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09 Jan 2022 15:30:23
Bradley Beal ist not a LeBron but a star to build a big three. Will he stay at Wiz? No. Wiz cannot build a contender at this point.

May he ask to go to Boston? Maybe, Beal, Brown, Tatum are a big three as well as Embiid, Beal and Harris and 76ers do not have a lot picks.

But is is cold out there, hence is makes a lot of sense to join Luca and KP. : )

WIZ - THJ, J.Green, WCS, 3x1st
DAL - Beal, Theis
HOU - M.Brown

Ring, ring.

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09 Jan 2022 16:18:24
Boston can easily beat that offer.

09 Jan 2022 16:18:33
Why would Dallas give all that for a guy headed to unrestricted free agency?

09 Jan 2022 16:45:36
Mavs wouldn`t habe CAP to sign Beal in FA and Beal can sign a 200m extention and become traded - and it is fair value for WIZ.

I think Luca, Beal, KP are simpley the much better team than Beal, Brown, Tatum apart of the wheater. : )

09 Jan 2022 19:21:11

It doesn't matter if they have cap space because if he wants to play there, they could do the same package on a S and T but with less picks.

10 Jan 2022 00:54:25
And wizards would get a better deal than this even without the firsts.

10 Jan 2022 01:19:51
Maybe the Wizards could get a better deal, but explain the scenario. Because as of now he's a less than half a season rental.

10 Jan 2022 01:36:41
Washington should trade Beal and get what they can even if it's at a discount because of his impending free agency. They should have traded him last year when his value was at it's highest. Are they really going to offer him a super max even though his best basketball is likely behind him and they won nothing with that? Any team that offers him a max contract is taking a big risk. I actually hope it's not Boston.

10 Jan 2022 04:45:15
Who would offer a top 20 player and top 3/ 4 SG a max?

10 Jan 2022 12:19:06
Who would? A lot of teams and that's why a lot of teams go nowhere, because they pay for past performance. Watching the Patriots throughout their dynasty, what they always did was cut players loose when it came time for their big payday. It's a big reason they were able to sustain success. Having a guy eat up a big chunk of your salary cap who is underperforming is a sure way to avoid winning.



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