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02 Apr 2021 17:04:22
Never thought I would see the day when the Kings are actually favored by Vegas in a game against the Lakers. Kings -4.5.

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03 Apr 2021 05:22:23
Sorry they lost.

02 Apr 2021 01:32:27
So here's my BOLD prediction (or delusional dream) for the Raptors off season.
It begins with the #4 Clippers losing in the first round to the #5 Lakers. (not likely, but possible) It carries on to PG13, after another brutal performance, deflects criticism by throwing shade at Kawhi. So Kawhi says screw you guys i'm going home and opts out of his deal. Remembering fondly his last days of happiness, he calls his friend Kyle Lowry and says "What's up?

next thing you know their agents have put together a sign and trade of siakam and baynes for kawhi... who brings back old friend Serge on the MLE.

Not likely... but more realistic than a ringring trade lol

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02 Apr 2021 13:55:38
You don’t think it’s likely for Lakers to win 1st round?

02 Apr 2021 14:14:30
I think Lakers would have problems with Utah and Denver if they have to go on the road. The plus playing the Clippers in the first round is that they stay at home.

02 Apr 2021 17:49:44
Lebron and AD will be healthy in playoffs. Nuggets don’t have Grant to guard Lebron. Jazz usually not good in playoffs.

02 Apr 2021 20:58:48
@NBA16 - I think it unlikely that the Lakers/ Clippers finish 4 and 5, but it is possible.

01 Apr 2021 21:18:34

LAL RECEIVES: Lauri Markkanen, 1st round pick

April Fools!!!

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01 Apr 2021 17:39:25
Who has the best chance making the 2022 all star team?

C: M Turner
Pf:A Gordon
SF:N Powell

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01 Apr 2021 17:48:21

01 Apr 2021 18:57:24

End of list.

01 Apr 2021 19:00:24
I really like Levert but he has such a horrible injury history and he's not the best player on his team. I'll go with Sexton. At this point I don't think the other three will ever be good enough to make it.

01 Apr 2021 20:36:09
I don't know how you determine "best" when everyone's chance is 0%.

03 Apr 2021 14:39:45
I say Sexton cause he gets the ball more and the cavs Is pretty much his team. They just need a good draft next year.

03 Apr 2021 17:46:02
Powell. No way he doesn't make an All-star.

01 Apr 2021 06:06:51
What wrong with Evan Fournier?

Why he hasn't played well?

Brad Stevens system doesn't work out for him ?

His average numbers & value are pretty low so far

I think Boston Celtics going to ruined his career if he doesn't play well

That can hurt his contract he not going to get 15-20 million per years from any teams if he doesn't play well with Boston Celtics

Evan Fournier doesn't like coming off the bench behind Marcus Smart or Jaylen Brown??

Then Orlando Magic won the trade if Evan Fournier doesn't worked out with Boston Celtics

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01 Apr 2021 12:35:01
Boston needs a pass first playmaker who can get others involved.

01 Apr 2021 15:24:51
First off, the guy just got traded and a players mind, at least most players, just doesn't react like nothing has happened. You'll need a week to adjust, .

How can Stevens ruin his future in a short time? I honestly don't thin he'll re-up unless this is where he wants to be.

From what I've heard he said he'll do what Stevens wants him to do.

01 Apr 2021 17:39:36
for starters, Fournier is coming off the bench in Boston instead of starting.

Secondly, while in Orlando, Fournier was getting a lot of wide open shots to shoot from passing the ball. In Boston, I am seeing him doing a lot more one-on-one driving which does not appear to be his strength.

03 Apr 2021 14:40:05
He was good last night.

31 Mar 2021 23:37:39
What should Celtics do?

Package Brown, fillers and picks for a top 15 player?

Go young, build around Tatum & Brown
Trade Kemba, Thompson and maybe Smart

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01 Apr 2021 12:40:03
They need to move Kemba. He looks great physically and he's playing the way he always has. He's inefficient but he's not the #1 option anymore so instead of shooting 10 of 25 he's shooting 6 of 15. This is what he's always been. If he continues to stay healthy, a team could take a chance on him. Even flipping him for Westbrook or Wall would improve Boston immensely.

01 Apr 2021 13:39:09
If they can package Brown for a top 15 player, they’d be crazy not to. Brown’s awesome, but he’s never going to be that level of guy.

01 Apr 2021 17:09:47
I try to trade Walker young players plus picks for siakam.

01 Apr 2021 17:40:56
Walker, young player (s) plus picks to Houston for Wall and Wood?

01 Apr 2021 17:50:29
Don’t see the rockets wanting to part with Wood, but I can see walker for Wall.

01 Apr 2021 19:02:56
For the first month of the season, Brown was playing like a top 10 player. Since then he's had a knee issue and has lost his explosiveness. Supposedly it's just tendinitis or something like that.

04 Apr 2021 05:58:07
McCollum was playing like a top 10 player before getting hurt too. I don’t trust either to actually be close to top 10 players permanently.

05 Apr 2021 15:18:13
But the idea is not for a top 10 player but a top 15. I always compare Brown to Butler. Is Butler top 15? Is Brown as good or will he be? Compare their trajectories.

31 Mar 2021 18:11:31
According to NBA. com today.

"Kia Rookie Ladder: Tyrese Haliburton climbs to No. 1 after strong stretch in starting lineup
The rookie takes over the top spot as he continues to provide a steady hand to Sacramento's playoff push. "

"Since then [Bagley injury and Halliburton moved into starting lineup], the Kings have gone 7-1, outscoring rivals by 5.8 points and shooting 50.6% to their foes 48%. As for Haliburton, the No. 12 pick from Iowa State has averaged 15.8 ppg on 11.8 shots, hitting 51.1% overall and 42.5% of his 3-pointers. His 4.5 assists have come at the expense of only 1.6 turnovers. He even has been talking like a veteran in addressing Sacramento’s improved play. "

This ROY of the year race is starting to remind me a lot of the "Zion vs. Ja" debate.

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31 Mar 2021 19:51:54
Do you trade Bagley even if it’s not a great return?

31 Mar 2021 20:17:17
Probably not. Have him come off bench in his last year before being a RFA. Not matching any offers.

Been floating the idea of drafting K. Jones and letting him spend a year in G-League for more development. Replaces Bagley with his departure.

31 Mar 2021 13:50:00
Knicks leaning towards Dedmon and Cousins bc of their shooting ability and should create mismatches for Toppin off the bench.


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31 Mar 2021 17:28:36
Cousins signed with LA?

31 Mar 2021 18:13:44
yup. 10-day with the Clippers.


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