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16 Apr 2022 00:21:15
Imo Magic is about at the same situation as OKC, they have a great young core for their future and can look to make some moves up upgrade the roster

Looks like it'll be built around Anthony/Suggs/Wagner and this years top pick (Smith hopefully)

They can look to potentially find their big man, and if Ayton becomes available I think Suns can offer an intriguing S&T offer *IF* Suns don't want to max out Ayton

Magic: Ayton (max)
Suns: Carter Issac and 2023 1st



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16 Apr 2022 01:05:13
Magic would also be able to add another high-endish FA in 2023 off-season to join.

16 Apr 2022 12:01:57
This is a very easy no from Orlando.

16 Apr 2022 14:21:04
It’s not.

16 Apr 2022 15:13:36
Is it me or their seems to be a few different teams that may make a max offer on Ayton or Bridges. Portland, OKC, Orlando, San Antonio are just the ones that jump to my mind.

16 Apr 2022 17:12:48
There are many fan bases who have a player that they get on, someone that for whatever reason they are unhappy with. In Phoenix that is Ayton. He's a very good player but he's consistently unspectacular. He probably isn't a max player but will most likely get a max contract. Check out Carter Jrs contract. That's a contract that you want and he's also a very good young player. They're going to move him for a player who's not that much better than him but who will cost 3 times as much, plus Issac and a 1st? That's not how you build a team.

16 Apr 2022 20:53:42
Um no Carter JR is untouchable throw in Bamba along with Isaac add bulls pick not Magic pick.

16 Apr 2022 21:00:06
Ayton is much better than Carter and I don’t think it’s close, Carter is putting up decent stats on a terrible team. Ayton could easily go into Orlando and drop 22/ 12 a game.

Isaac is seen a more of a negative value at this point and to be able to get off that contract could be appealing.

Replacing pretty much Wendell Carter with Ayton and Smith Jr would tremendously improve the team while still have 5/ 6 young studs to build around.

16 Apr 2022 22:12:31
Ayton is better than Carter but Carter's contract is one of the best in the league. If you were talking about signing him into cap space and then using that package to go get another All-Star caliber player, then I think you could be onto something.



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