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20 Apr 2018 03:24:17
Kevin Love is trapped in CLE, i think he can still be a very good player in other team. MIA i think is a very good destination


MIA- Love, 2nd rd pick

CLE- Whiteside

Love and Adebayo could be a fit together, he can be the leader of that team when D-Wade retires

Whiteside is a better fit in CLE, they need a rim protector and presence inside (they should find a way to dump Thompson though)

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20 Apr 2018 04:47:18
Who will be clevelands 2nd scoring option then?

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20 Apr 2018 05:38:33
They'll figure it out after. If they won't make any move now, they are in trouble.

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20 Apr 2018 09:42:03
The Cavs should pass on that. Like NBA alluded to, Love's scoring is more important to the Cavs than anything Whiteside brings. Plus, Love has been nothing but a professional with the Cavs and Whiteside always seems upset about something. The first time Lue sits him in the 4th quarter, it will be a mess.

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20 Apr 2018 03:20:35
POR is a joke. They are in need to improve their mediocre roster. What should they consider?

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20 Apr 2018 03:42:38
Moving one of McCollum/ Lillard. Those two are too bad defensively to be together in the playoffs, and clearly neither came to play on offense either.

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20 Apr 2018 03:18:34

PHX get Nikola Vucevic

ORL get Tyson Chandler (exp) & MIA 1st round pick

I think Vucevic will be a good fit in PHX. He is young, can shoot from outside, can dig it inside, good rebounder and defender


PHX get Kemba Walker

CHA get Josh Jackson, Tyler Ulis, Jared Dudley & 2nd rd pick

They get an all-star in this trade, they sent out Josh Jackson but can be worth it

PHX sign Tyreke Evans

draft Luca Doncic (1st overall pick)

Pg Walker/Evans
Sg Booker/Daniels
Sf Doncic/Warren
Pf Chriss/Bender
Ce Vucevic/Len

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20 Apr 2018 04:49:44
Add MKG to the Hornets trade then Hornets accept.

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20 Apr 2018 05:39:03
I was about to add Batum or MKG. Thanks for the suggestion.

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20 Apr 2018 02:45:17
Realistic draft pick trades that could happen on draft night

1)Knicks trade pick #9 for Clippers pick 12 or 13 assuming clippers take on an unwanted contract most likely something small like Lance thomas or Courtney lee

Pros Knicks get to get ride of a unwanted contract and only drop a few spots
Pros Clippers get to move up and draft someone on there higher priorities list that may not be available by the time they get to draft

2)76ers pick 10 and most likely jared bayless for pick 12 or 13 from the Clippers

Pros 76ers get rid of bayless' contract for free agency only drop a few picks down
Pros clippers see above knicks deal

3)Wizards trade pick 15 and Ian Mahinmi for the Bulls pick #22 and Cristiano Felicio

Pros Wizards get ride of bad contract and open up cap
Pros Bulls get a higher pick

4)Hawks trade pick 30 to 76ers for picks 39&56&60 in the second round (possibly throw in pick 38 depending on how good you are at making deals hawks management)

Pros Hawks in a rebuilding phase quantity can be better than quality at times, with pick 33 whoever they had planned on drafting at 30 will still most likely by there gaining 2 more picks overall which could yield a one in a million diamond in the deep rough (highly unlikely but still the more the better)
Pros 76ers don't really need those late picks as their team is already playoff ready and 3 young players that late has a possibility of hendering them from free agency signing and getting pick 30 could still yield an okay player they could draft and stash or keep as a 3/4 back up on the end of the bench

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20 Apr 2018 04:50:58
Only one I like is 3.

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20 Apr 2018 09:44:29
The first 2 are probably overpays and the third is probably an under pay.

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17 Apr 2018 21:12:15
Took some time working on possible trades for the hawks tell me if you think their possible or realistic.

Trades involving Plumlee

1)Knicks receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Joakim Noak, Pick 37 2018 draft, and possibly a future 2nd

Pros Knicks receive a center who is willing to play and 6 Mill in cap and about 7 mill the following year
Pros Hawks receive draft picks as well as a defensive minded center who could be a mentor for John Collins

2)Magic receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Bismack Biyombo and pick 41 in 2018 draft.

Pros magic receive 4.5 mill in cap for the next 3 years which could be useful in Aaron Gordons free agency or for another free agent
Pros Hawks receive draft pick and 25 year old who is a little bit more in line with their time line

3) Wizards receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Mahinmi and pick 44 in 2018 draft

Pros Wizards receive around 4.2 mill in cap this year which they could really use what with other bad contracts as well as a younger center
Pros Hawks receive draft pick

4)Rockets receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Ryan Anderson and pick 46 and possibly a future 2nd or 1st

Pros Rockets receive 7.1 mill this year and around 8 and 9 mill for the next two years respectively and for a LBJ pursuit this could be valuable
Pros Hawks receive draft picks as well as a possible shooting mentor for John Collins

5)Lakers receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks recieve Loul Deng pick 47 and future 2nd

Pros Lakers gain 4.7 in cap this year and around 5 mill in the next two years and with a club going after cap its a win
Pros Hawks gain draft picks and mentor

6)Memphis Receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Chandler Parsons Ivan Rabb and pick 32

Pros Memphis gains 11.5 mill in cap which could help sign a decent free agent
Pros Hawks get a pick and a young player

7) Pelicans receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Solomon Hill and ether Etwaun Moore or Alexis Ajinca and pick 51 and possibly a future heavy protected first

Pros Pels receive between 4.5 and 8.2 in cap depending on which second player is put in giving them much needed cap space for boogie or another free agent
Pros Hawks receive draft picks

8) Suns receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Brandon Knight and Jared Dudley with pick 16 or pick 51 and a future 1st round pick

Pros suns receive 11 mill in cap and get rid of an older player out of their time line
Pros hawks receive draft picks a okay pg who if schroder gets traded could replace as the starter and a menter in dudley for Prince

9) Nets receive Miles Plumlee
Hawks receive Timofey Mozgov and pick 45

Pros Nets receive a younger center and gain 2.8 in cap this year and around 3-3.8 mill the next two years
Pros Hawks gain draft pick.

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Maybe turk bass and draft picks for rip and big ben gordon and wont give up jj in that deal. magic then can trade jj and jameer for jsmith. magic sign tayshawn, kwame and troy murphy. lineup
jsmith/r. anderson
dwight/kwame. stacked team.

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17 Apr 2018 01:14:15

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17 Apr 2018 10:57:06
P George would be a perfect fit.

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15 Apr 2018 03:27:11
Some offseason topics:

1. Heat need to cut salary to get out of the luxury tax, will Whiteside be traded?

2. Can the Nuggets decline Paul Millsap's team option and re-sign him for less?

3. If the Wizards lose, could John Wall possibly be traded?

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Lee starting?

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15 Apr 2018 05:43:06
4. Could Joakim noah stay with the Knicks now with a new head coach?

5. Will Hornets search for D12 trades with Clifford being gone now?

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15 Apr 2018 06:09:10
1. Botj Whiteside and T. Johnson should be traded especially T. Johnson because of his huge poison pill contract thst kicks in next season.
2. There is no option for Millsaps second contract year, third year is team option.
3. don't think so
4.Stay possibly yes, play more hardly
5.Howard has an expiring deal so it probably has some value.

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15 Apr 2018 15:00:49
1. Ton, is Johnson even tradable? He's set to make 19 million next year. Who is going to be willing to take on that salary without getting back picks that Miami doesn't have? It also seems like Whitesides value is plummeting given all the circumstances around him. The Heat front office created a huge mess. They have a bunch of young low end starting/ high end bench wings making to much money. They're best player is Dragic and he's their oldest starter. They don't want their highest paid player any more that has 4 years left on his deal. They're about to be deep in the luxury and they're missing 2 picks. I'm not sure how they can fix that team without just blowing it up. I just don't see Whiteside or anyone else on that roster getting them much in a trade in this market. Look at the the problems the Clippers had blowing up their team.

2 Like Ton said no option and why would he leave 30 million on the table late in his career?

3 I don't think it's impossible, but where are they going to trade him and get near equal value back? I think they would have to come out of the trade thinking that they're just about as talented and that the team will have better chemistry without Wall. I just don't see what team that is a buyer and has assets to give up would be willing to pay a premium for Wall. Boston has their pg, he's not a good fit beside Lebron, maybe Minnesota, I don't see the Spurs being willing to do a straight swap for Leonard and etc.

4. Do the Knicks have much of a choice on weather or not to keep him? He has no reason to accept a buyout, he probably can't actually play anymore, it would take a pretty hefty price tag to trade him, and it doesn't really make sense to stretch him for the Knicks. I assume he'll still be getting paid to stay away from the Knicks next year.

5. I think the Hornets were already looking for Howard trades this year. It's hard to imagine them bringing him back. I would imagine we'll see that team get blown up this offseason. It's just not working and MJ is paying a ton of money for it to not work. They already fired their gm and now coach. I would imagine no one on that roster is safe at this point.

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16 Apr 2018 03:20:46
The only reason he would accept a buy out is if he thinks he can Play. Otherwise Noah got a great retirement plan. That’s about it. Just a sad situation all around.

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14 Apr 2018 21:29:59
What's up with all the random nameless off topic comments ?

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14 Apr 2018 21:12:44
San Antonio is just sad right. Golden State doesn't have to worry about anyone on the Spurs being able to penetrate on them. A guy who could have been had for a late 1st like Lou Williams or Tyreke Evans could be helping them so much right now.

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Barnes and Morris (everyone agreed a mid 2nd round at best who cannot shoot) for Augustine? Get real

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14 Apr 2018 19:24:18
What's the most likely to happen

1)Toronto chokes in the first round
2) Indy makes it to the second round
3)neither Cleveland, Houston or Warriors make the finals
4)Ben Simmons makes a 3-pointer
5) P George becomes the finals MVP

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Bad trade for Chicago

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14 Apr 2018 20:07:12
1.Simmons hits a 3. You get more late clocks in the playoffs and players actually try to throw up a shot the end of quarters in the playoffs even if it's a 3 quarters court attempt.

2. Tortonto chokes

3. Indy to the 2nd round

4. The Cavs, Warriors and Houston all miss the finals

5 George is finals MVP

I put George as the least likely over those 3 missing the finals only because that means Houston and the Warriors did miss the finals. I think the odds of the Cavs making the finals is probably 50 50. So it moves to a 1 and 2 chance of happening assuming OKC is in the finals. We'd have to assume OKC got a lot of breaks to get to the finals. So let's say they have even odds to win the finals, 1 to 2 again. I'd give Russ like a 9 in 10 chance of winning it. So that leaves 10 out of 100 odds someone else does. I'd go 1 in 100 on Melo, 3 in 100 on Adams, and 6 in 100 on George. We then have to cut his odds in half since they only have a 50 percent chance of winning so it would have a 3 and 100 chance of happening assuming all the other circumstances happen.

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