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07 Jul 2021 13:26:56
The first move:

OKC Powell, 2nd Dallas 2022
DAL Kawhi E&T
LAC 2nd Dallas 2029

The second:

Sign Holmes 1+1y 25m

Ring Ring

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07 Jul 2021 14:54:37
Common Ringring, Clippers deserve Dallas 2046 protected 58th 2nd round pick. Deal makes no sense without it.

07 Jul 2021 15:35:47
Is this a joke site now? These proposals are just trolling.

07 Jul 2021 15:50:26
Yeah ; ) Clippers will not do the sign or exend and trade for proud reasons. But it would benefit them have a 40m trade exception and this nice 2nd. : )

But I see a 33% change that Kawhi signs as a FA in Dallas. In the other case he stays.

But ey, 33% change to get Kahwi as a free agent is nice for me. : )

07 Jul 2021 16:40:43
There is literally a 0% chance (not change) that Kawhi ends up in Dallas. They can't afford him and don't have anything the Clippers would be excited about in a sign and trade (other than Doncic) . KP has negative value and they can't trade a 1st for literally ever, and you don't get superstar players with 2nd Rd picks.

07 Jul 2021 16:50:58
we can trade 2029 picks now?

Numbers only work if Mavs waive all their cap holds and Richardson opts out for next season.

07 Jul 2021 18:34:57
Poor RingRing. The walls are tumbling down in big D.

07 Jul 2021 20:55:14
Check the numbers. If WCS becomes cancelled Mavs have approx. 25m CAP, moving Powell it becomes? Yeap: 36m - How do you think Kahwi starts? Yeap, at 36m ; ) With the 11m TE Holmes joines. Easy.

07 Jul 2021 22:46:02
@Ringring. you are forgetting the cap hold for the 3 vacant roster spots (1 currently existing, 1 for dumping Powell, and 1 for waiving WCS) . So you really have around $33 mil available.

This means that Kawhi will be taking a $30 mil loss for what he can sign in a 4-year max deal to sign with Dallas starting at $33 mil.

Also, SPECIFICALLY how is Holmes going into in the 11m TPE? Please say S&T so I can show the flaw in your numbers there as well.

08 Jul 2021 02:08:44
Fredman I'm disappointed that you actually try to reason with this guy.



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