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24 Dec 2021 21:44:38
I will throw this one out there to see what the reaction is

Sac trades Fox + Bagley
Indy trades Turner + LaVert + 2022 unprotected first.

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24 Dec 2021 23:42:15
I think I had something similar to this before, I think would be great for both sides. Kings can trade Holmes for a forward or see how he plays next to Turner.

24 Dec 2021 23:46:50
I'm a big fan of Fox. It's a good trade but I'd hope for better for Sacramento. 2 solid starters and a pick that may or may not be decent. As a whole the 3 assets are solid, but individually none of them excite me.

25 Dec 2021 01:46:38
I agree with Nightcap. If I’m trading my best player, I want one asset that I see as a potential building block. I like everything Sac gets, there just isn’t a headliner in it to me.

25 Dec 2021 06:54:13
I dissagree, becauss if Kings trading Fox then for a forward with scoring and play making skills. Kings problem is the roster balance with to much guards and centers. And you trade now a guard for a center. Funny is that's Turner and Fox are be a good fit because Turner is a 3 and D center and Fox attack the basket. If Turner then with Fox, don't trade the one guy fotlr the another guy. Turner have a 2 years contract. What is if he after this year play for a contender?

Then has Kings traded for zero.

25 Dec 2021 08:07:26
I love this for Indy

I would trow in Sabonis (switch Turner) or an extra first from Indy to get Fox.

25 Dec 2021 13:32:12
kings here would definitely want to trade holmes to let turner get more touches and not just be a spot up 3 guy offensively he can be much more than that.

25 Dec 2021 14:25:25
Why trade Fox for Turner when Sabobis the better player? Kings can trade Holmes after that perhaps play both sabonis together with Holmes and see if it works out.

25 Dec 2021 18:00:50
Turner is by far the better defender than Sabonis. Turner actually stretches the court more than Sabonis does. I also believe Turner's numbers (especially rebounding) are reduced playing with Sabonis. Now Sabonis has skills but most require taking the ball out of your guards (Halliburton) hands to be effective.

I can see Kings playing Tuner @ the 5 and Holmes @ PF for stretches especially against taller teams like the Lakers or Cavaliers.

25 Dec 2021 20:08:24
better for pacers keep turner to pair with fox don't include the draft pick but let's be clear holmes would most certainly need to be traded how would it work out?



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