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14 Jun 2024 08:26:09

- Z. Collins
- K. Johnson
- 4th draft pick 2024
- 8th draft pick 2024
- 35th draft pick 2024

- B. Bogdanović
- D. Murray
- 1st draft pick 2024

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14 Jun 2024 19:02:21
That's horrible for Atlanta. I thought it was bad for them even before I realized Murray was in the deal.

14 Jun 2024 22:26:09
Remove the 1st pick it's close.

16 Jun 2024 11:34:15
As a Atlanta fan it really makes no sense it doesn't make us a better team. It's like making a trade just to be making a trade. Not sure where the rumor that Trae & Murray doesn't play well together comes from. They are actually great together their strengths and weaknesses compliments each other well. The problem with the Hawks are Capela, Bogdanavic, Hunter& Okungwu in that order. They suck up 80 million & none of them average 15 points a game convert that 80 million through trade for a 20 or a night wing a rim protecting big who can pick & roll with Trae & we could move into top 5 in east. This draft nor trade does that for Atlanta.



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