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24 Apr 2014 14:34:53
Chicago Bulls offseason moves: if we lose out on Melo sweepstakes

Draft day trade:

Chicago trades: Carlos Boozer, Greg Smith, 2014 1st round draft picks #16 & #19, and 2014 second round draft pick #49

Orlando trades: Aaron Afflalo, Maurice Harkless, and Andrew Nicholson

Orlando gets 2 mid first round picks in a loaded draft that would otherwise be late lottery picks in other years. They get a 2nd round pick (they don't have one this year) which is a cheap contract they can potentially hit gold on (See Isaiah Thomas). Also Carlos Boozer expiring contract can be used as a trade chip at the deadline.

Orlando drafts:
#3 - Dante Exum
#12 - Doug McDermott
#16 - Adrian Payne
#19 - Clint Capela (draft and Stash - Raw prospect)
#49 - Patric Young

Orlando Lineup:
PG: Exum/Nelson/Price
SG: Oladipo/Lamb
SF: Harris/McDermott
PF: O'Quinn/Payne/ (Capela if he comes over)/Maxiell
C: Vucevic/Young/Dedmon

Chicago re-signs Kirk Hinrich to vet. Min
Chicago re-signs Nazr Mohammad to vet. Min
Chicago re-signs D. J. Augustin to 2 year 7 million
Chicago signs Nikola Mirotic to 4 year 28 million

Lineup: (salary)

PG: Rose (18. 86)/Augustin (3. 5)/Hinrich (1. 45)
SG: Afflalo (7. 75)/ Snell (1. 47)/Brewer (1. 3)
SF: Butler (2)/Dunleavy (3. 3)/ Harkless (1. 88)
PF: Gibson (8)/ Mirotic (6)/ Nicholson (1. 54)
C: Noah (12. 2)/Mohammad (1. 45)
Total salary= $70 Mil.




24 Apr 2014 14:12:17
Pistons trade Monroe, Jennings, #8th pick
Pistons get Rondo, Faverani, Bogans (not-guaranteed)

Celtics trade Rondo, Bradley (s&t, 3y 20m), Bass, Faverani, Bogans (not-guaranteed), Nets 2014 first round pick
Cetlics get Monroe, Hayward, Jennings, #8th pick

Jazz trade Hayward (s&t, 4y 40m)
Jazz get Bradley, Bass, Nets 2014 first round pick

- release Bogans
- let Villanueva and Stuckey walk, Billups retire
- sign Deng 4y 50m
- immediat playoff contender for years
- roster has everything to compete for championship within 1-2 years

- resign Humphries 2y 10m
- add #5 and #8 pick to draft best possible prospects at PG, SG or SF (they can switch Hayward to SF or 6th man role) Exum, Smart, Wiggins
- able to trade up by adding future picks or Green

- resign Jefferson or Williams at SF/PF
let Rush
- add needed defense with RFA Bradley
- PF Bass (expiring) adds needed frontcourt depth and quality
- add Nets 2014 first round pick (#17). With Nets pick select select someone like McDermott, Stauskas, TJ Warren.
- with their own (#4) pick Parker would be best fit.




24 Apr 2014 12:58:04
Miami- Orlando- Boston

Miami get Vucvic, Bass & Affalo

Orlando get Wallace, Boston pick, Miami pick
Draft Embiid, Exum, Saric and Capela

Boston get Bosh
Draft Nurkic

Miami get a center who rebounds and scores well, bass is a good roll player in this lineup at pf and affalo fills that need at sg when wade is out and in a small lineup affalo can play sf if wade and lebron are on the court. They could make a play for melo too if they took some pay cut which they are known to do.

Orlando get Wallace bad contract but a load of picks including another lottery one draft embiid potential Allstar center to replace vucevic, exum to fill their need at pg and a great backcourt buddy for oladipo, Saric has become a bit of a point forward playing for Croatia which gives orlando a 3rd ball handler and play maker and at 6'10 sf a total mismatch, Capela is very raw but his defense and athletism is intriguing he can develope his game coming off the bench as a pf/c. This gives orlando a young team to develope and then when Wallace contract his up they can extend some these players contracts.

Boston get bosh to pair with rondo giving them another star then try and sign a free agent say Hayward at sg or deng at sf as they will have cap space with the expiring contracts.
I have them draft Nurkic whose got great size and strength think pekovic type center.




24 Apr 2014 12:51:27
sixers trade thad young, arnett moultrie, #10 pick, a 2nd rounder

houston trades terrance jones, #25 pick, omer asik

phoenix trades #14 pick, #18 pick, archie goodwin

sixers get archie goodwin, terrance jones, #14 pick, #25 pick

draft jabari parker with top pick, with #14 draft adriean payne, with #25 draft best combo guard

pg - mcw / wroten
sg - goodwin / draft
sf - jabari / hollis thompson
pf - t. jones / a. payne
c - noel / sims

phoenix gets #10 pick, a 2nd rounder, omer asik

with #10 draft doug mcdermott

pg - bledsoe / ish
sg - dragic / green
sf - mcdermott / pj tucker
pf - frye / morris
c - asik / plumlee

houston gets thad young, moultrie, #18 pick

pg - beverly
sg - harden
sf - parsons
pf - thad
c- dwight


Suns fans mentality. Suns should get 76ers own 1st round pick, the one that will be in the top 5, because the Suns are giving up the GOAT in Archie Goodwin.






24 Apr 2014 12:20:04
Bobcats offseason

9-Aaron Gordon
24-TJ Warren

Trade MKG, Cody Zeller for anything

Sign Trevor Ariza 4yr 23m

Sign Pau Gasol 2yr 13m

Re-sign Josh McRoberts 3yr 10m

Re-sign Luke Ridnour 2yr 5m

Re-sign Jannero Pargo 1yr 1m


Good young team
5-8 seed in East


Except resigning of ridnour and pargo, all seems unlikely




24 Apr 2014 11:00:20
Boston : Orlando

Boston; Nicholson, Orlando pick 3rd
Draft Embiid

Orlando; Boston picks 5th & 17th
Draft Exum, Saric & Capela

With this Boston they fill their need which getting a Center who can work both sides and a good offensive Power Forward who isn't being used in Orlando

Orlando get an extra pick for their rebuild fill their needs of pg, sf and rim protector


Then trade green and bass to pistons for smith and maybe pistons 1st and sign Hayward


I can see this going down only during draft night when it is certain Exum has fallen to #5.




24 Apr 2014 10:17:17
Bucks trade Sanders (11m), Ilyasova (7.9m), Lakers 2nd round pick 2014 (#36)
Heat trade Bosh (20.6m)

- draft Parker or Wiggins
- resign Sessions
- with own + Toronto's 2nd round pick select best possible SG and SF
- young promising team, but also playoff contender in weak eastern conference

- safe 1.7m cap
- resign Chalmers (3y 10m), Allen (1y 3m), Douglas (1y 2m), Beasley (1y 1m)
- Draft picks: #26, #36, #55 = select best possible PG, SG, SF, able to draft up
- maintain their championship contender status
- with Sanders, Ilyasova and draft picks much deeper




24 Apr 2014 08:57:22
Lakers- T-Wolves
Lakers Trade: Lottery Pick

T-Wolves Trade: Kevin Love

Lakers Free Agency
Resign: Pau Gasol, Nick Young, Jordan Farmar, Jodie Meeks
Sign: Loul Deng

Lakers 2014-2015 Roster
Center: Pau Gasol Jordan Hill
Power Forward: Kevin Love Ryan Kelly
Small Forward: Loul Deng Nick Young
Shooting Guard: Kobe Bryant Jodie Meeks
Point Guard: Jordan Farmar Steve Nash


Minnesota is going to need more. Much more.




24 Apr 2014 06:17:45
Bulls trade nuggets

Nuggets get j. butler, dunleavy, and #16 pick

Bulls get #11 pick and #56 pick
Bulls amnesty boozer
Sign melo
Resin augastine and hinrick
Draft #11d. mcdermott #19 a. payne#49 isiah austin#56sean kilpatrik
Rose, augustine
Hinrick, mcdermott, kilpatrick
Melo, snell
Gibson, payne
Noah, austin




24 Apr 2014 04:55:47
Knicks get Jennings

Pistons get Barnagni, 2018 1st and JR Smith

trade Monroe to Celtics for Green and #18

Pistons draft Smart, Early

Smart / Siva / Bynum
Smith / KCP
Green / Singler / Datome
Smith / Early / Mitchell
Drummond / Barnagni / Harrelson




24 Apr 2014 04:40:08
knicks - bulls - pacers

knicks get rose, noah, george, stephenson, bulls 1st
bulls get mahinmi, aldrich, murry
pacers get bargnagni, felton, dunleavy


rose / shumpert / prigioni
stephenson / hardaway / smith
george / pick / mwp (sign)
anthony / stoudemire / martin
noah / chandler / tyler


augustine / murry / hinrich
butler / fredette
snell / pick
boozer / gibson / mirotic
mahinmi / aldrich


felton / watson
hill / turner
dunleavy / copeland
west / scola
hibbert / bargnagni


No way .




Knicks not giving up Aldrich. no way.


Yes lamp best idea in years ;>


Lol the worst trade ever. I must only assume that this is a joke




24 Apr 2014 04:26:50
Spurs - Celtics - Pistons

Spurs get Brandon Bass, Greg Monroe (s&t, 4yr 50mil)

Celtics get Tiago Splitter, Spurs 2nd round pick

Pistons get Jeff Green, Spurs 1st round pick

- Spurs get a young center to go with Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green in becoming the Spurs future franchise players

- Celtics get the center they need

- Pistons get what they need + a 1st round pick




24 Apr 2014 02:19:19
Phil said he can get Melo to live up to word of taking less to have better team around Melo. Why stop their Amare also does the same. melo and Amare to opt out take less money. Amare 3 yr 35 mil (10, 11, 12) Melo 5 yr 90. (16, 17, 18, 19, 20) Saving 21 mil of 91 mil payroll for next yr.
Trading Chandler Bargnani to la = 26 mil for Gasol 1 yr 10 mil and Kaman 1 yr 4 mil. Ny save another 12 mil. Bringing payroll to 58 mil. Trade Felton Shumpert to bobcats for jeffrey Taylor & 45th pick. Bring payroll to 52 mil. With increase in cap space NY sign Bledsoe 4 yr 64mil. (13. 5, 15, 16, 17. 5) NY need quality defensive pg. 2015 with MWP Odom KAMAN Prigioni brown GASOL all come off the books.

2014 Roster 70 mil
Bledsoe/Prigioni/S. Brown
JrSmith/Hardaway/Jabari Brown-45th

In the triangle offense knicks offensive efficiency make up for lack defensive presense like Chandler


Keep dreamin.


Amare might have to get 4th yr y player opt. 4
yr 48 mil (10, 11. 5, 12. 5 14). It make sense to a
to ask melo to take less Amare does the same. Cats will need a backup next yr. Felton has too much pride not to do well in front hometown. Jordan loves n. Carolina boys who can ball. Felton is owe 4.5 mil. Jordan get to opt out final to extend his career. Shumpert for Taylor and 2nd is gift. Chandler biggest problem is his 5 kids across the country. Chandler be huge in la. D'Antonio will get best if Bargnani with his Italian connection. Gasol game is more made triangle, D, Antoni was using Gasol more fitted for Bargnani game. Lakers ownership wants to keep D, Antoni. Unlike most ideas this is more realistic.




24 Apr 2014 02:19:11
*Tyson Chandler traded for young PG or draft picks.

Knicks Acquire: C Omer Asik, G/F Jordan Hamilton (S&T)

Rockets Acquire: G J. R. smith, F/C Andrea Bargnani

Why Knicks do it: Phil Jackson wants to change the culture of the locker room, so step 1 is trading away J. R. Who played at a very high level towards the end of the year but is a distraction off the court which is the last thing the Knicks need right now. They get rid of Bargnani who didn't fit in well in NY but did show flashes of brilliance on the offensive side of the ball at the beginning of the year. They get back Omer Asik who will replace Chandler and plays well when given the time. And he is also an expiring contract.

Why Rockets do it: Rockets go all in for 2015. They get some needed scoring off the bench from J. R. Smith and get a stretch 4/5 to spread the floor for Howard and company. Bargnani has a chance of bouncing back if put in the right in place. They basically swap expiring contract for expiring contract so if Bargnani doesn't work it out he's gone after 2015 which will open up cap space.




24 Apr 2014 01:54:18
Detroit gets Russell Westbrook, Steven Adams, and Jeremy Lamb

Okc gets Greg Monroe, Brandon Jennings, and #8 pick (Gary Harris)




24 Apr 2014 01:29:50
Minnesota gets picks 14 and 27 in 2014 draft, Lakers pick in 2015 draft, Gerald Green, and Miles Plumlee.

Phoenix gets Kevin Love (with signed extention)


Picks from PHX? Ok. but a modiciation or two, if ya please. Suns give Minnesota back the pick owed to PHX and keep either #14 this year. or Lakers in 2015 pick. and then replace Plumlee with Frye, and you have yerself a deal.


Not going to happen!


You will lose him for nothing!


Greedy Twolves fan.

All that for a one year rental. LOL! Your funny!


Your not getting him to sign an extension!


If you get 3 1st round picks, then you not getting Plumlee, Green and Lakers picks. Your kidding yourself if you think Love is going to sign an extension.


The idea in any trade is to make both teams better. What you are proposing make the Suns worst and the Twolves better. This is not going to happen.

How many playoff games has Love won? He not good enough to carry a team. We will get him for nothing in summer 2015.


The comments by the Suns fans make me laugh. They think they have the greatest assets in the history of the NBA and just one of those assets should get them LeBron, Durant, Love, or any elite player.




23 Apr 2014 22:21:57
3 team trade

Lakers: melo, love and chandler

Twolves: Gasol, Marshall and Nash and knicks 2015 1st round and lakers 2015 1st

Knicks: hill, henry, brewer, Barea lakers 1st


#1) Lakers' players have no value. Gasol has most value but is a FA so no need to trade for him. And as far as Nash, Hill, and Marshall go, are you joking? Lol no one wants them. And Hill is a FA too, so no need to trade for him

#2) Suns own the lakers' 2015 first rounder, so good luck trading that

#3) No one will go to LA until Kobe retires. He's a legend, but he's a person and no one wants to play with him.

So basically, if anyone clicks "believable, " they're just ignorant and don't know the NBA




23 Apr 2014 22:05:58
Knicks Offseason

Trade melo (s&t) and Tyson Chandler to lakers for Pau Gasol, Xavier henry and 1st round pick

Knicks draft Marcus Smart

Kyle Lowry
Andray Blatche



2015 Lineup



Why would you draft smart if you are planning to sign lowry? better take a forward




23 Apr 2014 21:57:18
76ers offseason

Draft Andrew wiggins

Trade#10 pick and Thad young for Pau Gasol and Xavier Henry

Lance stephenson
Chris Kaman
Grieves vasquez




#10 pick and Thad Young for Gasol and Henry? Lol, this must be a laker fan with another personic proposal




23 Apr 2014 21:34:32
Rockets if Knicks don't want to do melo sign and trade

Rockets - Mavs - 76ers

Rockets trade Asik and Lin
Mavs trade 2015 1st round pick, get Asik
76ers get Lin and Mavs 2015 1st round pick in salary dump
(A couple of teams could be substituted in for 76ers here)

Sign melo




23 Apr 2014 18:41:25
Magic plans

Orlando gets s&t Greg Monroe 5yrs $60million
Detroit gets Aaron Afflalo and Moe Harkless

Orlando gets Reggie Jackson, Thabo Sefalosha s&t 3 yrs $7.5 million, and Kendrick Perkins (expiring)
OKC gets #13 pick (Zack Lavine), Andrew Nicholson, and Jameer Nelson

Drafts Jabari Parker (or Andrew Wiggins if Parker gone)

Pf. G. Monroe/ K. OQuinn/ J. Maxiell
Sf. J. Parker/ T. Harris
C. N. Vucevic/ K. Perkins
Sg. V. Oladipo/ T. Sefalosha/ D. Lamb
Pg. R. Jackson/ E. Moore/ R. Price


Thats a good team


This team has no rim protection.


I agree no rim protection. Monroe+Vucevic =no defense. How do y'all disagree with that?


I don't know why people keep suggesting the Magic getting Monroe. Unless the team drafts Embiid, Monroe is a horrible fit for the Magic.




23 Apr 2014 18:28:06
IF the Lakers don't receive a top 3 pick and they trade it, they should send it to Chicago for Taj Gibson and the 16th pick.

-16th pick, draft Tyler Ennis

Trade Kendall Marshall to Spurs for 60th pick

-60th pick, draft Thanasis Antetokounmpo (brother of Giannis): 6'7 with 6'8 wingspand, athletic, quick and is considered one of the best defensive prospects in the entire draft. He's a 2nd rounder cause his low basketball IQ and inconsistent scoring.

Cheap Signings
-Chris Kaman
-Nick Young (not so cheap)
-Kent Bazemore
-Jordan Farmar
-Ryan Kelly

Big Signings:
-Loul Deng
-Greg Monroe

-Lionel Hollins

PG: Tyler Ennis/Jordan Farmar/Steve Nash
SG: Kobe Bryant/Kent Bazemore
SF: Loul Deng/Nick Young/Anteokounmpo
PF: Taj Gibson/Ryan Kelly
C: Greg Monroe/Chris Kaman/Robert Sacre


Are u saying Trade #4 pick for Taj Gibson and #16?!. no thanks. I'll take Dante Exum, Marcus Smart, or Julius Randle


Ennis won't last to the 16th pick.


^ thought they can't get a number four, only top 3 or 5/6?


Have bulls add 2 future 2nd rd picks




23 Apr 2014 18:11:47
Wizards dream

- trade nene, porter, 2016 and 2018 1st round picks for love and turiaf
- resign ariza (4-year, 32m)
- resign gortat (4-year, 36m)
- resign booker (3-year, 9m)
- sign meeks (3-year, 15m) - MLE
- sign harrington, temple and gooden for minimum

Wall / miller / temple
Beal / meeks
Ariza / webster / robinson
Love / harrington
Gortat / booker / gooden


Key word. Dream


Love trade will never happen
Salary cap




23 Apr 2014 17:20:50

CLE get- Monroe & Green

pg. irving/jack
sg. miles/delladova
sf. green/bennet
pf. thompson/varejao
c. monroe/hawes

DET get- Deng (s&t) J. Anthony, Zeller, & BOS (via BKN) 1st Dp & 2015 1st (via PHI)

Draft Vonleh

pg. jennings/bynum
sg. kcp/stuckey
sf. deng/singler
pf. vonleh/zeller
c. drummond/anthony

BOS get- J. Smith & Dion Waiters

Draft: Parker

pg. rondo/bradley
sg. waiters/bogans
sf. parker/wallace
pf. smith/bass
c. sullinger/olynyk/faverini


Too much for j. smith. Take out nets' pick


I'm a Celtics fan and Detroit is not getting its favor share in this trade.




23 Apr 2014 16:21:30
Hawks' offseason

- draft lavine (15th pick)
- trade l. williams, jenkins and 43th pick for highly protected (31-55) future 2nd round pick of 76ers

cap space: 62, 1-43, 6= 18, 5m

- sign stephenson (4-year, 42m)
- sign ariza (4-year, 32m)
- sign j. hill (3-year, 15m) by using MLE
- resign c. martin (min. )

13-man roster:
teague - schroeder - lavine
stephenson - korver
ariza - carroll - martin
millshap - hill
horford - antic - muscala





23 Apr 2014 13:42:44
Bucks Off-Season

Knight/Wolters/Sessions (UFA)
- have plenty of salary
- have additional picks
- have young talents
- have trade baits

Bucks trade Sanders, Ilyasova, Raptors 2nd round pick 2014 (pick #48)
Heat trade Bosh
- get defense, toughness and ball-handling with Stephenson (who is UFA and also could be signed straight up)

Bucks trade Mayo, Session (s&t, 2y10m), 2015 1st round pick (top10 protected)
Pacers trade Stephenson (s&t, 4y 42m)
- get championship experience and mentor for Embiid with Bosh

Draft 2014:
- #1 pick: Embiid
- #31 pick: SF
- #36 pick: PF

- immediat playoff contender for years to come
- very special team with young talents (Giannis, Embiid, Henson, Stephenson, Knight) and veterans (Bosh, Delfino, Pachulia)


I love trade 1 but trade 2 is not good. They could just sign Stephenson without trading Mayo and the Pick. I would do trade 1 and sign Thabo Sefalosha. He is a player that has started on a championship calibur team for about 5 years.

Pf. Bosh
Sf. Freak
C. Embiid
Sg. Sefalosha
Pg. Knight
6m. Mayo


Don't think heat can take on all that salary.




23 Apr 2014 13:22:09
Pistons trade Monroe (s&t, 4y 50m), Smith, Jerebko
Pistons get Deng, Ilyasova, Mayo, Pachulia, Bucks pick 2015 (top6 protected)

Cavs trade Deng (s&t, 3y 36m)
Cavs get Sanders, Jerebbko (expiring)

Bucks trade Sanders, Ilyasova, Mayo, Pachulia, Lakers 2nd round pick 2014 (#36), own pick 2016 (top5 protected)
Bucks get Rondo, Smith

Celtics trade Rondo
Celtics get Monroe, Lakers 2nd round pick 2014 (#36)

- in draft go after PF Randle/Vonleh or after SG Exum/Smart
- add Bucks 2015 pick in deep 2015 draft
- in 2016 let Jennings, Mayo and Pachulia walk and sign major FA at PG and resign Drummond

- trade Hawes in s&t for future 2nd round pick
- get have enough cap space for FA 2015
- have a couple of picks for 2014 and 2015 draft

- draft Embiid with own pick
- have enough cap space to sign another FA at SF (or SG, Giannis can play both)
- Knight and Henson 6th man

- draft Smart or Exum at PG
- resign Bradley (4y 24m) and Bayless (2y 8m)


Bucks say no.

Smith is future Amare contract. Probably cost a second round pick to get just so Det has the money to keep Monroe


Boston says. um no




23 Apr 2014 08:52:46
Another piston dream
Draft day trade
Det Pick 8 & 38 to chi for pick 16 & 19
Draft A. payne & best sharpshooting /3D sf left
Retire CB
Sign Lance Stephenson 4yr 40-44mil
S&t Monroe for Bledsoe
Trade smith for KG/stat/barg
Trade Jennings for Nelson/expiring

2015 around 20+ mil cap sign Love+ sf or bench depth
#s work but it's not going to happen but what a squad if it did.


Suns won't trade Bledsoe


Bledsoe far more value than Monroe atleast to the SUNS as Monroe does not fit in the Suns scheme.


^why not? A center like Monroe would be awesome on suns.


I didn't think I put anything to crazy in this post.


I admit, suns do need a low-post presence like Monroe who can score with his back to the basket. Just not for the asking price of Bledsoe. He's the future of our team. Just make Monroe an offer in FA and if pistons match, work a s&t built around our draft picks, not Bledsoe




23 Apr 2014 04:08:44
Bulls monroe 4y 50m

Det butler Gibson 1st dp

Amenstie boozer sign melo trade dunlevey



Bulls are not giving up that much for Monroe.




23 Apr 2014 03:59:09
Pistons - Pelicans - Pacers

Pistons trade G Monroe (s&t)
Pistons get E Gordon, Pelicans future 1st round pick

Pelicans trade E Gordon, Pelicans future 1st round pick
Pelicans get R Hibbert

Pacers trade R Hibbert
Pacers get G Monroe (s&t)


Must be a Pelicans fan - Pistons and Pacers get hosed. No way can you parlay a bad contract player (Gordon) into Hibbert, or even Monroe. xxx




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