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22 Jan 2022 23:44:29
3 team deal LAL SAC IND
LAL receive Heild lavert lamb
LAL send out Westbrook base more next available 1st round pick

SAC receive Sabonis Bazemore
SAC send out Heild Holmes 2 future 1sts

IND receive Westbrook Holmes 2 1sts SAC and 1 1st LAL
IND send out Sabonis Levert Lamb


LAL simple move Westbrook for role players mainly just move Westbrook which is hard to do mid season.

SAC they keep fox Halliburton and Barnes while adding Sabonis so they can keep that or continue to make moves if they want.

IND is okay with being 6-10 seed regularly and Westbrook can do that while selling tickets and putting people in the seats. They also get a good center in Holmes so if they want they can still move on from turner to build more around Westbrook. They are also getting 3 1sts 2 from the Kings and we know how the kings are those picks have value. 1 far out 1st from lakers but could have value the lakers aren’t a sure thing anymore.


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23 Jan 2022 00:38:24
Lakers get way too much value for Russ.

23 Jan 2022 01:08:42
I don't think Sabonis makes the Kings "2 firsts" better than Hield+Holmes.

23 Jan 2022 01:08:44
Why do people value Westbrook so high?

23 Jan 2022 02:04:58
every fan over-value their team's players. but the Lakers are all exiling Russ i think its messed up. he may be a bad dresser, but it is not his fault the Lakers suck.

i am proud to be a Pistons fan. we suck but that was the plan. i believe LA had title aspirations coming into the season.

23 Jan 2022 05:26:04
Value Westbrook high? Lakers get a good 3-point shooter that can't defend may not even be able to get a lot of play off minutes because of it and has 2 years left on a not as bad as Russ but bad contract in heild. A player who can’t stay healthy for a full season in Levert. And an aging lamb who’s sealing is a good role player. The lakers are giving up a 1st as well. All of the Lakers problems are not Russ’s fault!

23 Jan 2022 10:08:06
The Lakers take a risk giving up that 2027 LA pick
i like Westbrook comming to Indy.

23 Jan 2022 14:42:44
If Lakers could get a package like this I’m sure they would’ve pulled the trigger already.

23 Jan 2022 19:07:18
@NBA16. Exactly.



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