroeder.

31 May 2021 21:55:42
It is not my fault you failed to list the trades as S&Ts.

But nice attempt at trying to push it onto me, thou.

Pretty sure that the Lakers can not handle having the Hard Apron Cap placed on them next year that S&Ts do. They would have about $10 mil in cap space and 6 empty roster spots to fill after these trades. Not resigning Schroeder with that amount.

31 May 2021 22:47:40
The Cavs aren’t moving Nance for THT. The only reason anyone is aware THT exists is because he plays for the Lakers.

01 Jun 2021 02:32:03
It's from his preseason games not because he on the lakers.

01 Jun 2021 03:11:12
It kinda is your fault Fredman, it’s common sense and you are trying to just be right.

01 Jun 2021 05:27:00
Your fallacy is believing common sense exists on this website.



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