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14 Nov 2021 00:51:10
Pistons get Buddy Hield, Marvin Bagley, and a lottery protected 2022 first round pick that becomes two second round picks if not conveyed

Kings get Jerami Grant and Kelly Olynyk

Fully healthy:

PG: Cade
SG: Hield
SF: Bey
PF: Bagley
C: Stewart

PG: Fox
SG: Haliburton
SF: Barnes
PF: Grant
C: Olynyk

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14 Nov 2021 01:43:46
So you’ll take buddy Hield for Grant but not CJ?

14 Nov 2021 05:13:17
NBA you had us giving up Josh Jackson too and not getting any draft compensation. CJ is the better player but he’s a 30 year old who would take the ball out of Cade’s hands, whereas Hield is mostly a catch-and-shoot player who would provide spacing without decreasing Cade’s touches. Plus Hield has two years after this year left on his contract, so he could be flipped again down the line for more assets.

14 Nov 2021 06:56:19
the Pistons are interested in Bagley but will have to wait until mid Dec to trade Olynyk.

realistically though

DET Bagley, Hield
SAC Diallo, Olynyk, 24 1st (top 5 protected) or 25 (unprotected) maybe throw in a couple 2nds.

14 Nov 2021 07:32:08
iFroth the Pistons don't have a first to trade. The 2022 first we sent to Houston is top 16 protected, then top 18 protected in 2023 and 2024, then top 13 protected in 2025, then top 11 in 2026, then top 9 in 2027. You can only trade a first up to 7 years in the future, so we literally can't trade a first right now unless we take the protections off that pick (which would be very unwise) .

14 Nov 2021 10:45:18
Ummm Kelly is injured so this isn't happening.

14 Nov 2021 16:40:39
If CJ hasn’t been a problem taking the ball out of Lillards hand then how would that be a problem with Cade? Every team needs at least 2 players who can handle the ball and create own shot. It takes so much pressure off you’re main guy.

14 Nov 2021 17:05:31
CJ is better than Cade at the moment, so he’d most likely become our primary ball handler. Plus his presence would send Killian Hayes to the bench. I’d rather develop our young guys than hand the keys to a 30 year old when we’re nowhere near ready to compete.

14 Nov 2021 17:36:25
CJ just turned 30, Hield turns 29 next month. Barely over a year apart is not that big of a difference lmaooo. Plus CJ can get you more value if you flip.

14 Nov 2021 22:45:35
I'd rather just include another team to take CJ and send us assets. I'm running out of ways to explain this to you: a catch-and-shoot player who would allow Cade to still run the show is preferable to us as opposed to a veteran who would become our lead guard. Lmaooo.

15 Nov 2021 00:25:50
Use your head. CJ didn’t affect Lillard at all. Lillard is still the lead guard and runs the show. Cade won’t and doesn’t need to have the ball in his hands 24/ 7. Just like Kyrie didn’t with Bron, or Harden hasn’t with KD, etc. You need to another player that can take pressure off your lead guard especially if he’s a rookie smh. The whole reason why you hear the Mavs want another ball handler to take pressure off Luka.

15 Nov 2021 16:47:57
Lillard is still the lead guard, but it’s safe to say that Cade isn’t as good as Lillard. CJ would be the lead guard if we acquired him. Cade is still developing, therefore you want to develop him as a lead guard. Kyrie developed in Cleveland as a lead guard, same for Harden in Houston. The pistons have another ball handler by the name of Killian Hayes, who is also a young player we want to develop. Bringing in a player to be the new lead guard would be a disservice to Cade’s development at this point. Not comparable to the Luka situation where he’s already a bonafide lead guard and the team wants to compete right now.



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