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20 Apr 2014 00:29:31
Some GM's think Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook to leave Thunder
Neither Kevin Durant nor Russell Westbrook can leave the Oklahoma City Thunder in free agency for the next few seasons, but that doesn't mean a few NBA general managers aren't convinced that one of them will be on the move down the road.

Citing the difficulty of sharing the spotlight, according to Ric Bucher, a handful of GM's believe one of the two will eventually depart Oklahoma City for greener pastures.

It may be wishful thinking, but several GMs are still convinced Westbrook and Durant will go their separate ways, the challenge of sharing top billing in a market as small as Oklahoma City being too much for them.

It's not outlandish to think such could happen, but there aren't many better markets (in terms of fan support) than OKC and the Thunder have a good thing going. Add all that up and you have a situation where either player leaving seems like GM's wanting it to happen rather than it actually going down.




20 Apr 2014 00:28:02
Carmelo Anthony's time with the New York Knicks is seemingly at an end, as Melo is expected to exercise his early termination option and enter the free agent class of 2014. So who could afford Anthony and what would it take to get him there?

The Chicago Bulls have been linked to Anthony, and according to NBA salary cap wizard Larry Coon, they might be able to outbid other potential suitors with next season's new cap structure.
According to Coon, the league has raised the projected 2014-15 salary cap from $62.9 million to $63.2 million and the luxury tax threshold has gone up from $75.7 million to $77. 0 million. This puts the Bulls in a good position to make a run at Melo.

When Coon crunches the numbers, he says the Knicks could go as high as five years and $129.1 million, while other teams (Chicago included) would max out at $95.9 million over four years. But Anthony has stated he doesn't want to re-build with the Knicks, so this is a case where money may not be the deciding factor.

The Bulls won't be able to give Melo a max deal without gutting the roster, and that's not going to happen. Anthony would have to take a pay cut to play in Chicago, with a first-year salary that would top out at around $17.5 million, which is significantly less than the $22. 45 million he could get in a max deal.

Anthony is nearing the end of his career, and he knows it. The window for winning an NBA title is quickly closing, so chances are that he'll go with a team that offers a competitive contract and gives him the best shot at finally getting a ring.




19 Apr 2014 20:20:42
Is paul peirce top 50 all time?



19 Apr 2014 19:08:31
So even after the Suns missed the playoffs it looks like their players are still untouchable lol. Let's see how many finals appearences Bledsoe, Dragic, and the Morris twins go to.

Suns aren't going to be good. they should have tanked. Wiggins would have fit perfectly on them. And archie goodwin sucks and is the next chris smith.





19 Apr 2014 18:28:05

1st Lakers
2nd Boston
3rd Sixers

But lottery is not fixed.



19 Apr 2014 10:56:37
this is not a trade rumor but this is my prediction to the playoffs

East: (im pretty sure that Pacers and heat will meet in conf finals)

Pacers vs Hawks, IND in 4
Heat vs Cats, MIA in 4
Tor vs Nets, Nets in 7
Wiz vs Bulls, Bulls in 6

Pacers vs Bulls, IND in 7
Heat vs nets, Heat in 7 (nets sweep the heat in season)

Pacers vs Heat, ithink this will be one of the greatest series in NBA history and I will still go for Heat in 7

West (this conference is a beast every series is a must to watch)

Spurs vs Mavs, Spurs in 6
Okc vs Memphis, Okc in 6 (westbrook is healthy)
Clips vs warriors, clips in 7
Rockets vs blazers, Blazers in 7

Spurs vs Blazers, Spurs in 7
Okc vs clips, Okc in 7

OKC vs Spurs, Okc in 7

Heat vs OKC II

OKC in 7

MVP Durant
Most improved anthony davis
Def Noah
COY Terry stots
6th man Crawford

All nba team 3

All nba team 2

All nba team 3



18 Apr 2014 11:57:01
Howard Beck of bleacher report idea for Knicks next season

Trade Chandler and Felton to sixers for 10th pick in this draft

Draft pg Tyler Ennis

Trade Melo (s&t) and smith to rockets for Parsons, Lin, Asik and 1st round dp

Ive added rest of resigning Tyler, Murry, Aldrich and Oden

Sign Metta World Peace and Brandon Rush

Roster for 2014/15
Pg Ennis, Lin, Prigioni
Sg Shumpert, Hardaway, Murry
Sf Parsons, Metta World Peace, Rush
Pf Stoudemire, Bargnani, Oden
C Asik, Tyler, Aldrich

Massive changes but it will show that Knicks are looking for the long term future. They have Shumpert, Parsons, Hardaway, Ennis, Tyler, Murry and Aldrich who are all young players who can develop into great starters and role players

And with Asik, Stoudemire, Bargnani and Lin big contracts coming of books at end of next season Knicks have massive cap space, Couple of draft picks and promising young team for 2015/16 season

I don't know if Sixers, Rockets and Melo will like the idea but I do.

Comments please



18 Apr 2014 00:31:31
Western Conference Playoff Team:

Oklahoma City Thunder VS Memphis Grizzlies

G- Westbrook VS Conley
G- Sefolosha VS Lee
F- Durant VS Prince
F- Ibaka VS Randolph
C- Adams VS Gasol

6TH: Jackson VS Catheles



17 Apr 2014 10:06:59
Lakers need to go after a sf in the draft I like melo but we shouldn't go after him if we can get monroe for 60m Lakers should do it resign gasol young meek hill

Right! Lakers need to sign a center and power foward then draft swingman probably a kawhi Leonard's type of player.




17 Apr 2014 05:29:04
Can some one please explain to me why lakers can't sign melo and love but heat sign lebron bosh and was able to resign wade?

Because they took small pay cuts and didn't get max contracts. Kobe certainly didn't feel like helping out the franchise when he agreed to his extension, and I doubt Melo and Love would accept anything less than a max contract



16 Apr 2014 04:20:47
Dallas Mavericks vs Memphis Grizzlies

C: Samuel Dalembert vs Marc Gasol
PF: Dirk Nowitzki vs Zach Randolph
SF: Shawn Marion vs Tayshaun Prince
SG: Monta Ellis vs Courtney Lee
PG: Jose Calderon vs Mike Conley
c: Rick Carlisle vs Dave Joerger

G: Shane Larkin / Beno Udrih
Devin Harris / Tony Allen
Gal Mekel / Jamaal Franklin
Wayne Ellington vs Nick Calathes

F: Vince Carter / Mike Miller
Jae Crowder vs James Johnson

C: DeJuan Blair / Ed Davis
Brandan Wright vs Kosta Koufos




16 Apr 2014 00:25:57
Minnesota would like another 2014 pick or two
Would anyone give a late 1st or early 2nd round pick for J. J. Barea (1 year 4.4 million), Alexey Shved (1 year 3.2 million), or Chase Budinger ( 2 years 5 million per year, year 2 player option). '

No. Certainly not a 1st



15 Apr 2014 22:12:39
Utah Jazz 2014-15: Enes Kanter; 6 Mil + Hayward; 4, 7 Mil + Burke; 2, 5 Mil + Burks; 3, 2 Mil + J-Evans; 1, 8 Mil + Lucas; 1, 6 Mil + Gobert; 1, 1 Mil + Garrett; 0, 9 Mil + M-Thomas; 0, 9 Mil + I-Clark; 0, 8 Mil = 16, 3 Mil //.
Can Use 58, 5 mil - 71, 6 mil:
Re-Sign; Derrick Favors; 4 Year; 7 Mil. a year + Re-Sign Jamaal Tinsley; 1-year; 0, 7 Mil = 7, 7 = Total Expenditures; 24 Mil = About 41 Mil left:
Trade 35th Pick + Lucas, Garrett and I-Clark to Suns for 17th Pick + Trade future 2nd rounder to 76ers for 51st pick
Draft; 5th Overall; Marcus Smart; 6'4 - 220; PG + 17th Overall; TJ Warren; 6'8 - 225; SF + 51st Overall; Walter Tavares; 7'3 - 260; C //.
Team; C: Kanter, Gobert, Tavares / PF: Favors, J-Evans / SF: Hayward, Warren / SG: Burks, Malcolm / PG: Burke, Smart, Tinsley //.
= Need: 1 x PF, SF and SG: Sign: PF: Greg Monroe; 3-year; 10 Mil. a year + SF: Lance Stephenson; 4-year; 11 Mil. a year + SG: Jodie Meeks; 2-year; 4 Mil. a year //.
= Cap Expenditure; 49 Mil //.
+ Team: C) Kanter, PF) Monroe, SF) Hayward, SG) Stephenson, PG) Burke/Smart //.
Bench: C) Gobert, PF) Favors, SF) Meeks, SG) Burks, PG) Smart/Burke //.
Reserves: C) Tavares, PF) J-Evans, SF) Warren, SG) Malcolm, PG) Tinsley

This is a sure candidate for West 5-8 Spot + With a core of young talents mixed with a Monroe and Stephenson who can grow into leaders they could be a top team in western conference within 3-4 years.
+ Keep in mind they still only use 49 mil, which then they might have around 20 mil to spend next year on an even bigger star.


I am so confused

Sooo much wrong with this I don't even know where to begin. Hayward will want more than 7 mil a yr. Jazz already extended Favors. Why exactly would the suns even consider that trade? They cut Garret beginning of season for obvious reasons, and they other 2 players are trash so they would just be cut. So basically you're asking to trade the 35th pick for the 17th pick? Wow. And then you list Favors as a bench player? Again, WOW!



14 Apr 2014 15:43:41
Nba playoff update

Battle for 1st in East: HEAT or Pacers
Battle for 3rd in East: Bulls or Raptors
Battle for 4th in West: Rockets or TrailBlazers
Battle for 6th in West: Warriors or Mavericks
Battle for 6th in East: Wizards or Bobcats
Battle for 8th in West: Grizzlies or Suns


Pacers clinched the 1st in East
Rockets clinched the 4th in West
Warriors clinched the 6th in West
Grizzlies blewout suns' playoff chance, got the 8th seed

Raptors and Bulls are fighting for 3rd seed
Wizards and Bobcats are fighting for 6th seed


Grizzlies and Mavs will fight for 7th seed

Add on:
If Bulls win and Raptors loss, Chicago will be the 3rd seed but if both win or both loss Toronto will stay in 3rd seed.

If Nets loss twice or tied with Wizards win Brooklyn will be on 6th seed.

If Bobcats win and Wizards loss, Charlotte will be on 6th seed.

If Grizzlies win and Mavs loss, Memphis will be on 7th seed.

Spurs, HEAT, Thunder, Clippers, Rockets, Pacers, Warriors, Blazers & Hawks, clinched their spots.




14 Apr 2014 10:30:09
Charlotte Bobcats vs Atlanta Hawks

C: Al Jefferson vs *Al Horford
PF: Josh McRoberts vs Paul Millsap
SF: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist vs DeMare Carroll
SG: Gerald Henderson vs Kyle Korver
PG: Kemba Walker vs Jeff Teague
c: Steve Clifford vs Mike Budenholzer

G: Luke Ridnour / Dennis Schroeder
Jannero Pargo / Lou Williams
Gary Neal / Shelvin Mack
Chris Douglas-Roberts vs John Jenkins

F: Jeffery Taylor / Mike Scott
Anthony Tolliver vs Elton Brand

C: Bismack Biyombo / Gustavo Ayon
Cody Zeller vs Pero Antic




12 Apr 2014 13:48:57
Welcome back to basketball purgatory Phoenix



11 Apr 2014 13:36:47
Brooklyn Nets vs Washington Wizards

C: *Brook Lopez vs Marcin Gortat
PF: Kevin Garnett vs Nene
SF: Paul Pierce vs Trevor Ariza
SG: Joe Johnson vs Bradley Beal
PG: Deron Williams vs John Wall
c: Jason Kidd vs Randy Wittman

G: Marcus Thornton / Andre Miller
Shaun Livingston vs Martell Webster

F: Alan Anderson / Otto Porter
Andrei Kirilenko / Chris Singleton
Andray Blatche / Drew Gooden
Mirza Teletovic vs Al Harrington

C: Mason Plumlee / Trevor Booker
Jason Collins vs Kevin Seraphin




10 Apr 2014 21:49:35
All these poor organization like the Knicks, suns, okc, clippers, Houston, etc u can name All the rest except Boston and the Lakers there the only Dynasty teams mayb Chicago and the San Antonio that's it I guarantee that the Lakers get the top 3 pick in the draft boston top 5 the nba TOOK CP3 from them All y'all know that starting 5 4 the Lakers next season Nash/Exum Kobe deng Love Gasol with this year Bench Guarantee Championship let's Go Lakers!!




10 Apr 2014 12:34:21
Portland TrailBlazers vs Golden State Warriors

C: Robin Lopez vs Andrew Bogut
PF: LaMarcus Aldridge vs *David Lee
SF: Nicolas Batum vs Andre Iguodala
SG: Wesley Matthews vs Klay Thompson
PG: Damian Lillard vs Stephen Curry
c: Terry Stotts vs Mark Jackson

G: Mo Williams / Steve Blake
CJ McCollum vs Jordan Crawford

F: Will Barton / Harrison Barnes
Dorell Wright / Draymond Green
Victor Claver / Marreese Speights
Thomas Robinson vs Jermaine O'Neal

C: Joel Freeland / Hilton Armstrong
Meyers Leonard vs Festus Ezeli




10 Apr 2014 08:44:37
R. I. P. Ultimate Warrior!



10 Apr 2014 04:46:17
As knicks fan i'd trade melo for griffin all day



09 Apr 2014 23:21:42
Best offensive:


Best Defensive:


Best Passer:


Why isn't lebron on all 3? Can play the 4



09 Apr 2014 22:56:09
OKC offseason

Amnesty Perkins

Sign Gordon Hayward

Next season Lineup:

G- Westbrook/Jackson/DP
G- Hayward/Lamb/DP
F- KD/Sefolosha/Roberson
F- Ibaka/Jones
C- Adams/Collison/Thabeet



10 Apr 2014 00:37:03
Potential trade that I think would help both teams.

Toronto gets Ricky Rubio, Shabazz Muhammad, and whoever Minnesota picks with the 13th pick

Minnesota gets Kyle Lowry (S&T) and whoever Toronto picks with their 2014 1st round pick (currently 20th).

What do you think?



10 Apr 2014 00:05:46

Knicks get Reggie Jackson, and Greg Monroe

Nuggets get Selfelosha and Datome

Thunder get J. J hickson and Rodney Stuckey and Detroit First Round Pick (2014)

Pistons get Lamb, Felton, and Kenneth Faried

J. R Smith/Hardaway
-Key pieces that can make Carmelo stay in NYK. And Jackson and Monroe are rising players waiting to make an impact

Jennings/Felton /Siva
Josh Smith/Singler
Drummond/Charlie V
-Talented squad with young players who complement each other

Selfolosha/Evan Fournier
Mcdermott/Anthony Hamilton



09 Apr 2014 10:02:10
Toronto Raptors vs Chicago Bulls

C: Jonas Valanciunas vs Joakim Noah
PF: Amir Johnson vs Carlos Boozer
SF: Terrence Ross vs Jimmy Butler
SG: DeMar DeRozan vs Kirk Hinrich
PG: Kyle Lowry vs *Derrick Rose
c: Dwane Casey vs Tom Thibodeau

G: Nando De Colo / DJ Augustin
Greivis Vasquez vs Jimmer Fredette

F: John Salmons / Tony Snell
Landry Fields / Ronnie Brewer
Steve Novak vs Mike Dunleavy

C: Chuck Hayes / Tornike Shengelia
Patrick Patterson / Taj Gibson
Tyler Hansbrough vs Nazr Mohammed


Utah Jazz vs Milwaukee Bucks

Enes Kanter vs Larry Sanders
Derrick Favors vs John Henson
Richard Jefferson vs Khris Middleton
Gordon Hayward vs Giannis Antetokounmpo
Trey Burke vs Brandon Knight

Diante Garrett vs Ramon Sessions
John Lucas vs Nate Wolters
Alec Burks vs OJ Mayo
Ian Clark vs DJ Stephens

Brandon Rush vs Carlos Delfino
Marvin Williams vs Irsan Ilyasova
Jeremy Evans vs Jeff Adrien

Andris Biedrins vs Zaza Pachulia
Rudy Gobert vs Miroslav Raduljica / Ekpe Udoh




09 Apr 2014 02:30:03
Lakers need to draft a good sf or center



08 Apr 2014 17:13:13
Bulls amnesty Boozer.

Bulls get Kevin Love

Wolves get Taj Gibson, Jimmy Butler, Mike Dunleavy, #16 pick, and #19 pick.

Sign Carmelo Anthony max contract.

That leaves

Pf. Love
Sf. Anthony
C. Noah
Sg. Snell
Pg. Rose.

Then sign a bunch of min contract guys. veterans that will take pay cuts to win.



08 Apr 2014 16:14:49
Melo to bulls bulls 2015 champs

Only if rose gets 100% healthy



08 Apr 2014 06:01:07
Los Angeles Clippers vs Houston Rockets

C: DeAndre Jordan vs Dwight Howard
PF: Blake Griffin vs Terrence Jones
SF: Matt Barnes vs Chandler Parsons
SG: JJ Redick vs James Harden
PG: Chris Paul vs Patrick Beverley
c: Doc Rivers vs Kevin McHale

G: Darren Collison / Isaiah Canaan
Jamaal Crawford / Jeremy Lin
Willie Green vs Francisco Garcia

F: Jared Dudley / Jordan Hamilton
Danny Granger / Omri Casspi
Hedo Turkoglu / Donatas Motiejunas
Glen Davis vs Greg Smith

C: Ryan Hollins vs Omer Asik