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29 Jan 2015 19:29:06
- many moving pieces here

OKC get Kenneth Faried , Tony Wroten , Aaron Afflalo and JJ Hickson


PHI get Wilson Chandler , Andre Roberson , Serge Ibaka

Mudiay(draft)/2nd rd pick

DEN get Miami pick from Philly , Nerlens Noel and Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb , 2nd round pick from Philly

Gallinari/Lamb/Miami pick
Noel/own pick/Arthur


Surprisingly even trade.


Sixers can get so much more better players than that if the sixers are going to offer that

go 76ers





29 Jan 2015 17:44:46
If the Thunder don't think they can make the playoffs, they should consider a major shakeup. KD and Russ should be the only off limit guys. However, I'd be reluctant to move Adams, Waiters. Target expiring deals and attack 2015 Free Agency full on.

Lakers get Serge Ibaka, Loul Deng, Jeremy Lamb, Andre Roberson, Perry Jones
***Ibaka is under contract for the next three seasons and is not only a premier rim protector, but he is young and expanding his range. Roberson and Jones have the makeup of elite defenders on the perimeter. Lamb has potential. Deng is a nice vet to put with Kobe and Ibaka.

Heat get Reggie Jackson and Nick Young
***Heat made a short-sighted move by betting on themselves when Lebron left. They didn't address the point position like they should, and Deng is no Lebron. By bringing in Jackson, they bring in a guy who is a starting caliber point and capable of being a spark to a tired team. Young has passion and can fill the Deng void.

Thunder get Steve Nash, Jeremy Lin, Julius Randle, Wayne Ellington
***Randle can be a nice young asset when losing Ibaka, Ellington can be a stopgap at the 2, but the get is the expiring deals. This summer, they'll have a combined $31M coming off the books. They'll only have KD, Russ, Waiters, Morrow, Randle, Adams, McGary, Jarrett under contract. If picks are involved, they will land here as well. They can target pieces that fit and bring them back into the championship conversation. It's a drastic trade but could be a gamble that pays off.


29 Jan 2015 18:15:46
I really don't understand how you value young players. You suggest that the Sixers should trade Embiid for Brook Lopez but now somehow Randle is enough to get Serge Ibaka, Luol Deng, Lamb, Roberson and Jones. Anyway, yeah, Thunder slam down the phone pretty hard on this monstrosity.


Thigs trade is lose lose lose for all three teams.


Trade Ibaka Jackson and Lamb for cap space?!?! Yeah no thanks




29 Jan 2015 15:56:11
Heat - Hornets

Heat trade Cole, McRoberts, Granger, 2015 second round pick

Hornets trade Stephenson, Taylor, Maxiell

Reportedly the Heat have interest in Stephenson. Now will acquiring Stephenson push the Heat into the top five spots in the eastern conference playoffs? No, but he will (assuming he returns to Pacer form) lock the Heat into the six seed.

The Hornets my be in a tough spot to swallow. They are still in the playoff chance but with an injury to Walker (likely keeping him out 8 weeks at least) they might want to sell and look to grab a lottery player for a rebound season next year. Either way the team is looking to remove Stephenson from their team. While the return isn't great, removing Stephenson without taking back any long term bad contracts is what the goal for the Hornets should be.






28 Jan 2015 19:27:01

PHI get Russell Westbrook and Kenneth Faried

sign Jimmy Butler
draft SF with Miami pick

McDaniels , the pick , Saric , Covington would be a good bench

DEN get Michael Carter-Williams , Reggie Jackson 1st round pick of PHI

- think of future now

OKC get Nerlens Noel , Ty Lawson and Aaron Afflalo

Waiters and Adams off the bench will be interesting


Philly is giving up a lot, but the overall value, westbrook and faried for mcw, noel and #1 pick(1-3) is pretty fair. Sixers say no because signing butler won't happen, and that seems to be a big part of this exchange working for philly.


Yea don't expect for butler to become a sixer. I really don't like westbrook as a player. He doesn't use his teammates when u r a point guard, that should be your duty to distrubite the ball to others for wide open looks. Kennith is only an ok player. I like how he hustles every game but he doesn't put up the numbers. So sixers don't make this trade.

go 76ers

Sixers say no. Not giving up the whole team for an highly paid guy like Westbrook. He takes up too much cap.




28 Jan 2015 16:02:58
Detroit - Denver - Miami

Detroit get Wilson Chandler and Norris Cole.

Augustin - Cole - Dinwiddie - Jennings (injured).
KCP - Meeks.
Chandler - Singler - Martin.
Monroe - Tolliver - Jerebko.
Drummond - Anthony.

Denver get the expirings of Caron Butler and Luigi Datome plus a 2nd round pick from Detroit.

Miami get Erik Green and a 2nd round pick from Detroit.


If I am Detroit I do this in a heart beat but not sure Denver does this trade.




28 Jan 2015 04:44:05
Heat receive: PJ Hairston, Jeff Taylor (waive), 2nd rd pick

Hornets receive: Norris Cole




27 Jan 2015 18:30:26

Kings get Norris Cole
Heat get Gary Neal
Hornets get Ramon sessions and 2nd rounder from heat



Could just simplify this and make a Cole for Neal swap.

SAS Champs 2014



27 Jan 2015 02:43:51
Pistons - Heat

Pistons get Cole

Heat get Datome, Pistons 2015 second round pick, right to swap 2015 first round picks

Pistons need to find some talent at PG with Jennings done for the year. Cole will be a RFA after the year so the Pistons can decide what they wanna do with him then.

Heat have Chalmers and Napier on their roster so Cole is expendable. Swapping him out for a second round pick and a right to swap first round picks is solid return for a guy who may not be with the Heat next year.


27 Jan 2015 14:13:42
Cole is nothing special and that is way to much to pay for him.




26 Jan 2015 20:28:46

Sixers get Kyrie Irving

Sixers sign Jimmy Butler to MAX and Aaron Afflalo to a good contract

K. Irving / T. Wroten
A. Afflalo / K. McDaniels
J. Butler / R. Covington
N. Noel / D. Saric
J. Embiid / W. Cauley-Stein (Miami pick)

Kings get Michael Carter-Williams

M. Carter-Williams / R. Sessions
B. McLemore / R. McCallum
R. Gay / D. Williams / O. Casspi
C. Landry / R. Evans
D. Cousins / J. Thompson

Cavs get Nik Stauskas , Darren Collison and 2015 1st round pick of Philly

select JahLil Okafor next season

D. Collison / M. Dellavedova
I. Shumpert / N. Stauskas
L. James / J. Smith
K. Love / T. Thompson
J. Okafor / T. Mozgov / A. Varejao


Tough for the Sixers to say yes. Kyrie has proven nothing.


26 Jan 2015 22:25:46
Or the Sixers can just draft mudiay


I would not give up the #1 pick this year for a position that is not a need. i'm not a huge mcw fan, but I w3ould not move the #1 pick to replace him. Sixers will wheel and deal, but this one they say no. Love your FA signings though. wish they;d come to philly, maybe in a year or two


I rather have the sixers trade mcw for rudy gay and can probably trade our heat pick for gay along with mcw. Then draft mudiay to replace mcw.

go 76ers

As a Sixers fan that would be a big no for me. Would not trade MCW and a top-3 pick for Irving. Not even close.

Boy Howdie



26 Jan 2015 16:06:13

MIA get JJ Hickson and Wilson Chandler


DEN get Joe Harris , Matt Dellavedova and Luol Deng + Cavaliers future pick


CLE get Chris Andersen and Jameer Nelson





26 Jan 2015 04:41:01
Nets get Deng,Lin,Nash,Birdman,hill,Ellington,Henderson,Williams,Stephenson

Heat get Lopez

Lakers get Dwill and KG

Hornets get JJ


Lakers say no




25 Jan 2015 20:02:51
76er plan:

76ers / Jazz

76ers trade: MCW and orlandos #2(34-38)
Jazz trade: Dante Exum

Sixers draft DeAngelo Russell if picking #4 or #5(worst case scenario for pick, but the best guy for philly in the draft is Russell). Russell can shoot the lights out and an handle the ball. Exum and Russell would be an awesome backcourt of the future. If pick falls between 1-3, trade down a few spots, collect another pick or quality player, and still take Russell at #4 or 5. Even if jazz say no to the trade, I would use the same plan and stick with MCW(although I like exum more for philly). Package Miami pick and assets gained from moving down in draft to move back into 8-12 range and take myles turner, sharp shooting big man from texas.

PG: Exum or MCW
SG: Russell, McDaniels, McRae
SF: Saric, Covington, Grant
PF: Noel, Turner, Aldemir, Saric
C: Embiid, Noel, Sims



Makes no sense for Philly. Why would they trade the rookie of the year and Then a 2nd rd for a player who hasn't lived up to expectations


Feel like a lot to give up for a bust. He's proven nothing so far in his career. Mcw at least showed he can be a rookie of the year. In fact looking at his "rookie" numbers. He'd be rookie of this year too so far. His numbers were way better then wiggins so far through the first full year of each of their careers. Just saying.


I may have undervalued MCW and overvalued Exum, but I would still take DeAngelo Russell with the #4 or #5 pick, and pair him with MCW. Also take myles Turner if possible with the asset acquired by moving down to 4 or 5 combined with the Miami pick. Also, Exum is only 18 and is finally getting playing time. Scored 15 and 12 in his last 2 games.


I hope sixers never draft anyone from ohio st ever again.

go 76ers



25 Jan 2015 00:30:42

Sac gets:Noah vonleh,Norris cole,pj Hairston
Miami gets:Jeff Taylor,Ryan hollins,Carl Landry and future 2nds from sac and Charlotte
Den gets: MKG,Ramon sessions and future 1st from Miami
Charlotte gets:Wilson chandler,Nik Stauskas, Alonzo gee and future second from den





Any opinions?


Who actually gets better in this trade?




24 Jan 2015 15:31:04
Suns - Heat

Suns trade Plumlee, Goodwin

Heat trade 2018 first round pick (top 14 protected until 2020 then becomes 2020 and 2021 second round picks)

Suns move out two players who can get playing time for a future first round pick. Now while the soonest they will see this pick is in 2018 that is fine since the Suns have four first round picks in the next three years and three rookies who can't crack the lineup as it is.

Heat take a flyer on two young prospects who if given playing time have shown to have potential. The draft pick is lottery protected so the Heat won't give up much unless the team is successful and in the playoffs.


Again, Suns don't need more draft picks. and will keep Plumlee ,Goodwin, Ennis, Warren, et al. if the right deal isn't there by the deadline & it won't be.
They will probably move Green, Plumlee, and maybe Thomas after the season to open a spot for one of those guys. and look for a low post type in the draft or in a deal.




24 Jan 2015 03:02:56
Dennis Schroder is the next R.Jackson/Blesdsoe

After season trade

Hawks get Deng and Cole

Heat get Hill and Seflolsha

Lakers get Schroder and Scott

Makes Hawks more elite

Draft Winslow with Nets pick



Deng has too much African in him to play for the hawks.




23 Jan 2015 15:12:08
Philadelphia 76ers


trade #1-3 pick , Luc Mbah Moute and Dario Saric to New York for Carmelo Anthony and Jose Calderon

- with this trade we get the superstar we need , yes, some may think he is overrated but he is still one of the best in the league today , we also get a bonus veteran back-up guard

Miami pick : Select Willey Cauley-Stein (a center to rotate with Embiid and Noel)

offseason signings :
SG : Aaron Afflalo - 3 and D player to play at 2 , reunite with Melo who worked well back in Denver , get him for 3yr/27mil deal

PF : Brandon Bass - with a young frontline of Embiid and Noel , we will need some veteran big to somehow help them grow 2yr/8mil deal

SF : Kyle Singler - some outside shooting off the bench when Melo sits , 4yr/18mil guaranteed

roster 2015

PG : M. Carter-Williams / J. Calderon
SG : A. Afflalo / T. Wroten / K. McDaniels
SF : C. Anthony / K. Singler / R. Covington
PF : N. Noel / B. Bass / J. Grant
CE : J. Embiid / W. Cauley-Stein / H. Sims

- I think next season will be a good chance to hit a playoff spot and as this team develops together , more bright things will come


23 Jan 2015 16:36:57
As a Sixers fan, I would literally vomit if this happened. Luckily, since Hinkie is running the show and not Doug Collins, I have no concerns that it will.


Melo has a no trade clause!! no trade to philly is going to happen period!!


23 Jan 2015 19:24:32
^ With Wizfan on this. People need to stop involving Melo in trades, he went to a big market for his brand. Why would he ever waive his no-trade clause to a team that is rebuilding.


Melo is sooooo overrated no way my sixers want his expensive ass on our team.

go 76ers



21 Jan 2015 15:22:47
Heat get Nick Collison

Thunder get Udonis Haslem


Heat won't trade Haslem and Thunder won't trade Collison. both fan favorites and locker room guys.




21 Jan 2015 03:55:05
Kings - Pelicans - 76ers

Kings trade Williams, Stauskas

Kings get Anderson

Pelicans trade Anderson

Pelicans get Heat 2015 first round pick (from 76ers), own 2015 second round pick (from 76ers from previous trades)

76ers get Williams, Stauskas

Kings are looking to add California native Anderson as the Kings begin to realize they are better off having a stretch four next to Cousins. The Kings have been shopping Stauskas for a while now.

Pelicans may believe there playoff hopes are slipping away and will be looking to get a first round pick in this draft since their own pick goes to Houston as part of the Asik deal. The biggest part of the deal is now the Pelicans drop under the cap and get a $8.5M trade exception.

76ers take one of their many picks and move it out for a player they would of taken at #10 in the draft had he been on the board. The Heat pick is lottery protected the next two years however it's likely the Heat sneak into the playoffs giving the Pelicans a pick in the #15-18 range.


I get the reason for all teams. Good trade


Ryan Anderson is from El Dorado Hills which is 45 min from the stadium. He played at Oakridge High, a rival school of mine, and was a senior when I was a freshman. He has been a local legend ever since he carried his team to a state title in 05. I really hope he ends up in sac because life has been really hard on him recently and this area loves Ryan Anderson. Also he would fit perfect next to big cuz.




20 Jan 2015 20:15:23

Uta get M Plumlee M Carter Williams


Phi get D Exum G Green
draft Mudiay
Wcs with Heat pick


Phx get E Kanter Sixers 2nd rd pick



Sixers would do it. only I think b.brown would play exum at the point and draft towns with top pick. Fair trade


I can see why all teams do this trade. Good one.


Its not good for the sixers

go 76ers



20 Jan 2015 15:51:40

MIA get R Jackson , K Perkins

R. Jackson / S.Napier
D. Wade / M. Chalmers
L. Deng / D. Granger / J. Ennis
C. Bosh / J. McRoberts / U. Haslem
K. Perkins / H. Whiteside

DEN get future 1st from MIA and Jeremy Lamb

T. Lawson / J. Nelson
A. Afflalo / R. Foye / G. Harris
D. Gallinari / J. Lamb
K. Faried / J. Hickson / D. Arthur
J. Nurkic / J. McGee

OKC get Wilson Chandler , Chris Andersen and Norris Cole

R. Westbrook / N. Cole / I. Smith
A. Roberson / D. Waiters / A. Morrow
K. Durant / W. Chandler / P. Jones
S. Ibaka / N. Collison / M. McGary
S. Adams / C. Andersen




20 Jan 2015 14:58:26

PHI get A Bargnani , C Early , R Jackson + NY 1st

OKC get T Hardaway

NYK get M Carter-Williams and Miami pick


Mcw and they get Jackson AND a top 3 pick this year? Why would the knicks do this?


Sixers say yes . But knicks say No


Thunder also say no faster than fast


The best player in this is jackson and the NY 1st. I am confused how a) the knicks wouldn't just do hardaway for jackson straight up. and b), MCW is not good. Yes, he fills the stat sheet, but seriously, he shoots 38 from the field, 24 from 3, 60 from free throw. and he has 7 assists to 4 and a half turnovers. He really isn't good. His PER is 11, which is BELOW average for the league. So while he looks good if you look strictly at his pts/asst/reb. if you look even the slightest bit further, he's not that good. Additionally, you think for MCW, you get a better player of the same age in jackson, a top 3 pic in the most loaded draft in years, a huge expiring contract to lesson the penalty hit that the sixers get, and a solid prospect in early? This is just a very frustrating trade to see.


I don't see the knicks trading their first unless for a proven superstar. Unless it's a future first.




19 Jan 2015 21:42:01
Phoenix gets Greg Monroe and Danny Granger

Detroit gets Goran Dragic and Chris Anderson

Miami gets Brandon Jennings


Ok so since this is 0-11 someone please enlighten me on who the huge loser is?? People post Anthony Davis for Larry Sanders and Ersan Ilyasova and get 6 believables so how is this 0-11


Monroe has a no trade clause because he accepted qualifying offer, Anderson and granger blow, so Jennings is way to much return




19 Jan 2015 13:57:23
76ers / Magic

76ers trade: Miami's #1(11-16), Wroten, and AK47
Magic trade: Olidipo and Frye.

I know sixers aren't in the habit of trading #1 picks, but they are in the habit of collecting young assets, especially at positions of need. Olidipo is a 22 year old rising star, plays great D, and would fit perfect next to MCW in the backcourt. I just don't see any shooting guard available with the Miami pick that I would value over olidipo. Olidipo was one of three guys in the 2013 draft hinkie said he would have made the trade for involving jrue holiday(the others noel and bennent). Frye could open up things off the bench with his outside game as a big man. And sixers use own #1(1-3) to take best player available to build young assets. Wroten is a 21 year old lightning bolt who can give Orlando 15-18 per game. this trade opens up more minutes for Founier at sg. Plus they get miami's #1 pick in the upcoming draft.
PG: MCW, P.Jackson,(possibly Mudiay)
SG: Olidipo, McDaniels, McCrae
SF: Saric, Covington, Grant, Mbahm
PF: Noel, Frye, Aldemir, (Possibly Towns)
C: Embiid, Sims, (Possibly Okafor)


Magic say no and the Sixers shouldn't even make this call


Magic are also freeing themselves of Fryes 4 hyr/$32million Guranteed contract. One of the worst off season signings in the league. Have to factor that in. How about leave off AK47 and give the magic Miami's #1(11-16), their own #2(34-38,which the sixers curtly have), and Wroten for olidipo and frye?


Sixers agree. Magic I think will need more. Maybe our number one pick in the draft and wroten and ak47. But we need more from Orlando in that deal.

How bout Sixers trade their number this year unprotected, wroten, and ak47

Magic trade: olidipo and Tobias Harris.

This give the Sixers a complete starting five next year. Mcw, olidipo, Harris, noel , and Embiid.

Magic get a young stud in wroten and another top pick this year. that's a fair trade for both teams.


Frye contract isn't as bad as you say. Especially when its a declining salary and I think he's Tobias Harris cousin. May get Harris to sign slightly cheaper


Frye is owed $23.42 million over the next 3 years after this season. $8.2 mil next year, $7.8 mil, in 2016, and $7.4 mil in 2017. Not much of a decline. I did my hw edakaeh




19 Jan 2015 02:27:13
Heat get: Taj Gibson

Bulls get: Loul Deng

Heat are looking for a PF now that McRoberts is out for the year. Deng's name has been mentioned as someone the Heat would consider trading.
Heat get a position of need and Bulls bring back Deng who played a key role for the team while he was there.




18 Jan 2015 14:03:01
Heat - Landry fields, Jordan hill

Raptors - Loul deng, Robert sacre

Lakers - Norris cole, Chuck hayes


^Add Raptors 1st pick going to Lakers


^^^ hill should get you a first late first if anything


Jordan Hill, a journeyman, is not worth even a late 1st round pick.




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