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19 Dec 2014 15:57:43
Bos Okc

Bos get Perkins , Jackson , Lamb

Okc get Bass , Bradley






19 Dec 2014 06:56:29
Okc get david west. Pacers get Perkins and 2015 1st round pick


Pacers would probably want a little more than a late first.


Add Jackson




19 Dec 2014 01:57:54
Pistons - Thunder

Pistons gets Perkins, Lamb, and 2015 first round pick top 5 protected.

Thunder get Monroe and Meeks.

Pistons want a first round pick for Monroe and while he has the ability to veto a trade, he would be foolish to turn down a trade to play in OKC, even if it's just for a year. In return the Pistions get Perkins expiring contract, a young SG, and a first round pick.

Thunder add Monroe who would be better coming off the bench in the second unit with Reggie Jackson allowing Adams to start which is better for him. The Thunder need to get back to the finals quick because the MVP is could be heading to D.C. in less than two years.


Why would detroit do this? They wouldn't Perkins and his exp means nothing to Detroit and Meeks is just as good as Lamb. Their pick will be a late first might was well be a second round pick. Detroit Hangs up laughing.


Add Jennings and Jackson and I'm ok with it.






18 Dec 2014 16:35:35
OKC-BOS Trade:

OKC Trades: R. Rondo

BOS Trades: R. Jackson, K. Perkins, 2 Future First Rounders

OKC Lineup
PG- Rondo
SG- Westbrook
SF- Durant
PF- Ibaka
C- S. Adams


I like this trade a lot, but instead of perkins someone else just because rondo and perkins relationship


^only Perkins can make salaries work




18 Dec 2014 15:22:32
Pistons are just looking to trade Smith , Monroe and Jennings

i don't know about Jennings and Smith , they just want to unload those terrible contracts

for Monroe they want a first , I see 2 teams willing to give up a 1st for him

Thunder together with Reggie Jackson and Kendrick Perkins


Hornets with MKG or Vonleh


for some rebuilding teams , it will be hard to trade assets for Monroe not unless they have the assurance that he will sign back in the 2015 free agency , the thing is Monroe will fit to a contender or teams who want to compete in this year




18 Dec 2014 14:19:53
Knicks need to

Hardaway for lamb okc 1st

Hardaway missing shooter for OKC title run

Calderon Prigioni for Nash

Calderon will attract Marc with Kobe final run

Bulls get Shumpert Melo Early
Knicks get Bledsoe Gasol Gibson Snell
Suns get Mirotic McDermott Kings 1st

Rose JrSmith Butler Melo Noah-nba finals

2015-16 Knicks offseason
buy a 2nd
sign Gerald Green & Arron Afflalo 4yr 44mil
resign Acy vet min & Amare 2 yr 20mil

Green/Thanasis/LeBryan Nash-pick up
Okafor-2nd/Gasol/AJ hammons-48th






16 Dec 2014 23:32:19
This sounds like a lot but its very beneficial for everyone.

OKC Gets:
C:Greg Monroe
C:Cole Aldrich
PF:Jonas Jerebko
SF:Caron Butler
PG:Brandon Jennings

DET Gets:
PF:Admire Stoudimire
PF:Serge Ibaka
SF:Cleanthony Early
SG:Tim Hardaway jr
PG:Shane Larkin

NYK Gets:
C:Steven Adams
C:Joel Anthony
PF:Mitch McGary
SF:Kyle Singler
PF:Josh Smith
PG:Reggie Jackson

New Look OKC!!
PG:Russell Westbrook,Brandon Jennings
SG:Jeremy Lamb,Andre Robertson
SF:Kevin Durant,Caron Butler
PF:Jonas Jerebko,Nick Collisons
C:Greg Monroe,Cole Aldrich,Kendrick Perkins

I think Caron Butler makes a large impact he has been playing well in crappy Detroit!


I wish this would happen for Detroit


You made OKC worse, interior defense gone


The Pistons have KCP and Meeks now you give them Hardaway?




16 Dec 2014 18:26:47

OCK gets Brandon Jennings, Josh Smith and Greg Monroe.

OKC becomes a serious contender immediately and could resign Monroe in free agency.

Westbrook - Jennings - Smith
Morrow - Lamb - Robertson
Durant - Jones III - Thomas
Smith - Collison - Jarret
Monroe - Adams - McGary

Detroit gets Reggie Jackson, Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins.

Detroit starts again, promising future with Jackson, KCP, Ibaka and Drummond.

Jackson - Augustine - Dinwiddie.
KCP - Meeks.
Butler - Singler - Datome - Martin.
Ibaka - Jerebko - Mitchell.
Drummond - Perkins - Anthony.


No way the Thunder do this.


^Thunder would be smart to do this.
Nobody in their right mind would take perkins and his headcase.
Jackson is no better then what Dinwidde will be. Monroe would love to resign to play with Durant and a contender. Plus you still have young guys (Adams,Jones,Robertson,Lamb) plus picks to compete with.


Take out Smith and Ibaka and this trade works for sure




16 Dec 2014 17:41:52
Melo and THJ not getting along. Knicks need a point. let's do this

Knicks get Reggie Jackson and Kendrick Perkins exp

Thunder get Tim Hardaway Jr. and Jose Calderon

Knicks address their locker room issues and get their PG of the future who will average 20/5/8.

Thunder get their starting shooting guard and a pass first back up PG.

Starting 5
PF. Ibaka
SF. Durant
C. Adams
PG. Westbrook

End of game 5
PF. Durant
C. Ibaka
SG. Westbrook
Pg. Calderon


Reunite THJ and McGary


Add Roberson and Dalembert




16 Dec 2014 17:30:16
OKC next season let Perkins walk
sign Paul Millsap 4yrs 40mil

Millsap would take it because championship is within reach


Probably more like 4 years 50 million but Thunder can still do it because Collison also coming off the books




16 Dec 2014 17:24:34
I've seen Reggie Jackson in several trade rumors this season. And honestly, he should be. He pushed his trade value during the start of the season with Durant and Westbrook out. His averages all went up, but now he is back to being a bench player and has Harden 2.0 written all over him. He may not be quite the player Harden is, mind you, but he has a similar way about him this season.

Several teams could use a Reggie Jackson on their team. If I'm the Thunder, there are two things I want back in the way of players in a RJ trade: a capable backup point and an athletic young big. If I could have both and both be on rookie deals, all the better.

My dream scenario would be to target Trey Burke and Nerlens Noel. If there was a deal that could be had to send Jackson to the Jazz, Alec Burks to the Sixers, Burke and Noel to the Thunder, I'd pull the trigger. It'd cost the Thunder pick(s), a few other guys (Lamb, Jones, Collison, etc.) but I feel like it is well worth it.

Westbrook, Burke, Smith
Roberson, Morrow
Durant, Thomas
Ibaka, Noel, McGary
Adams, Perkins


No from Sixers


Hahah Westbrook could get that return but not jackson


If like that too as a thunder fan. I am very high on Reggie Jackson. I believe in his own team he will be a 20/5/8 guy atleast. but we won't be able to get those two pieces from 2 different teams.I think the best deal is something to do with New York and Tim Hardaway Jr. Especially since him and Melo aren't getting along. I'll post the trade now




16 Dec 2014 17:19:50
Speights playing great ball. how does this sound

Thunder get David Lee and Ogdjen Kuzmic

Warriors get Kendrick Perkins expiring, Nick Collison expiring, and 2015 1st round pick

PF. D. Lee/ M. McGary/ G. Jarrett
SF. K. Durant/ P. Jones/ L. Thomas
C. S. Ibaka/ S. Adams/ O. Kuzmic
SG. J. Lamb/ A. Morrow/ A. Roberson
Pg. R. Westbrook/ R. Jackson/ I. Smith

Warriors get out of Lees deal, pick up a 1st rounder, and get 2 very solid bigs with a lot of playoff and championship experience to come off the bench

***** Thunder sign Collison in the offseason


I like the trade but after the start The warriors have had I doubt they make a trade until the deadline.




16 Dec 2014 14:53:56

Knicks get Reggie Jackson and Josh Smith

Thunder get Greg Monroe and Jr Smith

Pistons get Tim Hardaway , Kendrick Perkins (exp) , 1st rd pick OKC Thunder , Perry Jones III

Knicks get needed PG and defensive PF


Thunder shoot for championship


Pistons rebuild getting what they would need for Monroe while unloading Smith's bloated contract

Jones III/Jerebko/Martin

next season let Perkins and Jerebko walk
sign Paul Millsap 4yr 56mil

Millsap/Jones III/Martin


I like Hardaway but last I looked he is not strong enough to handle the SF, more of a SG. Perkins does nothing for this trade the Pistons don't attract top FA so the exp means nothing. The first round pick will be one of the last five in the draft, Jones is more of SF which is good. Milsap is not going to come to Detroit he is going to go where he can win a title.




16 Dec 2014 04:15:01
knicks trade: carmelo anthony, iman shumpert and jose calderon
knicks get: reggie jackson, eric gordon, jeremy lamb, kendrick perkins, a future 1st from pelicans, a future 1st from thunder and 2 2nd rd picks from pelicans

pelicans trade: eric gordon, omer asik, a lottery protected 1st rd pick and 2 future 2nd rd picks
pelicans get: carmelo anthony

thunder trade: reggie jackson, jeremy lamb, kendrick perkins and a lottery protected 1st rd pick
thunder get: omer asik, iman shumpert and jose calderon

pelicans can make a real statement here by trading for anthony and him and anthony davis alone make the team look like a playoff contender

thunder trade away some young pieces for some more experienced players to help push for a title. they also get a bit more balance in their team by trading away players who like the ball in their hand and scoring in lamb and jackson for players like shumpert and asik who are defensive minded and a pass first point guard in calderon

knicks blow it up and gain a load of pieces including exciting potential in jackson and lamb who they can give more minutes to than other teams and also gain 4 future draft picks for which are even more valuable to a team that has barely any. the contract situation looks very good as well as they get rid of the lengthy contracts and have a number of expiring contracts which include stoudamire, bargnani and perkins.


16 Dec 2014 13:04:29
Pelicans traded there 1st round pick to Houston for Asik




15 Dec 2014 22:17:29

DET Gets:
SF:T.J Warren
SF:Perry Jones
PG:Russell Westbrook

OKC Gets:
C:Greg Monroe
SF:Caron Buttler
PG:Brandon Jennings
SG:Gerald Green

PHX Gets:
SF:Kyle Singler
PF:Tony Mitchell
C:Steven Adams

I think this is a fair deal never going to happen but fair.

Detroit gets Westbrook and young SF to hopefull turn around the franchise.

OKC Gets a premier C and very good shooters surrounding Durant.

PHX gets youth in return for green who is on his last year of his contract.

Whos adds?


Ummm. Add a lot more to OKC.


When u explain OKC getting a good big man and shooters you fail to mention that they give up a top 5 superstar in the NBA


Fair deal? Terrible trade for OKC and PHX




15 Dec 2014 21:04:51

Hornets get Green and Jackson

Thunder get Stephenson, Faverani and Roberts

Celtics get Perkins, Huestis and a 1st rd pick from Hornets




15 Dec 2014 17:32:24

Sixers trade MCW , 2015 1st round pick

Thunder trade Russell Westbrook and 2nd rd pick

* It will be tough to trade Russ for the Thunder but they absolutely get 2 very Good things in return and could have the assurance they could keep Durant even if Westy go away

* On the Sixers' side , this is a very great way to start competing by getting a naturally born superstar who can make them instant playoff contenders in that eastern conference

Thunder bring in JahLil Okafor with the 1st pick and pair with Serge Ibaka

Roster 2015
let Reggie Jackson and Kendrick Perkins walk sign Wesley Matthews and a decent back up PG

Carter-Williams/fa or pick

- now this look scary and a legit title contender


- sign Jimmy Butler (4yrs/56mil) and hopefully Bulls don't match



15 Dec 2014 18:21:18
include Noel Embiid MCW and 1st now your talking about a fair trade


Sixers say no thanks. They have no intention of becoming "instant playoff contenders," especially trying to do that with only one body. They rejected the philosophy of trying to simply stay in the playoff picture. That will get them a round of playoffs every year, maybe even 2, but no chance at a title. They will keep MCW, Embiid, and Noel, then add 2 more pieces in this year's draft (Okafor and Hezonja? Or maybe Karl Towns and Wayne Selden?) Then we'll talk about a trade or 2 and maybe a free agent or 2. And in a few years they'll be real contenders. Adding good vets right now is not in the plan!

Boy Howdie

Sixers would say no way. We basically Garrentee sucking with that trade. Trade all your high assets for a guy who's making a ton of money who wouldn't wanna be here anyway. Sixers would pass for sure on that.




14 Dec 2014 18:51:47

Thunder get Mozgov and Chandler

Nets get Perkins, Hickson, Gary Harris, 2nd rd pick from OKC and Denver

Nuggets get Lopez, Lamb, and Karasev




14 Dec 2014 18:32:08

Thunder get Kanter and Burke

Jazz get Jackson, Perkins, and a 1st rd pick




14 Dec 2014 13:59:58

Den get 1st from Knicks , Andrea Bargnani (exp)

Okc get Wilson Chandler , Jose Calderon , Iman Shumpert

Ny get Reggie Jackson , Kendrick Perkins


14 Dec 2014 15:00:10
Knicks get screwed




14 Dec 2014 13:17:57

Philly get 1st round pick and Lance Thomas

OKC get Tony Wroten and 2nd rd pick



improved bench with duo of Jackson and Wroten leading


Wrotten is worth a first round pick.


As a Sixers fan I'd do this. Wroten is talented, but not a starter on a good team. The pick gives you a chance to find a starter.

Boy Howdie

No thank you as a Sixers fan. Wrotens a better player then who your going to get with a 20 plus pick in the draft. And if he ever gets that crazy jump shot down he'd be a big impact player. Probably best case would be sixth man on a great team. A bad team he might start.




14 Dec 2014 01:51:16
Nuggets - Thunder

Nuggets get Perkins, Roberson, and 2015 first round pick top 10 protected.

Thunder get Chandler and Mozgov

Nuggets are looking to move Chandler to acquire more young players and picks to make a major trade for a superstar.

Thunder get a starting wing player and a physical big man to replace Perkins to help the team defensively.


This was my idea


Sure it was




14 Dec 2014 00:03:24
Knicks rebuild:

Though I'm a life long Spurs fan, I've always had a soft spot for the Knicks. Where they are right now is sad, and I think it's time to completely blow it up.


To NYK - Avery Bradley, Marcus Thornton, Brandon Bass, 2015 1st (via Miami), 2016 1st (via Brooklyn)

To BOS - Melo, Shane Larkin

This is not a great trade on the surface for the Knicks, but ultimately they get a long term starter at the SG position, two 1st which they desperately need, and with Bass and Thornton's expiring deals, another $16M in cap space this offseason.

C's get their Superstar, and with his addition they most likely resign Rondo in the offseason and have the money to make one other decent addition, which brings them back into the playoff conversation in 2015. The two picks they give up are most likely mid 1st's, and they still have multiple 1st's in the next two drafts.


To NYK - Reggie Jackson, Lance Thomas

To OKC - Iman Shumpert, Pablo Prigioni

Knicks get their PG of the future, and another expiring deal. Thunder get a better fit to play in the backcourt with Westbrook and a backup PG to help offset the loss of Jackson.

2014-15 Knicks final roster:

PG - Jackson, Calderon
SG - Bradley, JR Smith
SF - Hardaway, Early, Thomas
PF - STAT, Bass, Acy
C - Dalembert, Aldrich, Bargs

If the standings hold, the Knicks would have the 3rd and 15th picks (via Miami) in the draft. They should be able to get their impact Centre in Towns, and could add a really nice piece like Cliff Alexander or Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. They would have seven players under contract, and approximately $43M to spend.

Resigning Jackson would be a priority. Assuming he get $15M/yr, the Knicks would still have $28M, which would allow them to get two more impact players (ie. Greg Monroe, Paul Millsap, Jimmy Butler, Tristan Thompson). Couple two additions and some smart MLE, minimum signings, and the 2015-16 Knicks could be a very deep, very good team.

SAS Champs 2014

With Iman hurt again I don't see Okc doing that trade.

Also I don't think the Cs would want Melo. The Cs would trade picks and their youth for upcoming talent who could peak in 1-3 years, not a guy who is probably over their peak and in it at the moment. Unless they can extend rondo NOW, I don't see them going after a vet like Melo

succeed and proceed

Thats funny bc I've been a life long knicks fan but the spurs were always my 2nd team




13 Dec 2014 00:38:05

Celtics get Perkins, Jackson, 1st rd pick

Thunder get Bradley and Zeller




13 Dec 2014 00:25:06

Pistons get Jackson, Perkins, 2 2nd rd picks from OKC

Thunder get Chandler, Augustin, and Mozgov

Nuggets get Monroe, Roberson




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