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28 Jul 2022 17:33:00

Cleveland: Gary Harris, Chuma Okeke

Orlando: Collin Sexton (S&T 4 years/$70M)

Cleveland gets a good vet presence and role model in Harris and a young potential star in Okeke.

Orlando gets a dependable guard in Sexton who fits their rebuild.

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28 Jul 2022 17:43:27
Magic definitely saying no too much guards now you’re crazy.

28 Jul 2022 20:07:22
Actually I'm not MD. Got this from several sites, but changed it because they had us getting Dylan Windler too. Orlando has a lot of young guards, no mentors. Sexton is still young, but has experience to mentor the young guards.

Once again, you show you don't understand the game.

28 Jul 2022 21:29:55
Gary Harris is perfectly capable of being a mentor to the young players. also, if Orlando were to pursue Sexton they would be better off sending RJ Hampton instead of Harris.

28 Jul 2022 22:52:24
@iFroth salaries don't match with Hampton. That's why Harris is included.

28 Jul 2022 23:56:14
U know damn well! Shaq Jeff & John ain’t doing this deal fool! I know basketball we need a veteran to mentor our young players Collin Sexton want to get pay! Also want to start too that not gonna work @ all

Also he not perfect example for our young team u don’t know anything what u talking Shaq I disagree!

What experience that Sexton have? he doesn’t have playoffs experience he just another version of Cole Anthony who like to get buckets and undersize defense liability

Those guys want to get pay!

Sexton should go team like Mavericks or Wizards give him opportunities to start balling out.

29 Jul 2022 00:29:47
@MD the word is paid not pay. And like I said, this rumor has been posted on a lot of sites, granted it's just a rumor but still. Orlando WOULD do this deal in a heartbeat, whether or not you approve.

You say we need a veteran to mentor our young players, but EVERY trade idea you post has us giving up Ross who is our veteran presence.

Sexton going to Dallas or Washington? He won't get anything either place. Dallas has Luka which everything goes through him, and Washington has Beal. He would barely get playing time either place. He would definitely start in Orlando and get a decent amount of money. 4 years/ $70M is on average $17.5M a year, which is more than he is worth but that's how Orlando gets players to come there, by overpaying.

29 Jul 2022 01:10:54
Shaq how he gonna fit in?

In order to do the deal Markelle or Cole has to be move

It’s not gonna work

They want to start

Markelle doesn’t want come off the bench

Especially not Suggs he doesn’t want come off the bench neither he want to start too

Cole would want to start too

If Cole or Markelle get traded then I’ll agree with u Shaq

To bring guy like Sexton would messed up chemistry

It’s not good idea bring Sexton to Orlando @ least trade Fultz or Cole first it’s too many good young guards in one team it’s one basketball all these players need touches to be successful.

29 Jul 2022 01:19:10
70 mil is a steep price for a guy that is coming off a serious injury.

29 Jul 2022 02:28:22
Decent trade Shaq.

29 Jul 2022 04:50:30
Can Harris be traded?

29 Jul 2022 12:26:55
Kinda thinking that Sexton is going to return to Cleveland on the QO and be a UFA next year.

29 Jul 2022 17:04:41
that would be the best career move for Sexton. get back to 100% and stay healthy, do what he does and he should get a nice payday next offseason.



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