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27 Oct 2014 01:27:27
JJ barea getting buyout

Mavs and Lakers are interested.

Mavs with Nelson, Felton, Harris and Mekel. How will Barea gains more playing time.

Lakers need a PG backing up Lin with Nash probably retires after his season ending injury.

for teams who needs PG:
Will Bynum (will be waived by Celtics)
John Lucas
Seth Curry
Darius Morris
Casper Ware






25 Oct 2014 11:05:44
Hi Mavs Fans ans others :)

I like to see Nelson playing. He is a good PG and he shots wall behind the arc.

But I am confident we will see another trade in Februar when Mavs will trade for a very good pass first PG and defender on the "One"!

-Wright, Mekel, Nelson and 2x 1st pick

-Wright, Ledo, Mekel, Nelson and 2x 1st pick
-Rubio, Martin, Turiaf

Case 1 or 2 with the very good defender and passer on the PG Position the Mavs are a strong contender - I am happy - and my friends here in will silent listen ; )


He strikes again, never going to happen.


We will see. See you then. in Februar.


He responded!

Celtics 4 life



18 Oct 2014 04:05:59

Ersan, Marshall/ Merkel, Wright, 2015 1st.

Bucks get expiring deals and a pick which opens more time for Henson at the 4 with Ersan gone.

Dallas hopes Marshall is a good PG so Felton can stay off the court and they take a risk on Ersan, but if he returns to 12/13 form Dallas gets a major steal

succeed and proceed





14 Oct 2014 21:28:56
dallas and spurs

joseph and daye
for dallas
Harris and Crowder




06 Oct 2014 20:52:58
Boston gets Monta Ellis

Dallas gets Marcus Smart and Marcus Thornton

Pf. J. Sullenger/ B. Bass/ V. Faveroni
Sf. J. Green/ E. Turner/ G. Wallace
C. K. Olynick/ T. Zeller/ J. Anthony
Sg. M. Ellis/ J. Young/ R. Mcgruder
Pg. R. Rondo/ A. Bradley/ P. Pressey


Celtics are building for the future and it starts with Smart. Ellis doesn't put them over the top now nor the future


It's not so much whether Boston would want Ellis or not, it's that Dallas is in a win now mode and Ellis gives them a better chance to do so than Smart and Thornton do.

SAS Champs 2014

Ellis > Smart

Ellis will be an all-star this year.




01 Oct 2014 15:03:19
mavs has all it takes to make this happen


-2x 1st from mavs

d drainr

U didn't learn the 1st time u posted this AND u added Bass this time


Boston needs a young with already a very good potential where they can build up around him and felton is already out of his prime, and age factor mavs will stay with felton until his contract is finish and rondo is one of their top trade bait so they will not making a move without a good thing in return


This won't happen as Rondo is out injured again for at least a month. Also the Celtics don't want Felton no one does. and jbbaby you have no room to talk since all you post is the same trade with one change.




30 Sep 2014 23:41:23
mavs another move to complete the perfect turn around


-2nd from celtics

-2x 1st from mavs





-1x 1st from mavs
-r.felton (+8mil cash)


d drainr

Why would the Warriors take back Ellis, they traded him to give klay the time he needed

succeed and proceed

Warriors say hell no. They wouldn't trade Klay for Love so why would we trade him for Ellis? And Speights will be key off the bench for them this year.


I think its not a good move for mavs to do this since dirk and monta have a good combination last season and the pick should also have boston get a pick since they are rebuilding, warroirs they will not trade klay as of right now since he's a threat at 3pt in warriors opponents in next summer maybe if he wants max contract and in suns they will not trade dragic for felton since their focus is on bledsoe




28 Sep 2014 14:06:46
Trade to be completed as soon as possible due to restrictions from signing contracts a short time ago.

3 Teams -> Mavs, Clippers, Celtics

Mavs Get: Rajon Rondo, Jared Sullinger, James Young

Clippers Get: Jeff Green

Celtics Get: Raymond Felton, Devin Harris, Ivan Johnson, Brandan Wright, Ricky Ledo, Charles Villenuava, '15, '17, '19 Round 1 Picks from Mavs, Hedo Turkoglu, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Joe Ingles, '17 Round 2 Pick from Clippers


PG: R.Rondo - J.Nelson - G.Makal
SG: M.Ellis - J.Young - D.Lamb
SF: C.Parsons - R.Jefferson - J.Crowder
PF: D.Nowitzki - A.Aminu - G.Smith
C: T.Chandler - J.Sullinger - B.James

PG: C.Paul - J.Farmar
SG: J.Redick - J.Crawford - C.Wilcox
SF: J.Green - M.Barnes - R.Bullock
PF: B.Griffin - G.Davis - E.Udoh
C: D.Jordan - S.Hawes

Celtics: (Waive - Turkoglu, Johnson, Villenuava, Ledo, Ingles)
PG: M.Smart - R.Felton - P.Pressey
SG: A.Bradley - D.Harris - Marcus Thornton
SF: E.Turner - G.Wallace - C.Douglas-Roberts
PF: B.Bass - K.Olynyk - B.Wright
C: T.Zeller - V.Faverani


Is this d drainr or what?


Maybe his twin @sunset


Impossible to happen they will not approve on a trade that is unequal to be fair and maintain the balance in each team involve in the trade and this became one sided trade


Celtics trade their future for bench warmers and last first rounders

Celtics 4 life



25 Sep 2014 11:15:00
Los Angeles Clippers Get: Dorell Wright, Thomas Robinson, 2019 Round 2 Pick

Portland Trailblazers Get: Glen Davis, Hedo Turkoglu, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Tyson Chandler, Jae Crowder, 2015 Round 1 Pick

Dallas Mavericks Get: Robin Lopez, Victor Claver, Joel Freeland, Allen Crabbe


Clippers: (Waive - Jared Cunningham)
PG: Chris Paul - Jordan Farmar
SG: JJ Redick - Jamal Crawford - CJ Wilcox
SF: Matt Barnes - Dorell Wright - Reggie Bullock
PF: Blake Griffin - Thomas Robinson - Ekpe Udoh
C: DeAndre Jordan - Spencer Hawes

PG: Damian Lillard - Steve Blake - Darius Morris
SG: Wesley Matthews - CJ McCollum - Will Barton
SF: Nicolus Batum - Chris Douglas-Roberts - Jae Crowder - Hedo Turkoglu
PF: LaMarcus Aldridge - Glen Davis
C: Tyson Chandler - Chris Kaman - Meyers Leonard

Mavericks: (Waive - Joel Freeland, Allen Crabbe, Victor Claver)
PG: Jameer Nelson - Raymond Felton - Gal Mekel
SG: Monte Ellis - Devin Harris - Ricky Ledo
SF: Chandler Parsons - Richard Jefferson - Al-Farouq Aminu
PF: Dirk Nowitzki - Ivan Johnson
C: Robin Lopez - Brandon Wright - Greg Smith - Bernard James


Dallas say no they need tyson Chandler for defense


To Ca: lopez is as good or better than Chandler at this stage of their careers.

Portland passes. I'd rather have Lopez, he fits the team and is younger and cheaper. Also, the city of Portland HATES turkoglu, they'd never take him.


Hell yeah benjamin66 tyson chandler would have been in the cards two years ago, but then again robin lopez wouldn't have been in the cards two years ago. See what I mean? Nice call.

T.B. Fan all the way



24 Sep 2014 23:17:53
Dallas gets Goran Dragic with extension

Suns get Monta Ellis


No deal ellis and dirk together is a beast plus dirk like playing wit ellis I say no deal but that's just me




23 Sep 2014 01:09:33

Marshall, Dudley, Ersan

Felton, Wright, Crowder, 2015 1st Pick

Mavs get three contributors from the bench

Bucks have to eat Felton's contract for two years, but Wright and Crowder still have a good amount of upside.

succeed and proceed



22 Sep 2014 10:39:11
Nice trade rumors! Could happen this days!

-2x1st from Mavs

-2nd from Wolves

-Felton + 8m cash
-2nd from Wolves


No, you're stuck with felton. get used to it.


Wolves will not trade rubio they need him to pair for their new addition and they can make a possible new combination




20 Sep 2014 03:36:41
Wolfs offer sign & trade Bledsoe means no future planning with Rubio!

-Felton, Mekel, 2*1st pick, 4m cash (buyout Felton next season)


Rubio would fit extremly nice with Ellis!


No d drainer , rubio and bledsoe at the backcourt would be nice with wiggins and lavine on the wings, no way you get rubio sorry


20 Sep 2014 10:57:00
I a read about the following scenario in the Moment:

-1st from Mavs
-1st from Wolves


-Felton (+4m cash)
-1st from Mavs

Good chance to see such at trade next days.


20 Sep 2014 13:59:45
I like it but there's no way the wolves trade Lavine


Suns have 5 picks in the next 2 years. plus 4 guys 21 & under now. PHX doesn't need any more picks.


Wright and Felton are garbage. The Wolves don't need another first round pick. Bledsoe can be had for less or just wait until next year keep your assets and sign him to a FA contract.




17 Sep 2014 20:39:29
Dallas gets Rajon Rondo and Marcus Thornton

Boston gets Monta Ellis and Raymond Felton

Pf. D. Nowitski/ B. Wright/ G. Smith
Sf. C. Parsons/ A. Aminu/ J. Crowder
C. T. Chandler/ I. Johnson/ B. James
Sg. M. Thornton/ D. Harris/ R. Jefferson
Pg. R. Rondo/ J. Nelson/ G. Mekel

Pf. J. Sullenger/ B. Bass/ V. Faveroni
Sf. J. Green/ E. Turner/ G. Wallace
C. K. Olynick/ T. Zeller/ J. Anthony
Sg. M. Ellis/ A. Bradley/ J. Young
Pg. M. Smart/ R. Felton/ P. Pressey


So I guess Rondo and Ellis aren't equal and Thornton and Felton ain't equal. I don't see how not but whatever


this trade is absurd. Dallas gives up awful for all star. Ooooook


Haha jbbaby got worked


Then he still tries to defend it by saying Rondo = Ellis & Felton = Thornton.


0-45 and counting!!




17 Sep 2014 16:18:26
There is no hope, Rondo will resign with Celtics. So Boston will try to trade him at least in February.

But Cuban will try to get him a couple of time the season will start. Asking at the wright price will make it happen.

Could the price be 3x1st picks and Wright?

-Felton (+ 4M cash)
-3 x 1st round picks

-3 x 2nd round picks

Sign Okafor.

CHANDLER, Smith, Okafor (James)
NOWITZKI, Olynyk, Villanova
PARSONS, Jefferson, Aminu
ELLIS, Harris, Ledo
RONDO, Nelson, Mekel


Ddrainer stop it. Mavs don't have the assets to trade for Rondo, especially if you want Olynyk too. And nobody wants Felton, you're stuck with him


So the celtics get three late first round picks for Rondo and Olynyk

Celtics 4 life



14 Sep 2014 08:28:48
Like Lakers, Celtics will not be able to sign a Superstar. They have to following the rebuilding.

I Boston doesn`t trade Rondo before October they will only receive a pick in the February for him or nothing in return when he signs elsewhere next summer.

If Dallas will offer two 1st round picks, a versitable Player like Wright Boston will match!

-Felton (+ 4 Mio cash for a buy out next year)
-2x 1st from Mavs

-2nd from Boston




13 Sep 2014 15:23:16
Bucks get Marcus Smart, Jeff Green, Brandon Wright, lottery protected 2015 1st (Dal)

Celtics get Giannis Antekoupo and Larry Sanders

Dallas gets Brandon Knight

Pf. E. Ilyasova/ B. Wright/ D. Inglis
Sf. J. Parker/ J. Green/ K. Middleton
C. J. Henson/ Z. Pachulla/ J. Obryant
Sg. O. Mayo/ J. Dudley/ N. Wolters
Pg. M. Smart/ J. Bayless/ K. Marshall

Pf. J. Sullenger/ B. Bass/ V. Faveroni
Sf. G. Antekoupo/ G. Wallace/ C. Johnson
C. L. Sanders/ K. Olynick/ T. Zeller
Sg. E. Turner/ M. Thornton/ J. Young
Pg. R. Rondo/ A. Bradley/ P. Pressey


Put khris middleton instead of greak freak


And obryant too


If Middleton is put in instead of G.F. then Dallas pick should go to Boston.




02 Sep 2014 21:56:56
Insider Information!

Rondo is not a Superstar because of missing scoring. But he is a first class Player on defense and passing! To become contender he Needs a fire power Team. It is only Rockets or Mavs!

Philly rebuilds and will have Embiid and Carter-Williams future.

-Crowder (missing SF)
-2015/2017 x future 1st picks from Dallas


-Noel (Their future Center!)

Mavs will sign Aldrige in 2015 and resign Rondo and Chandler afterwards. Dirk will become the best 6th man ever next season to defead the Championship of 2014/2015 season!


Add in 2 more 1st round draft picks from dallas


No way the Sixers trade Noel for that crud.


Sixers say absolutely not.


04 Sep 2014 09:36:37
d drainr, I am just curious when was the last time you saw the elite defensive skills from rondo? He looked a little heavy for Rondo last year, and I know his team wasn't great, but he wasn't that great either. Rondo could be useful, but he needs guys around him for that. Used to be an elite defender of sorts, but I think some questions need to be answered by Rondo first. He's not going anywhere until next season. It will be hard for him to start in this league due to pg depth everywhere!

T.B. Fan all the way



01 Sep 2014 00:08:42
Dallas - Phoenix - Minnesota

Dallas gets; Ricky Rubio, J.J. Barea, Ronnie Turiaf. Min. 2017 protected 1st
Dallas trades; B. Wright, R. Felton

Phoenix gets; B. Wright, R. Felton, Chase Budinger
Phoenix trades; E. Bledsoe

Minnesota gets; E. Bledsoe
Minnesota trades; Ricky Rubio, J.J. Barea, C. Budinger, R. Turiaf and a protected 2017 1st round pick

i love Disney

01 Sep 2014 04:19:42
You are obviously a Dallas fan


01 Sep 2014 18:06:58
Tmoney, you are obviously a Minnesota fan. Wright was huge for Dallas last season, Rubio was a jump shooting joke. watch some old games from last season, and you'll see what an easy assignment Rubio is for every other point in the league. He can't shoot!

T.B. Fan all the way

The 1st pick have to go to Suns, not to Mavs! Also Barea will stay.

And agree, Rubio is not and will not be a good shooter, he can hit open shoots - that's it. But he can Play defense is a large PG and a pass first playmaker, that is why he would shine in Dallas. Mavs have different other shooters, a good ball handler and a good defending guard would accomplish the Mavs.

The Deal could also Wright, Mekel and two future first for Rubio and Turiaf.




31 Aug 2014 23:07:43
Bledsoe do not wanna resign with Suns, Rondo wants out in Boston, Bucks searching for a young Point guard - Mavs want their contender PG!

-Bledsoe (sign & trade)

-1st from Bucks, 1st from Bucks

-Okafor (2m sign & trade)

-1st from Bucks, 1st from Mavs


If suns give up bledsoe than they want value not crap so rondo henson and at least a 1st Rd pick will need to go to the suns


^I don't think this trade is fair (at all) but PHX fan the thought that Bledsoe is worth Rondo and Henson is ridiculous


D drainer is back


@ usa LOL


01 Sep 2014 18:10:00
Warriorsalltheway rondo is crap, and unless boston tanks completely again, Phx would get nothing but that first round pick. Henson? I don't see him being impactful at all the way bledsoe is.

T.B. Fan all the way



29 Aug 2014 03:24:30
Bucks moves to build for future



Wright, Crowder, Felton(Waive). 2015 + 2017 1st Round Pick


DMo, 1st Rd pick (Powell/Gee as well to make money work, both contracts will be declined.


Zaza/ Knight/Dudley


Bucks keep OJ and with very raw talent on the team he can play and his number will increase to hopefully have a better return by the deadline

Greak Freak/ Mayo/ McLemore
Parker/ Crowder/ Inglis
DMo/Middleton/ Williams/ O'Bryant

3 1st Round Picks in 2015

Don't see the bucks ever doing this, but they really should try to rebuild their team and focus around Greek Freak and Parker.

succeed and proceed

I can see them doing this actually and with PARKER and GREAK FREAK they will be playoff contenders


Plus trade middleton to magic for Nicholson


Hahahaha 2 firsts AND young talent for Saunders? Oook




27 Aug 2014 17:25:48

Crowder, Felton, 2015 First


Dudley is a better backup SF for Parsons on a playoff bound team

Bucks flip Dudley for another pick

succeed and proceed

Crowder is better than Dudley


But better than having Felton on your team for 2 years. Crowder will get a pay raise next offseason and I see the Mavs FA money going to bringing back Ty to a lower cost deal and make a run at Rondo

succeed and proceed

^suceed and proceed. Dudley is making more than Felton so they'd be taking on more future money because of this. Also if you think they won't be able to afford Crowder, they can always trade him for a couple of 2nd rounders or a prospect on his rookie contract for a longer amount of time.




20 Aug 2014 21:53:25
Easy trade.

Suns get Monta Ellis

Mavs get Eric Bledsoe s&t

Pf. M. Morris/ M. Morris/ A. Tolliver
Sf. G. Green/ P. Tucker/ T. Warren
C. M. Plumlee/ A. Len/ S. Randolph
Sg. M. Ellis/ A. Goodwin
Pg. G. Dragic/ I. Thomas/ T. Ennis

Pf. D. Nowitski/ B. Wright/ I. Johnson
Sf. C. Parsons/ A. Aminu/ R. Jefferson
C. T. Chandler/ G. Smith
Sg. J. Crowder/ D. Harris/ G. Mekel
Pg. E. Bledsoe/ J. Nelson/ R. Felton




15 Aug 2014 21:46:05

Felton + 2015 1st Rd Pick for Marshall and Raduljica.

Mavs open 1.4 million to sign another FA and get a better passing PG.

Bucks get a pick and hope Felton does not take his option for 2015

succeed and proceed

If Felton struggles again this year, he'll pick up his option, and this will become a brutal trade for the Bucks.

SAS Champs 2014



13 aug 2014 11:00:10

dallas gets: b.jennings

detroit gets: k.perkins, r.felton

okc gets: b.wright, j.jerebko


Detroit has no desire nor does any team in the NBA to have Felton and they have no need for Perkins. Better to keep Jennings and Jerbreko. Better players at this point in their careers.


Jennings is a dog who makes too much, getting expirings would be fine.


Ewwww spare parts pistons says Hell no Dumars ain't here


Jennings contract is up in two years and exspiring is not going to help the Pistons they can not attract big name free agents so that made no sense.




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