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16 Jul 2021 18:21:39
There is a report that says Lillard is going to ask for a trade. What do you think? And what is the most realistic packages?

I can only think of these teams:

76ers sends Simmons and Maxey and 4 future picks/ picks swap (Simmons can be traded to a 3rd team for more assets, say Kings send Fox and Bagley to Portland for Simmons)


Knicks sends Toppin, Barrett and Quickley and 6 first/ pick swaps

I think Denver with a package around Murray and Porter and New Orleans with all those young talent and picks have a shot. Warriors can offer a decent packag.

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16 Jul 2021 18:36:36
Kings aren’t trading Fox for Brick Simmons.

16 Jul 2021 18:49:31
Minny and NO are my first two calls. But that’s to see if Edwards and Zion are off the table (and I assume they would be) .

GS is my choice. Wiseman, 7, 14, a future firsts for Dame is the best option.

The Knicks don’t interest me in the slightest bit. They don’t have a single high end asset.

Phili is off the table to me. If Portland move Lillard, it might force Phili’s hand on a McCollum and RoCo for Simmons trade.

Miami could be an option assuming they’re willing to include Bam.

I also don’t like Ingram or Brown. They’re good enough to pull Portland out of the basement of the league. So they’d cost Portland a top 5 pick. But neither is good enough to be a #1 option.

16 Jul 2021 19:48:08
I think Barrett is more of a high end prospect than Wiseman.

16 Jul 2021 20:24:49
I think New Orleans could be an interesting choice, even if Zion and Ingram are off the table. They have a few young players and a lot of future draft picks.

16 Jul 2021 21:35:20

I respect your opinion. but I think Simmons is a better player.

16 Jul 2021 21:48:47
Without Edwards, Minny has no chance. Also, if they trade everything for him, I don't see Dame want to go there.

I do agree Warriors and Pelicans can offer good packages. but that depends on portland's future plan, If they want to make the playoff, I wouldn't trade him to conference rivals. If they want a full rebuild. fine.

17 Jul 2021 00:47:10
There’s a 0% chance the sixers trade Simmons for McCollum. Brogden is not only better but he is also a better fit for the sixers since he’s not an absolute liability on defense and they turned that down already. He also will just fill the same role as Curry at 7-8 Ppg better and I would bet Curry will take and make more shots after a confidence boost this postseason

17 Jul 2021 03:50:30
I don’t like Barrett as much as Wiseman. Also, GS’s two picks are worth more than any picks NY could offer.

Even with Ingram, I don’t love NO offer. Without him, it’s terrible.

Simmons isn’t close to as good as Fox to me.

If you think Curry and McCollum are anywhere similar, you’re too biased. I’d take McCollum and RoCo over Brogdon and a pick. Those two would be great for Phili if they move Simmons.



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