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26 Nov 2020 07:48:49
Are Bucks better? Are they contender?

Will Bucks win again LAL and LAC, Celtics, Heat, 76ers ?

Maybe not.

TRADE draftday 2021

Mavs: S&T Giannis
Bucks: 1st selection 2021

Would that Mavs team win again the aging LA Teams?

Probably yes.

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26 Nov 2020 06:52:18
STANDINGS prediction (again this is standings, not title odds or anything else)

1. Lakers
2. Clippers
3. Blazers
4. Mavs
5. Nuggets
6. Rockets
7. Suns
8. Warriors
9. Jazz
10. Grizzlies
11. Pelicans
12. Spurs
13. Twolves
14. Kings
15. Thunder

1. Bucks
2. Nets
3. Celtics
4. 76ers
5. Heat
6. Raptors
7. Pacers
8. Hawks
9. Wizards
10. Hornets
11. Magic
12. Bulls
13. Cavs
14. Knicks
15. Pistons.

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26 Nov 2020 11:08:32
Oh my i think Western teams will be really close especially the 7th-12th/ 13th seed.

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26 Nov 2020 02:34:56
Im waiting for
Russell Westbrook,
DeMar DeRozan and,
Victor Oladipo to
get traded..

I think Harden will stay w/ the Rockets for one more season..

Where do you think these 3 guys (RW, DD & VO) will go to??

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26 Nov 2020 06:26:29
I think Knicks should pursue Oladipo. Westbrook is probably going to Wizards it's a matter of good negotiation and It's just hard to find a team for Demar, maybe Orlando?

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25 Nov 2020 09:22:57
So ATL roster

Pg Young/Rondo/Dunn
Sg Bogdanovic/Huerter
Sf Gallinari/Reddish/Hill
Pf Collins/Hunter
Ce Capela/Okongwu/Fernando

This line up is pretty deep at every position. Mix of young guys and vets. Could be special if healthy

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25 Nov 2020 12:01:39
Needs more depth at PF. Hunter more of a SF.

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25 Nov 2020 14:21:55
Darry- I think the rookie can be backup center or pf.

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25 Nov 2020 15:41:04
Gallinari probably gets quite a few of the backup PF minutes too.

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25 Nov 2020 19:16:52
Depth isn't an issue on this team. Their players can play multiple position. The question is can they stay healthy and play at the highest level, if so, then they could compete with the eastern giants.

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25 Nov 2020 19:34:10
I see a Collins trade a deadline if they aren’t where they want to be. That’ll put Gallo at PF and Hunter SF.

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25 Nov 2020 21:01:58
Lets be real. The issue with this team is perimeter defense.

Young and Bogi in the backcourt is not keeping anyone in front of them and Gallinari is probably too slow to keep up with most SFs in the league. Maybe Rondo's knowledge of the game can help, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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25 Nov 2020 09:16:40
Giannis and AD to CHI? Is it possible next season if they want to team up?

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25 Nov 2020 07:33:36
Can anybody explain to me the Bogdanovic story?

Hawks: Sign FA Bogdanovic ......

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23 Nov 2020 23:33:16
3 Winners & 3 losers

1. Lakers: They lost a few vet players but brought in so much talent that makes them stronger. Gasol can finally give them a stretch center in the starting lineup. Schroeder gives them that 3rd scorer and playmaker when Lebron is on bench. Stealing Harrell from Clippers and replacing Green with Matthews looks like a great team. Morris/KCP back is a big +

2. Blazers: Got their biggest need filled. Covington gives them a lockdown wing defender and adding Hood back plus Jones is great did their much needed depth. If they add a solid vet pg they will make a run if healthy.

3. Suns: They will finally be relevant again and be able to become better. Idc if they gave a future 1st but this team needs to make Booker happy now and that would be to make the playoffs no matter if 7/8 seed.

1. Rockets - only lost Roco and River but gained Wood/Cousins. Until they make Harden/Westbrook happy and bought into this team and year they will be a wreck and won't be top 5/6 west team

2. Bulls - Nothing really special with FA. The draft was pretty bad. They reached on Williams when they could've traded down a couple spots and got future picks or players.

3. Raptors - Getting FVV back was big. Losing both Gasol/Ibaka is going to kill them. Baynes and Boucher isn't anything to be happy or content with. Gasol and Ibaka have been very key pieces in their playoff runs especially if they go against Embiid

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24 Nov 2020 00:27:24
We also got Len and Bembry.

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24 Nov 2020 00:43:11
Suns might not make the playoffs. Cp3 is gone next summer or he gets way overpaid. I don’t disagree Booker needs to be happy but one time getting swept might not be enough.

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24 Nov 2020 03:10:55
Where’s Cp3 going to go he’s under contract?

Darry Len and Bembry aren’t going to change your offseason grade.

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24 Nov 2020 12:21:09
We still have 2 serviceable bigs, which is where we were last year.

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24 Nov 2020 15:13:15
Toronto did take a step back, but I don't think you can call them losers because they accomplished exactly what they wanted to. They kept Freddy, who was the priority, and maintained cap space for a max next year, which was the other priority. Keeping Serge or Marc would have been a nice bonus, but they were never going to go over cap or tangle up next year's flexibility to keep them.

They may have been overtaken by a couple of teams (NJ, PHI) and may not be a top 4 this year, but they have plenty to keep the playoff streak alive and are exactly where they want to be for an in-season trade or a full max next season.

btw. Serge was a net negative on the floor for Raps last year. Marc looked like he was done in the bubble. Baynes is not a big dropoff from either of these guys.

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24 Nov 2020 15:37:29
I’d replace Toronto with GS in the losers side.

GS made the right moves, but losing Klay is one of the biggest losses of the offseason.

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24 Nov 2020 16:53:53
You can’t call a team a loser Bc of an injury. A team can’t control that. A team can control who they bring in and losing their 2 key bugs for just MLE and vet min.

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23 Nov 2020 20:53:52
Giannis should sign an extension and stay with the Bucks. They are just right there always ready to compete. He should follow Dirk Nowitzki's Dallas tenure and cement his legacy with one sweet championship (even more for him).

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23 Nov 2020 21:30:12
Even if he doesn’t win a championship in Milwaukee, he’s not like his career is over after his next contract. A 4 year extension puts him at 30. He’s still have a couple years left of his prime before much/ any decline.

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24 Nov 2020 00:43:48
He makes just as much signing next summer as this week. No agent would tell a guy not to wait.

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24 Nov 2020 03:20:25
He has to leave because people go to Dallas not the bucks.

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24 Nov 2020 18:30:20
Wall’s agent might tell him not to wait.

If it’s the same either way, a good agent probably doesn’t push him either way.

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