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14 Nov 2022 08:38:43
Suns Towns, Powell
Mavs Ayton
Wolves Wood, Crowder, 1st Mavs, 1st Suns

Suns get another win now chance, Wolves to try it different, when they are stack rightnow. Mavs train Ayton to add 20pd muscles to Ayton (like on Powell) and Chandler and Dirk make him all star on both ends of the floor. Ayton has the same age than Luca to build on. In 2024 Mavs go after the Freeagent D.Murray (or Brown) to become contender.

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14 Nov 2022 09:32:51
Why would Minny do this?

14 Nov 2022 11:13:59
Not sure why Minny is throwing in the towel this early in the season. It takes a while to gel. Look at last years Celtics. Stumbled through the first few months of the season and and became arguably the best team in the NBA in January.
You got to give this team some time.

14 Nov 2022 11:55:16
Wolves are all in. But the grid will not win it all. Suns and Ayton will also not win at all. It is that simple.
Wolves get good players and they get picks, when they have move all of them last year. Trading Towns and his + 50Mio a year + Contract for the next 5 years, they will be able to adjust.

It is that simple.

14 Nov 2022 15:04:16
Suns receive: KAT & Powell
Mavs receive: Ayton
Wolves receive: Wood, Bridges, 2 unp. firsts from Mavs, 2 unp. firsts from Suns.

I think that's closer.

14 Nov 2022 17:06:37
Dalcon downvoting hard.

14 Nov 2022 18:13:55
Why should Suns trade Bridges? Wolves have an issue, Ayton does not work in Phonix. It is a trade of the NBA business - not to do Wolves a favour - they paid to much for Gobert - and KAT not is not "that" franchise players - it is a Wolves issue - nobodies else.

Beside Booker (and Paul) KAT may be better. Ayton may become better in Dalles. Wolves get similar PPG/ RPG and 2x1st and trade 50++ for KAT over the next 5 years away. So that is the good one for each team, why it could really happen.



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