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19 Jan 2023 12:50:30
Knicks - Bulls - Suns - Raptors

Knicks send: Barrett, Rose, Fournier, Toppin, 2 1sts
Knicks receive: Lavine, Crowder, Shamet

Bulls send: Lavine, Caruso, 1st rd pick
Bulls receive: Siakam, Rose

Suns send: Crowder, Shamet
Suns receive: Toppin, Fournier

Raptors send: Siakam
Raptors receive: Barrett, Caruso, 2 1sts from Knicks, 1st from Chicago

Complicated 4-way deal. Could be simpler yes but let me know who says no?

Knicks new roster


Bulls new roster


Suns new roster


Raptors new roster


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19 Jan 2023 16:39:00
Toronto would need another first from Chicago, both NY picks to be the actual Knicks picks, unprotected, not any of the 4 protected picks from other teams they are holding, and likely 1 or 2 pick swaps as well. Siakam is a 2 time AllNBA player who is playing at an even higher level this season. also, Barrett has a poison pill contract meaning his salary only counts for less than 10M outgoing for the Knicks while counting as 25M incoming for Toronto. Knicks can't take back as much salary as this trade would send.

19 Jan 2023 18:31:14
Pricing Siakam right on out of the trade deadline market.

19 Jan 2023 20:54:23
The Knicks should trade for siakam and cut the bulls out.

19 Jan 2023 21:21:52
the price reflects the lack of desire to move him. unless you blow masai away with your offer the raptors are quite happy to keep our best player around.

19 Jan 2023 22:52:35
The reports of what Toronto wants for their guys has been hilarious. Masai has become delusional and I really think might be the most overrated exec in the league if this is what he really believes.

20 Jan 2023 14:24:33
ridiculous asks are an indication that the team wants to keep the player. Masai is not delusional at all, he just doesn't want to trade any of the core 4. You don't see reports of ridiculous asks for Trent, because he is a player the Raptors are looking to deal. I doubt if there's even one team in the league that wouldn't jump to bring Masai into their organization. He doesn't necessarily think Siakam, Barnes, VanVleet and Anunoby are worth what he's asking, but he's happy to keep them if he can't get a Gobert/ Mitchell type of return.

20 Jan 2023 22:07:10
Send that Core has accomplished what exactly?

21 Jan 2023 19:44:09
Siakim is an allstar he needs an allstar return I do like barrett but he's not siakim level yet and the picks won't be anything great because whatever team siakim goes on will win. So raptors best bet is trading freddy. For picks and a young talent or unproven pg. then draft best talent available. Have a losing season hope to land top3 or top5. And bring in a very good young player. Adding vets to round out the rest. siakim should be the last player traded unless they get a talent like SGA or a Luka which I would do Barnes Siakim and Freddy for Luka hahahaha.



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