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08 Oct 2015 16:59:51
Rights of Saric for Shabazz Muhammad

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08 Oct 2015 19:16:59

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08 Oct 2015 22:26:54
Sixers are not in the position to trade talent for talent. They have to trade cap space for talent or the OKC/Miami pick for talent.

If they can get Shabazz for the right price they will. Otherwise they'll fill that position in next year's draft.

The Wolves are now in a position where they have talented guys that can't get on the court. They are not in a position of strength in this type of trade so don't expect what you might consider equal value.

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08 Oct 2015 23:59:36
How is Minnesota not in a position of strength. If Philly wants Muhammad, Minnesota had the strength as they have the asset and don't have to trade him. Didn't anyone learn anything from the Love trade. You don't have to accept a lesser deal when you hold all the cards, as Minnesota would if Philly wants Muhammad.

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08 Oct 2015 16:43:09
4 teams trade
Cavs get the Morris twins for thompson and 2nd rd pick

DeRozan to Suns for markief and cavs 1st rd pick plus 2nd pick pistons

Pistons trade marcus and a filler (Granger, Blake or Bullock) for Patterson and 2nd rd pick of Det via Phx

Thompson signs cheaper contract 14million per year bcoz its his hometown toronto and receives also filler player from detroit and Cavs' 1st and 2nd rd pick


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08 Oct 2015 19:51:21
Thompson will not sign anywhere for cheap. He is holding out for a max deal. He doesn't care about playing for his home town or not. He will not sign for a cheaper contract. Period.

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08 Oct 2015 14:38:37

MIN get: Tyreke Evans, Ryan Anderson, Future Bkn 1st DP, & Future NOLA 1st DP

pg. Evans/Jones
sg. LaVine
sf. Wiggins/Muhammed
pf. Garnett/Anderson
c. Towns/Pekovic

BKN get: Eric Gordon (exp) & Ricky Rubio

pg. Rubio/Jack
sg. Gordon
sf. Young
pf. Robinson
c. Lopez

NOLA get: Joe Johnson (exp), Kevin Martin, & Gorgui Dieng

pg. Holiday
sg. Martin
sf. Johnson
pf. Davis
c. Asik

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08 Oct 2015 15:20:40
Hell no from Minnesota.

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08 Oct 2015 18:30:05
No from Minnesota because Rubio is a better PG than Evans, and it's not even close. Anderson means nothing to Minnesota and Martin is more valuable to us. New Orleans pick is last 1st and Dieng is way more valuable than that. And when can Brooklyn trade a first, 2020. Not worth is for Minnesota.

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08 Oct 2015 19:59:45
I'm probably being slow here, but what does "DP" stand for when people use it on the boards?

DIeng for a lottery protected first is probably fair value
Martin for a lottery protected first is probably a little more than fair.
-- but both picks STRONGLY matter who they are coming from. Pick 15 >>> 28

Rubio for Evans is a no-go. Is there a PG in the league who's skill-set would be better at developing Towns and Wiggins, and could grow with them in MIN? Rubio would look great magnifying the skills of star players (remember how great Love's numbers were when Ricky was on the court?), but those same passing skills are exactly what MIN needs to develop their young lottery picks, so he's probably one of those, hard-to-trade guys that's "more valuable to us than you."

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08 Oct 2015 20:04:05
Btw knickerbocker, I like the idea of finding some sort of Joe Johnson for Eric Gordon swap somewhere, so I think there is some useful stuff in this idea to use elsewhere.

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08 Oct 2015 22:28:43
DP- "draft pick"

No worries. Keep up the well thought out posts.

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08 Oct 2015 22:32:36
Shrink the DP is meant as round pick. They should say 1st RP or round pick but people aren't too bright sometimes.

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08 Oct 2015 22:52:55
LOL! Much better than "dottery protected"

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08 Oct 2015 11:20:30

Bulls receive: Marcus and Marieff Morris.

Suns receive: Taj Gibson.

Pistons receive: Nikola Mirotic or Doug McDermott.

What do you think?

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08 Oct 2015 13:25:56
Pistons get way too much for Marcus

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08 Oct 2015 14:54:02
At this point, I don't think either Morris brother has this much positive trade value.

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08 Oct 2015 11:00:17

CHI get Jeff Green

Pg Rose/Hinrich/Brooks
Sg Butler/Snell/Dunleavy
Sf Green/McDermott
Pf Gasol/Mirotic/Portis
Ce Noah/Bairstow

MEM get Taj Gibson

Pg Conley/Udrih/Calathes
Sg Lee/Carter/Adams
Sf Allen/Barnes
Pf Randolph/Gibson/Martin
Ce Gasol/Wright/Stokes

** could add some few players or pick but this could work for either team

Bulls get wing player to start for them

Memphis get the Randolph back up to pair with Wright off the bench. They still have Barnes and Allen to play the 3 position

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08 Oct 2015 10:55:33

MIN get MEM 1st round pick (top 20 protected), Aaron Harrison & Marvin Williams (exp)

* get a pick for Martin

Pg Rubio/Jones/Miller
Sg LaVine/Harrison
Sf Wiggins/Muhammad/Williams
Pf Garnett/Bjelica/Payne
Ce Towns/Pekovic/Dieng

MEM get Kevin Martin

* get a scorer they need, he'd be happy to play for a contender

Pg Conley/Udrih/Calathes
Sg Martin/Allen/Adams
Sf Green/Barnes/Carter
Pf Randolph/Wright
Ce Gasol/Stokes

CHA get Courtney Lee & 2nd from MIN

* get wing help with the loss of MKG

Pg Walker/Lin/Roberts
Sg Lee/Lamb
Sf Batum/Hairston/MKG
Pf Zeller/Kaminsky
Ce Jefferson/Hansbrough/Hawes

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08 Oct 2015 14:14:44
I like the concept a lot. Courtney Lee is a three-and-d guy . two qualities that the Hornet team needs badly. MEM always has defense, but can use Martin's scoring more (and his defense is not as big a liability there).

I just think the incentives just need to be moved around. The difference between a MEM 1st and MIN 2nd are not as big as the downgrade from Martin to Marvin Williams, and undrafted Aaron Harrison doesn't make up the difference. I think MEM sends CHA the less favorable of the BOS/TOR 2nd, and CHA sends MIN their top 20 protected first.

Nice work, USA!

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08 Oct 2015 03:33:10

Hornets get Melo, Rubio, Payne, and Rudez
Hornets get a superstar scorer and a pass first PG

Knicks get Batum, Hawes, Hairiston, and 2016 top 10 protected 1st rd pick from Hornets, and Hornets future protected 2nd rd pick
Finally rid of Melo with decent return

Twolves get Walker
Scoring explosive PG

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08 Oct 2015 13:07:03
This could be the most one sided trade on here. Well played. I'm fairly certain everyone here can realize you are a hornets fan but come on. Terrible terrible return for Melo. And Minnesota is getting far worse with that move.

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08 Oct 2015 14:01:09
And there is zero chance Melo would go to Charlotte. He has to ok any trade.

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08 Oct 2015 22:30:51
Right. In all Melo trades you have to take into consideration that he has a no-trade clause. He'll go to a team near the top, where he'll get lots of media recognition, and there are other top players for him to be with.

In return, the Knicks will want back at least 1 young talented player and at least 1 very good DP since they don't have future picks of their own.

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07 Oct 2015 22:35:32


Where the nets get two players that have more potential, the Bulls make this move to free cap space with Johnson being a FA after this year. The Bulls need help at the 3 and Johnson serves at that upgrade. This will also allow Fred to build the team he wants next FA season when the cap is expected to rise.

The nets if healthy will have a core of Lopez, Young, Rose which can be a major threat.

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07 Oct 2015 20:58:06

Martin + 2016 2nd for Powell, Felton 2018 unprotected 1st

If Lavine will start at the 2 wolves should trade Martin for future assets.

If Dallas wants to make a push with dirk, they need to have more assets

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07 Oct 2015 21:35:26
If I was MIN, I'd roll the dice and take that deal.

Sure DAL has been in the playoffs for what seems like the last 20 years, but the West is tough, and DAL might drop. In fact, even though waiting for a pick makes it worth less, that might fit MIN better anyway, and I think DAL could put on some small protections and still get that deal through.

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08 Oct 2015 03:49:46
Dallas won't give up and unprotected 1st.

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07 Oct 2015 16:55:08
76ers / Twolves

1. Sam Mitchell just named Zach LaVine his starting sg. Wiggins is starting SF.

2. Shabazz Muhammad just switched agents from Duffy( whose clients include Wiggins and LaVine) to Pelinka. This is a bigger deal then most people realize.

3. Don't think Muhammad will be happy being a backup sf to Wiggins. Martin backing up LaVine at sg.

This is the guy Sixers fans. We aren't getting George without giving up a ton, but Muhammad could be our George.

Sixers get: Muhammad

Twolves get: Miami #1, okc #1, Denver #2

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07 Oct 2015 17:33:50
way to much for a bench piece on a good team. I'll give them the Okc pick at most.

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07 Oct 2015 20:53:08
I completely disagree with TreGib, and would not do the deal from MIN's standpoint for three picks in the 25-35 range.

Shabazz' advanced stats are tremendous, and he's a gym rat who realized what he needs to do, and transformed his body to do it. He can be more than a starter - he has actual star potential, and the players you could get with those picks do not.

That said, while I think Martin is more likely the guy to get traded than Shabazz, I agree with you that he has more value to the Sixers right now than the Wolves, so he's a good guy for you to target. I just think you probably can't convince MIN to trade a guy that's worth a quarter by stacking up nickels.

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07 Oct 2015 18:11:47
Tre: only reason he is on the bench is because Wiggins is in front off him. And he's only 22 and was the 13th overall pick. Okc and Miami picks will be in the late teens and late twenties. It's a fair trade

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07 Oct 2015 18:35:31
Sixers give up Jerami Grant plus the Miami OR OKC pick for Muhammad. They can have a 2nd too as far as I"m concerned.

Muhammad was the 14th pick. He's not a failure, just trapped in a log jam. So if I'm the Wolves I'd want my something- around 14th pick back.

I know, I know, you can't look backwards. But that's what I'd want. So I'd give them less than their 14th pick back plus a player. I"m falling out of love with Grant. He doesn't know when to stop and pull up for a 10 footer.

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07 Oct 2015 18:56:29
What a shock. yet another trade for Shabazz that overvalues him. I almost miss your Lavine infatuation at this point.

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07 Oct 2015 19:01:46
You know nothing about Muhammad. Minnesota is not trading him.

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07 Oct 2015 19:58:00
MIN will eventually trade Martin I think this year to a contender (ATL, CHA, MEM, NOP) for a protected late 1st rd pick. If Philly wants Shabazz;

MIN: Stauskus & MIA '16 1st

PHI: Shabazz

The 76ers can play Shabazz at SG & Covington at SF. They'd have a logjam with Stauskus, Shabazz, Covington, & Saric and stunt 1 or 2 of these players' growth by not getting enough minutes.

MIN gets a young backup SG with high basketball IQ to develop along with 2 mid to late 1st rd picks (not including their own which should be top 5) all for giving up Martin (who doesn't fit into their long term plans) and Shabazz. This would give the Wolves a very young talented team with great veteran leadership to mentor the young players (Garnett & A Miller) with 3 1st rd picks to better themselves through the draft or use as trade pieces to get it fill any need they may have. The Wolves are doing a great job building a team thanks to the K Love trade.

PG: Rubio/A Miller/T Jones
SG: LaVine/Stauskus
SF: Wiggins/Rudez
PF: Garnett/Dieng/Payne
C: KAT/Pekovic

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08 Oct 2015 00:39:13
Muhammad is a nobody people. Why should I bail the wolves out for draft a guy they already had a position for. I'd give them one first rounder top. Muhammad has done nothing in this league on the worst team in basketball the last two seasons. Sorry guys. The wolves were even worse then the Sixers. Sixers pass for that many first rounders for a future bench player for the wolves.

One first is the max is give. The better of the Okc and Miami pick is the max is go for a guy who wants to leave anyway.

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08 Oct 2015 14:29:40
Tre - do your homework on Shabazz.

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08 Oct 2015 14:32:42
Um Tre, he has been in the league for 2 years. His rookie year, he had a coach who didn't play him. And last year, if you saw him play, you could see real talent. Great low post scorer and offensive rebounder. Hard worker and a great motor. He is versitle enough to play three positions and has a decent three point shot. Plus, has great chemistry with Wiggins.

Yep, nothing to like there.

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08 Oct 2015 14:41:24
NewLakerDynasty - Staukas is an interesting idea. His rookie season was a let down, but with Martin gone, the Wolves may be able to use more three point shooting if their current kids don't develop it. Tom Izzo has Flip's ear, and may remind him that Staukas shot 44% from the colleg three. Plus, MIN is down to only one Canadian, and they had gotten use to having a spare.

I don't know if he's really a piece that would tip the scales with the late picks to trade Shabazz, but I think he might be an interesting piece if someone wants to include PHI in a Martin three way. I agree with your point - if Martin is gone, MIN may like Staukas behind Their three wings, Wiggins, LaVine and Shabazz.

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08 Oct 2015 15:15:22
Yeah, sure he's a nobody who scored 13.5 ppg on 48% shooting and 39% 3pt shooting while bringing down 4 boards a game. And was trending up before he had to have surgery on his finger and was out for the year.

Tregib, this isn't the same situation as Evan Turner on the sixers in his last year. Muhammad is producing, but he also has the percentages to back up his stats, it's not just volume. And you know the Wolves were only that bad because of injuries right? The sixers are definitely the worse overall team

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08 Oct 2015 16:52:44
lol @ the Shabazz fans. Time will tell who is the laughing stock out of you people.

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08 Oct 2015 16:52:59
I've seen enough of him to see if rather start sac lavine over him. I know he has attitude problems that have followed him since high school. That why he dropped so far int eh draft to begin with. The wolves have a bench piece but an unhappy one for sure givin his changing of agents. Why should Sixers trade a ton for a guy who sounds like he might be requesting a trade any day now.

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08 Oct 2015 17:59:32
Tre, provide one link, one actual report that Muhammad is unhappy in Minnesota. Otherwise, it is just crap you made up.

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08 Oct 2015 21:15:04

I liked Stauskus. If he can build up his confidence, his game lends itself nicely to the current NBA. He's big at 6'-6", a smart player who can shoot from outside and can shoot off the dribble and get his own shot as well. If he gets around 25+ minutes per game this year with PHI, I think he'll be a nice surprise for that team and can average 12-15 ppg. Especially with Okafor being a good passer out of the post and double teams. He should find Nik a lot this year open on the 3 point line.

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08 Oct 2015 22:33:21
Why is Stauskus any different than Shabazz? Both had coaches the first year that didn't play them. Shabazz did well last year. Give Stauskus the same opportunity.

Also, if Shabazz is a low post player, why do the Sixers want that? The post is clogged as it is with Noel and OK4.

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08 Oct 2015 22:51:35
I don't see ANY issues from Shabazz attitude-wise in the NBA. Changing agents is NOT that big of a deal. It is possible for players to just not like their agents.

Talent-wise, Shabazz seems like he has potential to be a good player in this league. I wouldn't start calling him a star, but absolutely has the potential to be very good. The only reason I wouldn't think the sixers would make a move, especially for that amount, is because of the injuries. I know his injuries aren't of the type that would be chronic injuries.

HOWEVER, I also realize the sixers have dealt with enough injury ridden talent to have some reservations against a very talented, yet injury prone player. His injuries, whether the finger, an oblique strain, a knee issue. it just causes one to reasonably believe he will be dealing with little injuries throughout his career.

There are players that just seem to often times get unrelated injuries. I really fear that Shabazz may be an unfortunate case of a player with talent that doesn't get fully recognized because of this. Hope it's not true, but in order to really get full value, he will have to prove he can stay on the floor for over half of a season.

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08 Oct 2015 23:15:39
TreGib, again, you really need to do your homework in Shabazz, buddy. And if you still refuse to, you should stop embarrassing yourself with supposition.

There are a lot of people out there, including in this thread, that aren't MIN fans and recognize that Shabazz has the potential to be a star player. I think last season he was at the top of the NBA in points/possession, and in PPP in the paint. He's a freakin' monster athlete, and the kid finally figured out the effort needed to be a star. I invite you to take a look at his before and after pictures of how he transformed his body in one off-season. He's very good right now, but he also has plenty of room to grow, specifically with his handles (so he can really only be a SF right now). At his current level, his game reminds me of Corey Maggette driving to the rim on anyone, except Shabazz' three pointer is already better. Many people think Shabazz > LaVine.

Finally, MIN is not looking to be "bailed out" and forced to trade Shabazz. Kevin Martin is not part of the Wolves future, so Even if everyone was 100% healthy every game, there are 96 swingman minutes for Wiggins, LaVine and Shabazz - more than enough to keep anyone happy. If you recall, Flip traded away a higher lottery pick to get Shabazz (and Dieng), and so he's attached - keeping him around reminds everyone how well he's done in the draft. I won't say it's impossible that Shabazz would be traded, but Kevin Martin going out has to be ten times more likely. MIN rode through a rough rookie year to see him make a big leap last season, and I imagine they want to see him emerge.

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08 Oct 2015 23:20:13
NLD - I really liked how PHI acquired Staukis, and I agree with your assessment of him as a prospect. He had a rough rookie year, but I think the potential is there for him to be much better. Sixers were smart to "buy-low" on the guy, IMO.

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07 Oct 2015 13:39:15
Minnesota trades:

portland go full rebuild, 76ers get a starting pg, while twolves take next step:

MIN: lillard
POR: lavine, 2016 twolves 1st, 2018 twolves lottery protected 1st, 2016 miami 1st via phi
PHI: rubio

twolves get stretch 4 on an expiring deal to pair with towns, celtics clear frontcourt logjam:

MIN: sullinger
BOS: martin, 2 future 2nds

twolves get veteran wing help to replace martin, denver get young piece:

MIN: foye
DEN: payne

2015-16 MIN:


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07 Oct 2015 14:56:12
The 2016 pick is already traded to the Celtics and is top 12 protected.

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07 Oct 2015 15:20:10
It's not a bad haul for lillard, but Portland already has retooled their roster around lillard. I personally wouldn't want to trade a 25 year old all star locked up for six more years for three non-lottery picks and Lavine (who I don't think will turn into more than a nice role player).

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07 Oct 2015 15:21:35
im aware, if the pick is not conveyed to the celtics can it be conveyed to portland?

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07 Oct 2015 15:36:57
Who would pass the ball way to much to give away lillard is a hog ball not a team player with the team they have Rubio a much better fit if he could stay heathy

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07 Oct 2015 15:51:11
Sixers don't want Rubio

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07 Oct 2015 16:16:52
Sullinger is not a stretch 4. He makes less than 1/3 of all his threes.

Foye is not a wing, he is a 6-4 combo guard.

And Portland is not trading Lillard. He is the guy they will build around.

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07 Oct 2015 16:51:44
The expected slots of those picks would make it a not so great haul for lillard. yeah, its 3 1sts.but 1 is to be protected in 2018, another is miami which should be in the 20s. and the other, timberwolves, isn't guarenteed to be as good as it could be if they get lillard. overall, not the best.

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07 Oct 2015 17:34:43
I don't want Rubio. He's a less talent Rando.

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07 Oct 2015 21:06:07
first, kudos for your boldness, Telo.

As for the picks . MIN owes BOS their 2016 1st, Top 12 protected, but if not it converts to two second round picks. The CBA allows a lot of latitude for teams to write whatever intricate protections they want into pick restrictions, so they could trade the MIN 2016 to POR if it falls in 1-12. We are seeing this multiple use of the same pick being used in second rounders right now (Team A gets it if 56-60, Team B gets it if it is 50-55, etc) so there is no reason it can't be done with firsts.

That said, the obligation needs to end after that draft, because MIN already owes ATL their 2018 1st, lottery protected, for Payne. Therefore, MIN can't make it "2016 pick, protected for picks 1-3 and 13-30, ELSE THEIR 2017 FIRST," because it would violate the Stepien Rule, and potentially leave them in a position where they could get no 1st rounders in 2 consecutive drafts.

Them's the rules, but I'll say that Lillard is a star, and worth some very nice picks.

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07 Oct 2015 21:13:32
Speaking of the picks, it dawns on me with BOS in the deal, this might allow for some clever maneuvering. For example, your current trade has BOS giving up two seconds, but to be honest, two seconds is exactly what their MIN pick is likely to bring back because of it's protections. If BOS changes the two seconds to the MIN 1st, and MIN reclaims their pick, they can re-write whatever protections they want on it before sending it to POR! Maybe give BOS a 2nd back for the trouble,

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07 Oct 2015 21:31:31
I guess the big question though is - do I think MIN would do it?

It's hard for me to say it, because I love Lillard and I am very much in the camp that believes actual production >> potential, but I think the answer is no.

It's Rubio, LaVine, Martin, plus two Firsts for Lillard, Sullinger, and Foye. That is a lot to upgrade Rubio. But maybe the bigger deal is that the future of the team at present is in Wiggins and Towns. Say what you want about Rubio's shooting, but he's a fantastic team player and maybe the smartest assist man in the game. He will simplify the game for the youngsters, and deliver the ball to them in positions for them to succeed.

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07 Oct 2015 07:02:11

NOLA get: Joakim Noah (exp) & Doug McDermott

Pg. Holiday/Cole
Sg. Gordon
Sf. McDermott
Pf. Davis
C. Noah/Asik

CHI get: Tyreke Evans & Ryan Anderson

Pg. Rose
Sg. Evans
Sf. Butler
Pf. Mirotic/Anderson
C. Gasol/Gibson

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07 Oct 2015 06:30:48

BOS get Jonas Valanciunas

Pg Smart/Thomas/Rozier
Sg Turner/Hunter/Young
Sf Crowder/Jones
Pf Lee/Johnson/Olynyk
Ce Valanciunas/Zeller

SAC get Jared Sullinger, Demar Derozan, 1st from TOR, 1st from BOS & Bruno Caboclo

Pg Rondo/Collison
Sg Derozan/McLemore/Bellineli
Sf Gay/Casspi/Anderson/Caboclo
Pf Sullinger/Acy
Ce WCS/Koufos

TOR get Demarcus Cousins & Avery Bradley

Pg Lowry/Joseph
Sg Bradley/Ross/Powell
Sf Carroll/Johnson
Pf Patterson/Scola
Ce Cousins/Biyombo

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07 Oct 2015 10:04:59
that is near fair value imo for cousins, but boston would say no.

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07 Oct 2015 12:07:12
This is terrible return for the Celtics. It seems like cousins is untradeable at this point. They really want to see how the season goes to determine if he and the kings have turned the corner.

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07 Oct 2015 14:57:25
That Kings team would be bad at 3 pt shooting

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07 Oct 2015 16:53:14
King, I don't believe the loss of Cousins would negatively effect their 3pt shooting lol. he's the only player going out, so yeahhhh

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07 Oct 2015 19:15:27
I'm talking a bout the return they get of derozan gay and rondo starting isn't going to help the 3pt chances at all

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08 Oct 2015 04:39:55
The only difference is derozen. I think they would sacrifice a lack of three point production for an all star lol

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08 Oct 2015 18:56:36
I think the C's would rather give up Smart over Bradley. But I'm sure the rather try and get Cousins than Jonas V.

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08 Oct 2015 23:21:50
But when the team locks down the paint and sag off the kings are forced to shoot threes and long twos

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07 Oct 2015 03:47:47
Paul George to 76ers

Nerlens Noel, Dario Saric, and MIA first round pick

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07 Oct 2015 04:16:39
Philly does this in a second. Noel is hard to part with, but Sixers definitely say yes to this trade. Don't think Indy will though.

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07 Oct 2015 04:17:00
Pacers say no

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07 Oct 2015 04:35:10
George is worth way more

Agree7 Disagree1

07 Oct 2015 12:08:23
That pick would need to be the sixers or possibly lakers pick to start. But even still, think the pacers would demand more picks.

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07 Oct 2015 16:35:01
The Sixers have committed the team to Noel and OK4. They'll have to find another way to get George.

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07 Oct 2015 17:28:19
At no point is Noel ever hard to part with when you have the prospect of PG coming your way in return.

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07 Oct 2015 17:37:13
all depends on embiid last health. But this would be a done deal for philly.

Probably would take the Sixers OR laker pick TO START.

Then probably the Miami pick, Noel and saric.

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06 Oct 2015 23:11:11
Thunder get: Dirk Nowitzki

Mavs get: Dion Waiters, Mitch McGary, Josh Huestis, and a 1st round pick

West is too deep and good for Dirk to have his final years contending. Dirk signed a cheap deal just so the Mavs can contend. They lost Chandler, Parsons and Matthews are coming off injuries, and DWill is just way over the hill and done.

This is a type of deal I can see happening come Feb. why? Well if the Thunder are around 4-6th seed I can. Send them looking to booster their roster to try and save their fate with Durant. As for Dallas, if they're around 12-15th seed, I can see them looking to rebuild and try and move such guys like Dirk, Williams, and Harris.

Dirk took a paycut to win if I don't recall.

Thunder -

Westbrook - Augustine - Payne
Roberson - Morrow
Durant - Singler
Dirk - Collison
Ibaka - Kanter


Williams - Barea - Felton
Matthews - Harris
Parsons - Anderson - Huestis
McGary - Villy - Powell
McGee - Pachulia

This team looks bad enough yo get a top 5-10 pick plus OKC pick.

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06 Oct 2015 23:16:06
Dirk isn't going to be traded no matter how bad the team maybe

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06 Oct 2015 23:34:11
There is zero chance the mavs will trade dirk and zero chance that dirk would request a trade. He wants to remain a mav his entire career.

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