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18 Apr 2019 01:35:04
Trying to think of a logical, explainable reason that Durant would play for the knicks next season. Could the Knicks sell/give a % of the team to KD's mom? I know you can't play, and own, so this seems within the rules? It's a way of sidestepping salary restrictions

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18 Apr 2019 13:30:39
Knicks no, but Brooklyn?

18 Apr 2019 15:36:05
It’s illegal for anyone to knowingly try to work around the cba.

18 Apr 2019 20:23:23
There isn't a chance in haedes then, that Durant would go to the Knicks?

19 Apr 2019 02:22:56
I would say there is a chance, but I do not think it is greater than the chance of Durant going to some other teams. I guess the funny thing is that there is no PERFECT destination for Kevin Durant. So it depends on what he values the most and what teams can offer him that.

17 Apr 2019 16:08:20
The Sixers have a 1% chance of getting the first overall pick which is almost 4x better than the 1, 6, 11 us Processers were praying for back in 2015.
On the off chance that they actually get that #1 pick, do they trade it or take Zion? What kind of bounty would that pick command?

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17 Apr 2019 16:14:29
Keep it and let Harris walk.

18 Apr 2019 12:11:44
Why would you let Harris go? You could bring back the same team and send Redick to the bench.
Simmons/ McConnell
Butler/ Redick
Harris/ Smith
Zion/ Bolden
Embiid/ Boban.

18 Apr 2019 13:34:23
Going to need Reddick more than Harris to spread the court as well as the flexibility to run plays where Reddick is coming off multiple screens. Without Reddick, teams will defend Philly with a pack it into the key defense/ zone.

19 Apr 2019 15:44:54
You could get AD with it for sure. You could get Beal. The Suns pick, their 2020 pick, Jackson, and Bridges. The Cavs 1st, the 26th via the Rockets, the Cavs 2022 1st, and Love. A million Knicks picks and young guys.

17 Apr 2019 02:53:17
If you had to start a team with the players and assets of any non playoff team, which would it be?

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17 Apr 2019 08:56:21
I think it has to be either the suns, hawks, or Knicks. Suns have the most talent on the roster of all the non playoff teams and they all their future picks. Next year they'll have Booker, Ayton, and most likely either Zion, morant, or Barrett. The hawks have two solid pieces in Trae and Collins and they have 2 top 10 picks this year, all their future picks, and two other 1st rounders. Knicks have all their 1st rounders, also two from the mavs, cap space, and are a major free agent destination.

17 Apr 2019 08:56:24
Bulls, Kings, Heat, Hawks, Lakers are all a pretty good place to start I think. PHX should be loaded up pretty good next season too.

17 Apr 2019 13:28:57
Kings look the most playoff ready. Lakers would be as well if they could resolve all the FO and ownership drama. Hawks would be my third choice if they hit with upcoming draft picks.

17 Apr 2019 15:16:09
Dallss has 2 young guys and a max spot open. Knicks are the best choice with cap space and picks.

17 Apr 2019 16:16:03
Shiller, Fizdale and Dolan will hold the Knicks back.

17 Apr 2019 19:58:37
NOP, if Davis sticks around!

16 Apr 2019 22:38:04
What kind of offer will Cousins get this offseason, I'm thinking 1 year something around 15 million from Clippers or Knicks (but only if they land a big free agent first) .

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17 Apr 2019 00:25:07
Injury prone. 15 is probably right, maybe even less. Short term deal.

17 Apr 2019 02:52:26
There’s speculation that he could miss up to a year if the quad injury is bad enough. I don’t think it’s a guarantee he gets signed.

17 Apr 2019 00:55:19
I think $15 mil will be an overpayment right now.

He had to beg to get a $5 mil offer coming off his Achilles last year. Now, you got to know how he will be coming back from the quad. I see something more in the $10 mil range. Remember that a healthy Capella struggled to get a $15 mil a year deal last off season.

17 Apr 2019 15:17:29
He is making what 7 this year. Got hurt late probably won't play at least until January. I'd say 2 years 15 million from adesperate team.

17 Apr 2019 16:21:10
SPOTRAC. COM says DMC is making $5.3 mil this year.

Plus, I don't think DMC is going to take a deal from a non-playoff team just for one year. Would be like the Ariza to Phoenix signing all over again.

15 Apr 2019 15:00:27
If OKC has another early playoff exit they trade with NOP
NOP get Westbrook
OKC get Davis Hill

You might say no that its not enough for Pelicans but read the explination first. And let me know what you think.

OKC pairs george and Davis they can make other moves to build around them better but they start with this to make a change if they have another early exit. They try to get Davis to stay long term and play with George. If he won't then they at least fixed a big part of their luxury tax problem, but obviously they would want him to stay.

NOP might not get as many good offers as you might think. If Kyrie leaves Celtics Davis has already said he won't resign so Celtics won't give up a lot of picks or Tatum or Brown for 1 year of Davis so the Celtics won't give a big offer. LAL package gets weaker now that Ingram has blood clots NOP might not want to risk taking him because of that reason, this is what ended bosh's career.

They can offer Ball Hart Kuzma Zubac but if the Pelicans take that they will definitley be entering a rebuild in a smaller market they might not want to do that if they don't have to. If they take Westbrook they keep a Superstar they still have someone that will sell tickets they trade Davis for young talent and enter a rebuild they don't have that seat filler like Davis or Westbrook. With Westbrook Holiday and if they can add 1 other good player maybe keep randle they will for sure be in contention to make the playoffs, or at least a much better shot than a rebuild package.

Please let me know what u think. Should both teams accept it. who would win the trade or is it a win win for both like the pacers thunder trade with george and oladipo sabonis?

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15 Apr 2019 19:55:27
Not sure how getting Westbrook "helps" NO rebuild/ retool. NO has come out and said that they want a young star talent and future picks for Davis which was the whole reason to wait untul Boston could get into making a trade (Tatum plus picks) .

Going to have to wait and see how the lottery picks play out to have a clearer picture whst teams can offer.

15 Apr 2019 23:18:09
If pelicans trade Davis for a young guy a 2 firsts then flip holiday their rebuild would be better off than taking russ.

16 Apr 2019 05:52:12
The draft lottery format could stir a few things up this year. We'll see.

16 Apr 2019 21:36:21
Even if the offers aren’t as good as they’re expecting they’re all better than Russ. I don’t think Pelicans fans are going to be excited for a 30 year old pg that has had his worst year since Durant left, can’t get out of the first round, and has had multiple multiple knee surgeries.

If Kyrie goes to the Knicks, you don’t think they would throw a bunch of picks at the Pelicans? The Celtics could still make a big offers without even adding Smart. If the Clips get Kawhi or Kawhi stays in Toronto either team could make good offers for AD and will be motivated to do it. The Lakers are probably still willing to go all in on AD and even if you don’t particularly like any of Ball, Ingram and Kuzma, if they add this years 1st it makes way more sense than Westbrook. Brooklyn, Denver, Portland, Orlando, Houston, Utah, Indiana, Miami and Sac could all go after him. Westbrook isn’t a good offer.

14 Apr 2019 01:29:40
The Clippers with Kawhi & Boogie would be amazing i think

Pg Shai/Beverley
Sg Shamet/Williams
Sf Kawhi/Robinson
Pf Gallinari/Harrell
Ce Cousins/Zubac

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14 Apr 2019 06:23:04
Isn't that Laker sacrilege to practice clipper enjoyment of any kind? Are you trying to court J. West?, good thinking! That would be a solid west conteder if Beverly came back. He wouldn't sign a deal before.

14 Apr 2019 19:20:03
I don't think Jerry west signs boogie everm.

14 Apr 2019 23:34:40
Where is Jerry West signing Cousins?

15 Apr 2019 23:18:49
Jorga he is the clipper decision make is he not?

16 Apr 2019 05:54:42
For the time being, yes indeed.

13 Apr 2019 19:47:35
If OKC has another 1st round exit this time against Portland with a banged up McCollum and out of the picture Nurkic how much change should we expect to see? A Westbrook trade? Fire Donovan and get a new coach? An Adams trade? (as a thunder fan i would hate to see him go unless its a deal to good to pass up) . Trade George and or Schroder?
What do yall think will happen this offseason for Thunder if they have another early exit?

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13 Apr 2019 21:40:33
Not sure they are in any real position to make any moves with no cap space and already owing 1st round draft picks.

14 Apr 2019 01:35:33
Honestly, they probably tweak the bench and bring it back. George’s injury probably guarantees that. George is to good and fits to well with everyone to move. I don’t think you can get enough out of Westbrook to trade him. Maybe you could package Grant, Diallo, Ferguson, and a 1st for someone? Throw in Roberson for salary purposes possibly. I think they’ll have to take a chance on a flawed star that can shoot, if they really want to have a chance.

18 Apr 2019 03:24:09
If they get swept in the 1st round than Donovan is probably gone.

13 Apr 2019 19:44:37
Ok we know a little about some Laker turmoil, but who traded Zubac, and why? Could have just waived Beasley, and Muscala is no prize

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14 Apr 2019 01:17:28
One of the most horrible moves by the Magic era.

14 Apr 2019 01:43:12
I think they’re just over confident in their ability to go out and get a max guy. His contract is up and they thought they’d need to let him walk at the end of the year to sign a max guy. The return is probably the more confusing part. Maybe, they assumed Mascala would be a guy they could retain on the minimum after getting a max guy. If he’s already in house, it’s peobably an easier sell.

14 Apr 2019 06:34:43
A little trigger happy? People on here could have flipped Zubac for more. Pretty scary, looks like pelinka was taking cues from Magic, learning. They need the one and only jerry west back where he hails from, with Billups as his understudy.

14 Apr 2019 21:38:20
Jorga- Jerry's son works for Lakers. If he comes back it would be to groom his son not Billups. I do hope Billups gets a job so he is off tv.

14 Apr 2019 23:37:37
Jerry West doesn't own the Lakers, so I wouldn't know who they would require as an assistant. As it sits West would be Pelinka's assistant, so I'm not sure West would have one anyway. Their corporate structure is a little off.

13 Apr 2019 00:51:30
I know I am a total homer with this, but.

If Durant opts out, Does Sacramento get at least a meeting with Durant? Please consider the extremely nice things Durant has said about the organization this season, playing for a coach that you already know and like (assuming Luke Walton is hired), being the MAN of his own team and the "favorable" coverage he will get from the local press.

I know the obvious downsides.

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13 Apr 2019 01:31:37
The Kings can offer a supermax?

13 Apr 2019 02:07:15
If the Kings waive all their cap holds and not offer WCS a QO, the can create around $35 mil in cap space. If they offer WCS a QO, then Kings will be short about $2 mil for a max offer. Can always S&T someone back to the Warriors like Swanigan (prefer Barnes) .

14 Apr 2019 01:44:56
I doubt it. There are just to many big market teams with cap space.

14 Apr 2019 14:00:06
Durant go's to NY
I never thougt about sacramento as destination for Durant, but i would like to watch that team.

12 Apr 2019 18:23:55
1. Knicks - Williamson PF
2. Cavs - Barrett SF
3. Suns - Morant PG
4. Bulls - Hunter F
5. Hawks - Culver SG
6. Wizards - Garland PG
7. Grizzlies - White G
8. Pels - Little F
9. Hawks - Reddish SF
10. Wolves - Porter Jr SG
11. Lakers - Bol Bol C
12. Heat - Langford SG
13. Hornets - Clarke C
14. Celtics - Hachimura PF
15. Pistons - Nickeil Alexander G
16. Nets - Doumboya F
17. Magic - Johnson SG
18. Celtics - Edwards PG
19. Pacers - Schofield SF
20. Spurs - Hayes C
21. Thunder - Herro SG
22. Celtics - Porter C
23. Jazz - Grimes SG
24. 76ers - Wilkes SF
25. Blazers - Washington F
26. Cavs - Horton Tucker SG
27. Nets - Williams PF
28. Warriors - Thybulle SC
29. Spurs - Okpala SF
30. Bucks - Gafford C

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13 Apr 2019 00:33:58
28. What 8s a SC? Shooting center?

13 Apr 2019 02:13:22
Based on your lottery results, does Chicago try to trade up to #2 to get Ja Morant ahead of Phoenix? Maybe a package like Dallas gave up for Doncic?

14 Apr 2019 01:52:10
I’d imagine the Cavs would be all over that. They need more assets and desperately need wings. I could see the Suns offering the same deal though. Outside of Morant, who in the top 5 or so players really fits for them?

14 Apr 2019 13:27:48
Dont tbe Suns gamble that the Cavs won't draft him?


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