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07 Oct 2014 02:23:58

Sixer's trade to Kings: Miami's #1 next year, Jeremi Grant, rights to pg Vasilije Micic.

Kings trade to Sixer's: Stauskus and whichever contract they want to dump, J.Thompson(3 year's, 19.6 million) or D.Williams(2 years, 15.5 million).

Kings get cap room, 2 prospects, and a #1pick next year.

Sixer's get the shooting guard they need and take on contracts. Sixer's are willing to trade the #1 because they will likely trade the top pick in draft( draft top prospects are bigs, Sixer's got that covered with embiid and noel) for a package for a top 6 pick plus other picks included.


I think its too early to trade stauskus the kings must give him minutes to see what he can do and if he can blend with the team then after that they can go trading him since he still starting his career


I don't think Sac is interested in trading a top rookie like Stauskus for what would be a late teens pick next season.

Philly wouldn't want Thompson, they're not taking on salary for more than this season, especially with the young depth they'll have in their frontcourt over the next two years (Noël, Embiid, Saric). Williams only has this season left, so I could see Philly making the trade if it was Williams and Stauskus.

SAS Champs 2014

That's crazy for the Sixers. No way they would do that. Stauskas is okay, if you want to dump contracts, you need to send first round picks to us, not get them!

Boy Howdie





27 Sep 2014 17:25:38
Sixer's get LaVine and budinger or barrea(whichever contract Woles want to dump)

Wolves get Grant,next year #1(Miami's),Moultrie

Sixer's get young wing player with high upside. Wolves get 2 young frontcourt guys with potential, a #1 for next year, and dump salary. Wolves jammed at wing(Wiggins, brewer, lavine)


Good trade.

SAS Champs 2014

Wolves say no


Instead of moultrie, Sixer's send grant, Miami's #1 next year, and Orlando's #2 next year(Sixer's have orlandoes, golden states, and nolas#2s next year) for LaVnie and either Barrera or budinger


Actually not a terrible trade for either team. I don't see the wolves trading Levine though. Even if they have a log jam at that spot.




27 Sep 2014 16:46:36
Heat should cut: Brown, Dawkins, T. Johnson, Jones and Birch

Wade/R. Williams/Ennis
Deng/Granger/S. Williams
Bosh/C. Johnson/Hamilton

Deep team. Still good without James. May not be a contender but still a team which is strong.


Why cut brown? he could be a decent wade back-up and has championship experience






21 Sep 2014 13:54:47

Clippers get Dwayne Wade , Chris Andersen

Chris Paul / Jordan Farmar
Dwayne Wade / Jamaal Crawford / CJ Wilcox
Matt Barnes / Chris Douglas-Roberts / Reggie Bullock
Blake Griffin / Glen Davis / Hedo Turkoglu
Spencer Hawes / Chris Andersen / Ekpe Udoh

Heat get DeAndre Jordan , Aaron Afflalo , 1st rd pick from Clippers

Mario Chalmers / Shabbaz Napier
Aaron Afflalo / Shannon Brown / James Ennis
Luol Deng / Danny Granger
Chris Bosh / Josh McRoberts
DeAndre Jordan / Khem Birch / Justin Hamilton

Nuggets get JJ Redick , Norris Cole

Ty Lawson / Norris Cole / Nate Robinson
JJ Redick / Gary Harris / Randy Foye
Danilo Gallinari / Wilson Chandler
Kenneth Faried / JJ Hickson
JaVAle McGee / Tim Mozgov / Jusuf Nurkic




27 Aug 2014 14:31:42
Milwaukee gets shabazz napier

Miami gets Khris middeton




22 Aug 2014 02:23:11
Minnesota's next week

NY Knicks get; K. Martin, Chase Budinger, J.J. Barea from minn. and Non-guarenteed contracts from Cleveland in B. Haywood, J. Lucas III, and E. Murphy

Minnesota gets; A. Wiggins, A. Bennett, and protected 1st from Cleveland and A. Stoudemire and T. Hardaway Jr. from NY

Cleveland gets; Kevin Love and Ronnie Turiaf from Minn.

Better than reported love trade with just Cleveland
Minn gets Hardaway Jr. and NY gets 9 mill in cap space plus 3 decent players

Then Minnesota trades Shved and L.R Mbah a Moute and 1st round pick to Philly for T. Young, or trade Shved, L.R. Mbah, and A. Stoudemire plus the Miami 1st from Cleveland and Protected 2017 1st for Young

i love Disney

Terrible. The Knicks would never do that. They would be stuck with Martin and Bareas bad contracts next offseason and they won't have a chance to get a star. Plus they trade Hardaway? Heck no


Barea is only signed through next year.

i love Disney

Why would the Knicks ever ever do that. Ignore also giving away thj, just taking those contracts on is horrible.




21 Aug 2014 19:06:17
From latest rumors in the cavs Sixers and wolves trade. Anthony Bennett goes to wolves. Sixers get shev, ma a bute and miamis first round pick next year for Thad young. No longer Bennett for Thad.




21 Aug 2014 08:43:28
Thunder get Ersan Ilyasova

Bucks get Kendrick Perkins expiring deal and 2015 1st rd pick

This is a salary cap move for the Bucks. they've been trying to move Ilyasova and in this deal they get an expiring deal and a 1st rounder. They probably even work out a buy out with Perkins so he can join the Heat like Pat Riley wants


Bucks can get more then a back up center and a late first round draft pick.


They can't get more. He averaged 10 points a game with the worst team in the league.He would probably go to OKC and average about 8 but he would be a streaky guy that might only give 4 points one game and then 16 the next.


Take out the pick.




13 Aug 2014 12:44:46
Miami get Greg Monroe . Will Bynum

Detroit get Shabbaz Napier , Luol Deng


Detroit doesn't need another PG they have 5 on the roster one is a rookie with a lot of potential and the Pistons didn't want Dang or they could have signed him when he was a FA.


No thanks




13 Aug 2014 12:35:11

HEAT get Greg Monroe and Luigi Datome


PISTONS get Luol Deng and a 1st round pick



The pistons could have signed him when he was a FA appearently they didn't want him then and they don't want him now.




10 Aug 2014 05:32:54
Magic offseason updated
cannot chase drummond, is an untouchable player
Sign Rudy Gay 5YR 90 MIL
Sign Brook Lopez 4YR 62 MIL
Sign Will Bynum 1YR 915,00 K
Draft Montrez Harrell , Rasheed Suilamon
Vucevic TO Lakers
Dedmon TO Clippers
Green TO Miami
Nicholson TO Pistons
Randolph TO D-LEAGUE
Ridnour TO Grizzlies
Harkless TO Lakers



Do u even know how the NBA works?


You can't just let go of players to certain teams and sign people who aren't free agents


10 Aug 2014 17:25:57
this is in 2015 offseason




05 Aug 2014 16:53:37
Cavaliers get: Kevin Love and Corey Brewer

Timberwolves get: Andrew Wiggins, Dion
Waiters, Thaddeus Young, and 2018 first round pick from Cavs

76ers get: Anthony Bennett, 2015 first round pick from Cavs (via Miami)


Is it Aug 23rd yet? i'm so ready for this to be over




05 Aug 2014 14:56:39
Suns trade Bledsoe(s&t)
Suns get Monroe(s&t), Budinger

Wolves trade Love, Rubio, Budinger, Mbah
Wolves get Bledsoe(s&t), Thompson, Bennett, Heat 2015 1st round pick, Grizzlies 2015 1st round pick

Cavs trade Thompson, Bennett, LucasIII(not guaranteed), Murphy(not guaranteed), Heat 2015 1st round pick, Grizzlies 2015 1st round pick
Cavs get Love

Pistons trade Monroe(s&t)
Pistons get Rubio, Mbah(exp), LucasIII(not guaranteed), Murphy(not guaranteed)

- get needed frontcourt upgrade Monroe C/PF and athletic wing Budinger

- cap relief, get ride off Budinger and Mbah, add very talented Bledsoe, Bennett and Thompson + 2 1st round pick 2015

- sign vet FA PG, PF and C to complete roster = contender from day1

- get pass-first PG Rubio to pair with Drummond and build one of most talented 1-2 punches. Let Rubio play 2-guard, so Jennings will be 6th man from PG.


No Wiggins, no Love. Simple as that.


No wiggins no love.


No Wiggins no Love I think Minnesota has made the pretty clear and Detroit has 5 PG's under contract why would they want anotherU forgot Augustine amd KCP is the starter going into camp according to SVG's last interview.


Detroit says no thank you to another PG they have 5 sigend and garbage for a double double machine. Detroit needs a SF not a PG and No Wiggins No Love




01 Aug 2014 05:37:31
Early Prediction for East and West



I think Mavs will make it


Mavs will make it and so will the nuggets. pelicans and suns most likely not.




31 Jul 2014 00:55:24
The easy way for Love go to Cavs

Cavs Twolf 76er

Cavs get Love

76er get T.Thomson and Bennett plus 1rd from Cavs

Twolf get T. Young and wiggins Plus 1rd from Cavs (Heat Pick)

what do you thinking guys?


Doesn't make any sense for 76ers. too many big mans.


76ers getting way too much for an over valued young. Thompson straight up for young is fair. Let alone a first round pick and last years first overall. That's nuts.


Ill just take Bennett for young and a 1st pick or 2nd pick if they can't get a pick just take Bennett anyway I still think he can be good in the Nba




31 Jul 2014 00:55:24
The easy way for Love go to Cavs

Cavs Twolf 76er

Cavs get Love

76er get T.Thomson and Bennett plus 1rd from Cavs

Twolf get T. Young and wiggins Plus 1rd from Cavs (Heat Pick)

what do you thinking guys?




30 Jul 2014 18:41:30
Cavaliers get Kevin Love, Kevin Martin, Dario Saric

Timberwolves get: Anthony Bennett, Thaddeus Young, Dion Waiters, Cavs first round pick via Miami

76ers get: Andrew Wiggins, JJ Barea


Saric and young don't get you wiggins.


Would absolutely love this deal but it won't happen.


Switch wiggins and waiters


Would absolutely love this deal but it won't happen.


Switch wiggins and waiters


How do we get it through the Cav's slappy rock heads. NO WIGGINS NO LOVE PERIOD.


Thinking it over a bit. This trade could work but Sixers would have to add their 2015 first rounder. If it's out of the lottery it's already owed. but we could offer it up as if it's a 1-14 it goes to the cavs or wolves. Depends on who need that extra piece.


Sorry bro I wish but this ain't happening wiggins has to go to the wolves and only the wolves




30 Jul 2014 11:38:12
4 team Blockbuster trade:
LeBron wants Love
Love wants to go with LeBron
Minny wants Thad Young to replace Love and unload KMart and JJB, and rebuild
Philly has salary cap and wants Waiters
Philly and Rox are good trade partners
Rox are in desperate to bolster their roster

CAVS receive KEVIN LOVE and Dieng
WOLVES receive Young, Thompson and 5 1st rd picks
(memphis, miami and new orleans 2015 1st rd picks; cavs 2016 1st rd pick and sixers 2017 protected 1st rd pick)
SIXERS receive Waiters, Bennett, Gee and Haywood
ROCKETS receive Martin and Barea

*cavs retained Wiggins as LeBron's Pippen and Having Love and Irving a championship team. Cavs owns Memphis and Miami's 1st rd pick.
wolves get their replacement -Young, 10M trade exception, huge salary cap space, and the best part of this- multiple picks in 3 years.
sixers get what they want -waiters, plus the former no1 pick -bennett, gee (best teammate of waiters).
rockets get their sixth man -martin and backup pg -barea rockets could give back minny 2nd rd pick. Rox owns NO's pick.



Wolves wants Wiggins first.
Wolves wants T.Young second.

No Wiggins = No Love


That's not true. If you include 48 first round picks like this guy has I'm sure Minnesota goes for it lol


I think this actually makes sense. Every teams giving up a pretty sizable amount but it all depends on what Minnesota asking for. So they want picks to rebuild or guy who can help then win now. Their interest in Thad young would leave me to believe they want players who can help then now over picks.


Houston does not have salary cap for this trade


Houston does not have salary cap for this trade




30 Jul 2014 00:13:51

Cavs receive:

TWolves Receive:
Cavs 2018 1st round

Philly Receive:
Malcolm Thomas
2015 1st round pick Cavs (Via Miami)


Only problem with that deal is would the cavs be willing to give up so much. A lot of future and former first rounders.




27 Jul 2014 21:41:43

- key additions: Gasol, Mirotic, McDermott, last year developments of Gibson and Snell

- championship roster, clear #1 in eastern conference (before Wizards, Heat, Cavs, Nets and Raptors)

- before next season resign Butler 4y 30m, Dunleavy 1y 2m, Brooks 2y 5m

- McDermott and Snell will have good rookie/sophiemore seasons to become starter at SF / main back-up at SG



- in 2016 resign Noah
- in 2017 huge cap space (Rose, Gibson, Gasol) to continue championship run




27 Jul 2014 00:47:35
Cavs-Wolves trade

Cavs get Love, Dieng and Martin

Wolves get Wiggins, Bennett, Lucas III, Murphy, Thomas, Cavs 1st and Mia 1st

Cavs sign Allen


PG Rubio/Lavine/Lucas/Barera

SG Wiggins/Robinson/Shved

SF Brewer/Muhammad/Budinger

PF Bennett/Moute/Thomas

C Pekovic/Turiaf


PG Irving/Dellavedova/Waiters

SG Martin/Waiters/Allen/Harris

SF James/Miller/Jones

PF Love/Thompson/Powell

C Varejao/Dieng/Haywood


Salary's don't match and minn. is NOT trading Dieng.

i love Disney



26 jul 2014 20:41:58

cavs get
kevin love

twolves get
andrew wiggins
thaddeus young
cavs 1st round pick
cavs 1st round pick via heat
cavs 1st round pick via grizzles

76ers get
dion waiters
anthony bennett
john lucas

why the cavs do this trade?
cavs give up all their 1st picks and wiggins to twolves for kevin love they maybe able to keep 1 of them picks but i don't think so because all those teams will be playoff teams. but who cares if you get kevin love for lebron james they did their job.

cavs starting lineup
pg kyrie irvin
sg sign fa- ray allen
sf lebron james
pf kevin love
c anderson varejao

why twolves do the trade?
they have to get something for kevin love they get picks andrew wiggins and a veteran in thaddeus young for one year but hey that better then anthony bennett.

twolves starting lineup
pg ricky rubio
sg kevin martin
sf andrew wiggins
pf thaddeus young
c nikola pekovic

why 76ers do the trade?
to get something for thaddeus before he leaves them for nothing and get 2 young guys that fit what they are trying to builded in philly with dion waiters and anthony bennett. john lucas will be cut.

76ers starting lineup
pg michael carter-williams
sg dion waiters
sf kj mcdaniels
pf anthony bennett
c nerlens noel

everyone wins!!


76ers getting to much, Cleveland giving to much and salary's do noy match.

i love Disney

Sixers would do this of course. But that's a lot to just give up Thad young. Most likely Sixers would have to take on abad contract in that deal. Would love it as a sixer fan but it won't happen for so little.




24 Jul 2014 03:23:45

Players: Gorgui Dieng, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson, JJ Barea

Picks: MEM protected 1st, (1-5, 15-30) in '15, (1-5, 15-30) in '16, unprotected in '17

Overall Cap Hit: 15.6mil in guaranteed salaries.


Players: Jeff Green, Kelly Olynyk, Keith Bogans*, Chris Johnson*, Chris Babb*

Picks: LAC 1st in '15

Overall Cap Relief: 18.3mil in salaries

(Celtics save 2.3mil)



Players: Jeff Green, Anthony Bennett, Kelly Olynyk, Andrew Wiggins, Kieth Bogans*, John Lucas III*, Malcom Thomas*, Chris Johnson*, Erik Murphy*, Chris Babb*

Picks: CLE 1st in '15, MIA Top-10 protected 1st in '15, LAC 1st in '15, CLE 1st in '17

Overall Cap Hit: 16.9mil in guaranteed salaries (Not including Wiggins rookie contract)

WOLVES give:

Players: Kevin Love, Kevin Martin, Gorgui Dieng, JJ Barea

Picks: None

Overall Cap Relief: 22.5mil in salaries

(Wolves save 11.1 mil)


CAVS get:

Players: Kevin Love, Kevin Martin

Picks: None

Overall Cap Hit: 22.5mil in guaranteed salaries

CAVS give:

Players: Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson, John Lucas III*, Malcom Thomas*, Erik Murphy*

Picks: CLE 1st in '15, MIA Top-10 protected 1st in '15, MEM protected 1st, (1-5, 15-30) in '15, (1-5, 15-30) in '16, unprotected in '17, CLE 1st in '17

Overall Cap Relief: 18.1mil in salaries

(CLE takes on 4.4mil in salaries)


Cleveland says no ten times out of ten.

SAS Champs 2014



23 Jul 2014 09:56:39
1st move : Pacers should sign Jameer Nelson , he will fill PG need and some vet leadership together with West

2nd move : 3-team trade with Cavs and Bucks

trade George Hill , Roy Hibbert and 1st round pick
receive Larry Sanders , Dion Waiters and Carlos Delfino
- they do not lose their defense while adding offense on guard position which they badly needed upon Stephenson's departure

Cavs receive Roy Hibbert and George Hill
- Hibbert would be a big addition that will anchor defense up front for the Cavs plus George Hill that will be a very good back up for Irving. If they have to give more. I am not a fan of Wiggins for Love because I would want Wiggins to learn a lot from the best while developing

Bucks receive 1st round pick from Pacers , Joe Harris , Erik Murphy and Brendan Haywood , Cavs 1st via Heat
- Bucks get rid of Sanders big contract, they have a young big man in Henson who can play Center while developing together with other young talents

Cavs roster

Irving / Hill / Dellavedova
Wiggins / Miller / Hill
James / Jones
Thompson / Bennett / Powell
Hibbert / Varejao

Bucks roster

Knight / Marshall / Wolters
Giannis / Mayo / Harris
Parker / Inglis / Middleton
Ilyasova / Middleton / Murphy
Henson / Zaza / Haywood

Pacers roster

Stuckey / Nelson / Watson
Waiters / Miles / Butler
George / Rudez / Hill
West / Scola / Copeland
Sanders / Mahinmi / Allen


Lmao at Stuckey as starting PG. good luck




23 Jul 2014 05:35:29
MIAMI get Larry Sanders , Carlos Delfino
- Miami get a Center to compliment Bosh , also add a good SG/SF to support Dwade
- Re-sign Ray Allen
- trade Norris Cole and a 2nd to

M. Chalmers / S. Napier
D. Wade / R. Allen / C. Delfino
L. Deng / D. Granger
C. Bosh / J. McRoberts / U. Haslem
L. Sanders / C. Andersen / J. Hamilton

MILWAUKEE get Greg Oden , 1st round pick Miami and James Ennis
- Take Oden's injury for 1 year and get a 1st round pick also add another young prospect at wing position plus get more cap room

B. Knight / N. Wolters / K. Marshall
G. Antetokounmpo / O. Mayo / J. Ennis
J. Parker / D. Inglis / C. Wright
E. Ilyasova / K. Middleton
J. Henson / G. Oden / Z. Pachulia




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