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09 Apr 2020 14:31:44
If Davis leaves and the Lakers suck. I know James said he wanted to finish career in La but he always say stuff he don't mean. Will he choose Cleveland or Miami in 2021.

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09 Apr 2020 17:48:20
I think he’d choose whatever team that can sign him that gives him the best chance to win titles.

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09 Apr 2020 17:51:11
If Davis leaves James forces a trade. He knows time is limited and wasting a year with no real roster in LA is stupid.

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09 Apr 2020 18:22:01
So Davis is going to turn down a supermax offer and leave all the perks of Los Angeles? Yea, not seeing that happening.

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08 Apr 2020 12:31:04
Knicks top five FA targets 2020:

Look, even as a Knicks fan I am not delusional enough to think:

A) there is a difference maker in this FA class other than AD who almost assuredly will stay in LA.

B) the Knicks could land an all-star or superstar FA in their current state anyway.

As such, I thought I would look at which of their team option contracts they should keep/ decline, and then pick five reasonable FA targets for this offseason.

Decline option: Gibson, Ellington, Portis
50/ 50: Payton
Pick up: Bullock

FA targets:

Kris Dunn - Though an RFA, Bulls likely not to match any decent size deal. Not a great shooter, but above average floor general and defensive stud. 2+1 at $9-$10 per likely lands him.

Christian Wood - Don’t want to overpay for a guy who only hit radars after replacing the injured Griffin, but has put up strong performances every time he’s been given minutes. Has per 36 averages of 21.2 and 10.6, along with 1.5 steals and a block a game. His numbers with NO last year during his short stay as a starter suggest this year was not an anomaly.

Joe Harris - Knicks need shooting, and Joe offers it in spades. He’s fairly one dimensional, so $15+ a year seems like a reach. Nets are already into tax territory for next year, and while they’ve shown they’re not afraid to spend, Harris still may be a sacrifice.

Bryn Forbes - Good shooter and secondary ball handler, still young enough to fit the timeline, and also likely to be reasonably priced. More complete player than Trier, perfect for taking the role he had last year (not this one) .

Harry Giles - Bunch of talent, but health issues and logjam of frontcourt players in Sacramento likely spell doom this the Kings. May need to sign a one year “show me” contract, perfect guy to take a flyer on for the Knicks.

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07 Apr 2020 19:29:52
Redraft 2016?
J Murray
D Murray

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07 Apr 2020 22:27:04
J Murray
D Murray.

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08 Apr 2020 01:05:42
J Murray
D Murray.

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08 Apr 2020 02:38:41
Hield and Sabonis?

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08 Apr 2020 03:19:23

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08 Apr 2020 11:56:35
Sorry, I ws just listing off random players from 2016 draft.
J Murray
D Murray

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08 Apr 2020 16:38:41
Mill if I’m the Lakers I’m Trading for the ninth pick soon the Lakers get siakam number Two and getting Ingram at nine. Trade Randle Or nance jr and a future first for ninth pick.
Keep mozgov and Deng let expire plus still dump needed salary to sign James if needed too.

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08 Apr 2020 17:10:30
Agree with Miller
Maybe Sabonis over Murray.

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06 Apr 2020 17:00:25
What superteam would you've liked to happen?
And what would have been the biggest dynasty?

1) 1984: Jordan-Olajuwon-Drexler
2nd pick+ Drexler for R Sampson

2)1996 Jordan-Ewing-Oakley
Stern gave the Knicks an exception on the salary cap with a special construction.

3)2000 T Duncan-T Mcrady- G Hill
Why wouldn't Rivers let Duncan's family travel with the plain :-)

4)2000 T McGrady-V Carter
Jordan-Pippen 2.0

5)2003 J Kidd-T Duncan-Ginobilli-T Parker-B Bowen
How could J Kidd get cold feet on this one?

6) C Anthony-B Wallace-R Wallace-Billups-R Hamilton-Okur- T Prince
How could they draft Milicic over C Anthony?

7) 2004 D Nowitzky-S O'Neal
Dallas would give up everything besides Dirk for Shaq

8) 2007 Garnett-P Gasol- K Bryant
LA offered Bynum and L Odom. McHale couldn't trade a star to LA

9)2007 Garnett-Stoudemire-S Nash
S Marion refused refused a big contract in Minny

10) 2010 c Anthony- D Wade- LB James
If Carmello didn't choose the max contract in 2007

11) D Rose-LB James-D Wade-L Deng- J Noah
They liked the city, but Miami had the sun.

12) CP3- K Bryant-D Howard
How could Stern veto this trade and sent CP3 to the Clippers?

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05 Apr 2020 16:05:37
You're able to have 8 players for the rest of their career to build a team with. Which 8 are you picking?

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05 Apr 2020 16:56:53
Zion, Doncic, Giannis, Siakam, Tatum, Jokic, Bam, Leonard

Put together quickly, but I think that’s the perfect balance of the young greats of the league. The oldest is 28. Most are under 25.

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05 Apr 2020 17:00:14
I’d go

Doncic/ Simmons
Ingram/ Brown
Jockic/ Jaren Jackson.

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05 Apr 2020 21:34:43

Morant/ Young
Doncic/ Booker
Kahwi/ Ingram
Giannis/ Siakim/ Zion
Jokic/ Bam.

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06 Apr 2020 02:02:04
Young/ Morant
Kawhi/ Tatum
Davis/ Embiid.

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06 Apr 2020 19:25:39
Young/ VanVleet
Giannis/ Zion
Siakam/ Tatum

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03 Apr 2020 14:31:54
Ok this is just for fun. I'd love to see someone high up in the Pistons organization to create a modern day Bad Boys Pistons roster. Help me complete the team and offer up deals to get these guys in place...

PG - Beverly ($12M)
SG - Kennard ($4M)
SF - Butler ($33M)
PF - Green ($19M)
C - Adams ($25M)
6th man - PJ Tucker ($9M)

That's an expensive team. So maybe some suggestions on changing the lineup as well? Remember. Just for fun.

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03 Apr 2020 17:29:07
Snell (opts in) +Lakers 2nd for Beverley
Griffin+Svi+Sekou+'21 DET 1st+'23 top 10 protected 1st DET for Butler
McRae (s&t) +Rose+DET '20 1st rd player+'24 2nd DET for Green
S&T Henson+POR 2nd+GSW 2nd for Adams
Maker+'25 2nd DET for Tucker.

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04 Apr 2020 05:11:34
Bad boys had a star pg
Solid sg great defender
Crazy sf
Thug pf
Bigger thug center

Today that be
No thugs left.

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03 Apr 2020 13:18:21

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03 Apr 2020 14:00:59

Siakim-KP is real close. I gave Siakim the nod because of youth and health. Zion comes in 3rd only because he hasn't played enough games to truly know what he will become or is.

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04 Apr 2020 12:58:57
Current players today: what Fred said.

Who I want if you offer me them? Zion first.

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06 Apr 2020 17:14:54
Isn't Siakam bron in 1994 and KP in 1995?

If they all stay healty
2) Porzingis
3) Siakam

Giving a player a big contract
1) Siakam
3) Porzingis.

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30 Mar 2020 22:24:24
Does anyone still think I am ddrainr?

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31 Mar 2020 15:51:10
Idk, how many stars do you think you can get for THJ?

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03 Apr 2020 17:00:44
Probably. -3.

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