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12 Sep 2020 15:50:28
Lots of moving parts and I had to do some guesstimating with the salaries, but I can justify it for all the teams.

Philly gets Harden, Tucker and Covington (hire MDA?)

The Kings get Embiid

The Knicks get Hield, Westbrook, and Mclamore

The Rockets get Randle, Portis, Barrett, Knox, Bagley, Payton, Horford, Milton, Thybulle, Smith, a Kings 1st, 4 Philly 1sts, and 4 Philly seconds.

Philly ends up with a super version of Houston this year


They're basically what you'd want if you wanted to play center less basketball. Long, athletic, can take it off the bounce and almost all of them can knock down shots. There bench could be decent as well with Burks, Robinson, Korkmaz, Tucker and then find a back up point in free agency.

The Kings get a star for a disgruntled Hield, injured Bagley and a 1st.

The Knicks get a supporting cast to attract another bigger star to.

Houston completely blows it up, but ends up with an interesting cast of young players. They basically turnover their whole roster. Maybe they can do better parting it out, but you basically are getting a full rebuild a few years in. You're a top pick away from being back in playoff contention.

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12 Sep 2020 16:04:20
That’s a lot of assets the Rockets get. Philly should keep at least one of those picks because then they only get Harden and company. Then again if you get Harden you are a contender. I love the Kings part of the trade. There is a lot going on.

12 Sep 2020 16:20:50
Harden is not worth Embiid and 4 firsts lol. No chance this trade happens.

12 Sep 2020 16:39:36
She, Harden, Covington and Tucker plus they get off of Horford’s deal. They go from fringe contender to possibly the favorites in the East.

12 Sep 2020 17:42:18
Horford deal should take about 2 firsts to get off. Embiid and 2 more firsts plus thybulle, smith, and Milton who are worth late 1st early seconds, and all of their second round picks for harden Covington and tucker. So the sixers have 0 chance of drafting any players to fill out their bench for the next 3-4 years and don’t have a 1st rounder every other year for the next 8 years. Like I said no chance this happens.

12 Sep 2020 17:46:14
You’re also saying the Kings can get embiid for a shooter who doesn’t even start for the kings and has a big contract, bagley who has potential but hasn’t proven much and 1 first which is also very unrealistic.

12 Sep 2020 18:00:31
If I’m the sixers and I decide to trade Embiid, I’m keeping Hordord. Remember that he was an all star not so long ago and his natural position is c, which he would get to play w Embiid gone. Not to mention, trading him would mean the sixers would need to give extra assets to get rid of his salary.

12 Sep 2020 19:09:22
Its ambitious. A lot to unpack with this one. I thinbk the Kings are coming out the best, followed by Philly. Horford has done zero in Philly and the whole league knows that. I think the Knicks take it also

12 Sep 2020 23:54:35
Ethan, it comes down to would you rather have Horford or Harris. I think you offensive creation off the dribble and shooting more than another big. Simmons, Tucker, Harris and Covington can all guard most centers. With Simmons it really isn’t a gimmick either, he’s legitimately the size of most centers. You get to be weird without really giving up much on the defensive end.

Sheee maybe Sac throws in an extra first and Philly gets to keep Milton?



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