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21 May 2022 19:24:52
Toronto trades Siakim
Toronto receives Ayton (S&T)

Phoenix trades Ayton
Phoenix receives Barnes + Holmes

Sacramento trades Barnes + Holmes
Sacramento receives Siakim.

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21 May 2022 19:59:05
heavens no.

21 May 2022 20:13:32
Talking about a homer trade. Why wouldn't the Suns just take Siakam themselves.

21 May 2022 20:44:21
Barnes and Holmes does not get you Siakim.

21 May 2022 20:45:16
heavens no.

21 May 2022 20:53:56
As a kings fan where can I sign that deal?

21 May 2022 22:01:30
Would need to include Mitchell and Barnes at the minimum for a player of Siakams talent.

21 May 2022 22:25:50
Siakam has been and may again this year be All NBA. Ayton's own team doesn't want to pay him the max. how is that a fair trade?

22 May 2022 02:53:41
If Phoenix is is unwilling to pay Ayton the max, then they are probably unwilling to pay Siakim the max as well. Barnes + Holmes will fill the hole at center as well as some depth at the 3/ 4 which Phoenix is lacking.



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