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08 Feb 2016 22:59:28

Suns trade: Morris, tucker
Suns get: Miami first, staukas

Clippers trade: Blake
Clippers get: thunder first, Sacramento pick swap, morris, tucker, okafor

Sixes trade: Miami first, thunder first, Sacramento pick, staukas, Okafor
Sixers get: blake.

07 Feb 2016 22:00:55
As reported in an article on foxsports, " things will get a lot worse for the suns this year after their roster is completely gutted before the trade deadline". Sun's are entering complete rebuild mode. Sixers have the assets and cap space to help both teams out.

Sixers get: Bledsoe, Booker, Chandler (and his albatross contract) .

Sun's get: Lakers #1, Miami #1, Holmes

This gives Phoenix possibly 2 top five picks this year. I think they will finish with a worse record then LA, making the laker pick more likely to convey this year. Plus they dump Bledsoe and chandlers contracts. The key is how much chandlers contracts is worth in negative value.
Sixers get a backcourt with a young vet and a good looking sg in Booker.

Pg: Bledsoe, ish,
Sg: Booker, stauskas
Sf: Simmons/ Ingram, Saric, Covington
Pf: Okafor, Saric, Noel
C: Embiid, Noel, Okafor, Chandler.

07 Feb 2016 22:19:29
The Suns aren't moving Devin Booker, he's untouchable.

07 Feb 2016 22:25:57
Sixers are one of only a couple teams who can absorb chandlers contract without it hurting too much. Sixers players are all on rookie contracts or low salary deals. By the time the team has developed and it's time to resign some of the young guys, chandlers deal will be done. And that is the time a max FA might want to sign with Philly.

07 Feb 2016 22:25:58
So you think rebuild means get rid of 2 of your 3 best young assets. Especially interesting because booker is on a rookie contract and doing great. But they do this for 1 pick that's a year or two away and a late 1st. Sure.

If the sixers fans believe they are getting a legit, young back court for 1 probably decent pick, a late first and a d leaguer. I got a bridge to sell you also. Seriously. This trade is beyond laughable.

I'm sure you justify taking the chandler contract as why they give up sooooo much more. But really, at least try.

07 Feb 2016 22:26:46
Philly doesn't have that much cap room.

07 Feb 2016 22:58:07
Devin booker is apart of the future and why would philly take on Tyson chandler bad contract and when they have plenty of bigs.

07 Feb 2016 23:10:28
jvoug. its 13 million a year, for 4 years. Are you kidding? They are rebuilding, as you pointed out. And you honestly think they need max cap space to rebuild? After giving away chandler and bledsoe, what are they left with? less than 30 million next year.

Get real. They aren't giving up booker AND bledsoe for that nonsense package. To get rid of chandlers contract? Seriously. only playoff teams do that. As you should know better than most, rebuilding teams love to absorb contracts. They don't get rid of all their assets to off a contract.

Whats amazing is when a team is claimed to be rebuilding, all of a sudden, certain fans think that means they give all their stars for a late 1st, a d leaguer and a 6 pack of coors lite. You are so dillusional, you are making other sixers fans seem bad. Just stop.

08 Feb 2016 00:00:18
Once the cap space increases, chandler's contract won't be THAT bad. It's not a joe Johnson level toxic contract. And he's a great locker room presence and teacher. I wouldn't give up a young asset to shed his deal. If Phoenix is rebuilding, cap space won't be a huge deal, they're going to be loading up on cheap deals, not signing max contracts.

08 Feb 2016 00:39:30
Did you just decide not include the Lakers #1, a possible top 5 pick out of it? That was the most Bali piece going to Phoenix. You may not like the trade, but at least criticize it for what it is, not only part of it. Settle down and have a cold one.

08 Feb 2016 13:14:42
The initial post references the lakers pick as likely good but who knows. Seriously. Just awful. You need to realize besides the sixers, no one sees mystery picks as reasons to give up the best assets.

07 Feb 2016 14:36:03
Celtics are a great team now, but this trade can make us a contendor:

Celtics get: Whiteside and Anderson

Heat get: Sullinger, Zeller and Rozier + 2016 amavs Pick and 2016 Celtics Pick.

pg: Thomas
sg: Bradley
sf: crowder
pf: johnson
c: whiteside

This team is a defensive monster and a contendor in the east.

07 Feb 2016 15:47:16
I disagree with your premise.

07 Feb 2016 23:17:32
There's no guarantee that Whiteside will re-sign with Celtics. And with this line up, Thomas will probably take 40 shots a game.

08 Feb 2016 17:19:04
Celtics are already a contender in the East and a defensive juggernaut.

07 Feb 2016 14:05:45
Problems with Sixers and nuggets trading for griffin.

1) nuggets are a young team. They want young assets to build with not and not neccsarily Blake griffin who's already in his prime. They have the assets la would want to win now but la doesn't have the young talent to give back

2) Sixers want griffin to establish themselves but they have nothing to give la to make them win now

3) la wants to win now before Chris Paul retires and Blake being hurts one of the few years they have left.

This is one of the few times a three team deal makes sense

SIXERS TRADE: Noel lakers pick Miami pick and Covington.
SIXERS GET: Blake griffin

NUGGETS TRADE: faried, gallanari, and future unprotected first
NUGGETS get: Noel lakers pick Miami pick and Covington

LA TRADES: Blake griffin
LA GETS: faried, gallanari, and a future unprotected first.

Every team gets better. Nuggets shed salary but get a lot of assets in return to continue to build with. They drop a ton of salary as well.

Sixers get the star they can now build around.

La replace griffin with faried and get a sf which they desperately needed if they want to win now. They also get a future first rounder as well to help replace Paul when he does retire.

Win win win.

07 Feb 2016 14:48:33
Denver needs more than low drafts picks add another player then that trade would be perfect.

07 Feb 2016 15:05:07
Nuggets would pass. They would have jokic Jeffery leveragune nurkic and Noel at center creating a log jam. They have said they are going to build around Gallo and only trade faired for an upgrade.

07 Feb 2016 15:08:41
Like the idea, but clips not getting enough for Griffin. LA pick should go to clips, and leave the unprotected Denver pick out of the trade.

07 Feb 2016 15:59:36

I can see that happening. I just think the nuggets love Gallo and faried. They need a lot to get rid of them both. Noel is nice for faried but Gallo requires more of a return. That's where the lakers pick and Miami pick comes in.

07 Feb 2016 17:19:30
throw in arhtur and foye, maybe send barton to the sixers as well. I actually like that trade.

07 Feb 2016 17:28:05
I like the trade a lot. maybe send Arthur and foye to clips and barton to sixers with griffin. for the sixers it shouldn't hurt their chances of drafting top 2 this yr, every teams wins in my opinion.

07 Feb 2016 17:32:35
Hahaha send Barton also sixersjunkie? Yeah ok.

07 Feb 2016 17:58:09
Again, LAC and DEN can simply cut 76-ers out, and do deal them self. And yes, Nuggets wouldn't mind Griffin.

07 Feb 2016 20:45:30
Nuggets need young guys to build with. Not Blake griffin. Nuggets with Blake are years away from compete ting.

Clippers have Blake Jordan and Paul and can't win

You think Blake alone could win with mudiay and a bunch of junk? Nuggets need a rebuild.

06 Feb 2016 19:55:09
Kings/ Heat

Kings get Whiteside, Deng, Birdman, McRoberts
- Whiteside/ Cousins would be an unreal bigman combo

Heat get Gay and Koufos
- Heat get a return for Whiteside who could leave in FA and lowers tax bill.

06 Feb 2016 20:55:01
Whiteside and Cousins could be great but there's not much spacing there and neither are very fast and that could cause matchup problems on defense.

06 Feb 2016 21:19:03
Especially with rondo at point, you have three of your starting 5 that can't really do much outside of the key in terms of scoring.

07 Feb 2016 01:37:09
Whiteside and WCS is the same kind of player.

07 Feb 2016 04:51:54
But WCS with nt bolt in FA and is on rookie deal for this year and the next 3 :)

06 Feb 2016 14:38:46
Miami Heat: Jeff Teague, Arron Afflalo, Carmelo Anthony, Lou Amudson

New York Knicks: Goran Dragic, Luol Deng, Justise Winslow, Josh McRoberts, Chris Andersen

Atlanta Hawks: Jose Calderon, Cleathony Early, 2st pick (Memphis Grizzlies)

06 Feb 2016 14:54:08
why in the world would the Hawks do that stupid thing?

06 Feb 2016 15:40:12
Yeah, can't see the Knicks or he Hawks having any interest in this whatsoever. Personally, rather have Teague than dragic. Especially with the contracts.

06 Feb 2016 17:21:12
I no one believes the trade machine. but this is absolutely hysterical. Entered it all in. and wait for it

Hawks: -1.ok, not awful but oh well
Knicks: -8, ok, starting to be funny but I mean, winslow has potential, and dragic makes 15mill and has a PER of 13, versus teague that makes 8 mill and a PER of 17. But wait for it.
Heat: +10.seriously. Don't agree with say +2 or -3, so be it, but PLUS 10 and MINUS 8?!?!? Come on, at least try.

04 Feb 2016 23:41:18
I know there are bigger, better and more interesting trade ideas with all of the trade rumors swirling around today. But as a Timberwolves fan, I've got to try to make some deal happen.
Here are a variety of Kevin Martin trade ideas. All of the trades are with teams that have either been mentioned in rumors as having interest in Kevin Martin or that could use extra scoring punch of the bench. All of the trades work as far as the salary cap is concerned (confirmed with ESPN NBA Trade Machine) . Tell me which one you think is most likely and most realistic.

Minnesota and Cleveland:
- Kevin Martin to Cleveland using their 10 million dollar trade exception (Acquired in Brendan Haywood trade) and Minnesota's 2019 second round pick (Traded to Cleveland in Tyus Jones deal) .

Minnesota and Memphis:
- Kevin Martin to Memphis for Courtney Lee and Bostons 2016 2nd round pick.

Minnesota and Dallas:
- Kevin Martin and Tayshaun Prince to Dallas for Raymond Felton, Dwight Powell and Dallas' 2017 2nd round pick.

Minnesota and Oklahoma City
- Send Kevin Martin and Tayshaun Prince to the Thunder for Steve Novak, Josh Huestis, either the Ish Smith or the Perry Jones trade exceptions and 1 or more of the Thunders 3 2016 2nd round picks: (Their own, The Hornets' and The Kings') . Also, the rights to recently drafted Kentuvky big man Dakari Johnson could be sent instead of a second round pick.

Minnesota and Los Angeles Clippers:
- Kevin Martin and Tayshuan Prince to the Clippers for Jamal Crawford, CJ Wilcox and the Brooklyn Net's 2016 second round pick.

Minnesota and Miami:
- Kevin Martin and Tayshaun Prince to Miami for Chris Andersen, Jarnell Stokes and Miami's 2018 second round pick.

Finally, if none of the above trades, or any other trade is possible, the Wolves could trade Martin to Philidelphia in a pure salary dump.
- Kevin Martin and the Houston Rockets 2016 2nd round pick (top-45 protected) to Philly for a player.

Other teams that have been rumored to have been interested, or could use Martin: Sacramento, Milwaukee, Toronto, Detroit, New York Knicks, Washington, Houston, Portland and Utah.

Obviously as you can see, I think that Kevin Martin can be a valuable piece for a team competing for a playoff spot and that needs three point shooting and scoring off the bench. I put Martins trade value as an expiring contract (simply to make the numbers work) and another young prospect and/ or second round pick. I also think that Tayshaun Prince could be a valuable piece for a playoff team as a wing defender. He has playoff experience and is still a viable defensive small forward two couples together makes sense. What Martin lacks in defense, Prince provides.

I put a lot of time into making this. So please take the time to read it and give me feedback as to which trade you think is most realistic, most likely and most logical. If you have another possible trade or a counteroffer, please comment that as well. If you think Martins value is less or more than I stated, let me know.

Finally, here's another possible trade just for fun:

Kevin Martin, Adreian Payne, the Houston Rockets 2016 second round pick (top-45 protected) and the Minnesota Timberwolves 2018 second round pick
Markieff Morris.

This might be a stretch, as the Suns seem to think Morris has more trade value than he really does. However, I think Morris would fit nicely into the 'Wolves' core. Also, if the Suns are ready to blow up their roster, why would t they trade that headache for a power forward with potential: Adreian Payne and 2 second round picks.

04 Feb 2016 21:29:01

Celtics get Whiteside, Anderson, and Udrih

Heat get Smart, Zeller, and Mavs 2016 1st rd pick.

04 Feb 2016 22:23:23
the Celtics have great chemistry right now and bringing in whiteside would straight up kill that. he's an immature player on and off the court. plus he will demand max money which I personally don't think he deserves one bit but will definitely get else where.

so no thank you from boston. i'd rather take what we have go as far as we can and try and get some guy in free agency or hope and pray for #1.

03 Feb 2016 21:09:36
Who wins this trade?

Miami: T Chandler+ LM Aldridge+ M Morris
Spurs: C Bosh+ H Whiteside
Phoenis: Deng+ McRoberts+ 1rnd pick Spurs.

03 Feb 2016 21:24:06
Spurs obv

03 Feb 2016 22:11:21

04 Feb 2016 00:23:50
Funny, I'd actually say PHX getting rid of two bad contracts, one of which might be the worst in the league. Dend expiring, McRoberts only $5.5m.

But that's the sign of a good trade, when people can't agree on who is getting the best of it. Well done.

03 Feb 2016 17:23:20
BOS: D Howard and C Anderson

MIA: J Sullinger (exp, RFA), T Zeller, (exp, RFA) J Young, and '16 1st (via BOS)

HOU: D Lee, H Whiteside, and '16 1st (via DAL)


PG: Thomas/ Smart
SG: Bradley
SF: Crowder
C: Howard.

03 Feb 2016 17:42:09
I don't see the Heat giving up Whiteside for that package.

03 Feb 2016 17:45:00
PG: Thomas/ Smart
SG: Bradley
SF: Crowder
PF: Johnson
C: Howard

PG: Dragic
SG: Wade
SF: Deng
PF: Bosh
C: Sullinger

PG: Lawson
SG: Harden
SF: Ariza
PF: Jones
C: Whiteside.

02 Feb 2016 22:14:39

Philly trade- Okafor, covington,16 heat pick, 16 thunder pick

Lakers trade- Russell, and take off protection for the pick sixes own

Philly drafts Simmons 1 and Ingram 2

Russell/ ish/ mcconnell
Ingram/ Staukas/ cannon
Simmons/ grant
Noel/ saric/ holmes
Embid/ noel.

03 Feb 2016 00:22:17
the lakers would have to admit they completely messed up there draft last year selecting russel over okafor. Probably not happen.

03 Feb 2016 00:29:15
lakers say no.

03 Feb 2016 00:33:11
Lakers get worked, no way they do this.

03 Feb 2016 00:38:37
Wait. So let's say okafor and Russell is an even swap. You think the lakers give you Simmons or Ingram for 2 mid to late 20 something picks and Covington? Are you high?

03 Feb 2016 02:16:16
i like the idea. hope it will happen.

03 Feb 2016 04:53:46
I think that Okafor proven that he is the better prospect 2/ 3 through the season and covington can be a quality player off the bench and heat is 19 pick right now and honestly don't see the beING any worse than that I can actually see them being around 16 and then you get the thunders late pick just to make it better.

03 Feb 2016 13:14:50
If you are talking long term prospects, Russell ain't that bad. Relative wash. Covington isn't good. He just isn't. Glad the sixers fans evaluation of the heat has them now at 16. Either way. One pick near 30 and one pick outside the lottery is NOT getting you Simmons or Ingram. This trade is just ridiculous. Simple as that. Those picks nor okafor, neither has that pull.

03 Feb 2016 14:19:18
Okafor for Russell is not a wash. That's why this deal makes sense to me. Okafor is clearly the better player and prospect. That makes up the difference in lakers pick protection removal and Covington and the two late firsts.

As a Sixers fan I don't want Russell though. I really liked him early in the season as a prospect. I've been pretty clear on that. But now. He's got bust written all over himself he stays in la. The protection removal is the only reason I'd do this deal.


01 Feb 2016 20:08:23
Beginning of BKN rebuild


Rozier, Young, Lee;
better from 2016 BOS/ MAVS pick,
2016 PHI, MAVS, CLE, MIA 2nd round;
2018 NETS pick

Nets get two young prospects, one 2016 pick, their 2018 pick -main asset- back and lot of 2nd rounder to pull some under the radar player.
Boston gets fine big man scorer for a reasonable price, not giving any of starters and keeping most valuable, 2016 NETS pick


T. Young
Patterson, Wright, Bennett, 2016 TOR pick

Toronto gets fine forward they lack
Nets get couple of young players to try out, along with a late 1st rounder.


2016 2nd round via SAC, CHA
2017 2nd round via MEM
2017 1st round OKC (pick owed to PHI gets conveyed this year, so OKC has one to give. They could do it so they have as much free cap space for free agency)

OKC gets fine wing who can even start, solidify bench for sure;
BKN gets a lot of picks to help their search for talent

After this three moves, BKN is left with lot of talented players and even more picks, and they can start selection process, waiting for 2018 draft, when they have their pick, probably very high.

01 Feb 2016 21:36:55
That's a NO from T. O.

01 Feb 2016 22:16:15
@raps fan, just curious why? isn't TOR looking for an upgrade at PF? do you think they can get him for cheaper?

01 Feb 2016 22:43:33
I agree that the Raptors trade is reasonable, but the C's get ripped off in the Lopez deal.

01 Feb 2016 22:57:48
how come? they give only nets pick back, the latest one, basically (from BOS standpoint, rest is expandable: two barely used prospects, who have two players in front of them, and one late 1st and 2nd rounders) and you have to give something to get Lopez.

01 Feb 2016 23:09:25
realEAST, Rapsfan only can type "NO from T. O. " Is that new?

02 Feb 2016 00:33:03
I agree with @realEAST Boston isn't getting ripped off. It's a good deal.

31 Jan 2016 19:41:07
If the Mavs offer:

Heat: Pachulia, Powell, Mavs 1st 2016 unprotected (via Boston)
Mavs: Whiteside, McRoberts, Turner
Celtics: J. Anderson

Should Miami agree? Boston would. Would Mavs be contender?

31 Jan 2016 19:58:27
Miami should and never will agree.

31 Jan 2016 00:15:47

Magic Get: Whiteside, Deng, Richardson, Anderson, Stokes
Heat Get: Harris, Smith,1st rd pk and 2nd rd pick, Dedmon

Free Agency
Resign-Whiteside 5 yr 85 Mil
Resign-Fournier 4 yr 48 Mil
Resign-Nicholson 3 yr 12 Mil
Sign-Tyler Zeller 1 yr 3 MiL
Give 5 year 90 Mil extension with Oladipo

Payton/ Watson/ Napier
Oladipo/ Fournier/ Marble
Gordon/ Hezonja/ Richardson
Vucevic/ Nicholson/ Stokes
Whiteside/ Frye/ Zeller.

31 Jan 2016 02:28:12
Still the same starting lineup that still won't score.

31 Jan 2016 02:37:15
Whiteside can't get a 5 year deal, no bird rights.

30 Jan 2016 22:55:49

Celtics get: Griffin and Crawford
Give: Bradley, Lee, Sullinger, Own 2016 1st rd pick, Mavs 2016 1st rd pick, Nets 2018 1st rd pick, Heat 2016 2nd rd pick, Cavs 2016 2nd rd pick, and Clippers 2017 2nd rd pick

Clippers get: Bradley, Morris, Tucker, Sullinger, Celtics 2016 1st rd pick, Nets 2018 1st rd pick, Own 2017 2nd rd pick, Heat 2016 2nd rd pick
Give: Griffin, Wilcox, and Crawford

Suns get: Lee, Wilcox, Mavs 2016 1st rd pick, and Cavs 2016 2nd rd pick
Give: Morris and Tucker.

30 Jan 2016 21:23:05
Knicks Deadline Ideas


Trade #1

Hawks get Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant, Lance Thomas, and a future 2nd round draft pick

Knicks get Jeff Teague

Trade #2

Rockets get Robin Lopez, Derrick Williams, Cleanthony Early, the rights to Guillermo Hernangomez, the rights to Thanasis Antetokoumpo, and 2 future 2nd round draft picks

Knicks get Dwight Howard, Terrence Jones, and Jason Terry

Trade #3

Clippers get Kyle O'Quinn and a future 2nd round draft pick

Knicks get Jamal Crawford

Trade #4

Heat get Lou Amundson and a future 2nd round draft pick

Knicks get A'mare Stoudemire

Free Agent Signings

Sign Tony Wroten

Sign Jimmer Fredette from the D-League


Starting Lineup

PG Teague
SG Afflalo
SF Melo
PF Porzingis
C Howard


SG Crawford (6th Man)
PF/ C Stoudemire
PG/ SG Galloway
PF/ SF Jones
SG/ PG Terry
C/ PF Seraphin
PG/ SG Wroten
PG/ SG Fredette

None of these will happen but are they fair and do they make sense?

30 Jan 2016 22:35:52
The only one that may happen is #3. You can not trade garbage and get solid players.

30 Jan 2016 22:39:45
Trade 3 is the only decent one imo. And plus you don't have a true backup point guard on the bench. Just combo guards.

30 Jan 2016 22:57:45
Ideally, i'd go with 1 and 2. However, rockets aren't moving Howard.

The first one seems most likely. Hawks may want galloway instead of grant though. they already traded grant away, might not want him back.

30 Jan 2016 11:58:55
One intriguing Griffin trade I came across, MIA-LAC

Griffin, Pirgioni
Bosh, Winslow

Griffin is younger and on slightly smaller contract which could be crucial in summer, gives MIA star to build around in immediate future. Bosh would be excellent fit in LAC, probably even an upgrade, although older, he would play with Paul until their contracts run out. Winslow solves SF problem and is player for the future.

30 Jan 2016 13:58:54
That would totally work for LA but I'm not sure of the fit in Miami.

30 Jan 2016 14:30:26
I think he would fit fine, along Whiteside, not that different situation than LAC actually; but main reason is him being much younger and therefore prolonging MIA's ability to be compretive (for let's say five more years)

30 Jan 2016 03:08:11

Heat Get: Harris, Smith, '16 1st Rd pick,2nd rd pick

Magic get: Whiteside, McRoberts, Richardson

Free Agency:

Magic Resign: Whiteside 5 year 80 Mil
Magic Resign: Fournier 3 year 33 Mil
Magic Resign: Nicholson 3 year 15 Mil

Payton/ Watson/ Napier
Oladipo/ Fournier/ Richardson
Gordon/ Hezonja/ Marble
Vucevic/ Nicholson/ McRoberts
Whiteside/ Frye/ Dedmon.

30 Jan 2016 04:22:17
Salary in trade doesn't work.

30 Jan 2016 04:28:35
That starting lineup would score about 38 points per game. Oladipo is the only person who can score outside 8 feet.

30 Jan 2016 04:44:04
Magic get: Whiteside, Deng, McRoberts, Richardson
Miami get: Harris, Smith, Dedmon,1st rd pick

Does that work better?

30 Jan 2016 23:34:39
23, excuse me. have u seen vucevic play.

29 Jan 2016 10:13:24

PHI get Jeff Teague and Kent Bazemore

ATL get Nicolas Batum, Brian Roberts and OKC pick

CHA get Robert Covington, Nik Stauskas, Carl Landry PHI 2nd round pick 2016 and MIA pick

for PHI, even if Ish is playing really well. Jeff Teague is more ready to lead a young team like Sixers with their core, they could be real better next season. Losing picks at this point for Sixers is not that hard especially late picks

Pg Teague/ Smith
Sg Bazemore/ Canaan
Sf Simmons (1st pick) / Grant
Pf Noel/ Saric
Ce Okafor/ Embiid

for ATL, they lose Jeff Teague while getting a formidable SF for their campaign and a back PG to make some depth

Pg Shroeder/ Roberts/ Mack
Sg Korver/ Hardaway
Sf Batum/ Sefolosha
Pf Milsap/ Scott/ Muscala
Ce Horford/ Splitter

for CHA, well the soon return of MKG make this possible. They flip Nic Batum to assets.

Pg Walker/ Lin
Sg Hairston/ Lamb/ Stauskas
Sf MKG/ Covington
Pf Williams/ Kaminsky/ Landry
Ce Jefferson/ Zeller/ Hawes.

29 Jan 2016 11:47:39
First of all sixers don't have 2nd rounders in 2016. To summarize the sixers trade
Out=landry, covington, stauskas, miami 1st, okc 1st and (2nd rd)
In=teague and bazemore

Bazemore is free agent this summer so they can chase him if they want and also an addition of jeff teague may lower their chances on having 1st pick and conveying the lakers pick. Also you were undervalueing that miami and okc's picks. with that picks they have the flexibility next draft. they can package it to go up. or worse of it is to draft and stash a prospect who have big upside and let them grow for few more years outside nba before they sign him. I think sixers is better to have a trade after the season ends unless if there is an unrefusable big offer for them.

29 Jan 2016 13:18:01
You clearly overvalue 2 picks in the low 20's. How high do you get with packaging them? So you have some kind of understanding. the. Entice couldn't move from like 15 to 9 while offering something absurd like 6 more picks, half of which were first rounders. So basically, let's say sixers have 21 and 25. I guess they can package them for at best, 18. Your plan is to not get talent, leaps have the rebuild take a few years more? Riiiiiight and in that time, no prospects reup and ultimately leave. The years of tanking are over. Realize that. Heinke and the sixers failed with it. Simple as that.

29 Jan 2016 13:37:27
If it wasn't for Teague and Bazemore being near the end of their deals I'd be ok with this from Sixers' perspective. They can live without Landry, Covington and Stauskas in this situation since they'll get Saric and their 1st pick (Ingram? ) to fill the SF slots. Adding Bazemore and Teague would be adding two professional guards to the young front court really at the cost of the Miami and OKC picks. This team really needs to get NBA level play from the guard positions, compete at a higher level, and develop that way.

Plus, don't ask me why, but my gut tells me that if the Sixers win their way past the Lakers then the ping pong balls will fall in their favor. Call it karma. But like jun said, being at or near the end of the contracts is a deal breaker.

29 Jan 2016 14:03:43
Just don't see point for CHA doing this, they can find better return for Batum if they decide to shop him.

29 Jan 2016 02:03:27
76ers Get: Cameron Payne

OKC Get: 2016 Heat 1st, 2016 OKC 1st.

29 Jan 2016 03:45:14
Thunder pass.

29 Jan 2016 13:51:57
Its close but I'm not sure the #20 and #28 picks (at this point) get you up to Cameron Payne. He was #14. But its a good idea.

29 Jan 2016 14:53:29
We don't need another big man. Sixers pass.

29 Jan 2016 22:05:17
Cameron Payne is a PG for OKC TreGib. But PhillyRich there are a lot of CPaynes in this draft. We just need to do more research and better scouting for the TEAM!

01 Feb 2016 20:46:29
I think Tre got Cameron and Adrien Payne confused.

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