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26 Nov 2015 17:37:23
Who would win?




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26 Nov 2015 20:13:55
The first team is better on offense while the second is better on defense. Not sure.

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27 Nov 2015 01:06:18
First team would absolutely win. Harden can't play team ball. And Drummond is overrated. He's rebounding like crazy but is limited offensively. More so than anyone else on here.

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26 Nov 2015 17:34:57
Top 5 in each position based on performance this season so far

Point Guard
1. S. Curry
2. R. Westbrook
3. C. Paul
4. R. Rondo
5. K. Lowry

Shooting Guard
1. James Harden
2. Jimmy Butler
3. Demar Derozan
4. Dwayne Wade
5. Andrew Wiggins

Small Forward
1. LeBron James
2. Kevin Durant
3. Paul George
4. Kawhi Leonard
5. Carmelo Anthony

Power Forward
1. Anthony Davis
2. Blake Griffin
3. Kevin Love
4. Draymond Green
5. Paul Millsap
* special mention Kristaps Porzingis

1. Demarcus Cousins
2. Andre Drummond
3. Hassan Whiteside
4. Marc Gasol
5. Pau Gasol.

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27 Nov 2015 01:10:40
How is lillard not top 5 pg? 25.1/7.2/4.6. Absolutely ahead of rondo and Lowry. I'd also take towns over one or both of the gasols.

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27 Nov 2015 05:32:50
You forgot to mention Serge Ibaka..

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27 Nov 2015 12:21:11
^oh men my bad i forget Lillard. Lillard number 4 Rondo 5. Towns over Pau.

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26 Nov 2015 17:23:59
Someone has an idea what the hell is going on with Rockets and Clippers? Is this the Warriors effect?

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26 Nov 2015 20:14:48
Most teams are struggling in the west. No club what's going on.

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26 Nov 2015 14:57:29
Carmelo is so overrated

who takes 25 shots to make 25 points melo that's who.

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26 Nov 2015 17:17:28
What is your purpose of saying this? Will you convince other people to hate him? He's still a star-caliber player no matter what.

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26 Nov 2015 17:53:30
What was the point of this? And what single game were you looking at to profess he is entirely overrated?

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25 Nov 2015 05:23:52
This isn't a trade proposal
But the knicks aren't going to trade robin lopez away from prozingus. Kp isn't ready to play center yet in his rookie year. lopez is playing great defense which is helping develop kp. I see so many trades being proposed with lopez. Knicks wouldn't do it. knicks would need to have a huge advantage in any trade involving lopez (lottery draft pick) type of trade for lipez. And to be honest lopez is playing his best right now. He's bum.

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24 Nov 2015 04:40:08
Where would you rank the 2nd year players of the NBA at right now? Who play at least 25 minutes per game.
Wiggins 21 pts 4 Rebs 2 ast 43 fg% ( clear cut number 1 IMO)
After that I'm not sure what order I would put the other players in

Lavine 14 pts 3 ast 4 Rebs 45 fg 40 3pts% 18 per
Clarkson 16 pts 3 Rebs 2 ast 48.5 fg% 45 3pt% 15.5 per
Noel 11 pts 9 Rebs 1 ast 43 fg 58 ft
Randle 11 pts 9 Rebs 2.5 ast43 fg% 66 ft
Smart 10 pts 4 Rebs 3 ast 35 fg%
Payton 10 pts 6 ast 4 Rebs 35 fg%

THAT IS NOT MY ORDER. I'm asking you what order would you put these sophomore players?

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24 Nov 2015 17:17:58
Honestly, this draft class as a whole is pretty disappointing so far. If you base it purely on PER, you're looking at Wiggins, Lavine, Clarkson, Randle, Payton, Smart and Noel.

As far as players that are actually influencing their team and improving their organization?

1) Wiggins
4) Randle
5) Noel
6) Smart
7) Payton

I personally am not a huge fan of Smart, Payton is absolutely replaceable and a terrible shooter, Randle I have issues with defense, Noel issues with the offense (don't care how amazing at defense you are, when you shoot 42% fg as a non jumpshooter, 62%ft, and turn the ball over at that rate, you are a major liability) . the top 3 seem like they have the best potential as of now.

It's just very hard to evaluate because the sixers and lakers are TERRIBLE. It wouldn't be fair to evaluate these players without taking the records into account. And then you throw in the fact that the stats get bloated because well, someone needs to get the points. just very difficult at this point.

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24 Nov 2015 17:47:52
I would say it's impressive that clarkson is averaging 16 points on a team with a lot of shot chuckers in Lou will swaggy Kobe. Then the other players like Randle and Russell have to shoot the ball as well. He is playing pretty efficient this year and I'm really surprised at his 3 point percentage.

Payton is like rondo terrible percentages but good defense. I thought this draft class would be better but injuries to people like Parker embiid and exum made it worse.

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24 Nov 2015 04:22:55
Who are your early top 3 picks for MVP as of right now? I say.
Paul George

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24 Nov 2015 17:22:27
Kawhi Leonard.

Westbrook and George are right up there. Just feel like Westbrook is turning the ball over way too much, and I personally feel like the best player of the best teams should be the MVP.

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23 Nov 2015 21:52:13
Cavaliers Starting Lineup

Kyrie Irving/Mo Williams/Jose Caldron
JR Smith/Iman Shumpert/Cunningham
LeBron James/Jefferson/James Jones
Kevin Love/Kyle O'Quinn/Ryan Kelly
Timofey Mozgov/Lopez/Sasha Kaun

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24 Nov 2015 15:36:19
what league?

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23 Nov 2015 16:46:45
What's your top 5 Rookie rankings thus far? Not just based off what they did so far, but what they reasonably can do in the future as well.

1) Porzingis
1) Towns

Perhaps it's because I'm a knicks fan, but I would give the sliiiiight edge to Prozingis because of the potential range. Both are looking like absolute studs.

3) Russell - starting to come around. Looking like a full package player
4) Okafor - solid offensively around the basket, ok rebounder, lacking defensively
5) Jokic - project, but seems like he really has the tools to be a very good center for years to come.

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23 Nov 2015 17:37:05

Easily could change and Russell is starting to pick it up with more minutes now.

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23 Nov 2015 20:11:59
Towns-great defensively and showing offensive skill as well, complete package. It's a toss between him and Zinger
Porzingis-wow just wow. he has overachieved by now.
Mudiay-showing star-caliber flashes. Just more maturity will improve his shooting and turnover
Okafor-need improvement in D but his offense is phenomenal
Russell-starting to pick it up.

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23 Nov 2015 22:13:12
Funny how people that do not watch certain teams declare that certain players that they don't watch cannot play D. Okafor has improved rebounding and has blocked more shots than expected. I'll give Russell the notch above Mudiay since Russell is stuck (for now) in a tough rotation but has had a pretty solid recent week or so. Zinger is playing above expectations but let's not get carried away. Towns is a clear #1 thus far.

1. Towns
2. Okafor
3. Porzingis
4. Russell
5. Mudiay.

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24 Nov 2015 00:23:29
I live in philly. I watch okafor. And I look at his stats. There is a reason he has a PER of 14 or so. While both porzingis and towns are above 19. Big those two have solid defense. Both have good free throw percentages. Both are winning. Simple as that.

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24 Nov 2015 00:36:35
To add to this, because clearly I don't watch the sixers which are 5 miles from me.

Porzingis - 13.2pts, 8.8boards, 1.5blocks, .7 steals. 1.7 turnovers, 83% ft 19.5 PER.

Okafor - 17.9 pts, 7.7 boards, 1.6 blocks, .3 steals, 3.0 turnovers, 63% ft, 14.5 PER.

Not to mention the knicks are a playoff team now, the sixers, led by okafor, are going for the ALL TIME LOSS RECORD. And seeing as there is no one else to possibly score for the sixers, reasonably, okafors stats are inflated. ala Michael Carter Williams. But we can ignore that, it doesn't help philly feel pretty.

Porzingis isn't playing beyond expectations, he's jsut meeting expectations sooner than expected. He is a solid TWO WAY player. Okafor, just a 1 way player.

Take it one step further, obviously okafor has to be making his team better.

When he is on the court, his teams offensive efficiency is 7.6 worse, defense is 12.3 worse.

Kristaps, when on the court, team is 6.9 better offensively, defensively, they are 4.6 better.

But again, I don't watch the games, so clearly the individual statistics, team statistics, record and reputation lie.


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24 Nov 2015 01:58:41
Your right. As always. I agree with everything you said. Thank you for setting me straight. I was completely wrong and should no longer comment. My opinions are unworthy of being read.

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24 Nov 2015 01:59:53
Btw- I was talking about you, pizza.

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24 Nov 2015 02:02:28
But since it's all about you, then it's about you. Yes, classic.

Go ahead, blast me. I don't care. I'd prefer not to make this a thing.

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24 Nov 2015 02:07:45

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24 Nov 2015 13:28:42
You just wrote you were talking about me. Then wrote no i was write you are talking about me. So emotionally unstable. One day get rid of Heinke. Next is the sixers are beasts. The. It's calm. Then it's a random whiny outburst. Really should toughen up. Soft and unstable isn't a good look lil lady.

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24 Nov 2015 14:57:17
Oh, and well done, per usual. Start the attack. When someone defends themself, you then insult back and go, whatever, i wish this wasn't a thing. You can't just not start stuff. Ever. Seriously, if you look at all the threads where there is some type of spat involving Phillyrich, almost everytime its YOU having to start stuff. Because YOU do not like someones post. So YOU take it personally and need to insult, and then claim innocence. And then cry about people bullying you. When in fact it's people defending themselves from an unprovoked unwarranted attack by YOU. I know you'll just give some sarcastic apology, or claim I am right, as always and nothing you ever said was right.

But seriously, if you are constantly going to cry about people being mean to you and hurting your whittle feelings. how about you stop instigating everything? Again. toughen up or get out, it's pitiful at this point.

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22 Nov 2015 22:07:53
Sixers and Celtics

Nerlens Noel for Boston's first round pick (via BKN)

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23 Nov 2015 15:00:48
This would entirely depend on the position of the pick, clearly. Noel is good, but he is not a top pick in this draft. Knowing what he offers, I would guess him to be around the 5-8 range with this draft.

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23 Nov 2015 15:03:08
I love Nerlens, but I'd do that trade.

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23 Nov 2015 22:14:26
I might do that too. That BKN pick is a top 5 pick for sure. I'll miss my shot blocker but that's good value.

BTW: He doesn't look right physically. There's something off.

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22 Nov 2015 05:10:39
Do the sixers have a real shot of breaking the nets record? How many games till they get a win?

Not to long ago they were in the playoffs with iggy and holiday and before that they had AI in the finals.

It pains me to see any NBA team struggle like this as it's not really good for the league or for the fans of philly.

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23 Nov 2015 15:02:14
It is ENTIRELY self-inflicted. It will never end until Heinke is out of the picture. That man over thinks everything and keeps preferring the allure of the potential of future assets in exchange for the necessary current assets. It's frustrating and just won't correct itself with him doing his nonsensical "process"

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23 Nov 2015 22:15:37
They may not win until Wroten and Marshall get some games under their belts. Their presence would remove two undrafted players from getting on the court.

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24 Nov 2015 00:27:22
marshall is a d leaguer. He has been cut from how many teams? He has a bad shot and AWFUL defense. He will NOT be the answer or even a big boost for the sixers. They need to break parts up. It's not minor tweaks. It's not finding the diamond in the rough that all teams except the sixers refuse to take. Come on man, that statement is just ridiculous.

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22 Nov 2015 04:48:31
Do you see whiteside getting around 17-20 mill in free agency?

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22 Nov 2015 16:20:58
It's still pretty early to predict, given Whiteside's rapid rise in value, but if he keeps this trajectory, I think he gets a max deal. Bigs always get paid, but there is also a confluence of temporary events (lack of defensive centers, everybody has cap space, giant rise in the cap), that leads me to believe at least one team will offer him the max.

I should add that with an $89 mil salary cap, a max deal for a player with six or less years starts at $22 mil per year (25% of the cap), so a four year deal would be worth about $100 million dollars of guaranteed money.

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22 Nov 2015 17:09:53
A gm or executive said he wouldn't give whiteside more than 10 mill per year because of his maturity and attitude. While another said he would max him.

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23 Nov 2015 15:07:32
He has serious maturity and attitude issues. He also is deceptively not good at defense. Yes, he leads the league in blocks. He's a block machine. But as the numbers clearly show, this year and last year, he puts so much emphasis on getting blocks that he ignores his defensive assignemnts and this results in his teams defense being better when he is off the court as to on. My guess is that a team will give him a very very nice offer. It will not be a max though. Both in dollar amounts and if the gm is smart, years. I would guess he gets something along the lines of greg monroe's current contract. Around 3 year, 50 mill.

I just don't think gms are willing to go all in on him. He's a liability to be a cancer to the team and his advanced statistics (which most gms use to analyze players) are not nearly as good as they should be. Either way, it'll be interesting. He's a perfect suspect for individuals that get too much money thrown at them stupidly by a desperate gm.

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22 Nov 2015 04:47:54
Do you guys think harrison Barnes deserves a 16 mill plus deal?

Do you think he could be a star on another team?

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22 Nov 2015 14:39:54
He won't be a star in other team he just fits in Warriors. Maybe around 14 is what he deserves.

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22 Nov 2015 15:25:10
I think he can be a good second option on a team. Good two way player. of course warriors are his best fit though.

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21 Nov 2015 09:22:27
I have a few question I need answering no trades here sorry.

Can someone tell me why the New York Knicks are after Kevin Durant for the 2016 summer?

Yes I would love him on the Knicks who wouldn't but how is he going to fit with Anthony and Porzingis?

Are they planning to make Porzingis a centre and then Anthony power forward?

If so why sign up Robin Lopez to big long term contract then? For him to be a backup

Do you think they will look to trade Anthony?

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21 Nov 2015 13:41:09
If any team can get Durant, who is a top five player in the NBA, they get him first and worry about moving their other players around for "fit, " later.

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23 Nov 2015 15:11:01
The knicks didn't expect Porzingas to play so well, so quick. He is still a PF in weight. So for the time being, it seems liek the knicks would be keeping Porzingas at pf. After this year, if they were somehow able to get durant, then the knicks could have Porzingas between center and pf, depending on who is sitting. It would work out. Ideally, I would love it if the knicks could get durant, porzingas transitions to the center, trade lopez. and somehow get a very good pg.

Good pg

I can see that going far.

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21 Nov 2015 09:19:26
Bulls trade: Joakim Noah, Nikola Mirotic, Mike Dunleavy, Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis, 2 1st round pick, and a 2nd round pick

Bulls get: Carmelo Anthony, Chris Johnson and Kevin Seraphin

They lose a lot of players but they're getting one of the best scorers in NBA history. The Bulls have always been the Cavs B-word, it's time they change the team up to be a bit more scary and matchup better. If Rose is healthy come playoff time this team is a legit beast, no doubt about it and will be very underrated defensively.

Rose - Brooks - Hinrich
Butler - Moore
Melo - Snell - Johnson
Taj - Bairstow
Gasol - Seraphin

Jazz trade: Alec Burks, Chris Johnson, and 2 2nd round picks

Jazz get: Nikola Mirotic, Jose Calderon and Mike Dunleavy

Jazz are a good young team but they're not hood enough to say challenge. This trade gives them shooting and more veteran leadership at the forward spot. Burks is a nice young player but Hood has been playing great and made him expendable. They also improve at the point guard position, Calderon is a smart veteran who is a terrific shooter but is a problem defensively. He's better than what they have now that's for sure.

Calderon - Burke - Neto
Hood - Milsap
Hayward - Dunleavy - Ingles
Favors - Mirotic - Lyles
Gobert - Tibor

Knicks trade: Carmelo Anthony, Jose Calderon, Lou Amundson, and Kevin Seraphin

Knicks get: Joakim Noah, Alec Burks, Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis, 2 Bulls 1st, Bulls 2nd, 2 Jazz 2nds.

Knicks get many young assets and they also move from Calderon contract allowing them to pursue in the FA market next season.

Galloway - Grant
Burks - Vujacic - Early
Afflao - McDermott - Williams - Thomas
Porzingis - O'Quinn - Portis
Lopez - Noah.

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21 Nov 2015 13:43:38
This trade greatly over-estimates the value of the Knicks players in my opinion, considering how expensive Carmelo and Calderon are.

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24 Nov 2015 23:30:05
The knicks give up a top 10 scorer, decent back up pg, and 2 rotational big men. they get an expiring contract, an unwanted guard, a prospect, a bench player, 2 late 1sts and 3 2nds. I fail to see this as greatly over-estimation. What do you see an appropriate offer for melo? If you are trying to say this is a great overpayment for a top 20 player. what do you think is appropriate? Maybe noah and 2 seconds? Come on man, youve been pushing a 1st for your bench player kevin martin and claiming that's an appropriate evaluation. To then spin and say this is a GREAT over-estimate. hypocritical much?

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