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15 Oct 2021 18:16:08
Toronto Raptors – “There are real issues with Pascal Siakam. I don’t know what it is, but I think Siakam, just the past 18 months, has just been trending downwards. Obviously them losing Kyle [Lowry], them handing over the keys to Fred VanVleet, I think VanVleet’s a great player, but I think they need Siakam to be really good. I could see them, if he gets off to another rough start, them trying to send him somewhere for another all-star type player. Who that player is, I don’t know, but it’ll be interesting to see if we get the Siakam that everybody fell in love with. ” – via Chris Mannix @ Sports Illustrated

Siakam for Hield, Tristian Thompson, Ramsey + lottery protected first?

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15 Oct 2021 18:35:27
They want another all-star caliber player, not a bunch of Kings rejects and a lottery protected first.

15 Oct 2021 19:05:17
Hield falls into that “another all star type player” category?

15 Oct 2021 20:38:13
That entire article was terrible. The part about Cleveland was awful and seemed personal. Larry Nance also called it out as garbage, which was great.

15 Oct 2021 21:45:44
"Who that player is? I don't know. " Because choose are EXTREMELY limited.

15 Oct 2021 22:17:18
Fredman sorry you are not getting an allstar caliber player if you are very hesitant in giving up your best assets. You need to give value and take risks to be great.

15 Oct 2021 22:39:26
Raptors just resigned Trent who is a younger and pretty similar player to Hield. Raps would need more.

15 Oct 2021 22:40:12
I'd rather just keep Siakam tbh.

16 Oct 2021 00:21:31
Hield is a great shooter. everything else he does is below average.

16 Oct 2021 00:24:09
To believe what Mannix says in his article about Siakam means disbelieving everything any Raptors or Raptors management has said publicly. Perhaps his speculation would prove accurate more often if he just took the time to listen to what Webster, Ujiri, Freddy, Nurse and Siakam himself have said about the situation. I guess that doesn't generate enough clicks.



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