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29 Jan 2015 00:51:24
Raptors - Nuggets - Lakers

Raptors trade Fields, Hayes, Nogueira, 2015 first round pick, Knicks 2016 first round pick

Raptors get Chandler, Afflalo, Faried

Nuggets trade Chandler, Affalo, Faried

Nuggets get Nash, Fields, Hansbrough, Raptors 2015 first round pick, Knicks 2016 first round pick, Lakers 2019 second round pick

Lakers trade Nash, 2019 second round pick

Lakers get Nogueria

Raptors depth and defense has struggled of late. Getting Faried, Afflalo, and Chandler will provide energy and defense to a team that is struggling. The trade also makes the team 12 quality players deep.


Nuggets are blowing things up and by swapping out three players for all expiring contracts and two first round picks is a solid return for a rebuilding team.

Lakers swap out Nash expiring deal and way down the road second round pick for the former first round prospect who can't get any PT. Right now the Lakers have nothing better to do then lose games and giving PT to developing players like Clarkson and now Nogueria.






28 Jan 2015 20:38:35
I am not a dumb laker fan who believes that everybody will join lakers but I do believe this COULD make sense for both teams.Also I don't know whether this trade is plausible or valid but by just thinking I propose this

Lakers get Paul George

Pacers get Steve Nash/Jordan hill Julius randle and 2015 1st rd pick if top 5

I believe it is time for pacers to blow their core up after losing lance on fa for nothing . The team is by no means a championship contender and most players will have passed their prime once pg will be fully healthy if he will . Instead of risking and be based on pgs health the pacers will get in return two future stars and with the addition of their own high draft pick can create a future contender .on the other hand lakers will get their future star and in combination with Kobe can lure great free agents this summer cou cough gasol dragic love and give Kobe the chance for his final championship run








28 Jan 2015 21:39:38

Thunder get Scola, Watson, Copeland, and right to swap 1st rd picks 2016

Pacers get Perkins, Jackson, and PJ3






28 Jan 2015 19:53:01

Phx get w chandler and mem 1st future

Mem get g dragic

Den get c lee and n calathes




I think suns would want more

go 76ers

Lmao not going to happen Len and dragic are too beastly to be traded for rubbish


^where do you see len being traded?

jbbaby 2.0





28 Jan 2015 19:27:01

PHI get Russell Westbrook and Kenneth Faried

sign Jimmy Butler
draft SF with Miami pick

McDaniels , the pick , Saric , Covington would be a good bench

DEN get Michael Carter-Williams , Reggie Jackson 1st round pick of PHI

- think of future now

OKC get Nerlens Noel , Ty Lawson and Aaron Afflalo

Waiters and Adams off the bench will be interesting




Philly is giving up a lot, but the overall value, westbrook and faried for mcw, noel and #1 pick(1-3) is pretty fair. Sixers say no because signing butler won't happen, and that seems to be a big part of this exchange working for philly.


Yea don't expect for butler to become a sixer. I really don't like westbrook as a player. He doesn't use his teammates when u r a point guard, that should be your duty to distrubite the ball to others for wide open looks. Kennith is only an ok player. I like how he hustles every game but he doesn't put up the numbers. So sixers don't make this trade.

go 76ers

Sixers say no. Not giving up the whole team for an highly paid guy like Westbrook. He takes up too much cap.




28 Jan 2015 19:03:49

OKC get Avery Bradley and Jason Maxiell
- get the starting SG (also play some PG) who is a good wing defender

R. Westbrook / A. Bradley / I. Smith
A. Bradley / D. Waiters / J. Lamb
K. Durant / A. Morrow / A. Roberson
S. Ibaka / P. Jones / M. McGary
S. Adams / J. Maxiell / N. Collison

CHA get Reggie Jackson and Brandon Bass
- get the PG to take care of business while Kemba is out , shift to SG when he returns

R. Jackson / B. Roberts / K. Walker
G. Henderson / G. Neal / P. Hairston
M. Kidd-Gilchrist / M. Williams
B. Bass / C. Zeller / N. Vonleh
A. Jefferson / B. Biyombo

BOS get Kendrick Perkins and Lance Stephenson
- let Stephenson revive himself and bring him to their young core

M. Smart / P. Pressey
L. Stephenson / J. Young
E. Turner / T. Prince / G. Wallace
J. Sullinger / K. Olynyk
T. Zeller / K. Perkins / V. Faverani






28 Jan 2015 17:57:11
Thunder (at least) should be interested in some Denver Nuggets players. Afflalo and Chandler would do wonders for their playoff aspirations, but a bigger deal would be even better. Recruit the Lakers who appear to be interested in Jackson.

Nuggets get Steve Nash (contract), Kendrick Perkins (contract), Jordan Hill, Julius Randle, Nick Collison (contract), pick(s)
***Around $21M in expiring deals and assets for the Nuggets vets. Randle can learn and play behind Faried. They can continue to build through the draft, and can you imagine the starting front court? The sheer amount of hair between Hill and Faried is a must see. The bigger must see is the athleticism and rebounding.

Lakers get JaVale McGee, Danillo Gallinari, Reggie Jackson, Andre Roberson, Erick Green
***They take on more money for next season, but they get their point of the present and future in Jackson, a defensive monster in Roberson, plus Kobe can keep McGee in line and get more out of his potential.

Thunder get Wilson Chandler, Aaron Afflalo, Ed Davis, Jordan Clarkson
***Hello, playoffs. As long as Durant stays healthy, the Thunder will see success. If this goes through, I'd like to see a subsequent move to sign or trade for a C as insurance. But this lineup brings value and veteran experience along with a balancing effect. Defense sees a definite boost. Saying goodbye to assets and veteran locker room presences is tough, but its a must.

Westbrook, Clarkson, Smith
Afflalo, Waiters, Lamb
Durant, Chandler, PJ3
Ibaka, Davis, Jarrett




Lakers say no




28 Jan 2015 16:19:10
I don't think MCW is in the future plans for the 76ers.


SAC get: MCW & Terrence Jones

pg. mcw
sg. mclemore
sf. gay
pf. jones
c. cousins

HOU get: Ramon Sessions & Reggie Evans

pg. bev/sessions
sg. harden
sf. ariza
pf. smith
c. howard

PHI get: Nik Stauskus, Derrick Williams (exp), Jason Terry (exp), Darren Collison, & 2016 1st DP SAC
Draft: Mudiay

pg. mudiay
sg. stauskus
sf. saric
pf. noel
c. embiid




28 Jan 2015 16:53:53
Its probably one of the better MCW trades I've seen, at least from a Sixers perspective. Would want to expand it though to reroute Collison elsewhere - maybe to Charlotte?


I figured Collison could be a good back up/mentor to mudiay


Send Collison to Rockets, Sessions to 76ers.


Good call, collison makes more sense to the rockets.


Fair trade value, but this trade puts the sixers in a "must take mudiay" position in draft. Although mcw might not be the future of the sixers, he does fill the role as a good pg, and the sixers should use the picks on best payer available. sixers say no.


29 Jan 2015 07:20:46
I did this trade but I did kings getting jones and Noel rockets getting Jason Thompson and mcw and sixers getting d will sessions cannan and the rookie sf from the rockets


It's a decent return for mcw but I think the sac pick would have to be this year. We need a definitive draft pick. And most likely this deal happens on draft day. So Sixers know for sure they can get mudiay to replace mcw.




28 Jan 2015 16:02:58
Detroit - Denver - Miami

Detroit get Wilson Chandler and Norris Cole.

Augustin - Cole - Dinwiddie - Jennings (injured).
KCP - Meeks.
Chandler - Singler - Martin.
Monroe - Tolliver - Jerebko.
Drummond - Anthony.

Denver get the expirings of Caron Butler and Luigi Datome plus a 2nd round pick from Detroit.

Miami get Erik Green and a 2nd round pick from Detroit.




If I am Detroit I do this in a heart beat but not sure Denver does this trade.




28 Jan 2015 16:00:54

CHI gets Ben MClemore, Derrick Williams and 1st Rd pick
OKC gets Jimmy Butler and 2nd Rd pick
SAC gets Reggie Jackson, Andre Roberson and 1st Rd pick



G- Jackson/Collison
G- Stauskis/Session
F- Rudy Gay/Casspi
F- Thompson/Landry
C- Cousins/Evans


G- Rose/Brooks
G- MClemore/Henrich
F- Dunlaevy/Williams
F- Pau Gasol/Mirotic
C- Noah/Taj Gibson


G- Westbrook/Smith
G- Butler/Waiters
F- Durant/Morrow
F- Ibaka/Collison
C- Adams/Perkins

What do you think about this trade rumors?


tashi dorjee




28 Jan 2015 16:00:31

TOR get Thad Young and Will Barton


MIN get Dorrell Wright (expiring) , Thomas Robinson , 1st round pick of Portland , Landry Fields (expiring)


POR get Amir Johnson , Chase Budinger , Raptors 2nd round pick





T-wolves live it

i love Disney



28 Jan 2015 15:49:21
Hornets - Nets - Nuggets

Hornets trade Neal, 2015 second round pick
Hornets get Nelson, Anderson

Nets trade Anderson
Nets get 2015 second round pick

Nuggets trade Nelson
Nuggets get Neal (waived)

Hornets need to add a PG with Walker out for at least 6 weeks. Nelson provides veteran leadership and depth.

Nets unload Anderson (and his player option for next year) for a second round pick.

Nuggets traded for Nelson, I have no idea why. So instead of worrying about him picking up his player option for next year they swap him out for Neal's expiring contract and waive him to allow Neal to join a playoff team this year.






28 Jan 2015 14:05:22
this trade can't happen until deadline when Shved is eligible

Pistons get Larkin Wear
Knicks get Terry Shved Canaan Datome Rockets 2nd Pistons 2nd
Rockets get Calderon Prigioni

Pistons have young PG with exp for playoff push to play behind Augustin
Rockets playoff have playoff tested PG split with Beverly and quality reserve
Knicks get add diversity clear cap and clear roster spots for bring Thanasis 2 picks 2nd



Canaan Hardaway Bargnani
Lamb Perkins Ish OKC 2nd


sign Hibbert 4yr 60mil
Jackson & Afflalo 4yr 48mil
resign Thanasis Galloway Ish Amundson Thomas

draft Jahill Okafor-1st Chris Obekpa-42nd
draft Moussa Diagne-40th Robert Upshaw-50th







Why would you draft okafor to simply make him a back up to hibbert? Especially with that big long contract he's worthleas. Rather spend 15 a year on someone worth it.


Spend 15 mil a year on Monroe as pf. Far better front court than anything with hibbert.


29 Jan 2015 00:04:51
I think hardaway is garbage




28 Jan 2015 06:24:46
Pelicans - Celtics
(trying to find a believe able Gordon trade)

Pelicans get G Wallace, E Turner
Celtics get E Gordon

Turner can help more this year with playoff push than Gordon. Wallace has supposedly been a great veteran leader, would be a better one if he had a chance to go to the playoffs

Celtics might be able to flip Gordon for an asset on his last year, assuming they can keep him healthy






28 Jan 2015 04:51:45

kings give: derrick williams , jason thompson and ramon sessions

kings get: marvin williams and mkg
reasoning: kings need a stretch four and mkg doesn't fit the system in Charlotte any more and would be a great back up for rudy.

Nets give: joe johnson

nets get: lance stephenson, henerson and derrick williams
reasoning: nets r building for the future and with all these athletic guys it could really make them relavent in the east also with mirza out for however long derrick willams could fill that void

Hornets give: lance, gerald henderson, marvin willams and mkg

hornets get: sessions, joe johnson, and jason thompson
reasoning: they need a point guard with kemba hurt and it helps that he knows the system already lance hasn't really played welll in there system and they have looked to trade for joe johnson and jason thompson could play back up center with biyombo out




MKG is the heart of this team next to Kemba so he goes no where




28 Jan 2015 04:44:05
Heat receive: PJ Hairston, Jeff Taylor (waive), 2nd rd pick

Hornets receive: Norris Cole






28 Jan 2015 04:42:13
Nuggets trade: Wilson Chandler

Trail Blazers trade: Victor Claver (waive), Allen Crabbe, protected first rd pick






28 Jan 2015 04:39:43
Celtics receive: CJ Wilcox, 2nd rd pick

Clippers receive: Tayshaun Prince




Value with fine, but salaries are a problem


Agreed with previous comment, salaries don't match up. More than likely, the clippers would rather wait for Prince to be waived.




28 Jan 2015 03:58:54
Suns - Mavericks - 76ers

Suns trade Plumlee
Suns get Mavericks 2015 second round pick, Warriors 2015 second round pick (from 76ers), trade exception

Mavericks trade Ledo
Mavericks get Plumlee

76ers trade Warriors 2015 second round pick
76ers get Ledo

Suns can't get Plumlee any PT so swapping him out for two second round picks is a solid return.

Mavericks need a back up center with athleticism and adding Plumlee will just do that.

76ers might have every second round pick in 2015 (ok actually just 5) so swapping out the Warriors second round pick (likely #60 overall) for Ledo who could give the 76ers an option on the wing going forward is a smart move to make.




Ledo and a late 2nd rounder isn't enough for Mavs to get Plumlee.


Sixers aren't interested in a player like ledo

go 76ers

It's two second round picks not one.

What makes you think the Sixers have no interest in Ledo? Are you part of the Sixers organization? No!


It's an opinion, just like yours. Don't be sensitive.

Boy Howdie

There's a difference between saying you don't like a certain player verse acting like your the owner of the team.


Ledo probably wouldn't interest the Sixers at this point. Hinkie likes his second rounders.




28 Jan 2015 03:34:59
Jazz - Pistons

Jazz trade Burke, Kanter

Pistons trade Anthony, Martin, Datome, 2015 first round pick (top 14 protected till 2017 then pick becomes 2017 and 2018 second round picks)

Jazz are bound for the lottery and clearly Exum and Gobert are their future at point guard and center. So moving out both their understudies in Burke and Kanter for a future first round pick will help the rebuilding process.

Pistons are still trying to make the playoffs despite losing Jennings for the year. While Burke (hometown Michigan kid) won't be a great upgrade over Augustin, he is a better player than Dinwiddie. Kanter also provides an upgrade behind Drummond and is a much better free throw shooter (Kanter 82% verse Drummond 42%).




Jazz want to build around burke so they don't want to trade him

go 76ers

If they wanted to build around Burke why did they draft Exum? Why did they start Exum over Burke? The answer is Burke isn't the franchise center piece. Exum is that's why they drafted him.




28 Jan 2015 03:28:57

Hornets get Chandler, Afflalo, Foye

Nuggets get Stephenson, Henderson, and a protected 1st






28 Jan 2015 02:24:13
Solid Trade to figure out all the drama and rumors going around the NBA

BKN Get:
PG:Spencer Dinwidde
SF:Cartier Martin
SF:P.J. Tucker
C:Miles Plumlee
PHX 2015 first(16-20)

DET Gets:
PG:Isiah Thomas
SF:T.J. Warren
C:Brook Lopez
BKN 2015 1st (ATL-30)

PHX Gets:
PG:Jarret Jack
SF:Sergey Karasev
PF:Greg Monroe
C:Joel Anthony
DET 2015 2nd round (40-44)

I like it from all sides, it deals with all the rumors going around the league. DETS PG-SF problem, BKN Selling their over priced roster, PHX getting rid of the crowed backcourt while building the front court.




Lol you must be a Detroit fan. Suns give up Tucker, IT, Warren, Plumlee and first rounder for 3 x trash, 2nd rounder and the expireing contract of Monroe with no gurantee he will resign. Sure they value Warren alone higher then all of that trade package, he is the wing scorer of the future.


No offense but one can see you are a detroit supperter. That trade is horrible for Phoenix. Warren is probably more valuable then Monroe to them. and he is the only valuable player Phoenix gets in that trade, rest is end of bench material.


. nd Monroe's playing style does not fit the 'play fast' the Suns are trying to do. plus way too much for way too little. no thanks.


This trade won't happen because Monroe has veto and he is not going to give up his Bird Rights.




28 Jan 2015 00:30:06
With Kemba out, Hornets tank and do a small rebuild

Hornets get Stauskas and Williams

Kings get Williams and Neal




Why do the Kings do this deal?




27 Jan 2015 23:58:54
Okc, Pacers, Bkn

Okc trade: Kendrick Perkins, Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb

Bkn trade: Brock Lopez, Joe Johnson

Pacers Trade: Roy Hibbert, George Hill, David West

Okc Receives

Roy Hibbert and Brock Lopez

Bkn Receives

Kendrick Perkins Reggie Jackson, David west

Pacers receives

Joe Johnson. 2015 1st round pick, 2016 1st round pick




Where are the two 1st rounders coming from? And why would OKC want BOTH Hibbert and Lopez?

This is terrible.

SAS Champs 2014



27 Jan 2015 22:31:10
Pistons get Larkin Canaan
Rockets get Calderon Prigioni Wear
Knicks get Terry Shved Datome Pistons and Knicks 2nd

Bargnani Hardaway for Perkin Lamb OKC 2nd




So detroit trades for two PG when they have two on the roster? Maybe one Larkin or Canaan but not both. Wont happen.




27 Jan 2015 21:56:10
Dal get Biyombo

Cha get Harris and 2nd round pick




27 Jan 2015 23:35:14
Good to see what people like you do to try to get a lot of believable, just go to bleacher report


Felton and 2nd would be ok!




27 Jan 2015 21:40:08

Lance Stephenson
Noah Vonleh

Aaron Afflalo
Thomas Robinson
Victor Claver

Aaron Afflalo
Wilson Chandler
Randy Foye

Lance Stephenson
Dorrell Wright
CJ McCollum
Portland 2015 1st Rd Pick

Thomas Robinson
Dorrell Wright
CJ McCollum
Victor Claver
2015 1st Rd Pick

Wilson Chandler
Randy Foye
Noah Vonleh




27 Jan 2015 22:52:31
Charlotte is the only team that could stop this I think. The question is how badly do they want to get rid of Stephenson. Is it worth giving up their rookie?




27 Jan 2015 21:07:47
Possible New Orleans Pelicans 2015-16 Roster

NOP Trades: Eric Gordon, Quincy Pondexter, Future top ten Protected First Round Pick
PHX Trades: Goran Dragic, Brandon Wright
Reason: Gives Gordon to the Suns like he would of been before. Gives the Pelicans cap space and gives them a solid backup center.

Brandon Wright (Around 3-4 Mil a year)
Luke Babbitt
D. Miller


Marcus Thornton
Raymond Felton
Greg Monroe

Pelicans 2015-16 Roster:
PG- J. Holliday/R. Felton/Fredette
SG- G. Dragic/M. Thornton
SF- T. Evans/L. Babbitt/D. Miller
PF- G. Monroe/R. Anderson
C- A. Davis/B. Wright/Ajinca




It irritates me that you have Anthony Davis at center and Greg Monroe at power forward


Suns don't want Gordon. That was old management that tried to sign him to that terrible deal. Thank goodness you guys matched it


Concur with what RainMan wrote. plus. NOLA (and posters out here) have had Gordon in every potential trde scenario. Summary; Pelicans paid him too much. he is alwasy hurt. and,some say, never in shape. & no one wants him and that contract. Yeah, thankful the Suns signed Dragic and NOLA matched Gordon.


This post is frustrating for so many reasons. 1) that trade is HORRENDOUS. No one wants gordon and that awful contract, let alone for dragic AND wright! Then you want to sign wright, who will get much attention, to an extension for 3 mill a year? So you would say his value is about half that of the average back up center seeing as they go for 5 mill a year or so. But then, you sign monroe. not sure where th emoney for this comes in? AND you have to resign dragic, guessing for about 2 mill? This is just a frustrating irrational waste.




27 Jan 2015 20:34:24

CHA get Tyreke Evans and Ryan Anderson

BKN get Lance Stephenson , Omer Asik , Gerald Henderson and Marvin Williams

NOP get Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson






27 Jan 2015 20:14:20

Thunder get Darren Collison and Nick Stauskas

Kings get Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb


jbbaby 2.0


Smh at your name


28 Jan 2015 05:03:37
i honestly could c that happening but they aren't going to pay him in the off season just because they want rondo still. collison is plaing way better than him and is cheaper




27 Jan 2015 20:08:44
Possible Phoenix Suns 2015-16 Roster

PHX Trades: Isaiah Thomas, Miles Plumlee
DET Trades: Greg Monroe
Reason: Gives PHX a nice young scoring big man, while it gives DET a Isaiah Thomas as there point guard.

PHX Trades: PJ Tucker and two future 2nd Round Draft Picks
DEN Trades: Afflalo

Z. Dragic

Don't pick up these player's options:
G. Dragic


19th: Jerian Grant
49th: Kaleb Tarczewski

Greg Monroe to an multi-year deal.
Afflalo to an extension
Amare Stoudemire (bring him back for a backup vet)

Suns 2015-16 Roster:
PG- E. Bledsoe/Ennis/J. Grant
SG- Afflalo/Goodwin
SF- Marcus M./R. Bullock
PF- G. Monroe/Markieff M.
C- A. Len/Stoudemire/K. Tarczewski




Monroe doesn't fit what PHX wants to do. and that is play fast. Thomas, Plumlee, and G. Green moved? Yeah. likely after the season. but have no clue to where. or for who.


Monroe has Veto power on any trade and he is not going to give up his Bird Rights as well. Monroe is going nowhere get over it.




27 Jan 2015 20:03:18

Pelicans get Reggie Jackson , Trevor Ariza

Rockets get Quincy Pondexter and Jrue Holiday

Hornets get Jeremy Lamb , Kendrick Perkins and Ryan Anderson

Thunder get Lance Stephenson and Patrick Beverley


jbbaby 2.0


27 Jan 2015 21:25:22
Pels pass




27 Jan 2015 19:42:04
offseason deal


Pacers get Tyreke Evans

Pelicans get Roy Hibbert






27 Jan 2015 18:30:26

Kings get Norris Cole
Heat get Gary Neal
Hornets get Ramon sessions and 2nd rounder from heat





Could just simplify this and make a Cole for Neal swap.

SAS Champs 2014



27 Jan 2015 18:20:18
Nets - Hornets - Raptors - Thunder

Nets trade Johnson, Lopez, Anderson
Nets get Stephenson, Perkins, Fields, Hansbrough

Hornets trade Stephenson, Williams, Henderson
Hornets get Johnson, Stiemsma, Jerrett, Lamb

Raptors trade Fields, Hansbrough, Stiemsma
Raptors get Williams, Henderson, Anderson

Thunder trade Perkins, Lamb, Jerrett
Thunder get Lopez

Nets unload over $40M in salary in this trade and the only long term salary they get back is Stephenson for two years.The rest of the players they recieve in the deal are free agents after the season. After making this trade the Nets will only need to make one smaller deal to remove about $2M to get under the tax line. A move an owner looking to sell should make.

Hornets regret the Stephenson and Williams signings greatly so swapping them out for the former all star may be what's needed to stay in the playoff chase with Kemba Walker out for a while.

Raptors looking to get back the #1 seed in the east swap out three players deep on their bench with expiring contracts and swap them out for some depth and scoring on the wing.

Thunder clearly are all in to win before K.D. hits the open market. Lopez proves a low post scorer, and the Thunder have been looking to swap out Perkins and Lamb for Lopez for a month now.






27 Jan 2015 17:59:52
Magic - Rockets - Blazers

Magic trade Frye, Ben Gordon, Harkless

Magic get Shved (waived), Capela, Wright, Robinson, Blazers 2015 first round pick, Knicks 2015 second pick (from Rockets)

Rockets trade Shved, Terry, Capela, Jones, Knicks 2015 second round pick

Rockets get Frye, Ben Gordon

Blazers trade Robinson, Wright, 2015 first round pick

Blazers get Terry, Jones, Harkless

Magic regret the signings of Frye and Gordon. Harkless isn't getting any PT so by swapping out the three of them the Magic net themselves three expiring contracts, a prospect, and two picks in the #27-33 range. Not a bad overhaul for three players the team doesn't want.

Rockets add two veteran shooters to their team providing more space for Harden and Howard to work. While neither is even an ok defender, with Howard and Ariza playing great defense, Frye and Gordon just need to shoot.

Blazers need to find a better back up to Aldridge incase his hand injury gets worse. Jones is a Portland native who along with Terry and the underrated Harkless would provide an upgrade to a weak Blazers bench. Pushing the Blazers in the class with the Warriors.





27 Jan 2015 21:00:31
I feel like this could be simplified by removing Houston. Frye would fit better than jones, and I don't care about terry. Do robinson, wright, and a first for frye and harkless. You could throw in barton and Gordon if orlando is desperate to unload Gordon.


Frye contract is over priced for the Blazers who need money to sign Aldridge, Matthews, Lillard, and Lopez long term. Jones also provides more offensively in terms of ball handling and driving ability than Frye. Plus Jones is a better defender than Frye.




27 Jan 2015 17:50:06
Thunder get Moe Harkless

Magic get Jeremy Lamb




Magic already have 5 or 6 guys who can play sg why would they trade a sf when they need more forwards for another sg.

Galaxy Gordon



27 Jan 2015 16:50:08
First off, yes, I understand that Melo has a no-trade clause. I also understand that he most likely wouldn't want to go to Philly. by himself. But.

Philly has all the makings of a team ready to acquire big names and big money. They have cap space, young assets at key positions, picks, they're in the East, they have a GM shown to make moves, a stud overseas, and a history of success.

Knicks get Jason Richardson, L. R. Mbah a Moute, Tony Wroten Jr, Nerlens Noel, Michael Carter Williams, Corey Jefferson
***Expiring money, plenty of assets. Noel and MCW are definite building blocks and guys you can build around. They'll have the cap room this summer to add in great pieces plus high draft picks.

Nets get Joel Embiid, Andrei Kirilenko, Furkan Aldemir, Travis Wear
***Nets are shopping their big names, big contracts. The easiest to move will be Brook Lopez, but I like this deal for the Nets. Not only do they rid themselves of a huge contract, but they also replace that big contract with a guy with ENORMOUS potential. And, they can be patient with Embiid. In the interim, they have Plumlee. Teams like the Thunder can offer an expiring deal (Perk and parts), but where else can they add a potential franchise big for cheap?

Sixers get Carmelo Anthony, Brook Lopez, Jose Calderon, Jerome Jordan, Cleanthony Early
***I know, dropping MCW, Noel, Embiid, Mbah a Moute, Wroten, etc is a lot. But, they other pieces they give up? Richardson, Kirilenko, Aldemir, and even Embiid, are either not playing this year or are not long-term solutions. Plus, MCW has been rumored to be on the block. Add in the fact that the draft has players at positions of need that can rebuild depth on their roster. Give it one year. In one year, the Sixers could make the playoffs. In two years? They could contend in the East.




27 Jan 2015 18:51:00
Terrible. I really don't know what's worse MCW and Noel for Carmelo or Embiid for Lopez. Oh wait, I do, definitely Embiid for Lopez.


horrible. that's the best u can come up with for my sixers.

go 76ers

I can't hit unbelievable enough times.

Boy Howdie



27 Jan 2015 15:42:31
Boston plans


BOS get Kendrick Perkins exp , Reggie Jackson and Andre Roberson + 2nd rd pick
OKC get Avery Bradley and Brandon Bass

2015 off season moves
priority : resign Reggie Jackson 4yr/52mil deal - he is better than Smart , he is proven that could be something special when he has his own team

try a trade : send Marcus Smart , Gerald Wallace and the 8th pick to Nyk for the Knicks pick and Tim Hardaway Jr

okay , Knicks get their PG here on this trade , swallowing the last year of Wallace's contract and still get a high pick

- Celtics acquire a higher draft pick let's say 3rd , draft Karl Towns to start at center position for them

- 21st pick select Terian Grant (PG)

Tobias Harris (4yr/56mil) - he and Jackson will be the new face of the Celtics for years to come
sign couple of vets like for Pg and Sf position

Pg : Reggie Jackson , Terian Grant , Fa
Sg : Evan Turner , Tim Hardaway Jr
Sf : Tobias Harris , James Young , Fa
Pf : Jared Sullinger , Kelly Olynyk
Ce : Karl Towns , Tyler Zeller

- this team will make difference for years to come




The Knicks can't trade their pick




27 Jan 2015 14:45:41

Min get Jordan Hill and 2015 1st rd pick
- select Emmanuel Mudiay and Karl Towns

E Mudiay
A Wiggins
S Muhammad
G Dieng
K Towns
- future

Lal get Ricky Rubio and Nikola Pekovic

R Rubio
K Bryant
E Davis / J Randle
N Pekovic




No from Lakers