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01 Mar 2021 13:00:18
Asking about young stars:

Is Morant more like Iverson or DRose prime?

Is Zion still looking like Barkley or have his own identity

Fox a Lillard type of guy? What about Trae Young?

If Lamelo improves his shooting, any chance he'll be a top 10 player at one point?

Too early, but talking about GOAT, any chance Luka's or Giannis' name be nominated somehow?

Tatum brings Celtics a championship with him and Brown only. What could be his ranking among all time Celtics if so?

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01 Mar 2021 14:02:38
1. Drose
2. Similar style but will have his own identity as well
3. I always seen Fox similar to John Wall with a better developed shot
4. It’s possible
5 Both have a chance, but definitely needs at least 4 rings or so imo
6 If he stays his whole career, top 5. If he can win around 3 rings, has a chance to be in discussions with Bird.

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01 Mar 2021 14:11:03
THere's no way Tatum can get past the East with only Brown by his side. Need another star.
I mean, they lost to the Heat, who wasn't a particularily good team.

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01 Mar 2021 15:27:44
-Iverson was unique, the guy was 6ft and attacking shaq, it's closer to Drose

-I see a young Barkley in Zion

-Agree with NBA16, It's more J wall than Lilliard

-I think that becomming an all star is his ceiling

-A GOAT needs a Pippen and a good team to win titles, the Bucks did a good job, but i don't think Middelton-Holiday is enough to win (multiple) titles. Milwaukee is in the Orlando situation when D Howard was surrounded by good, but older players (Turkoglu-Lewis-V Carter, Nelson, Reddick that weren't (all) stars (anymore) . Maybe he can win a title like Dirk nowitzki, but no way that Milwaukee team is going to be a dynasty.
Doncic has more time, but it's the same story, Dallas need to find a second star or Porzingis need to become a better defender

-P Pierce if he wins a title.

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03 Mar 2021 02:34:52
If Giannis was a goat Holiday and Middleton is more than enough. Giannis ain’t anywhere close to goat. Tell AI and Lebron Holiday and Middleton aren’t enough. They both would’ve shipped out the whole team they carried to the finals for one of them.

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03 Mar 2021 02:42:42
Also, no one is like Iverson. Some players you can’t compare to (Shaq, Wilt, etc) and don’t tell me Kyrie cause he has a nice handle. Kyrie best player on a team = 1st overall pick next year

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01 Mar 2021 12:41:19
Can you find a comparison for these players?

Player 1:
Position - PG
Athleticism - below average
Inside scoring - below average
Midrange - Average
Three-point shooting - Above average
BBIQ - Above average
Playmaking - above average
Defense - Average

Player 2:
Position - PF/C
Athleticism - Above average
Inside scoring - above average
Midrange - below average
Three-point shooting - Above average
BBIQ - Above average
Playmaking - Average
Defense - Average

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01 Mar 2021 12:55:24
Funny i think Vanvleet/ Lowry and Siakam.

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01 Mar 2021 21:15:20
Lowry and simkaart indeed.

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02 Mar 2021 12:51:35

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27 Feb 2021 15:18:05
What should Indy do with Sabonis and Turner?

1)Keep both
2)Trade Turner
3) trade Sabonis

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27 Feb 2021 16:22:44
Aren't you the Pacers fan? I have little to no knowledge of any players not in Toronto lol.

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27 Feb 2021 17:10:51
It probably depends on what they can get for either one, but I’d trade Turner.

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27 Feb 2021 17:31:06
Definitely not trade Sabonis

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27 Feb 2021 17:52:27
Trade turner to nets or Cs.

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28 Feb 2021 00:14:52
Cavs just got Allen?

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28 Feb 2021 00:44:29
I trade both cause no way they beat the nets buicks or Boston in a series so when those teams old pacers have a good young team not expiring contracts.

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28 Feb 2021 22:39:46
Sabonis is 24, he can easily be a cornerstone of a rebuild if Indy were to move on from their vets. Not saying he should be unquestionably untouchable, but I wouldn’t be actively trying to unload him no matter the direction of the franchise.

On that note, I’d LOVE for Portland to get him. I don’t think they have the assets, but his dad is a hero in Portland. And he’d be a great fit with their current lineup.

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01 Mar 2021 01:30:47
They be mediocre. Plus who say Turner and Sabonis stay.

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01 Mar 2021 01:34:20
If I’m trading Sabonis it’s too a team who gives me a good pick not late picks like Portland will give. I want a solid rebuilding asset not a whole bunch of late picks I don’t see Simmons Trent or little as high end assets.

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27 Feb 2021 14:36:55
Who will be the teams best poised to take over the league when Lebron goes(3-4 years?)
In no particular order
Thunder, sixers, Pelicans, Dallas, Boston, Denver

Think each of these teams has at least 1 guy who could be a top 3 player in that time
Most excited for Sixers(homer) and Thunder w SGA and a million picks

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27 Feb 2021 18:01:51
Pelicans got a good chance with zion and Ingram to meet Tatum and brown in finals.

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03 Mar 2021 02:36:49
I’ll take Embiid and Simmons this year and every year moving forward (and yes I’d probs take Tatum over Simmons) over the Celtics duo.

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26 Feb 2021 11:13:37
I can see Cousins going back to GS. Good back up for Wiseman and GS is tbe one place he had no behavioral issues. He's familiar with the core and the staff. He could help them get to the playoffs. Thoughts.

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26 Feb 2021 13:50:53
Funny. I was seeing Washington for starter minutes.

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25 Feb 2021 12:25:25
Celtics moves

Trade #1
Boston gets-
K. Lowry

Chicago gets-
K. Walker
G. Williams

Toronto gets-
L. Markannen (re-sign)
O. Porter (exp)
2021 1st via Boston

Trade #2
Boston gets-
A. Horford

OKC gets-
D. Theis

OKC does this because Horford has negative value? Even so, he fits Boston well.

Trade #3
Boston gets-
D. Saric

Phoenix gets-
T. Thompson
C. Edwards
2021 2nd from OKC via Bos

PHX has plenty of forwards but needs a good backup center.

Horford/R. Williams

Moving forward Saric can start assuming they don't re-sign Lowry. The money they're paying Horford would've went to Kemba.

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25 Feb 2021 13:52:02
no thanks from Toronto.

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25 Feb 2021 14:36:16
I like that for Toronto lol.

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25 Feb 2021 19:23:25
OKC just just Horford up? Seems odd they don’t get even a second.

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26 Feb 2021 01:39:44
Trade #2?

Salaries are off by 70 mil +/ - . Can't see this trade happening unless a third team and someone taking just about all of C's bench and picks.

Honestly I can't see any of these trades happening.

Celtics should have just traded for Cousins, his contract was cheap.

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27 Feb 2021 23:17:54
Trade #2 Boston would use its exception.

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28 Feb 2021 14:46:08
Can't use the TPE like that. It can't be used with a contract player going back to OKC. Picks yes, contract no.

The Horford ship has sailed! Horford will be dealt to a team that can absorb his contract, like the Knicks.

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25 Feb 2021 00:17:41
My nba all star draft

Lebron - Curry
KD - Giannis
Lebron - Kawhi
KD - Kyrie
Lebron - Jokic
KD - Doncic
Lebron - Beal
KD - Embiid

KD - Harden
Lebron - Dame
KD - Tatum
Lebron - PG
KD - Mitchell
Lebron - Simmons
KD - Gobert
Lebron - Brown
KD - Zion
Lebron - CP3
KD - Booker
Lebron - Vucevic
KD - Randle
Lebron - Lavine



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25 Feb 2021 11:32:20
I don't think Durant pass up on Kyrie with his 1st pick.

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02 Mar 2021 04:07:42
I don’t see embiid getting picked last not at all.

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24 Feb 2021 00:54:18
Went through two mock trade deadlines with the Cavs and the first one, I just moved Drummond for bad salary and a first.

So the second one, I decided to go big.

The Cavs end roster
Klay Thompson/ 2nd best holiday brother
Aaron Gordon/Nance
Allen/ Looney

21, 3, and 25 1sts are gone. Have Orlando 21 2nd.

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24 Feb 2021 12:13:11
How did you - wow.

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24 Feb 2021 16:54:48
I added Dwayne Bacon for a second too, if that helps :) .

Probably not the moves I’d hope for the Cavs in real life in the second one. I just wanted to see exactly what I could build.
I wanted to break up the back court and was randomly offered Klay for Sexton and Drummond. I wasn’t doing that, but they offered to take Love.
I shopped the 21 1st with Drummond and the best offer was Fournier and Gordon, so I took it.
I got Holiday, Mconnell and McDermott for my 23 1st and Windler.
Then McCollum became available, so I offered Fournier, Okoro, McDermott and a 25 1st and apparently that was the best offer.

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24 Feb 2021 17:48:42
Nice job!

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24 Feb 2021 18:25:00
Second round or bust in 22. If it could stay healthy, it’d be a fun team. Garland has some Dame and Curry in him. If by some miracle. I feel like I’m picking 2 of the young guys and putting the perfect pieces around them to let them succeed. While also adding 2 potential allstars, a good starter and a bench that makes sense around 3 potentially great offensive players. If Garland pops (or Allen maybe too as like a Gobert type), you maybe can be a real contender. Probably, not anytime soon would they be a real contender, but they preach winning culture and that’s a lot of winners and smart players.

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