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16 Oct 2021 23:30:55
Ringring is infatuated with the idea of bringing Beal to Dallas. To me, this is the only trade that has any chance of being accepted:

Mavericks get Bradley Beal

Wizards get Kristaps Porzingis, Jalen Brunson, unprotected first round picks in 2025 and 2027, and the right to swap firsts in 2024, 2026, and 2028

Porzingis isn't the ideal centerpiece for Washington because they're developing Hachimura. However, I think they'd at least listen to this offer. At this price, you also have to wonder if it's even worth it for Dallas. I'm mostly making this post to show ringring how unlikely a Beal to Dallas trade is, and what it would actually take to make it happen.

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16 Oct 2021 23:54:04
Also need to give up Green imo.

17 Oct 2021 01:09:10
Could use a 3rd team to move kp.

17 Oct 2021 02:08:06
@Chamuco I tried finding one but there’s not really an ideal fit. I agree though, a third team taking KP and sending assets to Washington would make this trade more likely. Might not be a bad idea for the Wizards to make him the number one option for a year and boost his trade value though.

17 Oct 2021 12:06:55
1. A least y have understoden, Beal will go or become traded before.

2. Your proposal is nonsense from a multiple point of view. Why would Mavs do it? To go all in, without having the most promissing grid afterwards to win it all and to pay a lot?

3. If Luca goes not off, what sense have 1st round swaps for Wiz? They will alsways have the better pic, because Dallas will have the better ranking.

4. With Brown, Green, Brunon, 2x1st and 2x2nd Wiz would get a lot of asset. Not only pics also y guys. It is a lot of Value for Beal, that will leave WIZ 4 month later.

5. It is a free world, finally it depends, where Beal want to go! Because Beal has call the keys. Such a trade Mavs would do only if Beal "extends" his contract MAX immediatelly. So if Beal want to go to Dallas, he will. With a trade proposed in Dec or Feb or he will simple sign in Dallas next summer. Maybe for a 1st and a trade exception for WIZ or Mavs will create the CAP, they can.

Thks a lot to y guys as well, to propose something and not only to comment it. It shows a lot, where y are coming from. Y do not valuate the business site and the advantages of a trade - also not the chances and upside for the team. Y only look as it HEADLINE - as simple as possible - the NEWS character that has globaly taken charge and had created a mental ill president in a large country.

Thks a lot to explain yourselves and your point of view.

17 Oct 2021 14:17:38
if washington wants to move beal all they need to do to call warriors. they can get young players and picks from warriors.

17 Oct 2021 18:38:56
But as KD, Beal would only an addition to Curry, Thompson and Green to add the fivth or sixth ring.

At Dallas he would be the one that got a ring with Luca and KP. Cheers.



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