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19 Jul 2021 00:32:53
S&t lowry for westbrook in a 3 team trade with philly.

Raptor's get westbrook

Wizard get Simmons.

Philly get lowry future first round. And wiz first round.

Raptors use the pick in another trade

Siakim and 4th pick for KAT.



Trent Jr

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19 Jul 2021 03:30:55
How did raptors get Kat?

19 Jul 2021 04:23:58
Actually don't mind the lineup that would result, but Nurse would go crazy trying to get them to play defense.
Problem is Philly would have to be willing to pay Lowry almost $40M each year in order for Toronto to be able to take Westbrook's salary back. Deal would only have to be guaranteed for the first year, but still, adding 7M to Simmons departing salary makes the hard cap pretty much impossible with Embiid and Harris on the books.

19 Jul 2021 09:25:11
Tor can trade a player to Washington to make this work.

I wouldn't trade Siakam and the fourth pick for KAT, but that's a fair offer.

19 Jul 2021 11:03:15
Siakam and 4th pick is an undervaluing KAT. Minnesota would get a lot more IF they trade KAT.

19 Jul 2021 13:00:58
KAT had the worst year of his career last year because of family tragedy, c.v. and injury. It was at least as good as Siakam’s best season despite all that. I’ve been a big fan of Siakam and would love to add him to the Wolves. I also know they won’t trade him for anything short of a king’s ransom.

19 Jul 2021 13:53:40
@Gasupo. no, they can't. on a sign and trade you cannot combine any other salary with the signed player. Westbrook is on the books next year for $44M. Raps are over the cap by signing Lowry, so the salaries need to be within about 5M. only way Raptors can trade Lowry for Westbrook is to sign him at close to 40M. and nobody is trading for a 40M Lowry.

19 Jul 2021 15:14:23
"Siakam and 4th pick is an undervaluing KAT. Minnesota would get a lot more IF they trade KAT. "

Pfft. Siakam>KAT at this rate. Siakam is a better playmaker and defender by far. 4 + Siakam, no matter how you look at it, is worth so much more than KAT.

19 Jul 2021 15:37:54
KAT is the better scorer, but Siakam is the better allround player.
I would prefer Siakam (and the #4 pick) over KAT

@Windrapsfan, thanks, i didn't know that.

19 Jul 2021 17:34:36
Smh. How many gms will pick Siakam over KAT?

19 Jul 2021 18:14:58
KAT and Siakam had the exact same drtg/ 100. His DBPM is better than Siakam’s. Saikam did have a little more DWS (.4), but he also played 300 more minutes than KAT. KAT was much better than Siakam in both WS/ 48 and PER.

So many people on this site have such a recency bias. KAT had a bad year after his mother died, he got c.v. and he got injured. What a bum! Simmons had a rough playoffs. The 76ers will be lucky to get two 2nds and a bag of used balls. It’s hilarious.



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