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01 Aug 2015 15:15:58
The Sixers trade of Jason Thompson to the Warriors for Gerald Wallace proves to me that Hinkie is not serious about competing this year. This is very disappointing. Thompson can actually play and help a team. Wallace cannot.

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01 Aug 2015 16:54:06
Sixers will never do good and that is disappointing as an NBA fan

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01 Aug 2015 19:39:17
I think next year is the year philly starts to get better. Another top 3 pick, healthy embiid and cap.

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01 Aug 2015 22:16:52
They don't have to throw away players to land in the top 3. If they win 30 they land in the 5-8 range. With the picks they have, they can package them and trade up.

The fans want to see improvement. It was understandable for a year or two. But this is too much. With a decent vet PG, they'd be respectable.

Hinkie just can't stop collecting assets. At some point you have to put the talent on the court. That should have been this year.

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31 Jul 2015 07:30:56
Early Prediction for 2016 olympic USA team.
C: Anthony Davis
PF: LeBron James
SF: Kevin Durant
SG: Stephen Curry
PG: Chris Paul

G: Kyrie Irving
G: Russell Westbrook
G: James Harden
F: Klay Thompson
F: Paul George
F: Blake Griffin
C: DeMarcus Cousins

(Kinda hard to decide between Melo and George)

Durant, Curry, Harden, Irving and Thompson will provide 3pt barrage.
Low post scoring from James, Cousins and Griffin.
Defense from Davis, George and Paul.
Westbrook will be their xfactor.

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30 Jul 2015 03:29:17
Celtics get there heart ripped out. Cavs win big. Why would smith start

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29 Jul 2015 23:23:15
Cavaliers Starting Lineup

Kyrie Irving/Mo Williams/Matthew Delly
JR Smith/Iman Shumpert/Marcus Smart
LeBron James/Richard Jefferson/Steve Novak
Kevin Love/Tristan Thompson/James Jones
Timofey Mozgov/Larry Sanders/Tyler Zeller

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29 Jul 2015 15:44:53
BBucks roster
Greek freak
6th man Henson
O Bryant

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29 Jul 2015 00:27:33
Carlos Boozer might fit with these teams

NY Knicks (with Lopez anchoring the D, they need some PF scoring behind Melo)


PHX Suns (need vet PF, may eventually trade Markieff)


DAL Mavs (how about reuniting him with Deron)


TOR Raptors (in need of a vet PF who can start)


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29 Jul 2015 18:37:04
I think phoenix is the best fit for boozer. He can come and start

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31 Jul 2015 07:18:44
Knicks, Rockets and Mavericks are frontrunners for Boozer.
Boozer would be ideal fit for Knicks.
Seraphin to Mavs.

McGee, Davis, Mbah a Moute and Arthur are still available.
Suns, Lakers and Clippers are still lacking of big man depth.

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28 Jul 2015 15:59:15
Playoff teams predictions:
1. Cavaliers ("almost" won the finals without the BIG 2)
2. Heat (stack up with good starters and strong bench)
3. Hawks (was number one in the east, minus carroll hurt them well)
4. Bulls (i could put them on number one but it will be depends on their coach)
5. Bucks (much better team with healthy parker and plus Monroe)
6. Raptors (was beaten up in 1st rd of playoffs, carroll could help them)
7. Wizards (pierce is a major loss for the team)
8. Pistons (pacers-no starting big men, celtics-too young, hornets-trying to find their identity or magic-has an upside but doubtful with their coach)
"Welcome to Pistons Basketball"

1. Spurs (better team with aldridge and the great popovich)
2. Warriors (the nba champs and overall number one team last season)
3. Thunder (healthy kd and healthy westy)
4. Clippers (better roster with some playoffs veterans)
5. Rockets (having a true PG plus was 2nd in west)
6. Grizzlies (one of 2 teams who almost beat the warriors in playoffs)
7. Pelicans (very promising player-davis plus a new coach from the warriors)
8. Lakers (kings-cousins vs coach karl, mavs-no good centers, jazz-no allstar player and lack of bench, suns- lacking of power from 2nd unit)
"One more run for Kobe to get another ring"

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30 Jul 2015 11:35:39
Utah will make the playoffs

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28 Jul 2015 15:11:15
What are the odds Kevin durant actually stays in okc past This season??

And if he is leaving should the thunder look to trade him before the all star break This season to get value back?

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28 Jul 2015 00:17:23
Lakers 2016 offseason
See if the pick gets retained. Going to need lottery luck. Draft a backup point or center with 2nd round pick
From there lakers will have about 70 mill to work with.
Sign demarr derozan. He's from Compton which is close by la and went to USC and grew up idolizing Kobe. Brings much need athleticism and defense. Two time all star
Resign clarkson brown black
Sign a center etc.whiteside. We need a center badly.
PG Russell/Williams
SG clarkson/brown
SF derozan/young/ brown
PF Randle/bass/nance
C FA/pick//black
Still a young team and can compete within 1-2 years. If we keep our pick the feeling is we would draft skal labbisere from Kentucky. He's a center who can stretch the floor.

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27 Jul 2015 02:08:21
I like the magics getting Napier. I think a guy vet like c boozer can help them out. With that roster they could improve about 12 - 15 games

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26 Jul 2015 17:35:21
Cavaliers Starting Lineup

Kyrie Irving/Mo Williams/C.J Watson
Jamal Crawford Iman Shumpert/Mike Miller
LeBron James/Richard Jefferson/James Jones
Kevin Love/Kenneth Faried/Sullinger
Timofey Mozgov/Varejão/Myers Leonard

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26 Jul 2015 08:51:18
Predicting rookie of year standings:
1. Okafor
2. Mudiay
3. Towns
4. Russel
5. Johnson
6. Hezonja
7. Turner
8. Cauley-stein
9. Winslow
10. Porzingas

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26 Jul 2015 00:00:04
There is now a good chance that Jamal Crawford will get traded, anyone have any ideas?

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25 Jul 2015 01:51:59
Ok, no offer, just who do you think the C's should try to trade for this year?

I think Harrison Barnes or Derozan. Both seek like realistic people that could be available. Give up 3 for 1 and sign Holmes to fill the last roster spot.

If Barnes develops a handle or learns to distribute then he could be huge in another year or two.

Derozan can score, high quality, young SG that can play some at SF.

Also, maybe not this year but poss next summer, I think Paul George is going to be demanding a trade! To classy to go public but I bet him and bird discuss it. Maybe even by the trade deadline.

All the top tier centers look untouchable right now so I would focus on the wing. Idk what it would tak but this are the guys I think are worth making calls about.

Who do you think they should go after?

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29 Jul 2015 18:51:18
I would say Barnes. Barnes can have more of an offensive role in Boston and he may be intrigued by that. Next year mock draft have a lot of bigs coming out. And players like al hordford (wants to play the 4), h Whiteside (Miami might not be able to afford him), Roy hibbert, Nene boa may be able to get.

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24 Jul 2015 23:37:15
Full predictions of awards and standing 2015-16

MVP - Harden
2nd - Lebron
3rd - KD or Curry

ROY - Okafor
2nd - Mudiay
3rd - Towns

DPOY - Green
2nd - Davis
3rd - Noel or Jordan

MIP - Vonleh
2nd - McDermott
3rd - Porter Jr.

COY - Greg Popovich
2nd - Rivers
3rd - Kerr

1. Cle
2. Mia
3. Chi
4. Was
5. Tor
6. Mil
7. Atl
8. Cha
9. Ind
10. Det
11. Bos
12. Orl
13. Nyk
14. Bkl
15. Phi

1. Gsw
2. Okc
3. Sas
4. Hou
5. Lac
6. Mem
7. Nop
8. Sac
9. Uth
10. Dal
11. Phx
12. Por
13. Lal
14. Min
15. Den

Cle beats Was in semi
Mia beats Chi in semi

Lac beats Gsw in semi
Okc beats Sas in semi

Cle bets Mia
Okc beats Lac

Cle beats Okc in 7

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23 Jul 2015 08:49:49
Waaaayyy too early predictions that will be wrong for the most part.

1. Anthony Davis
2. Lebron
3. KD

1. Draymond Green
2. Deandre Jordan
3. MKG

1. Jahlil Okafor
2. Emmanuel Mudiay
3. Mario Hezonja

6th Man
1. Tristan Thompson
2. Andre Igoudala
3. Rodney Stuckey

1. Noah Vonleh
2. Otto Porter
3. Giannis Antetokoumpo


1. Warriors
2. Spurs
3. Thunder
4. Clippers
5. Grizzlies
6. Rockets
7. Pelicans
8. Jazz
9. Suns
10. Mavs
11. Blazers
12. Kings
13. Nuggets
14. Lakers
15. TWolves

Warriors, Spurs, Clips, Thunder in Semis.

Warriors vs. Spurs WCF

1. Cavs
2. Heat
3. Raptors
4. Bulls
5. Wizards
6. Hawks
7. Bucks
8. Pacers
9. Celtics
10. Pistons
11. Hornets
12. Magic
13. Nets
14. Knicks
15. Sixers

Cavs, Heat, Bulls, Hawks in Semis.

Cavs vs. Heat ECF

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24 Jul 2015 09:58:17
Not bad , like the vonleh pick

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24 Jul 2015 21:10:53
Kings will be higher than that's 8-11 range

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22 Jul 2015 20:15:27
1. Steph Curry
2. Paul George
3. Kevin Durant
4. LeBron James
5. James Harden

1. Deandre Jordan
2. LeBron James
3. Andrew Wiggins
4. Tony Allen
5. Marc Gasol

1. Jahlil Okafor
2. Emanuel Mudiay
3. D'Angelo Russell
4. Stanley Johnson
5. Frank Kaminsky

6th Man:
1. Andre Iguodala
2. Ty Lawson
3. Jamal Crawford
4. Dion Waiters
5. Zach LaVine

1. Noah Vonleh
2. Danilo Gallonari
3. John Henson
4. Ricky Rubio
5. Lance Stephenson

ALL NBA 1st Team
G. Curry
G. Harden
F. Durant
F. LeBron
C. Cousins

ALL NBA 2nd Team
G. Westbrook
G. Dragic
F. Wiggins
F. Aldridge
C. M.Gasol

ALL NBA 3rd Team
G. Paul
G. Parker
F. Giannis
F. P.Gasol
C. Jordan

ALL Defensive Team
G. Allen
G. Paul
F. Wiggins
F. LeBron
C. Jordan

ALL Rookie Team
G. Mudiay
G. Russell
F. Johnson
F. Kaminksy
C. Okafor

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23 Jul 2015 01:13:19
so Paul George finishes 2nd in MVP yet doesn't make any All NBA teams?And there is many things wrong with this

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23 Jul 2015 01:55:16
Are you aware that there is a player named Anthony Davis?

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23 Jul 2015 02:09:38
Anthony Davis?

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23 Jul 2015 08:26:09
I could nitpick, but there is so much wrong with this I'm not going to

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22 Jul 2015 19:33:14
Power Rankings
1. GSW
2. HOU
3. LAC
4. SAS
5. OKC
6. MEM
7. NOP
8. UTA
9. DAL
10. PHX

1. CLE
2. MIA
3. CHI
4. WAS
5. ATL
6. MIL
7. TOR
8. DET
9. BOS
10. ORL

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22 Jul 2015 07:23:19
My award predicticons 2015-2016

MVP - Harden
2nd - Lebron
3rd - tie between Davis and Curry

6th man - Lou Williams
2nd - MKG
3rd - Crawford

ROY - Jahlil Okafor
2nd - Towns
3rd - Tie between Russell and Mudiay

DPOY - Jordan
2nd - Howard
3rd - Gasol

MIP - Ed Davis
2nd - Otto Porter
3rd - McDermott

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22 Jul 2015 00:25:04
Standings predictions
1. Cavs
2. Heat
3. Bulls
4. Raptors
5. Pacers
6. Wizards
7. Hawks
8. Bucks
9. Celtics
10. Hornets
11. Pistons
12. Magic
13. Knicks
14. Nets
15. 76ers
1. Thunder
2. Spurs
3. Clippers
4. Warriors
5. Grizzlies
6. Rockets
7. Pelicans
8. Lakers
9. Jazz
10. Suns
11. Mavs
12. Kings
13. Blazers
14. Twolves
15. Nuggets

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22 Jul 2015 07:11:36
The jazz, suns and mavs are all better than the Lakers.

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22 Jul 2015 20:45:44
East: Sixers finish in front of Nets and Knicks. And I think you have the Heat too high. Getting to #2 in the east would require a very healthy season from the older guys.

West: I like the Warriors dropping back a bit. Its going to be hard to repeat that great season. And I see no way the Lakers make the playoffs. They're going to be back by the Kings and Blazers.

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23 Jul 2015 01:39:32
I really like the Lakers this year I'm biased but for the first time in forever they have a young pg something that teams need if they want to succeed in the west. As for the heat if bosh and wade stay healthy I can see them win around 50 games

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21 Jul 2015 17:52:53
Cavaliers Starting Lineup

Kyrie Irving/Mo Williams/Matthew Delly
Gerald Henderson/Iman Shumpert/Joe Harris
LeBron James/James Jones/Mike Miller
Kevin Love/Tristan Thompson/Kenneth Faried
Timofey Mozgov/Varejão/Chris Kaman

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20 Jul 2015 18:50:04
Standings predictions



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21 Jul 2015 00:40:10
Switch Hawks and Bucks

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21 Jul 2015 00:50:16
Lakers will not be that bad.

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21 Jul 2015 21:29:18
Buck are going to be a contender

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20 Jul 2015 09:43:37
Rockets get another steal in Ty Lawson. Damn.

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19 Jul 2015 21:51:20
Cavaliers Starting Lineup

Kyrie Irving/Mo Williams/Raymond Felton
Iman Shumpert/Jamal Crawford/Joe Harris
LeBron James/Danny Granger/Mike Miller
Kevin Love/Tristan Thompson/Marcus Morris
Timofey Mozgov/Anderson Varejão/Kendrick Perkins

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19 Jul 2015 20:48:34
Remaining free agents for.

J McGee - dal, lac
T Thompson - cle, por, pho
C boozer - lac, det, mil, pho
K seraphin - was, dal, pho, hou
H sims - dal, lac, det, men
M Beasley - det, mil, phi
T prince - mil, nop
James Jones - sac, mem, GS
Jr smith - cle, dal, gs
Kc McDaniels - Utah, nyk, ind, dal
Jordan Crawford - dal, nyk, cle, nop
N Robinson -nyk, lac, hou
I smith - philly
Delly - cle, lac, mil

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18 Jul 2015 00:46:39
Cavaliers Starting Lineup

Kyrie Irving/Mo Williams/Matthew Delly
Jamal Crawford/JR Smith/Mike Miller
LeBron James/Iman Shumpert/James Jones
Kevin Love/Tristan Thompson/Chris Anderson
Timofey Mozgov/Chris Kaman/Anderson Varejão

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17 Jul 2015 03:12:46
Predictions for awards before the season
MVP Anthony Davis
Runner up Westbrook
3 rd place Paul George
6 man jr smith
Runner up Jamal crawford
Most improved Doug McDermott
Runner up Otto porter
Coach of the year Erik spoltra
Roy jail okafor
Runner up Stanley Johnson
3rd place Emmanuel mudiay

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22 Jul 2015 07:17:23
How is Paul George going to be ahead of lebron, curry and harden. And unless Davis gets nop into a top seed he won't win mvp. Plus Jr Smith won't win 6th man and Mcdermott won't be most improved, he still has dunleavy, Mirotic and possibly Snell plus a loaded front line in front of him.

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23 Jul 2015 01:16:26
This is alll around bad

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16 Jul 2015 16:16:31
Standing predictions top 4 from each conference

East conference
West conference

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17 Jul 2015 16:22:04
1. Cavs
2. Heat
3. Wizards
4. Bulls

1. Spurs
2. Warriors
3. Thunder
4. Rockets

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18 Jul 2015 00:57:53




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16 Jul 2015 01:46:24
Cavaliers Starting Lineup

Kyrie Irving/Mo Williams/Matthew Delly
Gerald Henderson/Iman Shumpert/Joe Harris
LeBron James/P.J Tucker/Mike Miller
Kevin Love/Markeiff Morris/Kenneth Faried
Timofey Mozgov/Anderson Varejão/Kendrick Perkins

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15 Jul 2015 15:02:16
Guys, KD is not going to leave OKC. Where else could he get a better chance to win a championship, year in and year out, the most money possible, and to play for a city that absolutely loves him?

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19 Jul 2015 04:37:27
Wizards. He will,play in a weak conference and what city wouldn't love KD?

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