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14 Jul 2021 16:04:58
76ers - McCollum and Lowry(s&t MLE)
Blazers - Simmons and Hill
Raptors - Nurkic




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14 Jul 2021 16:23:17
I doubt Lowry is going to settle for the MLE, but I like the idea.

14 Jul 2021 16:50:12
Lowry will say no, pay me 25M for 2 years, and Raptors will say cut out Portland and go Ben for Kyle straight up. maybe even throw in a future 1st.

14 Jul 2021 17:11:37
Geez why are raps fans being delusional over Lowry lately? How you going to get Simmons in a S&T for a 36 year old FA?

14 Jul 2021 17:23:10
Because Philly thought Lowry sucked and they lost to Diaper Trae because of it. It's a kind of (acceptable) arrogance.

14 Jul 2021 17:23:49
So did some more reading about S&Ts restrictions and salary cap restrictions. And came across this.

"The receiving team [of a S&T] cannot have used the so-called 'taxpayer mid-level exception' in that season. "

The MLE that Philly has available is the taxpayer mid-level exception which they can not use in to sign and trade for Lowry.

14 Jul 2021 17:45:59
@NBA - Philly is reported to be looking for an allstar level player back. Lowry is still playing at allstar level, even it he only has a year or two left of being able to do that. Philly wants to win now and wants to move a 33M salary. not an easy thing to do with a distressed asset.
Philly may well be able to do better, and if they can they should. But they have expressed interest in bringing Lowry home in the past, and there is an opportunity for them to do it now.

14 Jul 2021 18:05:25
Philly still is not trading Simmons for a 36 year old FA. They would much rather have a younger all star caliber player under contract such as McCollum DLo etc.

14 Jul 2021 19:37:20
But seriously, you Toronto fans are out of control.

14 Jul 2021 20:54:57
How is it that 5 agree with nba16 idea. But everyone replies in disagree. Oh yeah nobody but nba16 voted. He maybe 36, but he still can get more than mle. Raptors could find a better center in free agency Nurkic. McCollum for Simmons should be the only trade to consider for both Blazers and Sixers.

14 Jul 2021 21:01:52
Lmao. Philly maybe looking for an allstar level player but if it's trading their own for a 36 y/ o "all star" then someone is getting fired in that office. Stop these delusional statements til it happens.

14 Jul 2021 22:11:41
Shizzee that makes no sense lol. No one is even really disagreeing on the trade. They are commenting on how much Lowry contract will be. Pretty sure no one takes you really serious.

14 Jul 2021 22:34:08
I’d agree a lot of raps fans overrate our players. Realistically tho, I think Philly would love to have Lowry (hometown connection and a guard who can run the offense) on a reasonable contract. They also want to trade Simmons for assets.
Simmons for Lowry + Boucher + Flynn + 2022 1st (top 10 protected) is reasonable for both teams I think.



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