29 Jan 2022 09:19:06
Raptors trade Goran, Svi, Isaac and 2022 1st to
Magic for Bamba, Ross and 2022 2nd. Magic wave Goran

1.) 29 Jan 2022
29 Jan 2022 11:53:07
Magic blocked Raptors number 😡😡🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️ Now I’m pissed!

2.) 29 Jan 2022
29 Jan 2022 11:53:48
What! Issac.

3.) 29 Jan 2022
29 Jan 2022 13:57:56
raptors aren't giving a first for bamba and ross.

4.) 29 Jan 2022
29 Jan 2022 15:20:53
Benefits of this trade
Bring positive end to Dragic foobar
Create cap space to convert Champagne contract
Test drive young big before off season RFA
Add reasonable priced shooter on short term contract
First round pick to Magic should in the 14-18 range
Second round pick to Raps should land in 31-33 range
Looking like Canadian born Caleb Houston’s fit with
Michigan is conducive to him being stolen in that draft
range by the way!

Get two young players struggling to get minutes on a notoriously short Raptor rotation
Receive a first round pick for assets few others would consider matching on
With 2022 draft class front end loaded with bigs and shooters Magic likely to replace with own pick.