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25 Mar 2017 19:42:22
Phoenix Suns offseason moves

3-Josh Jackson

-Trade Brandon Knight, right to swap 2018 1sts, and a Toronto's 2018 2nd to Orlando for Nikola Vucevic and DJ Augustin

•Free Agency:
-Sign Tony Snell 2yr 15m
-Re-sign Alan Williams 3yr 17m

PG: Bledsoe, Ulis, Augustin
SG: Booker, Snell, Barbosa
SF: Jackson, Warren, Jones jr
PF: Chriss, Bender, Dudley
C: Vucevic, Chandler, Williams.

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26 Mar 2017 03:58:42
Not terrible considering both Suns and Magic will likely still be fairly bad next year and 2018 draft is stocked with center prospects so even being a few spots higher is the lottery shouldn't hurt too bad. Vucevic would also prevent them from feeling the need to overpay Len to stay.

Since the two are going to likely be close to equally bad not sure how interested Orlando would be (the swap could end up being useless especially since Suns are more talented than the Magic) .

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23 Mar 2017 22:20:26
Draft day deal

Thunder get Otto Porter (s&t)

Wizards get Enes Kanter, Andre Roberson, 2017 okc 1st round pick, and 2017 OKC 2nd round pick

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25 Mar 2017 06:16:44
I don't see wizards doing this. Porter has played well for them I don't see the reason to shake it up especially for that underwhelming offer. The biggest reason I could imagine wizards would trade porter is since they don't want to pay him but in this trade they get Kanters large contract and Roberson is a rfa this summer too and could command 8 figures per year.

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22 Mar 2017 23:32:37
I don't know if this has been talked about already but what do you think about the "rest" issue in the NBA? How would you solve it?

This will dwindle down to a money problem. I think Silver will penalize by doing resting games without pay.

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23 Mar 2017 05:42:34
I say the league should just go down to about 76 games and make pay slightly less.

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23 Mar 2017 06:10:09
go down to 72 games. 3 each against same conference then 2 each against other conference.

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23 Mar 2017 15:12:55
Any reduction in the number of games and corresponding reduction in salaries would have to get past the players' union, and they would never agree to it.
You have to determine if the NBA is primarily entertainment or primary athletic competition.
If it's entertainment first, then the healthy players should not be allowed to sit without the team paying a steep price.
If it's primarily competition with the goal of winning the playoffs, then teams should be allowed to sit players whenever they want without consequence. Even with that, teams could just play their stars for a minute, then pull them out. Or create a fake injury.

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23 Mar 2017 15:57:41
I like USA's idea, but the problem is definitely the salary compensation. Supercollider that could work, teams could just say somebody is out with back spasms or something when they are healthy.

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23 Mar 2017 21:29:42
Im old school I guess. This wasnt an issue 15-20 years ago. You get paid a ton of money. Its supposed to be a grind. Championships are long and hard roads. I see zero reason to reduce the games now because people are being primadonnas. HArden is right. he's a hooper. He does it for passion, love and enjoys the struggle.

I would hope Silver does substantial penalities. Very large fines, for the players, coach and owner. And if it persists, whcih I coudl see it happening in golden state and san antonio. perhaps a loss of a 2nd round pick, or some type of significant penalty. Its bs. no one says a season is easy, but then again, if it was easy, they would be so selective of those that make it in the league, and they wouldn't be averaging like 8 mill a year for these players.

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24 Mar 2017 02:29:24
If I was a coach and have a schedule where we have like 7 games in 10 days or something and we have a back to back, is would play my star player (s) around 30-32 minutes the first game and then 20-25 minutes the 2nd game of the back to back since at least the fans get to see those players play. I'm not a fan of players resting games at all, your paid millions to do your job.

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21 Mar 2017 21:18:15
Imagine if Jazz resigns Hayward and 76ers sign Teague or Hill. 76ers trade Bayless and Henderson for some future 2nd rounders or rights to some players.

Celtics/Jazz/76ers trade

Celtics get Gobert

Jazz gets Thomas, Okafor, Rodriguez, Covington, T. Zeller and 2018 Nets 1st round pick

76ers get Exum and 2017 Jazz 2nd rounder ( via Knicks )


Thomas/F.Jackson 26th/Rodriguez
Okafor/T.Bradley 29th/T.Zeller


Fultz 1st/Smart/Rozier
Bradley/W.Iwundu 40th/Green
Gobert/Zizic/Fusek 53rd


Teague or Hill/Exum/McConnell
Monk 5th/TLC/Stauskas
Simmons/Anderson/Beachem 39th
Saric/Oliver 37th/Long

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21 Mar 2017 23:30:19
76ers also get 2018 Jazz 1st rounder, forgot to write it.

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22 Mar 2017 00:36:45
Jazz say no.

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22 Mar 2017 04:18:08
I can't view Jazz moving Gobert who is top defensive center in the league with his freakish length, young, signed long term and quite efficient offensively. Jazz seem keen on resigning Hill as well so I don't see the need for Thomas. They have a solid roster with good depth, I think if they were to make any moves it would be around Favors who they won't likely have the money to pay after paying Hayward and Hill and I think he isn't a great fit next to Gobert, a stretch 4 would be more natural fit.

This would be a great scenario for the Celtics who would add a young defensive anchor, that could help them with their rebounding woes and would compliment Horford well. Although giving up Thomas hurts in short term as they lose their star and go-to scorer I think Fultz has the tools to fill that role nicely in a few years and this team is built to last with Horford, Jerekbo and Green the only players over 26 on that proposed roster. One could argue that the Brooklyn 2018 pick could yield a top center prospect for a lot cheaper in what looks to be a center heavy draft class but in Gobert you get a proven difference maker that will be able to influence games from the get go.

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22 Mar 2017 04:22:44
For the 76ers I don't necessarily like the idea of them overpaying for a traditional pg (Hill would be much better than Teague since he is better suited to play off-ball allowing Simmons to be at his best) . The value 76ers are getting in the trade is very good. I think if 76ers could turn Okafor into Exum they should be all over it. Exum isn't the best natural fit as his game hasn't developed that much but he has great length and athleticism, is only 21 and the Aussie connection between him and Simmons could potentially turn into something special.

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21 Mar 2017 05:39:07
7 teams in each conf. are bound to be in the playoffs:

East: Cavaliers, Celtics, Raptors, Wizards, Pacers, Hawks & Pistons

West: Warriors, Spurs, Rockets, Jazz, Clippers, Thunder & Grizzlies

8th spot are up for grabs
East: Bucks vs Heat vs Bulls vs Hornets
West: Nuggets vs Blazers vs Pelicans vs Mavericks

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21 Mar 2017 07:30:44
Pistons have a worse record than the Bucks. I would say the 7th and 8th seeds are both up for grabs in the East. Based on the current trajectories of the teams I think Bucks stay in and the Heat pass the Pistons to get the 8th spot.

In the West I'd like to see Portland make it. Going into the year I thought they'd be much better than they are. The addition of Nurkic has done wonders for them. I'm not sure why the Nuggets did that trade, the value was questionable with Plumlee due big bucks and on top of it they are dealing with a team they've been competing with for the 8th seed for a decent portion of the season.

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17 Mar 2017 19:43:27
76er moves

1. Sign Blake Griffin to max deal. Griffin raves about the sixers energy and never give up play. Has great respect for brett brown. Him and Embiid would be a great duo.
2. Sign JJ Redick to 2 year, 45 million deal. I think Gtiffin and redick are both leaving the clips, bring them both to philly. Redick serves an immediate need as a shooter and respected vet. He is also an underrated defender.
3. Draft Malik Monk. Monk should be available if the sixers pick in the 4-6 range. Kids only 19, a year or two learning from redick could do wonders.
4. Let Korkmaz develop one more year on europe. he's only 19.
5. Let go stauskas, rodriguez, henderson, long.

There has to he a mix of vets and kids on a roster. The $$ it will take to sign reddick and griffin will not effect the ability to sign Embiid, Simmons, or Saric to future deals. And we still have lakers unprotected #1 next year and kings unprotected #1 the following year.

C: Embiid,Okafor,Splitter

This roster has mamy different possibilities and seems to be able to hold up if inkjuries occurr to any position.

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17 Mar 2017 20:58:34
With the one remaining roster spot, possibly sixers are able to trade a couple eraly seconds for a late first to a salary cap strapped team. Maybe to portland for the #27 pick. Hopefully pick up a potential decent player that falls on draft night.

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18 Mar 2017 16:12:00
Griffin is probably not leaving, especially to go to the lowly 76ers. Redick is most likely not leaving either unless another team were to offer substantially more money than the Clippers, and I still don’t think he would go to the 76ers either.

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19 Mar 2017 04:48:41
Rumor has it Paul and Griffin deals are already set they just have to wait until this offseason to sign them however I'd like to see things shake up and don't think the Clippers team the way its currently built will ever achieve anything significant.

76ers are certainly an exciting team and if they got someone the caliber of Griffin would be a playoff team and with their youth and the "unknown" factor who knows how their season would end up. Not certain Griffin is the best fit but he isn't necessarily a bad one either. However, with the injuries that have plagued Embiid and Simmons being a complete unknown at this point I don't see Philly as a realistic spot for a player of Griffin's caliber to go unless Philly moves some of its future picks to add some more win-now type talent. "Trust the process" isn't the motto of a win-now team so culture needs to change before they can attract top talent.

I think Sixers could potentially get Reddick due to how much cap space they have but I think I much rather give Monk the minutes, reps and shots in the NBA and bring in a veteran past his useful life that would be cheaper and not require as much minutes to mentor him.

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19 Mar 2017 19:41:32
Yo tombrady: the "lowly" sixers just kicked the boyz in green ass's back to beantown. Oh wait, sixers are playing for nothing and boston trying to be the top seed in the east? I know, I know. no IT today. But what about all those allstar guards douchebag danny has drafted. Brown, Smart, bradely, rozier. Thought they might pick up the slack a bit. Oh yeah, sixers without their two best players, Embiid and Simmons.

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20 Mar 2017 16:25:44
Celtics: 44-26
76ers: 26-43

Celtics also have the Nets pick which has better odds than your pick right now.

Congrats on the one win though! Would you like a ring? We have 17.

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20 Mar 2017 17:04:11
Just a reply to your " lowly sixers" comment. Could have just left it alone, but you had to take that cheap dig. And i'm not comparing the history of the franchises, and bostons rebuild started with a lot more positives on their plate then the sixers. Go deflate a football.

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21 Mar 2017 18:54:26
HAHAH, did you really just try, as a philadelphia fan and presumably an eagles fan, to mock the patriots? Go deflate a football? As if that's an insult. I believe the rebut is 5 super bowl championships with Brady, to zero. ever. Fly eagles. well, not really. They always suck.

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22 Mar 2017 00:01:53
Actually not an ragles fan at all. Steelers since mid 70s.

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22 Mar 2017 00:07:36
And i actually have a ton of respect for tom brady the quarterback and the pats organization. The greatest ever imo. Just frustrated. I just let the little" lowly sixers" jab get under my skin. But back to my original post, i think jj redick has a chance to come to philly if we overpay a bit.

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17 Mar 2017 11:33:22
Lakers get Drummond
Pistons get Porzingis Hernangomez Mosgov 57 47
Knicks get Baynes Leuer Mosgov 2nd 17th picks




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17 Mar 2017 14:14:58
How are you a Knicks fan? This is HORRIBLE.

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19 Mar 2017 20:01:35
Knicks shouldn't move Porzingis. He is already playing as a borderline all star and is only 21. Knicks own draft pick should be solid enough to add another high caliber prospect.

Not awful for Lakers who could use a center and shed mozgovs contract. Drummond is still relatively young and could help them to attract George or Westbrook next summer. Although I think Ball and Russell could play together since both can shoot and have the size to cover sg.

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17 Mar 2017 08:58:32
What's the most realistic option if OKC had kept J Harden?

1)J Harden and Westbrook would be a scary duo.
2)Harden would leave in free agency
3) Westbrook would leave in free agency.
4) something else

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17 Mar 2017 14:39:30
Harden leaves in free agency.

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19 Mar 2017 05:06:18
If I remember correctly the issue was Thunder didn't want to give Harden the max since it would have caused them to go into luxury tax and front office decided they didn't want to do that and would rather pay Westbrook and Ibaka. It's a shame cause they could have had something special although Harden likely wouldn't be half the player he is now if he were still on the Thunder. We see how Westbrook's game has evolved without Durant.

At the time Thunder got a solid return for Harden of Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb (was a good college player and lottery pick) and draft picks that became Mitch McGary and Steven Adams (the best part of trade and only piece still with Thunder) .

I'm still shocked Thunder never returned to the NBA Finals after dealing Harden but that's due in large part to injuries to Westbrook and Durant two of those years. What is more surprising is that Thunder were able to land Durant, Westbrook, Harden and Ibaka all around the same time via the draft in the first place.

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14 Mar 2017 18:38:35
Suns get
Porzingis Hernangomez Noah 58th
Knicks get
Bledsoe Beverly Chandler 3rd pick
Rockets get
Len (s&t) 5yr 65mil

Suns offensive minded

Knicks defensive minded

Rockets need a big in 1/2 court off

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14 Mar 2017 19:34:50
If I'm the Suns I'd highly consider it and probably do it if Ball isn't available (I think Ball is certainly 2nd best prospect but a team could go Jackson for fit) . Porzingis is already playing at a borderline all-star level and is basically as young as the rookies in the draft so I'd have no problem giving up the 3rd pick for him. Hernangomez has also shown to be a valuable prospect. Bledsoe although he has proven to be very good when healthy has historically has issues being healthy and he is a little on the old side for the rest of the Phx roster especially when he doesn't have the style game that will age well. Taking back Noah's contract is definitely a negative but unloading Chandler softens that blow a little bit plus Phx is unlikely to make any big splashes anytime soon. The frontcourt would be a little loaded and the pg slot a little light but Suns would have a ton of solid assets and a solid 2018 draft pick. Although this draft is loaded with Centers, Duval looks like he could be a very good pg prospect and they could always try to make a trade.

For the Knicks I think its completely foolish to deal Porzingis. They make incremental increases at pg (Bledsoe isn't that much better than Rose and Chandler is not that much better than Noah) and add Jackson who is a good prospect but give up Porzingis who is doing things that have never been seen at this level from a guy this young and that big. With Knicks pick they should be able to add a solid prospect (I think ideally Dennis Smith Jr. who could fall if Orlando go for Tatum instead as they sought perimeter scoring this season and Tatum's size gives them versatiliy) .

Hate it for Rockets. I think Len will ultimately get that sort of money but I wouldn't pay him that especially to play backup. Nene has played formidably there and Capela is due an extension himself next summer.

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13 Mar 2017 21:35:56
Grizzlies decide to tear it down this offseason.

Memphis receives: Mem 19 1st, Bkn 17 & 18 1st, J. Brown, T. Zeller, Q. Pondexter, Ajinca, Asik
Memphis trades: M. Gasol, B. Wright, J. Ennis, Mem 21 1st (Top 8 protected), Bkn 19 2nd, Bos 19 2nd

Boston receives: M. Gasol, J. Ennis, Mem 21 1st (Top 8 protected), NO 19 1st (Protected), Bos 19 2nd, Bkn 19 2nd
Bos trades: Mem 19 1st, Bkn 17 & 18 1st, J. Brown, T. Zeller

New Orleans receives: B. Wright
New Orleans trades: Asik, Ajinca, Q. Pondexter, NO 19 1st (Protected)

For the Grizzlies to tear it down, it will take a very appealing first offer. Ball/Fultz along with Brown and Bkn 18 is quite a haul. I apologize if the trade is a little bias but without a solid offer the grizz will stick to their old ways. This will be a hard sell to the grit n grind grizz fans, but the team is struggling and a 4-5 game out in round 1 of the playoffs will have people seeking change. If nothing happens, the grizz will struggle to resign their own free agents and nothing more. Everyone being a year older doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the grizz making it further than round 1 next year as well.

Boston gets their All Star center along with a SF to replace Brown. Ennis played very well in NO last year and for the Grizz at the beginning of this year. He started to struggle a little after coming back from his injury but I personally think Coach Fizdale has a decent bit to do with that. Should be a solid bench player for Boston. Boston will also have roughly 20 million to spend this summer if they want to still go after Gordon without losing any key pieces of their current team. If this trade doesn't happen, in 2019 the grizz will likely be a fringe playoff team sneaking in as a 7/8 seed. Thus, the Memphis pick though good is nothing special. The 2021 1st would very likely be quite better and would hit right after Gasol and Horford's contracts end. Ultimately Boston would still have a decent number of draft picks since they would have all of their own picks after 2017 as well as a NO 19, LAC 19, and Mem 21 1st as well as a slew of 2nds.

New Orleans does this to clear cap space. This would allow them to have some cash for free agency this summer (an extra 13m) and have room to extend Cousins if they wish next summer (an extra 16.8m) relative to if they don't do a trade. Asik's contract of 10.6-12m for the next three years (assuming he doesn't exercise the player option in the final year) is dead weight since he isn't even the backup center right now. Ajinca is but Wright would be able to replace him on a shorter contract that ends when Cousins would get his raise. Pondexter's 3m isn't a big deal.

Mem receives: Sac/Phi Swap 2017 1st, LAL 18 1st (Top 8 protected), Sac 2019 1st, Bayless, any other salary PHI wishes to dump
Mem trades: Mike Conley, Troy Daniels

Phi receives: Mike Conley, Troy Daniels
Phi trades: Sac/Phi Swap 2017 1st, LAL 18 1st (Top 8 protected), Sac 2019 1st, Bayless, any other salary PHI wishes to dump

Memphis would be trying to load up on top draft picks over the next couple years. Memphis could take back any other salary Phi wants to dump along with Bayless.

Philadelphia would get a guy that should easily be an All Star in the East. He also is a very level-headed veteran that has been a key player in creating the third longest active playoff streak. The biggest advantage though is that Mike Conley plays exceptionally well off the ball (maybe better than with it), which would allow Simmons to be the main ball handler but have a safety net and playmaker in Conley. Conley then would guard the PG on defense. Philly would also get one of the best pure shooters in Troy Daniels. His defense leaves something to be desired, but he can provide scoring for the bench or be used simply to space the floor when needed. Short of a trade, Philadelphia won't be able to get much talent in and Conley fits their needs well. The only down side is that Conley's final year of his contract is the year Philly will start extending other players. They may have to send a 2nd along with Conley to a struggling team (probably Brooklyn still) to clear his last cap hit from the books unless the cap rises a little bit more.

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13 Mar 2017 23:07:37
It's not worth grizzlies trying to rebuild since they won't get good value for Gasol or Conley. They likely wouldn't even get half of those offers for Gasol and Conley.

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14 Mar 2017 00:41:21
Sixers say no for obvious reasons. 3 more then likely top 5 picks for Conely? he's a very good player, but that is way overpaying. And sixers don't need to dump salary. that's borderline comical.

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14 Mar 2017 04:26:02
The lakers pick would be protected so they can't have three top 5 picks. The protection could be extended beyond the top 8 if necessary but it isn't a loaded draft next year so top 8 should cover most of the truly promising players. As for extra salary I didn't see anyone else they would want to add but was just throwing it out there. Money doesn't need to match.

The grizz won't rebuild anytime soon since they will ride Conley and Gasol till their end, but with the multiverse theory there is one universe out there in which they would. Just shooting in the dark to see how things fare for that universe.

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14 Mar 2017 14:28:29
There are not enough languages in the world for the Celtics to say no enough on this proposal.

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14 Mar 2017 16:26:24
Supercollider you are correct. This is very bad for the Celtics.

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21 Mar 2017 12:25:29
Yeah I'm sorry. Love gasol. Especially 3 years ago when he was at his prime. No chance in holy hell you get the number 1 overall, next years likely top 3 pick, another 1st and brown for him. I mean. Are you kidding? That's not even touching on the nonsense of Conley.

You aren't getting 6 1sts, with 5 of them super high and top prospects for two aging players on very high contracts. Conley is not a good contract. Just isn't. And gasol is on the wrong side of his peak.

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