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08 Jun 2021 20:51:12
Mavs - Hayward & 2nd

Hornets - Prozingis

Each team trades 2 injury prone players that will fit the other team needs better. Hayward gives Luka some scoring/shot creating help in the starting lineup. Porzingis gives Hornets it future big of t he future and can space floor for ball. The 2nd is added since KP is younger. Can easily get rid of it if needed

Mavs can sign Drummond pretty cheap



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08 Jun 2021 22:31:22
The only thing is I think Hayward's biggest strength is as a creator and the ball is always in Luka's hands.

09 Jun 2021 05:27:35
I can see what you’re saying, I think a lot of that has to do with no one on the Mavs can really playmake/ shot create other than Doncic (THJ to extent? ) He doesn’t really have anyone in that starting lineup that can relieve him any by getting a bucket off the dribble themselves.

09 Jun 2021 13:10:20
You would think Hayward would be the type of player who'd fit in anywhere, but supposedly one of the reasons he left Boston was because he wasn't happy with his role. Of course if he gets traded, too bad.

09 Jun 2021 14:27:25
Hayward was also 3/ 4 option on that team.

10 Jun 2021 00:28:46
That's true, but he still probably had the ball more than if he played with Luka.

10 Jun 2021 11:49:50
hayward was the 4th option in boston with a very ball dominant guard who didn't pass well. he would be the 2nd option with doncic. his biggest strength is shooting. he played with multiple guys who wanted the ball in their hands in charlotte. his versatility would suit the mavericks very well. in the playoffs they struggled when luka passed out of the double if it didn't lead to an immediate open shot. hayward will be able to reattack and make the right play when given a slight advantage off the pass out of these doubles. he will also get a ton of wide open 3's with doncic. but don't need brunson starting. you'd start THJ if going for the win.



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