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29 Jul 2022 18:19:54
Atl- Ben Simmons
Bulls-capela-seth curry
Brk-vooch-John collins-buddy hield-coby white- 2nd round from atl
Indy-joe Harris-2nd round from bulls

Atl takes a shot on bens potential. Simmons-Okgonwu-hunter-Murray-trae. That's a Young starting 5 and shouldn't lose much defensively.

Bulls- go for more defensive minded big man and run the floor better. Capela-pwill-derozan-lavine-ball. Should b solid defensively and plenty of help off bench with curry-Caruso-ayo-dragic-Drummond and bring rookie terry along slowly.

Brk tries to run it back 1 more year. Get 3 solid peices for Ben/Harris. Irving-hield-Durant-collins-vooch is about a solid a starting 5 u will find. Defense will b issue so they will just have to outscore every1. Vooch-coby come off books next year if it doesn't work out Mayb market will b better to unload Durant and Irving.

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29 Jul 2022 21:53:00
Atlanta probably won't want Simmons, not seeing the fit there.

Bulls don't get enough for Vooch, let alone him, White, and a 2nd.

Brooklyn gets way too much for Simmons.

Indy doesn't get enough in return.

29 Jul 2022 22:48:23
So capela a huge upgrade defensively at center and curry a significantly better shooter then coby. 2 areas the bulls need help in. But bulls ain’t gettn enough? Balloonheads must grow on trees like oranges in Orlando.

30 Jul 2022 00:24:09
@Bulls23 no need to get so nasty. Just gave you an honest evaluation. Vooch is considered one of the better traditional big men in the league, and he has improved his 3 pt shooting drastically, I should know watching him in Orlando all those years. Almost a guaranteed double double every night. Curry might be a better shooter percentage wise, but he will never be consistent enough to be a starter. Coby White has been and will most likely continue to be a starting caliber guard.

Look, it's your trade proposal involving your team. You want to get less than fair value for your players, who am I to argue?

30 Jul 2022 01:08:03
John Collins is not being traded. Unless it's for a top 10 player. You guys just throw his name in every trade. The Hawks GM has said half of the league wants John Collins but it will take a super star to get him.

30 Jul 2022 10:58:28
@Dukey99, how are you getting a top ten player for Collins when he only has one more year on his contract? He'll be a free agent after next season. Teams know Atlanta does not want to give him a max contract. So his trade value would be much lower.

30 Jul 2022 18:11:29
Too good for Brooklyn.

31 Jul 2022 02:14:10
Not sure what planet you are on but Collins signed a 5 yr 125 million contract with the Hawks last yr. He is happy with the Hawks. We are happy with him. He is a 2 way player that can average 18 and 10 shoot 40% from 3pt. Solid defender great contract great in the community. Plays well with Trae young. It's a reason why half the league wants him. His head is on straight. He comes from a solid military family. If you want Collins you gonna have to give up a top 10 player point blank. Not sure what is so hard to understand about that.



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