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04 Jun 2021 16:04:31
Going off Darry's post

I don't know if Clippers has that much leverage to get all of that if most teams speculate he will leave anyways or wants to

Lakers would want that 7th pick & Haliburton for sure instead of OG, Hali looks like the perfect guard for Lebron


Clips - OG Flynn Hood and 2 future 1st via Tor
Lakers - Haliburton Bagley Boucher Barnes 7th amd future 1st from Tor
Raps - AD & Kawhi
Kings - Siakam Gasol and Lakers late 1st





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04 Jun 2021 16:29:14
Also if Cavs rly want to rid of Sexton I could see Lakers trying to trade for him after this deal

Lakers - Prince and Sexton
Cavs - 7th Kuzma and future 1st

- 2 1sts for Sexton plus upgrade bench with younger player

Sexton/ Haliburton/ Bron/ Barnes/ Boucher

Garland/ Green/ Okoro/ Love/ Allen
- Draft Barnes with 7th.

04 Jun 2021 17:21:44
How about Kings keep Halliburton, Lakers keep their first?

No matter however you want to spin it, Siakam's took a step back this season which means his value also took a hit. The fact that Toronto is even considering trading Siakam is proof of this evaluation. Kings are not going to overpay for him. Bagley, Barnes and a future 1st (top 10 protected) is about this highest the Kings will go.

04 Jun 2021 18:11:06
Fredman, that's not close to enough for Siakam. I'd insist he's worth AT LEAST Hali+Barnes and probably more.

I really think the Raptors have the assets to trade for Kawhi and AD., if they move the pieces around right.

04 Jun 2021 19:22:18
@Fredman - Me and Darry don't really work for the Raptors, so just because we are speculating on trading Pascal doesn't mean Masai and Bobby are (lol) . point being that I don't believe Toronto is trying to trade Siakam. but I do believe they will listen on anybody. that's what Ujiri means when he talks about options (ie not trading Lowry left other options open) . the fact that he had a down year last year suggests to me that Toronto will be less likely to trade him. more likely they hold him with hope that his value recovers with a good season next year.

04 Jun 2021 20:13:05
That package wouldn’t get you any all star, especially if the pick is protected. Bagley has very very little value if any.

05 Jun 2021 00:21:51
As a Pels guy if Toronto can pull that off I’d love it.



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