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24 Apr 2015 18:31:29
Sixers win 1st or 2nd pick in the lottery; draft towns. Sixers trade Noel and the Miami pick to move to the 3rd pick; draft Russell. Trade the lakers pick and the thunders pick to kings or nuggets; draft hezonja.

1. Russell
2. Hezonja
3. Covington/Grant
4. Towns
5. Embiid

24 Apr 2015 20:22:56
One of those might happen. But highly doubt we give up all those assets unless its for a super star. Think about it like this. What would Noel, the Miami pick,lakers pick and thunder pick get you in actually current NBA players? Kevin durant maybe? Paul George maybe? So I'm giving up enough to get Kevin durant but not get anyone of that quality. So I have to pass.

25 Apr 2015 00:12:45
You would be crazy to pass up on a team that has four potential stars. I would rather use all those assets to rack up a few players with potential than just use them to trade for one super star. One super star on a team doesn't win championships in this league anymore. A combination of two 7 footers that can each play the 4 or 5 would create mismatch nightmares and a Russell and mario combo three years down the road could easily be the best backcourt in the east. You would have an amazing young team without even dipping into free agency yet.

25 Apr 2015 01:16:40
If sixers get the #1 pick and draft towns, they should trade him to whoever is sitting at #3 or #4 if those teams covet a bigman. Trade down and get additional assets and keep Noel. to me, this scenario makes way more sense for the sixers then trading noel and the Miami pick. I'd trade the laker and the okc pick to sac or den for pick #6 or 7 this year to get hezonja though. best case scenario is lakers pick is 4-8 next year, and i'd rather have hezonja this year rather then that pick in next years draft.

25 Apr 2015 02:53:02
I kind of love this. That's a great young core. And we still have depth with the 2nd rounders, plus Wroten, Ish, Jakaar, and T Rob. Then our pick plus Saric the following year.

25 Apr 2015 14:14:53
Agree with JVoug. If Sixers wind up at #1 or #2, that pick will be for sale. That would mean that NY and the Lakers are probably at #3 and #4. They both need a big.

Its more likely the Sixers hold them up for a player and/or pick to drop down to #3 or #4, where the Sixers still get Mudiay or Russell.

Unfortunately, the Lakers only have one asset worth acquiring, Julius Randall. Their 1st rounders going into the future are tied up for awhile.

And the Knicks only player of interest would be T. Hardaway (a 39% shooter). The Knicks could trade a 2018 1st rounder

25 Apr 2015 15:15:06
Sixer for life.

As we've seen in the past. Star are super rare.

What are the odds that towns. Russel and the euro all turn into stars all coming from the same draft?? The odds are zero.

I'd rather try to get a superstar that young right now. We have the assets to get a deal done for sure. If we can't get that calaber of player. Then your plan makes sense for sure. But Sixers have to be opportunistic whenever possible. Guys like Kevin durant for instance are coming off an injury. He going to leave okc next season regardless. There's an opportunity there. Then you have Leonard and jimmy butler. Again opportunity. My problem is. If you can't get those kind of guys don't trade for an Average guy just to get a name. Only go after supers. If not just use the draft pick and build for next year. That should be the plan.

22 Apr 2015 21:10:04
With thunder firing the coach Kevin durant said he specifically loved. There's little doubt the thunder will be able to keep durant past this season. They should trade him for top value

Sixers trade: their first this year(3), lakers pick next season top three protected, and the Miami pick top ten protected.

Thunder trade: Kevin durant.

Sixers now have enough asset intrigue guys like kawhi Leonard and jimmy butler. Sixers offer front loaded max contracts to both and take who ever bits. Then sign vets

Thunder get three high first rounders in two years along with a top six for sure pick this season. No one else in the league can offer this many firsts in a two year span. They also clear a good amount of cap. Gives them a. Chance to rebuild with a star in his prime in Westbrook.


23 Apr 2015 12:47:13
A, thunder wouldn't take that trade. B. Even though sixers want butler and Leonard, in order for them to take a front loaded contract they would have to want to leave their current teams. Neither do, so why would they sign those contracts?

23 Apr 2015 13:36:39
I would pass. I want to see what our team could look like from the drafting in two more years and only see sixers drafting their own players. so this will never hapen

23 Apr 2015 14:52:23
Durant said while he loved Brooks, he's 100% behind the move. No need for the Thunder to deal him yet.

That said, this is a fair trade, but I don't know why Philly does it as they may be renting Durant for a year and giving up too much of their future to do so.

24 Apr 2015 13:51:06
If I was Leonard is run from the Spurs. Yes they have some talent now but it's old talent. If he signs with them they will all retire a season into his deal. Who wants to go to the Spurs if they don't have Duncan ginolbili or Parker?? Nobody. So then the Spurs are stuck with one huge contract in Leonard. And nothing else.

Sixers could offer a team with young big men and Kevin durant. That's a lot to Interest me if I was him. As for jimmy butler. Bulls should match. But both the Spurs and bulls might hesitate slightly if they know by signing a front loaded contract there pretty much accepting going over the Cap next year big time. Something both teams hate doing over there history's.

21 Apr 2015 23:34:52
76ers / Charlotte

SIxers trade LA's #1 next year(1-3 protected), OKC's #1 next year, and Covington for Charlottes #1 this year(slotted currently at #9).

Charlotte needs wing scoring, and Covington can shoot. He averaged 13.5ppg last year, hustles, and comes with a very cheap contract(Which adds greatly to his value). Also, Charlotee gets another top pick next year(In most peoples opinion, except for pizza, lakers will be a top lottery pick(4-9) and another #1 in OKC's pick(probably not until #20-25, but still a opportunity to get a quality player or use as a trading chip.

Sixers do it only if Hezonja slips to #9. Possible. Most mocks have him between 6-9.
Sixers take Russell with their #1, and have the backcourt of the future. 2 young guys that have incredible upside, superstar potential, what the Sixers are betting on.
PG: Russell 6'5", 19
SG: Hezonja 6'8", 20
SF: Grant 6'8" 20/Saric 6'10" 20
PF: Noel 6'11" 21
C: Embiid 7'0" 21
This entire rebuild is a gamble, banking on drafting guys with the most upside, player development, and team chemistry. Sixers still have there own #1 and Miami's #1 next year, following this possible trade.

22 Apr 2015 02:24:38
For sixers it isn't worth it. If hornets get the 9th pick then I doubt hezonja will be available at the 9th pick. So sixers pass. Who knows the sixers might draft mario with their pick.

22 Apr 2015 13:08:33
Too much to give up from Sixers perspective. The future LA pick will probably be higher than the current Charlotte pick. If so, then the Sixers completely overpay by adding both an additional #1 and Covington.

I'll give Charlotte the OKC pick and the Miami pick for their current #9. If Charlotte wants Covington too, they'll have to send back PJ Hairston to the Sixers.

22 Apr 2015 15:37:36
Take out Covington and everything makes sense to me. And like you said I only do it the euro falls to nine.

20 Apr 2015 01:17:42
76er trades:

trade 1) Sixers / Twolves

According to, Twolves already have 56million guaranteed towards the cap next year, and if Budinger excercises his player option, add 5 mill more. That's 61 million guaranteed before signing a top 4 pick(approx. another 5 mill). NBA projects next years cap at 67 mill. Not much room to maneuver in Minny. I propose a trade to save the wolves some money, get them future assets, and help out my sixers.
Sixers trade lakers #1 next year(only 1-3 protected, and lakers aren't rebuilding for another year, so they are going to suck in the west), and Wroten. Twolves trade LaVine and Bennett. LaVine and wrotens 2 mill salaries are a wash, and sixers save the wolves 6 mill in guaranteed $$ for a bum like Bennett.Gives me my backcourt I'm hoping for. Gives twolves a proven scorer(17ppg) in wroten who comes cheap and a possible top lottery pick next year. Win/Win

Trade 2) Sixers/ Mavs
Sixers trade Miamis #1 nextyear, OKC's #1, for Chandler Parsons.
Dallas doesn't have any #1's next year, and this gives them two of them. Miamis #11-15, OKC's #20-25. Puts Cuban back in the draft game, and he always wants to be a player. Gives sixers an experienced, but still relatively young, SF who is athletic and can shoot.

PG: LaVine/Russell
SG: Russell/LaVine
SF: Parsons/Covington/Saric(hopefully)
PF: Noel/TRobinson/Saric(maybe)
C: Embiid/Sims/Noel

20 Apr 2015 11:40:54
You need to get over your LaVine obsession.

20 Apr 2015 12:17:09
Neither happen. Lakers will be much better. And parsons isn't being traded. Next.

20 Apr 2015 13:55:07
Wolves aren't going to trade Lavine just to clear cap space

20 Apr 2015 15:12:04
that was my last try at LaVine. Onto trying for Hezonja and Russell as my backcourt.

20 Apr 2015 16:28:35
I honestly hate both those trades. Parsons is completely average at best. And Lavine is way to small of a sample size to warrent the laker top eight most likely pick next year. Bennett is apparently a ridiculously bad player. Since he can't even crack the Timberwolves busted team. They'd have to give us Lavine just to take Bennett.

And we're looking for superstars or guys with superstar potential. Remember Harris said he wants four top twenty caliber players on the Sixers at the same time. Parson and Lavine don't have that in them so far.

20 Apr 2015 18:16:26
Nice effort. But I agree with the rest.

You'll have to go back to the drawing board to get LaVine to the Sixers.

Maybe you should drop back to plan B and remember that Tony Wroten is 6'5" also. If Russell or Mudiay get into the Sixers red, white and blue, then there's your two big guards.

20 Apr 2015 21:40:29
T-Wolves, will sign Garnett to maximum 3-4 million Dollars, and thereby have 10-12 mil cap space for a rookie and two back up players.

19 Apr 2015 01:14:45
Ugh my last trade got sent before I finished the details. Let's try again.

Sixers take advantage of their cap space ( currently only 24 million in garrenteed deals) and first rounders.

Sixers trade their first this season( 3rd overall) the lakers pick and the okc pick.

Pacers trade Paul George

Sixers then sign kawhi Leonard to a front loaded contract. 25 mill first year and 15 to 20 the next three seasons. This huge first season money would destroy the Spurs if they sign him to a matching deal. They would be considerably over the cap causing taxing with Big names needing to be resigned as well. Be a tough time matching that deal.

This gives the Sixers around two to three million for free agents ( 24+25+16=65) and minium player signings unless cap increase this season coming.

Project starting five

Wroten( explosive point guard)

That's an instantly tough team. The teams bench will mostly be great vets on small contracts that want to win a chip.

This team would be really young. No one over 25 but have amazing talent and upside.

Should be a playoff team easily and still have even more cap room next year with McGee 12 million dollar contract coming off the books to sign another star after next years deep playoff run. And they'll still have there own and miamis first next season with Dario coming over as well. Huge upside here.

Ps. Please ignore previously mis sent idea.

19 Apr 2015 13:19:12
Leonard would never sign that contract. You make it sound like he's trying anyway possible to get out of San Antonio in order to play for the sixers. Apparently embiid has been fined tremendously for refusing to go to rehab or conditioning. I'm sure that'll work out great for his career. Wroten is an explosive point guard? Yeah I'll just let that one sit lol. And you want to give up 3 firsts for George? Well that sounds rational. Otherwise great post.

19 Apr 2015 14:36:24
No. No. No.

Look, the Sixers seem to like their big guys: Noel, Embiid, T. Robinson, Sims and Saric if he ever gets here. They seem to like Grant and especially Covington at SF. And the really worked hard to build up those draft picks.

So why would they trade 3 first rounders for George, who's listed as a SF and then sign Leonard, who's also listed as a SF? And after looking at the Spurs box scores, Leonard is actually playing SF.

Plus, if they do that, they haven't filled any of their needs at PG or SG?

If the Sixers are going to do anything with those picks and cap space, I suspect they'll use them to find the right guy that fits what they need- most certainly not to create a roster problem at the SF position. They need a stud back court to go along with what they have. And they might be able to accomplish that without blowing what they've worked so hard to possess.

19 Apr 2015 15:27:08
I'm betting on Leonard having the vision to see that the Spurs are aging and even though pop is an amazing coach he can't create a Duncan from no where. Leonard would be their only player come 2017.

Now look at the Sixers. Embiid a high upside guy who was fined earlier in the season for missing none basketball activities. It's basically missing physical theory. You look at him now and that's almost a mute point. He's down in weight to at least 265 or 270. Super lean and made of muscle and of course. Only 20

Noel should be a defensive rookie of the year. His scoring isn't good enough for Roy but he also just started developing on the end of the floor toward the end of the season. Either way Embiid and Noel in the paint is scary good defensively at the very least.

Paul George is an excellent player who is only 25 but of course the injury hurts big time. Pacers were looking to rebuild according to many reports so three first is more then they could get in most deals. Sixers could even throw in the Miami pick of that gets the Deal done. George when healthy, and from what I saw in his limited action he's perfectly fine, is a defensive player who does it all. Rebounding scoring and most important for me. Defense!

Leonard is a free agent and he'd see those three defensive first players and relize not only could he get a crazy big contract to play in philly. But he's also creates probably the best defensive starting five in basketball. Leonard's probably the best defense sg in the game right now. George was one of the best defensive sf in the game. Noel should easily be defensive rookie of the year. And Embiid is suppose to be some kind of natural basketball superstar.
All this even after those deals the Sixers have cap space to sign a few more players.

Then next year McGee contract comes off the book as well an increase in the salary cap in general. The Sixers could be looking at another thirty million in cap space to add to that super defensive team come 2017 after a deep playoff run in 2016. Plus they'll have saric coming over( the best euro out there right now). Their own first rounder and the Miami first rounder. The potential is off the charts.

My point is Leonard wouldn't just be leaving the Spurs for the money. He'd be leaving for the team being better then the situation he's is currently.

This would be my pitch to him at the very least. You'd have to prove it to him first by getting George though. That's the part that's difficult. But sixers have all the assets to get a deal done for him.

19 Apr 2015 15:31:12
O yeah and wroten being explosive part. When he startered this season he averaged 20 point a game at age 20. The guy is out of control at times but he's as fast as anyone at the pg spot. That's why I called him explosive. Not a really great player. He just has to learn how to slow the game down and make smarter decisions. That comes with time. Again only twenty.

19 Apr 2015 16:31:16
I would love to sign Lenard(although he probably stays in SA), but not the trade for George. Logjam at sf, and no depth at all at guard. George, leonard, grant, and Covington are all best at SF. Use the pucks to build a backcourt. The guards develop quicker then the bigs. they will all be meshing in 2 years.

19 Apr 2015 17:50:49
Philly rich.

Because Leonard is a sg not a small forward. He can defend small forwards but that doesn't mean he can't play sg. Plus. If your telling my you'd rather have Covington or saric then Paul George or kawhi Leonard at either spots then your completely wrong. Saric is not a top twenty caliber player and neither is Covington. However having both come off the bench would be really impressive because they're good and solid players. That's how you build championship team. Take really good player and make them second best at those spots on your team.

19 Apr 2015 19:29:32
I like it but doubt leanord would sign in Philly and teams usually do not compete for championships without a top tier PG but I guess they could

19 Apr 2015 20:39:08
Leonard only signs in philly if we get Paul George. That's the point of the George trade. got to start with a star.

The goal is supposed to be four top twenty players in the league at the same time. You need at least two without giving up any of the ones you already have. Noel and Embiid.

19 Apr 2015 23:15:06
Hahah betting on Leonard selling out the Spurs for the sixers? Good one. That'll happen when embiid loses the attitude and actually stays healthy lol. Ridiculous.

20 Apr 2015 14:06:11
A) Spurs can afford to keep Leonard and not go into the luxury tax as right now they are $20 under the projected cap, and really only need to resign Duncan, Ginobili (who take hometown discounts) and Joseph (if they want him). Have you not noticed that they are trying to clear out Splitter so that they can try to sign Gasol to a max deal?

2) In 2017 Leonard will be only player left, which means the Spurs will have Pop, and give or take $80M to spend (assuming they don't get Gasol or Aldridge. Why would he want to leave when the Spurs will have the ability to build around him.

Philly, just stop, no one good wants to play for your crappy team.

20 Apr 2015 15:28:05
Yea right triangle o. Next year will be embiid,noel,covington,mcrae,wroten,ish,maybe saric, our 1st pick, grant,t rob, and next years 1st round picks, and we have a ton of money to spend. Its intriguing to other players because they know what the future is looking like and it is bright.

20 Apr 2015 16:36:37
Triangle O

and what makes you think people will want to play with a Spurs team without Parker Duncan and ginolbili?? Spurs are on the decline after those big name retire. And your not a major market especially once they retire. And Lenard's going to pull at least 15 to 20 million in a deal this offseason. So there goes your cap room to sign Duncan and ginolbili and not reach your cap. You can't add any other pieces until they retire and when they do you'll have Lenard and a small market to attract free agent of Duncan and Parker and ginolbili caliber. Good luck with that.

21 Apr 2015 14:16:29
Settle down there Philly fans, you are becoming as bad as Lakers fans.

76ers Future is Bright, did you suggest the Covington, McCrea, Ish Smith and T-Rob are all reasons why Leonard would want to come to Philly? Please, none of those players would have the good fortune of gracing the Spurs squad. Fact, T-Rob was released, fact, Ish Smith was given away for nothing. That's like saying Leonard would want to stay with the Spurs because they have Jeff Ayres, Patti Mills and Matt Bonner.

TreGib, Duncan and Ginobili only play one more year and they do it on the cheap, Sixers don't compete again next year, and then both teams have cap room. Do you really believe that a marquee FA is going to choose your middling or worse franchise over the Spurs?? OH THAT'S RIGHT, FA's are coming so that they can play with Ish and Covington, how could I forget.

I would bet $100 that the Spurs will still be a better team than your Sixers in 2016-17.

18 Apr 2015 16:48:58
76er / Magic

Brett Brown leaves tomorrow to spend a week in Turkey with Dario Saric. I'm hoping this is the start to get Saric here next year. I realize the difficulties of the contract buyout, but nothing is impossible when $$ can change hands so quickly. Dario Saric, according to people with a lot more bball knowledge then me, is the prototypical Point-Forward. A highly skilled passer, tremendous bball IQ, excellent size(6'10"), anticipates the play before it happens. He has that 'it" factor for his position. And he's only 20. I think philly will use him in this role, therefore making Russell even a better fit then Mudiay. Russel can create his own shot, pass, and ball handle ala steph curry(best case scenario). Sixers can develop Embiid, Saric, and Russell this year into their system. That leaves us with our own #1, Lakers #1, Miami's #1, and OKC's #1 next year. That's too much to bring in at one time, so let's get a player. heres the trade.
76ers trade their own protected #1(1-3) and Lakers protected #1(1-3), Orlando's#2 this year(#35), and Wroten for Olidipo.

PG: Russell
SG: Olidipo
SF: Saric/Covington
PF: Noel
C: Embiid

I think Orlando would atleast have to consider this trade. two possible top 5 picks next year, plus wroten (not great, but decent scorer, 17ppg) and another pick this year at #35. Maybe sixers would have to take the protection off their pick to get this done?

18 Apr 2015 17:17:41
Oladipo is a good player, but not a star. You are seriously overvaluing him here. Trust the system. The idea is a good one - trade some of the picks for an established player - but not this deal.

18 Apr 2015 17:30:41
Adding value to the lakers pick, GM Kupchak was quoted as saying maybe another year to develop the current squad is the best idea due to the huge change in salary cap after next season. No way laker pick drops out of top 8, especially in the west

18 Apr 2015 17:40:10
Way to much for olidipo. He's solid but not even the best player in that draft class. Not to mention his team is terrible even with him so how can he help us. The Magic have more talent then the Sixers and he can't win with them. How can he win with the Sixers who have maybe two NBA players so far on the roster. (Embiid and Noel)

Olidipo honestly is a really nice player but he's not even close to a star yet. I'd love to have him but maybe just for the lakers pick and Miami pick. Those are a probable top two top fifteen picks at worse. More likely a top fifteen and a top five.

18 Apr 2015 17:58:51
Just Philly's pick this year is enough for Dipo.

18 Apr 2015 22:08:39
OK. Maybe I am overvaluing olidipo a bit. I like the idea from tregib , olidipo for miamis and LA's picks. and ill through in wroten. but tregib, I disagree with your reasoning about how olidipo can't win with philly because he didn't win with better players in Orlando. I just don't see that as the case. Coaching, player development, and a system that fits all factor in to winning, not just raw talent. olidipo is 22 and on the verge of stardom, let's get him, and he fits.

18 Apr 2015 23:21:13
By the ways. The problem with saric is clear and people are ignoring him. He's too slow for the 3. Too thin for the 4. He isn't a stretch 4 because he has a shaky shot. And he can't guard a 3. He's good in Europe because it's far slower. He will have SERIOUS issues guarding in the nba. So while he may be a 'prototypical point forward' offensively. He's a major liability defensively. If you are planning on relying entirely on embiid for defense down low, you are setting yourself for defeat. Sorry, that's the truth about the scouting reports that most sixers fans choose to ignore.

19 Apr 2015 13:26:35
I think that's way too much too. There's no need to panic. I like the recognition of adding too many young guys at once. If Saric comes, they'll have him, Embiid, J. RcRae, and Top 5 pick all new to the floor at one time. More importantly, since culture is very, very important to this team, they've added 3 new personalities (not Embiid since he's been around the team for a year.)

The best bet might be to hold onto the 4 picks and see what happens around the trade deadline. There will be teams that are total failures and will want to rebuild. That's your trade partner. They'll want to restart with picks. They might have a player/contract to move. Look what Miami did with Phoenix. Phoenix moved the brothers and wound up with a PG plus picks.

Or, they could try to throw picks at the Kings or Denver to try to get into Hezonja range.

16 Apr 2015 16:17:47
3- Way trade between Sixers/Kings/Bulls

CHI trades- Taj Gibson (Kings)
CHI Gets- OKC 2016 1st Rd (via PHI)
-Bulls clear up PF logjam with Gasol/Mirotic and clear up cap space to resign jimmy butler

SAC trades- #6 Pick & Jason Thompson (Sixers)
SAC gets- Taj Gibson & LAL 2016 1st (via PHI)
- SAC gets Starting caliber PF they desperately want next to boogie and get rid of shit contract in jason thompson, get 1st rounder next year since theirs goes to bulls

PHI trades- LAL 2016 1st (SAC) & OKC 2016 1st (CHI)
PHI gets- Kings #6 & Jason Thompson (buyout)
- allows PHI to draft Hezonja as SG or use Heat and PHI 2016 pick to move up to #4 and get Russell

16 Apr 2015 21:19:18
Makes a ton of sense for Sixers. accellerates their rebuild considerably.

Sacramento should say yes but might not given the organization might lose cousins soon.

Bulls should say yes given taj Gibson isn't giving you a first rounder in many trades even though he has talent.

16 Apr 2015 21:59:57
Only issue is I don't see the kings giving up the 6 for that combo. Realistically, both the lakers and the thunder will be significantly better next year. Thunders pick would be late 20s. The lakers most likely will be in the mid to late teens. Adding those two don't add up to a 6 pick in a top heavy draft. Just being realistic.

17 Apr 2015 00:10:38
I like this trade for all teams. Sac does it because .
1. they don't have a #1 next year, and LA's is a top 10 pick (sorry pizza, but there is no way the lakers make the playoffs next year in the west, so mid to late teens seems ridiculous). I don't overvalue it, but that's really undervaluing it. Sac fills a need at PF with gibson. Plus, Sac drops a very crappy contract in Thompson on philly. Trade works well for all, wish I thought of it

17 Apr 2015 13:28:02
If I'm the Sixers I do that. But I'm not buying out Jason Thompson. He's a trusted veteran big man that could help Robinson, Embiid, Simms and Noel.

Front Court (5): Noel, Embiid, T. Robinson, J. Thompson, Simms (wait for Saric)

Small Forwards (2): Covington, Grant

Back Court (4): Top 5 pick, Wroten, McRae, Hollis Thompson

Last player on roster is the newly acquired pick from Sacramento.

Picks in the bank: a mess of second rounders, Sixers first rounders, Miami first rounder.

17 Apr 2015 13:56:21
I like it too, if the Kings agree. This gives the Sixers 2 first rounders each year, a much better result than having one in 2015 and 4 next year. So this year they could add Mudiay and Hezonja (plus Embiid and maybe McRae) and next year Saric and 2 more first rounders. Nice idea.

17 Apr 2015 18:56:17
I like this trade a lot. Good thinking.

15 Apr 2015 03:39:10
76ers / TWolves

Sixers trade next years unprotected #1 pick for Zach LaVine
Before you hang me, sixer fans just think about this one. I know its against the grain, but I think it has potential.
Sixers do it because.
1. They already have lakers #1 next year, OKC's #1 next year, possibly Miami's #1 next year(if it doesn't convey this year), and Dario Saric all next year. Too many unproven young guys to try to fit in a year.
People always have scenarios with the sixers trading the acquired picks, why not trade there own pick?
2. All you LaVine haters I hope have watched him the past month, he is a BEAST. Averaging 18ppg since given the starting job with Rubio out. And I know he's barely shooting 43% from the floor, but he's 85% from the line. He's got a very smooth stroke, has to to shoot that well from the stripe and just turned 20 4 weeks ago.
3. Russell/ LaVine backcourt will be east's version of Curry/Thompson in 2 years. Both guys can dribble, pass, and shoot.

TWolves do it because.
1. They get another top pick to go with there own next year, possibly VERY valuable if philly is still struggling. And very important to a young, rebuilding team.
2. With young guns like Wiggins, Muhammad, and possibly Towns, TWolves would be better with a pass first pg like Rubio.
3. They just invested a ton of $$ in Rubio, how much can they invest in one position.

This trade gives both teams awesome young starting 5's and a bunch of assets in future drafts.

15 Apr 2015 13:07:17
I think the only proper response is hahahahhahahahahahahhaah. Dude is racking up points because let's be honest, who else would?! It's like sixers players. We all know mcw isn't that good. But someone needed the stats.

15 Apr 2015 13:17:13
Not going to hang you.

I would trade a first round pick for LaVine, but it will be protected. I like his size, his length and he's young.

I understand the problem the Wolves have at PG. Rubio is hard trade because of his game, his 4 year contract extension, and his health.

But you cannot trade an unprotected pick of a bad team for a guy that can be obtained in the 10-15 range. LaVine, Payton for example.

Why wouldn't I just try to use the Miami pick and/or the OKC pick and obtain J. Grant from ND in this year's draft?

Plus, I think the Sixers like the pass first mentality in a PG. Why is LaVIne only getting 3.5 assists (and 2.5 TO) per game? (And yes, I see he's been awesome this month.)

I think the best bet for the Wolves is to find an established team like Dallas and trade Rubio in a multi- player deal for experience/expiring contracts.

The Wolves should solve their problem- Rubio- and not create a new problem. In the NBA, when you make a mistake, you have to get yourself out of it as quickly as possible. That means trading Rubio for expiring contracts.

15 Apr 2015 15:15:13
Sorry there's no way I'm trading our pick next unless we get a superstar and Lavine isn't that. Our pick next year might be top five again if we tank. Yet another season. and btw what's the record of the wolves since Lavine started?? Yeah idk if I seen a win during that whole time.

I'd give them a top twenty for Lavine for sure. Not a top ten. And right now I don't know where we'll land next year. Might be even worse. Who knows??

15 Apr 2015 22:41:48
Tre: I agree.

Wolves have a problem and its not LaVine, its Rubio. I think this trade is poorly conceived from their perspective. They need to get rid of the Rubio and the contract, not LaVine. They might have to do something that looks stupid in the short run, maybe something along the lines of Rubio for the Nets D. Williams. That shortens their contract mistake by 2 years. Talent for talent it looks really bad but the contract was a mistake and they need to clear space for LaVine.

16 Apr 2015 15:02:18
I just can't give up a pick that might be top five next year for a guy who hasn't even played a full season yet. He's not a star. He's not even average yet. And his team has not won more games since he got increased minutes.

Plus the Sixers know all to well how average players on bad teams put up huge numbers. Aka mcw Thad young spencer hawes. Those guys dropped considerably once they went to a decent team. Lavine might be the same.

16 Apr 2015 16:25:37
Agreed. I'm not giving up our unprotected pick or the Lakers pick which is top 3 protected. I'll talk about Miami or OKC picks but not the Sixers or Lakers picks.

The Lakers could be bad for awhile. The Clippers are the better free agent choice in LA. You can play along side Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

Kobe is done and doesn't attract free agent players to surround him any more. Free agents are leaving the Lakers, not going there. And most top picks are so young they don't make an impact for a couple of years. So the Lakers will probably be a top 8 pick next year.

While I'm disappointed that the three picks did not convey to the Sixers, I'm not doing anything dumb. The team will still be very young next year, adding Jordan McRae, Embiid, TOp 5 pick, and maybe they chuck a load of money at the Euro team and try to get Saric over.

12 Apr 2015 00:35:05

Miami gets pick #2 (via min), pekovic, Mayo Illyasova

Get a top pick and strengthen the bench(I'm guessing towns will be #1 so okafor)

Dragic/ Napier
Wade/ Mayo
Deng/ Beasley
(If towns isn't available)Okafor/ Illyasova
Whiteside/ Pek

Mil gets Chris Bosh and Zoran Dragic

Lineup is solidified with an actual 4 in bosh, whom is still a to 5 PF

Draft Dunn

MCW/ Dunn
Midddleton/ Ennis
Giannis/ Dudley
Bosh/ O'bryant
Henson/ Pachulia

Min gets Jabari Parker

Get a great prospect coming back from a injury. And will have the best two players from 2014 draft

Rubio/ Brown
Lavine/ Martin
Wiggins/ Muhammad
Parker/ Payne
Dieng/ Hamilton

12 Apr 2015 14:32:40
#2 pick is worth more than Parker, and Pek is an asset for other trades. Minny says no.

12 Apr 2015 14:47:38
Milwaukee isn't trade jabari.

12 Apr 2015 23:11:49
Bucks pass

11 Apr 2015 22:47:30
76ers / Magic

Sixer's trade LA's #1 next year, OKC's #1 next year and Wrote.

Magic trade Olidipo

Orlando does this for a number of reasons
1. They have Founier as a excellent shooter at the SG position.
2. Wroten gives them another ball handler to go with Payton or back up both guard spots.
3. Orlando gets a possible high lottery pick( LA's pick is only 1-3 protected, most likely will land between 4-8).
4. Orlando adds another #1 in next years draft with the OKC pick(#17-23 possibly).
5. If Thibidou is coming over to coach, he has more picks to build the team his way.

Sixer's do it because
1. If they draft Russell, pairing him with Olidipo would be perfect. Olidipo can take some pressure off the rookie by helping out with ball handling and taking some big shots.
2. A young vet is exactly what the Sixer's need. I can't take any more draft picks. Let's turn the picks into players. We will be developing embiid, maybe Russell/Mudiay, and whoever we get with miamis #1 this year. Plus we have our own #1 next year and Saric coming over
2 more pieces to mold into the system. Use the LA pick and OKC pick to get a proven player. PLEASE!!

12 Apr 2015 13:16:28
Now it looks like the Sixer's will have 5 first round picks joining the roster next year. Their own #1, LA's#1, OKC's #1, Miami's #1, and Dario Saric coming over. This is ridiculous. C'mon sixer fans, you can't infuse a roster with this many unproven kids, especially when you are still developing key pieces on your current roster. TRADE some picks for players. Enough.

12 Apr 2015 14:35:57
Come on, Wroten a proven player? He, like the rest of the Sixers roster (minus Noel who is getting nice), are garbage. Lakers become a middle of the road team next year with FA signings and OKC becomes good again with a healthy roster. No way I'm giving up Vic for those two picks and Wroten.

12 Apr 2015 14:53:00
Jvoug. It tempting. I like olidipo. But magic will want a ton more for him. And I can't give all that up.

Most likely the magic will use your same reasoning that olidipo is a young vet. And say they want the Sixers first this year and la first. Plus noel or Embiid. That's crazy but that's what they'll ask for.

12 Apr 2015 16:50:10
Laker pick is a huge wild card. Oladipo is an established young player.

12 Apr 2015 18:59:39
No way from Orlando

12 Apr 2015 20:23:48
Its a fair trade I like it

13 Apr 2015 22:21:22
Jvoug: I agree. You can't have that many rookies coming at once. Just this year they'll add Embiid, Jordan McRae and a Top 5 pick and maybe Saric if they find a way to pay off the Euro team.

Now that its clear that Miami, OKC and Lakers pick will defer, its time to do some work. But the above asking price for Victor O is too much.

My gosh, just look at the stats. Wroten is 21 and was getting 17/game. Victor O is 22 and getting 18/game.

Victor O is a better shooter, no doubt. But giving up two first rounders, one of which could be in the 4-10 range, to make the swap? That's just too much.

I"ll do Wroten and Miami pick for him.

11 Apr 2015 19:50:43

MIA get Ty Lawson and Wilson Chandler


DEN get Brandon Jennings, Miami Heat 2nd round pick and Greg Monroe (st)


DET get Luol Deng and JJ Hickson


11 Apr 2015 22:18:01
I think Miami would rather want to sign Goran back than give up Loul for Lawson

13 Apr 2015 15:20:13
Detroit doesn want Deng or they could have signed him when he was a FA, he also has a bad contract and JJ Hickson is a back up on an average team and depth on a good team. Rather they spend the money on Draymond Green, and Thad Young. If you want Jennings in this deal Miami has to provide more then a 2nd round tie in another draft pick in next years, and Denver has to provide picks as well as Nurkic as a back up to Drummond.

10 Apr 2015 22:10:35

Sixers get Anthony Davis, Roy Hibbert and Paul George

Nola get David West, Joel Embiid and Sixers 1st

Pacers get Miami pick, OKC pick, Nerlens Noel and Tyreke Evans

Tony Wroten
Paul George
Dario Saric
Anthony Davis
Roy Hibbert

10 Apr 2015 22:49:07
Close but no from everyone but sixers

11 Apr 2015 01:12:18
No where close. They would only trade Davis for literally Durant and Westbrook with extensions. He is the best player to build around. Nothing will let then let him go. Sad but true.

11 Apr 2015 01:27:00
Nobody says no. This is a fair trade for everybody

11 Apr 2015 04:06:58
Actually not unfair but extremly unlikely.

12 Apr 2015 13:20:48
Oh come on guys. A rookie, an injured guy and a draft pick for a guy who last year was top 5 and is like 24. And will be top 5 next year. As well as A guy who can win much more than 1 MVP in Davis. Besides Philly fans no one thinks this is fair. The sixers wouldn't offer it because it's embarrassing.

10 Apr 2015 02:59:33
76ers / Pistons

76ers trade #11 pick(miamis), OkCs #1 next year, and picks #35 and #37 this year.
Detroit trades pick #8 this year.

Sixers take hezonja with the #8 pick. I think philly is very high on this kid. he may not be the most nba ready guy at #8, but his upside is awesome. Detroit could still land one of oubre or Johnson(whichever one may fall) for a needed wing, Looney to pair with George, or take turner as a stretch 4, another position of need. plus they get another #1 next year and 2 high #2s this year. also, after the darko ordeal, I can't see Detroit taking a euro early in the draft. I think Detroit can get there guy anywhere between 8-11. so why not get a few more picks for moving down just 3 spots?

10 Apr 2015 11:01:01
Not sure Detroit prefers Johnson to Hezjona, and Johnson will likely be gone by #11.

10 Apr 2015 14:47:29
I think that this really could happen take either Obure or Frank the Tank if he is there at pick #11 then with Picks #35 and #37 take the Harrison twins

10 Apr 2015 14:52:01
This trade makes a lot of sense but Sixers probably will just keep the picks. I think most teams feel weird about future picks. If the okc pick was coming this year it be different.

It's ashame becuase that's a good return for the eight pick. Four picks for one on a team that needs to rebuild.

10 Apr 2015 15:07:03
Last year Chicago moved up from 16 to 11 by adding in the #19 pick.

For the Sixers to move up from 11 to 8, adding in the OKC pick AND two second rounders is too much.

Its more realistic that the Sixers add in the OKC pick with some contingencies. If it falls 16-20, Sixers get a second rounder. If it falls 21-25, nothing added. If it falls 26-30 Sixers add a 2nd rounder.

Play around with the contingencies. But that's the structure I'd like to see to move up only 3 slots.

11 Apr 2015 01:33:53
as a piston fan, i'd do this in a heat beat

trading down 3 picks to pick up 3 more (with one being a 1st next year). that helps the pistons out big time the 76ers move up to draft a player that may not be there at 11

if I was van gundy: I ACCEPT

11 Apr 2015 14:33:48
Cookie: I agree with you. The Pistons would do this in a second. I think its too much for the Sixers to give up to move 3 spots. See my above post about how Chicago moved up 5 spots last year and added the #19 pick.

I like the idea. I"m just not satisfied with the price. Plus, if Sixers stay at 11, they can get their future PG, Grant from ND.

11 Apr 2015 14:42:22
If I am Detroit I hang up the phone laughing and wondering why teams think that Joe Dumars is still in charge. Detroit is going to stay the course with good young talent and that means not trading back and out of the lottery.

11 Apr 2015 22:32:50
#11 is in the lottery.

08 Apr 2015 04:33:34
76ers moves:

1. Draft DeAmgelo Russell
2. Trade Lakers pick(only 1-3 protected next year) to Detroit to draft Hezonja.
3. Use Miami pick, #11-15,, to pick best player available (grant, oubre, kaminsky)
4. Sign Kawai Leonard to MAX deal. Give Leonard a boat load of $$$. Convince him he will be the cornerstone of a franchise with tremendous potential. Leonard would be a God in Philly. Championship MVP and a guy Brett brown helped develop in SA.
Pg: Russell
SG: Hezonja
Sf: Leonard
Pf: Noel
C: Embiid
That's a starting 5 with awesome potential. Have wroten, trobinson, Covington, grant, Sims, smith, McRae, and Miami pick(#11-15) coming off the bench.
And still have Okc's pick next yearAND Saric coming over, that's like 2 more #1's next year, plus our own.

08 Apr 2015 13:00:46
Spurs have cap space and don't generally let their players walk away, they'll match the Max deal, which they have the ability to do with Leonard being an RFA.

08 Apr 2015 13:11:43
Pistons don't make that trade. It's 1-3 protected. But that doesn't matter when all their starters come back and they have money to spend on free agency. That pick will end up in the high teens next year. Hardly worth what you expect to get for it

08 Apr 2015 13:22:59
I'm not sure Detroit does that.
I'm not sure Leonard is ready to come here. And he's not a max player.
But if it happens, I like it.

08 Apr 2015 13:56:02
Leonard is a max player

08 Apr 2015 14:43:30
kn1ck: I assume you're a Knicks fan. If so, I can understand why you think Leonard is a max player. Just look at the Knicks cap disaster.

08 Apr 2015 15:04:47
@phillyrich; you're "best" player has yet to play a game in the NBA.

08 Apr 2015 15:12:54
Detroit hangs up the phone laughing. they are not going to give up this years pick period, and not for a gamble on a pick.

08 Apr 2015 15:25:41
Well. It certainly will be impressive. But I don't see hinkie giving up the lakers pick. It all depends on if they can get anyone to play with Kobe. And if Kobe has anything left at all. I like Lenard. It's unlikely the Spurs let him go but they've had money issues in the past. They may try to low ball him like they did with Duncan. But if he is after money. The Sixers are a place witha ton of cap and a young team.

Would probably be a good fit.

08 Apr 2015 17:39:46

I'm thinking you meant "your best player"

And I'd agree. Neither Embiid, Saric, nor the Top 5 pick have played an NBA game. Can't wait to see what it all looks like.

After it all fits together and I know what the problems are, then I'll sign or trade for that last piece (or peace).

08 Apr 2015 17:44:41
To tell the truth. really, hangs up the phone laughing?? So next years #4-6 is laughable to this years 8-9?? Get a clue. It may not happen, but its not laughable. So sweeten it with another future pick, maybe okcs next year. So a #4-6 pick and a # 18-22 pick nhis xt yeae for a # 8-9 this year. And pizza, I respect your opinion , but how do you see LA's pick being a pick in the teens?? LA will suck hard next year, pick will be top 8.

08 Apr 2015 21:52:18
I agree with you, Jvoug. It can be structured.

But I still don't want to give up the Lakers pick. I like the intrigue and potential. It might just be the big winner just when the pieces are fitting together.

08 Apr 2015 22:19:11
I don't like the lakers. I don't like kobe. But they are 4th worst now. Add to the starting roster kobe, randle, top 5 pick(perhaps towns or okafor if lucky) and then one or two free agents. They def aren't a bottom 8 team at that point. They should be competing for the 8th spot with that team. While not incredible, still a high teens pick. So to expect any gm to give up an 8 pick this year for a 20 pick in this draft and next is nuts.

Secondly, why do people act like saric is an MVP caliber player? With embiid and Noel healthy( if embiid is ever healthy) that means saric needs to play the 3. He is entirely too slow for that. And not good enough of a shooter for a stretch 4. Saric does not fix any gaping holes as Covington is apparently the 3 of the future. Furthermore, European basketball is far slower and strategic. While he may do well there, his lack of athleticism is a serious concern here. I think the sixers at some point need to start getting people that can actually play as to talking about the potential of people. At this point, based off accomplishments, I'd take robin Lopez over embiid or saric. I know 76ers fans think that's nuts, but listen, consistently talking about potential gets old. I live in philly. GET A TEAM PF ACTUAL PLAYERS. I don't WANT TO KEEP HEARING NEXT YEAR.

08 Apr 2015 23:12:36
Wow pizza I can't believe u said u rather have robin lopez over embiid.

09 Apr 2015 13:14:42
Hey 76ers. what's embiids stats this year? How many wins? Ok unfair? Last year. How did he do in the tournament? Stop professing him the truth. He doesn't play. He just gets paid and disappoints on all levels for never reaching potential. Hope I'm wrong about him. But odds are heavily not in his favor. Knee back foot for a huge guy. All before 23. Doesn't seem promising.

09 Apr 2015 14:00:08
Pizza. got to agree with you to a point. Saric has shown me nothing that says he will start in the NBA at the three. Possibly the four off the bench. Which isn't terrible for a twelfth pick. Especially when we got another first along with him. But a garrenteed start he is not.

As for Embiid. He's got a ton of talent. Tall guy with his athletism and footwork are rare. But again. Hasn't played a minute.

Really this whole plan even though it looks promising can go up in flames in a second. A bad trade or an injury and it might be a disaster.

It should work though.

10 Apr 2015 20:13:43
Pizza at least give embiid a chance to prove himself and showcase his skills.

07 Apr 2015 14:22:03

ORL get: Ty Lawson & LAL 1st DP 2015 (PHI)

DEN get: MIA 1st DP 2015 (PHI)

PHI get: Elfrid Payton, Mo Harkless & Channing Frye

07 Apr 2015 15:00:53
this makes no sense. why would sixers make this trade. sixers laugh at this.

07 Apr 2015 15:41:12
I like Payton. But Harkless is unaccomplished and Frye has three years left on his contract at roughly $8mil per. He'll be 34 by the end. And he only got 7 pts and 4 rebounds per game this year. He's shot. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets released by next trade deadline and winds up in San Antonio or Dallas.

So basically the Sixers would be giving up two first rounders for Payton.

I would do this trade with the Miami pick only, since I'd have to take the negative of Frye to go with the positive of Payton. Harkless is a non-issue.

07 Apr 2015 17:04:56
yeah, why wouldn't the sixers just give up one pick, and snag the better pg?

07 Apr 2015 17:23:35
I still wouldn't even do it for just the heat pick.

07 Apr 2015 18:18:52
Another terrible Sixers proposal. Why do I read this site?

07 Apr 2015 20:20:20
No from Sixers. Payton sucks. Can't shoot at all so no thanks.

06 Apr 2015 20:15:36
Turn 76ers into a contender.

Trade #1

PHI get: Kevin Love

CLE get: Nerlens Noel & 2017 1st DP PHI

Trade #2


PHI get: Demarcus Cousins

DEN get: Nik Stauskus & MIA 1st RD DP 2015 (via PHI)

SAC get: Joel Embiid, Tony Wroten, & Ty Lawson

Trade #3


PHI get: Kevin Durant

OKC get: PHI 1st Rd DP 2015, LAL 1st DP 2015 (via PHI), OKC 1st DP 2015 (via PHI) & Robert Covington

Free Agents: Jimmy Butler (max)

pg. isiah canaan
sg. jimmy butler
sf. kevin durant
pf. kevin love
c. demarcus cousins

06 Apr 2015 21:19:09
Ok. Love the creativity here. But none of the deals will happen of course but got to give you some credit because all those deals could work out for all teams invovled

06 Apr 2015 22:07:00
don't forget mcGee is contract while Love Durant Cousin and Butler all want have maxed contracts. need new formula. after watching the Knicks JV team beat them last night, I don't see how any Sixers have have any value for allstars and superstars

07 Apr 2015 00:09:25
Yea right I wish this would happen.

07 Apr 2015 00:19:26
Kevin Love is a free agent. So any trade with him would be a sign and trade he'd have to approve. That typically happens if the receiving team doesn't have the cap space. The Sixers have the cap space so it wouldn't be a sign and trade.

Not sure why you have the Sixers involved. Why not just try to send love to Sacramento for Cousins?

06 Apr 2015 05:07:14
I think This could actually happen


Utah gets Wroten, Richardson and heat pick 16

Philly gets Hayward

Utah has their future SG in Hood, who has been lighting it up, and their future SF in Ingles has been playing awesome. Hayward is in the way of their potential. By adding a nice pick and a good 6th man in written would help the team. Also, Richardson could teach the young guys. Hayward has been on a slow decrease this season but he is still a good shooter and scorer, which the sixers need, plus he is still young.

Utah lineup: 40 wins

Hood/ Wroten

Philly lineup: (29 wins and improves next year)

Draft: Mudiay and (18) Hunter

Mudiay/ Cannan
Hayward/ Moute
Noel/ Saric

06 Apr 2015 12:35:04
Philly isn't interested in him

06 Apr 2015 12:59:56
Great logic. Hayward is in the way of young swingman Rodney Hood- who's recently had some good games. So Utah trades Hayward to the Sixers, who obviously would want the max contract Hayward to be in the way of their young swingman Robert Covington, who's averaging 4 more PPG than Hood.

Hayward is yours. You signed him to the max deal. You better want him and like him for a long, long time. Oh, and you want a first round pick AND Tony Wroten from the Sixers to take the max contract off your hands.

Sorry. I don't think so. I might consider talking about Rodney hood. But not Hayward. He's not the guy I'm breaking my salary structure for and not the guy I"m moving Wroten and a first for.

06 Apr 2015 16:08:31
Gotta agree wth phillyrich. Bad reasoning in this trade. Sixers rather have the pick and draft a hood of their own. They don't want average players on max deals!

06 Apr 2015 17:27:38
Exactly. I'd like to draft a Rodney Hood or Hayward. Actually, I wanted to draft Rodney Hood last year.

You have to remember that each team has limited resources and the team that does the best with those resources (and has some luck) is typically a top team.

The Sixers were middle of the road for a very long time because they managed their cap poorly. Then they used draft picks to try to acquire players and get over the hump.

Its taken 2 years to undo that. There's no way the Sixers are taking on a max contract right now. They have to wait until the team formulates a little more to see exactly which player they want and at what position.

Although for Kevin Love, Anthony Davis or Labron I might change my mind. I felt the same way about Durant before his foot became an issue.

06 Apr 2015 21:24:10

05 Apr 2015 20:58:41

4 draft day scenarios for backcourt
*assuming Russell is the guy, not Mudiay* just my opinion.
1. draft Russell with own pick(#3-4), grant with Miami pick.
2. Draft Russell with own pick, package Miami and OKC pick to move up and take Hezonja
3. draft Russell with own pick and Hezonja with laker pick if it coveys(only 17% chance)
4. Draft Hezonja with own pick(if it falls to #6) and Grant with Miami pick

Each case gives us a big, athletic backcourt with excellent shooting and ball handling. If any of these happen, I think philly is in good shape. Could replace Russell with mudiay in each case, but I don't think its as good as a fit.

Then. try to sign a vet wing(Deng(player option), J.Green(player option), Leonard(RFA), D.Green(RFA), D.Carroll(UFA), T.Harris(RFA), W.Chandler(team option). I think leonard and D.Green are a reach, but the other guys are the next level of free agents, possibilities? OR trade for a Chandler parsons or Shabazz Muhammahd.


05 Apr 2015 21:58:47
All of them r possibilities. But i'm going to stick with sixers drafting mudiay with their own pick and could probably trade the lakers pick to get hezonja.

05 Apr 2015 22:06:51
I still like option 1 and then moving the OKC pick into the future. I'm not confortable adding too many rookies at one shot. Russell, Grant, Embiid, and McRae is a third of the roster. That's plenty for one year.

05 Apr 2015 23:44:43
Rubio and Muhammad for philly's pick if it drops to 6

06 Apr 2015 00:45:46
Rubio makes MCW look like Larry Bird. NO THANKS from Philly. We need a PG who can dribble, pass and shoot.

06 Apr 2015 01:50:58
Yea right wolves. As if sixers want those guys ur insane. They rather have hezonja or anyone else who is available at what u said if sixers get the 6th pick. At least act like u know what ur talkin bout.

06 Apr 2015 04:16:21
Like all those. Rather see us get mudiay but I'd take Russell too. I'd love to get Winslow too somehow. That be a great draft.

Don't want a lower level free agent though. Go big or go young and wait til next year when your more seasoned to make a run.

04 Apr 2015 17:18:46
sixers 1st round mock draft

Hinkie said that the reason why he traded mcw is because he knows he can upgrade at point guard and that man that hinkie was thinking of who is that upgrade is mudiay not russell.

And then trade heat 1st and thunder 1st to get mario hezonja if needed to if he gets picked before our next pick.

So in the 1st round sixers draft mudiay and trade for hezonja.

Then if sixers aren't comfortable with either covington or mcrae starting at small forward then they can target kawai leanord or however u spell his name. And I see saric coming off the bench as a 6th man.

So sixers lineup would be
Either covington, mcrae, or kawai

04 Apr 2015 18:59:25
Would love it. But no saric until 2016. His contract would force him to pay a ton to move to the NBA. No Reall point for him to do that. But I love your other moves. Mudiay got an elite skill set and the euro has upside. I can't tell how good he could be due to his playing against lesser competition but he looks like he has superstar in him.

04 Apr 2015 19:26:10
For the most part I believe this to be in line with Hinkie's thinking. The only issue comes with Hezonja. that's going to strongly depend on where the picks end up and where hezonja goes. Especially if the sixers don't get the thunders pick. and if the heat end up say around 15th. it doesn't seem likely for the sixers to find someone around 7-9 thatll trade back for those two picks. Who knows. Oh, and also, Leonard isn't going anywhere. Spurs will max him, and he wants to be with the Spurs.

04 Apr 2015 19:44:26
I really think Hezonjia is going to be one of the top 3 players to come out of this draft

04 Apr 2015 20:21:23
My only issue with mudiay is that he's a brick layer with his jumper. yes , he can penetrate the lane very well, but that means "D" can play off him and congest the lane, making things more difficult for embiid and noel space wise. I think Hinkie will go with Russell, too perfect of a fit for his system and his current young "Bigs" to pass up. Hezonja I Love! somehow get this kid in philly.

05 Apr 2015 01:11:10
See I really like ryan boatright but sixers most likely won't get him and will get mudiay. I put leonard there because sixers can give him an offer that he can't refuse. But personally I don't want him. I think having a combo of covington and mcrae is better for the team. I don't really know if either mudiay or russell r true point guards. But when I look at boatright he just shines and he's really under the radar. The mock draft that I did above is just who I think sixers will get.I would rather have our starting lineup to look like this

05 Apr 2015 14:10:54
Or the sixers can get boat right in the second round. He's not expected to be drafted until mid second. His height, 5'10 in shoes from the sites I've seen, and his lack of assists for a point guard, under 4, are not really boosting his stock.

03 Apr 2015 19:23:03

1. draft DeAngelo Russell. His combination of ball handling, passing, shooting, and basketball IQ is tops in the draft. Makes teammates better, and will definitely open things up for Embiid and Noel. Perfect fit.
2. As of today, miamis pick is #11 and OKC is tied for the #19 pick. with a little luck, both picks convey at their current ranks. Package them both to move up and take Hezonja. IMO, this guy is the steal of the draft. Just watched him block shots, windmill dunk, and shoot threes like lary Bird. Super Mario is the real deal. And he plays better then average D and again, a very high basketball IQ. i'm a huge Saic fan, but Hezonja is the euro with more star power. And at 6'8" is a matchup problem with most shooting guards. He's that good. And only 20.
3.Shop the Lakers pick (only protected 1-3 next year). This pick has high value to many teams(but as a sixer fan, I think some of us are overvaluing it). I'm all for youth and upside, but we need atleast one go-to vet. how about trading it to dallas for Parsons?(16ppg, good all around player, high upside young vet).

PG: Russell, Wroten, Smith
SG: Hezonja, Wroten, McCrae
SF: Parsons, Covington, Grant
PF: Noel, TRobinson, Saric(maybe), Aldemir
C: Embiid, Sims, Noel

03 Apr 2015 20:54:20
If you're in love with Hezonja, then by all means move up and get him. I haven't seen enough but he looks very smooth. Is he committed overseas like Saric or is he an NBA player next year?

I'm still favoring: Russell & J. Grant in my backcourt.

G: Russell, Grant, Wroten, Smith, McRae
SF: Covington, Grant
PF: Noel, T.Robinson
C: Embiid, Sims, Big Turk

In the wings: Saric

I am absolutely not trading that Lakers pick this year. It gets better as it gets closer to being unprotected. From what I've read, that pick is considered very valuable in the league- and I read that through either a Bucks or Suns perspective.

I like where you're going with this.

03 Apr 2015 21:06:50
Even though Parsons is a very good sf with a nice shot (47% career shooter), Dallas may part with him for a few reasons. First, Dallas has no first rd pick next year, it goes to Boston in the Rondo trade. Secondly, Cuban has an ego that needs to be fed. he wants to be in the spotlight, and the LA pick could keep him in the forefront for next years draft. Stranger things have happened. I really think the line-up of Russell, hezonja, parsons, noel, and embiid is very strong.

03 Apr 2015 21:28:48
phillyrich1. Hezonja is nba ready next year. no "Saric" commitment. youtube 2015 hezonja highlights. he's got skills. and its in the top euro league, not the nba, but better competition then college hoops. he's dong this against grown men playing pro ball, not college kids. we can agree to disagree on the LA pick, but I think only so many players can be developed at one time, woukd be nice to have a developed star to join the squad. good to be a sixer fan for the next decade!!

03 Apr 2015 23:11:33
Ive seen mario's highlights from some time ago and I see a lot of athleticism from him. He can shoot all around, dunk, pass and play defense well. I do really like him but its a really tough decision to make if sixers trade heat and thunders 1st for mario. I won't be mad if sixers draft him but just really curious. And he could have taken a scholarship to play ball at kentucky but of course turned it down. And saric is good friends with him so saric won't be like the only outsider on the team.

03 Apr 2015 23:32:39
I wouldn't hate that draft at all. I'm not trading the lakers pick though. going to hold onto it until later in the off season. If we got Russell and the euro star. We have the money to sign a vet. And assuming we sign a good vet then these will be the last high draft picks we get on our own. But the lakers pick could be even another super high draft pick which would be amazing. I'll keep it unless we have a unbeleieveable deal. Like Durant or possibly rose.

04 Apr 2015 13:55:04
I like these moves too, jvoug. Good thoughts. The Lakers pick is, IMO, not as valuable as many believe it will be. There's almost 0% chance it conveys this year, and with the Lakers looking to sign some vets to make Kobe's farewell year at least passable, it will probably settle in around 10-15 next year. If we could get a good shooting veteran wing for it, I'd jump.

04 Apr 2015 14:31:04
Im Hinkies biggest supporter, and I believe he has a plan that's more complex then most fans think. Fans are, well, fanatical. We get caught up in this "stockpiling of picks" idea. But I think Hinkie is well aware that nobody wins championships with a roster of 15 kids. He's an analytical guy to the nth degree. I think he would flip the LA pick for a proven young wing with a clutch jumper and quality all around game(Chandler Parsons). Russell, Hezonja, Parsons, Noel, Embiid is awesome. A bench of Covington, Grant, TRobinson, Wroten, Smith, Sims,McCrae and possibly SARIC is very solid.

04 Apr 2015 14:38:25
I'm a bit torn about trading up with the Miami and OKC picks for Mario. I can be convinced one way or the other. But there seems to be great value in that 11-20 range.

If you could land two of-- Dunn, Grant, Booker, Decker-- I might want two of them instead of one Super Mario. (Although I like that he'll be NBA ready immediately and he and Saric know each other.)

Still want to hold onto the Lakers pick. I think that's a top 10 pick next year. Who wants to sign long term with the Lakers when Kobe has 1 very expensive and injury riddled season remaining? For LA, the Clippers are the better destination.

Need clarification on the Lakers pick: Top 5 protected this draft, top 3 protected next draft (and the one after?), then unprotected.

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