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26 Mar 2015 08:32:32
Dallas-Oklahoma City-Denver

Dallas get Kevin Durant
sign Rajon Rondo and Tyson Chandler back
sign Aaron Afflalo (would like to take paycut to win a title
waive Felton


Okc get Chandler Parsons, Wilson Chandler and Denver 1st round pick

- surround Westbrook with shooters and defensive players


Denver get Monta Ellis and Dallas 1st round pick


26 Mar 2015 18:22:31
Not even a close to a fair trade. Cmon.

25 Mar 2015 00:35:58
Kinda like EU

Wolves offseason

Trade Martin to Mavs for RJ Hunter
Trade Pekovic for Wallace (waive) and Tyus Jones
Resign Hummel and Garnett
Let Budinger and Neal walk
Sign Danny Green (4Y, 33M)

Draft Towns with own and with second pick Christmas (Syracuse)

Green• Lavine•Hunter
Wiggins•Muhammad• Hummel

25 Mar 2015 12:55:15
And it has many of the same problems as EU's post

25 Mar 2015 20:48:24
Please tell me how

24 Mar 2015 15:54:36
Timberwolves offseason

- draft K.Towns (2nd pick)
- trade K.Martin to Mavericks for R.Felton and 22nd pick
- draft R.J.Hunter (22nd pick)
- trade N.Pekovic to Celtics for G.Wallace (waived) and 26th pick
- draft S.Decker (26th pick)
- draft A.Brown (32nd pick)
- sell 36th pick for cash
- trade A.Bennett for a future 2nd round pick
- resign K.Garnett (2-year, $10M)
- sign N.Bjelica (3-year, $16M)
- resign J.Hamilton (1-year, $1M)

Rubio - LaVine - Felton
Wiggins - Hunter - Brown
Muhammad - Decker - Budinger
Garnett - Bjelica - Payne
Towns - Dieng - Hamilton


24 Mar 2015 16:34:19
i like it except I think towns would start at PF and Dieng at Center

24 Mar 2015 22:07:49
Love it, but who is bjelica. Never hear of him

24 Mar 2015 23:42:59
You're expecting too much production from 4 rookies, would rather keep Martin instead of replacing him with a rookie and have to take Felton. Budinger has said he wants to leave so he won't be back, as he has a player option. This plan would set the Wolves back a few years at least with having to wait for all of the new rookies to develop instead of being able to compete for a playoff spot in about a year or so

23 Mar 2015 21:03:15


-2nd 2015


Try to sign FA Aldridge or another PF

23 Mar 2015 23:04:42
It will take at least a first to get Martin, that deal definitely wouldn't get him.

24 Mar 2015 00:05:09
NOOOOO from Minnesota they do not need another big and Kmart is worth a first

25 Mar 2015 05:52:31
OK, thought Powell's good performance in D-League would be nice for Wolves, he hits 20, 20 a game. But OK!
-Mavs 1st

AND to be fair. Respect To ELLIS! Defeaded the Spurs, great performance!

20 Mar 2015 13:37:27
Knicks summer
knicks get Stephenson 15th 22nd 45th 50th
Mavs get Calderon
Hornets get Hardaway Early Felton(buyout)

Hornets clear cap to resign Jefferson while adding quality young depth. Felton gets a cheap buyout for front office position in his home town.
Mavs get their pg back move their worst contract
Hibbert for 4 50 Monroe for 4 60 Crawford for 4yr 28


21 Mar 2015 00:24:39
Hibbert is awful. And why would the Knicks be able to get Stephenson, 2 firsts and 2 seconds for Calderon and thj. If they get 1 first for both they are lucky. Your posts are worthleas and overvalue knicks players and hibbert consistently. Just stop.

21 Mar 2015 16:40:29
Hibbert is top 15 center ability post score and defend. His contract would end when he is 32. After M.Gasol and Jordan, hibbert is the best opt at center. R.Lopez followed by brother next opt. don't trust brooks health. With Monroe creates a Hoyas connection might open the door to have Patrick back as a assistant. While
knicks be slower and most efficienct in triangle with right size strength and defense to be successful. Two dynamic players on wing and perimeter give ny enough offense. Athletic bench. What more do want pizza.

Why the trade works.
Mavs have cap space to keep chandler and Ellis. Unless they move felton they have no chance to find Rondo replacement. Felton for Calderon
demands a 1st and 2nd. Stephenson bad contract, if Jordan wants keep Jefferson
who slightly underpaid. He make up 14 mil Hornets are over cap space. Hardaway offense is more valuable & 7
mil less than Stephenson. MJ can talk felton into buying out 1 mil. For longer pay term both as player and front office
job. Both from nc and played at tarheel nation. For knicks absorbing stephenson contract and giving hardaway 1st round worthy and Early 2nd worthy. This is why trade is fair and make sense.

15 Mar 2015 10:17:24
Good to see Rondo Play more confident!

Good for me if Rondo/Ellis works out! Keep the both of them or trade Ellis for another good SG.

Basically Mavs should try to have a good Play off run to be attractive for FA Aldridge!

Trade end of season (end of June)

-Mavs 1st pick 2015


Mavs sign FA Aldridge


Stat, Nowitzki, Aminu, KMart, Harris

15 Mar 2015 15:54:39
Finally someone who knows Kmart is worth at least a 1st

17 Mar 2015 04:37:54
Parsons here to stay two wins because of him an Ellis they'll be our future building blocks hopefully with rondo.dirk six man we good pay cuts could land us love our final piece Great he can't find a place in Cleveland

14 Mar 2015 15:15:45

Clippers get Monta Ellis

Mavericks get JJ Redick and Ekpe Udoh



Clippers get Monta Ellis

Mavericks get Lance Stephenson and Bismack Biyombo

Hornets get JJ Redick and 2nd rd pick from Dallas and Clippers

31 Mar 2015 21:26:25
The Mavs would never do the first one.

12 Mar 2015 15:47:46

DAL trade Monta Ellis and 2nd round pick
DAL get Lance Stephenson and JJ Hickson

CHA trade Lance Stephenson
CHA get 2nd round pick from DAL and Wilson Chandler

DEN trade Wilson Chandler and JJ Hickson
DEN get Monta Ellis

11 Mar 2015 08:27:18
I was never a fan of Ellis - honest. You know it. He is funny to watch, quick a artist on his moves.
But the good teams let him not pass his spectacular moves at big points.
You see also Rondo struggle, but he looks more like a competitive pro. And if you have the defence minded Rondo and Chandler you need the very good shooters and scorer around!

I do not see the sense of Ellis and Jefferson. So the focus have to be at the playoffs and to figure out the improvements. It is not enough to talk about to play for a ring! Mr. Parsons! Chandler is a kid, he has all the talent - you move forward! Not like Ellis, Parsons can really improve in my opinion. But he have to!

Try to go the some play offs rounds this year. and hope Mavs can sign FA Aldridge! And trade for a real shooting guard, that can play defense (every play hit the 3 again Ellis, also the blind one) and hit open shoots! I would really like Stephenson, like Parsons I think, in the good team he can really improve!

Trade after the playoffs:




Next season, sign FA Aldridge and resign Rondo, Aminu, Chandler and Stat if he want to become signed.

Chandler, Stat
Aldridge, Nowitzki
Parsons, Aminu
Stephenson, KMart
Rondo, Harris, Barea

11 Mar 2015 15:51:29
Aldridge ain't leaving

13 Mar 2015 14:12:48
Come on guys Ellis has carried us since he's been here we wouldn't be were we ar without ellis yeah he has bad games after he drops 39 an win his team struggles he's tired plays hurt reliable need more players like him like dirk was.what happened to dirks fade aways pump fakes to get to the line slow the game down the turn around fade awat jumpers elite at drawing fouls forget driving to the lane.Ellis is the only chance we have to stay afloat until everyone is healthy.what we need is rondo working on floaters free throws Jumpers so he can get to the line jason kidd mastered it tyson to keep melo just chill don't want him to use to much energy just enough to get us to the playoffs an surprise many dirks getting 7 open jumpers a game he's working so hard after games an practice yea we're talking about practice that his legs are so heavy an he stated it'll put him back to superstar status come playoffs i'm just as frustrated as you guy's but i'm 100% rooting for my mavs they won't miss the playoffs I see them as 5th seed if they play up to expectations there's no way ill let monte go it took some of is all-star caliber games to win scoring 30+ a lot of games he dismantled the spurs in the playoffs charlie v needs to play some more minutes behind aminu

13 Mar 2015 14:38:54
If you guys hate the team this much as it is built keep our future Ellis Parsons Powell get Brandon knight an trade everyone an draft picks for cousins an anthony Davis this starting 5 would be to fast an in contention for six years everyone is an elite scorer

14 Mar 2015 06:33:04
I told you guy's mavs can do damage with this team I would make some changes next year great win over lac go mavs best I've seen since rondo this can work
Rondo mo Williams barea
Ellis Harris danny green
Parsons jeff green jefferson
Love dirk cv
Chandler amare Whiteside
Perfect need nothing else for years to
Come rondo can recruit jeff green that's why he went to boston we could rest our starters like spurs an still be elite what you think salary cap is raising paying couple m luxury tax won't be a problem for this group keeps dirk an Chandler fresh for playoffs

14 Mar 2015 16:42:02
How much pay cut will mavs players take chandler, rondo, ellis, amare, cv, jefferson, aminu, barea if big enough cut love
Is lost in Cleveland averaging 8 points against spurs been the most benched player this year.
Jeff green behind Parsons is perfect
He's rondos friends an has stated he
Would love to keep playing with rondo.
mo Williams loves to win we almost got him this year.
Danny green is a + maybe could be our
Aminu an jefferson but would love to have both back also but with jeff green don't think we'll need them

08 Mar 2015 22:41:52
Dallas-Memphis-New York

Dallas get Courtney Lee and Kosta Koufos + 1st rd pick from Memphis

Memphis get Monta Ellis and Jose Calderon

New York get 2nd rd pick from Memphis and Jordan Adams

Dallas acquire a 3 and D guard + a good back-up center in case Ellis walks


Memphis puts themselves in a better position offensively


Knicks add a pick and a young guard

09 Mar 2015 08:44:54
Why not, keeping Ellis for Dallas makes only sense, if he improves well his spot up shooting.

But send the pick and Lee to Hornets instead of Dallas and add Stephenson to the Mavs roster.

13 Mar 2015 14:22:22
Courtney lee timofy mozcof if Memphis gets Ellis they'll be unstoppable come on guys when lee was in Boston ellis would kill him out there I'll keep amare instead of mozcof Ellis an Parsons is our future

14 Mar 2015 16:59:45
I forgot ellis murdered us if he leave
He'll kill us averaging 30 on us every time Only bad games after ellis has when he's tired zone don't help he's to fast

08 Mar 2015 21:14:02
Sixers get Okafor-1st Early Larkins
Kings get Hardaway Taylor-16th D.Johnson-31st Nash-60th
Knicks get Towns-3rd Turner-8 Upshaw-34th C.Randle-56th


McLemore/Staukus/RJ Hunter-37

Calderon to Dallas for Justin Anderson-25 Chassan Randle-50


09 Mar 2015 14:01:39
So Sixers get a center again. And put Embiid on the bench. That just doenst make sense for them. Their going to go guard or trade the pick.

09 Mar 2015 16:44:22
Embiid is injury prone. 3 man rotation of that type of caliber could only some for the Sixers to make get at least 40 wins. they need vets on this team and they are loaded on wings. Bigs are a harder find. Okafor may not have the hype Embiid, but up to he certainly does have huge question mark as far as his health. Embiid could be the next Oden.

09 Mar 2015 18:09:55
Shizee. Embiid isn't injury prone yet. Had one year of injuries. But I can understand people saying he might not be a superstar since he hasn't played. But I look at the upgrade factor. Okafor over Embiid not an upgrade. Okafor over noel may only a slight upgrade.

Now mudiay over Isaiah cannon. Huge upgrade. Tussle over cannon. Huge upgrade

For that reason alone you go guard. Not big man.

09 Mar 2015 18:56:25
No thank you. Its time to load up the back court.

09 Mar 2015 20:14:41
Sixers won't trade to get oak because they aren't interested in him.

08 Mar 2015 14:25:00
Update on JaVale McGee sweepstakes:

Its down to six teams

Golden State Warriors
Chicago Bulls
Miami Heat
Dallas Mavericks
Toronto Raptors
San Antonio Spurs

08 Mar 2015 15:41:56
Who cares? McGee isn't a game changer. He's a role player that was paid way too much.

08 Mar 2015 13:51:26
Mavs offseason

- trade R.Felton, D.Powell, 24th pick and 54th pick to Timberwolves for K.Martin
- sign E.Davis (4-year, $23M) via MLE
- sign L.Scola (2-year, 4M; includes player option) via BAE
- resign M.Ellis (4-year, $48M)
- resign R.Rondo (2-year, $32M)
- resign T.Chandler (2-year, $24M)
- sign R.Jefferson, R.Hollins, C.Villanueva, R.Foye and C.Budinger (min.)

Rondo - Harris - Foye
Ellis - Martin
Parsons - Budinger - Jefferson
Nowitzki - Scola - Villanueva
Chandler - Davis - Hollins


08 Mar 2015 15:42:32
Rondo will never sign with the Mavs now. Especially not a two year deal when others will give 4

09 Mar 2015 08:46:44
Instead of Scola and Davis try to sign Aldridge four year max! And Rondo will request a five year contract at good money as well.

07 Mar 2015 09:00:09
Honest, take Ellis out of the picture and we will see the real strenght everbody expects from the Mavs!
Ellis is a PG that cannot make the game and a SG that cannot hit shoots! The Mavs "flow" is adjusted for him, but the "flow" the beat bad teams will never win anything.

Mavs be realistic!

Move Ellis to be 6th man as earlier Terry and Mavs fans as well as the team will be exited!

Rondo, Jefferson, Parsons, Nowitzki, Chandler

If we will see it work we will have to aquire a 2/3 and D SG and the next PF for Mavs next season!

Mavs: Stephenson, KMart
Wolves: Zeller
Hornets: Ellis, Felton

Sign FA Aldridge and resign Mavs crowd.

Chandler, Stat
Aldridge, Nowitzki
Parsons, Aminu
Stephenson, KMart
Rondo, Harris

07 Mar 2015 12:11:28
More easy:

Mavs: Stephenson
Hornets: Ellis

Sign FA: Aldridge, Neal
Resign FA: Chandler, Rondo, Stat, Villaneuva, Jefferson, Barea

Chandler, Stat
Aldridge, Nowitzki
Parsons, Aminu
Stephenson, Neal
Rondo, Harris

Barea, Jefferson, Vellaneuva backups

07 Mar 2015 19:56:54
Guys I hate to say this because dirk is my favorite superstar but a declining one it hurts to see dirk this bad he can't carry a quarter let alone a game his defense almost brings me to tears his offense is terrible his new shot needs to go back to one legged were he draws fouls get to the line how can monte, rondo, tyson, Chandler all cover up for dirk rondo an ellis can work imagine ibaka in place of dirk at this point in life my point is we can't win with dirk starting an these posts on replacing tyson is crazy maybe these guys will take pay cuts an we get Aldridge.
Rondo felton barea
Ellis Harris
Chandler jefferson
Dirk aminu
Tyson amare
Felton back up point looked solid last night the x factor just watch

07 Mar 2015 20:37:19
Resign everyone but, powell, smith an sign dirks replacement kevin love
Rondo felton barea
Ellis Harris aminu
Parsons jefferson
Love dirk?
Chandler amare?
Security purposes maybe sign whitnside from miami Villanova looks lost lately
Powell never be in playoff rotation
Smith is irrelevant to us

07 Mar 2015 21:05:13
Ellis would win 6th man of the year every year
Rondo felton
kmart Ellis Harris
Parsons jefferson aminu
Kevin love dirk
Chandler amare
who can we pick to put us over the top with 3 more spots can we get whitenside if our guys take a pay cut
Chandler 10m
Monte 10m
Rondo 10m
Amare 5m

06 Mar 2015 18:07:00
What Mavs should do next season:





Sign FA Aldridge

Resign Rondo, Chandler, Aminu, Jeff, STAT

Chandler, Aldridge, STAT
Aldridge, Nowitzki, Powell
Parsons, Aminu, Jefferson
Stephenson, KMart, Jefferson
Rondo, Harris, Barea

It's going to take more than 2 2nds to get Martin

The Mavs need a / shooters. Without they will not win anything. Chandler, the paint delivers no much scoring - and it seems Nowitzki is capable anymore to deliver the big point. Honest y can run Guards that cannot shoot!? In my view it is not a Rondo issue, it becomes more visible with Rondo - the Ellis issue. He can drive but isn't the Point Guard and he can shoot (sometimes) out of the dribble. But good will not let him score - and then the Mavs do not have much left to score right now. So a team needs paint monsters like Memphis or shooting monsters like Golden State today - or Mavs in 2011.

06 Mar 2015 16:51:10
JaVale Mcgee sweepstakes:
Which team will fit him most?

Warriors, Bulls, Raptors, Spurs, Clippers, Mavs, Nets and Heat.

My pick would be Bulls (doesnt have a backup center)
2nd place Clippers (he'll fit well in the LOB city)
3rd place Heat (they're catching up and could snag Whiteside starting position)
4th place Spurs (could learn from one of the best bigman Tim Ducan and starts)
5th place Nets (need a backup big so they could start Plumlee and Lopez)

Spurs would be my choice. no big backup behind splitter

He wouldn't start over Whiteside

05 Mar 2015 03:50:13

Phi gets Aldridge, Martin
(Draft)Mudiay- Martin- Moute-Aldridge-Noel

DAL gets Afflalo, Lopez, Muhammad, Miami 1st via phi
Rondo/ Barrea
Ellis/ Afflalo
Muhammad/ Aminu
Dirk/ Amare

POR gets Chanler, Parsons, Future Dal 1st
Lilliard-Matthews-Parsons-Milsap(FA)- Chandler

Min gets Embiid
Rubio/ Lavine
Wiggins/ Budinger
Embiid/ Payne
Dieng/ Pek

05 Mar 2015 11:35:02
So Minnesota gets Embiid for Muhammad and Philly is trading Embiid and the Miami 1st for FREE AGENT Aldridge. Honestly, why are you wasting people's time with this?

Sixers say NO. horrible

If u said if sixers trade noel and heat pick for lamarcus then I can c that possibly happening. Maybe.

10 Mar 2015 13:30:15
No. Aldridge, while I love as a player, is 29. By the time the Sixers make their run, he's looking like Elton Brand. Sixers should not be giving up assets for anyone over 24 or 25 right now.

The whole idea of what the Sixers are doing is to time the whole thing right so they don't wind up in the middle of the pack.

25 Feb 2015 17:38:10
Rondo having problems in Dallas with the coach Rondo to Lakers after season

Honestly what's the point of signing rondo to lakers. Its not going to change anything. They need young fresh players and that r more hungry for the ship

Sign and trade rondo for rubio

^Minnesota says no. Then no again. And for the hell of it, no a third time.

Honest, player cannot argue at Coaches, but Coaches should not blame at a elite player public as well!

And sry Mavs, but there is criticism! You cannot buy Rondo and try to convert him to Nelson or anyone else? There are professionals, we all know, Rondo is not a spot up shooter, his is a playermaker and can drive to the rim first off all. Why do we not consider that style?

From the beginning Carlise was talking about Rondos way to improve as a still young guy. Does it really make sense that way? No matter, Rondo have to improve, but should do it in a Rondo way, coach have to build a Rondo way not a PG way! M2C

Listen guys just watch closely rondo is our
answer at point guard doesn't crack under
Pressure we need him i'm glad they blew up
at each other to get all the tinchen out
When he sees how bad this team wants to win
He'll understand that this team can be built
around him defense is great Portland, Memphis, rockets its hard to be a champion without a elite floor General everyone's so hard d on him for shooting but Carlisle don't think he's ready to lead yet without knowing the play's to win He'll step up in a month he'll fit remember the Boston game he was on fire give rondo time an especially in the playoffs he's like Westbrook

Agree to the Rondo criticism he have to be focused and need confidence to hit open shoots.

But let him play as a Rondo plays! I tough it is pretty clear, that the teams style will adopted with such a player - if not it make no sense to hire such a player!
What it means it, Rondo have to drive to the rim and try lay it up. So adopt the Dallas offensive flow, pass fast to find an open shoot but Rondo mostly have to try to drive to the rim lay up, pass for allee hoop or pass inside out to a spot up shoot.

It could work to pretty well! One of the shooters (Dirk, Harris, Parsons) become free at fast passing, if not Ellis or Rondo (or Parsons) drive to the rim and lay it in, pass it and easy bucket for Chandler/STAT or pass it out the shooters again.

That could be a very strong and flexible offense! It doesn't work right now. Why?

Because he's having flash backs of Boston
Our style is different couldn't have beat yhe
Playoff teams without him we're doomed
He wants full control wines when he do get
It your right drive kick out but play elite defense rebound an get assist an lead our
Troops to war

The mavs offense is built off a point guard
Who can shoot but his elite defense he
Can Slow down the top 10 point guards

20 Feb 2015 16:05:07
Macs. Hope Cuban is strategic. Perkins would have the energy and dirty tricks what Mavs could need so much! So if the buyouts happen:

Sign FA Perkins
Sign FA Neal

Neal is going where there's a chance at actually winning and that will be Hawks.

If you look at the lineups only Mavs can win again Houston.

But if you look at the game.

It is not only Rondo that doesn't hit shoots, it is the entire team. Hope this is the bad phase, that allows a momentum end of season and at the playoffs.

Why do they not sign Perkins instead of Smith, if Perkins would really sign for the vet min?

How ever. Mavs need to win that battle to'night!

And the had won!

Add Perkins and Neal if they agree to backup role!

Do Mavs them not want because of image?

Does Perkins have that bad nature?

Well since trade deadline is over now
Buyout talk is upon us whose out out there
Who do we give up smith,jefferson,powell repace by who

Ok, catch the young guys and try it out.

Sign Sanders.

And a young 3 and D athletic shooting guard

20 Feb 2015 00:47:23
Heard about a buyout of McGee. And they miss a PG. So Mavs could offer to trade for Richardson and sign McGee after waivers!


-Sign FA McGee


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