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08 Dec 2016 13:08:19
Whos your East and West players for this yr's NBA AllStar?

I think Antetokounmpo and Walker gets a nod for the East.
As for West, I think DeAndre Jordan needs to be in the allstar than Draymond Green and LaMarcus Aldridge.

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08 Dec 2016 05:12:48
Out of nets, wizards, kings,76ers, wolves, mavs, pelicans, suns, nuggets, heat Who will make the play offs in the next 3 years.

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08 Dec 2016 13:03:02
I like Sixers because of Simmons and Embiid, and Twolves because of Wiggins and Towns.

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08 Dec 2016 17:21:00
I think Twolves without a doubt will. The 76ers probably have the best young assets (and will likely add some next draft) so assuming nothing unforeseen happens (players stay healthy) and they build a more balanced roster I think they will.

I have the Nuggets and Suns in the next tier as teams with a bunch of young pieces none quite with the potential star power of the 76ers but also some solid veterans. Nuggets with Galo, Chandler Mudiay, Harris, Jokic, Nurkic, Murray, Faried and Barton all as attractive pieces I believe need to try and make some major moves but even without making major moves I think those younger guys could develop into a solid team that could potentially make playoffs. Suns are in a similar situation with Knight, Bledsoe, Booker, Warren, Bender, Chriss, Len but I think their issue is more about staying healthy and developing.

The remaining teams I don't like their chances of making the playoffs in next 3 years but in order of likeliness I have Wizards, Pelicans, Heat, Kings, Mavs and Nets. I don't think any of these teams have the pieces in place or the assets to acquire players that'll turn them into a playoff team in 3 years (without doing something stupid like trading Davis) and will be heavily reliant on the draft to add talent which most likely will take a few years to develop. Cousins can walk in two years and Wall in 3 so if those guys leave (either in FA or even via trade) it'll likely set those teams back significantly.

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06 Dec 2016 15:37:08
Boston gets Steven Adams

OKC gets Jaylen Brown and Amir Johnson (exp)

This deal gives Boston a franchise center

It gives okc a young SF of the future and creates cap space to offer Blake Griffin a max deal

Pf. B. Griffin/ J. Grant/ 2017 1st
Sf. J. Brown/ A. Roberson/ K. Singler
C. E. Kanter/ D. Sabonis/ J. Leveargne
Sg. V. Oladipo/ A. Abrines/ A. Morrow
Pg. R. Westbrook/ C. Payne/ S. Christon.

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07 Dec 2016 01:13:47
Then what if Blake doesn't come? Millsap?

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08 Dec 2016 13:04:09
Go for Cousins, since you want a big man to pair with Horford. Smart, Crowder and Johnson plus couple of 1st rd picks.

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05 Dec 2016 14:06:33
In my own opinion - Enes Kanter is virtually impossible to trade along with Kyle Singler that the Thunder is eating away 22 Million for the next three years for nothing. You could make it 28 if you add the worthless Alex Abrines.

That nearly 30 Million Right There and I feel that the Thunder should fire Sam Presti right away.

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07 Dec 2016 20:28:53
Fire him! Lose a top 3 player and in the playoff race. HORRIBLE. Demand instant firing!


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05 Dec 2016 08:35:37
If you had a team of nuckleheads now who would be your starting 5 mine is as follows
C Dwight Howard
Pf demarcus cousins
Sf? Morris ( I get the twins mixed up)
SG lance Stevens
Pg rajon rondo
Bench, Matt barnes, Ty Lawson, Blake Griffen, who else did I miss.

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05 Dec 2016 09:52:06
Pg Rondo
Sg Jr Smith
Sf Beasley
Pf Markeiff
Ce Cousins

bench Lawson, Barnes, Stephenson, Marcus, Howard, Beasley, Josh Smith.

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05 Dec 2016 17:16:01
I think Matt Barnes just earned Knucklehead MVP after last night's latest performance at a NY club. That guy is a ticking time bomb.

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03 Dec 2016 23:21:20
It suggs. In Dallas.

But they play not the bad defense and rebound. In case Nowitzki is able to come back, the Mavs should try to go after Cousins as soon as possibly. If they could get him, they have to hope, Lowry would join Dallas (I think there is a chance, when Dallas put in big Money. )

So let`s hope Mr. Kidd likes Curry and Powell!



- 2 x unprotected 1st picks from Mavs

The open spots takes Acy.

Cousins, Bogut, Mejri, Hammons
Nowitzki, Cousins, Finney-Smith
Barnes, Acy, Brussino
Matthews, McLemore, Terry
DWil, Barea, Gibson
+ (Lowry)

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04 Dec 2016 06:25:07
I actually don't think Powell and Curry for Monroe is that far-fetched. Mavs have a fairly bleak outlook at this point (although Barnes has looked fairly good) and making a trade for Cousins could be a franchise changing move. Not sure how Cousin's and Cuban's ego would mesh but they could certainly use Cousins talent.

The offer could be potentially attractive for Kings. The Mavs 2017 pick projects to be fairly darn high (although adding Cousins may add a few wins) and if Mavs fail to attract FA the 2019 pick could be pretty good.

Not sure this offer is enough for Cousins but regardless I think Mavs should tank, get a top 5 pick to get pg of the future (lot of great pgs) to add to Barnes. Outside of that not much on that roster. Hopefully, Mathews regains form further removed from injury and they can deal him. Anderson and Powell are good athletes but not much else. I think their best hope is Dirk retires so they don't fell obligated to keep him around and pay him for all the great things he has done for that franchise and can use the money taking fliers on FA.

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03 Dec 2016 09:33:47
Should the Rockets match the Nets offer for Motiejunas? 37 mil for 4 yrs.

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03 Dec 2016 18:13:01
Yes, but I hope they don't. Think he would fit well in Brooklyn.

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03 Dec 2016 20:19:59
The Rockets obviously don't feel him essential to the team and know more than anyone else about the status of his health and tried to get rid of him last season. The price doesn't seem awful but I don't think Rockets need him so they wipe their hands clean and let the guy have fresh start in Brooklyn where he'll have an easier route to minutes.

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04 Dec 2016 00:12:45
I was hoping that the rockets could make a sign and trade deal. giving them trade exception for future use. motiejunas for 2nd rd pick or draft rights.

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02 Dec 2016 19:50:03
Concerns on next 5 teams:

Chicago Bulls:
Wade is not the same Wade as before and Rondo too.
MCW for Snell may be good in the papers but Snell is better defender than MCW. but the main concern is 3pt shooting, Cavs and Warriors are winning because of too many 3pt shots, they really need some 3pt shooters right now.

Oklahoma City Thunder:
Its pretty obvious that the Thunder has no plan B IF Westbrook will get injured. and have no good backup PG and Starting PF. Aside from Durant, they lose some good players (Ibaka, Waiters and Augustin) . They also need some veterans, I know they are winning despite using young players but veterans are good in clutch time and in playoffs.

Houston Rockets:
I don't know if Dwight's departure is a good thing or a bad thing. they gain money and used it on Gordon, Anderson and Nene. SMH because Beasley has more value than seldomly use PG Ennis. Main concern, just like before they really need a true PG. and additional, also a Center as replacement for Dwight.

Boston Celtics:
They already find their Center to build on but they are still searching for a better center and move Horford to Pf, in my opinion stick with your team right now, and Cousins isn't the answer for the Celtics. Main concern, still looking for their identity, trade your assets (1st picks) now than keeping them and draft a new player who could possibly a bust. and additional concern is REBOUNDS.

Atlanta Hawks:
Just like Wade, Dwight is coming to his hometown. not much a good starting lineup, 1st time starter PG, way past in his prime for Korver and Dwight, and undersized SF who will defend LeBron, Durant, on a matchup but the big concern is the BENCH players who aren't good enough compared last year. no good backup point, and experimenting on their back up big man.

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29 Nov 2016 13:56:11
A lot of post with cousins going to Boston yes he is one of the best centres in the world skill wise but his attitude could also tear a team apart, I was sitting behind team USA v Australia at Olympics I couldn't believe how much complaining he does, I mean if your on team USA what is there to complain about I backed Australia + 32.5 points start covered the cost of our trip, Being a Boston fan stick with the draft and try for Hayward next season.

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30 Nov 2016 05:31:20
I think that's true and I agree Celtics aren't best fit for Cousins. Celtics are too close to contention and don't need that risk. I do however think to some extent Cousins' attitude will be factored into the value Kings are able to get for him thus making this "risk" attractive to teams further from contention trying to shake things up and right the ship. Wizards and Suns have been thrown around to reunite him with his Kentucky buddies Wall and Bledsoe and I think Wizards are better fit but Suns could provide a more attractive deal. I think Portland could make a potential good landing spot with a deal centered around McCollum. I think the Bulls too could be an attractive destination they may need to involve a 3rd team since outside of Valentine and McDermott most of their attractive non-core pieces are bigs which Kings don't need (Portis, Lopez, Mirotic)

A lineup of Rondo, Wade, Butler, (whomever ideally stretch 4 type), Cousins would be fun to watch and I think the veteran presence of Wade in particular could help make it work (Cousins allegedly enjoyed playing with Rondo last year) . If Butler and Cousins got along they could be the centerpiece of something special for a few years.

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04 Dec 2016 00:14:27
Regards on Cousins on being a headcase for his future team. Cousins need a leader. Like Jr smith in Cavs.

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28 Nov 2016 19:37:54
Fantasy Trade:
I get Bledsoe, Crowder
I send Lowry

Do I win?

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29 Nov 2016 20:08:30
If Bledsoe can stay healty.

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