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22 Jun 2017 19:47:56
Cleveland Cavaliers - Orlando Magic

Cleveland Cavaliers trade: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love

Orlando Magic trade: Evan Fournier, Nikola Vucevic, Elfrid Payton, Aaron Gordon, 6th, 33rd and 35th picks in this years draft.

Cavs line-up:
PG: Elfrid Payton / FA / Kay Felder
SG: Evan Fournier / J. R. Smith / Iman Shumpert
SF: LeBron James / Aaron Gordon / Richard Jefferson
PF: Tristan Thompson / Derrick Williams
C: Nikola Vucevic / Zach Collins (6th pick)

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22 Jun 2017 19:08:53
Detroit trade Drummond,leur, Johnson, #12
Receive WCS, Afflalo, #5, #10

Sacremento trade WCS,Temple, Afflalo, #5, #10, mclamore
Receive, Milsap, Drummond, Jackson, johnson, 2nd atl

Atlanta trade Milsap, 2nd
Receive Leur, Temple, mclamore, #12

Just for fun. Sac could actually be really good with this squad.

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22 Jun 2017 20:27:25
Sac is rebuilding, not trying to acquire average vets that still won't get them to the playoffs. try again.

22 Jun 2017 18:50:29
Mavs - Timberwolves

Mavs get #7 pick

Timberwolves get Wesley Mathews and Dwight Powell

- mavs dump salary and get another lottery pick that could be used to pair Jonathon Isaac with Dennis Smith Jr

- timberwolves get the defensive minded veteran who can shoot from the perimeter (Mathews) and they also get a young, athletic playmaker in Powell.

This trade would set up the mavs for the future and give the timberwolves a playoff push this upcoming season

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22 Jun 2017 23:44:15
god no. just no. Matthews is clearly the better of the two, and he is statistically below average. You don't shoot under 40% and get valued at the 7. Just no.

22 Jun 2017 18:49:39
Detroit trade Drummond, Johnson, Jackson
Receive Porzingis, Deng, Noah, #8, #27

(Detroit takes 2 of the worst contracts in the league to build around Zinger with a few picks. The rebuild should happen fast. By the time these guys are expiring it's time to pay the kids.) draft Smith 8, Collins 12, heart 27.

New York trades Porzingis, Noah, #8
Receive Drummond, johnson, #28

(KNicks still have cap space to lure a pg to lead them to the playoffs and if melo leaves/traded they can sign another star.) draft swannigan 28 who will fit in with a slower pace and add shooting.

Lakers trade deng, #27, #28
Receive Jackson

(Lakers are going to get George either way. Why not add his bff to play point until Ball is ready to "Ball"? They also shed salery in this trade to help land another vet with PG.)

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22 Jun 2017 19:06:00
Bad for the Knicks and Lakers.

22 Jun 2017 18:33:35

Pistons Recieve- Cauley-Stein, M. Richardson, Affalo, and the 10th pick

Kings Recieve- Drummond and the 12th pick

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22 Jun 2017 19:06:35
Bad return for Drummond.

22 Jun 2017 17:52:24
Knicks - Celtics

NYK get #3 pick (Josh Jackson)

BOS gets #8 pick, Melo.

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22 Jun 2017 18:06:31
I would like to think that this is viable because Boston would get the scoring help they need with IT and NYK can shed Melo's unhappy self and contract and get Josh Jackson who they have raved about since his workout. Being a Knicks fan, maybe I am too biased to see the downside of this.

22 Jun 2017 18:12:54
Boston doesn't have enough cap space to absorb Melo's salary like that.

22 Jun 2017 18:53:17
I am not disputing the CAP space issue but am wondering how they were going to do it during the season when it was discussed at the trade deadline. Sigh, wishful thinking I suppose. I don't want to give up KP. Can we trade Dolan and Jackson for the #4 pick? They do nothing but save us cap space by running off all of our all-star players.

22 Jun 2017 19:12:52
Boston turns that down. They have a chance at Heyward, Griffin and a few other free agents. I doubt a trade happens unless they strike out in free agency first or they get a big offer for Crowder or Bradley. Even then you have to think Butler and George would be their first option. Melo is at best a worse case scenario move for them.

22 Jun 2017 19:47:57
No chance of that deal. Anthony's value for any team that wants him and his monster contract is a first-rounder from the late teens to mid-20s.

22 Jun 2017 23:46:06
I was thinking about this earlier as well. It doesn't seem entirely unrealistic. Hayward is questioning whether to even leave. Butler isn't going to the Celtics. If ainge thinks they can't get either of those 2, which at this point, it seems likely. this isn't an AWFUL trade. Knicks make out better, but at least it gives the celtics a chance to add a second scoring option and potentially get Smith.

22 Jun 2017 17:36:01
I think they NYK would be insane to trade KP, and I think BOS would be insane tonnit try and get him.

NYK: J Brown, #3, 2018 BKN pick

BOS: K Porzingas

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22 Jun 2017 18:28:34
Zinger is really good but that's just to much for him.2 lotential too 3 pics.

22 Jun 2017 19:16:17
Goatface, that seems like a reasonable asking price. The only big in the game with more upside than Porzingis is possibly Towns.

22 Jun 2017 19:37:17
Embiid has more upside then both of them, but then again I'm a homer.

I think brown should be replaced with smart or Bradley in this scenario or something else should go to boston.

22 Jun 2017 19:43:50
It's rumored Knicks are asking exactly for that package PLUS Crowder.

Celtics should counter without including Crowder and get it done. If they can Sign Hayward, that would be a very good team

IT/ Rozier
Bradley/ Smart
Hayward/ Crowder
Horford/ Olynyk/
Zinger/ Zeller.

22 Jun 2017 23:48:44
Agreed, porzingis is legit a top 5, probably top 3, prospect to build around at this point. He has an incredibly diverse offensive game, great rebounder, and what seems to get not as much attention, he is already considered an elite big man defender.

Boston is looking for a missing pioece. They aren't trying to build for 5 years from now. They would be willing to sacrifice the picks, especially seeing as they have a bevy of others in the future.

For the knicks. i'd say no. i'd prefer just keeping Porzingis, bunch him with hopefully smith, and then wait out the removal of melo ina year or two, and noah can be stretched.

22 Jun 2017 16:57:21

Lakers get #4 pick, Jared Dudley, and OKC 2018 1st (via Jazz)

Suns get #2 pick, Luol Deng, Derrick Favors, and Alec Burks

Jazz get Eric Bledsoe and Leandro Barbosa.

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22 Jun 2017 17:24:33
I don't think the Lakers need to be in this trade. Atleast drop the the Jazz pick. If not also add the 27th to Phoenix.

22 Jun 2017 17:42:59
Never. Boston got 1 pick for #1. Now the lakers can dump 50 million+ get a pick+ a player for 2 where the difference between the players is low?
Will Never happen.

22 Jun 2017 16:48:45
Boston: Porzingis
Knicks: Griffin, Wes Johnson, 3rd pick, 2018 nets pick
Clippers: Carmelo, Crowder

Hayward or Brown if can't sign Hayward

Knicks (pick Jackson and Ntilkina) :


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22 Jun 2017 16:58:11
No way does Boston give up that fortune for Porzingis, Ainge is too frugal.

22 Jun 2017 17:02:09
Sounds reasonable, but Boston will fight off any attempt to get that 2018 Brooklyn pick. Celts would offer another rotation body (Rozier maybe) or their own 2018 No. 1.
Rest of the proposal does make sense.

22 Jun 2017 17:21:09
If you include the 2018 Lakers pick instead of the Brooklyn pick, maybe.

22 Jun 2017 18:17:40
DA would throw all of the other picks in before that Nets pick I think. He does have the Memphis, LAC, and his own picks over the next couple of years. There might be enough bulk in addition to Crowder and #3 to get it done while keeping the Nets and Lakers/ Kings pick for the future.

22 Jun 2017 16:36:43

PHX gets Porzingis and Noah

NYK gets Warren+Bledsoe+#4

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