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30 Jun 2022 09:28:38
I really like the Atl-spurs deal

Murray's the perfect fit for Atlanta and the Spurs wil draft a next dynasty. The Lakers, Nets and Knicks should take an example on this franchise.

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30 Jun 2022 07:00:17
Orlando Magic situation

Who is gonna replace Mo Bemba ?

As a back up center

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30 Jun 2022 07:03:13
Probably tanking next season for a big move?

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30 Jun 2022 05:19:42
Can someone explain to me why the Spurs dealt Murray? 25 year old all star who nearly averaged a triple double, led the league in steals, and is "only" making 15 mil a year over the next 2.

What am I missing?

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30 Jun 2022 07:03:40
Probably tanking next season for a big move?

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30 Jun 2022 07:06:07
However, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported that the Spurs decided to part ways with Murray because it was inevitable that they’d lose the 25-year-old. “He and his agent, Rich Paul, made it known that he was not going to extend his contract with the Spurs this summer, ” Windhorst said on The Hoop Collective podcast.

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29 Jun 2022 17:46:13
NBA Free Agent Predictions

Beal - Wizards (max)
Lavine - Bulls (max)
Bridges - Hornets (max, match Pistons offer)
Ayton - Spurs (max, s&t)
Brunson - Knicks (4yr 110mil)
Sexton - Cavs (3yr 48mil)
Simons - Blazers (4yr 80mil)
GP2 - Warriors (2yr 22mil)
Brown - Nets (3yr 33mil)
Claxton - Nets (3yr 22.5mil)
Divincenzo - Raptors (2yr full MLE)
Oladipo - Heat (2yr full MLE)
Hartenstein - Lakers (3yr TPMLE)
Jones - Grizzlies (3yr 39mil)
Anderson - Celtics (2yr TPMLE)
Smith - Grizzlies (3yr full MLE)
Harris - Nuggets (2yr TPMLE)
Warren - Heat (1yr Bi-annual)
OPJ - Jazz (2yr TPMLE)
Monk - Kings (2yrs 20mil)
Robinson - Knicks (3yr 33mil)
Looney - Warriors (3yr 30mil)
Tucker - 76ers (3yr 27mil)
Bamba - Bulls (3yr full MLE)
Bagley - Pistons (3yr 30mil)
Thad - 76ers (1yr vet min)
Boucher - Raptors (2yr 18mil)
Nurkic - Blazers (3yr 54mil)
Schroder - Wizards (1yr full MLE)
Rubio - Cavs (1yr full MLE)

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29 Jun 2022 20:55:55
Would be very happy for Boston to get Kyle Anderson.

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29 Jun 2022 05:18:35
Name all the players who had a collegiate season with 700+ points, 50+ dunks & 50+ made 3-pointers?

Then which one of the group had the higher PER in that season?

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29 Jun 2022 12:18:23
Lemme guess, is that a Kings player now?

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29 Jun 2022 13:53:26
Well, there has only been 2 players to ever do it. Kevin Durant is one.

The other?

Keegan Murray. And Keegan Murray had the higher PER.

Durant had the higher steal+block total per game (3.8) to Murray's 3.2.

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29 Jun 2022 14:23:17
Let's see how he'll perform in Kings' jersey. Hopefully he was the right choice.

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29 Jun 2022 14:57:57
He won't get the usage of a Banchero and Holmgren because Murray is playing with fox and sabonis, but may actually become the most efficient player in the draft.

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29 Jun 2022 18:48:32
Did Mike Daum not have 50 dunks? He eclipsed 50 3s and 700 points pretty easily 3 seasons. 6’9 forward, I’d assume he could dunk some, 2/ 3 of his shots were 2’s.

Glen Robinson?

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29 Jun 2022 21:46:08
Gotta average almost 2 dunks a game and not sure when dunks were a recorded stat.

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28 Jun 2022 07:45:15
Lakers...I know it's easy to focus on trading Russ but here are your returning pieces:


See what O'Neal and Pippen do in summer league...

I focus more on getting shooting and defenders than an unpredictable Irving.

Not sure how the rules work but can LBJ and Russ opt out to open a max slot and take less money and return? You throw a Zach Lavine and possibly a Mitchell Robinson, you're adding the right side of youth and experience.

Not sure if that can happen but a lineup of


That would be ALOT Better than last year.

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28 Jun 2022 14:42:10
If Lebron and Westbrook opt out, they have massive cap holds on the salary cap. The only way to sign a free agent is to then waive that cap hold. But without the cap hold, the Lakers could only sign those players with cap space, which means they’d be limited to paying one TPMLE (6m) and the other minimum.

So no. It’s not possible. This exact scenario is why cap holds exist.

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28 Jun 2022 16:42:30
Read the CBA. Knowledge is a good thing!

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27 Jun 2022 23:56:20
Lakers should hold on to Westbrook until the trade deadline, he will have much more value then. they might actually GET assets back instead of having to GIVE assets just to trade him now. especially if he has a better season.

Lakers are closing on a rebuild. maximize the assets (Westbrook COULD be an asset, yes) and start thinking about the future.

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28 Jun 2022 04:09:10
You are presumming that someone WANTS Westbrook. Not sure that is exactly true anymore.

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28 Jun 2022 14:44:00
I realize that people have short memories and it’s a “what have you done for me lately” league. But are people going to forget who Westbrook is in a few months.

They could probably trade him without giving up assets at the deadline, so long as they take back an equally bad contract. But I can’t see them getting anything positive.

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27 Jun 2022 21:07:40
Refresh my memory. If the Lakers uses the Taxpayer MLE on Kyrie, then the Hard Apron Salary cap will be imposed? If so, then the Lakers CAN NOT have Westbrook opt in to remain under the Hard Apron Salary Cap.

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27 Jun 2022 23:11:36
Why do I feel like the Nets have won this battle, but the war is not yet over.
When do the extension negotiations begin?

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28 Jun 2022 23:37:50
@windrapsfan. Kyrie is just going to opt into his last year and kick this can down the street to next year.

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