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29 Jul 2022 06:09:23

Celtics get Kevin Durant

Pacers get Joe Harris & Grant Williams two second round picks from Nets

Raptors get Ben Simmons two future first round picks (unprotected) from Lakers

Nets get Pascal Siakam & Jaylen Brown & Derrick White & Russell Westbrook & Isaiah Jackson two future first round picks (unprotected) from Celtics

Lakers get Kyrie Irving & Buddy Hield

Second Trade


Pistons get Talen Horton-Tucker

Lakers get Kelly Olynyk

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29 Jul 2022 07:36:56
THT for Olynyk? sign me up!

29 Jul 2022 12:23:19
Dude, you are delusional. No way Raptors, an ascending playoff team, are giving up an all-NBA player for an injury recovering hasn't played in a year hot mess and a couple of far off in the distance picks. Seek help.

29 Jul 2022 12:24:44
Siakam is 2 firsts better than Simmons?

29 Jul 2022 12:54:36
#1 Nets are trading KD, Irving, and Simmons, they aren't giving up any picks

#2 All the picks in this offer should be going the Nets way, including more and pick swaps

#3 Nets aren't going to want Westbrook back unless they get 2027 & 2029 Lakers picks

#4 Raptors and Lakers both need to give up more

#5 THT isn't very good, but way better than Olynyk.

29 Jul 2022 15:38:50
why would indy give up I Jackson for this?

29 Jul 2022 17:02:25
THT is younger than Olynyk and still has some upside, albeit minimal but i wouldn't say way better. Olynyk can give you spacing, scoring, passing and a vet presence. he was injured most of 21-22 season and when he came back he got c.v. and wasn't the same after that. with a full offseason to get back into shape, he can be a solid contributor as an offensive stretch big off the bench for any team that needs PF/ C depth.

don't sleep on KO he is still a solid NBA player but Detroit has a logjam at that position with Stewart, Bagley, Duren and Noel all in front of KO. the Pistons need a wing and THT is expendable.

29 Jul 2022 21:55:21
I remember KO all the way back to his Boston days, I e never seen him as a solid NBA player. Bench at best and usually better options can be found.



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