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28 Jul 2016 07:40:05
Can i see some dream scenarios. Well may i?

Mine is Lakers win lottery next year.

Trade that pick, young, Williams and Randle for cousins. Kings would waive the vets or keep Williams. That's a lot for a rental but it's worn it. Cousins would love Westbrook.

Sign Westbrook

Westbrook- triple double machine
Russell- can shoot and clutch
Ingram- dk yet just potential everywhere
Nance- love his hustle/ hope develop more
Cousin-pure beast
With mozgov, clarkson and deng there main bench players. Along with other young players and can sign a decent bench player with mle. After two years they can be contenders. Think Ingram and russell would decide that.

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28 Jul 2016 07:47:13
They literally cannot win the lottery, if they do, Philly wins the lottery.

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28 Jul 2016 08:16:40
@HDC9 you are wrong. The lakers pick is top 3 protected next year as well.

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28 Jul 2016 06:02:27
Clippers trade - Griffin and Pierce

Thunder trade - Roberson Kanter Illyasova 2017 1st (maybe another protected 1st)

Thunder sign Lance Stephenson and Kevin Martin

Paul - Rivers
Redick - Crawford
Roberson - Johnson
Illyasova - Speights - Johnson
Jordan - Kanter

Westbrook - Payne
Oladipo - Martin - Morrow
Stephenson - Pierce
Griffin - Sabonis
Adams - McGary.

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28 Jul 2016 06:13:07
You forgot Abrines.

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28 Jul 2016 04:46:49
I know this is unlikely to happen

Monroe for Tony Parker.

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28 Jul 2016 08:04:25
Good thing you know because Spurs is not trading Parker.

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27 Jul 2016 17:26:13

CHA out Zeller, Hawes and TPE
CHI out Taj Gibson
Toronto out TRoss
76ers out Okafor and Hollis Thompson

Cha in Okafor, Ross and Thompson
Chi in Zeller
Toronto in Hawes
6ers in Taj Gibson.

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27 Jul 2016 17:39:32
Makes no sense for Raptors and it's horrible for 76ers.

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27 Jul 2016 19:22:33
I actually think this may go down as the worst trade posted on here. We get it, you are a North Carolina fan, but my gosh, this is just absurd. I can't tell what's the worst part.

but think of it this way.

The bulls get zeller for gibson.

The sixers then get gibson for Okafor and Thompson. But, you put gibson and zeller about the same value.

So essentially, you are saying Zeller for Okafor AND Thompson. Zeller, a career 7/ 5 center, who plays 21 minutes a game. nets you okafor AND thompson.

Oh, and hawes has no value, let alone snagging ross.

Thanks, this was a waste.

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27 Jul 2016 19:43:42
Zeller is still young though and has improved every year but he isn't worth Okafor.

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27 Jul 2016 20:30:05
No. Sixer say absolutely not.

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27 Jul 2016 21:02:58
Zeller is entering his fourth year in the NBA. He increased his put production from 7 to 8 last year. and his rebounding improved by less than half a rebound. While is assists were 50% higher the year prior.

Zeller at best will be a back up center in the league. Most likely though, out in a few years.

I have to assume this whole post was a joke, because really, zeller at BEST could get a very very late 1st round pick and hawes isn't worth nothing at this point, he's worth less.

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27 Jul 2016 21:34:08
Hamburger you always got to disagree with what people say don't you?

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27 Jul 2016 21:59:03
I actually agree almost always with winston. Often times with theking and sometimes with jvoug.

Merely pointing out facts.

If you want to build off of a center with below average production and claim it's fine because he has increased his scoring by less than a point, so be it.

Just is what it is, Zeller is a significant bust, especially when compared to others that could have been had, like McCollum, Anteokounmpo, Noel, KCP, Adams, schroeder, gobert. list goes on.

Sorry if disagreement with your posts so bitterly offends you. Perhaps public message boards isn't the best place.

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27 Jul 2016 22:14:38
I certainly don't always agree with hamburger, although his comments are usually entertaining. But he's 100% correct. Your trade is horrendous for the sixers, and makes no sense for Toronto. It ranks up there with the all time worst.

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27 Jul 2016 22:33:13
Thanx! Oh and uh terrible trade. Just terrible. Not the worst ever, but its got a spot in the all time round of 64, and not as a play in. More like a 4 seed. This trade is the Gonzaga of terrible trade idea's. Not elite, but in a head to head it could do some damage and maybe make an elite eight run. Adding Hollis Thompson was a stroke of terrible take genius. I mean think about. Oak wasn't enough for Taj Gibson, it'd take oak and Hollis Thompson to pry Gibson from the bulls. Strong, my friend, very strong.

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28 Jul 2016 00:27:19

My apologies. Not your trade, mrtarheels ridiculous trade.

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28 Jul 2016 01:23:47
Lol jvoug its okay
And hamburger I never said I wanted to build off of Zeller. He still has the potential to be a quality starting center in the NBA, but never an all star.

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28 Jul 2016 01:35:19
while we are on topic i never agree with Tre, Hamburger, or any Lakers fans (lol) Darkwing, Usa, and Jvoug share similar opinions with me.

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28 Jul 2016 03:18:22
So someone made an imposter Winston the wolf account?

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28 Jul 2016 03:20:00
Hate to break it to you ThunderFan02 but USA is a Lakers fan.

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28 Jul 2016 04:44:50
No, I have a phone that keeps turning on in my pocket, logging me out, then hitting the I forgot my password button, which then makes it impossible to login unless you get an email from the sight, which is what happened last time and I never got said email. Its like the worst buttdialing phone in existance. So rather than wait for something that's never going to come, I just set up another account, this time in light of mikerockwell continually calling me Winston, because I think its fun to keep switching, and in honor of having recently been kicked off RealGm for swearing at the moderator under the DW moniker, I went back. Its me unfortunately and to prove it ill continue to: change my avatar every week or so, get into a Ricky Rubio argument at least once a month: walk the fine line between great basketball mind and gin soaked troll: and never ever ever ever ever forget that the going rate for Jahlil Oakafor was, is, and always will be the Boston Celtics #3 pick in the 2016 draft. Sorry if this causes confusion. Wait no I'm not.

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28 Jul 2016 08:07:07
TheKING thanks for telling him.

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27 Jul 2016 15:23:27
Sixers trade covington to hawks
Hawks trade korver to sixers

Sixers trade luwawu cabarrot to lakers
Lakers trade lou williams to sixers

sixers trade noel to phoenix
Phoenix trade bledsoe to philly

Pg bledsoe, bayless, rodriguez, mcconell
Sg henderson, lou will
Sf korver, grant, thompson
Pf simmons, saric
C embiid, okafor, holmes

Sixers keep okafor :)

Sixers make playoffs.

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27 Jul 2016 15:41:19
Lakers say yes in a second. Sixers should start Okafor over Embiid this year.

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27 Jul 2016 16:10:50
Dont see the suns making that move.

Also, that team isn't a playoff team. Bledsoe is a season ending knee injury waiting to happen. And he also has not led a team to the playoff.

Henderson is a backup guard at this point. Korver is old as balls, terrible defense, and is a one-trick pony, and his one-trick wasn't elite last ear.

Beyond that you have 2 rookie big men. I would absolutely think last years wolves were as good, if not better, than that proposed sixers team. And that wolves team was the 5th worst in the league.

So yeah. not likely.

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27 Jul 2016 16:35:13
I would try to get JJ Redick before Korver. 3 years younger and this is his contract year, same as Korver. Now if you had both those guys hanging out behind the arc, it would certainly open up the lane for Jah and Joel to work with Ben. Bayless also had a high 3 pt % last season.

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27 Jul 2016 16:43:05
Here one for the Celtics

Celtics Blake Griffin Russell Westbrook
Thunder Isiah Thomas 2017 1st round via celtics 2017 1st round via clippers
ClippersJae crowder nets pick mitch Mcgary and thunder 2017 2nd round.

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27 Jul 2016 17:02:05
Suns trade makes sense for the Sixers but not so the Suns. Maybe knight for Noel would work.

The rest do not. Covington for an old korver seems like a waste.

Lou Williams still has value but not here in philly. Rather keep the young guy.

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27 Jul 2016 17:45:16
Boston is pretty much on record as not giving up any significant assets without a commitment from the incoming player (s) .

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27 Jul 2016 19:23:23
"pretty much on record" is the same as citing an anonymous source.

well played.

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27 Jul 2016 23:20:38
Atlanta says no to Covington, he's to streaky. Korver had a bad year but still managed to shoot 39% from deep. Korver will be much better this year because he'll be healthier.

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27 Jul 2016 09:44:21

CHA get Cousins and Reddick

SAC get MKG, Kemba 1st round pick LAC and 1st round pick CHA

LAC get Gay and Lamb

CHA sign Ty Lawson






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27 Jul 2016 10:40:44
Love this trade for Sacramento and LA

not sure about Charlotte
They receive the star player and maybe the best center in the NBA. But should they break up this chemistry?
Cousins surrounded by shooters could work. So the anser is propably yes.

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27 Jul 2016 13:01:57
Charlotte isn't winning a championship with the current cast. They should do this if Cousins would stay there long term.

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27 Jul 2016 09:38:02

LAL get Kevin Love

CLE get Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler and Jordan Clarkson

DEN get Julius Randle and Lou Williams + 2nd round pick from LAL.

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27 Jul 2016 09:57:08
I like this idea
Maybe clarckson should go to Denver and L williams to cleveland.

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27 Jul 2016 09:08:58

OKC get Ross

TOR get 1st round pick and Singler.

Believable7 Unbelievable12

27 Jul 2016 09:22:29
Makes sence if Westbrook isn't traded.

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27 Jul 2016 13:31:02
Is Ross really worth a 1st rounder? Okc isn't guaranteed to be good this year in the West minus durant.

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27 Jul 2016 08:50:02
Clippers rebuilt


Boston: B Griffin+ P Pierce
Clev: CP3
Clippers: K Love+ Bradley+ 1rn pick Bost (Swap Nets)

Clippers draft Josh Jackson
Sign Westbrook in free agency

C: D Jordan
PF: K Love
SF: J Jackson
G: Westbrook
G: Bradley.

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27 Jul 2016 13:41:13
Think Cleveland should add something to the clippers.

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27 Jul 2016 15:14:27
If that's all it takes from a Celtics stand point then I would do it in a heart beat. But unfortunately I think that the Clippers would expect a whole lot more for Griffin. Cause frankly I see this as 2 separate trades and don't think its enough value for Griffin.

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27 Jul 2016 16:45:08
I think the Clippers could do this, if they can trade CP3 for K Love, but if Boston wants, they may always ad Crowder

C: D Jordan
PF: K Love
SF: J Jackson/ Crowder
G: Bradley

This team could beat GS.

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28 Jul 2016 02:06:37
Bradley and brook pick is more then enough for an expiring contract. If it was that easy then boston would say yeah. Everything i read it say brook pick is off counter witouth extension.

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27 Jul 2016 05:19:19
Clippers trade - Griffen
Hornets trade - MKG
Hawks trade - Milsap (s&t) Bembry and Korver

Clippers get - Milsap and MKG
Hornets get - Korver and Bembry
Hawks get - Griffen

Paul - Rivers
Redick - Crawford
MKG - Johnson
Milsap - Johnson
Jordan - Speights

Walker - Sessions
Korver - Lamb
Batum - Bembry
Williams - Kaminsky
Zeller - Hibbert

Schredor - Jack
Bazemore - THJ
Sefolosha - Prince
Griffin - Humprhies
Howard - Splitter.

Believable4 Unbelievable16

27 Jul 2016 06:28:37
Don't take this the wrong way NBA 16 because we're all entitled to our own opinion but suggesting we trade Milsap for Griffin has to be one of the most baffling things I've ever heard. Howard and Griffin would be a terrible fit together. Paul Millsap is a complete power forward, he may not have the big name but he sure has the game. Millsap is the best power forward in the eastern conference.

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27 Jul 2016 06:32:29
I understand where you're coming from. My main reason for this trade is to find the clippers a small forward that they've been lacking for years.

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27 Jul 2016 07:58:43
Why would Griffin and Howard be a terrible fit? isn't howard a lot like deandre? Griffin still better than Millsap.

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27 Jul 2016 08:15:04
i do agree Millsap is a better fit.
But Griffin can still become a more complete player. In that case, he's younger and better than Millsap.
so i don't know.
I still think, i would prefer Millsap over Griffin in Atlanta.

Agree3 Disagree1

27 Jul 2016 16:23:00
Millsap is a FA next summer, so the Hawks have 3 options: keep him this season and then pay him max money from ages 32-36, keep him this season and lose him for nothing next offseason, or trade him for value. I would consider Griffin great value and that front court with Schroder and Bazemore could be pretty solid. They could also attract some bigger FAs. I like the deal for Atlanta.

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27 Jul 2016 23:15:24
I think griffin can opt out after this season, I might be wrong though. The Clippers played much better as a team when Griffin was hurt. I believe they need a stretch four type power forward who will unclog the lane for CP3 and give Jordan more room to operate. Griffins jumper has improved but he's still that back to the basket guy who seldoms take people off the dribble.

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27 Jul 2016 01:12:32
trade to fit both teams needs

Mil: Monroe
Min: Rubio

Monroe and milwaukee are not a good fit together. they just resigned plumlee to a long term deal so they are looking to dump him for anything. and they need a point guard because mcw hasn't panned out as planned

there isn't particually a 'need' for rubio to be traded. but he has already expressed his frustration in the team and they are looking to have kris dunn start this year anyway. monroe as a 1 year rental next to Karl Anthony Towns, which would be a good fit because towns can space the floor, and tibs may be able to bring out a little defence in him.

Believable3 Unbelievable21

27 Jul 2016 04:53:14
The Wolves have said that they are keeping Rubio and not looking to start Dunn right away, and Rubio is worth more than Monroe

Not to mention that the Wolves DO NOT NEED ANOTHER BIG, they already have 8 on the roster, and Monroe wouldn't start over Dieng anyways.

Agree8 Disagree3

27 Jul 2016 08:19:05
I do think Monroe is a good fit in Minny.
But the wolves should keep Rubio for one more year, unless they get an offer the can't refuse.

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27 Jul 2016 09:10:53
Twolves said they weren't shopping rubio. They may still be open to a trade if it is fair.

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27 Jul 2016 00:26:14

Chi - L. Williams

Lal - Mirotic.

Believable3 Unbelievable23

27 Jul 2016 01:51:43
why would the bulls do this? they have butler, wade, snell, valentine. What do they need Williams for? And give up Mirotic for him. I don't see the positive in this trade for the bulls at all.

Agree7 Disagree2

27 Jul 2016 04:33:28
Both teams say no. Butler and Wade could have an injury (like Butler last year and Wade the past few years) . Snell is not good at all and Valentine is just a rookie. Lakers don't do this because they already have Randle and Nance and it leaves the Lakers with no backup SG. Lakers will probably sign a third string vet like Gooden. Bulls don't do it because they need mirotic to stretch the floor.

Agree0 Disagree6

27 Jul 2016 04:49:50
The lakers do this in a second Theking. It doesn't matter if it opens a hole in their roster, it gives them a much more valuable player in mirotic. Worst case scenario they flip him for a pick or a young wing later in the year.

Agree5 Disagree1

27 Jul 2016 05:38:14
HE will be out of the rotation half way into the year, no team will give a young wing or even a late first for him now or if he was on the Lakers in this case.

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27 Jul 2016 13:18:25
Mirotic better than Williams, period.

Agree2 Disagree1

27 Jul 2016 17:02:41

Agree2 Disagree1

27 Jul 2016 21:07:15
Because williams is paid more, shoots worse, rebounds worse, and actually somehow plays worse defense?

But forget all that tre, lemme guess. he scores a couple more points per game, and based on your complex algorithm to evaluate talent. you have to

add the steals, multiply by the square root of eFg%, subtract the coefficient of PER. then you gotta, oh wait, my bad.

you just look at the points per game. If you score more, you better!

Yay williams is better. YAY TRE!

Agree1 Disagree2

28 Jul 2016 06:45:12
Most time when you score the most points a game you win the mvp. So scoring is the most important thing in basketball.

say whiteside allows barely any points in paint, 7 blocks, 15 rebounds with about 15 points. But Irving puts up 40 points and plays no defense with lil rebounds and assist. Which they play on same team in the all star game. Who wins mvp. Irving. Because his scoring was most valuable part of the game.

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27 Jul 2016 00:04:24

Which trade is good if any:

Orl - A. Bradley and J. Jerebko

Bos - N. Vucevic


Orl - D. McDermott and T. Gibson

Chi - Vucevic and C. Wilcox.

Believable2 Unbelievable15

27 Jul 2016 00:23:22
Vucevic undervalued in both.

Agree2 Disagree8

27 Jul 2016 08:35:45
I would prefer keeping Vucevic in both trades, if i where Orlando.

Agree1 Disagree3

27 Jul 2016 13:19:58
Bradley is more valuable than Vucevic, so no from Boston. Second one isn't bad.

Agree3 Disagree3

28 Jul 2016 06:46:58
Sac should just trade gay for pick and vucevic. Since they admire centers.

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26 Jul 2016 20:43:58
Orl:B Knight, Hansborough

Cha: Vucivec, Pj Tucker

Pnx:Kidd- Gilchrest, CJ Watson.

Believable9 Unbelievable13

26 Jul 2016 23:59:46
Kinda like it as a nice shift from an area of strength to a relatively area of weakness for each team.

MKG would be a great addition to young PHX team and open up minutes for Ulis and Booker more by getting rid of Knight.

Orl would get an upgrade at pg with Knight and CHA would help fill void of Jefferson with Vucevic. Tucker is a nice piece as well.

Agree5 Disagree3

27 Jul 2016 02:05:16
Hansbrough is a free agent.

Agree2 Disagree2

27 Jul 2016 15:57:16
I kinda like this deal. from a Suns view. MKG would really address a problem area for PHX. and still fit the youth movement they have going. Do the deal!

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26 Jul 2016 20:15:06

Wolves get Josh Richardson

Heat get Shabazz Muhammad

Wolves get a shooter they need off the bench and the Heat get a guy who could potentially play some PF with Winslow depending on how the Bosh situation plays out.

Not entirely sure on the value of Richardson and I know some people don't think much of Shabazz, but he has shown potential as a scorer and is only 23.

Believable7 Unbelievable16

27 Jul 2016 02:28:43
Wolves need to give more. Richardson plays both offense and defense and is a shooter which the Wolves need. Shabazz wasn't very good last year.

Agree1 Disagree5

27 Jul 2016 05:04:33
I couldn't imagine it would be much more, Richardson isn't amazing on defense, better than Shabazz but that's not saying much.

Shabazz was the better scorer, rebounder, and FT shooter.

Plus I see Shabazz as filling a need for Miami, providing more versatility than Richardson in what roles he can fill. And with Shabazz you know the minimum of what you are getting, Richardson's one year might be a fluke.

Agree1 Disagree0

27 Jul 2016 05:36:36
Shabazz will also be a free agent next year, the heat would rather have the shooting and the pg/ SG over SF/ PF versatility because at PF they have bosh, mcroberts, Haslem, and Derrick Williams and Luke Babit could play there too. Not to mention they don't have a backup point where Richardson fits. Richardson isn't amazing at defense but very solid.

Agree0 Disagree1

27 Jul 2016 05:52:23
^but Shabazz they would at least be able to match contracts, Richardson they won't be able to when he is a free agent in a couple of years,

And the only quality PF they have there is Bosh (maybe) and possibly McRoberts, Shabazz would be an upgrade over Williams and amd most likely Babbitt

Plus Tyler Johnson can play point, especially with the Heat signing both Waiters and Ellington.

Agree0 Disagree0

27 Jul 2016 13:55:56
When did Muhammad become a PF? . he's a 2/ 3.

Agree0 Disagree0

27 Jul 2016 15:08:24
You're the one who said he could potentially play the 4. I would rather have Derrick Williams over him. It's likely Shabazz will ask for money the Heat aren't willing to match. If Johnson is backup point, it's simple, Richardson is now the 2nd string SG. Ellington is the 5th guard. Heck it wouldn't surprise me if Richardson starts over Waiters in some games.

Agree0 Disagree0

27 Jul 2016 16:15:25
@SimmonsOrBust, Shabazz is strong enough to play some small ball PF if needed, not sure I would ever call him a 2

And he is definitly better than Derrick Williams.

Agree0 Disagree0

28 Jul 2016 05:40:49
LOL @ Wolvesfan

Miami would never give up a young more talented Wing WITH DEFENSE for an offense ONLY player.

PLUS, Derrick Williams is a PF/ SF. and i smuch better then Shabazz.

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