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25 Feb 2015 17:38:10
Rondo having problems in Dallas with the coach Rondo to Lakers after season


Honestly what's the point of signing rondo to lakers. Its not going to change anything. They need young fresh players and that r more hungry for the ship

go 76ers

Sign and trade rondo for rubio


^Minnesota says no. Then no again. And for the hell of it, no a third time.


Honest, player cannot argue at Coaches, but Coaches should not blame at a elite player public as well!

And sry Mavs, but there is criticism! You cannot buy Rondo and try to convert him to Nelson or anyone else? There are professionals, we all know, Rondo is not a spot up shooter, his is a playermaker and can drive to the rim first off all. Why do we not consider that style?

From the beginning Carlise was talking about Rondos way to improve as a still young guy. Does it really make sense that way? No matter, Rondo have to improve, but should do it in a Rondo way, coach have to build a Rondo way not a PG way! M2C


Listen guys just watch closely rondo is our
answer at point guard doesn't crack under
Pressure we need him i'm glad they blew up
at each other to get all the tinchen out
When he sees how bad this team wants to win
He'll understand that this team can be built
around him defense is great Portland, Memphis, rockets its hard to be a champion without a elite floor General everyone's so hard d on him for shooting but Carlisle don't think he's ready to lead yet without knowing the play's to win He'll step up in a month he'll fit remember the Boston game he was on fire give rondo time an especially in the playoffs he's like Westbrook

tru mavs

Agree to the Rondo criticism he have to be focused and need confidence to hit open shoots.

But let him play as a Rondo plays! I tough it is pretty clear, that the teams style will adopted with such a player - if not it make no sense to hire such a player!
What it means it, Rondo have to drive to the rim and try lay it up. So adopt the Dallas offensive flow, pass fast to find an open shoot but Rondo mostly have to try to drive to the rim lay up, pass for allee hoop or pass inside out to a spot up shoot.

It could work to pretty well! One of the shooters (Dirk, Harris, Parsons) become free at fast passing, if not Ellis or Rondo (or Parsons) drive to the rim and lay it in, pass it and easy bucket for Chandler/STAT or pass it out the shooters again.

That could be a very strong and flexible offense! It doesn't work right now. Why?


Because he's having flash backs of Boston
Our style is different couldn't have beat yhe
Playoff teams without him we're doomed
He wants full control wines when he do get
It your right drive kick out but play elite defense rebound an get assist an lead our
Troops to war

tru mavs

The mavs offense is built off a point guard
Who can shoot but his elite defense he
Can Slow down the top 10 point guards

tru mavs





20 Feb 2015 16:05:07
Macs. Hope Cuban is strategic. Perkins would have the energy and dirty tricks what Mavs could need so much! So if the buyouts happen:

Sign FA Perkins
Sign FA Neal


Neal is going where there's a chance at actually winning and that will be Hawks.


If you look at the lineups only Mavs can win again Houston.

But if you look at the game.

It is not only Rondo that doesn't hit shoots, it is the entire team. Hope this is the bad phase, that allows a momentum end of season and at the playoffs.

Why do they not sign Perkins instead of Smith, if Perkins would really sign for the vet min?


How ever. Mavs need to win that battle to'night!


And the had won!

Add Perkins and Neal if they agree to backup role!


Do Mavs them not want because of image?


Does Perkins have that bad nature?


Well since trade deadline is over now
Buyout talk is upon us whose out out there
Who do we give up smith,jefferson,powell repace by who

tru mavs

Ok, catch the young guys and try it out.

Sign Sanders.

And a young 3 and D athletic shooting guard




20 Feb 2015 00:47:23
Heard about a buyout of McGee. And they miss a PG. So Mavs could offer to trade for Richardson and sign McGee after waivers!


-Sign FA McGee








19 Feb 2015 17:39:06
Mavs should try to talk to Neal and Perkins. Perkins can ask for the buy-out if he becomes traded and join the Mavs.

-Felton (+4m for a buy-out next season).


Sign FA Perkins after buy-out!

Chandler, Perkins, Smith, James
Nowitzki, Stoudemair, Villaneuva
Parsons, Aminu, Jefferson
Ellis, Neal
Rondo, Harris, Barea


Neal is not dealt and Perkins wanna buyout from Utah.

Both can get a good role and good minutes as a shooter and rim protector - if they are will sign for vet min at Dallas can free up Smith and James instead - and each part can contend!


However if Mavs can get two or at least one of them, I am very happy!

C: Sanders, Perkins

SG: Neal, Allen


They need it : )

It have to click. Ellis and Parsons on the court are an issue at the beginning of a good against the best. Mavs need a starting five with good defense and if the flow works, Ellis, Parsons, Nowitzki can lead the scoring!

So I hope Mavs can get Neal and Perkins!

It would we an complete different team!

-Rondo, Neal, Aminu, Nowitzki,

-Harris, Ellis, Parsons, Stat, Perkins

Middle of the game to achieve the lead:
-Rondo, Ellis, Parsons, Nowitzki, Chandler

End of game with the lead:
Rondo, Ellis, Aminu, Parsons/Stat, Chandler/Perkins




19 Feb 2015 04:10:55
Wolves - Mavericks

Wolves trade Martin

Mavericks trade Felton, Smith, Jefferson, future first round pick

Wolves get the first round pick they want for Martin.

Mavericks add a scoring punch to a very weak bench.




18 Feb 2015 19:15:20
Mavericks - Celtics

Mavericks trade Felton, 2015 and 2016 second round picks

Celtics trade Zeller

Mavericks get an athletic big to play in the second unit with Stoudemire.

Celtics get two more draft picks to help them rebuild.


Celtics already own the Mavs 2016 pick.
If you just do Zeller for Felton with the Mavs Removing Protection for this years 2015 1st round pick it works


Mavericks have the Grizzlies 2016 second round pick, sorry thought I put that in the trade. But your right I like the idea of removing the protections on the Rondo pick but I still think a second round pick will need to be sent to Boston.




18 Feb 2015 18:50:39
3 Team Deal between

From Sacramento: Demarcus Cousins

To Sacramento:Goran Dragic-Zoran Dragic-Kelly Olynyk Celtics 2015 1st round pick (top 3 protected) Cavs 2016 1st round pick, Boston 2016 1st round pick (top 10 protected), Heat 2016 2nd round pick , Cavs 2017 2nd round pick , and Clippers 2017 2nd round pick.

From Boston :
Kelly Olynyk-Brandon Bass(expiring)-Evan Turner
"Clippers 2015 1st rd pick", "Celtics 2015 1st Rd pick" (top 3 protected) "Timberwolves 2016 1st round pick", Cavs 2016 1st round pick, Boston 2016 1st round pick (top 10 Protected) Heat 2016 2nd round pick, Mavs 2016 2nd round pick, Cavs 2017 2nd round pick, and Clippers 2017 2nd round pick

To Boston: Demarcus Cousins

From Phoenix: Goran Dragic, Zoran Dragic

To Phoenix:Brandon Bass(expiring)-Evan Turner-Clippers 2015 1st round pick, Timberwolves 2016 1st round pick, and Mavs 2016 2nd round pick.

Salary Matche.

Phoenix: Gets a all around solid PF they have been looking for along with SF depth and Enough picks to satisfy their demands to build on this team in the future

Boston: Gets Cousins a player they have been needing and using their treasure of picks.

Sacramento: We get the Dragic Bros who could start for years, along with a young up and coming center, and a ton of picks if we needed to rebuild

Works on trade machine. let's get this done


Suns want All-Star potential and a 1st dp


Thats what they want but won't get. Who would give up that (all-star potential and 1 dp) for a possible rental? (never been an all-star) and he is already 28 years old. two solid role players Along with all those picks is the best they could get. What about the rest of the trade?


You want an all star pg. a great center prospect. 3 first rounders. 3-4 second rounders. All for cousins? Stop kidding yourself.




17 Feb 2015 11:58:50

BOS get: Cousins & Trey Burke
Draft: Kevon Looney

pg. burke
sg. Bradley
sf. young/looney
pf. olynyk/looney
c. cousins

SAC get: Marcus Smart, Jared Sullinger, Enes Kanter, & MIA 2015 1st (via BOS)
Draft: Justice Winslow

pg. smart
sg. mclemore/winslow
sf. gay/winslow
pf. sullinger
c. kanter

UTAH get: Marcus Thorton (exp), Nik Stauskus, & DAL & LAC 1st DP (via BOS)
Draft: Kristnaps Porzingis

pg. exum
sg. stauskus
sf. Hayward
pf. favors/porzingis
c. gobert




17 Feb 2015 08:00:35
Mavs sign Marcus Camby. Would give them what they're looking for in a back up big


Marcus camby is done playing basketball


Looks like they're picking up STAT, and it sounds like if they were going to add another big after that it would be JO.

SAS Champs 2014

^ONeal tweeted he isn't comig back




15 Feb 2015 22:28:24
Utah/ Bos

Kanter for Prince (buyout) 1st from Dallas, 1st from Clippers

succeed and proceed

Yeah right


Prince and maybe 1 draft pick. Trading two 1st round draft picks for a free agent to-be disgruntled center is too much.


Since when is kanter worth two first?? Need to watch more jazz basketball


17 Feb 2015 01:02:55
Now we need mffl go mavs
Buyout,free agency

Thats only 12,11?
Cut smith,ledo,james,rj
Or if we can't get allen
Try to trade ledo,smith,rj
an 1st 2016 an 2nd 2015
For kevin Martin,or? Reply
Leaves 1 spot left keep Powell
Let him go

tru mavs



15 Feb 2015 21:20:00
Kevin Garnett heading back to Western Conference.

Buy-Out from Nets, possible cheap buy-out. Then sign for a contender: Warriors, Rockets, Spurs, Blazers or Mavs.

Hope to win a championship and then either retire or go to T-Wolves or Celtics to play a final year.


If KG gets bought out, I think he should sign with the Warriors.




14 Feb 2015 11:28:58

Mavericks get Miles Plumlee

Suns get Smith (waived) and Ledo

Mavericks get their backup center

Suns get an exciting prospect and their log jam cleared up




12 Feb 2015 19:32:12

Magic Trade- M. Harkless, A. Nicholson
Magic Get- R. Felton, A Aminu, 2nd round pick

Mavericks Trade- R. Felton, A Aminu, 2nd round pick
Mavericks Get- M. Harkless, A. Nicholson

Mavericks get a Decent back up big guy and a similar player to Aminu just not as talented.

Magic- Get a Talented young SF and a pick

(Felton in to make money work)


12 Feb 2015 22:28:36
Can the mavs send a first for dragic an bring ellis off the bench plus maybe send felton,harris,ledo get amari,oneal,add a shooter by trading aminu,Jefferson 3an d wing through buyout an fill the rest of our roster through buyout cut smith,james that would leave a few spots to upgrade no way dragic leaves a contender
???Buyout guys contender in luxury tax the next 3 year's maybe#1 seed

tru mavs

13 Feb 2015 16:21:27
Mavs send smith,Jefferson,felton,ledo,two 2nds
Lakers send young,boozer,hill
Lakers plan to tank anyway

tru mavs



11 Feb 2015 15:47:16
Celtics and Kings trade:

Boston Trades:
K.Olynyk (Draft picks)
C's 2015 own top 3 protected (turns to 2 2nd rounders)
Mavs 1st rounder 2015,
Timberwolves 2016 1st rounder,
C's 2016 1st rounder,
and Cavs 2017 2nd rounder.

Boston Gets: D.Cousins

King Trades:D.Cousins

King Gets: M.Thorton(expiring)
K.Olynyk (Draft picks)
C's 2015 own top 3 protected (turns to 2 2nd rounders)
Mavs 1st rounder 2015,
Timberwolves 2016 1st rounder,
C's 2016 1st rounder,
and Cavs 2017 2nd rounder.

What do you think? too much or not enough for the Kings to trade Cousins?


C's 2015 1st round must be unprotected. Can't go from top 3 protection to 2 2nd round picks.


I like it. Allow Karl to build the team with the players that he wants


I can agree with that^


Sure the pick can. If the pick is #1-3 then the Celtics keep the pick and the Kings get two future second round picks. If the pick is #4-30 then the Kings get the pick.


I don't think he was disagree if it is POSSIBLE. I think the point was its absurd. So they trade, expecting a 1st pick realistically between 4 and 10. but if its 3 instead of 4. you get 2 crappy 2nd round pics. that's the difference between an all star and 2 d-league drop outs. no teams put protections like that. and if they did ZERO teams would accept those odds.


Like I said I like this but I still think just a lil bit more needs to go to Sacramento. probably just like James Young and international rights to a player or two




10 Feb 2015 19:12:37
Dallas trades Raymond Felton, Ricky Ledo, Greg Smith, and a 1st Round Pick to Minnesota Kevin Martin.




10 Feb 2015 12:58:15
Would not wonder! Best scenario for the Mavs and contending!

Think Stoudemair will buy out at Nicks. NY have to pay 3$ luxury tax for each of Amares salary bucks. Without him, NY will not pay luxury anymore!

Wolves still build a young team. KMart will not their future SG but have 3 years left, so I think Wolves are willing to move his contract. And they can try Ledo for a couple of weeks!

Sign FA Stoudemair and ONeal
Trade Felton, Ledo, Smith and a 2nd for KMart, Daniels

Chandler, ONeal, Powell
Nowitzki, Amare, Villaneuva
Parsons, Aminu, Jefferson
Ellis, K.Martin, Daniels
Rondo, Harris, Barea

I would also like to see a strong D starting 5:

Rondo, Martin, Aminu, Nowitzki, Chandler

and bring in Ellis, Parsons in the second Wave


STAT is likely to be with Mavs if B.O. but Martin isn't likely to be dealt to Mavs


Only way to contend is rondo elite defense,
Rebounding, assist

tru mavs



10 Feb 2015 05:02:37

char trade lance stephenson
char get cj mcollum, jose calderon

por trade wright, freeland, 2nd
por gets stephenson

nyk trade jose
nyk get wright, freeland, por 2nd

char wants to get rid of lance and no ones buying getting jose and a good prospect in mcollum would be worth it plus given kembas favorable contract they can afford jose and get a good veteran lockerroom guy

portland needs wing depth neither wright or freeland are very good and there on exp contracts, getting stephenson for a prospect and a high 2nd is good value. they only do this if they can't swing a wilson chandler trade, but wes and lance could guard any backcourt in the leauge and considering the road to a title goes through gs, okc, and dallas, it might give them enough to do it

ny wants more cap space and is shopping jose if they can get two expirings and a second that'll work


10 Feb 2015 15:04:33
Pass from Portland. I wouldn't gamble on Stephenson possibly completely ruining chemistry. He just wouldn't fit in, he doesn't understand how to fit his game to an offensive system.


I agree he might ruin the chemistry but for what the team is giving up to get him, it might be worth the risk for the Blazers.




10 Feb 2015 04:12:28

Harris and Jefferson for Thompson

Dallas needs help in the front court and will struggel against the top in the west if they lack size.

With Mozgov clicking with the rest of the team, depth will be the biggest issue for the Cavs as they need to make sure come seasons end they are rested for the final run. Harris is a good backup behind Irving and Jef can take extra LeBron minutes so he is not overplayed in the regular season.

succeed and proceed

The Cavs don't need any more depth. They got guys like Mike Miller and Shawn Marion not in the rotation. What the Cavs need is to trade for Mo Williams.




06 Feb 2015 18:34:35

Dal gets: Martin and Gibson
Min gets: McBuckets and Snell
Chi gets: Parsons

Gibson pushes dirk to the 3 and Dallas will have more of a defensive force down low. Martin at the 2 can give Ellis more time at the 1 while Rondo is hurt.

Min gets youth

Chi removes jam at the front court and gets their Star 3

succeed and proceed

Gibson, Mcdermott, & snell for parsons? lol


Since when can Dirk play the 3? Horribly trade for the Mavs


The bulls would not give up McDermott and Snell for Martin


If this were to happen which it wont, dirk would not go to the 3. Dallas would do the same thing as chicago and have a 3 man rotation with gibson coming off the bench.




06 Feb 2015 17:23:04
Crazy idea? Maybe not?

Nuggets - Celtics

Nuggets trade Lawson, Faried

Celtics trade Bass, Thorton (both expiring contracts), Mavericks first round pick (Rondo deal), Clippers 2015 first round pick (Doc Rivers deal), Nets 2016 first round pick (Pierce, K.G. deal), Memphis first round pick (Green deal)

If the Nuggets legit want to blow things up they should send out Lawson and Faried and acquire as many draft picks as possible.

The Celtics have a billion draft picks so why not trade some of them for young but established players like Lawson and Faried.


Nuggets get screwed

dallas mavs41



06 Feb 2015 17:07:49
Wolves - Mavericks

Wolves trade Martin

Mavericks trade Felton, Jefferson, future first round pick (two years after Mavericks send pick to Boston), 2017 second round pick.

Wolves unload Martin and net themselves a future first round pick.

Mavericks pick up a scoring punch off their weak bench and opens up a roster spot for the March 1st buyout date for a big man.




05 Feb 2015 18:36:55
With Rondo the Curry didn't hit 51 - and good chances the Mavs can defead Warriers!

Do not understand that Jefferson, why doesn't he look the teammate that is falling in front of him? Hi is very efficent, a good player - but I do not like that guy.

-Chandler No.3 (Wilson)

-2nd pick or a young Player from Team X

Team X:

Mavs sign ONeal


Team X gets screwed


Felton is absolutely valueless unless your unloading a pick to get rid of him its not going to happen


05 Feb 2015 23:20:03
Dallas would have to send a second to team X as well as a first to the nuggets.


Why is team x giving up an asset for Felton


Literally no clue what this even says




05 Feb 2015 09:14:10

LaLakers get Devin Harris and Bismack Biyombo

Dallas get Jordan Hill and Gary Neal

Cha get Jeremy Lin , Mavs 2nd rd pick , Robert Sacre


Great trade all around




02 Feb 2015 18:23:37
Trade Jefferson beside Felton for Butler. Fit for both teams!




You'd have to give a first round pick to get a team to even consider taking Felton


Id do this trade as long as we get a draft pick then i'd do it right away


Nobody wants Felton he is slow, head case who can't shoot, or defend. Detroit has a young team why would they want two very old players. Butler is a leader in the locker room. Jefferson and Felton are known head cases No from detroit.


Because they know how top play in the playoffs veterans

tru mavs



31 Jan 2015 21:05:31
Cavs trade Brendan Haywood and a first
Wolves trade Mo Williams
Wolves waive Haywood to join Mavs


Haywood can't join Mavs, nor would the Wolves waive him, nor would the Cavs pay a first round pick for Williams




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