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22 Jan 2023 09:33:47
Dal: Anunoby
Tor: Bertrans+J Green+ 1rnd pick Dal 25-27-29

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22 Jan 2023 11:48:36
Great player, especially beside Luca. But to get only OGA, Mavs cannot go all in.

In a year from now, there may be a lot good players in expiring. Anunoby, J. Brown, J. Murray - in the winter or in the summer via S&T Mavs may able to get one or two of them, by using only one 1st each.

So it may need patience for Mavs-Fans at this point. Let Hardy and Green (maybe Reddish) grow and become starters to have additional assets and go for a big like Turner (Ayton? ) right now and maybe Rose.

22 Jan 2023 11:53:49
If you can convince Raptors to get young players I thank you:

Tor Hartenstein, Reddish, Green, Hardy, 1st
Dal Anunoby, Turner, Rose
New Bullock
Ind Wood, Powell.

22 Jan 2023 13:58:49
Dallas should go all in.
OG would become an all star next to Doncic.
And they dump Bertans contract.

22 Jan 2023 17:48:02
Bertans has 2024 only 5mio left on a contract.

Using 3x1st AND Green you could/ should go for J. Brown or Beal.

But y are right, may be tremendous duo to have Luca & OGA .

22 Jan 2023 18:26:55
Toronto is not taking that trash for OG.

23 Jan 2023 11:20:19
Crystal clear - you seam to be a polit expert.

- OG is a starter, with upside, but neither a star nor an all star.

- Y have the competences to evaluate Hardy, Green, Reddish as a trash? I mean, they are younger than OG, have upside, have their own skills (all three may be better scorer) .

- Yes, OGA would be a perfect teammate to Luca, if Mavs want to improve now.

But your comments?

23 Jan 2023 12:45:19
If the Dallas players were not trash, then Dalcon wouldn't be interested in trading them from the Mavs.

Is he interested in trading Doncic? Of course not. Why is that?

23 Jan 2023 16:48:06
Hartenstein could have been signed for nothing, Raps passed.
Green has shown nothing in 3 years in the league.
Hardy was a 2nd round pick last summer and has little value.
Reddish is the best player in this trade and he can barely get playing time.
These 4 guys do not add up to OG.

24 Jan 2023 17:16:09
The Raptors would get a much better offer. Dallas will be losing Doncic soon anyway.



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