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28 Apr 2022 15:00:11
Hey crowd. Y can here Jokic talking about a Extra Super Max of 250m 4years. Did y get news from Denver about?

So do you think Porter Jr. will ever play a full season?

Will Murrey full recver? And if are the Nuggets contender? But the will be 50m over the CAP.

So I do not see a supermax etentation the next days but a trade in two month.

Dallas gets Jokic
Denver 3st and Powell, Bertans

NewYork 2x2nd and removed protection of 1st 2023
Lakers Walker, Bullock
Dallas Monk, Reddish

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28 Apr 2022 15:18:02
Another L.

28 Apr 2022 15:58:48
There’s a better chance that Denver waives and stretches MPJ than this.

28 Apr 2022 15:59:30
Once a troll, always a troll.

28 Apr 2022 17:43:49
Lol. So the second trade has to happen first to remove the protections on the 2023 draft pick, but it also includes a S&T of Monk that activates the hard cap on Dallas salary. Assuming that first trade has matching salary, then there is no salary space for the second trade.

28 Apr 2022 17:51:12
Just saw this as well

Jokic now is eligible to receive a supermax contract extension that will be worth $254 million over five years, according to ESPN's Bobby Marks.

"I would like it, of course, " Jokic said when asked about a contract extension. "But it's not something that I'm deciding. I think if [the] offer is on the table, of course I'm going to accept it because I really like the organization, I really like the people who works here. I'm in [a] really good relationship with everybody from [the] owner to equipment manager. "

28 Apr 2022 19:26:57
I like a lot the part ". IF . " and even more what he does not say: "if not. " :)

28 Apr 2022 20:14:48
The Nuggets are set to become taxpayers for the foreseeable future as long as they have Jokic, Jamal Murray, Michael Porter Jr., and Aaron Gordon on the roster. Their luxury tax payments can range between $40 million to $80 million over the next three seasons with their core players in addition to a strong bench. Next season alone could have Denver facing up to a $70 million luxury tax bill if they maximize their spending, and that’s before Jokic’s new deal kicks in.

Means nearby 100m Taxbill, when Joker signs supermax . for that team, that may probably never win it all. Magic says, hello Joker. : )

28 Apr 2022 20:52:01
Do you think Denver doesn’t offer a supermax to the reigning back to back MVP? Because if they don’t, they’re idiots and every single person in the organization would be fired.

28 Apr 2022 21:07:08
That Michael Porter Jr. contract is going to hamstring the franchise for years to come.

28 Apr 2022 21:12:43
You and Diff Beast need to open a lemonade stand.

28 Apr 2022 21:39:30
@DAC813. They would open a lemonade stand and believe that they can get Elon Musk to man the stand for them.

28 Apr 2022 22:09:36
All of your numbers are meaningless for one reason:

Jokic is the last guy they’d jettison for luxury tax savings.

Also, even if they’re projected to be DEEP in luxury tax and feel like they have to move him (which again, is stupid and doesn’t make logical sense) the best move is to max Jokic. His trade value is much higher on a supermax than on an expiring contract.

29 Apr 2022 00:31:17
@Fredman. Yepp. They’d throw in Ross and a future 1st the Mavs don’t have. 😂😂🤣😂🤣.



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