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10 Jun 2022 15:58:43
Portland blows it up/ pelicans go 4 it.

Port-graham-nance-jax Hayes-temple-8th pick and 2 more 1st rounders

Dame-cj-Ingram-Zion-J Val. If healthy easily a top 2 seed in west

Port -own 7th and 8th pick to start rebuild wit simmons

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10 Jun 2022 17:10:10
Seems like the 8th pick and a bunch of eh fillers.

10 Jun 2022 18:04:12
So what exactly is Dames value nba16? 30 yrs old/ huge contract/ comin off injury. your gettn a top ten pick to go wit your own pick to start rebuild. your gettn 2 more 1sts from all the picks pels have. Guys overvalue players on here way to much. Go ahead resign nurkic and trade 7 for j. Grant that should get u in playin tourney in west. Smarten up.

10 Jun 2022 18:12:16
U draft Duren and wing Daniels/ Davis possibly. Pair them wit simmons and at least u have a plan in place of a young rebuild wit some controlled lottery players instead of bn in limbo like port has for last so many years. 6ft point guards minus curry don’t win titles in this league.

10 Jun 2022 18:14:35
I don't think the Pelicans are interested in doing the same mistake Portland did of running two undersized guards. The same players to boot.

10 Jun 2022 18:54:33
It’s an easy yes from Pels.

10 Jun 2022 19:20:04
JJ- Ingram and Zion better third fourth options than anything Portland ever had.

10 Jun 2022 19:20:41
Graham (eh contract) Temple and Nance all have hardly any value
Hayes doesn’t have much either, but young

2 of those 1st will be late picks based off adding Dame and Zion back

Young 30’s isn't very old for superstar players.

10 Jun 2022 19:22:46
Also Dame is listed at 6’2

Irving has a ring at 6’2
Curry has rings at 6’2
Holiday has a ring at 6’3
Lowry has a ring at 6’0

Bad take.

10 Jun 2022 19:52:59
Portland’s guards dragged Harkless, Aminu, and Kanter to the WCF. Don’t mistake their lack of sustained success for a failure of those two guards. You could argue Portland has had the worst forwards in the entire league over the last decade.

10 Jun 2022 19:56:20
Irving had lebron James
Curry had kd/ superteam
Holiday had Giannis
Lowry had Kawhi
All the guys I just named were easily top 3 players in league to go wit 6ft pg. good try though nba 16.

10 Jun 2022 20:02:24
Good point schiller77. Didn’t think I had to write it for every1 on here to understand. Ingram and Zion are 100 times better then anytn Portland assembled around same/ cj. Undersized backcourt would not matter in the least when u have those as your wings and the pressure that would b taken off Dame wit those 2. And NBA16 I’m sure one of pelicans picks that they r owed from somebody would have some value.

10 Jun 2022 21:10:23
Jaxson Hayes, Anfernee Simons, Nassir Little, Josh Hart, #7 and #8 (Jalen Duren and Johnny Davis would fit nicely) and you have a very nice young squad in Portland. build through the draft.

10 Jun 2022 22:10:15
I’m still Waitn for nba16 to respond about how he pointed out recent point guards that won titles but didn’t mention they had top 3 at the most best players in league leading them. And I would like to hear a fair dame trade from nba 16s perspective.

10 Jun 2022 22:13:54
Or better yet give me a trade scenario wit either a pg or sg to go wit cj/ Ingram/ Zion to take advantage of their window now.

10 Jun 2022 22:49:04
The small pg piece very legitmate the game is trending in another direction while avg size isn’t changing much the smallest and tallest players generally getting played off the court. is dame 6’2 lol New Orleans got something brewing let Zion cj and Brandon share the rock and play off eachother instead of dame coming in to take over and hold onto the ball.

10 Jun 2022 23:10:46
Bulls23, it doesn’t matter. Curry had KD also

The point is a 6-6’3 can definitely be a top 3 option on a championship team.

10 Jun 2022 23:13:39
You have 0 likes on this posts. That means everyone believes this is a terrible package for Dame.

10 Jun 2022 23:14:36
Not to mention you spam dislikes on anyone who disagrees with you, no way Bmillers comment has 3 dislikes when it’s 100% true.

11 Jun 2022 00:46:18
Nba16. Bmiller post proves my point. Dame/ cj led a bunch of nobody’s to playoffs. Imagine if them 2 had Ingram and a healthy Zion. So y would I dislike his post. And as far as point guard bn best player on team and winning a title I will still wait for your answer. And I believe ifroth agreed wit the rebuilding blocks of 7th and 8th pick along wit simmons and few other young talents. It seems on this site if u or fredman don’t come up wit the trade it’s no good. I don’t even bother hitting dislike or like i just comment right away. Time for me to watch game 4. In the meantime I can smarten up!

11 Jun 2022 02:19:32
Portland would rather have RJ Barrett + assets or something similar. They are not trading Dame for 1 good asset. Guarantee their will be at least 1 really good young player and pick + future picks. Hayes doesn’t count as a cornerstone piece

Hayes hasn’t shown anything for a team to want him for their rebuild.



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