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27 Jul 2014 16:11:51
What Cavs need to do:


Cavs get Love

TWolves get Wiggins, Bennett, 1st rd pick, 2nd rd pick


Cavs get Allen and a lottery protected 1st rd pick

Grizzlies get Waiters

Sign Ray Allen, Ramon Sessions, Jermaine ONeal




Memphis wouldn't trade Allen and a 1st for waiters who is a locker room mess. Waiters is going to be hard to deal. Allen for Waiters might work. Allen would fit perfect alongside James and Irving because he can guard pgs in which Irving is lazy with.

Good point ahhhs, change the 1st to a 2nd then



27 Jul 2014 15:57:53
Bulls trade okc

Okc gets noah,mcdermout,j.butler,bulls 1rst round pick 2015,and kings protected pick

Bulls get k.durant



Durant is untradeable. Common now!

I know the trade would never happen but that okc roster would look really nice
Great defensive team, has scorers





27 Jul 2014 15:32:28
Wolves get Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb, Kendrick Perkins, Hasheem Thabeet,
Thunder get Ricky Rubio, Nikola Piković

PG-Reggie Jackson
SG-Kevin Martin
SF-Corey Brewer
PF-Kevin Love
C-Kendrick Perkins

PG-Ricky Rubio
SG-Russell Westbrook
SF-Kevin Durant
PF-Serge Ibaka
C-Nikola Piković



Wolves want more. Way more



27 Jul 2014 14:15:03
Knicks need shooters. This would be a great trade for all teams involved:

Amare Stoudamire and J.R. Smith to Wolves for Kevin Martin and Ricky Rubio. The Wolves trade J.R. Smith the Spurs for Manu Ginobli and send Ginoli to the Knicks for Torry Murry and Thansis Antekumpnopo. Tony Parker gets mad and now wants to play for the Knicks so they send Jose Calderon to the Spurs for Matt Bonner, Parker Tony, and Boris Diow. Knicks send Bonner, Hardway Junior, Shumpert to Clippers for Chis Paul since he's best friend's with Carmelo.

Chris Paul
Tony Parker
Manu Ginobli
Ricky Rubio

They start three point guard which make them fast and the all give the ball to Carmelo. I think that Carmelo can average 50 with a good passers.

Diaw is good passer
Bonner is good shooter



Jackie chan wtf face on this

Parker Tony?

Tyleek, this is a joke right?. right?

Every bit of this is ridiculous.



27 Jul 2014 13:26:54
Nets Hornets trade

Nets get MKG, Zeller abd Neal

Hornets get Garnett, Kirilenko, Gutierrez and the 2 2nd round compensation picks from the bucks

Nets 5

Hornets 5

Nets do this trade to clear some expiring contracts plus get younger

Hornets do this trade to make a serious run to the finals plus get some expiring contracts so they can make a run at a big name next off season



2 young talented growing players for old retiring has beens, no





27 Jul 2014 13:24:38

Ind get: Knight, Sanders, & Mayo

Pg. Knight
Sg. Mayo
Sf. George
Pf. West
C. Sanders

Mil get: hibbert & hill

Pg. Marshall
Sg. Giannis
Sf. Parker
Pf. Illaysova
C. Hibbert



I actually like this for Indy. But Indy would say no because Sanders is questionable, knight is nothing but a backup, and mayo is what they need.

Hill and filler or pick for Knight and Mayo maybe



27 Jul 2014 13:15:06
GS- Twolves trade

GS trades David Lee, Klay Thompson, Festus Ezeli, 1st round pick
GS gets Kevin Love

Twolves trade Kevin Love
Twolves get David Lee, Klay Thompson, Festus Ezeli, and 1st round pick



Cavs have a better offer. Love WILL BE a Cav, mark my words

Love has already made his intentions clear to the Wolves FO and that has taken the control away. They can trade him elsewhere but that team already knows he want to play in Cleveland

GS is unwilling to part with Thompson and Lee, I highly doubt they add Ezeli and a pick. And Cleveland's offer isn't better. Wiggins hasn't proven anything, Bennett is a bust, and if TWolves accept that they will have no shooting. And Flip Saunders is a Klay Thompson fan. TWolves easily accept.

Cavattitude he is fine going to the Cavs, Warriors, or Bulls.

^^ Minnesota has no shooters? What about Kevin Martin and Chase Budinger, both good shooters.

Minesota would probably make Cavs take Martin carl006



27 Jul 2014 13:04:46
Minesota Timberwolves' 2- year offseason plan:

In 2014 summer;

1) trade r.rubio, n.pekovic, z.lavine, 2015 1st round pick (protected for selections between 13-30) and 2015' 2nd round picks (via DEN and own) for r.westbrook and k.perkins
- if wolves wants to retain love, getting his one of the best friend and former teammate seems a good option. They have to make an all-in type of offer to grab westbrook from okc.
2) sign a.blatche (1-year, 4m) via MLE
- nice backup&6th man

Westbrook - barea - shved
Martin - muhammad - hummel
Brewer - budinger - robinson
Love - blatche (6th man) - moute
Dieng - perkins - turiaf


In 2015 summer;

1) love opts in and resigns for max contract [he will get slightly more money by doing that rather that opting out and resigning, and also it will allow wolves to have more cap room to improve their team] - (6-year, 133m)

* players under contract: r.westbrook (16.7m), (16.7m), k.martin (7.1m), c.budinger (5m), g.dieng (1.5m), s.muhammad (2.1m), robinson (0.9m)
* total salary: 50m
* salary cap: 66m

1) sign (4-year, 50m: annual salary increase is 4.5%, first year salary is 11.7m)
- wing scorer and defender
2) resign a.blatche (4-year, 16m: annual salary increase is 4.5%, first year salary is 3.7m)
3) resign k.perkins (2-year, 6m) via MLE
- defensive backup bigman
4) resign jj.barea (2-year, 4m) via BAE
- backup veteran pg
5) sign g.smith and cj.watson (min.)

Westbrook - barea - watson
Martin - muhammad
Gay - budinger - robinson
Love - blatche
Dieng - perkins - smith






27 Jul 2014 11:30:27
Detroit gets:
-Jeff Green
-Vitor Faverani

Boston gets:
-Greg Monroe





27 Jul 2014 07:03:04
Minnesota is a mess right now and once again we have star drama and this time it's a "Love Story" Love will be a Cav and Wiggins will be in green n black. If I'm a Wolves fan I'm ecstatic.

That's not it though, Ricky Rubio says he wants max money. IMO I think he wants out, no way does he deserve max, I think it's his way of say trade me or literally over pay he haha. So we go to Phoenix where there is trouble in negotiations with Eric Bledsoe.

I drew up a 4 way deal involving the Minnesota Timberwolves , Phoenix Suns , Dallas Mavericks , and the Los Angeles Lakers

A few Sign and Trades are involved and many picks.

Minnesota T'Wolves add:
- Eric Bledsoe
- Brandan Wright
- Robert Sacre
- Dallas 1st unprotected
- Los Angeles Clippers 2nd round pick
- Los Angeles Lakers future 2nd round pick

Phoenix Suns add:
- Gorgui Dieng
- Shawn Marion 2yr 8m
- Minnesota 2015 1st round pick top 8 protected, 2016 top 3 protected, 2017 unprotected

Dallas Mavericks add:
- Ricky Rubio
- Kevin Martin
- Emeka Okafor 3yr 9m player option on 2nd year

Los Angeles Lakers add:
- Jae Crowder
- Gal Mekel


Dallas Mavs:
- sign BJ Mullens 2yr 2m Player option on 2nd year

Ricky Rubio / Jameer Nelson / Devin Harris / Raymond Felton
Monte Ellis / Kevin Martin / Ricky Ledo
Chandler Parsons / Richard Jefferson / Eric Griffin
Dirk Nowitzki / BJ Mullens / Greg Smith
Tyson Chandler / Emeka Okafor

( what I see is a breakout season for Rubio. You put nothing but shooters around him and he will easily lead the league in assist. This team IMO can make the finals. This team reminds me of 2011 chip team. Such a fun team. Their bench is decent and with many veterans. Just look, every player has a role and will know it, Ellis and Martin are a scoring duo with Point guards who are pass first. Parsons will be a corner 3 specialist, he reminds me of Peja a bit. Dirk the leader and closer and you got 2 defensive minded bigs. Honestly I see this team going far and they have great coaching. )

Phoenix Suns:
-sign Jordan Crawford 2yr 8m team option on 2nd year

Goran Dragic / Isiah Thomas / Tyler Ennis
Gerald Green / Jordan Crawford / Archie Goodwin
Shawn Marion / PJ Tucker / TJ Warren
Markieff Morris / Marcus Morris / Anthony Tolliver
Mason Plumlee / Gorgui Dieng / Alex Len

( Boy they're loaded with young players. This team will battle for the playoffs but can make it because of their depth. Beware of Dieng, Warren, And Kieff becoming LEGIT possible all stars. I like Plumlee but I think Dieng will be a top center in this league as his mid range is developing. This team in a few years will be very good. They literally have so many players. Their future looks really good though. )

Minnesota T' Wolves:

Eric Bledsoe / JJ Barea / Alex Shved
Andrew Wiggins / Zach LaVine / Glenn Robinson III
Corey Brewer / Chase Budinger / Robbie Hummell
Brandan Wright / Anthony Bennett / Luc Mbah Moute
Nikola Pekovic / Ronny Turiaf / Robert Sacre

( can you imagine if Bledsoe, Wiggins, LaVine, and Bennett grow to full potential? If they do this team WILL win a championship. I'm for sure jumping on this bandwagon haha. The Wolves would be stupid to not trade Love for Wiggy. The Wolves will be great in the future and as of now they're not bad, they're young but still have talent in each postion. They got a very good defensive starting 5 minus Pekovic lol but he's a good scoring bully. Plus they have decent role bench guys. I love this team. Bledsoe and Wiggins may be the next Westbrook - Durant, who knows! )

Los Angeles Lakers:
- sign Ryan Hollins

Steve Nash / Jeremy Lin / Gal Mekel
Kobe Bryant / Xavier Henry / Jordan Clarkson
Nick Young / Jae Crowder / Wes Johnson
Carlos Boozer / Julius Randle / Ryan Kelly
Jordan Hill / Ed Davis / Ryan Hollins

( I'm confused on how good or bad they will be. I see a very inconsistent team but if Kobe stays healthy they will compete every night. His legacy lives on and he's back to finish the last chapter. I think Nash gets limited minutes and saves himself for the playoffs because like it or not Nash you're done but it's not a negative because he's a great teacher and that's why I added Gal Mekel. Mekel can learn from Nash and possibly be the next Dragic? Scoring is no issue but defense is, that's why I added Crowder who is a decent perimeter defender. This is the predicted lineup from BSPN but I'd start Lin and Crowder. Yes I'm a Lakers fan and excited to see Randle and Clarkson grow into the future. I do believe though if healthy this team will make the playoffs. They have many guys who need and want a new contract. Henry and Hill I believe will improve a lot and may be good trade bait by the deadline to add hmmm a new Kobe sidekick? )

Thanks for reading I'm pretty bored. Be nice ;)



Anyone who thinks a double sign and trade involving four teams is believable really needs another hobby.

Minnesota is not trading Gorgui Dieng.



27 Jul 2014 06:23:46
3 trades for 76ers:
1). Trade mcw to Charlotte for walker and vonleh.

2). Trade Thad and wroten to Minnesota for LaVine, martin, a #2 dp

3). Trade Noel, jrichardson, and the #2 from Minn to Cleveland for wiggins

Pg: walker, ware, LaVine
SG: Wiggins, Martin, LaVine
SF: sarcic(after next season), Wiggins, McDaniel
PF: Vonleh, sims, grant
C: Embiid, sims



Hornets, TWolves laugh. And you could just trade Noel for Wiggins

So basically just do a bunch of trades to get this years class of draft picks as picks to last years?. idk it's better I guess but not as big of an upgrade as I would hope for trading so many guys.



27 Jul 2014 06:23:14
3 trades for 76ers:
1). Trade mcw to Charlotte for walker and vonleh.

2). Trade Thad and wroten to Minnesota for LaVine, martin, a #2 dp

3). Trade Noel, jrichardson, and the #2 from Minn to Cleveland for wiggins

Pg: walker, ware, LaVine
SG: Wiggins, Martin, LaVine
SF: sarcic(after next season), Wiggins, McDaniel
PF: Vonleh, sims, grant
C: Embiid, sims





27 Jul 2014 05:54:28
Wolves get Russell Westbrook, Andre Roberson, and Sebastion Telfair

Thunder get Ricky Rubio, Kevin Martin, Corey Brewer, JJ Barea, and Shabazz Mohamed

Pf. S. Ibaka/ P. Jones/ M. Mcgary
Sf. K. Durant/ C. Brewer/ S. Mohamed
C. S. Adams/ K. Perkins/ N. Collison
Sg. K. Martin/ J. Lamb/ A. Morrow
Pg. R. Rubio/ R. Jackson/ J. Barea



Let see a top ten player all star for no one in the top 20 and no all star sounds fair. NOT



27 Jul 2014 05:41:05
Knicks get:

Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, Ronnie Turiaf, Luke Ridnour, Nickola Pekovich, Chase Budinger, and Guigriu Dieng for Amera Stoudamire, Jose Calderon, Chris Copeland, and Clearantony Early and Thanasis Anekumpono.

Knicks lineup:
Shumpert or Hardway

Wolfs linep:



So basically it's

Trade the Wolves For the Knicks

You spelt almost ever player wrong and a few players ain't even on the team lmao.




27 Jul 2014 02:49:26
cleveland get: kevin love and alexey shved
cleveland trade: dion waiters, tristan thompson, anthony bennett, best possible 2015 1st rd pick out of the 3 they have and a future 2nd rd pick

minnesota get: tristan thompson, anthony bennett, iman shumpert, andrea bargnani, 2015 1st rd pick and 2 future 2nd rd picks
minnesota trade: kevin love, kevin martin and alexey shved

new york get: dion waiters and kevin martin
new york trade: iman shumpert, andrea bargnani and a future 2nd rd pick

cleveland do it to enter a win-now mode by trading multiple prospects and picks to acquire the best PF in the league

minnesota get three prospects on rookie scale contracts, two of which will be restricted free agents next year which should easily be brought back. andrea bargnani also gives them cap room to work with next offseason and the added picks sweeten the bitter taste of losing love

new york get waiters where they can give him the starter minutes he's been asking for and he can be their SG for many years to come and he gives backup scoring firepower behind anthony. they avoid paying bargnani on his last year and kevin love adds experience and 3pt shooting but it will probably mean the end of jr smiths stint with the knicks where he will be involved in a future trade if they have martin on the roster



If Min do such a trade, it is without anything to New York.

Min gets Waiters or Wiggins, Bennett and a future 1

Cavs get Love



27 Jul 2014 00:57:09
Bucks send: Larry Sanders, Carlos Delfino, OJ Mayo
Bucks get: Kendrick Perkins, Jeremy Lamb, Nick Collison, JR Smith
***They get out from under Sanders' contract and make way for Henson. They upgrade the SG position by swapping Delfino/Mayo with Lamb/Smith. Additionally, they pick up $11 million in expiring deals in two winning veterans (Collison and Perk).

Knicks trade: JR Smith, Jeremy Tyler
Knicks get: OJ Mayo
***They've been rumored to be looking to make a shakeup in the backcourt. Smith has been a headache and OJ Mayo could do with a change of scenery. This makes Shumpert truly expendable. Sign Udoh away from Bucks for front court depth.

OKC trades: Perk, Collison, Lamb
OKC gets: Sanders, Delfino, Tyler
***This is a win-now power move. Just imagine the defense and athleticism of Sanders paired with Ibaka. Truly scary. Delfino can provide just as much scoring as Lamb could. McGary and Adams can handle the backup PF and C spots. This could cost them Jackson in the offseason, but it could be the move that wins them the title THIS year. Start Morrow to space the floor with Sanders down low.

PG- Westbrook, Jackson, Telfair
SG- Morrow, Roberson, Delfino
SF- Durant, PJ3
PF-Ibaka, McGary, Tyler
C- Sanders, Adams, Thabeet



Two shoe rate trades

Bucks get: JR Smith
Knicks get: Mayo

Bucks get: Perkins, Collison, Lamb
Thunder get: Sanders and Delfino

I'm saying it's two separate trades. Not saying that they're believable



27 Jul 2014 00:47:35
Cavs-Wolves trade

Cavs get Love, Dieng and Martin

Wolves get Wiggins, Bennett, Lucas III, Murphy, Thomas, Cavs 1st and Mia 1st

Cavs sign Allen


PG Rubio/Lavine/Lucas/Barera

SG Wiggins/Robinson/Shved

SF Brewer/Muhammad/Budinger

PF Bennett/Moute/Thomas

C Pekovic/Turiaf


PG Irving/Dellavedova/Waiters

SG Martin/Waiters/Allen/Harris

SF James/Miller/Jones

PF Love/Thompson/Powell

C Varejao/Dieng/Haywood



Salary's don't match and minn. is NOT trading Dieng.



27 Jul 2014 00:40:57
Knicks need to better than Amare Hardaway Shumpert for Love

trade can't happen til August

Nuggets get Amare-exp Hardaway Larkins Shumpert-exp Dalembert-exp knicks and Suns future 1st

Suns get McGee Gallo Early

Wolves get Bledsoe 5yr 75mil Afflalo Hickson

Knicks get Love K-mart Budinger Barea Len

Wolves think more defense move Barea K-mart and Budinger below avg defender at the cost of Love for solid 2 way players


Suns better balance team


Nuggets move long term contracts of players coming off major season ending surgeries. Make strong case Mark Gasol next yr


mid season
Calderon Bargnani K-mart for Hibbert Copeland Hill






26 Jul 2014 23:25:33
Think Mavs will try and get Rubio. If love leaves in the summer else in the winter.

Rubio, Martin, Turiaf for Nelson, Felton, Wright + 1st picks.

In the summer the same procedure with Drummond or in the winter of 2016:

Drummond for 1st round picks.

Because both will get free agents instead of.

Drummond, Chandler, Smith
Nowitzki, Aminu, Griffin
Parsons, Jefferson, Crowder
Ellis, Martin, Ledo
Rubio, Harris, Mekel





26 jul 2014 20:41:58

cavs get
kevin love

twolves get
andrew wiggins
thaddeus young
cavs 1st round pick
cavs 1st round pick via heat
cavs 1st round pick via grizzles

76ers get
dion waiters
anthony bennett
john lucas

why the cavs do this trade?
cavs give up all their 1st picks and wiggins to twolves for kevin love they maybe able to keep 1 of them picks but i don't think so because all those teams will be playoff teams. but who cares if you get kevin love for lebron james they did their job.

cavs starting lineup
pg kyrie irvin
sg sign fa- ray allen
sf lebron james
pf kevin love
c anderson varejao

why twolves do the trade?
they have to get something for kevin love they get picks andrew wiggins and a veteran in thaddeus young for one year but hey that better then anthony bennett.

twolves starting lineup
pg ricky rubio
sg kevin martin
sf andrew wiggins
pf thaddeus young
c nikola pekovic

why 76ers do the trade?
to get something for thaddeus before he leaves them for nothing and get 2 young guys that fit what they are trying to builded in philly with dion waiters and anthony bennett. john lucas will be cut.

76ers starting lineup
pg michael carter-williams
sg dion waiters
sf kj mcdaniels
pf anthony bennett
c nerlens noel

everyone wins!!



76ers getting to much, Cleveland giving to much and salary's do noy match.

Sixers would do this of course. But that's a lot to just give up Thad young. Most likely Sixers would have to take on abad contract in that deal. Would love it as a sixer fan but it won't happen for so little.



26 Jul 2014 19:55:57

Bulls get Love

TWolves get Gibson, McDermott, 2 1st rd picks



Not enough for Love

Not nearly enough for Love

If I'm bulls I don't do it.

Bulls need to keep the team and go after Shawn Marion and Shannon Brown

Rose / Brooks / Hinrich
Butler / Brown / Snell
Marion / McDermott / Dunleavy
Gasol / Taj / Mirotic / Bairstow

very good team. Maybe look to trade Dunleavy. I know San Antonio would love him, maybe get Jeff Ayers for center depth.



26 Jul 2014 19:54:07
Pacers get J.Thompson JrSmith Calderon Terry
Knicks get Hibbert G.Hill Copeland
Kings get Bargnani Shumpert


McLemore D-Will for Bledsoe Randolph


Midseason Lakers Bucks tank again look save money off future cap
Lakers get Amare-exp Mayo Hardaway Early Larkin
Knicks get Kobe Ilyasova Pachulia Delfino Kelly Brooks
Bucks get Lin-exp Smith-exp Ellington-exp Copeland-exp Dalembert-exp







26 Jul 2014 19:42:31
Wolves trade: Ricky Rubio, Kevin Martin, and Dante Cunningham
Wolves get: Brandan Wright, Gal Mekel, Otto Porter, Dallas 1st

Wizards trade: Otto Porter and Kevin Sepharin
Wizards get: SnT Shawn Marion, Jae Crowder and Dallas 1st

Mavs trade: Brandan Wright, Gal Mekel, Jae crowder, SnT Shawn Marion, and 2 first rd picks
Mavs get: Ricky Rubio, SnT Dante Cunningham, Kevin Martin, and Kevin Sepharin

LaVine / Barea / Mekel
Martin / Shved / Robinson
Brewer / Porter / Moute
Love / Wright
Pekovic / Dieng / Turiaf

Rebuilding mode. Rubio wants max and I don't see the willing to do so. Mekel and Porter are young prospects.

Wall / Miller
Beal / Rice
Pierce / Crowder / Webster
Nene / Marion / Humphries
Gortat / Blair

Add some depth and veteran Marion for defense on guys like Melo, George and Lebron.

Rubio / Harris / Nelson
Ellis / Martin / Ledo
Parsons / Jefferson / Aminu
Nowitzki / Cunningham / Smith
Chandler / Sepharin / James

I'd put this Mavs team atop the west possibly. You got Rubio with shooters everywhere. Solid depth and great coaching. I would not want to play this team come playoff time. They remind me of that 2011 championship team





26 Jul 2014 19:40:46
Pistons Suns

Smith Singler

Both Morris



Maybe but Detroit would have to be willing to add by subtraction because both of those players are going to struggle to make the team and neither is a starter.



26 Jul 2014 18:55:12

Hornets get Millsap
Sign Jermaine ONeal 1yr 1.5m

Pistons get Zeller, Korver, 1st from Hawks

Hawks get Monroe (4yr 52m), Singler, 2nd from Hornets, Will Bynum



Hawks signed Mack so getting another PG would be stupid.

Why would Detroit do this trade a double double machine for a bench PF and a SF who can't play defense and a very late first round pick. They wouldn't they can do a lot better then that and KCP is the starting SG its his to lose.



26 Jul 2014 16:14:00

Thunder get Ryan Anderson
Get a stretch 4, improves starting lineup and spacing

Pelicans get Perkins, Perry Jones, 2015 1st rd pick
Get some 2015 cap room, young athletic backup, and a pick



Perkins is a joke. Pels say no

Perkins is a big expiring contract that has to be in the deal to make it work financially dacman.

Pelicans says Hell No



26 Jul 2014 15:46:28

Atl get: Enes Kanter & MKG

Pg. Teague/schroeder
Sg. Korver/thabo
Sf. Mkg/carrol
Pf. Milsap/payne
C. Kanter/antic

Cha get: Horford & Novak

Pg. Kemba/pargo
Sg. Stephenson/hairston
Sf. Williams/novak
Pf. Horford/white
C. Jefferson/biyombo

Utah get: Henderson, Zeller, & Vonleh

Pg. Burke/burks
Sg. Exum/henderson
Sf. Hayward/evans
Pf. Vonleh/booker
C. Favors/zeller/gobert



Horford and Jefferson are too much alike, change it to Millsap

Take out vonleh



26 Jul 2014 10:01:03

To Tor : Ryan Anderson , Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

To Sac : Noah Vonleh

To Cha : Terrence Ross , Bruno Caboclo and Carl Landry

To Nola : Rudy Gay



Random, nonsense movement of player.

Terrance Ross for mkg and Ryan Anderson? Just stop it please



26 Jul 2014 09:50:54

NOLA Rudy Gay


SAC get Eric Bledsoe


PHX get Ryan Anderson , J. Thompson , 1st from Nola




Anderson has a bad back. PHX sez. uh. N-O.



26 Jul 2014 09:42:29

BRK get Paul Milsap , Chris Copeland , 2nd from ATL Hawks and IND Pacers


IND get Kevin Garnett , Mirza Teletovic and Alan Anderson


ATL get Roy Hibbert