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30 Jul 2014 11:38:12
4 team Blockbuster trade:
LeBron wants Love
Love wants to go with LeBron
Minny wants Thad Young to replace Love and unload KMart and JJB, and rebuild
Philly has salary cap and wants Waiters
Philly and Rox are good trade partners
Rox are in desperate to bolster their roster

CAVS receive KEVIN LOVE and Dieng
WOLVES receive Young, Thompson and 5 1st rd picks
(memphis, miami and new orleans 2015 1st rd picks; cavs 2016 1st rd pick and sixers 2017 protected 1st rd pick)
SIXERS receive Waiters, Bennett, Gee and Haywood
ROCKETS receive Martin and Barea

*cavs retained Wiggins as LeBron's Pippen and Having Love and Irving a championship team. Cavs owns Memphis and Miami's 1st rd pick.
wolves get their replacement -Young, 10M trade exception, huge salary cap space, and the best part of this- multiple picks in 3 years.
sixers get what they want -waiters, plus the former no1 pick -bennett, gee (best teammate of waiters).
rockets get their sixth man -martin and backup pg -barea rockets could give back minny 2nd rd pick. Rox owns NO's pick.







30 Jul 2014 00:13:51

Cavs receive:

TWolves Receive:
Cavs 2018 1st round

Philly Receive:
Malcolm Thomas
2015 1st round pick Cavs (Via Miami)






27 Jul 2014 21:41:43

- key additions: Gasol, Mirotic, McDermott, last year developments of Gibson and Snell

- championship roster, clear #1 in eastern conference (before Wizards, Heat, Cavs, Nets and Raptors)

- before next season resign Butler 4y 30m, Dunleavy 1y 2m, Brooks 2y 5m

- McDermott and Snell will have good rookie/sophiemore seasons to become starter at SF / main back-up at SG



- in 2016 resign Noah
- in 2017 huge cap space (Rose, Gibson, Gasol) to continue championship run




27 Jul 2014 00:47:35
Cavs-Wolves trade

Cavs get Love, Dieng and Martin

Wolves get Wiggins, Bennett, Lucas III, Murphy, Thomas, Cavs 1st and Mia 1st

Cavs sign Allen


PG Rubio/Lavine/Lucas/Barera

SG Wiggins/Robinson/Shved

SF Brewer/Muhammad/Budinger

PF Bennett/Moute/Thomas

C Pekovic/Turiaf


PG Irving/Dellavedova/Waiters

SG Martin/Waiters/Allen/Harris

SF James/Miller/Jones

PF Love/Thompson/Powell

C Varejao/Dieng/Haywood


Salary's don't match and minn. is NOT trading Dieng.

i love Disney



26 jul 2014 20:41:58

cavs get
kevin love

twolves get
andrew wiggins
thaddeus young
cavs 1st round pick
cavs 1st round pick via heat
cavs 1st round pick via grizzles

76ers get
dion waiters
anthony bennett
john lucas

why the cavs do this trade?
cavs give up all their 1st picks and wiggins to twolves for kevin love they maybe able to keep 1 of them picks but i don't think so because all those teams will be playoff teams. but who cares if you get kevin love for lebron james they did their job.

cavs starting lineup
pg kyrie irvin
sg sign fa- ray allen
sf lebron james
pf kevin love
c anderson varejao

why twolves do the trade?
they have to get something for kevin love they get picks andrew wiggins and a veteran in thaddeus young for one year but hey that better then anthony bennett.

twolves starting lineup
pg ricky rubio
sg kevin martin
sf andrew wiggins
pf thaddeus young
c nikola pekovic

why 76ers do the trade?
to get something for thaddeus before he leaves them for nothing and get 2 young guys that fit what they are trying to builded in philly with dion waiters and anthony bennett. john lucas will be cut.

76ers starting lineup
pg michael carter-williams
sg dion waiters
sf kj mcdaniels
pf anthony bennett
c nerlens noel

everyone wins!!


76ers getting to much, Cleveland giving to much and salary's do noy match.

i love Disney

Sixers would do this of course. But that's a lot to just give up Thad young. Most likely Sixers would have to take on abad contract in that deal. Would love it as a sixer fan but it won't happen for so little.




24 Jul 2014 03:23:45

Players: Gorgui Dieng, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson, JJ Barea

Picks: MEM protected 1st, (1-5, 15-30) in '15, (1-5, 15-30) in '16, unprotected in '17

Overall Cap Hit: 15.6mil in guaranteed salaries.


Players: Jeff Green, Kelly Olynyk, Keith Bogans*, Chris Johnson*, Chris Babb*

Picks: LAC 1st in '15

Overall Cap Relief: 18.3mil in salaries

(Celtics save 2.3mil)



Players: Jeff Green, Anthony Bennett, Kelly Olynyk, Andrew Wiggins, Kieth Bogans*, John Lucas III*, Malcom Thomas*, Chris Johnson*, Erik Murphy*, Chris Babb*

Picks: CLE 1st in '15, MIA Top-10 protected 1st in '15, LAC 1st in '15, CLE 1st in '17

Overall Cap Hit: 16.9mil in guaranteed salaries (Not including Wiggins rookie contract)

WOLVES give:

Players: Kevin Love, Kevin Martin, Gorgui Dieng, JJ Barea

Picks: None

Overall Cap Relief: 22.5mil in salaries

(Wolves save 11.1 mil)


CAVS get:

Players: Kevin Love, Kevin Martin

Picks: None

Overall Cap Hit: 22.5mil in guaranteed salaries

CAVS give:

Players: Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson, John Lucas III*, Malcom Thomas*, Erik Murphy*

Picks: CLE 1st in '15, MIA Top-10 protected 1st in '15, MEM protected 1st, (1-5, 15-30) in '15, (1-5, 15-30) in '16, unprotected in '17, CLE 1st in '17

Overall Cap Relief: 18.1mil in salaries

(CLE takes on 4.4mil in salaries)


Cleveland says no ten times out of ten.

SAS Champs 2014



23 Jul 2014 09:56:39
1st move : Pacers should sign Jameer Nelson , he will fill PG need and some vet leadership together with West

2nd move : 3-team trade with Cavs and Bucks

trade George Hill , Roy Hibbert and 1st round pick
receive Larry Sanders , Dion Waiters and Carlos Delfino
- they do not lose their defense while adding offense on guard position which they badly needed upon Stephenson's departure

Cavs receive Roy Hibbert and George Hill
- Hibbert would be a big addition that will anchor defense up front for the Cavs plus George Hill that will be a very good back up for Irving. If they have to give more. I am not a fan of Wiggins for Love because I would want Wiggins to learn a lot from the best while developing

Bucks receive 1st round pick from Pacers , Joe Harris , Erik Murphy and Brendan Haywood , Cavs 1st via Heat
- Bucks get rid of Sanders big contract, they have a young big man in Henson who can play Center while developing together with other young talents

Cavs roster

Irving / Hill / Dellavedova
Wiggins / Miller / Hill
James / Jones
Thompson / Bennett / Powell
Hibbert / Varejao

Bucks roster

Knight / Marshall / Wolters
Giannis / Mayo / Harris
Parker / Inglis / Middleton
Ilyasova / Middleton / Murphy
Henson / Zaza / Haywood

Pacers roster

Stuckey / Nelson / Watson
Waiters / Miles / Butler
George / Rudez / Hill
West / Scola / Copeland
Sanders / Mahinmi / Allen


Lmao at Stuckey as starting PG. good luck




23 Jul 2014 05:35:29
MIAMI get Larry Sanders , Carlos Delfino
- Miami get a Center to compliment Bosh , also add a good SG/SF to support Dwade
- Re-sign Ray Allen
- trade Norris Cole and a 2nd to

M. Chalmers / S. Napier
D. Wade / R. Allen / C. Delfino
L. Deng / D. Granger
C. Bosh / J. McRoberts / U. Haslem
L. Sanders / C. Andersen / J. Hamilton

MILWAUKEE get Greg Oden , 1st round pick Miami and James Ennis
- Take Oden's injury for 1 year and get a 1st round pick also add another young prospect at wing position plus get more cap room

B. Knight / N. Wolters / K. Marshall
G. Antetokounmpo / O. Mayo / J. Ennis
J. Parker / D. Inglis / C. Wright
E. Ilyasova / K. Middleton
J. Henson / G. Oden / Z. Pachulia




18 Jul 2014 17:52:48
Cavs Jazz trade

Cavs get Favors and Burks

Jazz get Waiters, Varejao, Dellavedova and Miami's first round pick

Cavs then sign Ray Allen

Kevin Love goes to the warriors

Cavs lineup




17 Jul 2014 21:18:19
Cavs Wolves trade

Cavs get Love

Wolves get Wiggins Bennett a first from the heat and a first from the cavs

This is now the offer on the table for the wolves and I would accept this trade in a heart beat

Irving, Waiters, James, Love and Varejao is easily a finals 5

The wolves should then look to move Martin Pekovic and maybe even Rubio to just continue rebuilding the team

LaVine, Wiggins, Muhammad, Bennett and Dieng could be a good starting lineup when the sky is the limit with potential


You can't be a Finals 5 with that kind of defense. No rim protection and only one good perimeter defender in James.




15 Jul 2014 15:53:01
Atlanta Cleveland Minnesota GSW
ATL gives horford Korver Scott 1st
Clev gives Bennett waiters thompson Miami 1st Rd
Minnesota gives love Martin
GSw gives Barnes bogut thompson

ATL gets waiters bogut Barnes
Clev gets horford Martin
Minnesota gets thompson Thompson Korver Bennett both first
Gsw gets love, Scott





Any suggestions?


Lee and Love in the post together would get absolutely destroyed on the defensive end.


Why would the warriors do that? They could trade (but don't want to) David Lee, Klay Thompson, and a 2015 1st for Love. Bogut is more valuable than Lee, and they trade Barnes as well? Nope. They would be 10 times better with the roster they have.


I can't believe people clicked "believable"




14 Jul 2014 22:29:12

Pacers get: Javale McGee, Goran Dragic, and Randy Foye

Suns get: Lance Stephenson and Wilson Chandler
- sign Andray Blatche

Bledsoe / Thomas / Ennis
Stephenson / green
Chandler / Tucker
Blatche /Morris / Morris
Plumlee / Len

Nuggets get: Roy Hibbert, Chris Copeland, and Ish Smith

Lawson / Robinson / Smith
Afflao /Harris
Gallinari / Miller / Copeland
Faried / Hickson / Arthur
Hibbert / Mozgov

( I think this nugget teams is prett legit, Harris IMO will be very solid 6th man and soon a possible all star. I can see them being a surprise next season if they had this team)

Pacers get: 4.8 trade exception and a 2nd
Warriors get: Luis Scola
( warriors are looking to trade it a PF, Brandon Bass was also on the list)

Pacers get: Jason Richardson and Tony Wrotten
Sixers get: George Hill

Pacers sign Carlos Boozer

Dragic / Watson / Sloan
Foye / Wrotten
George / Miles / Richardson
West / Boozer
McGee / Mahinmi / Allen

This team allows George to be the superstar and leader. They add an allstar caliber point guard, a main reason why they had trouble and couldn't beat the Heat was the turnovers and no true point. Dragic brings a more efficient offense. They add a legit shooter in Foye. They get a young rising role player in Wrotten. McGee brings shot blocking and he knows his role, he also brings athletism in which they need. Boozer has the 6th man role for rebounding and points. They're not as good defensive but their offense improves.


Suns aren't trading their star point guard for a free agent and scrubs.

Daniel of Phoenix



13 Jul 2014 02:03:22
Miami heat plan B
Signe Deng 2yr 20mil,Trade cole to 76ers for 2nd round pick, Boozer gets amn, pick him up for 6 mil 2 yr,sign J.Nelson for 6 mil 2 yrs, sign O'neal, E.Turner, Jimmer 4 vet min, Resign UD and Lewis
PG- Nelson/Naiper
2015 NBA Champs


Not a championship team. Not even close.


No way ET takes min even after stink he left in Indy


So bosh is still a center? Small ball won't be the same without LBJ, so maybe it's time to move bosh back back to Pf where he is elite at the position and pick up a defensive C.




13 Jul 2014 01:38:25
Cleveland | Minnesota | Golden State

Cleveland receives: Kevin Love

Minnesota receives: Klay Thompson & Tristan Thompson

Golden State receives: Dion Waiters, '15 first round pick from Memphis and Miami via Cleveland.

There is a similar rumor floating around.


Lol GS is unwilling to part with Thompson even if they get Love in return, so i'm pretty sure they don't do it for Waiters.




12 Jul 2014 21:42:54
Cavs get: Kevin Love

Timverwolves get: Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennet, and the Cavs less favorable 1st round pick.
(Cavs have Heat top 10 protected
Cavs have Grizzlies top 1-5, 16-30 protected
And Cavs have their own pick)


The salaries don't match. I'm not sure how Haywood's amnesty contract works but I think that could get it done.

Being a Cleveland fan, I would want Gorgui Dieng as part of that deal if I'm giving up Wiggins.


Twolf don't get wiggins, get waitres, bennet and T Tomson plus 1rd from miami and 1rd from cavs




12 Jul 2014 15:29:39

Cleveland gives Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett, TPE, '15 first round pick from Memphis & Miami.
Cleveland gets Kevin Love

Minnesota gives Kevin Love, Gorgi Dieng
Minnesota gets Thad Young, Anthony Bennett, TPE, '15 first round pick from Memphis & Miami.

Philly gives Thad Young
Philly gets Dion Waiters, Gorgi Dieng


No freakin way from TWolves. You are arguably trading their two most valued players. Dieng has a ton of potential. You probably couldn't even get love in that package


Sixers say yes. Cavs say yes. Wolves say not enough.




12 Jul 2014 14:21:20
Cleveland & Minnesota

Timberwolves receive: Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, TPE, '15 first round pick from Memphis & Miami.

Cavaliers receive: Kevin Love and Gorgui Dieng.

That's the only way I trade Wiggins for Love.


Waiters wiggins Thompson 1-2 draft picks


MINN not trading Dieng also.




11 Jul 2014 22:07:22
Dwade for archie goodwin

Goodwin can replace lebron in Miami


What the heck


Miami can keep its garbage.


Well, that is what the Suns fans think Goodwin will become if you ask them.




11 Jul 2014 19:05:11
James is back home

Bosh is on his way to go home too

So let's think Wade will do the same and come to Chicago!

Miami sign and trade Wade to the bulls for Carlos boozer and future draft picks :D




11 Jul 2014 13:58:34
I think when it is all said and done, LeBron, Bosh, and Wade stay in Miami and Melo stays in New York. Houston will match the offer for Parsons but can't use him to land Love anymore. So I think Boston, Chicago, and Golden State are the most likely spots for Love.

Golden State and Minnesota probably won't get done because of the rumor that Golden State does not want to take on Martin's cotract (considering Minnesota has to take on Lee's, which is worst) is completely idiotic if you ask me. Plus, I don't see Thompson getting much better than he is. He is a great shooter and good defeder, but not much else. He is not worth the max he wants.

Boston doesn't have what Flip wants, an established player. They can't offer the players that can keep Minnesota in playoff contention, but they can offer multiple assets for the future plus the ability to take on one of Minnesota's undesireable contrats.

I think Chicago offers Minnesota the best chance to stay competative. Love and Brewer for Gibson, Butler, McDermott, and a future 1st round pick could satisfy Flip's desire to get players to help win now (Gibson and Butler) plus a young player (McDermott) and a draft pick. If Boozer is not amnestied and Minnesota has to take back his contract, Chicago would have to take back Martin in return.

What do you think?


Bosh ain't turning down that money


^ Bosh wants to play with LeBron, even if it means turning down a lot of money.


Lol first off, Lee is way better than Martin, Klay Thompson has plenty room to improve (driving, passing), and is worth the max. Here's why: Parsons and Hayward don't deserve the max because they both play SF, which is stacked around the league. There are easily 10 SFs better than them. SG is different. There's Kobe (for 2 more years), Wade (does he even count anymore?), and Harden (#1 SG). After that, there's Klay, Derozan, And Beal. So in like 3 years (if not earlier), You have a top 3 SG. Plus, CHI is not offering all of that, they would do way better with what they have, if they just amnesty Boozer and sign a guy like Melo or Stephenson. Love is very good, but he's not a league-changer like Lebron.




10 Jul 2014 19:54:49
Miami Plan B

Let LBJ & Bosh walk
Sign: Lance Stephenson, Trevor Ariza, & Pau Gasol

Tank 2014-15 season

Draft: Okafor 1st Pick

pg. napier
sg. stephenson
sf. ariza
pf. gasol
c. okafor


Stephenson, Wade, Granger, Ariza, Gasol, McRob, Shabazz is still a playoff team


What about wade




10 Jul 2014 19:27:19
Know this won't happen but I think it makes sense for both teams.

Denver gets Bosh s&t 4 years 72 mil, and Justin Hamilton

Miami gets Javale Mcgee, Faried, Foye, Arthur, and future second

Denver does this because they get their go to guy who is also a really good defender in Bosh and a good three point shooting bigman prospect

Miami does this because if they lose LBJ they get good surrounding pieces for Wade



Again don't think it will happen, unbelievable/believable based on if you think both teams get better.


Denver give up far too much & Bosh can get more money elsewhere




10 Jul 2014 04:43:39
Lebron done meeting with teams, and as soon as he talks with his family he will make his decision (2.0). In no rush. Bosh will sign with Rockets if Lebron leaves heat.

Also, Mavs sign offer sheet for Parsons, Hornets with Hayward.

Vasquez resigns with Raptors.


Sometimes I feel like people just click "Unbelievable" without reading.

These are all stories that have been reported.


Houston can still match Parsons contract, even after they signed Bosh. But only after they signed Bosh they can match it.

If Houston matches DAL offer first they will not be able to sign Bosh.

So Lin + 1st DP to Phi
Sign Bosh
Match Parson



Have to shed cap space to match parsons.They won't give up three guys off the bench for 1 starter, they could chase ariza or deng and keep guys like williams around.




10 Jul 2014 00:12:37
Wolves trade Love, Budinger
Wolves get Monroe(s&t, 4y 64m), Waiters, 1st round pick Heat 2015

Pistons trade Monroe
Pistons get Bennett, Budinger, 1st round pick Grizzlies 2015

Cavs trade Bennett, Waiters, 1st round pick Grizzlies 2015, 1st round Heat 2015
Cavs get Love

- Wolves get borderline All-Star PF/C Monroe who still have an upside & young talented SG Waiters who can replace Martin longterm
- Waiters (& Monroe) will profit from playing with pass-first PG Rubio and because he will be first scoring option at backcourt
- also add 2015 1st round pick Heat which will be very valuable if LeBron leaves Heat!
- get ride of Budinger's contract, should try to trade Barea and Martin to give young talents more playing time
- still competetive and playoff contender (6-10 seed)

- get 2013 1st overall pick Bennett SF/PF and Grizzlies 2015 1st round pick for Monroe
- takes Budinger's bad contract, but Pistons have enough cap space and they need outside shooting
- still develop young players Drummond, KCP, Bennett, Singler and also Jennings
- 2-3 years away from being serious contenders, now have 2 x 2015 1st round picks to accelerate rebuild

- cut Gee's non-guaranteed contract
- bring LeBron back to pair with Love, Irving and Wiggins
- sign vet C like Blatche, Humphries.
- sign vet SF like Miller, Jefferson, Butler, Rush
- sign vet PG like Nelson, Sessions
- resign Miles


10 Jul 2014 10:02:23
Cavs won't get love unless they give up wiggins


10 Jul 2014 10:05:53
1) Miles is on Pacers
2) Detroit could get more for Monroe
3) There are only 8 seeds


Cavs have told Wiggins he will not be included in any trade for Kevin Love


Monroe has value, but if he tells Detroit he is leaving they will facilitate this deal to get back some decent players to plug into their system


Detroit don't want just anybody they rather let him walk. NO to Bennett




09 Jul 2014 19:13:28
If CLE misses out on LeBron:

-Sign Parsons 4 yr $44M (or Ariza 3 yr $30M)

Trade w/ CHI

CLE gets:
Boozer, McDermott, '15 2nd rd pick via POR

CHI gets:
Gee (non-guaranteed) & Hopson (non-guaranteed) and '15 1st rd pick via MIA (top 10 protected '15 & '16, unprotected '17).


PG: Irving/Dellevodova
SG: Wiggins/Waiters
SF: Parsons or Ariza/McDermott
PF: Boozer/Thompson/Bennett
C: Varejao/Haywood

Boozer gives them a scoring presence in the post, McDermott provides scoring off the bench

Clears space for CHI and their Melo persuit


Not to be mean but do you guys keep up with player movements?
Gee was traded to the Hornets like 2 weeks ago.




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