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06 Jan 2022 13:46:38
Clippers-Kings Trade

With Davion Mitchell and Tyrese Haliburton already on the roster, it feels like Fox doesn't fit the timeline for the Kings. His contract puts him as a number one when he should be a number three or four.

I've heard a lot of Westbrook to the Clippers talk but I think at this point he is only a floor raiser to a rebuilding team. Any contending team he goes to, I think he'll be destructive and an odd fit. That's why the Clippers trade makes no sense. Would much rather have Reggie Jackson than Westbrook if I'm George or Leonard.

However, this could make sense.

Clippers get: De'Aaron Fox

Kings get: Serge Ibaka + Eric Bledsoe + 2028 1st round pick via LAC


PG: Fox-Jackson
SG: George-Kennard
SF: Leonard-Mann
PF: Morris-Batum
C: Zubac-Hartenstein

I think this trade not only helps LA in the regular season right now as they are ravaged by injuries right now, but give George and, eventually, Leonard, a guy that can facilitate the offense and set up scoring situations for them. Also would give the team more lineup flexbility as they could move Jackson or Morris to the bench. The Clips would definitely have to sign a big man as Hartenstein is the only other big man behind Zubac. Say if like Tristan Thompson or Derrick Favors got bought out. By the way, on a side note, I haven't watched a ton of Clippers basketball this season because of their injuries but Hartenstein is 7th in the NBA for Center PER, so the Clips definitely have a two viable big men. In all, I think Fox gives the Clippers another scoring option. It allows Fox to slide into a role that suits him much better - a la Wiggins on Golden State.


Ok. The Kings. Having Fox as "The Guy". Is a recipe for "my ceiling is a 5th seed. " Rignt now, Fox has the 23rd highest contract in the league. That is ahead of Jayson Tatum and Donovan Mitchell. I like Fox as a player but he isn't better than those guys. Getting Fox off the books will help the Kings reset. That 2028 Clippers 1st could be huge get for Sacramento as George, Leonard and Fox could all be off the team or even retired. In other words, the Clippers would yet again suck.

PG: Mitchell-Bledsoe
SG: Haliburton-Hield
SF: Barnes-Harkless
PF: Bagley
C: Holmes-Len

Again unloading Fox allows Mitchell and Haliburton to really extend themselves as playmakers. On another note, if I were Sacramento, I'm trading everyone. Barnes, Bagley and Hield. Gone. Only guys I want are Mitchell, Haliburton, and, the I wanted "the guy I wanted the Knicks to sign instead of Nerlens Noel" Richaun Holmes. But back to reality, the Kings get Ibaka and Bledsoe. Ibaka could be flipped this year as he is an expiring. Bledsoe next year as he is an expiring next year. They won't get anything big but it'll just be a nice little something. The prize of the ball is the 2028 pick. Unprotected and the Clippers will most certainly be rebuilding.


Ok so if you're still reading, one, thank you. Two, we're almost done. I think this trade could happen but really depends on if the Clippers really think Fox could be a third fiddle to a championship team. I think Sacramento takes this deal no problem, but LA really has to like Fox's star. The Clippers' biggest priority is getting Leonard and George healthy, not finding a better PG, but if Leonard and George can show what they did in last year's playoffs, I think the addition of Fox could put them behind the Suns and Golden State as a favorite to come out of the West. And in this league, just having a shot is worth it.

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06 Jan 2022 14:21:42
Yeah sure let’s hang King’s hat on one draft pick 6 years from now.

06 Jan 2022 15:28:02
How does it makes sense for the Kings? Thank you for the good laugh.

06 Jan 2022 16:28:16
I guess it makes sense for the Kings in that Fox is not fit for his contract. He is not a bad contract but he isn't a good one either. For a guy who is paid more than Tatum and Mitchell, I don't think he beat those guys in a series. Kings get a good pick and get off a contract that is average in my eyes. Would rather tear it down to the studs than be mediocre and stuck in the middle.

06 Jan 2022 17:45:03
Kings can definitely get more.

06 Jan 2022 18:02:12
The problem with comparing salaries is the entire factor of max deals. Tatum and Mitchell are underpaid for what they do, Fox isn’t overpaid. (Also, he’s not paid more than those guys. They all got the same contracts) .

06 Jan 2022 20:35:18
“Get a good pick” so you are assuming Clipper won’t reload on other major FAs when Paul, Leonard left and sat ideal let the team bottom out? Yeah right that sound like Ballmer, especially after they move into an brand new 1.2 billion arena in 3 years.



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