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26 Jan 2015 02:45:10
Thunder - Nets - Knicks - Wolves

Thunder trade Perkins, Jackson, Lamb, McGary, Jerrett

Thunder get Lopez, Williams, Anderson, Acy

Nets trade Lopez, Anderson

Nets get Young, Lamb, Smith

Knicks trade Calderon, Acy, Smith, 2018 first round pick (top 5 protected till 2020 then becomes 2020 and 2021 second round picks)

Knicks get Jackson, Perkins

Wolves trade Young, Williams

Wolves get Calderon, McGary, Jerrett, Knicks 2018 first round pick

Thunder unload the log jam at SG and get a low post scorer. By moving out Jackson (who will be trade with Waiters added) it removed the Thunder from giving up a first round pick in a deal.

Nets reportedly want Young in any trade for Lopez (don't ask me why?) so the Nets swap out Lopez (no longer their future at center) for Young and a prospect (Lamb).

Wolves swap out Young and Williams (two veterans who won't be with the team next year) for McGary and a first round pick. The downside for this is they have to take back Calderon and his remaining three years on his deal. However a Rubio/Calderon duo at point guard would make the Wolves a must watch team.

Now why would the Knicks give up a future first round pick to get Jackson now instead of just over paying him in free agency? Two reasons. 1) moving out Calderon in the trade give the Knicks enough cap space to sign two max players in the offseason. 2) by having Jackson's bird rights, they can wait to resign him using his bird rights after signing potentially two max players. While Jackson would be a decent third option on a team, as a forth option behind a big three would bolt the Knicks back to the playoffs in one season. It is a risky move to make but a risk Phil Jackson might make.






25 Jan 2015 21:56:56
Lakers- Thunder

Lakers Trade: Jordan Hill, Ed Davis, Jermey Lin

Thunder Trade: Reggie Jackson, Kendrick Perkins, Jeremy Lamb

Center: Tarik Black Kendrick Perkins Robert Sacre
Power Forward: Ryan Kelly Carlos Boozer
Small Forward: Wesley Johnson Nick Young
Shooting Guard: Jeremy Lamb Wayne Ellington
Point Guard: Reggie Jackson Jordan Clarkson Ronnie Price

Players Out For The Season:
Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Juluis Randle

Center: Steven Adams Jordan Hill
Power Forward: Serge Ibaka Ed Davis
Small Forward: Kevin Durnat Anthony Morrow
Shooting Guard: Andre Roberson Dion Waiters
Point Guard: Russell Westbrook Jeremy Lin




25 Jan 2015 21:46:49
Knicks get Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb

Thunder get THJ, Cleanthony Early, and 2015 2nd round pick (31-35)

PF. S. Ibaka/ N. Collison/ G. Jarrett
SF. K. Durant/ P. Jones/ C. Early
C. S. Adams/ K. Perkins/ M. McGary
SG. THJ/ A. Morrow/ A. Roberson
Pg. R. Westbrook/ D. Waiters/ I. Smith


Knicks 2nd round pick belongs to the Rockets. Either way bad trade for OKC






25 Jan 2015 19:25:48
Thunder get Greg Monroe

Pistons get Reggie Jackson and EITHER Mitch McGary OR Perry Jones




25 Jan 2015 16:26:53
3 team trade

Knicks- reggie jackson and thunder 2nd rnd pick

Nets- jeremy lamb and kendrick perkins

Thunder- brook lopez and jose calderon


So the Knicks get reggie Jackson and a 2nd rounder for Calderon? Lol that's ridiculous




25 Jan 2015 16:19:17
Detroit / Oklahoma City / Boston

Pistons - Reggie Jackson, Jared Sullinger,
LAC 2015 1st Round Pick via Bos

Thunder - Brandon Bass & Greg Monroe

Celtics - Kendrick Perkins, Perry Jones,
DET 2015 1st Round Pick, OKL
2017 1st Round Pick


This would be believable if pistons and okc weren't giving up first round picks.




25 Jan 2015 14:10:56

DET get: Reggie Jackson (s&t)
Get a replacement for Jennings, can shift to SG when Jennings Returns

pg. Jackson (Jennings)
sg. kcp (Jackson)
sf. singler
pf. Monroe
c. drummond

BKN get: Perkins (exp), Jerebko (exp), Anthony (exp), & Datome (exp)
Expiring deals for Brook

pg. Williams
sg. bogdonavic
sf. Johnson
pf. garnett
c. plumlee

OKC get: Brook Lopez

pg. westbrook
sg. waiters
sf. Durant
pf. ibaka
c. lopez/adams


Take out Anthony add a 2nd from Detroit.


Take out Anthony add a 2nd from Detroit.


Detroit is better off just signing a point guard. They already have Augustin and Dinwiddie. No need to trade guys who have been important this season like Jerebko.




24 Jan 2015 22:56:29
Wizards - Rockets - Kings - Magic

Wizards trade Blair, 2018 second round pick
Wizards get Stauskas

Rockets trade Shved, Knicks 2015 and 2016 second round picks
Rockets get Blair, Sessions

Kings trade Stauskas, Sessions, Williams
Kings get Frye, Ben Gordon, Knicks 2016 second round pick

Magic trade Frye, Gordon
Magic get Shved, D. Williams, Knicks 2015 second round pick (Rokcets), Wizards 2018 second round pick

Wizards swap out Blair (no PT) and a future second round pick for the former lottery shooter who has already been labeled by many as a bust.

Rockets need to upgrade at back up center and point guard so they give up a few second round picks and an expiring contract for two savvy vets.

Kings look at add veteran shooting and floor spacing to allow Gay and Cousins to work one on one better.

Magic gain some expiring contracts, rid themselves of that bad Fyre contract, and get two second round pick. The Knicks pick with any luck will be #31 overall so it is almost the same as getting a late first round pick for two verteran players they never should of signed. Win win.




24 Jan 2015 22:38:33
OKC Get: Terrance Jones, Rockets 2nd

Rockets Get: Reggie Jackson, Brandon Bass

Celtics Get: Jason Terry

Mr. Best in the World

Rockets need to give more. Bos won't move Bass for terry

succeed and proceed



24 Jan 2015 18:27:51
Pacers get Perkins, Jackson second round pick

Thunder get hibbert

Pacers get Patterson,fields and first from raptors

Raptors get West and Martin

Wolves get Hayes and second

Nets get Calderon and Smith and first

Knicks get Williams

Celtics get Stat (waive) Barj (waive
Knicks get Thornton, Bass and Wallace

Nets get McGee,Affalo,Foye two firsts and second

Nuggets get Lopez and JJ

Bulls get Stephenson

hornets get mirotovic and Hinrich

Lakers get mayo

Bucks get Lin

Suns get hill and Clarkson

Lakers get dragic


Lakers not trading Clarkson he see how well he played against the spurs last night he's the future


BUCKS (no injury)
PG: Knight / Lin
SG: Antetokounmpo / Dudley
SF: Parker / Middleton
PF: Ilyasova / Henson
C: Sanders / Pachulia
PG: Rose / Brooks
SG: Butler / Stephenson
SF: Dunleavy / McDermott
PF: Gasol / Gibson
C: Noah / Mohammed
PG: Walker / Hinrich
SG: Henderson / Neal
SF: Kidd-Gilchrist / Williams
PF: Mirotic / Vonleh
C: Jefferson / Zeller
LAKERS (no injury)
PG: Nash / Price
SG: Bryant / Mayo
SF: Young / Johnson
PF: Boozer / Davis
C: Randle / Sacre
PACERS (no injury)
PG: Jackson / Hill
SG: Miles / Stuckey
SF: George / Hill
PF: Patterson / Scola
C: Perkins / Mahinmi
PG: Lowry / Vasquez
SG: Martin / Williams
SF: DeRozan / Ross
PF: West / Johnson
C: Valanciunas / Hansbrough
PG: Thomas / Ennis
SG: Bledsoe / Goodwin
SF: Tucker / Green
PF: Morris / Wright
C: Hill / Len
PG: Westbrook / Waiters
SG: Lamb / Morrow
SF: Durant / Jones
PF: Ibaka / Collison
C: Hibbert / Mahinmi
PG: Rubio / Williams
SG: LaVine / Daniels
SF: Wiggins / Muhammad
PF: Young / Bennett
C: Pekovic / Dieng




24 Jan 2015 16:34:37
All my ideas on here get shot down. But I see this meeting all team needs. So maybe?

Knicks, Thunder, Lakers

Knicks get Kendrick Perkins, Steve Nash, Jeremy Lin, Nick Collison, and (the coveted) Reggie Jackson
***Bye, Bye Carmelo and Hello to a new beginning in 2015-2016! With this deal, the Knicks have only Shane Larkin ($1.6M), THJ ($1.3M), and Cleanthony Early ($507.3K) under contract next season. They gain the bird rights however to Reggie Jackson and build around him through free agency and the draft. They'll have an incredible amount of flexibility and allow Phil to build his own team. Worth it to hit the reset button.

Thunder get Jordan Hill, Julius Randle, and Pablo Prigioni
***The Thunder get what they need: an upgrade down low off the bench, a young stud they can allow to bring along slowly and keep under his rookie deal for a few years, and a capable veteran point to help fill the backup point spot. They loose vets/locker room presences, but buy swapping Perk for Hill, they not only get better but push that cap space back to the summer of Kevin Durant. This gives them future flexibility.

Lakers get Carmelo Anthony and Jose Calderon
***Lakers without making this deal will have a decent amount of cap space this summer. However, the Lakers aren't the destination they once were. Who is going to want to go there? With this deal, they can officially shut Melo down for the year and tank. Next season, they'll have their lottery pick plus Kobe handing the torch to Melo. Melo is locked up for the foreseeable future. Calderon is a nice option at point as a pass first guy who can distribute between Melo and Kobe. Asterisk: Lakers do this deal if they are convinced they won't land any top level guys this summer. Melo is perfect for LA, but this will be the team that will need convincing.


Once again Melo has a NO TRADE CLAUSE he isn't going to play in L.A. Especially without a healthy Kobe


Not to mention that 4 expiring contracts and one over rated pg is no where near enough value for melo, if they really want reggie jackson they'll just overpay for him in FA


PG: Jackson / Lin
SG: Hardaway / Galloway
SF: Early / Thomas
PF: Stoudemire / Collison
C: Perkins / Smith
PG: Calderon / Price
SG: Ellington / Clarkson
SF: Anthony / Young
PF: Boozer / Davis
C: Hill / Black
PG: Westbrook / Prigioni
SG: Lamb / Waiters
SF: Durant / Morrow
PF: Ibaka / McGary
C: Hill / Adams




24 Jan 2015 15:53:44
thunder get: kirilenko and henry sims
sixers get: perkins and a 2015 2nd rd pick

thunder acquire kirilenko to play behind durant and trade perkins to allow adams to start
sixers do it to gain more future assets and take on the extra 6m in perkins contract to gain a second round pick in this years draft


Rip off deal. okc slams the phone up


I never thought I'd say this but. Not enough for Kendrick Perkins! Lol


It's really hard to under value Perkins ain't it? Lol


Sixers don't have any reason to do that trade sims alone could get you two seconds. Guys a solid back up.


^ You've got to be kidding. Perkins has no value. If you want someone to take his contract you will need to pony up some assets and not a mere 2nd rounder.

Boy Howdie

Perkins is a locker room leader and good post defender and his contract expires after the season. Trade value there buddy


Wizfan 2: I'd take your opinions with a lot more credibility if you weren't such an obvious sixer hater. Just stop with bashing every trade that may help philly, its getting real old. Just an idea.




23 Jan 2015 23:16:33

Thunder get Foye, Hickson, and Chandler
Fill all needs of a more shooting, better backup SF and defender, and low post scoring

Nuggets get Jackson, Perkins, PJ3, and a lottery protected 2017 1st
Get a big expiring contract, good 6th man, and a pick


Not enough for Jackson and a the first round pick




23 Jan 2015 21:45:50
Big OKC trade

Thunder get Tim Hardaway, Jose Calderon, and Andrea Bargani

Knicks get Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb, Kendrick Perkins, and Nick Collison

PF. S. Ibaka/ P. Jones/ G. Jarrett
SF. K. Durant/ A. Roberson
C. S. Adams/ A. Bargani/ M. McGary
SG. T. Hardaway/ D. Waiters/ A. Morrow
Pg. R. Westbrook/ J. Calderon/ I. Smith


Jackson > THJ
Calderon is overpaid and has a bad contract for a bad up PG
Lamb still has potential.
Perkins is a pain in the butt on the court but a great locker room leader.
Bargnani shouldn't be in the league, yet alone getting paid $11M

Thunder say HELL NO


Why do the Thunder do this? That's a lot of money to take on this season and beyond for a backup point, continue the logjam at the 2, and deplete the front court depth.




23 Jan 2015 18:33:36
Thunder, Celtics Deal.

Thunder get Avery Bradley, Brandon Bass, Tyler Zeller

Celtics get Kendrick Perkins, Nick Collison, Reggie Jackson, Andre Roberson

Thunder upgrade their roster. Bradley could be the first guy off the bench and provide an offensive and defensive spark. Slide Waiters into the starting lineup. Bass and Zeller are your two bigs off the bench. Plus, Bass comes off the books this summer and allows the Thunder to tinker with their roster and keep Bradley at a reasonable price (less expensive than Jackson's projected deal).

Westbrook, Bradley, Smith
Waiters, Morrow, Lamb
Durant, PJ3
Ibaka, Bass, (McGary)
Adams, Zeller

Celtics get expiring deals, an old fan favorite, a potential building block in Jackson, and a defensive stud on the perimeter on his rookie deal. I like this deal for the Celtics. Bradley and Bass don't fit the direction Boston is headed. But to acquire Jackson to pair with Smart could be. well, smart. Paying Jackson $14M a year this summer wouldn't kill their cap, and they could still build through the Draft AND Free Agency. Perk would be incredibly well received in Boston. Roberson could be inserted into the rotation from day one. If they find a way to get rid of Wallace's contract, they can really build something as soon as this summer. A core of Jackson, Smart, Sully, Olynyk may not strike fear in anyone. But, add in a few pieces this summer, and they have what it takes to be more than a fringe playoff team.




23 Jan 2015 02:31:19
Nets receive: Jeremy Lamb, Kendrick Perkins, Perry Jones lll, future 2nd rd pick

Thunder receive: Brook Lopez




22 Jan 2015 21:37:13

Young and Budinger

Perkin, Jones, 2015 1st, (Lance Thomas TE)

Minn gets a return for young
OKC makes a strong push for the playoffs

succeed and proceed

Who fits in the Lance Thomas trade exception?




22 Jan 2015 20:39:23

Thunder acquire Kenneth Faried , Nikola Pekovic and Wilson Chandler


Wolves acquire Kendrick Perkins , Jeremy Lamb
- get expiring and young SG

Nuggets acquire Serge Ibaka


This trade makes no sense. Ibaka is going nowhere right now. The THunder are surging now that they have all of their parts in place.




22 Jan 2015 15:30:03
Ima Thunder fan. I'm here at work with my friend who is a Cavs fan. We have came to agreement on a deal

Thunder gets Tristan Thompson and Mathew Deladova

Cavs get Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb, and Nick Collison


Lose lose both teams


22 Jan 2015 18:02:58
Thompson is about as untradeable as Lebron is. That Rich Paul connection means $$$$$


Jackson would basically be in the same situation


Make it a 3 team deal?

Thunder get Thompson and CJ Watson

Cavs get Reggie Jackson and Louis Scola

Pacers get Nick Collison, Brandon Haywood, Jeremy Lamb


Lose lose lose again




22 Jan 2015 11:36:40

OKC does this to get more depth, Phoenix does this to get playing time for the younger guys and gets a talent upgrade with Ibaka who should also be a good fit with his defense and 3-point shooting


OKC picked Ibaka over Harden so they would need a really big haul to trade him. Morris Twins and IT is not enough.




22 Jan 2015 02:11:41
Knicks - Rockets - Bulls - Celtics

IF and I mean IF the Knicks decide to move Melo and IF he agrees to way his no trade clause it be to Houston only.

Knicks trade Melo, Calderon, Smith

Knicks get Thornton, Terry, Dunleavy, Pelicans 2015 first round pick (from Rockets), Clippers 2015 first round pick (from Celtics), Kings 2015 first round pick (from Bulls), own 2015 and 2016 second round picks (from previous trade with Rockets) , Rockets 2017 first round pick

Rockets trade Terry, Papanikolaou, Ariza, Pelicans 2015 first round pick, Knicks 2015 and 2016 second round picks, 2017 first round pick

Rockets get Melo

Bulls trade Dunleavy, Mirotic, Kings 2015 first round pick

Bulls get Ariza, Smith

Celtics trade Thornton, Clippers 2015 first round pick

Celtics get Calderon, Papanikolaou, Mirotic

IF the Knicks decide to move Melo they will look to add a ton of picks and cap relief in return. By moving out Melo and Calderon the only contract on the books for next season is Hardaway Jr. Bringing back potential four first round picks (the Kings pick may turn into a second round pick) plus their own high second round pick will give the Knicks a huge boost to preform a Thunder like rebuilding from the draft.

Rockets are still behind the Warriors in the west and have been looking to add a third star for a while. While Melo decide to stay in New York in the offseason, he didn't know the Knicks would be this bad. The Rockets are all in right now so adding Melo for some picks in the future is smart move.

Bulls are struggling on defense. Shocking considering who the coach is right? Ariza is averaging over two three pointer made a game and two steals a game. A healthy defensive trio of Butler, Ariza, and Noah will push the Bulls toward the NBA finals.

Celtics use a few of there many trade exceptions to make this trade. The Celtics flip one of their many draft picks for two young prospects while great upside and a veteran point guard to mentor Smart.


Celtics say no

Mr. Best in the World

Why would the Celtics say no? Two good young prospects who we know can play for a late first round pick from the Clippers who could be who knows what in this weak draft?


22 Jan 2015 17:39:14
If Knicks and Rockets agree to send Melo for Houston it will be for Howard


22 Jan 2015 17:58:10
Houston says No they don't need another ball hog


What's the point of trading Melo for Howard? Who gets Howard then?


Oh I agree the Rockets would be stupid to make this trade but you can see why they would feel this way to make the trade




21 Jan 2015 20:39:05

To NYK - Reggie Jackson, Kendrick Perkins

To OKC - Jose Calderon, THJ, Jason Smith, 2018 1st

Ok, I know on the surface this doesn't look like a trade either team would make, but let me explain.

Yes, the Knicks can sign Reggie Jackson this offseason and not give up anything for him, but this is about who else they can sign with Calderon and THJ's contracts off of the books. Assuming Jackson would take $13M/year, adding him to the projected payroll that includes both Calderon and THJ, the Knicks would have $49M tied up, leaving them approximately $18M to spend (guessing at the cap). Moving Calderon and THJ now would open up another $10M, giving the Knicks $28M to spend. That extra $10M means the difference between signing one and two big player contracts.

As for OKC, they take in a 1st and a solid young rotation piece in THJ who they either use or add him to another trade. It might be hard to accept, but Calderon could be a good piece for the Thunder.

OKC is the 5th WORST three point shooting team in the league, Calderon excels at shooting from the outside. OKC is the 4th WORST team in APG, Calderon has always been a good assist and assist turnover ratio PG. Once you get to the playoffs, getting into the halfcourt and moving the ball become more prevalent, Calderon is a perfect guard for that.

Finally, the Thunder don't have cap space until after Calderon's contract is up, so adding his $7.5M neither affects the Thunder's ability to sign other FA's, and also is small enough that it wouldn't push them into the luxury tax area.

SAS Champs 2014

Solid trade except for the 1st round pick Knicks and everyone else know thunder aren't going to match 13 mil for Reggie jackson those guys alone should be enough to get jackson, better losing him for nothing


21 Jan 2015 22:50:45
The problem with "we can just sign him next season" is that the Knicks and lakers just don't have the draw they did 10 years ago. If you could just sign Lebron, why didn't you? If you offer jackson 4 years $40 million, the thunder match instantly. If you offer ~60 million, is that way overpaying? Do the thunder even match then? Restricted free agents are hard to pry away.


I can dig this.


One of the best explained and thought out trades on this site. Nice work


That's a better package than what they got for Harden lol


I agree with you Benjamin66 that the majority of cases do lend to the incumbent matching an RFA deal, but in this situation specifically, the Thunder have shown that they are not willing to go into the luxury tax to keep a player. I think the fact that Jackson's minutes have declined considerably since OKC picked up a more cost friendly Dion Waiters suggests that they won't make a big effort to keep Jackson.

With NY not being the FA hotspot that it was at one time, trading for Jackson and trying to convince him to stay may be the better play for the Knicks

SAS Champs 2014

For the record I don't want Reggie jackson at all I think he's way over rated and someone's going to overpay for him




21 Jan 2015 20:38:12
2 OKC Trades:
OKC Receives: Wilson Chandler

DEN Receives: Perkins, Lamb


OKC Receives: Monroe

DET Receives: R. Jackson 2nd Rounder

OKC Lineup:
Durant/W. Chandler/Jones


First trade close to reasonable, second not.

SAS Champs 2014

Why do Detroit do this exactly?

Mr. Best in the World

Det doesn't need jackson and they need a backup center first round pick or small forward. plus monroe is worth more than that.


22 Jan 2015 01:08:09
Anyone else just imagining Perkins and McGee on the same team? Man that would fantastic




21 Jan 2015 17:44:44
Sixers get: Melo, George Hill

Pacers get: Jose Calderon, Reggie Jackson, Tim Hardaway Jr.

Thunder get: Michael Carter-Williams, Jason Smith

Knicks get: Jason Richardson, Louis Scola, Andrei Kirilenko, CJ Watson, Jeremy Lamb, Joel Embiid

Sixers cash in majorly with assets. This team can more than cover up the defensive short comings of Melo with the likes of Mbah a Moute, Noel, McDaniels, and Hill. Give it a couple years, and they can make a major playoff run.

Pacers pick up Reggie Jackson and get out of some salary for this season. Calderon would be a nice fit with so many weapons on the roster. THJ is also a nice pick up. This deal allows them to get younger and Jackson and THJ could be a nice back court in a year or two.

Thunder get a very Thunder-esque return for Reggie and Lamb. They get a point under his rookie contract for a couple more years, and they get an expiring deal to help them re-tool this summer.

Knicks get a bevy of expiring deals and Embiid plus Lamb. Here's the deal. Melo shouldn't have resigned. His trade value is not very high, but this is a move that should be considered. Getting a potential top-5 center in Embiid who needs to hit the reset button is huge. Getting another $17M in expiring deals is also huge. They'll walk into the off-season with around $58M-ish in cap space to build around Embiid. If they make this deal and target several high-potential B-level free agents and build through the draft, they have potential to do something in the future. Melo is wasted in New York and New York is wasting with Melo on the roster.


Melo is too overrated, doesn't pass the rock, and sixers would rather have a one two punch wit mcw and embiid

go 76ers

I'll try this again


Melo has a no trade clause he can decline any trade he wants. why the hell would he go to 76ers!!


Anthony's contract expires this year. There is NO WAY he would resign with Philly even if he did agree to come here now. So stop proposing trades for him to come to the Sixers. Besides, we don't want him. Totally agree with "go_76ers."

Boy Howdie

Melo just signed a new multi year deal, what do you mean his contract is up??

Sixers wouldn't want him now, nor would he agree to wave his no trade clause to go to Philly.

SAS Champs 2014

21 Jan 2015 21:02:59
I love how you (correctly) say that Melo's trade value is not that high yet then have the Sixers traded both Embiid and MCW for him. This trade is terrible.


22 Jan 2015 01:16:30
The only way Melo would go to the sixers would be if Doctor J, Allen Iverson, Darryl Dawkins, and Charles Barkley came back in their prime and played on the same team.


I'm beginning to believe SAS Champs 2014 is the only guy on this site with a brain


LP17, nicely done on the comments.

SAS Champs 2014

Of course you're correct, SAS. I just had a brain fart there with Melo's contract. Still don't want him anywhere near the Sixers' clubhouse.

Boy Howdie



21 Jan 2015 15:49:02
Denver Rebuild
Obtain expiring deals, young players, & draft picks.


DEN get: Steve Nash (exp), Jeremy Lin (exp), & HOU 1st DP (LAL)

LAL get: JaVale McGee & Aaron Afflalo

pg. kobe
sg. afflalo
sf. young
pf. randle
c. mcgee


DEN get: Reggie Jackson (s&t) & Kendrick Perkins (exp)

OKC get: Wilson Chandler, JJ Hickson, & Jameer Nelson

pg. westbrook/nelson
sg. morrow/waiters
sf. durant/chandler
pf. ibaka/collison
c. hickson/adams



DEN get: Amir Johnson (exp), Jason Terry (exp), Terrence Ross, Clint Capela & Terrence Jones

TOR get: Danilo Galonari & Kenneth Faried

pg. lowry
sg. derozan/williams
sf. galonari
pf. faried
c. valanciunas

HOU get: Grevis Vasquez & Darrel Arthur

pg. vasquez/beverely
sg. harden/brewer
sf. ariza/kostas
pf. smith/arthur
c. howard



DEN get: Victor Claver (exp), Will Barton (exp), & POR 2015 1st DP

POR get: Randy Foye & Alonzo Gee

pg. lillard
sg. matthews/foye
sf. batum/gee
pf. aldridge/robinson
c. lopez

This Leaves Denver with:

pg. lawson/green
sg. jackson/harris
sf. ross
pf. jones/capela
c. nurkic

10th: Kevon Looney sg/sf
26th: Frank Kaminksy c
29th: Buddy Hield sg

2015-16 Line Up

pg. lawson/green
sg. jackson/hield
sf. ross/looney
pf. jones/capela
c. nurkic/kaminsky




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