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17 Apr 2014 05:40:19
What would it take for the Bucks to trade the Greek Freak?




17 apr 2014 03:51:30
lakers - knicks

offseason trade

nash + cash for bargnani




17 Apr 2014 02:45:42
Grizzlies offseason

Allen and 1st for Waiters (Cle draft Harris and Hood)

Z-Bo (s&t) and Pondexter to Okc for both 1st Perkins and Sefolosha (s&t)

Grizzlies draft James Young and Jarnell Stokes

Sign Steve Blake





17 Apr 2014 01:57:16
OKC gets Kevin Love and Chase Budinger

Minny gets Serge Ibaka, Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones, Reggie Williams, 2014 DAL pick, and 2015 OKC pick

pf. K. Love/ N. Collison/ C. Capela (#29)
sf. K. Durant/ C. Butler/ A. Roberson
c. S. Adams/ K. Perkins/ H. Thabeet
sg. T. Sefalosha/ C. Budinger
pg. R. Westbrook/ R. Jackson/ A. Abrines

pf. S. Ibaka/ P. Jones/ A. Payne (#22)
sf. C. Brewer/ L. Mbah/ S. Muhammed
c. N. Pekovic/ G. Dieng/ R. Turiaf
sg. K. Martin/ J. Lamb/ N. Stauskas (#13)
pg. R. Rubio/ J. Barea/ A. Shved






16 Apr 2014 19:20:20
Mavs - Rockets - 76ers

Mavs get O Asik
Rockets get T Young
76ers get Dallas 2015 1st round pick




16 Apr 2014 23:19:36
Lakers off season
Draft randle
Sign Isiah Thomas or kyle lowry
sign lance Stephenson
sign Greg Monroe (pistons won't match if we overpay)
resign young Marshall Kelly bazemore farmar gasol stretch provision Nash
sign MWP
pg/Thomas or (kyle lowry)/farmar/Marshall/Nash
sg Stephenson/young/bazemore
sf Kobe/MWP
pf Monroe/randle/Kelly
C gasol/sacre
fire d'antoni hire Lionel hollins or George Karl


If you overpay for Monroe by giving him a max deal, Lakers are doomed.


Do the lakers not have to follow the salary cap?




16 Apr 2014 23:00:08
Sixers offseason
with 1st or 2nd pick draft Jabari or Wiggins
draft with 10 doug McDermott

sign Thabo for 1 yr 2 mil
resign richardson because of his experience
sign Dorell wright for 2 yrs 4 mil
sign kirk 1 yr 2 mil
keep Byron
keep Jarvis Varnado

Richardson/ Thabo
Wiggins or parker/ Dorell wright
thad/doug Mcdermott
noel/mullens/ jarvis




16 Apr 2014 20:58:42
Celtics Grizzlies Thunder

Celtics get Tayshaun Prince (expiring), Thunder 1st round pick, Grizzlies 1st round pick, Kendrick Perkins (expiring)

Grizzlies get Jeff Green, Joel Anthony

Thunder get Courtney Lee, Brandon Bass

Robinson III/Prince/Wallace

Conley/Hinrich (signing)/Calathes

Durant/Sefolosha/Jones III


If green Anthony and bass get 2 first rounders, I'll be the second happiest person in the world, next to Danny ainge




16 Apr 2014 19:41:03
How 2 save knicks and Lakers

Lakers get Melo Chandler Afflalo 12th
Magic get JrSmith Felton 5th
knicks get Kobe Nash Gasol (s&t) 1yr 10 mil lakers 2015 Kaman 1yr 7 mil

Magic draft Embiid Randolph=

Lakers sign lowry and Frye 4 yr 40 mil
draft Adrianne Payne-12th Semaj Christon-36th
bring back Hill Young Henry Johnson Meeks Marshall


Knicks sign for MLE Josh McRoberts
Odom MWP Brown vet min.

Kobe/Hardaway/S. Brown
Odom/MWP/S. Jackson

Both team elite status. Lakers great starting 5. Knicks deeper bench.

Magic Roster bledsoe 4yr 70 mil sick team




16 Apr 2014 19:28:29

Thunder get Afflalo

Magic get Lamb, #22 pick, OKC 2015 1st rd pick, Dallas 2016 1st rd pick, Perkins


3 first round picks and Lamb for Afflalo? Way too much




16 Apr 2014 19:27:39
If the Lakers want the salary cap room this year instead of next year, instead of stretch provision on Nash

Lakers trade S Nash, M Brooks, 2015 2nd round pick and 3 Million cash to 76ers who have 30 million in cap space next year where they plan to tank.

76ers buy out Nash, Nash signs for vet min for the Clippers to backup Chris Paul and stay in LA. His family in now in LA, he said his 2 choices are LA or retire.




16 Apr 2014 19:26:56

Celtics get Smith

Pistons get Wallace, Olynyk, 1 future 1st rd pick, 1 future 2nd rd pick


Pistons would trade for Wallace for Smith. Smith has the worst contract in the NBA for the moment


To much, no olynk!


No for Olynyk in that trade.




16 Apr 2014 18:34:22
Lakers melo 2y 40m

Resign gasol 2y 20m

Sign love 2015 2y 40 mill

Change coach win a ring next to years i'm not being serious but it could happen if they were smart



Melo won't sign that contract.




16 Apr 2014 17:17:01
Cleveland get Suns pick, Lakers pick (protected) 2015, Channing Frye

Phoenix get Tristan Thompson and 32nd pick

Cleveland on sign and trade deal with Detroit sending Luol Deng and Alonzo Gee for Greg Monroe

draft day
-Cleveland select Rodney Hood (#9)
-then select Zach Lavine (#17)

K. Irving / J. Jack / M. Dellavedova
D. Waiters / Z. Lavine
R. Hood / S. Karasev
C. Frye / A. Bennett
G. Monroe / A. Varejao / T. Zeller

- they get Tristan Thompson to play PF which is their weakness, he is young and can gel with the Suns system

draft picks
#14 Jerami Grant (SF)
#27 Cleanthony Early (PF)-if available

resign Emeka Okafor for cheaper value
-they will need him to defend the interior while Len and Plumlee are still on development stage

E. Bledsoe / A. Goodwin / I. Smith
G. Dragic / G. Green
J. Grant / P. Tucker / M. Morris
T. Thompson / M. Morris / C. Early
E. Okafor / M. Plumlee / A. Len


Too much for Thompson. He was a former top 5 pick but he hasn't played like it. And the Lakers 2015 pick is looking really good. Unless they bring in a couple superstars, I don't seem them making the playoffs in the stacked West. So yeah, no thanks. You can keep Thompson and we'll just draft a big man or 2 with our picks


What a joke! Let's loot the Suns!


Suns LOL and hang up!




16 Apr 2014 16:26:15
Lakers melo 4y 80

2015 love 2y 40m


Kobe 25 million
Melo 20 million
Won't have cap room for love's 20 million


Love will never sign a 2 year deal -- plus they won't have cap space to sign Love. Kobe will make around 24. 5 - 25 million in 2015 so keep dreaming


Whoever clicked "believable, " please TRY to justify why. No way Love signs a 2 year deal. LOL, Lakers' fans. Smh




16 Apr 2014 14:03:06
Rebuild Knicks


Nyk get- Gasol (s&t) & Kendall Marshall & 2014 1st DP

LAL get- Carmelo


NYK get- Bradley & Wallace
BOS get- Shumpert & Bargnani


NYK get- Mozgov & W. Chandler
NOLA get- Chandler & Felton
DEN get- Eric Gordon

Draft Aaron Gordon 6th overall

pg. bradley/marshall
sg. thj/jr smith
sf. w. chandler/wallace
pf. a. gordon/stat
c. gasol/mozgov


Lakers can just sign melo themselves. No reason to give up 2014 pick


No knick fan would consider trading melo for that. Only laker would value gasol that high. Poser


Gordon = fared. Overrated


Yeah I think the Lakers would prefer keeping their pick and signing Melo out right if they really wanted to




16 Apr 2014 13:21:51
Suns Thunder

Suns get Serge Ibaka

Thunder get Morris twins


Suns are not making any trade. I would not trade Markeiff for Ibaka!




16 Apr 2014 11:05:01
Clippers and Magic

Clippers get Nicholson

Magic get clippers pick
Orl pick- Exum
Den pick- Saric
Lac pick- Capela

Clippers do it to get a big who can post up knock down hook shots, hit jumpers from mid range and beyond the arc. This is something the clippers lack from their bigs, griffin has improved and although they have big baby he's had a few problems and his attitude is sometimes costly. Nicholson is a smart team player and with Harris and o'quinn logging more minutes at the 4 a change of scene could be good for him.

Magic can get Capela with clippers pick he's raw but has a lot of potential he has athleticism, shot blocking/defensive instincts and a bit of a bruiser doesn't mind contact so would be a nice addition as a rim protector along side vucevic whose a scorer rebounder. This is based on the magic taking exum and saric from a recent mock. Exum and saric are two mismatch players at their positions which could make intriguing lineups for the magic.




16 Apr 2014 10:36:48

- draft napier (21th pick)
- in draft day, trade perkins, 29th pick, 2015's 2nd rounder for afflalo
- sign p. gasol (2-year, 11m)

westbrook - jackson - napier
afflalo - lamb
durant - jones - roberson
ibaka - collison
gasol - adams - thabeet



It wall take Jackson or lamb or jones and #21 pick for afflalo


Gasol will not sign for 5.5 million a year


Afflalo will cost Jackson 29th pick and Perkins for Afflalo. Napier replaces Jackson




16 Apr 2014 09:38:24
Phil Jackson realistic summer plans for New York Knicks

Sf Carmelo Anthony
Pf Jeremy Tyler
Pg Toure Murry
C Cole Aldrich
Sg Shannon Brown

Pf Andrea Bargnani

Sf Metta World Peace (vet min)
Pf Lamar Oden (vet min)
C Kris Humphries (mid-level)

Knicks have 5 players who have prospects of becoming either decent starters or Role players. In the summer then need to work on certain things

Pg Toure Murry (consistent offensive game)
Sg Iman Shumpert (consistent offensive game)
Sg Tim Hardaway (consistent deffenive game)
Pf Jeremy Tyler (consistent deffenive game)
C Cole Aldrich (consistent offensive game)

Roster 2014/15
Pg Murry, Prigioni, Felton
Sg Shumpert, Hardaway, Brown
Sf Anthony, Smith, Metta World Peace
Pf Stoudemire, Tyler, Oden
C Chandler, Humphries, Aldrich

I no there is not much changes from this season. But let's be honest here. No team will take big contracts of Stoudemire and Bargnani and poor players of Felton and Smith without giving bad contracts back. Jackson isn't going to mess up plans for 2015 summer where he can mold his own roster. So next season it will be about being pathient and sitting tight. Next season should be about pushing guys like Shumpert, Hardaway, Tyler, Murry and Aldrich and seeing how they will fit in 2015 season.

This team won't be winning title. But with Woodson gone and another coach in place. They should still make playoffs at least


Murry and Felton as your pg you must hate the knicks. Prigioni is a 3rd string pg.




16 Apr 2014 05:45:37
Lakers in offseason

- draft a. gordon (6th overall pick)
- sign melo (max offer - 4 years 90m)
- resign j. hill (4 years - 18m)
- resign gasol (2 years - 11m with player option) - MLE
- sign f. garcia (2 years - 3m with player option)
- resign farmar (minimum)
- resign w. johnson (minimum)
- sign g. smith (minimum)
- sign r. jefferson (minimum)

Marshall / farmar / nash
Kobe / garcia
Melo / jefferson / johnson
Gordon / smith
Gasol / hill / sacre

More realistic. Comments?


I would go after smart or exum. smart should be still available at 6.


I would also go after vonleh or randle if they don't want a PG over gordon


Melo will not come their just to player kobe, after all the injury dealing with Amare.


Cap rules will prevent this.


Gasol will not sign for 5. 5 a year. Garcia is not a free agent


They need to take Exum, Smart, or Randle at 6. Randle is better than Gordon. plus Gordon is 6'8" 200lbs. How is he the top power forward taken?


I like hill but we should give him that much


They won't resign Gasol.



Cap holds and salary cap make this unrealistic


Gordon is considered a SF who can slide to the PF position. So no, he's not considered the top PF




16 Apr 2014 04:20:56
Grizzlies-76ers draft day trade

76ers get T Prince, 2014 1st round pick
Grizzlies get T Young


They don't need young




16 Apr 2014 03:51:16
Bulls trade magic

Bulls get affalo

Magic gets boozer, pick #16 and kings protected top 10 pick next 2 years or turns into 2 2nd rounders

Bulls then can bring over mirotic
Draft # 19 early
#49 alec brown

Orlando makes trade so they can package #15 & #16 to move up in the draft. Thet also have the option to maybe buy out boozer since he's in last year of contract


Bulls can amnesty Boozer.


Im a bulls fan I kno they can amnesty him but if u were the owner would u do it pay a guy 16 mil to sit out. Its not that easy I bet anyone if the bulls can't get another alstar on the team and bulls can't trade him I garauntee u boozer will play next year for the bulls




16 Apr 2014 01:30:30
Thunder offseason

Trade Lamb, #22 pick for Afflalo

29- Andrew Harrison

Sign Paul Pierce 1yr 3m

Sign Francisco Garcia 1yr 1m

Sign Pau Gasol 2yr 9m (wants championship)

Amnesty Perkins

PG: Westbrook
SG: Afflalo
SF: Durant
PF: Ibaka
C: Gasol
6: Reggie Jackson
7: Pierce
8: Steven Adams
9:Nick Collison
10:Francisco Garcia
11: Perry Jones III
12: Andre Roberson
Res: Andrew Harrison

Young championship team with good potential


I think you need to learn cba rules. A team over the cap can't make a trade like 2m-salary player for 7m-salary player.




15 Apr 2014 20:43:39
Suns improvement will be via:
Marcus Morris
Markieff Morris

Suns weakness is PF and center:




15 Apr 2014 19:42:20

GSW get- Cousins, J. Thompson, & D. Williams

pg. curry/blake
sg. crawford/nedovic
sf. iggy/green
pf. williams/speights
c. cousins/bogut

SAC get- D. Lee, Splitter, K. Thompson, GSW 1st Rd, SAS 1st Rd

pg. thomas/macullum
sg. thompson/mclemore
sf. gay/outlaw
pf. lee/evans
c. splitter/gray

SAS get- Landry & Barnes

pg. parker/mills
sg. green/ginobli/belinelli
sf. leonard/barnes/daye
pf. landry/diaw
c. duncan/ayres


Cousins isn't going anywhere


The Kings aren't trading DMC. Go away.




15 Apr 2014 19:17:34

To SAS - Thad Young
To PHI - Spurs 2014 1st, Iman Shumpert, Pablo Prigioni
To NYK - Cory Joseph, Austin Daye

Spurs have the cap room and need for Thad Young, who would give them the perfect SF/PF off the bench.

Philly gets a 1st round pick (though late round admitedly), along with their starting SG for 2014 and a solid backup PG.

Knicks need an answer at PG, and getting a decent young one who just isn't getting the time in San Antonio is a nice move for them.


I would rather keep shumpert. I don't want JR or THJ defending the 1, 2 and 3




15 Apr 2014 19:01:34
Lakers sign monroe 4y 60m

Resign gasol 2y 20m


No Love for the Lakers.


Good but no defense at all at big men




15 Apr 2014 19:00:03
N. Batum + M. Leonard - Detroit Pistons - 13. 7 M$

G. Monroe S&T (4 Years = 46 M$) + K. Singler - Portland Trail Blazers - 12. 6 M$




15 Apr 2014 17:36:23
New York Washington Detroit New Orleans

NYK get Marcin Gortat (s&t), Brandon Jennings

Washington get Greg Monroe (4yr 50mil), Knicks 1st round pick 2018

Detroit get Trevor Ariza, Eric Gordon, Andrea Barnagni (expiring)

Nola get Raymond Felton, Tyson Chandler


Knicks not giving up nearly enough.


Detroit gets two bad contracts and an okay SF for Monroe?


That worked without pistons taking on bargnani




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