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31 Jul 2022 18:56:22
Pacers trade Turner & Hield to Atlanta

Atlanta trades Capela, Bogdanavic, Okungru and a 1st rd pick

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31 Jul 2022 20:04:32
Hield and Bogdanovic are about equal. Capela should have more value than Turner since the latter only has a year left. Why would Atlanta add a 1st plus the player who might have more value than anyone else in the deal?

31 Jul 2022 22:08:12
Great question. I think where we differ is Turner and Capela value. I don't value Capela as high value. He can't space the floor. I even value Turner as a more active shot blocker. I grade Hield over Bogdanavic who is 30 and especially because of injury issues. Also the Hawks foolishly extended capela so Indy would be on the hook for that and I know he is not a long term plan for them. I think a 1st evens the deal. But I definitely see your point. It's a legit position.

31 Jul 2022 22:29:54
I take this for Indy.

31 Jul 2022 23:06:27
Gasupo as a Hawks fan I would do it. I think the Hawks need to go "all in" and not half do it. I like Capela but his offensive limits clogs the lane and pushes John Collins further out. With a center like Turner you can spread the floor. Hield is more athletic than Bogdanavic and equal in shooting. I hate to lose Okungru but I don't think we resign him anyway. We would need to find his replacement with MLE money.

01 Aug 2022 00:21:08
Throw in John Collins and you have yourself a deal. Collins instead of Okongwu.

01 Aug 2022 01:43:13
No way @Shaqisback. John Collins will not be traded. The Hawks wouldn't trade Collins straight up for Turner let alone a 1st Rd pick ?.

01 Aug 2022 15:48:06
Okay @Dukey99. Have Atlanta up the ante and the trade should look like this: Capella, Collins, Bogdanovich, and 2 1sts for Turner and Hield.

You said they won't do Collins and a 1st, what about Collins and 2 firsts? LMFAO.

01 Aug 2022 17:21:32
You got jokes.

01 Aug 2022 19:41:52
@Dukey99 that I do, but you do as well if you think John Collins is worth a top 10 player. He isn't anywhere close to a top 10 player himself.

02 Aug 2022 12:52:15
Packaged with a player on a rookie deal and picks MIGHT get the Hawks into a Ben Simmons/ Draymond Green level of player.

02 Aug 2022 21:23:05
I definitely don't think Collins is worth a top 10 player. I said that's what its gonna take for the Hawks to trade him. And I don't blame them. He is a great "piece" which is why 20+ teams want him and his contract.

02 Aug 2022 21:25:00
Fredman the Hawks wouldn't want ben or Draymond I don't think their contracts fit their goals. The owners are cool with paying a little in the tax but not for marginal players.



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