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15 Jun 2022 16:42:03
Kings - Simons (s&t) and 7

Blazers - Barnes and 4

Ayton/Howard(vet min)
*uses Nurkic + Little for Ayton
- Still have TPE (split for 2 wings? Or bench SG)

Porter Jr (MLE)/J.Williams(37)/Lyles

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15 Jun 2022 19:27:13
Ayton goes to Portland and what happens? he is thrown into an almost identical situation, except the Suns have much more talent. Ayton is NOT a finished product. just because he is used to winning does not mean he is going to (another) situation where he is a 3rd or 4th option. he needs to blossom into stardom. with the Blazers he will never be on an all-star team. with Detroit, he will be a multiple time all-star. also Detroit is willing to pay him 30 mil and the culture, youth and promise of this team would put Ayton right in the spotlight, with a much larger role. it would be the Cunningham/ Ayton show. i just don't see him wanting to do that contender stuff right after what just happened in Phoenix. maybe he goes to a team that can finish developing him. he can become a top tier C within 2 years. he has not even entered his prime and he will never get a chance to unless he is a #1 or #2 option on offense. the pick and roll with him and Cade would be a thing of beauty, the way you saw Cade and Mobley dominate the rising stars game using the pick and roll.

i am saying this not as a Piston fan but as an Ayton fan. if he wants to become a superstar C and actually be the robin to Cade's batman, the winning will come, especially with the way the team is being constructed. i am sorry but looking at all the contenders right now, i don't see one team where Ayton would be more than a role player.

15 Jun 2022 19:28:27
since you can't do the sign and trade before the draft then you're not really trading picks any more, but the players the teams picked at the time. hard to judge the trade without knowing which players are being included. also, Simons would have to want to sign with the Kings. sorry to Fredman but there's not too many young free agents want to do that.

15 Jun 2022 21:11:16
Why can’t Ayton be the 2 in Portland? Ivey won’t be ready to take the role on in year 1.

I also don’t see Ayton has a top 2 option on a championship caliber team in today’s game. There are a very few centers who can be. Embiid Jokic and Towns. Ayton isn’t the physical dominant low post scorer Jokic and Embiid are (who also can shoot the 3) and he’s definitely not the shooter Towns is (who’s also very good down low as well) . In reality in today’s game your top 2 scorers are from the wing positions.

15 Jun 2022 21:49:33
And the fact you say you look at a contending team and don’t think Ayton can be more than just a role player for them proves my point.

15 Jun 2022 21:54:45
Simons seems happy in Portland. its a good situation for him. Ayton clearly wants out of Phoenix so a max offer most likely will scare them off. they might not want to even discuss a S&T and just spend their money elsewhere.

16 Jun 2022 00:11:08
my point is Ayton can still get much better and be on the level of KAT and also be a really good defender if he is put in the right situation. he can be a multi-time all star.

otherwise, he will be a 3rd or 4th option role player that will never make an all star team and he will just play NBA2K instead of making the cover with Cade one day.

does the league want to see Ayton remain what he is? the REASON the Piston fans think he is worth THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR is because he has untapped potential that Phoenix did not utilize.

Ayton IS capable of 27/ 12/ 3 but if he would rather never make that leap in his career and just settle on being a high end role player, then some other idiot can pay him $30 mil a year to be a role player cause for that money, you pay a STAR. and Ayton still has a STAR in him that is waiting to come out and dominate the league.

just let me ask you @NBA2K16, what contender is going to pay $30 mil a year for a guy who never made an all star team cause he was a 3rd or 4th option, just to use him as a 3rd or 4th option?

guys like Mitchell Robinson and Mo Bamba would fit contenders much better. Mo Bamba on the Raptors? Mitchell Robinson on the Hawks or Hornets?

its not like contenders have max money to throw around at anyone. and if they do, it is for a superstar.

the Pistons can wait a couple of years to be serious contenders and take their time to develop everyone and when its their time, it will happen. and Ayton would be a HUGE part of it and worth the 30 mil a year.

16 Jun 2022 00:55:39
Ayton will not being a 27PPG without a jump shot or 3ball. He’s not as dominant down low as Embiid.

16 Jun 2022 00:56:21
Lots of teams pay 25/ 30 mil for their 3rd option.

16 Jun 2022 01:08:34
wouldn't he rather be a 1A/ 1B duo with Cade for that same money? or does he not believe in himself?

i disagree, i think he DOES have that jumper that can put him into elite status. Phoenix probably did not have many plays that ended with Ayton shooting the ball.

if you are arguing his value, why are you so reluctant to accept him being a Detroit Piston?



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