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25 Jul 2016 23:03:43

MIL get: Bradley Beal

Pg. Giannis
Sg. Beal
Sf. Middleton
Pf. Parker
C. Henson

SAC get: Marcin Gortat and MCW

Sg. Afflalo
Sf. Casspi
Pf. Cousins
C. Gortat

WAS get: Greg Monroe, Rudy Gay, and Ben McLemore

Pg. Wall
Sg. McLemore
Sf. Porter/ Oubre
Pf. Gay
C. Monroe.

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25 Jul 2016 22:48:34
Boston gets Russell Westbrook

OKC gets Isaiah Thomas, Jaylen Brown, Amir Johnson, and 2017 Brooklyn Pick

Naysayers believe Boston would be giving up for a player that hasn't committed long term HOWEVER the Celtics would then be able to offer Westbrook almost 100 million total between now and 2023 than any other team that doesn't have his rights.

Pf. Olynick
Sf. Crowder
C. Horford
Sg. Bradley
Pg. Westbrook
6m. Smart

Pf. Kanter
Sf. Brown
C. Adams
Sg. Oladipo
Pg. Thomas
6m. Johnson.

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25 Jul 2016 19:39:57
Even though his shooting percentages aren't there, I'd like to see the Bucks trade for Marcus Smart. His defense is great and his size helps his versatility when they need to switch on picks.

However I'm not sure if the Bucks could get him, maybe a trade for Henson? He might be an alternate to what they were looking for in Noel? It couldn't be a straight swap but I'll let you guys choose who else would need to be moved on each team.

If that's feasible then also trade MCW for McLemore.

All that's left is trying to trade Monroe for a backup SF and some picks (maybe the Pondexter + two 2nd rnd DFs as Schmidt? stated earlier) . I think Maker would be adequate for a backup C at 7'1" in most scenarios vs. other backups.

PG - Delly/ Smart - Ennis/ Brogdon
SG - Middleton - McLemore - Vaughn
SF - Giannis - Pondexter
PF - Parker - Teletovic
C - Plumlee - Maker

You'd have to hope for no injuries with this lineup though.

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25 Jul 2016 20:09:52
C. J. McCollum Agrees Upon Four-Year, $106M Max Extension With Blazers

So I'm going to say this . 20mil per season is no longer a max deal. Max deals are 30 mil per year and higher. All of these players like Parsons, Batum, Barnes, etc aren't max players but are getting between 20 - 29 mil per season.

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25 Jul 2016 18:37:12

SAC recieves Brandon Knight, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Amir Johnson, 2017 BKN 1st round swap rights, and 2018 BKN 1st round pick
SAC trades Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins

BOS recieves DeMarcus Cousins
BOS trades Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Amir Johnson, 2017 BKN 1st round swap rights, 2018 BKN 1st round pick, and 2018 BOS 31-55 protected 2nd round pick

PHX recieves Rudy Gay and 2018 BOS 31-55 protected 2nd round pick
PHX trades Brandon Knight

Sacremento gets good pieces to rebuild with including two very likely top 10 picks, an above average point guard, and the third pick in this years draft.

Boston adds a star to help them contend next season.

Phoenix recieves a quality small forward and is able to clear rotation space for young players Booker and Ulis.

Knight-Collison/ Smart



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25 Jul 2016 21:39:54
Knight and Warren = Gay?

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25 Jul 2016 21:40:26
My bad you just don't have him on the depth chart.

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25 Jul 2016 15:16:52
Spin off a trade posted earlier

Sixers get Valentine, Brooklyn 2017 pick from Boston
Bulls get Okafor, Brown, Korkmaz, Bentil, 2018 Brooklyn, 2018 2nd Sixers
Celtics get Butler

Bulls get a lot of young talent and a good pick with Brooklyn
Celtics get another star to compete
Sixers get rid of a big with good young talent and possible top pick in draft.

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25 Jul 2016 16:48:54
Celtics would really challenge the cavs. By adding butler and giving up future pieces. That's like adding Butler and horford from last year success minus Turner.
This would be my line up for Boston.
Thomas sixth man.

Just think Sixers should give up something else. Boston get noel and 76ers get lopez.

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25 Jul 2016 17:44:50
I would start I Thomas, i don't think he wants to be a sixth man.

True GM is right, boston is a little overpaying, giving up the two Nets picks+ Brwon is to much
Noel to Boston
R Lopez+ the Memphis pick to Philly

but Butler in boston would be awesome.

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25 Jul 2016 19:01:51
Just saying it be hard to score on that line up and i. t can come in and easily score.

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25 Jul 2016 15:14:48
If Bucks can't trade Monroe, maybe use Plumlee as a starter and use Monroe like Hornets used Big Al last season and trade Henson. Who would trade for Henson?

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25 Jul 2016 15:20:19
Henson to Rockets.

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25 Jul 2016 23:27:28
Got a question, is Monroe really a problem? I think his 15mil a year is a good deal. Some teams might get a steal if they trade for him. He just needs to fit in.

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25 Jul 2016 14:17:28
Bucks Depth Chart

Delly, Mcw, Ennis
Antetokounmpo, Brogdon
Middleton, Telly
Parker, Maker
Henson, Monroe, Plumlee.

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25 Jul 2016 05:58:28
I think if Jr stay cavs should just keep same team.

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25 Jul 2016 00:34:39
Cavs ultimate team:

Trade Irving and Thompson for Westbrook And Steven Adams

Sign Gordin Hayward

Trade Shumpert for Mclemore

Sign Taj Gibson

Westbrook/ Felder
Hayward/ Mclemore
Lebron/ Dunleavy
Love/ Gibson
Adams/ Fye.

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25 Jul 2016 03:26:05
"Gordin Hayward" is not a FA.

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25 Jul 2016 04:33:45
Neither is taj Gibson unless he means next offseason.

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24 Jul 2016 22:17:10
Is anyone else surprised that Stephenson hasn't been signed yet? It was just a like 2 years ago when lance was starting over turner on a playoff team. Turner now has a 70 mil contract and stephenson has yet to be signed.

One team i think that should sign lance is the spurs. The last time he was in a good team system, lance was almost an allstar. Lance could add athleticism, another playmaker, while being a versatile defender that they would need against a team like golden state. Noting how little interest there has been in him, the spurs could get him for cheap.

Stephenson in the spurs system would be a low risk, high reward signing. At only 25 and yet to reach his prime, lance could be a good replacement for ginobili and would help them greatly in matchups against golden state. I haven't heard any rumors about this, but noting how every player plays better for the spurs this would a great deal for both teams.

If any of you don't remember, before diaw joined the spurs, he was on a poor team where he was cited for his poor effort. Going to the spurs resurrected his career, and he became a crucial part on a championship team. what's to say the same can't happen to stephenson.

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25 Jul 2016 17:46:46
Spurs or Indy should sign him indeed.

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24 Jul 2016 14:05:13
Who among the role players (not the stars of their team) have a very good contract and is a big part of their team? Also not those who are in rookie contract

1. Danny Green
2. Trevor Ariza
3. Derrick Favors
4. Thad Young
5. Khris Middleton
6. JJ Redick
7. Kenneth Faried
8. Avery Bradley
9. Jae Crowder
10. Al Farouq Aminu

There are more out there who else guys?

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24 Jul 2016 18:13:08
Marcus Morris, Cory Joseph.

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24 Jul 2016 22:45:44
Monta Ellis, MKG, Vucevic, Markieff Morris, Wilson Chandler.

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25 Jul 2016 03:26:43
Taj Gibson.

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24 Jul 2016 03:01:12
I think that the 76ers had a decent offseason, but it could've been much better.
This is the way it should of gone:

•The Draft:
When Jamal Murray was still available at #6, the 76ers should've been blowing up the Pelicans phone. This should have been their offer and the deal made:
-76ers get #6 pick and Alexis Ajinca
-Pelicans get Jahlil Okafor, #26 pick, Jerami Grant, and a future 2nd rd pick
•#6 pick- Jamal Murray
•#24 pick- Timothe Luwawu (done)

•Free Agency:
-Sign Jerryd Bayless 3yr 27m (done)
-Sign Gerald Henderson 2yr 18m (done)
-Sign Troy Daniels 3yr 18m
-Bring Dario Saric over (done)
Waive/ Let go: Kendall Marshall, Nik Stauskas

Murray/ Bayless/ McConnell
Henderson/ Daniels/ Thompson
Saric/ Covington/ Luwawu
Simmons/ Holmes/ Landry
Noel/ Embiid/ Ajinca.

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24 Jul 2016 21:57:37
What if cavs drafted Butler instead of Thompson. Then following year got Drummond instead of waiters plus drafted green. Then everything else would been different and James came back still.

I love the cavs I think they did horrible drafting after Irving. Delly was good. But everything else could been much better. I rather have Thompson, Leonard or Butler over Thompson. But Thompson was an okay pick just was better options especially with cavs already having Andy but no 3 Leonard should been there pick.

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24 Jul 2016 22:58:33
True GM, that is true Cavs outside of Irving did an awful job of drafting. You forgot about Bennett which was probably their worst pick recently. It wasn't that great of a draft but nobody projected Bennett #1 and they could've gotten Oladipo or Noel instead. They wouldn't likely had drafted any of these guys but theoretically could have had McCollum, KCP, Steven Adams, Schroeder, Antetokoumpo or Gobert. Cavs also selected Allen Crabbe that draft and dealt him for two future 2nds

Bennett I guess wasn't a complete waste since he did help net Love when he still had some value as he was just a year removed from being #1 and some were optimistic still.

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24 Jul 2016 23:22:23
True GM hindsight is 20-20, the thompson pick was ok, TT has been a double double machine, while evolving into a very versatile defender while not missing any games in his career. (might of missed a few early on, not sure) Coming into the draft, klay thompson was viewed in a pretty similar way that nik staukas was viewed, and almost no one expected leonard or butler to be very good offensively. The bennett pick was pretty bad, but there was no clear or even somewhat clear no.1 choice, and waiters has been decent nba player.

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25 Jul 2016 04:42:57
Bennett pick has nothing to do with anything I posted. If the cavs drafted better in first two years the third year they prolly wouldn't got the first pick so Bennett had nothing to do with this mm post.

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25 Jul 2016 08:34:12
What if other teams do better too? Especially sactown. What of min drafted Curry?

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24 Jul 2016 01:51:29
Cavs Denver

Cavs receive

Denver receives

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24 Jul 2016 23:04:06
I think Cavs would get better from a trade like this but doesn't make a lot of sense for Nuggets who have a loaded front court (Faried, Arthur, Nurkic, Jokic) . They are getting a steal value wise and I think Love will put up his Minnesota numbers in Denver being the #1 option again.

I think any team that gets Love will be getting a steal as he likely won't be the 3rd option on whatever team he goes to and will benefit tremendously from increased role but won't have to give up that much since he stock is low now after not fitting in with Cavs and them arguably playing better without him.

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24 Jul 2016 00:55:48
Can simmons embiid and saric be the best rookies to play at the same team ever?

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24 Jul 2016 05:28:01
Are you kidding me? Have somewhat realistic expectations. This is stupid.

Look up the following then keep quiet:

Abdul jabar
Oscar Robertson
David Robinson

Best ever? Go for 10 win increase. What a joke to all sixers fans.

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24 Jul 2016 05:43:36
Are they on the same team in their rookie season?

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24 Jul 2016 06:02:50
He means the best group in their rookie season on the same team at the same time.

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24 Jul 2016 13:40:11
Wow, some people don't get life

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24 Jul 2016 14:40:48
Some people don't get life? I'm failing to see the point of this. The overall impact they have as rookies will not match up to the singular impact of those I listed. So who ever else was a rookie on the team when those players I listed were. They are also part of the best rookie seasons ever. Feel better?

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24 Jul 2016 15:05:13
He still doesn't get it.

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24 Jul 2016 20:46:57
Aww snap. I don't get it conceptually that the sixers fans anoint their rookies as GOAT. But I do get the impact of prior rookies. And seeing as they would have to be compared against their impact. I still take Larry bird and whatever rookies he was with. But thanks for informing me.

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24 Jul 2016 21:04:50
Additionally, it depends on your definition of best rookies ever. If you judge based on stats. Sure. Possible. Especially as they will get much time because of being so bad. I judge performance on wins though. And in that they will not. Embiid likely won't play the whole year. Simmons and saric will block each other's minutes. I get it. I actually see decent performances out of embiid and saric. Very good out of Simmons. All time best? Likely not top 10. And I can say that because I actually do get it. I get wins are the factor that determines success. Not stat stuffing because the sixers are fielding a triple a team for another year or two and someone has to get stats. Question is, do people posing questions like this get it? Probably not. And probably still think MCW was the best rookie from his class. So Grizzlies and Schmitz, I ask. Do you get it? Or just groundless trolling. I tend to believe the latter.

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24 Jul 2016 23:13:11
Not sure they'll even be the best this year. Suns with Bender, Chriss and Ulis or Nuggets with Murray, Hernangomez and Beasley could potentially have them beat.

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25 Jul 2016 00:34:24
Hamburger you still don't get what he was saying bro.

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25 Jul 2016 00:36:51
He did not say that Simmons, Saric, and Embiid will be the 1st 2nd and 3rd best rookies in their class this year.
He said that they could be the best GROUP of rookies in the same class on the same team.

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25 Jul 2016 03:08:32
I ask that because simmons this year number 1 who has a ton of potential and embiid is number 3 in 2014 and saric who just won the mvp in european qualifier. Saric and embiid consider as a rookie. Don't sleep on embiid if he's healthy he would be a great bigman in the league.

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25 Jul 2016 04:52:03
I think he get it he just have a different point of view? For me it's a no.

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26 Jul 2016 00:17:23
I get it entirely. My view point is the best class is when a group of rookies alter a team drastically through increased wins. Not stats. The sixers aren't making the playoffs. This not the best. Simple as that. I fully get it.

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26 Jul 2016 00:46:21
★☆76ers Rookie 2016-2017 Team★☆
■ Wait until the season ends .

■ If the 76ers win 25-30 games, the 3 Rookies show improvement throughout the season→

■ If Saric, Embiid, and Simmons all play in the NBA Rookie Challenge Game and all 3 are selected to the All NBA Rookie 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Teams, and one of them is selected NBA Rookie of the Year; All 3 place within the Top 10 in ROTY voting

■ I think I would but them up there as one of the best group of Rookies on ONE TEAM (Hamburg 1 Team) during one NBA season in modern times.

■ This HAMburger guy, GO find out who where the other Rookies with Bird, then Talk! Remember, READING COMPREHENSION is fundamental, so understand the man's question before writing your ill advised sermons

■ BigBoyAssasin started his post with, "Can", he never said Embiid, Saric, and Simmons "Will Be" the best group of Rookies of All Time!

■ Suns and Nuggets Rookies can't touch Simmons #1, Embiid #3, and 6'10 International star Saric . plus T. Lawuwa/ France 6'7" swingman looks nice also

■ Saric, Simmons, and Embiid will be on the court together, with Simmons up top, Saric on wing, Embiid down low on offense; 76ers D-Assignment→
Saric on 4, Simmons on 3, Embiid on 5: So squash the cutting into each other's time and development with those 3; Saric backs up Nerlen; Okafor → Gone!

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