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25 Jul 2021 18:54:58
The 76ers get Beal and Rozier

The Lakers get Westbrook

The Hornets get Allen, Caruso and Houston's 22 2nd via Cleveland

The Cavs get Simmons, Curry and Bertans

The Wiz get Harrell, Kuzma, Schroeder, Okoro, Love, Maxey, the 11 via Hornet, the 28 via Philly, the Cavs 22 1st, the Cavs 24 1st and Philly's 27 ( plus save 10 million)

The Lakers give up the salaries that they have to, if they want Westbrook. I don't particularly like the idea of Westbrook for the Lakers, but they definitely need another creator and the rumor seems to have legs.

The 6ers new starting 5 makes a ton of sense and it probably gives them a chance to win a title.

Simmons and Mobley make Sexland land viable defensively and you end up with a team where almost everyone can pass and put it on the floor.

The Wiz get a ton for Beal and Westbrook, while also cleaning up their cap.

The Hornets get their center and a better fit at back up guard .

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25 Jul 2021 19:57:29
Hard pass from the Wizards, no one wants Love’s contract.

25 Jul 2021 22:42:27
So Schroder wants to play in Washington?
And Caruso wants to go to Charlotte?
Actually I guess Schroder might want to go to Washington because the only way to sign and trade him there for Westbrook would be for Washington to agree to a huge overpay because you could not combine Harrell's or Kuzma's or anyone else's salary with Schroder's.
It's just as well you don't like the Westbrook fit with the Lakers, because the salary cap manouvering that would have to done would be near impossible and would leave no opportunity to build a respectable lineup around the big 3.

26 Jul 2021 03:09:03
Windrapsfan, actually you can combined salaries in sign and trades now. The rule was changed at some point ( I assume in the last CBA) .

Schroeder wants to get paid. I’m not sure how many teams are willing to pay him what he wants. Caruso is less likely, but same idea with the money.

Casual, they’re getting a ton and are in a complete rebuild. Their books are almost totally cleaner in 2 years and they get off of Bertans 4 year deal.

26 Jul 2021 04:47:23
@windrapsfan. Upon further researching, Rkenne is correct. See Durant (S&T) + pick for DLo (S&T), Graham and Napier as an example.

26 Jul 2021 14:14:33
@Fredman - 2 players being signed can be traded for each other, but you can't sign a player and then package him with another player to match salaries in a trade.
Durant and Russell's salaries were close enough to satisfy CBA rules for the transaction, and a pick was added to sweeten the deal, but there wasn't any other player included to balance the salaries.
I often see reports of S&Ts including extra players, but when you look at the actual transactions that were approved the S&T player is always traded alone in a deal that meets the CBA, and then sweeteners are added in side deal or deals.
If you go back and look at S&T deals as announced on the NBA official site they always show the breakdowns.

26 Jul 2021 15:31:20
BIG NO from the Cavs!



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