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04 Jul 2021 02:45:00

Orlando: Kevin Love, #3 pick

Cleveland: Terrance Ross, Gary Harris, #5 pick, #8 pick

Orlando already has a lot of young players, in this trade they take on Kevin Love and his contract, and trade up in the draft for a better fit for their team (either Green, Suggs, or Mobley whoever is available at 3, most likely Green)

Cleveland gets rid of Love and his contract, gets 2 really good bench pieces, and pick up #5 & #8 in the process.

I know a lot of y'all will say it's not enough to move up to #3 but factor in getting rid of Love and it's a deal that could happen.

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04 Jul 2021 02:52:38
Well I like it ShaqIsBack Magic say yes 😁.

04 Jul 2021 03:29:23
Just not seeing Cleveland trading down. Be better off with the superstar draft prospect.

04 Jul 2021 14:11:51
They can still get one of the top 5, most likely Kuminga, and get rid of Love and his contract. It's a win win for Cleveland.

04 Jul 2021 14:30:06
I honestly don't mind it. I think Orlando would have to throw in someone like Bamba, but the premise is good.
Cleveland gets rid of Love leaving them enough cap to resign both Allen and Sexton, then they have two picks to pick up Kuminga and whoever at 8.

04 Jul 2021 14:45:27
I think magic could give bamba not the 5th and 8th. Love is a negative right now.

04 Jul 2021 15:48:09
I just value the ability to possibly choose between Suggs, Kuminga and Mobley than being stuck selecting the "leftovers".

Now if the Cavs are wanting to select Kuminga @ #3, then this is a totally different conversation because they will most likely still be able to get him @ #5.

04 Jul 2021 16:23:18
@Fredman that’s what I’m thinking. Kuminga is the best positional fit for the Cavs if they are keeping Sexton, Suggs is a Pg I believe and Green a SG, which doesn’t make sense with their backcourt of Garland / Sexton. Kuminga is a SF and fits a need.

04 Jul 2021 18:51:52
@websjac. Drafting based upon fit has very, very rarely gone well for the team making the draft selection.

Portland selecting Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan because of fit is the most classic example.

05 Jul 2021 02:00:08
The Cavs would have to think about it, but Green and Mobley are potential franchise changers.

05 Jul 2021 05:07:14
I wonder what the interest would be in taking Bamba instead of the #8. I do think there’s a good framework for a deal…. especially if the Cavs really do like Kuminga.



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