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24 Dec 2021 13:24:50
Wizards get Fox & 1st from Celtics


Celtics get Beal & Bagley


Kings get J Brown & 2nd from Wizards


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24 Dec 2021 13:59:56
Boston won't trade for Beal unless Beal wants to play in Boston. If that's the case, they do not have to trade Brown to get him due to the status of his contract.

24 Dec 2021 14:03:40
And for that matter, no team will give up a lot for Beal because why would they? Maybe he wants to stay in Washington, but if he doesn't he can choose his next team and Washington has no leverage.

24 Dec 2021 14:35:01
He can’t choose his own team if that team doesn’t have the money to sign him outright.

24 Dec 2021 15:19:53
Sure he can. How do you think Lowry got to Miami? Toronto didn't want Dragic, so he was used for salary matching purposes and they got Precious and a 1st for their trouble. In place of Dragic, Boston could use the expiring deal of Horford, Nesmith in place of Precious, and 2 1sts in place of 1 to account for the age difference between Lowry and Beal. How do you think the Bulls got Derozan? The players have the power so these sign and trade deals are becoming more common.

24 Dec 2021 15:27:30
Actually I think Toronto didn't even get a 1st. It just goes to show you the pickle a team is in when one of their best players becomes an unrestricted free agent. Would Washington rather have Beal sign with a team who has cap space and they get nothing back? Of course not, they will take anything they can get.

24 Dec 2021 20:16:15
1. Lowry is a lot older, not as good and doesn’t have the same value as Beal.

2. Those other teams didn’t take back the same amount of salary. Spurs got Thad (14 mil) and Raptors got Dragic and Achuiwa (22 mil) .

Horford cost more than both of those, hell almost just as much as all 3 lol.

3. Other teams will be in the market for Beal, whether this year or through S&T, so Wizards can use that as leverage to get more value if needed

4. Those teams you mentioned also got needs. Raptors got a much needed young big man that they have been needing. Spurs got a PF that they also really need who can also easily be flipped for another mid/ late 1st (Horford will be hard to flip)

24 Dec 2021 21:35:19
So Boston is using their $17 mil trade exception to take on Bagley's salary since the salaries do not add up? Even if Bagley is taken out of the transaction I do not think the salaries work because Beal makes significantly more than Brown.

I would think that Washington would be more interested in Brown to replace Beal as the off-guard than adding Fox and trying to move Dinwiddie to off-guard. Dinwiddie has played almost all of his career at the point.

@Nightcap. You first say that Boston doesn't have to trade for Beal but then you argue for a S&T. Seems a bit inconsistent.

24 Dec 2021 23:43:08
1. His age doesn't matter. If Beal is an unrestricted free agent and wants to go then he's going. Washington will be lucky if he wants to go to a team that doesn't have cap space so they can recoup some value. In other words, they will be happy to get something rather than nothing.

2. The Spurs also took back Aminu, who they waived, and Young hardly plays. Dragic has hardly played for Toronto. All of these players were unwanted by their new teams but were necessary for salary matching purposes. What the teams did want were the minor assets that came with them. Yes, their salaries are less than Horfords's but that's because the players they traded for made less than Beal. Horford's expiring deal will be easy to move, but if they can't, so what? They will still want the assets attached. Again, better than nothing, right?

3. Other teams in the market for Beal? That doesn't matter at all. If he's an unrestricted free agent, all that matters is what Beal wants.

4. Washington will need a young scorer (Nesmith), and draft picks. Or do you also disagree with this?


What I said was that there's no need to trade Brown to get him. If he wants to play there, they have all the leverage.

Not to be a dink but I'm not sure what you guys are missing.

25 Dec 2021 02:10:13
They just drafted a shooter this past year in Kispert.

It actually matter very much if other teams are interested/ other teams Beal is interested. Bc if they offer a better s&t package then yes Wizards can have some leverage against teams with a lesser package. Knicks for example, I’m sure Wizards would much rather have Quickley than Neismith, or even Simmons from Philly. There will be plenty of offers out there better than Horford Neismith and a late 1st. Wizards could definitely scrap out more if need to be.

25 Dec 2021 05:00:26
The thing is Wizards do have leverage Bc how else are the Celtics going to get Beal unless it’s a S&T? There will be better offers.

25 Dec 2021 11:31:35
Forget offers, if Beal becomes an unrestricted free agent, it's up to him. A team could offer the world but it's irrelevant if Beal doesn't want to go there.

25 Dec 2021 12:41:21
Ok so the end of the season comes and who knows, maybe Beal stays loyal to Washington and re-signs. If he doesn't, he's an unrestricted free agent and there are no offers. Nobody is talking to Washington because he doesn't play for them anymore. But then, Beal says to Washington that there's 3 teams he's considering but one of them, Boston, doesn't have cap space. At this point, if Washington deals with Boston, they are not getting assets for Beal because he's already gone. But rather they are getting assets for doing the player a solid, facilitating the trade, and taking on the necessary salary. This is exactly what happened with the Lowry and Derozan trades. It doesn't have to be Boston, it could happen with another team, but there's a realistic reason why Boston might want to play there. So Boston would never in a million years trade Brown for Beal, because it's all about if Beal wants to play there. And if he does want to play there, they can wait until after the season.

25 Dec 2021 13:43:26
Who can actually sign Beal outright that has a chance?

25 Dec 2021 15:04:25
I don't know, it depends on what happens between now and when the time comes.

26 Dec 2021 16:22:31
I think boston goes for it now. tatum and brown have three years on their contracts. they don't have time to wait and see. come end of january they move smart, picks and another player for van fleet or beal (sign and trade) . the eltics have been unlucky with big acquisitions (kemba/ haywrd) through no fault of their own as both guys were not injury prone. the celtics are very close. with a prime kemba they are every bit as good as the bucks.



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