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21 Apr 2022 03:03:57
If Philly really wants to save money

(I don't think they'll just dump Harris but)

Grizz - Turner and Hield

76ers - Adams(exp) and Clarke

Pacers - Harris Springer Aldama and both Memphis 1sts



- trade both picks up for Kessler, Williams if possible

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21 Apr 2022 07:43:35
I take this for Indy
Philly could do it.
Not sure this is a good move for Memphis. Adams is a defensive beast. why not draft young players and be patient?

21 Apr 2022 10:32:08
2 firsts, Clarke, Adams, and having to take Hield is an awful lot to get an average player like Turner.

21 Apr 2022 14:30:58
There’s no “having to take” Hield. He’ll make 20m then 18m the next two years.

I would def pay the 29th pick for him.

Adams Clarke and 22 is fair for Turner.

21 Apr 2022 16:25:55
Hield has negative value. Indy had to eat his contract to get one of the most coveted young players in the league.

21 Apr 2022 16:27:26
But I give you credit for trying to f**k your own team instead of the Celtics for a change :)

21 Apr 2022 18:55:12
I think it was more to match salaries to get the player they want rather than “a salary dump” Hield is pretty evenly paid

I love how you tell everyone you know your team better than anyone and disagree with everyone’s post about Celtics but then act like you know what our teams want and how they value players

No wonder why everyone disagrees with your comments LOL.

21 Apr 2022 20:31:21
I don't know much about the teams involved or what they want but I thought it was common knowledge that Hield doesn't have value.

21 Apr 2022 22:11:04
How doesn’t he have any value at all? Especially with his contact $ going less and less each year?

The Kings wanted Sabonis, it’s pretty obvious they had to match salaries. That meansit had to be Fox Barnes or Hield in the deal. Obviously Hield was the main one available at the deadline. That doesn’t mean he was just a thrown in Bc “he’s a negative value” Bc if I’m not mistaken King also got 2 very solid wing players in the deal as well.

So essentially Hield was in the deal to make money right AND to get 2 solid players in Lamb and Holiday

For any contending team I could see them parting the 29th for Lamb and Holiday any day, since that’s essentially what Hield brought for the Kings.

22 Apr 2022 03:58:46
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