16 Oct 2019 17:40:48
Celtics get Adams, Gallinari, Burton
***Solve the 5 quandary, move a huge contract, open up cap space for Brown next summer.

Kemba - Brown - Tatum - Gallinari - Adams

Grizz get Smart, Roberson, Nader
***Grit and Grind type guys who fit the mold of what they've been doing well. They also free up room on the wing for Clarke who looks like a steal as a rookie.

Morant - Smart - Clarke - JJJ - Valanciunas

Thunder get Hayward, Anderson, Crowder, Jackson, Poirier
***Adams and Gallo are gone, but this is a move to give Paul the sense they are giving things a fair shot. They go from weak to strong on the wings.

Paul - SGA - Crowder - Hayward - Noel

1.) 17 Oct 2019
17 Oct 2019 03:17:51
So Thunder give up Adams and Gallinari who have value and get back a player in Anderson who's always injured and Jackson, Crowder and Poirier with almost no value. That's an easy no for the Thunder as Adams and Gallinari habe more value! No way they take Haywards 67 million on top without at least 2 first rounders.

2.) 17 Oct 2019
17 Oct 2019 12:23:10
Churchpugh, what kind okc fan are u, that is horrible trade for them.

3.) 17 Oct 2019
17 Oct 2019 19:50:34
Yea his is a definite no for me Adams will bring u a young guy plus a pick and Gallinari easily gets u another first round pick if they wait until trade deadline I see them getting a first and maybe 1second