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23 Jul 2014 19:29:39
Pass first, defense PG is what Mavs need, Bledsoe for max what Timberwolves need! With Rubio and K.Martin they can clear the cap to sign Bledsoe.


-Bledsoe (max)
-future 1st from Dallas
-future 1st from Cavs

-1st pick (via Dallas)

-3,7 trade exception to sign Marion

-Felton for a trade exception

New Wolves!


Mavs contender:

Chandler, Turiaf, Smith
Nowitzki, Lewis, Griffin
Parsons, Jefferson, Marion
Ellis, K.Martin, Ledo
Rubio, Harris, Mekel


Since when is Rubio a defensive PG? He can't stop people from getting in the lane.


Can you even make 5 team trades?


Where's Brandon wright?






23 Jul 2014 03:45:58
clippers last moves

trade jared dudley , ryan hollins and 2nd round pick to dallas for st shawn marion

sign pg delonte west and c hasheem thabeet to min

paul - farmar - west
redick - crawford - wilcox
marion - barnes - bullock
griffin - davis
jordan - hawes - thabeet

-deeper team






22 Jul 2014 21:28:11
If Mavs will not get Rondo for Wright, Felton and 3 x 1st picks Mavs have to go after the Young Rondo:




Please stop your 3x 2x 1x


Why stop at 3x? Let's just go all in! 12x for Rubio baby!!




22 Jul 2014 21:05:31

Dal gets: JR Smith

Dallas gets a starter in the back court


NYK gets: Zaza, Mayo, Wright, Bucks 2nd RdDp, Dal 2nd RdDp

Knicks remove JR and his troubles and get players in the front court

Waive: Dalembert, Brown, Tyler


Mil gets: Bargnani, Greek Freek Sr, Dal 2015 1st

Bucks take on a exp contract, and open up more playing time for young players

Greek Freak

succeed and proceed



21 Jul 2014 21:57:12

-1 x 2nd from Magic
-2 x 2nd from Boston

-3 x 1st from Dallas


Ddrainer stop trying to get rondo with bad trades


No one wants Felton he is straight garbage




21 Jul 2014 13:56:42

OKC get Nick Calathes , Courtney Lee , Dallas pick


DAL get Reggie Jackson

trade Ledo , Crowder and pick tom Kings for Terry and Thompson
sign Wes Johnson


MEM get Raymond Felton , Brandan Wright and 2nd from OKC





20 Jul 2014 16:08:29
Have heard, Love will most likely go to Cleveland receiving Wiggins, Bennett and a pick. In that case Mavs have a trade in Chat because Min. have LaVine traftet and still Barea in backup and do not need K.Martin anymore but interessted in clear up cap space - but Mavs need a shooter backup and a floor general!

-2 x future 1st from Dallas


-Turiaf + 2nd from Min.
-Terry + 2nd from Kings

Chandler, Turiaf, Smith
Nowitzki, Lewis, Griffin
Parsons, Jefferson, Crowder
Ellis, Terry, Ledo
Rubio, Harris, Mekel


21 Jul 2014 00:30:54
Ellis Felton for Martin Barea. Any trade involving Felton requires talent or picks with it


Kings drafted a top 8 sg two drafts in a row. Why would they need Martin?

stop posting



19 Jul 2014 17:56:43
Heard about a Mavs trade at 26. of August:



2x 1st picks from Mavs

-2nd from Mavs

Mavs sign Turner at 2,7m 1+1y and resign Marion 2m 1y

Chandler, Smith, Thabeet
Nowitzki, Lewis, Griffin
Parsons, Marion, Jefferson
Ellis, Turner, Ledo
Rondo, Harris, Mekel

Mavs got the ring : )


Keep dreaming Mavs fans . Celtics say no


Celtics will trade Rondo look and listen. If not they will trade him for only one 1st pick in Januar or Rondo will leave for nothing next year. So Ainge will get what he can get end of August. 2 future 1st have value, McGee could become a good Center. If not his contract will end in two season or he is good trade chip. So this is a realy good deal for all Teams and as discussed you will see it happen.


Marion also says no




18 Jul 2014 09:02:50
Jason Terry wants to be back in Mavs.

Kings receive Ledo and 2015 second round pick for Jason Terry.




18 Jul 2014 05:57:28

If Cleveland offers Andrew Wiggins , Tristan Thompson , 2 1st round picks

go for it by giving up Kevin Love and Kevin Martin

Make other trades

JJ Barea to Dallas for 2015 2nd round pick
trade Chase Budinger , Luc Mbah Moute , and a 1st round pick to Brooklyn for Kevin Garnett's last year

Ricky Rubio - Zach Lavine
Andrew Wiggins - Shabbaz Muhammad
Corey Brewer - Andrew Wiggins
Kevin Garnett - Tristan Thompson
Nikola Pekovic - Gorgui Dieng - Ronnt Turiaf

- will make the playoffs


In the East, for sure. In the West, not so sure. If Wiggins has a great rookie year it's conceivable.


I don't see this as a playoff team, much less a contender. Too young, not enough talented vets (none beside KG.)

The 8 west playoff teams who from last year + suns + healthy pelicans + healthy nuggets + maybe jazz + maybe kings + maybe lakers if they get decent FAs are all better. So pretty much every west team is better, or about the same as the TWolves, most of them being better.




17 Jul 2014 05:48:36
Wolves - Sixers - Cavaliers

Wolves get future 1st from Sixers , Nerlens Noel , Dion Waiters , Tristan Thompson , future 1st from Cavaliers

trade JJ Barea and Chase Budinger to Dallas for future 2nd round picks

Ricky Rubio / Zach Lavine
Dion Waiters / Shabbaz Muhammad
Corey Brewer / Robbie Hummel
Nerlens Noel / Tristan Thompson
Nikola Pekovic / Gorgui Dieng

Sixers get Andrew Wiggins and 2nd from Cavs

Michael Carter-Williams
Andrew Wiggins / Jordan McRae
Darion Saric / Jerami Grant
Thaddeus Young / Henry Sims
Joel Embiid / BJ Mullens

Cavaliers get Kevin Love , Kevin Martin and Tony Wroten

Kyrie Irving / Tony Wroten / Matt Della
Kevin Martin / Mike Miller
Lebron James / James Jones
Kevin Love / Anthony Bennett
Anderson Varejao


Cavs are not giving up Wiggins, Waiters and Thompson just to get Love.

SAS Champs 2014

Waiters won't be in trade




16 Jul 2014 14:34:51
Nice rumors!

-1st picks from Mavs

-1st pick from Mavs



Crowder and picks. For rondo. No.


Who came up with this garbage post I mean really. The Suns can get a much better deal for Bledsoe.




15 Jul 2014 20:46:57
Before Mavs have signed Harris and Nowitzki, there is still approx. 15m CAP after Parsons have signed.

So Mavs should try to work out a sign and trade for Bleadsoe, looks like Suns will not make the max offer!
Bledsoe (same contract as Parsons) for Felton, Crowder and 2 future 1st picks.

Suns sign Turner and have a good Young crowd!

Mavs are contender and becomes Young an athletic.

If not do the same for Rondo!

Chandler, Smith, Wright
Nowitzki, Marion
Parsons, Jefferson
Ellis, Ledo
Bledsoe, Harris, Mekel


I don't think suns are going to need to pay Bledsoe the max if no one can afford him.


Bledsoe has knee concerns. He hasn't really played an entire season yet. I doubt any team gives him a max contract. I look for him to be signed and dealt with draft picks for a Kevin Love type.

Daniel of Phoenix

So take Rondo for Crowder and 2x future 1st

In Addition trade Felton for Terry (Terry have only 1y left on contract and can play Ellis backup or Mavs can try a trade Terry for Carter in the winter : )

Chandler, Smith, Wright
Nowitzki, Lewis
Parsons, Jefferson
Ellis, Terry, Ledo
Rondo, Harris, Mekel




15 Jul 2014 14:19:33
IND Trades: George Hill, Roy Hibbert, Lance Stephenson (SnT)
IND Receives: Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green, Brandan Wright, Kris Humphries (SnT)

BOS Trades: Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green, Keith Bogans, Kris Humphries (SnT)
BOS Receives: Roy Hibbert, Lance Stephenson (SnT), Raymond Felton

DAL Trades: Raymond Felton, Brandan Wright
DAL Receives: George Hill, Keith Bogans

IND Lineup

PG- Rajon Rondo
SG- Paul George
SF- Jeff Green
PF- David West
C- Kris Humphries

BOS Lineup

PG- Marcus Smart
SG- Avery Bradley
SF- Lance Stephenson
PF- Jared Sullinger
C- Roy Hibbert

DAL Lineup

PG – George Hill
SG – Monta Ellis
SF – Chandler Parsons
PF – Dirk Nowitzki
C – Tyson Chandler

Indiana upgrades at PG, gets a decent SF to move Paul George back to SG. They trade Hibbert who had trouble in the playoffs along with disgruntled Stephenson and George Hill.

Boston gets a solid defensive C like they’ve wanted for a while along with a tough minded player who can play a number of positions in Stephenson. Rondo has become a redundancy since they drafted Smart and are able to get rid of Jeff Green’s contract.

The Mavericks waive Keith Bogans’ non-guaranteed contract and get a strong starting PG to take over for the traded Calderon.




15 Jul 2014 13:53:00
Pistons - Mavericks

Detroit gets: Felton, Wright, 2nd

Dallas gets: Jennings


Jennings and Ellis backcourt is a disaster. Plus Jennings isn't a Carlise and Dirk type player. They need a high iq pg.


Detroit doesn't want "I am heading to prision" Felton. They have enough PG's much better then Felton. We would keep Jennings its the better option Mav's slappy




10 Jul 2014 19:44:09
HOU & DAL looking for S&T scenarios for Parsons

HOU gets Marion (S&T 3 yrs $15M), Felton, & '16 2nd round pick (via MEM) and receive TPE of ~$7M

DAL gets Parsons (S&T) 3 yr $46M


If Houston does a sign and trade for Parsons they would not take back salary it would have to be a draft pick


Y would Houston want Felton. Lin better be going as well. Houston may want Crowder involved




10 Jul 2014 19:09:35
Celtics get Ellis and two firsts

Rockets get Rondo

Mavs get Parsons


Rondo for Parsons? Sounds too good to be true for rockets.




10 Jul 2014 05:29:33
Celtics Offseason

3 way trade

Celtics: Kevin Love, Corey brewer and Tyson Chandler
Twolves: Jeff Green, Jared Sullinger,Brandon Wright, Crowder and 2015 celtics 1st rnd pick
Mavs: Jerred Bayless, Kevin Martin and Pekovic

Sign Lance Stephenson 4 yr 40 mil
Sign Anthony Morrow

2014-15 Lineup

Rajon Rondo/Marcus Smart
Lance Stephenson/Avery Bradley
Corey Brewer/Anthony Morrow
Kevin Love/Brandon Bass
Tyson Chandler/Kelly Olynk


My dude you are dreaming waaay too big for reality




10 Jul 2014 04:43:39
Lebron done meeting with teams, and as soon as he talks with his family he will make his decision (2.0). In no rush. Bosh will sign with Rockets if Lebron leaves heat.

Also, Mavs sign offer sheet for Parsons, Hornets with Hayward.

Vasquez resigns with Raptors.


Sometimes I feel like people just click "Unbelievable" without reading.

These are all stories that have been reported.


Houston can still match Parsons contract, even after they signed Bosh. But only after they signed Bosh they can match it.

If Houston matches DAL offer first they will not be able to sign Bosh.

So Lin + 1st DP to Phi
Sign Bosh
Match Parson



Have to shed cap space to match parsons.They won't give up three guys off the bench for 1 starter, they could chase ariza or deng and keep guys like williams around.




09 Jul 2014 19:48:07
Dallas Mavericks sign Chandler Parsons 4 year 50 million

trade Shawn Marion & Brandon Wright for Reggie Jackson & Kendrick Perkins

pg. jackson
sg. ellis/carter
sf. parsons
pf. dirk
c. chandler


1. Rockets would match that deal.
2. OKC declines the trade offer.


Marion is UFA, would have to be S&T


Only stealing parsons if bosh takes max and you offer near max




09 Jul 2014 07:03:01
Cleveland Offseason

Cavs trade Bennett, Jack, Waiters or to Dallas for Felton and Crowder and couple of future picks. (help them to clear cap space).
sign LBJ to max deal.
and if chicago amnestied Boozer sign him.
add some solid bench like Anthony Morrow, Ray Allen, Jermaine Oneal, Alan Anderson

line up:

felton/ della denova
anderson/ gee




09 Jul 2014 05:34:54

IND trade- R.Hibbert,G.Hill
IND get-T.Chandler,Devin Harris and future 1st round pick

MAVS trade-T.Chandler,D.Harris and future 1st round pick
MAVS get-R.Hibbert,G.Hill

MAVS sign:
V.Carter vet 1yr/min (resign)
T.Ariza 3yrs/27million
L.Stephenson 4yrs/60million

MAVS 14-15 starting lineup

PG-George Hill/R.Felton
SG-Lance Stephenson/Vince Carter
SF-Trevor Ariza/Vince Carter
PF-Dirk Nowitzki/S.Dalembert
C-Roy Hibbert/S.Dalembert

Maybe a title contender?


Stephenson is not worth 15 million a year


^^^^ that's what he ( Lance) need to realize at best 9


Bruh. Dalembert is not on the mavs anymore




09 Jul 2014 02:38:50
If Chicago does not waive Carlos Boozer and Minnesota has to take him in a trade for Kevin Love, Chicago should have to take Kevin Martin back in return. So here is the deal.

Chicago gets Kevin Love, Corey Brewer, and Kevin Martin

Minnesota gets Carlos Boozer, Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic, Tony Snell, Doug McDermott, and a 2016 1st round pick.

And since Philadelphia is apparently willing to take on expiring contracts, Minnesota should then try to trade Snell and Boozer for a future protected 2nd round pick.

And since Dallas is getting the old gang back together, try to trade JJ Barea to them for a future protected 2nd round pick.

Minnesota would then have almost 20 million in cap space. They should try to sign Chandler Parsons. If Houston sign Chris Bosh to the max, they could not match an offer for Parsons without going over the cap and near the luxury tax.

Minnesota's lineup would then be:

Muhammad/McDermott/Mbah a Moute

What do you think?


Yes, Philly is willing to take on expiring contracts, but they want assets in return. No way they would even consider the deal you proposed above. There is nothing in it for them.

Boy Howdie

I feel teams learned from Knicks mistake of trading future for one player, so I think best you get from bulls is boozer, Gibson,snell, and draft pick.


Bulls shouldn't give up half they team like that I wouldn't wanna play there is Rose who can't stay healthy slim chance Melo going there. Maybe sign Ariza and couple role players but that's it Love ain't gon have at team with this trade




07 Jul 2014 21:57:31
Nice trade:

-2x future 1st




Dude for the last time Hibbert is not worth Rondo and Green.


Some C's doesn't understand they will lose Rondo this or the next year. And Rondo is not that Kind of go to guy star Player. But I think he can fit very well in a good offense Team, providing playmaker, assist and defense. So Dallas would be a nice fit, Houston not as good as Dallas, but I could work also. Rondo Need good shooters and Players around to Play his best. That's it.




07 Jul 2014 03:11:24
Rest of Sixers offseason

Well, we know the Sixers are going to be really bad in 2014-15, looks like another high lottery pick. If they're going to be as bad as expected, let's make them historically putrid why don't we!

1) Mavs/Sixers

To DAL - Thad Young

To PHI - Brandan Wright, 2015 1st

Dallas is looking for every way possible to upgrade their team. Assuming they don't land either Melo or LBJ, adding a talent like Thad is a win for them. He would replace the Matrix, or would be an excellent sixth man should the Mavs find another SF (ie. Luol Deng) in Free Agency. By moving Wright in this deal, the net result is only an additional $4M to payroll, which makes this a bargain for them.

While it's sad to see the last piece of their playoff team go, the Sixers stockpile another first round pick and add Wright, an expiring deal who can start at C next year with Embiid being out.

2) Release J-Rich

While his $6M is guaranteed for 2014-15, the Sixers have $34M of cap room after the Young trade, and aren't looking to sign anyone of significants, so give J-Rich the opportunity to sign a vet minimum deal with a contender.

3) Release Brandon Davies, Jarvis Varnado and Elliot Williams

All are on non-guaranteed contracts, and are barely NBA players.

4) Sign:

Brian Roberts (PG) 1yr/$2M

With Pierre Jackson's injury, adding a PG like Roberts gets them through the year with a capable backup, and leaves next year open to bringing Micic over next year.

Kent Bazemore (SG) - 2yr/$4.5M

Bazemore put up some very good numbers in LA, and could become a good backup SG. That said, he starts this year in Philly

Francisco Garcia (SF) - 1yr/$3M

Good in the locker room and gives Philly a veteran to help on the floor. Still shoots the three well.

Ryan Kelly (PF) - 2yr/$3M

Not much of a rebounder, but can stretch the floor with his shooting, like a poor (very poor) man's Ryan Anderson.

Patric Young (C) - 1yr/Minimum

While he's on the Pels summer league roster, he's still availble to sign. Why not take a flyer on a kid who was expected to go in the middle of the 2nd round.

Sixers 2014-15 Roster

PG - MCW, Roberts, Wroten
SG - Bazemore, Wroten, McRea
SF - Garcia, Mc Daniels, Thompson
PF - Noel, Kelly , Moultrie
C - Wright, Sims, Young

This team doesn't win 15 games all year unless Noel has a ROY performance in him. With that said, what the Sixers have is $21M tied up in nine players (Bazemore, Carter-Williams, Embiid, Kelly, Moultrie, Noel, Saric, Thompson, Wroten), and have the ability to cut Moultrie, Thompson and Wroten as they have non-guaranteed contracts.

With that in mind, 2015-16 could shape up really nicely. They should be able to add an impact player through the draft, and have some $40M - $45M to spend on players like Klay Thompson or Goran Dragic.

SAS Champs 2014



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