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14 Apr 2014 12:00:51

Cavaliers get Monroe s&t, affalo magic pick via Denver
Draft hood

Pistons get deng s&t, waiters
Draft smart

Magic get Caldwell-pope, cavaliers picks
Draft exum, Gordon



Why does orlando trade away afflalo to move two spots higher iin draft

Pistons say no way they can sign Deng if they want him.

To land a better player isn't that obvious



14 Apr 2014 11:27:47
Orlando - Detroit

Orlando sends: Arron Afflalo, Andrew Nicholson and a future 2th round

Detroit Monroe and Stuckey

* Mo Harkless can replace Nicholson if you find it a better option.

What do you think?



Monroe and vucevic leave magic with no defense in the front court don't really see this as a good option for the magic.





14 Apr 2014 11:17:44

Thunder get Monroe (s&t), affalo

Pistons get sefolosha (s&t), okc pick
Draft smart, Hairston

Magic get Perkins, dal pick
Draft exum, hood and Harrell

Westbrook, Jackson
Affalo, lamb
Durant, Robertson
Ibaka, jones
Monroe, Adams

Smart, Jennings
Hairston, kcp
Sefolosha, Singler




I think okc give more. 2016's 1st rounder to Detroit may balance it

OKC gives a worthless guy in Perkins and a RFA that's ok in sefalosha, get a great bigman in Monroe and a great wing man in Afflalo? i'm going out on a limb here and saying this trade was made by an OKC fan

Crap trade okc fan

Jennings on the bench?



14 Apr 2014 07:05:15
Thunder - Lakers - 76ers

Thunder trade both 2014 picks, K Perkins
Thunder receive P Gasol (s&t)

Lakers trade P Gasol
Lakers get Dallas 2014 1st round pick

76ers get Thunder 2014 1st round pick, K Perkins
76ers buy out Perkins and he goes to a playoff team who needs a 2nd or 3rd string big man for vet min



Who the hell did the 76ers gave for Perkins?

Thunder could just sign Pau as he's a fa amnesty perkins and keep their picks

Gasol is not worth 2- 1st round picks he is not worth 1 1st round pick - 76ers get a 1st round pick and Perkins and they give up nothing

^ Don't underrate Pau Gasol, put him in a contender and he will give you descent numbers for his position



14 Apr 2014 06:38:03
Boston gets josh smith, Kevin martin and Kevin love
Detroit gets Gerald Wallace, Chris Johnson, Joel Anthony and clipper pick
Minny gets sullinger, Bradley s&t, bass and bogans, bkln pick, 2016 and 2018 pick (Celtics)
Celtics draft exum
Sign pp
Resign hump
Mini mid level sefolosha



No from D. Love, Martin and Smith for nothing? Dream, dream and dream celtic fan.

Unless Boston is including their own 2014 1st round pick, Minnesota passes.

^ how many times can I agree?

Modify the trade with minny to give them olynyk as well. Anything else and minnesota fans are delusional because no one else would offer three picks and two young players who have a great upside





14 Apr 2014 06:30:38
Pistons - Pelicans

Pistons get T Evans, Pelicans 2015 1st round pick
Pelicans get G Monroe (s&t)





14 Apr 2014 05:03:29
Scenario 1: Pau Gasol stays:

Lakers resign Pau Gasol, who wanted one more run with Kobe and the franchise were he won his first and only two championships, to a 1 year - no trade clause, 9 million contract.

Lakers draft: again, this is going based off the ESPN Lottery draft activity or game or whatever you considered. The new randomization has the Lakers with the 6th pick, drafting Aaron Gordon. Contract for a sixth pick = 3 year 3rd year team option, 7 million with the first year pay being 2.6 million.

-Nick Young (3 years, 10 million) first year, 2 million
-Jordan Farmar (3 years, 9 million)
-Kent Bazemore (2 years, 5 million)
-Marshon Brooks (1 year, 1.6 million)
-Ryan Kelly (4 year, 8 million)
-Chris Kaman (1 year, 3 million)

-Emeka Okafor (again, redemption season = 1 year, 8 million)
-Trevor Ariza (3 years, 27 million)
-Kirk Hinrich (not a bad choice, brings defense =1 year 4.8 million)

Steve Nash retires. (not so far fetched, seeing how he admitted his career is in flux and doesn't know when he will play again) -9 million

Coach for this roster, someone who will stick up for the players and encourage them but at the same team preach defense. He has a record of. 575 in the regular season and. 500 in the playoffs, but he has never coached a team with championship/playoff experience with Kobe + Pau. That guy is Jeff Van Gundy

PG: Kirk Hinrich-Jordan Farmar-Kendall Marshall
SG: Kobe Bryant-Marshon Brooks-Kent Bazemore
SF: Trevor Ariza-Nick Young
PF: Pau Gasol-Aaron Gordon-Ryan Kelly
C: Emeka Okafor-Chris Kaman-Robert Sacre

For defensive purposes/last seconds of the game the line up should be:

In case Okafor gets injured again

2014/15 salary = 72.5 million (Lakers current salary)
2015/16 salary = 46. 1 which would give the Lakers room to sign (if available) Kyrie Irving to a 4 year 58 million contract-the Lakers will be at 60.1 million, allowing them to continue with Okafor, or pick up Al Jefferson to a 4 year 48 million (currently on a 3 year, 41 million contract) which would total the salary to 72.1 million.
The final year of Kobe's career would look like
PG: Kyrie Irving-Jordan Farmar
SG: Kobe Bryant-Kent Bazemore
SF: Trevor Ariza-Nick Young
PF: Aaron Gordon-Ryan Kelly
C: Al Jefferson-Robert Sacre (1 million team option)

Kobe and Bazemore's contracts will be over in 2016, which would put the team at 44. 6, allowing them to then pursue Danilo Gallinari, Demar Derozan, and maybe (?) just maybe Kevin Durant = they will have enough space. Not saying they will get him but they would have the cap space.



I think Nate McMillan would be a great coach for the Lakers

Nash already said he won't retire simply because he wants the money. Even if he never plays again. Stop planning that he'll change his mind. He won't.



14 Apr 2014 00:15:19
Pistons need to trade monroe if Smith can't play sf pistons can get a good package for him



I disagree I'm all for trading smith for a bag of stail chips and keep nb Monroe



14 Apr 2014 00:44:27
All hope isn't lost for a high pick. Assuming lakers loose tonight and Cs loose out, the celtics are assured a top 5 ping pong ball position

Lakers and jazz play each other, meaning
(Assuming Cs loose out once more)

A: they end in 3 way tie (equivalent to 3 5 spots (balls from 4, 5, 6) if lakers loose out, jazz loose game 82

B: Cs get 4th pick (jazz win both games, lakers win 82)

C: tied with jazz for 4 (jazz beat lakers, loose 82, lakers win 82

D: celtics tied with lakers for 4th (lakers loose both games, jazz win both

E:lakers and Cs tie for 5/6 If both win/loose same amount of games

F: celtics get 6 (Win out)

So many possiblilities for team in draft position. If only spots determined by playoff tie braker, jazz and lakers swept the green



Now ether Cs have t-4th if they loose and jazz win

5th if the Cs loose/jazz loose/ both win

T-5th if Cs win, lakers loose

So we are in better shape than thought



14 Apr 2014 00:32:54
Couple comments on celtics needing a center

1: any one know about possibility of fab melo returning (cut him cause needed roster spot. Had potential, ie, 18 blocks in a game)

2: Colton iverson is coming over next year, and he is a 7ft rebounding and defense machine (that's all, but Cs don't need scoring from there
So it's not as pressing of an issue to acquire a premium big

3: they still could get asik easy (trade exception from nets deal, bass, pick?

4: so they realistically could have a logjam at center
(Embiid if he falls, vitor, Anthony, olynk, asik,
Iverson, melo)

And if no embiid, Austin, colly stein, and the kid from Switzerland ( rim protector!)





14 Apr 2014 00:09:32
Celtics land 3 pick, 18

Embiid somehow pulls a Sullinger and drops to say late lottery (8-12)

Celtics pick exum

Trade Brooklyn pick, philly pick, bass,
For pick to take embiid

Sign pierce 2/ 3 mill

Resign hump 3/10

Bradley 4/ 26

Bayless 2 and 4

Trade Wallace and 2 seconds for smith
(Shorter deal, better fit at 3)

Exum/Bradley / Johnson / bayless
Smith/sully/olynk humphries



Literally everyone in early lottery needs a C. Embiid isn't falling past three.


So ya, no one had a quality center who is picking in the top 3.

It also says assuming he drops



13 Apr 2014 23:46:29
Pau Gasol Leaves: Scenario 2: Lakers Plan

If Pau Gasol and the Lakers mutually part ways, and Pau goes to the Bulls to play alongside his other good friend Derrick Rose, then the Bulls will possibly amnesty Boozer. Lakers should pick up Boozer on a 1 year 6 million deal. No smart team will sign Boozer for more, and the Lakers offer more than money, they offer the opportunity. Boozer is amongst the few PFs who can replace Pau's 18&10 with 14&9 (career: 17&10).

**I am not saying the Lakers will get the 2nd overall pick, however all I did was click on the ESPN Mock Draft Lottery and it randomized all the picks. If you haven't heard of it, google it, and try it out. Again, I clicked on it one time and the results were Lakers get the 2nd pick and get Jabari Parker. The rest of this is going to be based off of that. (2nd overall pick = 3 year 3rd year team option, 11M with 3M the first year)**

-Nick Young (3 year, 12 million)
-Jordan Farmar (2 year, 6 million)
-Ryan Kelly (2 year, 2 million)
-Jordan Hill (3 years, 12 million)
-Chris Kaman (2 year, 6 million)
-Kent Bazemore (2 year, 4 million)

Steve Nash retires. (-9 million)

-Isaiah Thomas (if Kings want to keep Gay and the outbreak of McCallum, they shouldn't match any offers) - (3 year, 27 million)
-Emeka Okafor (a redemption deal, his stock is down and shouldn't be worth too much) - (2 year 2nd year player option, 16 million)
-Al-Farouq Aminu (defensive player/good rebounder) - (1 year, 4 million)

New Coach: Lionel Hollins (5 year contract) + Derek Fisher as head assistant

PG: Isaiah Thomas-Jordan Farmar-Kendall Marshall
SG: Kobe Bryant-Nick Young-Kent Bazemore
SF: Jabari Parker-Al-Farouq Aminu
PF: Carlos Boozer-Jordan Hill-Ryan Kelly
C: Emeka Okafor-Chris Kaman-Robert Sacre

Approx. 69 million for the 2014-15 season
Approx. 51million (if Okafor doesn't pick up option) for the 2015-16 season (Kevin Love = 4 year, 80 million = 71 million for the 15-16 season, which is the Lakers current salary)



@Lakers should pick up Boozer on a 1 year 6 million deal. No smart team will sign Boozer for more

If Boozer is amnestied, the teams with cap space will have to bid on him. Expect that a few teams will do get him at a discount. So don't expect Lakers to get him easy.



13 Apr 2014 22:37:53
Pau Gasol Leaves: Scenario 1

Pau wants to play for a contender, OKC are a contending team that could use his assistance. However, OKC will not have enough cap space to sign Pau to a decent deal, which means a sign & trade with the Lakers. The Lakers would not want to take back Perkins contract in return.

Lakers Receive:
-Cody Zeller

Thunder Receive:
-Pau Gasol (good friends with Ibaka too, they can alternate PF/C)

Bobcats Receive:
-Kendrick Perkins
-Jeremy Lamb

Bobcats get involved because they are a young up and coming team who have just made the playoffs. Bringing in Perkins will give them the option to let Al play PF and/or bring more toughness and locker room leadership to this young team. Perkins doesn't get traded to a tanking/bad team and the Bobcats get Jeremy Lamb in return as well. OKC clears a little bit more space to offer a contract to a valuable sixth (Avery Bradely, Rodney Stuckey, Evan Turner?) + Thabo's contract will be off, they can either resign him or sign one of the players listed above or someone else. Lakers aren't left with anything.



Why would the Bobcats do this?



13 Apr 2014 22:21:19
Lakers get Isaiah Thomas and 7th pick

Kings get 5th pick and Jordan Hill

Lakers select Aaron Gordon #7

Monroe (fa)/Sacre

Kings select Julius Randle #5
McCallum/Christon (2nd round pick)



Kings would rather not



13 Apr 2014 22:03:29
New York Knicks

Need to resign Carmelo Anthony
sign Lamar Odom
sign Ray Allen
sign Ramon Sessions
sign Mickael Pietrus

- I like the idea of Iman Shumpert being a PG
- trade Raymond Felton for a 2nd round pick
- Give more minutes for Hardaway Jr
- cut Barnagni now, they don't need him

I. Shumpert / R. Sessions / P. Prigioni
J. Smith / R. Allen / T. Murry
C. Anthony / T. Hardaway / M. Pietrus
A. Stoudemire / L. Odom / K. Martin
T. Chandler / J. Tyler
- surely will work as one of eastern top teams as Woodson being fired!



With what cap space are you signing all of these players?



13 Apr 2014 20:27:50
Pistons dream offseason

Draft Smart at 8.

Sign Stephenson for 11 million per year.

Trade Smith for Green and Wallace

Match Monroe




Smart won't be there at 8. will have to try and package 8 and Singler or 8 and KCP to move up to 6 and hopefully Smart or Exum will be there



13 Apr 2014 19:49:06
Det amare felton 2nd dp

Knicks Smith 2014 1st dp

Amare is a fa after next season so this won't hurt det they want to get rid of Smith



Why would Detroit include their 2014 1st round pick?

Stop making rest of the of knicks fan look bad, if Detroit trades Smith or Monroe they want a SF in return.

Salaries don't match



13 Apr 2014 19:02:42
Draft Day Trade
GSW Trade:
Harrison Barnes
David Lee
Marreese Speights
2015 Second Rounder

Kings Trade:
2014 1st rounder, 2014 2nd rounder, Rudy Gay





13 Apr 2014 18:34:09
Kings monroe

Det gay







13 Apr 2014 18:19:32
Gsw trade Bogut and Iggy
Gsw get Ibaka sefolosha and Perkins

Ind trade Turner Hibert and Watson
Ind get Iggy lamb and both okc first

Okc trade Ibaka lamb Perkins and both 1st
Okc get Turner Hubert and Watson

Ind drafts Cauley-Stein and Napier



Cauley-Stein/Bogut/Mahini (Bynum is released)

Gsw- gets the best rim protector in the league and let's Barnes back into starting lineup

Okc-Gets a great center and a third scorer

Ind-Gets a caliber allstar and third scorer with Iggy plus 2 draft pick and one fills in for Hubert and the other can please hill As a starter





13 Apr 2014 18:17:48
76ers offseason

2-Andrew Wiggins
10-Noah Vonleh
32-Andrew Harrison
39-DeAndre Daniels
46-Mitch McGary
48-Jordan Clarkson
56-Thanasis Antetokounmpo (stays overseas)

Sign Ray Allen 1yr 10m to mentor players


Young team with TONS of potential



I think the 1 believable click on this post belongs to Ray Allen

Ray Allen for 10 million yikes you could get him easily for 5 million and why would he go to the sixers

If Ray doesn't retire he will go to a contender not the sixers

Thanisis is not over seas he's playing for the seveners he's coming from the d-league

If the sixers offered Ray Allen 10 million he would show up in a pink "I Love Keyon Dooling" shirt



13 Apr 2014 17:58:09
Chicago gets Jeremy Lamb and 2014 okc pick #29

Okc gets 2014 Cha pick #16 and 2014 chi 2nd rd pick #48.

Okc drafts Zach Lavine. making a scary back court of him and Westbrook





13 Apr 2014 16:13:36
NOLA get Chandler Copeland 24th
Pacers get Gordon Hardaway
Rockets get R. Anderson 40th
Knicks get Asik G. Hill (S&t) A. Bynum 1yr 3 mil

Pacers now have enough offensive power challenge the heat

Hibbert/Mahinmi/Alex Brown-58th

Rockets get stretch PF they wanted save money next yr

Anderson/Tjones/Isaiah Austin-42nd
Howard/Motiejunas/P. Young-40th

Much tougher defense and athleticism


Knicks finally get defensive PG
Gasol for MLE brown Odom MWP for vet min

JrSmith/Shumpert/S. Brown



Bynum is a free agent - and Houston is not trading Asik and a 1st round pick for that

Asik is worthless compared to Anderson Rockets to have him. 15 mil for and him and Jeremy Jinx is so funny wowzers



13 Apr 2014 15:58:39
LAC get Andrew Bogut, Klay Thompson
GSW get JJ Redick, Deandre Jordan





13 Apr 2014 15:41:44
Thunder - Kings - Pistons

Thunder get J Terry, Kings' pick #7
Kings get Greg Monroe, OKC pick via Dallas
Pistons get Perry Jones III, Jeremy Lamb, JJ Thompson

Thunder select Julius Randle CJ Fair





13 Apr 2014 15:33:35
Warriors - Hawks

Warriors get Al Horford, John Jenkins

Hawks get Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes

Curry - Blake - Crawford
Thompson - Jenkins
Igoudala - Green
Lee - Speights
Horford - Oneal - Ezeli

Teague - Shroeder - Mack
Korver - Williams
Barnes - Carroll
Milsap - Scott - Brand
Bogut - Antic - Noguierra





13 Apr 2014 08:50:41
Celtics offseason

- draft embiid (4th pick)
- trade green, bass, wallece, anthony, 18th pick, 2016's 1st rounder and 2015's 2nd rounder for j. smith, jerebko and 38th pick
- draft christon (38th pick)
- sign anthony (4-year, 88m)
- resign pressey (2-year, 3m)
- sign sefolosha (4-year, 12m) - MLA
- sign carter (3-year, 10m with player option) - MLA
- match any reasonable offer for bradley - like 4-year, 30m
- resign c. johnson (min. )
- sign hollins (min. )

Rondo - pressey - christon
Bradley - carter
Anthony - sefolosha - johnson
Smith - sullinger
Embiid - olynyk - hollins




Way to much for Josh Smith jerbko and a pick

So, take away 2016's 1st rounder

That is a great team.



13 Apr 2014 04:37:14
Ok I think I have a good idea here.

Jazz get Lakers pick (only if 4-6) and Steve Nash

Lakers get Enes Kanter and Trey Burke

Jazz draft Julius Randle and Dante Exum with their picks

Pf. J. Randle
Sf. G. Hayward
C. D. Favors
Sg. A. Burcs
Pg. D. Exum

Lakers sign Greg Monroe and Evan Turner

Pf. G. Monroe
Sf. E. Turner
C. E. Kanter
Sg. K. Bryant
Pg. T. Burke



With that pick they can get a better pg than Burke and they can get better guys from free agency than a little bit overrated and surely overpaid (in future) Monroe and Turner. Don't get me wrong those guys are good players but with Kobe contract they should go for solid role players and add just one bigger contract and that shouldn't be Monroe who is not the best defender in his position.

Why would the lakers do that miserable trade?

Jazz fan, if I tell you to do this :

send us your pick
you will have Jordan Hill and Kendall Marshall

@Why would the lakers do that miserable trade?

What part of taking Steve Nash (current form) is a good trade? Plus getting Trey Burke and Kanter --- this is a VERY good trade. I am neither a Jazz or Lakers fan.

You kids get crazy over early draft picks vs. known players who are good.

have you seen how many early or top 5 picks failed in the last 10 years?

And you want to reject a offer of 2 decent players who will get better plus a bad contract for a top 5 pick?

not a jazz fan.



13 Apr 2014 02:38:51
Okc gets Greg Monroe s&t 5yrs 60 million

Detroit gets Steven Adams, Kendrick Perkins, 2014 dal pick, and 2014 okc pick

Pf. S. Ibaka/ P. Jones/ G. Jarrett
Sf. K. Durant/ C. Butler/
C. G. Monroe/ N. Collison/ H. Thabeet
Sg. T. Sefalosha/ J. Lamb/ A. Roberson
Pg. R. Westbrook/ R. Jackson/ A. Abrines



Too much for Monroe. Adams may be a valuable player in future and picks may be also useful.

Think Monroe will fit the Thunder, they have Ibaka to defend, Monroe is more on post-up which OKC are lacking, but I agree, it may be too much for him

Okc needs to win now. if they can bring in a 15 and 10 center now then I don't care if they lose a center that might be good in 3 years and two late round draft picks who might be decent role players. plus okc dumps perk

I think it's selling the pistons short. Perkins is crap!



12 Apr 2014 23:58:05
Pistons- Celtics

Pistons trade: Josh Smith

Celtics trade: Wallace, Anthony and Brooklyn 2014 1st rd pick



Would't give a pick for Smith. He did so poor in Det that they should be happy just for getting rid of his contract.

Wallace and 2 2s for smith. Wallace expires earlier, better fit at 3, and pistons get 2 second rounders

Wallace Anthony and clipper pick for smith