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27 Feb 2023 13:36:41
Multiple sources indicate that Kyrie Irving will ask the Mavericks for a max deal during the offseason, probably in July according to what Eric Pincus (BR) reported. The Mavericks will have to be willing to pay $272 million to Kyrie Irving over the next five years.

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27 Feb 2023 16:20:53
That’s laughable.

27 Feb 2023 20:01:58
He is a 27,5,5 guy, what would you pay him, if not Max?

If Mavs will be able to get KAT and a bunch of defenders (Jones and/ or Murphy III, Thybulle) you sign Kyrie as well.

27 Feb 2023 22:53:45
I don’t think the idea of paying him max annual salary is an issue. Giving him a 5 year deal is crazy though. He’s wildly unpredictable, has never been very healthy, and will be 31 when he signs it. That’s not a combination of circumstances that make me want to commit max salary for that long.

The odds of Kyrie being a Russ level contract in a couple years isn’t very low.

28 Feb 2023 01:01:30
Well, I wouldn't ask Mark Cuban after that look on his face after the Lakers debaucle.

28 Feb 2023 03:20:25
@Dalcon. That is 20/ 4/ 4 when the games that Kyrie missed this season is prorated into his numbers. I could make the argument that a 20/ 4/ 4 player is not worth $55 mil a year.

Do you want me to prorated his stats for missed games over the last couple of seasons?

28 Feb 2023 14:40:36
You are not wrong. But I go with the GM. Not to trade for Kyrie and KAT would be even bigger risk. Dallas is not LA or Miami, not all FA will ask to go to Mavs exclusivly.

What is a better plan? To wait for 2024 and to "hope" Brown, Anunoby and Murray will sign in Dallas? And their team will not trade them before? And to use picks to trade away existing players to get some CAP. Like Mavs did it for Janis to get Howard and Paul? Toronto has taken a big risk to get Leonard, Clippers as well.

Luca, Kyrie, KAT and but athletic defenders aroung I will sign anytime. At least it would fun to watch. : )

28 Feb 2023 16:16:28
@Dalcon. The problem with Luca, Kyrie & KAT is the offense/ defense. These 3 do not, in general, defend. Even if KAT got better, that is just a drop in the bucket. So, the offense will have to be something synergic with these 3 players, but I think they will "demand" a more ISO style which is not synergetic.

Plus, there is the issue of pace. Luca and KAT are not know for preferring a fast-paced team.

28 Feb 2023 18:51:58
Strong bodies can play defense - in playoffs. And KAT has a quick first step for a big. Yes you need 10 defenders around - but team could fit will - neither Luca nor KAT will ever perform max. in a fast-pace play - but they can win in their own speed - like Dirk did.

28 Feb 2023 22:15:03
@Dalcon. You are missing that Daalas will not beat teams that do operate with a certain amount of synergy. All you are doing is bringing the Brooklyn Nets to Dallas. Good luck on making that live up to its potential.



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