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22 Apr 2014 05:01:13
Lakers to sign DJ mbenga, Luke Walton, Adam Morrison, Sun Yue, Josh Powell


probably the best lineup. all have rings

coach- Mark Madsen



Kareem Rush as 6th man

Forgot smush parker

^nahh no ring :)



22 Apr 2014 04:54:03
Bulls trade warriors
Warriors get dunleavy and #19th pick
Bulls get h. barnes
Bulls amnesty boozer
Bulls sign melo
Im sure people are going to say well new york aren't just going to let him walk but its melos choice to leave he just can't sign a max deal but can come close. Also why would he do a sign and trade to a team that's going to have to give up too much for him lessing his chance to win. So face it knicks he's going to walk.







22 Apr 2014 03:07:48
celtics get: joaquim noah and #49 pick in 2014 draft
bulls get: gerald wallace, vitor faverani, #5 pick in 2014 draft, 2016 1st rd pick (better of nets/celtics) and 2015 1st rd pick via sixers (likely to become 2 2nd rd picks)





22 Apr 2014 02:48:23
Hou (-9 wins)Tor (+2wins)Det (even)Nop (+1 wins)

Det trade-Jennings and Monroe
Det get-Parson Lin and Amir Johnson

Tor trade-Derozan Hansbrough and Johnson
Tor get-Gordon Monroe and Jones

Hou trade-Parsons Lin Asik and Jones
Hou get-Jennings Derozan and Hansbrough

Nop trade Gordon
Nop get Asik


Lowry/Vasquez/De Colo





Houston says no

Houston says Hell No. Houston is not trading Parsons so give up

Detroit say hell no keeping Smith is not in their best interest and drafting Smart is a Big Bust waiting to happen. Not interested and Parsons is going nowhere.

T. O says no

Relax, Parsons isn't THAT good. xxx



22 Apr 2014 02:17:59
celtics get: pekovic, budinger and #13 pick
minnesota get: jeff green, brandon bass and #5 pick







22 Apr 2014 00:20:10
Thunder get Robin Lopez and CJ McCollom

Blazers get Jeremy Lamb, Steven Adams, and 2014 DAL pick #21

Pf. Ibaka/ Jones/ Collison
Sf. Durant/ Butler
C. Lopez/ Perkins/ Thabeet
Sg. Sefalosha/ Mccollum/ Roberson
Pg. Westbrook/ Jackson/ Nick Johnson (#29)



Blazers get screwed



21 Apr 2014 22:47:11
Sign&trade suns with grizzlies

Suns trade :frye And Indiana pick 27
Grizzlies trade: randolph

Suns get a talented pf
Grizzlies get firepower from 3s And a young body in loaded 2014 draft



Suns do not make this trade without an extension of his contract!

Sign And trade situation is with extension

Randolph doesn't fit the suns system

Yes, sign and trade is with an extension. You did not mention who was sign and traded. Frye has an option out of his contract too.

This trade requires Frye and Randolph to agree to this trade as they both have player option at the end of this season.

Suns have the cap space to sign him directly, so why would they give away a 1st round draft pick?

Frye not going to agree to go to Memphis. He will sign with Portland if Suns try to sign and trade.



21 Apr 2014 22:27:18
Knicks not making any moves to jepordize their plan 2015, but if they come back with roster Melo will not stay.

Bobcats get Felton
Warriors get Chandler Haywood Tyler
Knicks get Bogut Ezeli Speights

Bargnani for Nash Kaman

Hardaway for R. Jackson

JrSmith/Shumpert/S. brown





21 Apr 2014 21:16:34
Bulls trade Boozer, Snell, Brewer, Bobcats 1st 2014, own 1st 2014
Bulls get Love, Budinger

Wolves trade Love, Budinger
Wolves get Monroe, Snell, Bobcats 1st 2014, Bulls 1st 2014, R. Brewer (not guaranteed)

Pistons trade Monroe, own 2014 first round pick, Jennings
Pistons get Rondo, Green

Celtics trade Rondo, Green
Celtics get Boozer, Jennings, Pistons 2014 first (about pick #8)

- championship contender for years

C. Brewer/Mbah/Muhammad
- add 2 x 2014 1st round picks to trade up in draft
- Monroe has All-Star potential, Snell can have a solid NBA career

- more balanced and more athletic roster
- add needed floor general
- at least playoff contender

- try to land Wiggins or Parker with own pick
- try to land Smart or Exum (or Ennis) with Pistons' pick
- in 2015 Boozer's and Bass' contract end = resign a PF or C to pair with Sullinger long-term



Bulls need to give more

Swap bringer and wallace

Pistons will not give up their first round pick they can't unless its no lower then 8th. Smith and Jennings are as good as gone from the Pistons.

Why trade for boozer? He's most likely getting amnestied



21 Apr 2014 18:26:57
For the Lakers
*NBA is projected to slightly raise the 2014-2015 season salary cap to 63.2 million/luxury tax to 77 million. This is unofficial, and projected like I said, just like the NBA lottery ;)

1. First thing the Lakers should do is FIRE Mike D. Fire him before the draft so that the new coach can have a say in what new player they would possibly like to coach for the future of the Lakers. The new coach, STAN VAN GUNDY, who never had a losing record as a head coach, had seasons of. 500+ and some of. 700+, proved he can reach the Finals, and when he was with Orlando he had a top 5 defense every season.

2. Draft day via Chad Ford's ESPN Mock Draft Lottery, first time I pressed "Play Lottery" it simulated the Lakers with the #2 pick, with JABARI PARKER coming to LA. This seems biased but it was simulated. I wouldn't count out the Lakers or any team. Lakers have a chance at a top 3 pick and a 6th or 7th pick. With them being the Lakers, it is very much possible. Especially those who think it is "fixed". (3 year, 11 million w/ 3 mill first season)

3. Lakers should pay very close attention to Pau Gasol. If he wants to stay, sign him, but with new reports coming out that the Lakers really wanted to trade him before the recent deadline, I doubt he stays. The chances of going to the Knicks where Phil could convince Pau and where Pau will be in the triangle is very likely. Assuming this happens, Knicks will not have enough room to sign Pau to a decent deal.
Lakers send Pau Gasol for ANDREA BARGNANI (+1 year, 11 million)

Lakers should seek to rid themselves of Kendall Marshall after they pick up his team option, just so they can sign 2 better point guards. Send him to the Magic for absolutely nothing. Magiv only receive +900k and on the NBA Trade Machine, +1 win.

4. Major offseason signings: Lakers only need to fulfill the C and PG at this point. In my opinion, Bazemore has potential to be a good point guard. His only problem is over dribbling but Steve Nash should be able to teach him somethings. I would start him at PG because his size can cause match up problems, he has the athleticism, he has the quick feet, and he can defend 1s, 2s, and 3s, so switching would be no problem.
With that said, they need a Center
-GREG MONROE (a) Pistons would be foolish to match any offers because it will damage cap space and prevent them from attracting any other free agents, making them another lottery team (b) He is unhappy in Detroit and they have a log jam in the front court. Josh Smith is a PF and plays best there (c) Andre Drummond has great potential to be an All-Star center, Monroe cannot play PF because he cannot guard most PFs. (4 years, 53 million)
-JERRYD BAYLESS (a) UFA, brings offense off the bench and can possibly start some games (b) plays defense and brings tenacity (2 years, 6 million)
-JIMMER FREDETTE (a) cheap option (b) can bring offense (c) Lakers seem to get injured a lot, may have some playing time (d) Lakers were interested in him once before (3 years, 3 million)
-EMEKA OKAFOR (a) needs to restart his career after fallen stock (b) he is 32 years old coming off an empty season with 0 games played (c) UFA, his choice to sign with the Lakers and can play PF/C if Bargnani gets injured. (1 year, 7 million)

5. Resignings:
-Kent Bazemore (4 years, 8 million)
-Nick Young (2 years, 7.4 million)
-Ryan Kelly (2 years, 2 million)
-Wesley Johnson (1 year, 1.3 million)

PG: Kent Bazemore/Jerryd Bayless/Steve Nash
SG: Kobe Bryant/Jimmer Fredette
SF: Jabari Parker/Nick Young/Wesley Johnson
PF: Andrea Bargnani/Ryan Kelly
C: Greg Monore/Emeka Okafor/Robert Sacre

Salary: 75.5 million

Note (1) Greg Monroe makes 13.5 million a year
Note (2) Lakers will have minus 23 million the following season with Bargnani, Nash, Johnson, and Okafor's contract off the books, allowing them to sign Kevin Love to a max contract. Future front line of the Lakers Monroe-Love-Parker



Yer I'm simulated it and had magic get wiggins at number 1 and hood at number 12 to add to Harris and harkless for 4 sf it's a simulation not fact you could do it dozens of times with different outcomes.

The Bargnani trade is horrid why would the Lakers help the Knicks for nothing and hurt our cap space. the Bargnani experiment has failed too many times not even Van Gundy can help his horrid defense. Pretty sure most Lakers fans would say no

I've heard about placing Bazemore at PG before which I believe won't work. The Warriors tried to do this and had to end up trading for Steve Blake because it did not work. With some work maybe he can play PG for limited minutes. The Lakers still need to find a starting caliber PG by either drafting one or going for Bledsoe, Isiah Thomas or Lowry.

If the Lakers were to end up with the 2nd overall pick. I think they would go the Embiid, Wiggins and even Exum route before choosing Parker.

Knicks won't be able receive player in sign and trade deal

Dude!. I don't even think Jim Buss puts that much thought into next season!

Monroe will not be a Laker. Detroit will match.

You Laker fans are too worried. The NBA will give you the 1st pick. Don't worry. The lottery is riged.



21 Apr 2014 17:42:17
Building off of a trade here that I liked
NYK gets green, bass, s&t Bradley Brooklyn pick, magic pick via Denver, 2016, 2018 Celtic picks and right to swap in 2015.
Orlando gets Boston's 2014 pick, shumpert and Gerald Wallace
Boston gets melo, afflalo, vucevic
Signs sefolosha in offseason and resigns hump
What needs to be changed? I know this is far from perfect



If Melo Leave Ny it would be for Chicago he does not like Boston

Are the 2016 & 2018 pick coming from Boston or Orlando? Cause it looks like Orlando at the moment and they are getting completely screwed

16 and 18 picks are coming from Boston. And melo wants to go to a contender. Don't bring any of that hate Boston crap. This gives him a chance to play with an instant contender. Plus this team as the salaries play out, would have a decent chance to sign another good player.

Why does orlando give afflalo, vucevic plus the 12 pick in 2014 draft and takes on gerald wallace albatross contract just to move 6 o 7 places up at best?

It would be 6-7 at worst. They have a 30% chance at a top 3 pick

^^^^ that's right. Melo loves boston!



21 Apr 2014 16:29:09
Pelicans move

Eric Gordon and morrow for Mcgee and Wilson chandler

-resign jason Smith

-sign Caron Butler

-sign Ben Gordon vet min

-sign Maynor






21 Apr 2014 16:08:36
76ers offseason moves

-Thad Young, Wroten, Mullens, projected 10th, 39th, 51st, 55thpick for Afflalo, Vucevic, Price, future 2nd round

-cut Richardson, waive Davies, Williams, Thompson

-sign Jordan Hill if possible

-sign Caron Butler

-sign Thabo Sefolosha

-sign Jerryd Bayless

draft 2nd wiggins, 32nd Artem Klimenko, 47th Laquinton ross




Its not bad. But not a championship move. Sixers are thinking dynasty but are not going to take short cuts. Only really good player are who we're after. Everyone in this deal are just good to average players. So no deal.

This isn't any good for the magic they are giving up some talented players to take a step back in their rebuild.



21 Apr 2014 15:35:07

NYK get- Monroe

Det get- Shumpert & THJ


NYK get- Gordon
Nola get- Chandler

Sign Pau Gasol
Start Prigioni @ PG
Sign Copeland

pg. prigioni/felton
sg. gordon/jr smith
sf. melo/copeland
pf. monroe/stat
c. gasol/bargnani



Bargnani Hardaway for Monroe (s&t)

or else is does not work under cba rules your way

Copeland is under contract! WOW really



21 Apr 2014 15:14:46


PACERS get Lowry, Ross, Salmons and RAPS First rounder
RAPS get PG24 and Watson

PACERS Lineup:

G- Lowry/Hill
G- Stephenson/Ross
F- Turner/Salmons
F- West/Scola
C- Hibbert/Bynum

RAPS Lineup:

G- Vasquez/Watson
G- DeRozan/De Colo
F- PG24/Stone
F- Amir/Patterson
C- Jonas/Hansbrough

Eastern Conference Final Next Season



That is horrible for the Raps



21 Apr 2014 11:52:36
Rockets get Brandon Bass and the 18th pick

Celtics get Omer Asik and 24th pick



Rockets say Hell No. Rockets turned down trade for Bass and Lee for Asik so why would they do this trade



21 Apr 2014 11:48:07
Bulls - Magic

Bulls get Andrew Nicholson, Aaron Afflalo
Magic get Carlos Boozer (expiring), 16th pick, future 1st

sign mirotic
resign augustine hinrich jimmer
draft payne




Bulls are not dumping Boozer on the Magic while taking Afflalo and Nicolson. Maybe Gibson, but not Boozer. Bulls would have to give more for this deal to happen.

The reality is the bulls really aren't dumping boozer on the magic when u guys can buy him out and free up money towards the cap because u couldn't do that with affalo plus u get a pick giving the magic 3 1rst rounders



21 Apr 2014 11:44:48

GS get Victor Oladipo, Hawks 1st
ORL get Klay Thompson, Jeff Teague
ATL get Harrison Barnes, Etwann Moore, ORL pick via Nuggets

J. Teague
K. Thompson
A. Afflalo / M. Harkless
N. Vucevic / T. Harris
J. Embiid



Nobody can separate the splash bros.

No way magic give a lottery pick and victor oladipo for Thompson and Teague. Their better off keeping oladipo he's shown loads of promise after Allstar weekend he's shot 38% from deep and have a shooter in affalo already. They could draft Ennis with their late lottery pick so no need for Teague.



21 Apr 2014 11:35:47

MIN get Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes


GS get Nikola Pekovic, Chase Budinger




Isn't Bogut going to be a free agent this off season?

He was given a 3yr/36 million extension in October



21 Apr 2014 11:34:04
Wolves - Warriors - Knicks

Wolves get Tyson Chandler, Harrison Barnes

Warriors get Iman Shumpert, Nikola Pekovic

Knicks get Andrew Bogut, Corey Brewer





21 Apr 2014 10:43:06
My Lakers Prediction

*if they want to trade the pick
6th pick, Pau gasol (S&T) 9M (my prediction, Nash 9M, Bazemore 1M
Rondo and Bass

sign Andray Blatche

resign Farmar, Hill, Meeks, Johnson, Henry




Nash will get cut.

Are you kidding? Boston get royal screw job!



21 Apr 2014 10:36:37
Suns off-season

assuming they get 14th, 17th and 27th pick

Suns get Carlos Boozer (expiring)
Bulls get Emeka Okafor (s&t) + 27th pick (whoever Suns selects)

-Boozer has a mammoth contract that makes him look bad, but Boozer can still play. A lot of energy scoring and rebounding, that expiring deal of him could help also. Suns need a Boozer type of player.

-resign Eric Bledsoe (match any offer from other teams)

-sign Greg Monroe

-select Doug McDermott and TJ Warren

Dragic - Smith - Goodwin
Bledsoe - Green - Tucker
McDermott - Warren - Morris
Boozer - Frye - Plumlee
Monroe - Morris - Len



Suns can not trade Okafor because he is a unrestricted free agent. They would have to sign him and then trade hin which is not going to happen.

No on boozer

Suns would get a draft pick for taking Boozer's horrendous contract AND NOT pay with a 1st round pick.

Boozer is a amnesty candidate this year and CHI would be very happy if any team took him in a trade. So, don't expect Suns to give a draft pick.

Crazy Bull fan wants a draft pick for a player the Bulls are wanting to get rid of to save money.

Does anyone propose a fair trade.

Suns wouldn't be able to sign Bledsoe and Monroe after taking on boozer's contract. keep that trash



21 Apr 2014 10:28:27

Bulls get Suns Wizards pick and Len
Suns get Gibson Snell



Surely you mean Suns get a top ten draft pick and Snell for Len. What a dumb trade. Suns GM hangs up after saying hell no! What a joke!

Can anyone propose a fair trade?

I am surprised your not asking for Goodwin and the Suns pick too. LOL! LOL! Crazy Bulls fan.



21 Apr 2014 09:29:58
Rumour has it Boston might trade their pick to build around rondo.

Boston get Affalo, Vucevic & Magic via Denver
Magic get Wallace & Boston pick
Magic draft embiid & exum

Boston get smith and Singler
Pistons get green, bass and magic pick via Denver
Pistons draft smart and stauskas

Boston sign melo in free agency as he wants to play with rondo or if they can't grab melo get Hayward

Anthony or Hayward/ Singler



Magic trade makes boston worse. At deadline afflalo had half the value. Why do magic fans now think that Wallace's contract is the difference between afflalo and a superstar? It's not

Stop making that proposal, it only makes Boston worse!
Every trade with the magic and celtics involves in some way Wallace and #4 for afflalo

"Tom, the browns are looking for talent, but aren't desperate. We're going to respectfully decline, Callahans yours "



21 Apr 2014 08:52:24
Shane Battier And Udonis Haslem For Thaddeus Young



Sixers will do much better than this when they move Thad Young.



21 Apr 2014 05:00:33
Lakers trade pick#6 for Rajon Rondo (not sure that's enough for Rondo, but it's worth trying); sign&trade Gasol for Zach Randolph or Tyson Chandler; sign Hayward to a near-max deal.


Looks like a contender to me.



Believable but I think Gasol would be a better fit with Kobe than Randolph and Knicks are too far over apron to do sign and trade for Chandler/Gasol

Won't work. Cap space issues.

Knicks off season moves

Bobcats get Felton
Warriors get Haywood Chandler Tyler
Knicks get Speight Ezeli Nash
Kaman 5mil & Gasol 10mil 1yr s&t
Lakers get Bogut bargnani

Hardaway for R. jackson


Hayward is a really good player but not a near max player by any means. I would rather keep the pick and pick up Smart or Vonleh. If the pick is higher then go for Embiid, Wiggins or Exum

Bledsoe (14 -16) OR Lowry (11 -13) OR Isiah Thomas (7-9)
Monroe (12 -14)

^No for Vonleh i'd rather take Randle

Hayward will end up as a Suns player long before a Laker, however he will stay in Utah.



21 Apr 2014 03:15:34
Bobcats get T. Young Felton 10th
Sixers get MKG
knicks get Haywood Moultrie Varnado

Walker/E. Payton-24/Felton
Jefferson/Zeller/Mahanadi Jeiteh-45

MCW/S. Christon-47th/E. Williams
JrSmith/Market Brown-51st/Anderson
MKG/Thompson/Thadasis AnteK-54th
Parker-3rd/Isiah Austin-32/Davies
Noel/Patric Young-39th/Sims

Knicks other moves
Bargnani for Nash Kaman ( s&t) 1yr 5 mil
Hardaway for R. Jackson
Chandler Haywood Tyler for Bogut Speights

Nash/R. Jackson/Prigioni
JrSmith/Shumpert/S. Brown




Sixers get ripped off and then get ripped of again



21 Apr 2014 01:54:18
Bobcats get T. Young Felton 10th
Sixers get MKG
knicks get Haywood Moultrie Varnado

Walker/E. Payton-24/Felton
Jefferson/Zeller/Mahanadi Jeiteh-45

MCW/S. Christon-47th/E. Williams
JrSmith/Market Brown-51st/Anderson
MKG/Thompson/Thadasis AnteK-54th
Parker-3rd/Isiah Austin-32/Davies
Noel/Patric Young-39th/Sims

Knicks other moves
Bargnani for Nash Kaman ( s&t) 1yr 5 mil
Hardaway for R. Jackson
Chandler Haywood Tyler for Bogut Speights

Nash/R. Jackson/Prigioni
JrSmith/Shumpert/S. Brown



Explain how can you convince the sixers to do that



20 Apr 2014 19:33:37
knicks plans.

Hire Isaiah Thomas as Head Coach

S&t Carmelo Anthony to Detroit for Josh Smith

Sign Lamar Odom, Gilbert Arenas, Stephon Marbury, Allen Iverson, Metta World Peace, Stephen Jackson, and Javaris Crittenton

Trade Tyson Chandler and THJ to Bucks for Larry Sanders

Trade Iman Shumpert and Pablo Prigioni to Heat for Michael Beasley

Pf. J. Smith/ K. Martin/ L. Odom
Sf. M. Beasley/ M. World/ S. Jackson
C. L. Sanders/ A. Stoudemire
Sg. A. Iverson/ JR Smith/ J. Crittenton
Pg. G. Arenas/ R. Felton/ S. Marbury



How about brandon roy, dan gadzuric, corey maggette?

I just wanted to see how many felonies and failed marijuana tests I could get on one team

Dennis Rodman - Coach



20 Apr 2014 17:21:39
Pelicans - Celtics - Pistons

Pelicans trade J Holiday, T Evans, 2015 & 2017 1st round picks
Pelicans receive R Rondo, J Smith

Celtics trade R Rondo, G Wallace, J Green
Celtics receive J Holiday, T Evans, 2015 & 2017 Pelicans 1st round picks

Pistons trade J Smith
Pistons receive G Wallace, J Green