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22 Oct 2016 01:36:53
Is possible for nets to land Monroe in a trade without giving up lin or Lopez?

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22 Oct 2016 06:10:31
RHJ and Bogdanovic but that would leave them without wings.

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22 Oct 2016 23:54:57
Agree with espn33 those players could make it happen. Bog would give bucks perimeter shooting while RHJ would give another young athletic guy with long arms who has high defensive upside. I do think Nets would be foolish to do this as their only hope is that one of their young guys unexpectedly turns into a star. I don't think Lopez and Monroe could coexist so I'd personally deal Lopez for Monroe and some more assets the Nets could use going forward.

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20 Oct 2016 01:46:06
Sixers: Nets 2018 pick, fillers (any combination of James Young, RJ Hunter, Jonas Jerebko, Ben Bentil. or even all of them, should Philly want it)

Celtics: Okafor.

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20 Oct 2016 16:42:40
I personally don't even think that starts the conversation on Okafor from a Philly standpoint. Might start conversations about Noel but not Okafor.

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21 Oct 2016 17:33:40
Boston has made it clear it wants a top-15 player for either of the Nets picks. Okafor is barely top 15 in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference.

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18 Oct 2016 02:11:44
Trades I've made on NBA 2K14

Boston Celtics drafted me

Rondo for Nerlens Noel
Sullinger for Tristan Thompson
Olynyk for DeAndre Jordan
Bradley for Tobias Harris
Green and Lee for Jimmy Butler

PG: me
SG: Butler
SF: Harris
PF: Thompson
C: Noel
6th man: Jordan

NBA Champs 4 years in a row and counting.

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18 Oct 2016 01:40:15
If Bosh is waived by the Heat i want the Lakers to give him a try.

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18 Oct 2016 08:08:16
Bosh should go to Dallas or the Spurs.

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18 Oct 2016 23:54:20
We could use anyone to play center lol.

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18 Oct 2016 00:44:51
Bucks/ Okc

Henson for Illysova buy out and Morrow buy out

Bucks and 76ers

Monroe for Nerlens Noel
Sign Chalmers

Bucks Depth Chart

Delly, Terry, Chalmers
Snell, Vaughn
Antetokounmpo, Beasley, Novak
Parker, Teletovic
Plumlee, Noel


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18 Oct 2016 02:30:24
Monroe is a less valuable Okafor. why would sixers do that.

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17 Oct 2016 23:57:15
Sixers: Clarckson+ swap option LA pick 18
Orlando:L Williams+ swap option LA pick 19
LA: Noel+ Stauskas+ return 1rnd pick 17 and 19

C: Noel
PF: Randle
SF: Ingram
SG: stauskas
PG: Russell

resign Noel
Draft Giles

Trade Mozgov for a 2rnd pick
sign: P George and Westbrook

C: Noel/ Zubac
PF: Giles/ Randle/ Nance
SF: P George/ Deng
SG: Ingram/ Westbrook
PG: Westbrook/ Russell.

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18 Oct 2016 03:39:07
I think lakers pass, they have a decent chance of keeping the pick again. Clarkson has improved and Lou will is hopefully coming off the bench as our scorer. Stauskas shouldn't start. If they keep their pick this year, they get their 2019 pick back anyway. No team trade a second for mozgov.

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18 Oct 2016 08:07:44
I think LA should consider this.
There's no pressure losing the pick and they can tank this year, giving the young players minutes to play.
It's a small ball league, but There aren't many centers available the next few years, so Noel would be a great fit.

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17 Oct 2016 04:59:25
If you can bring back a retired player (at his prime) to make his former team a contender now, who would it be? - depending on what do you think the team needs.

Shaq back to Celtics?


Olajuwon back to Rockets?


Stockton to Jazz
Malone to jazz


Kareem to Bucks


Garnett to Wolves


Wilkins to Hawks


Nash to Mavs?


McGrady to Raptors


Iverson to Memphis?


Miller to Pacers


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17 Oct 2016 13:36:46
I would love to see R Miller and PG13 play together :-)

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18 Oct 2016 07:09:35
Rasheed or Billups to DET
Duncan in his prime back to SAS? that would be awesome
King to Knicks
Webber to GS?
Ray Allen to OKC/ SEA?

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18 Oct 2016 16:22:24
Big O ray Allen or Kareem bucks.

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20 Oct 2016 22:50:03
Chris Webber GS


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17 Oct 2016 04:53:55
Fantasy basketball questions

Griffin, Melo, or Wall?

Then should I trade picks 18 and 46 for pick 6 and a late round pick to draft towns, Greek freak, cousins, PG, or Lebron?

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17 Oct 2016 08:02:47
I should say John Wall assuming he gets healthy the whole year. He is a a double double machine. Same with Griffin but i think Wall can rebound too. As for the trade, it depends on your 1st round pick. If you can select higher than 6. I should say no because guys like Drummond, Deandre, even Aldridge could possibly be there at 18.

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17 Oct 2016 14:47:24
My first pick is 14th (16 man league) . The only problem I have with Griffin is his injury issues and Wall is the safer pick.

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13 Oct 2016 00:08:42
Trades I have made on NBA 2K15

My team in Career Mode is the Celtics, they are the team that drafted me.

Avery Bradley for Tobias Harris

Courtney Lee and Jeff Green for Jimmy Butler

Rajon Rondo for Nerlens Noel

Kelly Olynyk for DeAndre Jordan

PG: Jeff Black (Me)
SG: Jimmy Butler
SF: Tobias Harris
PF: Nerlens Noel
C: DeAndre Jordan

NBA Champions 3 years in a row and counting.

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14 Oct 2016 21:03:14
dude no one cares about trades you made in a video game that is 2 years old now.

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15 Oct 2016 20:49:40
yeah, not even exaggerating. this is the most worthless post I have ever seen on here. Echoing Larrylegend, legit, no one cares and this has no reason to be on here. It's as valuable as me explaining what I had for lunch yesterday, stating I have an upcoming dentist appointment, or naming my favorite colors. If you are bored. go do some hop scotch. At least you don't waste our time as well.

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12 Oct 2016 12:07:58
If the Milwaukee Bucks traded John Henson who would we get.

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