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Oklahoma City Thunder Rumours


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04 Mar 2015 17:57:51
I don't think Golden State can say no to this if Durant agrees to extend with them

Warriors get Kevin Durant, Jeremy Lamb, and Steve Novak

Thunder get Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, and David Lee

PF. M. Speights/ D. Green/ S. Novak
SF. K. Durant/ J. Holiday/ J. McAdoo
C. A. Bogut/ F. Ezeli/ O. Kuzmic
SG. A. Igoudala/ J. Lamb/ B. Rush
Pg. S. Curry/ S. Livingston/ N. Nedovic

PF. S. Ibaka/ D. Lee/ M. McGary
SF. H. Barnes/ P. Jones/ A. Roberson
C. E. Kanter/ S. Adams/ N. Collison
SG. K. Thompson/ D. Waiters/ A. Morrow
PG. R. Westbrook/ D. Augustine/ T. Rozier (DP)

Do you have Marreese Speights starting over Draymond Green?

04 Mar 2015 16:04:18
Memphis offseason plans

OKC gets Courtney Lee

Memphis gets Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones

Sign Marc Gasol to max
Sign Monta Ellis 4 years $60 million
Sign Zach Randolph 3 years $24 million

PF. Z. Randolph/ P. Jones/ J. Leuer
SF. J. Green/ V. Carter/ J. Green
C. M. Gasol/ K. Koufas
SG. M. Ellis/ T. Allen/ J. Lamb
Pg. M. Conley/ B. Udrih/ N. Calethes

Grizzlies have already extended Randolph's contract, which is worth $20M for next two seasons.



04 Mar 2015 01:55:46

LAC gets Ibaka, Pek, Rubio, Muhammad, por 1st(JErian Grant)
best Defensive team
Rubio/ Grant
Redick/ Crawford
Muhammad/ Barnes
Ibaka/ Hawes
Jordan/ Pek

OKC gets Aldrige, Lilliard, Martin, future min 1st
best offensive team
Lilliard/ Telfair
Martin/ Morrow
Durant/ Singler
Aldrige/ Collison
Kanter/ Adams

POR gets Paul, Griffin Future OKC first
best all-around team
Paul/ Blake
Matthews/ Afflalo
Wright/ McCollum
Griffin/ Leanord
Lopez/ Kaman

MIN gets Westbrook, Batum
best potential/ most athletic team
Draft towns
Westbrook/ Nelson(FA)
Lavine/ Neal
Wiggins/ Batum
Towns/ Garnett/ bennett
dieng/ Payne

who wins?
Who says no?

04 Mar 2015 05:42:01
Portland says no, and it's not close. I'd take aldridge over Griffin. Paul and lillard is close, and you want Portland to give up Batum and a first too? Heck no.

03 Mar 2015 03:47:45
76ers / Magic
draft day trade. This only works if the magic move up to #4(currently #5, only need to jump up one spot with the ping pong balls) and the Lakers drop to #6(currently #4, a jump 2 spots back). This is all very possible. If this happens, sixers get Lakers #6 pick this year.

76ers trade pick #6 and pick #15(miamis pick) to Orlando for pick #4.
Heres why I think this is a good trade for both teams: Orlando, in everyones mock seems to have Stanley Johnson as a perfect fit for them. I think he will still be available at #6. Magic don't need mudiay or Russell, and sixers actually could use both of them. Orlando gains pick #15 and still gets there man in Johnson.
Sixers sacrifice miamis pick to move up 2 spots and draft the backcourt of their future, Russell and Mudiay. Have Mudiay at the point and Russell as the 2 guard. Both are 6'5" and have skill sets that complement each other perfectly. Russell has an incredible jumper, even beyond the 3 point line. Perfect fit together.
PG: Mudiay, Wroten, P.Jackson, Canaan
SG: Russell, Wroten, McCrae
SF: Covington, Grant , Saric
PF: Noel, Saric, Robinson
C: Embiid, Noel, Sims

Plus, 76ers still have the strong possiblility of getting OKC;s #1(19-21) this year and 5 #2's.

Orlando can't move up one spot to 4. Only to a top 3 spot.

Orlando can move to #4 and lakers to ##6 if Orlando finishes with a worse record. both teams currently have 42 losses, and lakers have a lot of remaining games left against very poor teams. with 24 games left, lakers could have a better record then Orlando. if this happens, my scenario can work.

Magic are better off targeting Towns, Turner or Porzingis depending where they land in the draft they won't let harris go for nothing and they can play Gordon at sf. A Pf who can stretch the floor and rim protect should be their target.

Sixers say no

I actually was contemplating this as well. While I don't think Russell will be a great point guard I could see him at the shooting guard. Mudiay and Russell would be young and raw but could be really solid. That's a hell of a draft. Again Lakers would need to go on even more of a streak to reach the sixth spot though.

I still like mudiay and grant over mudiay and russell.

And I like it when good players say they want to play for a specific team. Like when he said he wants the sixers to draft him so can play with our future system and his younger bro jerami.

Galaxy Gordon:
the magic won't get towns at 4, and turner or porzingis will definitely be there at #6, so your sceneiro works even better for his trade to be a success for both teams.'ll even through in orlandos own #2 in the deal which the sixers currently have.

I did say depending on where they land, as the magic could end up moving up if we learnt anything from the Cavs is the lottery is not set in stone. My point was not about getting towns it was that a Pf that rim protects and stretches the floor is better suited then Johnson for the magic and theirs 3 players in the lottery that fit description.



03 Mar 2015 01:11:38
Sixers 1st round draft

Sixers 1st- emmanual mudiay
Heat 1st- jerian grant
Trade thunder 1st and two of our latest 2nd round picks to get bobby portis

Mudiays a solid pick. Grant might be a repeat with wroten and mudiay already at the point. Might just try to package thunder, miamis, and lakers( most likely next season) to move back I intot he top five. That be incredible to get another elite talent to go with mudiay and Embiid and noel. But it's got to be the right guy. Not sure who that is right now. Maybe Russell as I heard recently.

What if the sixers trade for pg13 but still get mudiay

Well Paul George would be awesome. If healthy. After that leg injury I can't take a risk on him, so the price can't be too high. Must be a lower risk high reward trade. But I know a lineup of

(Durant next offseason),

Now that looks scary and actually works out time wise. If they play the contracts right they should be able to offer Durant a Max deal in 2016. We can offer him a higher upside thunder like team with the benefit of being in the east not west. If I was Durant I'd consider that. Assuming Embiid and the prospect turn out to be for real.


Durant would probably have 76ers on the lowest 5 destinations in the league there doing the right thing going to have to develop some talent in house just need to stop trading it away for future draft picks

I'm assuming the Sixers plan works really well. Like Embiid is a beast next year and mudiay and Russell are a perfect pairing. O and noel and Embiid can play together at the same time.

If those all work out. Philadelphia would jump up much higher on Durants desired location list. Right now it's hard for me to think that anyone can look at the Sixers as a destination to go in 2015. But by 2016 that all might change depending on this years draft and Embiids potential continuing to rise.

I'm not denying those players all have a lot of potential but russel and mudiay embiiid all are entering there first year in the league and therefore will play as rookies do with potential and a lot of mistakes he's not going to leave the thunder with the veteran team he has around him for another small market team with a bunch of young guys who will as all rookies do need time to develop that's not going to happen in one season

02 Mar 2015 02:50:27
4 team block buster

SAC trades Cousins, Williams, Thompson, Evans, and Collison

SAC gets, Rubio, Pekovic, Kanter, Batum, and Portland 2015 first rounder, 2 min second
why? get a ton of solid players in return for the angry cousins
draft Turner and cliff alexander

Rubio/ McCalum
Mclemore/ Miller
Gay/ Batum
Turner/ Alexander
Pek/ Kanter

Portland trades Lilliard, Batum, Afflalo, 1st

Portland gets Durant, Collison, Lamb
why? pair up two top 10 players

Collison/ Blake
Matthews/ Lamb
Durant/ Wright
Aldrige/ Freeland
Lopez/ Leanord

OKC trades Durant, Lamb, Kanter

OKC gets Cousins, Afflalo, Martin, Muhammad
why? if durant wants to leave this is a lot of great pieces for him and this team is easily a 5 seed

Westbrook/ Augustin
Martin/ Affalo
Muhammad/ Singler
Ibaka/ Collison
Cousins/ Adams

Min trades Rubio, Muhammad, Martin, Pek, 2 seconds

Min gets Lilliard, Thompson, Williams, Evans
why? they get a star in lilliard and save 8mil
draft Towns and sign Loul deng

Lilliard/ Lavine
wiggins/ Robinson III
Deng/ Williams
Towns/ Thompson
Dieng/ Evans

Absolutely horrendous trade for Wolves, they would never do it

02 Mar 2015 23:10:29
Bro I'm a wolves fan too! They get Lilliard who is a top 5 PG and they keep the #1-3 pick!!! And they keep wiggins. It's a great trade for the wolves!

Except they lose all depth and they are paying way too much for Lilliard, Rubio is a jump shot away from being a star and he looks like he almost has it fixed, Muhammad has great potential, and they give up two sold starters for Lillard and garbage

01 Mar 2015 23:49:04
Blockbuster that would never happen

Portland gets Kanter, Augustin, Ross, 2x second rounders from raptors

Lilliard/ Augustin
Matthews/ McColum
Ross/ Wright
Aldridge/ Leanord
Lopez/ Kanter

OKC gets Lowry, Derozan, Batum 1st from raptors

Lowry/ Telfair
Westbrook/ Morrow
Derozan/ Batum
Ibaka/ Collison
Adams/ Draft

TOR gets Durant, Afflalo, Blake

Vasquez/ Blake
Afflalo/ Williams
Durant/ Cabolco
Johnson/ Hansbrough
Valanciunas/ Nogueria

No from Raps

Benefits Blazers too much, and destroys Raptors team for a player that would probably leave.

01 Mar 2015 21:02:24
I made a Lakers offseason scenario a few weeks back (different account), and I don't quite remember all of the details-however I do remember I received a lot of positive feedback from not just my fellow Lakers fans, but from NBA fans as well. So here is another Lakers offseason scenario, more detailed with cap and contract notes. Enjoy

1. Draft day

IF and only IF the Lakers are able to keep their top 5 pick, let's say based off of mock drafts, they get pick #4; I think they should make this trade:
Lakers receive: Trey Burke (2.6M in 2016), Jazz possible 8th pick
Jazz receive: Lakers possible 4th pick

-Jazz already benched Burke in favors of Dante Exum. Next season, they will be getting back Alec Burks, who was seen to be the 6th man of the Jazz, a role and the position Burke is in. With the 4th pick, they have the possibility to get better by drafting D'Angelo Russell or Mudiay to be their future PG, and have the interchangeable back court.

Lakers Draft: Willy Cauley-Stein

2. Free Agency (available 30M)

Lakers have 30M available to spend BEFORE picking up the options of Jordan Clarkson, Tarik Black, Jordan Hill and the trade I mentioned above however the Lakers have trade exceptions worth nearly 3M (possibly expired).

Weaknesses: defense, wing scoring

well, offer:
-Jimmy Butler (4y, 80m)
*Before Bulls fans start to say "He's staying" "Chicago is offering him the max" "He wants to stay in Chicago". Look at what's unfolding in your franchise. Your MVP point guard injures his knee EVERY season for the past 3-4 years! In other words, you guys are in a grey state: not a contending team and not a bad team. The Clippers of the East. You guys have a 61M payroll next season, the cap is expected to jump to 67M. The 61M payroll does not include the contracts of Kirk Hinrich (PO) and Aron Brooks (UFA) meaning you must either re-sign them or replace them. Even if you trade away Gibson (8.5M), that would place you guys at 53M, matching any max contract would place the Bulls salary above 75M. The expected luxury line is 77M. Is he worth limiting your movement or should you guys just try to go after Wes Mathews and develop Snell/Doug? It's just a scenario so don't panic.

-Rajon Rondo (3y, 33m - 1m less than current contract)
*Very possible, Kobe plans to recruit him heavily, and that spat with Carlisle isn't helping anything. I'm sure that wouldn't be the sole reason he leaves, but like I said, it surely doesn't help. Scott would give him freedom on offense as long as he defends because Scott has horrible offense strategy

3. Re-sign

-Ed Davis (2y, 8m)

Pick up TOs

-Jordan Clarkson
-Tarik Black

*Sadly, Robert Sacre would have to be let go (money, his contract steadily increases) and Jordan Hill would cost too much to keep--Lakers would have less money to spend

PG: Rajon Rondo/Trey Burke
SG: Kobe Bryant/Jordan Clarkson/(Rockets pick)
SF: Jimmy Butler/Nick Young/(Rockets pick)
PF: Julius Randle/Ryan Kelly/Tarik Black
C: Willy Cauley-Stein/Ed Davis

-Rajon Rondo can make Cauley-Stein look like gold. a lot of lobs and easy baskets around the rim
-Trey Burke can be what Reggie Jackson was for OKC, except no one will blame him (maybe Kobe, jk)
-Lakers get a shot blocker, which is what they desperately needed.
-Front court chemistry with Randle and Cauley-Stein
-Good all around balance of defense/offense

I said the Lakers had 30M to spend, with all additions, they would have spent nearly 36M, Meaning they are 6M over but not entirely over the luxury line.

Rondo isn't going to play for lakers. He might sign with rockets. he's much older now and he wants to win not rebuild

Its funny that you mention look at what is happening with the bulls. yeah, without rose they are in the top 3. Even when the lakers had Kobe, they were in the bottom. i'd EASILY choose to stay with the bulls if I was butler.

Rondo. he's on an old contract. And now in his prime you want to offer him less. Or he can go to any of the 5-10 teams that would be willing to be more like 15 mill per year which hell get and have a supporting cast besides kobe throwing up 25 shots a game at 35%.

The jazz will not give up trey burke AND the 8th for the 4th. Its always amazing how lakers fans thinking works. Just because its la means nothing. The major markets are chicago, new york and la. The lakers have so little upside because of kobe holding everything down. Chicago is going strong and at least new york has phil jackson, a top scorer in his prime AND tons of cap space. This is a miserable post.

I do however love how you claim to have gotten so much love for a prior post with a different name for which you can't find now.

02 Mar 2015 01:44:32
Jimmy Butler is not worth 20 million a year

Harris more realistic then Butler

Everything is reasonable, and in the case of the draft day trade, creative and fair.

That said, and no matter how much you try to ration it, the Bulls will keep Butler. Yes, Rose is out of the lineup more than in, but that's why they need to hold on to a rising star like Butler. Yes, their cap situation is not favourable, but it wouldn't be with or without Butler.

For the team options of players, teams have to decide it whatever they will pick up or not, before June 30, 2015. Also, Lakers is going to have $22-23M cap space. If they would trade for T.Burke, it would be about $21M.

Possible max contract for Butler won't be more than 4-year, $72M. Anyway, we know Bulls will match any offer for Jimmy.

1) got to commend you simply for having the contrasting qualities of being a lakers fan in 2015 and being realistic in the moves potentially made.

2) as a bulls fan, IF lakers offer butler 18-20 mil a year, bulls say no and probably blow it up or give snell a larger role

3) I think davis starts over caulie-stien

01 Mar 2015 14:58:51

SAC get Taj Gibson , Joakim Noah , Jeremy Lamb and their pick back


CHI get Kevin Durant and Enes Kanter


OKC get DeMarcus Cousins and Jimmy Butler


28 Feb 2015 23:55:05
OKC offseason plan

Huge blockbuster

Wizards get Kevin Durant and Jeremy Lamb

Kings get Nene, Otto Porter, Perry Jones, and 2017 WAS 1st round pick

Thunder get Bradley Beal, Rudy Gay, Ramon Sessions, and 2015 WAS 1st rd pick

PF. Ibaka/ McGary/ Cliff Alexander (DP)
SF. Gay/ Singler/ Roberson
C. Kanter/ Adams/ Collison
SG. Beal/ Waiters/ Morrow
Pg. Westbrook/ Augustine/ Sessions

28 Feb 2015 22:32:43
Sixers draft 1st round plans:

Our 1st- deangelo russell
Heat 1st- jerian grant
Trade saric and sims to get bobby portis and 2nd round pick
Thunder 1st- Trey Lyles

I don't think there's a star potential player in anyone of those guys. I need more of a risk with our first pick. Mudiay I think would be best. Good news is he might fall too. Hasn't pkayed in so long people might have forgotten he was the concensious number two pick behind okafor for the begining of the season. Then he stopped playing and all of a sudden has dropped possibly out of the top four.

Russel on the other hand was a project late first rounder and even though his play has been excellent I just can't ignore that. How can a guy a late first jump to a top three pick in half a season??

So i'm going to take risks and make trades so I get at least two potential stars in this draft. I want mudiay and Stanley Johnson if possible. Johnson would require a trade of probably Miami pick and okc pick.

^^^ there isn't a single mock draft with him outside the top 4. almost all have him at 2, so not really sure where youve gotten any of that information

If you look at college preseason mocks he was a late first rounder. Of course I was also reminded earlier that Embiid, who I love, wasn't a projected top pick and played into the spot.

I just feel Embiid had elite skills. And given his short time in the game you could see him developing a ton more. He is a natural.

Russel though I don't see any elite qualities in him. He's slow. average dribbler. Can shoot but he uses his height a lot which is nice in college but the NBA guards will be able to match him. Not the best passer either. Either way I don't hate him. I think he's a top 7 or so pick. Just doesn't have an elite skill set yet. Might deveope more as the season goes on.

28 Feb 2015 15:52:23
Boston-Oklahoma City-Sacramento mega deal

Boston recive Kevin Durant , Jason Thompson

Oklahoma receive DeMarcus Cousins , 2 1st round picks from Boston and James Young

Sacramento get Enes Kanter , 1st from Celtics , Kelly Olynyk and cash from Boston

Have to laugh at this post.

Yeah, sacremento seems like they def want to get rid of a top 3 center, that's 24, and a beast. for 2 mediocre prospects and a draft pick. great trade.

28 Feb 2015 15:49:10

Sixers get DeMarcus Cousins , Wilson Chandler and Gary Harris

Kings get Ty Lawson and Joel Embiid

Nuggets get OKC pick , Miami pick , Darren Collison

This seems to be a bit of a "force fit". sixers say no. not that the value isn't worth it, timing is just wrong to bring cousins over to buy into the player development and rebuild. you can have embiid and noel wrapped up for 3 years for the price of 1 year of cousins. just doesn't make sense.

Sixers say hell no. Two 1st round picks plus embiid for cousins and two crappy players is a hell no. Just forget about cousins going to philly because it ain't happening. Trade him to the lakers or knicks that's more believable.

Hahaha what in the world has embiid done to warrant all this holier than thou nonsense? he is NOT olajowon. You get a lottery draft pick in harris, wilson chandler which is a very solid player. AND a top 2 center that has actually played a minute in the league. simmer down with this embiid is the best prospect ever. So was oden, howd that turn out?

Pizza. Honestly since your not from here you may not have seen any of his practices. He's actually an above average to excellent shooter and his body has actually gotten even bigger. Not fatter as some reports may have said. He's about 270 right now and its all muscle. Freaky really. Sixers got to let his body adjust to all This new muscle before he plays. Three years ago he weighed maybe 200 pounds. He looks like a natural " a guy who doesn't need any training". A freak big that the NBA hasn't seen for a while. Everything he tries he can do.

That's why we don't want to trade him. Mostly how fast he's deveoped. Most guys don't get this good practicing there entire careers. not to mention he's in a 7 foot 270 body which is rare on its own.

Oden is oden. Embiid is much better than oden obviously. Everyone should just stop comparing people to others because nobody is the same. Oden was the 1st pick because blazers r f in stupid and could have gotten durant who went 2nd overall

And embiid doesn't have to be olojuwon to be a great player.

28 Feb 2015 04:36:45
76ers offseason:
1. KEEP Nerlens Noel. 14 pts, 13 rebs, 3 blks, 2 stls tonight in win vs Wiz. Starting to put groups of good games together.
2. KEEP Joel Embiid. This guy is the real deal. Paired with Noel, awesome rim protection, and he really does have post moves like Olajiwoun. He's going to be an AllStar.
3. Find some way to get Saric over for next year. He's a stud at 6'10". Outstanding passer, solid shooter, always in the right place at the right time.
4. Draft DeAngelo Russell. Whoever thinks he's going to be a bust, I just don't get it. NBA execs love him, and he can handle the ball, shoot the 3, and is an incredible passer.
5. Package Miami's #1(12-16), and OKC's #1(19-21) to move up and pick Hezonja(possibly to Utah, Bos, Indy, Det). He can light it up, and can play surprisingly good "D".
C: Embiid, Noel, Sims
PF: Noel, Saric, T.Robinson
SF: Covington, Saric, Grant
SG: Hezonja, McCrae, Rusell, Wroten,
PG: Russell, Canaan, P.Jackson, Wroten

Plus, still have 5 second round picks to work with(Orlando's and Denver's having some value, both in the #35-37 range. Also have Lakers #1 next year, only 1-3 protected. May luck out and have that pick fall to us at #6 or 7 this year. If that happens, draft Hezonja with LA's pick, Kaminsky with Miami's pick, and Grant, Lyles, Wright, Dunn or Portis with OKC's pick.

Saric is slow at 3, weak at 4. I think he should play one more year in Europe.

Sounds great. But philly gm will trade everyone away looking for the next best thing. I'm from philly. They won't win until heinke is gone. Sorry

I like what u said about sixers plans but i'm just not liking deangelo russell. I like mudiay and jerian. i'm just iffey on ohio st players

Go 76ers. as a HUGE sixers fan for 30 years, I can understand the uneasiness with an ohio state guard(see evan "stomach" turner). But, imo, Russell is just a perfect fit. Embiid and Russell will be awesome together.

I am a Turkish basketball fan and living in Istanbul where Saric's team, Anadolu Efes, is located in. I don't know but some fans are overrating him. He isn't even the best power forward in Turkish Basketball League. Fenerbahce's Nemanja Bjelica, 25, is the best 4, both in Turkey and Europe, whose rights belong to Timberwolves. I mean, first he should be the best PF in Europe before playing in NBA, like Mirotic. That's why I said he should play one more year in Europe in order to have more polished game and NBA-ready body.

Im not saying that your wrong. Maybe russell will be really good but I just don't c it yet. Who knows until it happens. Maybe sixers will draft russell and mudiay/or jerian.

Go 76ers
sixers pick Russell with their own pick and Jerian Grant with the Miami pick(11-16). I could see that developing into a exciting young backcourt.

I like it, jvoug. Especially keeping Noel and Joel. They will be the cornerstones for years. We can add Russell or Stanley Johnson early. And Portis or Kaminsky later. Next year 2-3 more first round picks. So, do not despair, faithful. There will come a point at which Hinkie will decide it's time to let it run. I think that time will be midway through next season. And in 2016-17 we will be a solid contender. Then we'll start looking to sign free agents.

I'd rather have mudiay then Russell. I need star potential and explosiveness. Russel just lacks the It factor from what I've seen. He uses his height a lot and in the NBA that just won't be there anymore. ( either the other guards are tall like him or much more athletic) Granted only seen the games they show on normal tv. Mudiay I haven't seen anything but highlights and low lights in YouTube clips. But I like a lot of what I've seen. Explosiveness for sure and he's the better shot creator which I think the Sixers could use even with noel playing better and joel coming back next year. Soi love your ideas but would like mudiay over russel for now. Wouldn't mind Stanley Johnson or a small forward if we move up either so that's fine with the euro there too.

What about sixers trade sims and saric for bobby portis and a 2nd round pick. he's going to be a stud in the nba. i'm tellin u he's going to be a steal and can possibly be the best big man in this years draft. And also draft russell and jerian. that's going to be our future right there. Then mcrae comes to philly to split time with covington at small forward.

I do like how russell is a lefty.

U don't want stanley. Trust me on that. In the very beginning of the season I wanted him. But now I don't c him fitting in with us and our future plans. And don't forget about jordan mcrae. He has some serious potential and will be a great small forward for us.

But let's be honest. I really think the sixers will pass on russell and get mudiay.

I do believe Embiid wasn't a projected lottery pick in the beginning of last years college basketball season but he made the jump to the top of the lottery. we can agree to disagree on either russell or mudiay, but keeping noel and embiid is crucial.

Jvoug. That true with Embiid as well your right. I just think Russell doesn't have anything he does amazing. Looks solid but a top pick for me has to be special. Russel does have game of course. He's no scrub. But I also take notice of his team. They're unranked and I find that unusal. If they have a top three player in this years draft, which should mean they have an elite player, why are they so underrated by scouts. It does men's something for sure.

Go Sixers. I would only go Stanley at 7 or later. That's why I think it's possible to move up to get him. He's got some talent but probably a specialist for now. And I don't actually count macree until he's here. Same thing with saric. I got to see them actually playing here before their on the roster. even if that's the case. Johnson can play shooting guard as well. He's a development guy for now though.

Mudiay is riding the bench in China -stuck behind Will Bynum, f'chrissakes.

Boy howdie. He's riding the bench because he got injured and given the super short season and the fact they can only have. Two foreign guys on the roster at a time they choose to sign will Bynum to replace him rather then wait out the injury to mudiay. That's just how it work over there. It wasn't even a controversy because of the rules there.

But before he left he passed all the eye tests. Really quick. Really fast. And has an elite athletism you don't usually see in guard. You could project him to be a Westbrook type of player. I'm not going that far yet because frankly he's only 19.

Boy howdie. I actually just saw that your right. He's officially playing again for that team in China. Coming off the bench. Putting up some good numbers but I wanted to add that in there since I thought he was done for the season overthere.

I'm ok with that. But I'd wait and draft the Grant kid from ND. I want two big guards out of this draft that can both score, shoot and handle the ball.

Embiid, Simms
Noel, Robinson
Covington, Grant
McRae, Russell
Grant, Wroten
Saric still overseas
Veteran point guard
Veteran banger inside

I think a backcourt of Russell AND Mudiay would be awesome. We take one of the two with our pick, and trade the lakers pick and OKCs pick for the rights to draft the other. Hinkie will do something on draft day, why not get his backcourt set. And we still have Miami's #1!

27 Feb 2015 18:32:31

Sixers get gay and kings 1st round pick next year

Kings get lakers pick and thunder 1st

Why would the Sixers want Gay? They're your team, so you know there looking to find studs in the draft, not trade picks for a poor mans Carmelo Anthony.

Cuz gay is a really good small forward and could be a leader for young sixers

And personally as a sixers fan I don't really no what to do anymore but to wait like 2 more years

27 Feb 2015 14:16:55
since everyone is trading Embiid & Cousins


DEN get: Nik Stauskus, OKC 2015 1st DP (via 76ers) & MIA 2015 1st DP (via 76ers)

Draft: Justice Winslow (6th) & Isiah Taylor (16th)

pg. taylor
sg. stauskus/winslow
sf. galonari/winslow
pf. faried
c. nurkic

SAC get: Ty Lawson, Joel Embiid, & Wilson Chandler

Draft: Myles Turner (7th)

pg. lawson
sg. mclemore
sf. chandler
pf. turner
c. embiid

PHI get: Demarcus Cousins & Rudy Gay

Draft: D'Angelo Russell (2nd)

pg. russell
sg. wroten
sf. gay
pf. noel
c. cousins

There is no way the sixers give up 2 1st Round Draft picks with Joel for Cousins and Washed up Ridy Gay this is awful the sixers could of had cousins over Noel two years ago but they turned doen the offer for Jrue

Ok now that's a good trade that involves embiid. But I think kings would want a late 1st round pick OR two 2nd round picks. Then it will be a done deal.

And I do think that something like this will probably happen

LOL you think Gay is washed up? and Cousins is the best center in the game right now. Embiid proved nothing. 76ers fans need to realize your players proved nothing and can't win, if you have the chance to get a super star center and a borderline all star wing, you take it.

No way the kings offered cousins for jrue holiday, show me the source, bc that is BS.

This trade is actually very close at least for Sixers. We're losing a lot. Joel might even be better then cousins all by himself but we're not sure yet. This would certiainly jump start the rebuild.

However, given the money cousins is going to make. Sixers are giving too much. Embiid maybe. But another two first rounders. Seems too costly to take on a high contract. So I think I'd say no at this point.

The current trend of nba salaries keeps increasing, so if embiid becomes nearly as good as Cousins, let's say within the next few years, his contract will be even more expensive. cousins is proven and effective, embiid has literally proven nothing.

I think the main reason is timing. Cousins will be making a ton much sooner then Embiid. That hurt the flexibility of a rebuilding team. if Embiid is as good as cousins is it take four years for him to make the huge salaries. Mean while during that time you can sign a super free agent to compliment him.

However if you get cousins there's no room for free agent additions. That's a similar problem the Kings are facing now. Got a great core in cousins. But can't build around him due to cap and other issues. Rudy gay unfortunately hasn't panned out as hoped. That's compounding this problem. Sixers want three cousins on their rookie deals.

That's what this tanking process is all about. not sure it will work but that's where it is and why I say no to cousins.

^that is why you're crazy

Celtics for life. Well it's a plan at least. That's something. I'm not saying that it's my favorite plan but its what there shooting for. At least get two supers to build around and then sign a super free agent to put them over the top. Imagine thunder except add James harden back onto the team. That's what they want.

26 Feb 2015 01:30:31

OKC gets Courtney Lee
Memphis gets Jeremy Lamb and Andre Roberson

OKC drafts #18 Terry Rozier PG

Extend Kanter and Waiters

PF. S. Ibaka/ M. McGary/ S. Novak
SF. K. Durant/ K. Singler/ P. Jones
C. E. Kanter/ S. Adams/ N. Collison
SG. C. Lee/ D. Waiters/ A. Morrow
PG. R. Westbrook/ D. Augustine/ T. Rozier

OKC won't own their pick this year.

Yea sixers will get their pick

24 Feb 2015 20:56:31
Lakers get Russell Westbrook

Thunder get Julius Randle and Emmanuel Mudiay (pick 2015)

Thunder say no, they can't afford to trade one of their superstars and then potentially have the other one leave (Durant") a year later. If they can get a star back for Westbrook, then maybe, but not for future potential.

Westbrook is a bonafide superstar. Not going anywhere period. Not for two draft picks who have done nothing in the NBA. He is up for MVP. Get a grip

23 Feb 2015 23:00:02
Min- OKC

Min gets Kevin Durant

OKC gets Kevin Martin and Shabazz Muhammad and #3 pick 2015 and 2016 pick

Rubio/ Lavine
Wiggins/ Robinson III
Durant/ Budinger
Dieng/ Bennett/ Payne
Pek/ Garnett

Theres no way that wiggins and duant can play good basketball together.

Minnesota won't give up that much for a one year rental

No way u can get Durant without wiggins

Why would d Minnesota trade away their future for a one year rental?

What everyone here seems to be forgetting is that there is no way the Thunder make this trade either. Durant has not said anything yet to suggest he has eliminated the possibility of resigning with OKC, and you don't just trade away one of the two to three best players in the league.

23 Feb 2015 14:13:28
Sixers Draft:
Trade Lakers pick in 2016 (Top 3 Protected) for Olidipo

Sixers Draft: Munday (3)
Devon Booker (Heat Pick)
Rondae Hollis Jefferson (Thunder Pick)

Hollis Jefferson/Covvington
Noel/(Sign Veteran)

Magic pass, olapido would be a Top 3 pick this year and next.

We could take a bad contract back from them

Maybe lakers pick and two 2nd rounders

I would trade the lakers pick(only 1-3 protected next year) , and pick #35 and #38 this year fo oidipo and take back fryes contract. I would draft Russell, not mudiay to play in the backcourt with olidipo. Both guys can handle the ball, Russell is an amazing passer, and both can shoot(joel embiid will now be a force). why draft mudaiy and hope in 3 years he develops a jump shot?

Orlando won't part with Oladipo he's a key part of their future and looks like him and Payton could form a nice duo they are more likely to part with Harris who jus doesn't fit their style.

There's too much uncertainty with the Laker's pick. The protection also takes out a good chance that it will be for a franchise superstar. The Magic aren't giving up a team cornerstone for such a risky proposition.

23 Feb 2015 03:37:59
As you all know I am a Thunder fan

Knicks get Kevin Durant and Steven Adams

Thunder get Carmelo Anthony, #1 pick in the 2015 draft, and Tim Hardaway Jr.

Knicks do this to bring in free agents. They only do this if Durant agrees to sign long term. This likely allows Lamarcus Aldridge (or Paul Millsap) and Rajon Rondo (or Goran Dragic) to sign with them.

Thunder allow Westbrook to take the team over with Carmelo as his #2

PF. S. Ibaka/ M. McGary/ P. Jones
SF. C. Anthony/ K. Singler/ A. Roberson
C. E. Kanter/ J. Okafor/ N. Collison
SG. T. Hardaway/ D. Waiters/ A. Morrow
Pg. R. Westbrook/ D. Augustine/ draft pick

Why would you do this to your team?

U don't seem like a thunder fan to me

Melo agreeing to be a #2 option, good luck with that.

Cuz Durant is going to leave after next season and Westbrook is a better leader

Westbrook is not a good leader because when he's on the court he always makes everything about him

If Westbrook has his own team he will be better than Iverson was

The answer will reck westbrook.

22 Feb 2015 02:04:34
76ers / Magic

Draft day trade:

76ers trade lakers 2016 #1 (only 1-3 protected next year, very slim chance it conveys this year to sixers), Covington, and Miami's #1(11-15) for olidipo and frye.

Magic get a high lottery pick next year, another #1(possibly late lottery) in this years draft, and Covington. Plus they rid themselves of fryes horrible contract for 3 years(still owed $23million over the next 3 years).
Sixers get guard to pair with either Russell or Mudiay, whoever they pick. Draft Kaminsky or Portis with OKC's #1 this year.
PG: Russell or Mudiay, Canaan, Wroten
SG: Olidipo, Wroten, McCrae
SF: Saric/Grant
PF: Noel, Saric, Kaminsky, Frye
C: Embiid, Sims, Noel

I love olidipo but your giving magic too much for olidipo amd frye

This is a lot for olidipo. Take on a terrible contract with three full year left. And give up a bunch of picks. Sixers probably would do the lakers pick and Covington. That's enough. Maybe through in a second rounder.

How about lakers #1 in 2016, Covington or Wroten(magic choice), and Magics #2 back(currently #35) for olidipo and fryes bad contract?

No don't trade lakers pick for olidipo. If they choose to trade the lakers pick I would rather have them trade it for a guy who is a veteran who is a leader for his team on the court and who puts up numbers.

With running your offense through Embiid next year, it is an absolute MUST that you have a pg who can run the pick and roll. To do that, your point guard HAS TO be able to knock down jump shots. This is basketball 101. Mudiay cannot do this, Russell(and olidipo) can. Embiid will flourish with a backcourt of Russell and Olidipo.

Sixers need to pass on Oladipo. Why all the love? He's pedestrian. And they cannot trade Covington. He's their best (maybe only) shooter and he's signed through '17-'18 at a total of just over $3M.

Its just a tough call to make.

Mudiay has time to work on his jump shot especially with having the help of brett brown.

Mudiay is riding a Chinese bench. He will be a bust.

I don't think mudiay is going to be a bust but it's a little concerning that will bynums numbers are better as his replacement rn

21 Feb 2015 23:03:47
My sixers draft plans:

with our 1st- we draft emmanuel mudiay to replace mcw

I totally doubt sixers will get lakers pick this year but if they do then they draft- stanley johnson

Heat 1st- we get jerian grant. If he gets drafted before heat pick then we will trade the heat pick and two late 2nd rounders to get him.

Okc 1st- we get andrew harrison

Magic 2nd round pick- we get aaron harrison

Denvers 2nd rounder- we get brandon dawson

Why would you draft mudiay and then trade up to get his backup grants going to play pg you know that right

No grant is going to play shooting guard do u know that.


Oh my bad someone should inform the experts that they have him scouted as pure pg but he's playing sg next year

I don't give a sh where they say his position is. He is a shooting guard and if he gets drafted by sixers then he will play shooting guard for us.

So three point guards in the 1st round?

20 Feb 2015 09:02:49
That's for you guys


Celtics & Suns

Celtics get I.Thomas
Suns get M.Thornton and CLE's 2016 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-10)

Pistons & Celtics

Pistons get T.Prince
Celtics get J.Jerebko and L.Datome

Suns & Bucks

Suns get B.Knight and K.Marshall (waived)
Bucks get M.Carter-Williams, M.Plumlee and T.Ennis
76ers LAL's 2015 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-5)

Rockets & 76ers

Rockets get K.J.McDaniels
76ers get I.Canaan and DEN's 2015 2nd round pick

Rockets & Knicks

Rockets get P.Prigioni
Knicks get A.Shved, HOU's 2017 and 2019 2nd round picks

Timberwolves & Nets

Timberwolves get K.Garnett
Nets get T.Young

Heat & Suns & Pelicans

Heat gets G.Dragic and Z.Dragic
Suns get D.Granger, J.Salmons and MIA's 2017 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-7), MIA's 2021 1st round pick (unprotected) and cash considerations
Pelicans get N.Cole, J.Hamilton and S.Williams (waived)

Nuggets & 76ers

Nuggets get rights to C.Akyol
76ers get J.McGee, OKC's 2015 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-18) and rights to

Thunder & Pelicans

Pelicans get I.Smith, rights to L.Williams, OKC's protected 2015 2nd round pick and cash considerations
Thunder gets NOLA's protected 2016 2nd round pick

Thunder & Jazz & Pistons

Thunder gets E.Kanter, D.J.Augustine, K.Singler, S.Novak and DET's 2019 2nd round pick
Jazz get K.Perkins (buyout), G.Jarrett, rights to T.Pleiss, OKC's protected 2017 1st round pick and DET's 2017 2nd round pick

Kings & Wizards

Kings get A.Miller
Wizards get R.Sessions

Trail Blazers & Nuggets

Trail Blazers get A.Afflalo and A.Gee
Nuggets get T.Robinson (buyout), W.Barton, V.Claver, POR's 2016 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-14) and 2nd round pick

I'm still baffled by the return the 76ers got for MCW

Im shocked about the return we got for mcw. But I think its obvious now that sixers r going to draft emmanuel mudiay.

Wish pistons could have traded for Mo Harkless instead of Prince.

^It was a great return, but Mudiay's stock is falling. Expect Russell to be the pick.

I don't expect russell to be a sixer and never will. Sixers want mudiay and they will get him period. Its just going to happen.

What is the 76ers actual plan? I am so lost by these moves.

19 Feb 2015 19:52:50
Last Minute Deal


BKN get: Perkins (exp), Jerebko (exp), Anthony (exp), Datome (exp), Singler (exp), Jeremy Lamb, Anthony Morrow, & Brandon Jennings

DET get: Reggie Jackson & Joe Johnson

OKC get: Brook Lopez & Caron Butler

So glad Joe and his 20+ mill didn't come

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