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03 Oct 2015 22:48:30
Trading deadline blockbuster trade
Wiz get Durant Melo Calderon Early Roberson Thanasis
Knicks get Wall Nene Morrow Webster
OKC get Beal Porter Oubre 2 unprotected 1st




04 Oct 2015 00:45:03

04 Oct 2015 02:22:27
This is a joke right

04 Oct 2015 02:54:11
Durant resign with Melo and maybe with Walls

04 Oct 2015 03:02:18
Knicks absorb morrow and Webster contract, to make deal work, okc take on 1/2 of durant salary 2 1st. Okc depth and future is set. knicks close melo failed story and bring best pg since their announcer. Wiz ability to bring melo and Durant 2 players who roots to the area and become best duo and favorites in the east. Durant resign bc of melo not Wall

04 Oct 2015 17:00:51
The Wizards with Durant and Melo wouldn't be the best team in the east. I'm not sure they would be the best duo either. They have absolutely no depth, it would basically be just those two. The Wizards would be a ton better if they didn't trade anything and just signed Durant when he's a free agent.

01 Oct 2015 11:40:14
Lakers 2016-

Sign - Kevin Durant and Zaza Pachulia

SnT Jordan Clarkson, Nick Young, Larry Nance Jr, and future picks for Carmelo Anthony

- Knicks have made it clear that Melo doesn't fit the direction that the Knicks are going towards. Knicks are rebuilding. Clarkson is one of the young point guards in the game and made the NBA all rookie team. I can't see many teams wanting him.

Resign - Kobe Bryant and Roy Hibbert
(Both to hometown discounts)

D'Angelo Russell - Marcelo Huertas
Kobe Bryant - Lou Williams - Michael Frazier
Kevin Durant - Anthony Brown
Carmelo Anthony - Julius Randle
Roy Hibbert - Tarik Black - Robert Upshaw

Can you image Mamba, Melo, and KD playing together? If not trade for Melo they can always recruit Horford which IMO would be a better fit and more realistic.

SAS reported that KD has mutual interest in LA and is targeting LA if he doesn't resign in OKC.

01 Oct 2015 13:31:34
As discussed in a prior package, the knicks wouldn't have any interest in that trade. Nance and Young don't have much if any positive value, Clarkson is not nearly valuable enough for the knicks to consider him a center piece of a trade. Yes he is a young and plays pg. And yes he made 1st team all rookie. But the knicks have someone just as young, who made 2nd team, and now that guy is clinging to just make the roster. The rookie team is not of much importance. Rookie of the year, clearly is. To give you an understanding, Clarkson finished 6th in rookie of the year votes. He received 2. Ahead of him with 3. Jusuf Nurik. Winner was wiggens with 604. Not saying clarkson isn't decent, just no where near great.

As far as draft picks, the lakers don't have a 1st until 2020, so that helps no one.

Additionally, Kobe is on his last legs. Itll be fun to watch from a nostalgia standpoint, otherwise, probably not a real contender.

SAS ALWAYS reports everythiung is NY or LA. that's what he does.

01 Oct 2015 13:50:25
This is ridiculously one-sided.

The rest of the board thinks Russell and Randle and a pick might be enough for Melo.

Durant is far more likely to stay in OKC or go to his hometown in WAS than to go to the Lakers.

Stephen A Smith is always going to make up extreme things to say about LAL and NYK because those are big markets and get him attention. For example, last year didn't he talk about how hard it would be for the Lakers to choose whether to sign Kevin Love or LaMarcus Aldridge when they'd both want to be a Laker?

Finally, you even add "hometown discounts?" Excuse me, this is Kobe Bryant, who risked hamstringing your organization by demanding the MOST expensive salary in the entire NBA, when he was clearly not close to the best player in the NBA any more.

This whole thing is a pipe dream, and you should have woke up after last season.

01 Oct 2015 15:07:01

Damn that was so spot on!

01 Oct 2015 15:14:06
I just have one point of contention Shrink.

Kobe didn't demand the MOST expensive salary in the NBA. He simply didn't turn it down. The Lakers were foolish enough to offer him that extension before he returned from his achilles injury. On a business and competitive level, that was foolish to do. On a loyalty and personal level, I have respect for the Lakers paying him for what he's done for the organization.

01 Oct 2015 16:31:46
Can we stop calling clarkson one of the best young PGs in the NBA? He's not one of the ten best PGs under 25.

Lillard, wall, Irving, walker, Bledsoe, knight, MCW, holiday, and Rubio are all in another league to clarkson. And I'd take the future of Payton, smart, and exum over clarkson too. He's not even top 30 among point guards in three point percent or assist to turnover ratio.

And yeah, others hit on it, but that trade is terrible. Hibbert isn't taking a "home town discount" to play for a team he plays one year for and a city he's not from. Kobe isn't taking a home town discount cause he's Kobe.

01 Oct 2015 17:21:04
Any trade for Melo would demand young players to grow with Zinger and Grant. In addition, the Knicks would probably also try to restock their depleted draft situation. That makes the Lakers a bad partner in a bilateral trade since they also have a depleted draft situation.

Sixers, Boston, Denver, Toronto and Phoenix have an abundance of future picks so I think you'd have to include them in as a multilateral partner in order to satisfy the Knicks.

In addition, keep in mind that Melo has a no trade clause so he's not going to any of the above teams since he would want to be traded to a win-now situation or be part of a new Big 3 situation (as you're trying to do here).

Here's a link for who has what as far as future draft picks:


01 Oct 2015 17:22:02
Actually, I think you're both wrong about Kobe and his contract. And believe me, I'm no Kobe fan. Here's an article about what he could have demanded. But that's not what he's getting.


As for Shrink's perspective on Carmello, yeah, the Knicks should be very happy if they get an offer of Russell and Randall and a 1st rounder for Melo.

Also agree that LA is not the top drawl that it once was. Still think studs that want the LA limelight would prefer the Clippers. Kobe is kind of a shadow on the organization right now. Too much unknown. He's not a long term solution.

Dwight Howard move not working out for Lakers was a real setback. He was supposed to be the guy to take over and it didn't work out. Time for the Lakers to be reborn under a new brand not called Kobe.

01 Oct 2015 17:38:51
The reason Kobe was on a $30 mil deal two years ago, far higher than anyone else, is because he's taken max deals, with max raises, for so many consecutive years.

I don't believe $25 mil was any sort of discount that Kobe, his agent, and the Lakers agreed upon. Most other players in his age group that had already made their fortunes took lower amounts commensurate with their ability, and some took major dicounts (Tim Duncan springs to mind). Kobe didn't, and his decision to sign that deal and suck up all that extra payroll was good for Kobe but clearly not good for the success of his team.

01 Oct 2015 18:18:29
Im not following you Shrink? $25M wasn't a discount? (The first year of his extension was actually for $23.5M, it went up to $25M this year). He took an $8.5M discount for what his max could have been. I understand that's not earth shattering, but in the article they said they had about $50M in cap space. With Kobe taking $23.5M, that left them about $26.5M left. That was enough to sign a max contract and a solid role player.

Before LeBron, Wade, & Bosh all took less to play together, I can't think of anybody taking a huge paycut to add more cap space. I don't know why Kobe is the only one who gets accused of being greedy.

Again, the Lakers offered him that extension and he accepted. He didn't demand max money. The Lakers probably had a plan with the remaining cap space and things didn't work out like they didn't again this last offseason.

01 Oct 2015 19:48:24
We are fair-minded people that disagree on what a discount is.

You believe that taking less than the max - only in his last deal - was a discount. However, that is not what he is worth. $23.5 and $25 mil is not what his market value is either - no team in the league would have offered him close to that. To me, that is the opposite of a "discount." He is costing the team by getting paid for production he can't produce.

When Kobe signed his $23.5 and $25 mil deal, several superstars had already taken discounts for far under $20 mil. I believe the LeBron, Bosh, Wade discounts came at the same time Kobe did not.

If he wanted to help the Lakers, he would not have taken the max deal five years ago, and he certainly would not have taken that much money last year.

01 Oct 2015 20:38:12
NLD. Dirk Nowitski. Tim Duncan. to name a couple.

Kobe is so prideful, it would be dillusional to believe he would play for what, less than Roy "Too Slow" Hibbert?

The prior post talking about home town discounts had kobe at like 12 mil and hibbert at 15 mill. Kobe would resign AND give a discount at best, 20 mill a year. He'd rather retire than take a 50% pay cut.

01 Oct 2015 21:01:59
Shrink, all I'm saying is that he didn't take the MAX this current contract. He got quite a bit, that's for sure. I'm not certain but the article said something about Dwight Howard. Maybe Kobe took less so Howard could take more and stay in LA while leaving some breathing room for the rest of the roster?

That Dwight Howard/Bynum deal with Orlando involved was a complete disaster. Did any team get better? Orlando got a couple picks from Sixers and Vucovic but they're still lottery fodder too.

01 Oct 2015 21:18:13
Duncan yes, Nowitzki has declined quite a bit and signed that discounted contract last year. Even so, you gave me 2 players. It's still not common practice for any player to leave money on the table.

Bosh & LeBron went on to sign max deals and LeBron keeps opting out and resigning for max after each year. Nobody's hating on him or Bosh.

My point is Dallas offered Dirk less and told him they would go after FA to help him win. They'll be lucky to make the playoffs this year. From what I read when Kobe signed his extension, that's what the Lakers offered him. They didn't approach him and ask him to take a discount so they could put more talent around him. That's the Laker's fault for doing that, not Kobe's.

How do you know he would have said no if they asked him to take less l? How do you know he wouldn't take a 50% paycut if he wanted to play longer and remain a Laker? You have no clue how much he'd be willing to resign for.

01 Oct 2015 23:24:06
Bosh and Lebron took a paycut and so did dirk and that was at the time of free agency. If the Lakers had signed him to an extension at the time of free agency they would've offered him less. Let melo stay on thee knicks. I would rather see Russell and randle traded for Cousins. If Durant comes to la I think Kobe wouldn't mind coming back at less than 12.5 mill. If now free agents come he will retire and live happy. Let this offseason talk take place after the year besides stephen a smith say the knicks might team melo up with kobe and durant and reports something else each week.

01 Oct 2015 23:48:49
A) Kings won't trade Cousins for russell and randle. so just stop.

B) LeBron and Bosh took less money in the PRIME of their careers.

C) LeBron is the best in the game. End of story. Where he goes, they get to the finals. He can do what he wants and there's nothing wrong with it.

D) Durant isn't going to LA. I would say 40% OKC. 40% Washington. 10% some wild card. He has no ties with the lakers. Besdies liking kobe. why else would he go? Kobe is going on his what, 20th season? that's like signing a long term contract to play 1 year with Jordan on the wizards. It doesn't make sense. Once Kobe is gone, he's there with Hibbert and some rookies. that's lovely.

02 Oct 2015 00:09:26
Russell and Randle are a good package for the kings considering they would rebuild. It was a no brainier for lebron to take less money to team up with an all star because he was focused on "winning". Not a lebron fan at all. If kobe was going to get a key free agent he would've taken less money but the lakers decide to offer him one during the season and you can blame that mostly on JIM BUSS WHO NEEDS TO GO. Just because they don't have ties with the city doesn't mean they can't go there, look at monroe and what al jefferson did. With signing Durant lakers would still have cap space to sign their center not just hibbert. I think someone would want to team up with durant.

02 Oct 2015 02:21:48
Russell and Randle is a good package, just no where near the value for Cousins. Most teams don't see Randle as this all star level pro. And Russell is a big who knows as of now.

What did monroe do? He took the MAX with the bucks. What did al jefferson do? He opted in to the final year of a large contract for the specific reason to capitalize on the cap boom in a year. Your references really don't deal with anything.


Im glad we can all talk about how forfeiting millions is a no brainer. LeBron was in a special situation in that he is so marketable. Yes, these people are still making 10, 12, 15 million a year. But really. its still MILLIONS they are leaving behind. And why? Because we think they should be nice? It doesn't happen. Not with people like Kobe. Deal with it.

02 Oct 2015 03:08:22
I think it's the Lakers who need to rebuild, not the Kings.

02 Oct 2015 04:42:31
"how do I know Kobe wouldn't have taken less if the Lakers offered less?" seriously?

You know, he or his agent could have offered to take less at any time!

Some players take contracts that hurt their team and that they won't be able to produce at that level. Those are selfish players - selfish to the owner, selfish to the team by using up payroll that could bring in more talent, and therefore selfish to the fans.

If you are saying Kobe was not aware that taking more money than he deserved would hurt the team, then you or he must be very naive.

Finally, Philly, the Collective Bargaining Agreement provides the rules that allow every player to get a max deal. Every player that is not on a max deal is not taking a "discount." If you say, "well, some don't deserve a max deal," that's true -- and Kobe was one of those players.

02 Oct 2015 14:51:12
Mr sluggo must have high hopes for the Kings team. Lakers are rebuilding and the Kings have been rebuilding for 10 years and need to do something or the fans in sactown who are loyal. Pizza you brought up that durant has no ties with la. So then I said that Monroe and al Jefferson had no ties but they signed in free agency.

02 Oct 2015 15:38:10
King, you REALLY need to read the posts accurately. I said Hibbert has zero connections thus he wouldn't give a hometown discount. The other doesn't even make sense. So you think I was saying players don't switch teams, ever? So you decide to give me examples of players that signed elsewhere?

Again. the thought is that Hibbert and Kobe will give a huge "home town discount" so the lakers can then max out Durant, trade for the maxed out Melo, or potentially sign a maxed out Center. Its unrealistic. Everyone, minus "king" and NLD have come to that conclusion.

Side note. I read the SAS article in which he said LA is the choice. Apparently, the part which was missed was the second more telling part in which he said he just keeps hearing "kobe, Melo, Durant" And seeing as P jaxson is in NYC, and the subtle hints of Kobe leaving LA(which I don't necessarily buy) that NY could be a landing spot. SAS is the king of inaccurate speculation, so stop listening and preaching his nonsense.

02 Oct 2015 16:39:30
Oh, as for the Kings.

I think they're lottery fodder and actually get the ping pong balls to land in their favor and get a top 3 pick- only to be forced to swap it with the Sixers.

Just have a wave of karma washing over me for some reason.

02 Oct 2015 23:23:28
Pizza Ben Miller was the person who said Hibbert wouldn't take a homeoptown discount and he wouldn't because it's not his hometown and he's only going to play one year there. You weren't the one to say it so stop accusing me of not reading it all the way when you don't. You said durant has no connections to la so he shouldn't sign there so I brought up some people who had NO connections to those teams and they signed. Understand?

03 Oct 2015 05:27:25
Didn't realize I apparently claimed ownership of that observation. Also didn't realize you could possibly think anyone would truly believe that players don't switch teams. I'll be clearer next time to make sure you get the point. I know people switch teams in free agency. I also know people don't give home town discounts when they have been around for 6 months. Or when they are Kobe.

03 Oct 2015 15:35:12
Kobe would take less than 15 mill this year if he were to come back and sorry you don't understand my point. I know Hibbert won't give a discount unless he really really likes it la.

03 Oct 2015 20:12:49
Alright King. I'm done with this. Clearly you are friends with those two to know Kobe will suddenly take half his salary and hibbert will potentially give a discount to sign with a team. Makes no sense. But hey, clearly you must know them and have insider info to be able to so strongly stake claim to moves that go against all typical and rational moves.

03 Oct 2015 20:43:14
I SAID that HIBBERT WOULD NOT TAKE A DISCOUNT. Maybe in all caps you will get the point.

30 Sep 2015 02:27:55
Huge Blockbuster

Thunder get Demarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay, Ben McLemore, and Gary Neal

Wizards get Kevin Durant

Kings get Bradley Beal, Serge Ibaka, Otto Porter, Mitch McGary, Anthony Morrow, and 2016 WAS 1st round pick

Pf. E. Kanter/ N. Collison/ S. Novak
Sf. R. Gay/ K. Singler/ A. Roberson
C. D. Cousins/ S. Adams/ D. Johnson
SG. B. McLemore/ D. Waiters/ G. Neal
Pg. R. Westbrook/ D. Augustine/ C. Payne

Pf. Nene/ K. Humphries/ D. Gooden
Sf. K. Durant/ K. Oubre/ J. Dudley
C. M. Gortat/ D. Blair/ J. Harrelson
Sg. M. Webster/ A. Anderson/ T. Moury
Pg. J. Wall/ R. Sessions/ I. Smith

Pf. S. Ibaka/ M. McGary/ Q. Acy
Sf. O. Porter/ C. Butler/ O. Casspi
C. W. Cauleystein/ K. Koufas/ D. Dukan
Sg. B. Beal/ M. Bellinelli/ A. Morrow
Pg. R. Rondo/ D. Collison/ S. Curry

30 Sep 2015 02:59:00
Ibaka and WCS aren't ideal fits together exchange Ibaka for Kanter because he would bring the post scoring that the Kings would need and WCS would bring the defense that would perfectly compliment him

30 Sep 2015 04:11:26
Exchange Ibaka for Kanter. Kanter is a better fit next to WCS

30 Sep 2015 17:58:14
I'm sure most will disagree, but I don't think OKC can get that kind of return for Durant. If Washington thinks they can get home in free agency, they'll wait and hold onto Beal. If they don't think they can get him in free agency, then he'll bolt after this season anyway.

Howard and Melo really killed the "superstar in a contract year" deals. Howard put the fear in the teams that receive the player that he'll bolt and leave you with less than nothing. Melo made people realize, if you're going to come here, we probably shouldn't strip our team bare to do it.

30 Sep 2015 18:49:13
sacremento says no

30 Sep 2015 18:51:30
giving up too much for kd

01 Oct 2015 00:10:50
Bradley Beal, Otto Porter, Gary Neal, and next years late 1st round pick is not too much to get Durant now and be able to lock him in 4 another 5 years instead of 4. this guarantees Washington an extra 2 seasons with Durant. this year and the 5th year they could give him on his extension

01 Oct 2015 13:44:39
The problem jbabby: it guarantees Washington nothing. ask the lakers how trading for Howard guaranteed them two extra years with him.

30 Sep 2015 01:19:50

Pacers get Blake Griffin

Clippers get Kevin Durant with extension and Mitch McGary

Thunder get Paul George, Lance Stephenson, and 2016 Pacers 1st round pick

30 Sep 2015 06:51:43
So Blake Griffin gets you Kevin Durant . plus?

30 Sep 2015 18:00:16
Blake has more trade value right now shrink. Durant WONT sign an extension. Never happening, so let's take that part out of the original deal. Durant can leave after a year if he wants, griffin is locked in for a few more.

01 Oct 2015 05:57:28
I understand that Ben, but unless he has said he will only sign with the Clippers (in which case, this would be too much), many teams are going to think they can convince KD to stay with them, after they do so well in the playoffs. Multiple teams will bid against each other to have a chance at the league's #2 player, and that will raise his price.

29 Sep 2015 19:49:48
Steven A Smith said this morning he's hearing if Durant leaves OKC next summer, LA is his preferred destination. Also, Melo wants to play with him and/or Kobe if he doesn't retire.

Lakers sign KD to max contract (4 yrs $110M and whatever options he wants). Trade for Melo. Resign Kobe (2 yrs $20M), resign Hibbert ($15M per year)

NYK: J Clarkson (RFA next summer, not sure how that works), B Bass, N Young, and their next available 1st rd pick.

LAL: Melo

PG: Russell
SG: Kobe/Lou Williams
SF: Durant
PF: Melo/Randle
C: Hibbert/Upshaw

29 Sep 2015 20:41:03
New York won't want to wait until minimum 2020 for that draft pick.

29 Sep 2015 20:42:04
Plus, that package isn't enough for Carmelo

29 Sep 2015 20:45:05
HaHa this is legit, the single worst melo trade that has been posted here. Ever.
A) knicks would laugh non stop at this.

B) Durant wants to go to LA, NY, DC, Thunder. no one knows.

C) Thinking Bryant may actually play elsewhere.

D) you do realize, even though the cap is higher, there still is a cap. You have 75million on just Kobe, Anthony, Durant and Hibbert. Randle and Russle each make like 5. Lou williams is 7. you're already over the cap and still need 5 more players.

This is absurd

29 Sep 2015 21:07:36
Not enough for melo.

29 Sep 2015 22:06:26
My bad, I guess I just don't value Melo the same as you guys.

Forget him then.

PG: Russell/Clarkson
SG: Kobe/Williams
SF: Durant/
PF: Randle/Bass
C: Hibbert/Upshaw

29 Sep 2015 22:16:55
Riiiiight, NLD. there's a difference between seeing him as a top 20 versus top 30 player. as opposed to the value you give him which is about equal to Brian Scalabrini. Ya know, perhaps they could pull Lebron over as well for Steve Nashs insurance covered contract, a 2nd round pick from 2022 and a 1989 signed lakers team picture. I mean, come on. A.C. Green was on that team!

Not to mention, you have the trade being like 10 million in total salary for 24 million. Guess this was a horribly thought out proposal lol

29 Sep 2015 23:17:54
Hibbert isn't worth that much. Let pizza think he has value no team would touch we wouldn't need Melo let him stay in ny. Pizza just because Phil Jackson wants Kobe on the Knicks doesn't mean Kobe will go. If your going to base it on comments then Kobe said he bleeds purple and gold.

29 Sep 2015 23:32:47
I'm assuming Clarkson has a solid year and becomes a $10M + per year player since he's a RFA next summer. That's about $19M between those 3 players and a future 1st.

Like I said, I obviously am in the minority on Melo's value since everyone else agrees with you Pizza. I get it's a concensus unbelievable trade. You know I don't like Melo based on previous comments. But if that's what it takes to get Durant to sign with LA, I can live with him on my team. Just not sure what it would take to get him. Russell is off limits in my point of view. What would it take?

Regarding the salary cap, the Lakers have only $26.1M in guaranteed contracts next summer and $48.6M in cap holds. If they resign Kobe right away for $10M, that gets rid of his enormous $26.25M cap hold. That puts them at $36.1M in contracts and $22.4M in cap holds ($58.5 total). That's plenty of room to sign KD (about $26M) which puts them at $84.5M. If They could S&T Clarkson (4 yrs $44M), Young, & Bass, they'd be trading $18.4M + Future 1st for Melo's $24.6M salary. That puts them at $80.9M with $21.1M cap hold. They have Hibbert's bird rights so they can go over the cap to resign him. At $15M per year, that puts them at $95.9M. The cap is suppose to be about $90M so they're still under the tax threshold. They can still use any exceptions they might have as well as min contracts to fill out the roster.

PG: Russell/Frazier
SG: Kobe/Williams
SF: Durant/A Brown/Holmes
PF: Melo/Randle/Nance
C: Hibbert/Upshaw

30 Sep 2015 01:56:54
How did all the lakers fans go we get Melo for peanuts. And then when people go he's worth more than an overrated pg and a pick in the distant future, you go fine. We didn't want him anyways lol. Durant isn't going to go to the lakers. Especially if it's just kobe. Why leave a far better team for that building project?

I don't believe Kobe will be a knock. I just think the lakers will finally do a full rebuild.

30 Sep 2015 03:15:38
Pizza why won't you make a post once instead of bashing other teams? You like to bash trades and signings but you never make one for a team.

30 Sep 2015 06:54:30
C'mon, it's Stephen A Smith! How many times has this guy been wrong? He is always going to say that LA and New York are about to get a star player, because those lies get him more attention.

30 Sep 2015 12:12:29
Agreed shrink. "King" the post was absurd. Occasionally on here some people expect such ridiculous returns, that their posts get disagreed with. Deal with it as opposed to quoting Taylor swift in saying haters going to hate. Just shake it off man. Shake it off.

Also, those salary numbers don't work. You are at 95 million and have half a roster.

Finally, you expect clarkson to have a good year this year to warrant 4 yr 44 million? From who? Listen, I understand fans are excited about how he was better than expected. But let's not go crazy. One of the better players on a terrible team which based off wins he made significantly worse does not equate to a very well paid pg. you are ranking him at rubios level with that contract. I'm not a huge Rubio fan as far as scoring but in every other facet of the game it's no contest. Just simmer down.

30 Sep 2015 16:41:36
The Knicks will want draft picks.

How about:
Lakers get Carmello
Knicks get Hibbert, Randall, Lakers 1st Rounder from Sixers
Sixers get Russell

Or something like that. You have to get the Sixers or Phoenix involved somehow since they have excessive 1st rounder.

Also, just back from LA. I wouldn't be surprised if Kobe is not a Laker next year. Not surprised at all.

30 Sep 2015 21:01:42

Tell me how the salary numbers don't work. They have 12 guys in that scenario not half a roster.

Ellis signed a similar contract with IND this last summer and he's an inefficient volume scorer. With the cap rising another $10M next year, and another $20M the year after that, I think 4 yrs $44M is right in for Clarkson if he can maintain or build upon the type of season he had once he got starters minutes.

30 Sep 2015 21:02:41

You're probably right, but if it takes Russell to get Melo, I'd rather not make that trade.

30 Sep 2015 23:22:35
Sixers shouldn't be in that deal. If its is before the season then Sixers would run away with a steal by trading a pick likely out of the top 3 for the 2nd overall pick. If it was after the season then still the sixers would run away with unfair value because if it is the top three pick the lakers keep it. So either way it benefits the sixers and they shouldn't be included unless giving more value.

30 Sep 2015 23:26:34
Pizza I asked you to make a post and denied it like shrink has asked you to do before but you ignore my challenge. 11 million per year for him won't a big contract like you think because of the rising salary cap. Take Lou Will's contract for example, 3 yrs 21 mill. 7 mill per year. When the cap goes up his contract value would be 4 mill per year making him kind of a bargain for being a sixth man. Players like Calderon Pek and others contract won't be a large amount like they seemed before.

01 Oct 2015 00:29:21
What challenge? The Knicks aren't agreeing to 11 mill a year for 4 years for a reserve player at best. Simple as that.

01 Oct 2015 02:56:14
Funny how you use a Taylor swift quote. I thought jimmy butler was one of the few men who listened to her. Not my kind of music but everyone is different. My challenge was for you to actually make a post on the Knicks for once and keep declining every trade. Just make one and tell us what value melo has IF he were to get traded

01 Oct 2015 13:48:05
Listen "king" as many have pointed out, this is a discussion board. This isn't 6th grade with double dog dares. You don't like disagreeance with posts, so be it. But if there is a post that I disagree with, i'm going to disagree. Fact is, clarkson's value is so ridiculously inflated by you and NLD. And Melo is ridiculously undervalued. Mock me about it. But Philly, Shrink. neither are Knicks fans. Tre. he and I always go at it about the knicks and sixers and even he says your valuation is absurd.

This isn't a middle school he said she said, I challenge you to do this nonsense. Do that if you wish, try and throw teenage barbs at disagreers. Go on discussions and call people "haters"(really thought we as a culture were fortunate enough to move past that idiocy). the post was a bad post. It just was. Clarkson probably has the value of a late 1st. MAYBE. I wouldn't even give that up.

What he did last year was show he's in the top 8 or so rookies. THE FIRST ROUND CONSISTS OF 30 ROOKIES. THAT doesn't MEAN YOU ARE A SECOND COMING OF CHRIS PAUL.

Others who made first team all rookie guards:

Tim HArdaway Jr ('14)
Dion Waiters ('13)
Landry Fields ('11)
Gary Neal ('11)

As far as value for Carmelo. as a knicks fan, I want to keep him. Minus a top 10 player being traded for him, I am happy with melo as a player and leader. He just needs the proper team surrounding him.

HOWEVER, the only trade the knicks would consider would revolve around a young/high value prospect and draft picks. The heat would be good, if they had draft picks. Centered around justice winslow, you can throw in a whiteside(although knicks have no need for that). But basically, it would be something like Winslow, fillers, and draft picks. that's it. But again, melo isn't being traded. Knicks don't have to trade him, and they don't want to trade him.

So just stop it.

01 Oct 2015 23:31:03
I don't care if you want to insult me with teenage barbs even though you would like to. I know shrink is a wolves fan and philly is obviously a sixers fan.

About a month ago you said it would be stupid for the lakers to trade Clarkson back for their own pick which is likely top 10. Now your saying his value is late first rounder maybe.

You said you would trade with the heat but they don't have future picks until 2018 so essentially your trading the big all star hotshot in melo for the 10th pick in the draft even though you claim his value to be much higher. So maybe you should just stop.

02 Oct 2015 00:03:15
you've exposed your self pizza.

You said about a month ago the lakers shouldn't trade Clarkson for their own pick back which could be top 10 and now you say his value is a late pick.

you bring up the heat with Winslow. They don't have a pick to trade until 2018 so basically your trading melo for the 10th pick in the draft while YOU claim his value is MUCH HIGHER.

This is the rumors page, the discussion page is nba talk so more posts go one here. Reread what you say.

02 Oct 2015 01:18:25
I really feel like I should jump in here and comment.

I got nothin'

02 Oct 2015 02:28:46
I did NOT say the lakers would be stupid to trade clarkson for their pick back. that's INSANE. I would have snagged that in a second. A most likely top 10 pick for a role player, ABSOLUTELY in a heart beat. The sixers would be insane for making that move. The post was for the OKC pick, which is projected around 27-30. and I thought at that level, might as well keep him. Read the post correctly. Like all the other posts.

In line with that statement of reading the full post. I know they don't have picks. that's why I wrote IF they had picks. A part you managed to completely miss. You asked what I thought his worth is. I said, a young prospect like justice winslow, with picks. And clearly they don't have any. And even if they did, knicks fans prefer keeping melo.

You need to grow up man. Make sure to read the whole posts. not just a few words here and there. It will help with your accuracy.

02 Oct 2015 14:24:13
About a month ago I posted a trade in which the Sixers traded back the Lakers pick in exchange for Clarkson. The response from Laker fan was a resounding NO.

I then sweetened the pot with another 1st rounder, the Sixers' own pick (I think), and was also hit by Laker fan with a resounding NO, we want to "keep the young core together."

I'm certain King said no to trading Clarkson. King, did Pizza agree with you on this? I don't exactly recall but you seem certain he was with you on that at the time.

Pizza probably doesn't remember. He's more interesting in bashing. It wouldn't surprise me if at the time he just took a side contrary to mine and now doesn't recall.

The conflict at this point is whether Pizza said no to my offer of the 1st rounders for Clarkson yet is now valuing him as a role player.

02 Oct 2015 14:54:36
Pizza said lakers say no for trading clarkson for the pick back. When you offered the Kings pick not sixers he didn't respond the other two times. So in other words he changes evaluations a lot

02 Oct 2015 14:57:09
Pizza telling me to read the post and comments all the way through while he ignores the fact that HE IS the one who doesn't read all the way through. Your real funny man. Your lucky I don't have prove proof but I remember you saying that. Your values change.

02 Oct 2015 15:45:58
Philly. the original post was for OKCs pick, which I believe is about accurate value, but I would have kept clarkson because developing him is a safer bet. IF it was the lakers, or multiple picks, absolutely would take that.

As far as "theking". i'm sorry, but did you really just go a month ago this happened, I have zero proof, but I know every post that was written on here. additionally. read the post above. you can't even follow the direct pattern in that thread. I have a hard time believing your accuracy on a response comment, to a post, involving a bevy of variations, including 3-4 different forms of 1st drafts and packages, with zero evidence. but you are positiive my response was that the top 5 pick is worth more than Clarkson. I have NEVER thought clarkson is worth a lottery pick.

"Theking" read the posts accurately.

02 Oct 2015 17:03:15
Theking. I don't even get why you would write "your lucky I don't have proof". why? Are you going to file criminal trade rumor charges against me for this claimed switching in opinions? Please don't intimidate me with these threats. they are so scary. you're lucky I don't have proof, otherwise, i'd be able to post an absurd teenager insult about how haters be hating and stuff lol

Relax there Perry Mason.

02 Oct 2015 23:27:49
Your lucky I don't have proof that your wrong and to shut you up. Your going on about random stuff and nobody really cares. I feel like I'm arguing with a ten year old and he keeps believeing in his own say and doesn't look at anyone else's point.

02 Oct 2015 23:29:20
There have been a bunch of posts of clarkson for the lakers pick back and I haven't seen one on the okc pick for him and I've came on this site the whole summer til now. Your memory is short it seems

02 Oct 2015 23:42:37
Btw pizza I asked you to make a post three times before you addressed it and yet you say I don't read the post all the way. Hahahaha

03 Oct 2015 05:25:28
What proof? What are you rambling about and why do you keep saying you challenged me? I said what his value is or at least what the Knicks would consider. Do you need it written again to comprehend my dear?

03 Oct 2015 15:38:03
You didn't even understand what I posted. READ THIS. I said I challenged you three times before you gave me a response to make a post. Finally you did. But you don't read my post all the way and you start talking nonsense

03 Oct 2015 20:15:09
Aww you made a challenge. That's cute. Haters be hating yo. And best not get no proof in Kings hands or he will make a mockery with his challenges to haters!! Seriously though, I'm going to let this die. Painful to admit, I have clearly realized you are under 15 and this is just too easy.

04 Oct 2015 01:18:05
Lmao pizza thinks he's figured out my age when he probably doesn't even know he's less than 10 years old. Stay home and eat pizza. You clearly don't read most of the stuff just wanting to believe what you say. But anything to make the children happy huh.

04 Oct 2015 15:26:54
That doesn't really make sense. I was saying let it die. Which somehow prompts you to come back and say I don't realize I'm under 10 years old and should go eat pizza? I assume you are a young teenager because you have made certain references and scrambles for insults that only teenagers would make.

Example. you don't realize It you are under 10. Go home and eat pizza! .Too funny. Too hurtful. I would say I'm rubber and your a glue hater but I'm guessing that's in your next mature response lol. Later lil man.

28 Sep 2015 17:48:03
Rumors on a few sites that Paul George may actually be tradeable for pacers. Most likely after this season during next years draft to gain draft picks or for a young big.

Sixers are reportably a great destination in the pacers eyes to accomplish both those goals. Sixers have a bunch of firsts and an excess of bigs. So next years draft.

Sixers trade: Noel, staukus, the Sixers first rounder, and either Miami or Okc first rounder.

Pacers trade :George

Pacer get a young big that they really wanted plus a shooter who's numbers will probably be better after this season. They also get a high first rounder and a late first rounder to further there rebuild which will most likely be needed after this season.

Sixers loss a lot but gain a lot. Noel can be replaced by saric or embiid if healthy. They still have the lakers first to get a younger player. But most likely they will use the cap space to add seriously nice young players to pair with that core and George. Sixer immediately become contenders

All contingent apon george and Noel having good seasons. And the pacers would have to have an average year as expected. If they are in contention they won't get rid of goerge.

28 Sep 2015 18:03:30
not nearly enough for a superstar

28 Sep 2015 19:05:27
IND: Embiid, Noel, PHI '16 1st (own), PHI '16 1st (via LAL)

PHI: George

28 Sep 2015 19:39:05
Okafor & Saric for George & Hill

28 Sep 2015 23:16:03
Tregib you said it would take the lakers clarkson Russell and Randle at least to get George but the lakers package might be better than this one. So by your words sixers should give more

28 Sep 2015 23:31:29
The rumors were mainly from one or two sites. Which happened to be sixers fans sites. BUT the trade they discussed was george for a package of Noel or okafor, Saric and picks. The pacers have zero interest in staukas. Most likely would be something like Okafor, Saric, and 2 firsts in order to have any chance of getting him.

29 Sep 2015 04:40:54
The king.

Randle clarkson and russle.

Sixers are giving Noel (aka Randel)their own first rounder which should be top three. (Aka Russell). Stauskisi who is about as good and clarkson in my book since he hasn't proven himself and since they're getting a late first as well so any difference should be made up for there. It's the same package bro.

29 Sep 2015 04:42:52

I Think they'd be more interested in Noel. Lengthily guy who can defend at a high level and plays two ways. Sixer might do saric or as well. But I think that deal is possible.

29 Sep 2015 14:48:22
Stauskas as good as clarkson? Clarkson was a first team all rookie. He proved himself worthy among the west guards and played solid against them. Stauskas doesn't have much since he was also traded in a salary dump. Coming out of the draft they said stauskas was going to be a three point sniper but he did very bad in his first pro year

29 Sep 2015 17:57:51
The king

Again my argument with clarkson is the opinion of most people outside of la. He has played well on a bad team. he was a second rounder remember. No one saw this coming from him. And frankly to expect the same production this season from him is insane. Too many better players around him. I don't think he's a terrible player by any means but he's not an above average guard at this point either. Hard to predict him but if I was betting i'd say he's a average point guard by mid season.

Staukus was the eight pick in the draft last season. Never got a real chance to play. Clarkson on most other teams in the NBA wouldn't have played more then a backup role at best either.

29 Sep 2015 20:53:41
Tre, was agreeing with you til you labeled Noel as a "two way player" Come now, that's like labeling Deandre Jordan as a two way player. Yeah, he scores a few points a game, but that does not count as a realiable offensive player. Until Noel develops any semblence of an offensive game consisting of more than dunks, he is completely a 1 way player.

29 Sep 2015 22:21:01
HAHAHHAA did you just say that Clarkson, being a 1st team all rookie, makes him worthy among the elite western guards? The lakers had no one on the team. To say he is this stud guard is like saying Langston Galloway is a beast. Stats for crappy teams don't mean much. Galloway was second team, I wouldn't even say he was worthy among the other guards on the knicks. You crazy

29 Sep 2015 23:20:56
No pizza just because he was first team all rookie doesn't mean he can automatically play with the top guards. I've ACTUALLY SEEN him play unlike you who bashes the Lakers and their players at any chance you get. Clarkson had good games against the west and east. So stop being a hater.

30 Sep 2015 02:21:42
I actually typically don't mind the lakers? But clarkson is the same as Galloway. Mediocre stats on a terrible team. You see him in the summer league with rookies and scrubs? He was awful. See how he is and how his numbers are when he plays with legitimate players. I watched him last year. He was amazing. He competes with the best in the league. Riiiiigght.

30 Sep 2015 02:26:12
Hey King, wanna know something rather amazing about your stud pg? When he played.11-48, .186 win percentage. When he didn't play, 10-13, .435 winn percange. But hey, I guess wins don't count either. I mean, you did watch him play afterall ;)

30 Sep 2015 03:14:01
Not calling him amazing but holding the MVP to 12 points and having a good game against Paul and Westbrook are a few of games he showed flashes. When he started players like young and Kobe were hurt while boozer and hill also sat games. Funny how you are blaming all the loses on him. He wasn't awful in the summer leauge. He averaged 17 points but could've passed the ball more but of course people like you decide the meaningless games like the summer leauge that don't count. Was the only and you saw him play was against the Knicks in the summer leauge? I would expect that from you.

30 Sep 2015 12:26:39
When did he hold curry to 12? His worst regular season performance I believe was 19/9 against the lakers. The meaningless games of the summer league are indicative of potential. A point guard that can't pass was the issue last year(3assists per game) in college(less assists per game) and continued in summer league. What does it matter if he scores 15 a game if you lost 75% or more of your games. Dude has done nothing yet. Expect whatever you want. Clarkson is a nice story. 2nd round pick. May stick around. But a stud star he is not. Combo guards need to pass successfully. End. Of. Story.

30 Sep 2015 23:31:30
His stats while starting last year were at 5 per game. When guarding curry he held him to 12 points which was most of the game. Lin let him score the rest. Melo seems like he can lead his team to a lot wins am I right? Tell me some combo guards that average 5 assist or more.

01 Oct 2015 03:01:07
He was the pg last year. Wait, so you said he held curry to 12 pts while guarding him? Exactly how many minutes did he guard him? This sounds like it could get funny. Go on.

01 Oct 2015 05:03:46
30 minutes 12 points allowed. Melo can play defense to right? Lead you to wins right? and think you can get the world and thensome for him? Then you also ignore the question of combo guards averaging more than 4 assists. Typical from you

01 Oct 2015 15:39:49

Noel will be a two way player this season. He averaged 13 and 10 post allstar break while bouncing around to two different positions. And still played some really good defense on the other end. I think this kid might be just scratching the surface.

02 Oct 2015 17:08:34
Tre. I think Noel will ultimately be like deandre jordan, and that's NOT a bad thing! Just limited offensively.

King. what is that based on? I would love to see the site that breaks down Currys production per game per defender. What game was that also?

I just like Melo. Besides last year. and with an awful team surrounding him, pretty reliable to get to the playoffs. So yup. ill take him.

Clarkson is your pg. so it doesn't even matter. But let's appease you. First. Clarkson averaged 3.5 assist per game.

Better combo guards who averqaged more assists:

Mario Chalmers, Greivis Vasquez, Tony Wroten, Reggie Jackson, Olidapo, Dragic, Eric Bledose. Additionally would prefer Avery Bradley over him. And that's to name just 7/8 better combo guards.

02 Oct 2015 23:34:24
Chalmers dragic aren't even combo guards. Your basing his stats off of the whole season while I'm basing them off of when he started. When starting he's better at assists the half those people. I watched that warriors lakers game can't remember that exact date but of course you need to see a site because you don't watch games. Clarkson is now playing Sg btw. Reliable to get to the playoffs? The year before last year he didn't make it with stoudimire smith and shumpert.

03 Oct 2015 12:59:57
And the prior 8 years? Those two are listed as combo guards. Search top combo guards big guy. And yes I like proof because you apparently like making things up. A lot. Such as games you sat watching with a note pad to indicate currys point total. You're a joke. Seriously, do you realize how ridiculous things you say are? I don't remember which game, what date, but there was a span where he only had 12 points. It must be true because, because King said so. Good one ye of many fables.

03 Oct 2015 15:41:03
No I actually watch the games unlike you but I remember watching curry having kind of a hard time. You LOVE making things up. You have a serious problem. Wake up and step into the real world and listen to what people have to tell you not just what you want to think. Stop looking at stats and watch some games. Your probably the most dumb person I've talked to

27 Sep 2015 20:53:10
Celtics Get: DeMarcus Cousins, Steve Novak, Steven Adams

OKC Get: David Lee, Kelly Olynyk, Dallas 2016 1st

Bulls Get: Rudy Gay

Kings Get: Taj Gibson, Dion Waiters, Evan Turner, Tyler Zeller, Doug McDermott, Chicago 2016 1st, Celtics 2016 1st, Brooklyn 2016 1st

I know that the salaries don't perfectly match up, OKC need to shed a couple million more, but I think this is a solid base for a potential DeMarcus Cousins trade

27 Sep 2015 22:18:39
Kings say no

27 Sep 2015 20:30:05
OKC Get: Kelly Olynyk, 2016 Dallas 1st Round Pick

Celtics Get: Steven Adams

28 Sep 2015 13:17:12
I think the value is fine, but if I'm OKC, I think my weakness is at center. I don't trust Kanter, and I wouldn't want to downgrade Steven Adams. In fact, I don't think OKC will be doing any trades of current production for future picks with Kevin Durant's future in OKC on the line.

27 Sep 2015 07:39:48

James Young and Tyler Zeller for Steven Adams

27 Sep 2015 21:21:17
Boston passes on this trade. They really like Zeller.

26 Sep 2015 22:32:46
OKC Get: Darren Collison

Kings Get: Cameron Payne, Anthony Morrow

26 Sep 2015 16:33:23

Pacers trade Paul George
Pacers get 2 1st from Wizards, Marcin Gortat, Kelly Oubre & Otto Porter Jr

pg Hill/Stuckey
sg Ellis/Miles
sf Oubre/Porter/Budinger
pf Hill/Turner
ce Gortat/Mahinmi

Wizards trade Kelly Oubre, Marcin Gortat, 2 1st, Bradley Beal & Otto Porter Jr
Wizards get Dion Waiters, Kevin Durant & Steven Adams

pg Wall/Sessions
sg Waiters/Neal
sf Durant/Dudley
pf Nene/Gooden
ce Adams/Humphries

Thunder trade Kevin Durant, Dion Waiters & Steven Adams
Thunder get Bradley Beal & Paul George

pg Westbrook/Payne/Augustine
sg Beal/Morrow/Roberson
sf George/Singler
pf Ibaka/McGary
ce Kanter/Collison

26 Sep 2015 17:11:58
I like this a lot, but I think you need to add a fourth team. Larry Bird never plays for the future - he wants to compete every year. I think that package of youth that IND receives here should be sent to a win-later team that would give IND a player that would help them compete this season

26 Sep 2015 17:52:02
Pacers would have no interest in this. The proble is the 1sts are Washingtons, which will clearly be late firsts if these moves occurred. Additionally, they get the overpaid gortat, the bust in porter, and a mid 1st in oubre. For all that, none of which is exceptional, they give up a fringe top 10 player, locked up on a very reasonable contract. Just makes no sense and leaves Pacers with nothing to rebuild around. Also, not sure why the wizards would do this. Heres the thing. Durant is AMAZING. But there's a very strong chance he comes to you for nothing next year. Why would you give up this years 1st, 2 more 1sts, a prior 3rd overall, your second best player in beal. I don't see a team make that desperate of a move. It just doesn't make sense.

25 Sep 2015 18:30:29
I don't think the Kings will trade Cousins unless they get another all-star in return. Their new arena is being built and will be ready for the 2016-2017 season. They cannot open that arena with a torn down team in a full blown rebuild.

After the season is over if OKC doesn't go to the finals:

OKC: Cousins

SAC: Westbrook, A Johnson, '16 1st from BOS (via BKN)

BOS: Gay

OKC can convince Durant to resign keeping a core of Durant, Ibaka, & Cousins. Cousins has a great contract still and a year longer than Weatbrook's. They'd have to try and move Kanter somehow.

PG: Payne
SG: Waiters
SF: Durant
PF: Ibaka
C: Cousins

SAC gets in my opinion the most athletic and fun PG to watch. He can transform the team and be a good draw in the new arena. They are still probably a lottery team this year along with Brooklyn so they'd get 2 lottery picks to go along with Westbrook, McLemore, & WCS. Westbrook can be the man like he was last year with Durant out and average close to a triple-double.

PG: Westbrook
SG: McLemore
SF: Butler/Casspi
PF: Johnson

BOS gets a 20 ppg veteran to help that team along.

PG: Smart
SG: Bradley
SF: Gay
PF: Lee/Sullinger
C: Olynyk/Zeller

25 Sep 2015 23:14:53
Not sure how durant would feel about his close friend leaving and what happens to kantar?

26 Sep 2015 00:14:04
I feel like OKC needs to give up more. Boston gives up a lot for Rudy Gay.

26 Sep 2015 00:22:05
IMO Westbrook>Cousins overall especially passion to the game and OKC already have a complete line up , Ibaka and Kanter could work well together. They just need to keep KD

26 Sep 2015 14:27:56
USA. Don't evaluate against each other. Evaluate against positions. I can name at least 5 that compete with Westbrook for best guard. Can't think of more than Davis and mayyyyy e gasol who compete for center. And honestly, gasol is too old to be considered better at this point.

26 Sep 2015 16:40:30
The Kings need a dominant center more than they need 3 PGs.

24 Sep 2015 17:58:10
Raptors get Serge Ibaka and Dion Waiters

Thunder get Demar Derozan and Patrick Patterson

Pf. S. Ibaka/ J. Johnson/ L. Nogueria
Sf. D. Carroll/ N. Powell/ B. Caboclo
C. J. Valencunas/ L. Scola/ B. Biyambo
SG. T. Ross/ D. Waiters/ A. Toupane
Pg. K. Lowry/ C. Joseph/ D. Wright

Pf. E. Kanter/ M. McGary/ S. Novak
Sf. K. Durant/ K. Singler/ J. Huestis
C. S. Adams/ P. Patterson/ N. Collision
Sg. D. Derozan/ A. Morrow/ A. Roberson
Pg. R. Westbrook/ D. Augustine/ C. Payne

Toronto becomes the best defensive team in the east with still having 5 starters and a 6th man (waiters) all capable of averaging 15ppg or more. Bring in some defensive wiz assistant coaches and try to make them the Pistons of 04/05

Okc goes offense/ defense in their front court with Kanter and Adams. they bring in Derozan to give them that extra fire power needed to get thru the stacked West.

24 Sep 2015 17:26:54

OKC get Julius Randle, Brandon Bass & Lou Williams

LAL get Serge Ibaka & Dion Waiters

24 Sep 2015 17:44:55
Not enough. switch Waiters with Morrow then maybe but idk. Ibaka is a sure bet and Randle isn't and is injury prone. but cheaper

24 Sep 2015 17:55:14
I just don't think OKC will trade Ibaka or Westbrook unless Kevin Durant has officially signed with another team. They do not want to make a win-later move that might encourage him to bail.

23 Sep 2015 08:56:15
Suns get Serge Ibaka and rights to Alex Abrines

Thunder get Markeef Morris, Devin Booker, 2016 1st round pick Top 10 protected

Pf. E. Kanter/ M. Morris/ S. Novak
Sf. K. Durant/ K. Singler/ A. Roberson
C. S. Adams/ M. McGary/ N. Collision
SG. D. Booker/ D. Waiters/ A. Morrow
Pg. R. Westbrook/ D. Augustine/ C. Payne

23 Sep 2015 20:51:54
If the thunder don't have a good season, and Durant gets traded this season (little to no chance of that happening), I could see something like this coming after the Durant trade. Very unlikely though.

24 Sep 2015 16:09:19
Ben nails it. OKC can't trade Ibaka or Westbrook now because losing games could cause Durant to sign elsewhere.

22 Sep 2015 03:16:15
If Kevin durant leaves the thunder next year here are my ideas for the thunder.
With the cap going up to 89 mill, without signing anyone the thunder would be at 69 mill in salarys already
They dump of Anthony morrow and nick collinson with 2 future seconds to get down to 62 mill leaving them with 27 mill in cap
Sign nic batum around 13-16 mill per year. Leaving them with around 10-14 mill
Try to sign joe Johnson with remaining money if not sign
Courtney lee for around 6-9 mill
Jamal Crawford with remaining money.

Pg Westbrook/Payne
SG lee/crawford/Roberson
SF batum/singler
PF ibaka/mcgary
C kantar/Adams
Good defensive team with good three point shooting and all around good team. Could trade Roberson huertas and mcgary for more big depth if needed

21 Sep 2015 18:30:17
Thunder get Tony Allen

Grizzlies get Dion Waiters and rights to Alex Abrines

21 Sep 2015 22:34:53
If gasol had walked this wouldn't be a bad trade, but I don't see Memphis trading Allen when they're trying to win now.

21 Sep 2015 04:25:07
Detroit trades Jennings, granger, toliver, 16' & 18' firsts
Receive Ibaka, morrow,

Okc trade Ibaka, morrow
Receive k.Martin, 2 firsts from det, toliver, 2nd phi

Minnesota trade Martin
Receive Wallace, mia 1st via philly

Phillidelphia trade Wallace, Mia first, 2nd
Receive Jennings, granger

21 Sep 2015 11:41:14
The Sixers, or anybody else, are not trading a first for Jennings.

21 Sep 2015 17:53:57
This is OK from MIN's end, but I don't OKC would do a "win later," move a year before they risk losing Kevin Durant to free agency.

22 Sep 2015 02:24:18
I agree shrink I was just trying to land Ibaka in Detroit.

20 Sep 2015 22:02:43
Thunder get Corey Brewer (Billy Donovan guy)

Rockets get Anthony Morrow exp, Steve Novak exp, and 2017 2nd round pick

Thunder get their defensive starting SG

PF. S. Ibaka/ M. McGary/ N. Collison
Sf. K. Durant/ K. Singler/ J. Huestis
C. E. Kanter/ S. Adams/ D. Johnson
Sg. C. Brewer/ D. Waiters/ A. Roberson
Pg. R. Westbrook/ D. Augustine/ C. Payne

Houston makes a salary move and get out of Brewers 3 remaining years while picking up needed 3 point shooting

20 Sep 2015 18:39:21
Clippers get Kevin Durant and Steve Novak

Thunder get Blake Griffin, Lance Stephenson, and JJ Redick

21 Sep 2015 07:20:48
I don't think this is nearly enough for the ex-MVP Durant, but Blake Griffin is a good start. He was beloved by the entire state of Oklahoma when he was a Sooner.

21 Sep 2015 15:10:46
Not nearly enough for the ex-MVP who is an unrestricted free agent after this year and likely switching teams unless there is some major moves done which doesn't appear possible? If the thunder have this option. jump on it.

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