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19 Sep 2020 14:28:27
Atlanta- smart+ grant William+14 pick
Boston- Collins+Huerter+reddish+6 pick

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19 Sep 2020 15:19:18
Take the picks out.

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19 Sep 2020 15:34:46
Take collins and 6.

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19 Sep 2020 14:26:27
Spurs: Wiggins, 2 pick 2020
Warriors: Aldridge, 11 pick 2020

White, Murray, Weatherspoon
DeRozan, Mills, Forbes (Min vet)
Johnson, Walker, Marco Belinelli
Wiggins, Gay, Lyles, Samanić
Wiesman, Poeltl (MLE Plumlee, Whitside, Biyombo, Thompson, Ibaka),Eubanks

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19 Sep 2020 15:19:53
I kind of like this for both sides.

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19 Sep 2020 12:41:07

Oklahoma get: Al Horford, Rodney Hood, Mario Hezonja, 1st round pick Phi, 1st round pick Portland & 2nd round pick Portland

They could trade Adams for some value as well maybe at the deadline. Swapping a bad contract to another and getting 3 picks is good value

Dort/Ferguson/draft pick
Bazley/draft pick

Philadelphia get: Chris Paul

Finally get a leader for their team


Portland get: Josh Richardson

Upgrade at starting SF


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19 Sep 2020 12:22:53

Pelicans get: Zach Lavine
Get a guard position upgrade

(Just need to find ways to improve defense at some point but the offensive firepower will be lethal)

Pistons get: Lonzo Ball & 2nd rounder from Pelicans & Bulls
Get a younger point guard
Draft Okoro and resign Wood


Bulls get: Derrick Rose, NAW & pick 13 via Pelicans
Get a hometown boy back. It will be fun for their fans and get young SG and pick for Lavine

Draft Avdija & Hampton


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19 Sep 2020 11:40:49

Phx get 2nd pick, 2 1st Bucks, 1st Min via Gs 2021, divincenzo, wiggins, Bledsoe (trade to other team for a pick)
Draft ball


Mil get Rubio, Booker, Looney, Poole


Gs get Middleton, Hill


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19 Sep 2020 11:56:07
Booker isn’t moving.

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19 Sep 2020 15:23:17
Wouldn’t GS just take Booker and Rubio instead?

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19 Sep 2020 10:56:40
Maybe since Bucks have mistaken to resign Brogdon for improvment or trade purpose.

Mavs can max out their cap for another two/three years since Luca is on rookie contract - and they will!

CLE: #18 pick, D.J.Wilson
MIL: Love, Hardaway
DAL: Giannis, Ntilikina
NYK: Brunson, Jackson

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19 Sep 2020 11:56:52
Hell, if that’s all it takes, the Cavs should just nab Giannis.

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19 Sep 2020 12:51:36
Y still do not understand. Giannis will extend only in Dallas or join Dallas next season. So please:
1. Not trunken
2. Think
3. Post or maybe not.

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19 Sep 2020 13:07:43
What causes u to think that? Like u seem so convinced that Giannis will join Dallas regardless so please explain why and maybe even tell a source or two to back up your point.

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19 Sep 2020 13:31:28
If that's all they can get for Giannis, even if his agent says he's going to sign with Dallas, they'd still be better off keeping him and trying to win at least once with him. your trades are insultingly unbalanced.

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19 Sep 2020 15:28:30
Exactly windrapsfan! If he’s 100% going to Dallas, the Bucks should just keep him and try for a ring. Losing him for nothing and possibly winning it all is better than taking Love and Hardaway.

Drainer: Dallas has to give up real value (and the only thing they have is Porzingis) to get him this offseason. If KP is off the table, you can’t trade for Giannis. Any other thought isn’t realistic.

and yeah, if Portland could trade Ariza, Hood, and Collins for Giannis and it was guaranteed he’d leave after one season, I’d do that in a heartbeat. No questions asked. That means that Dallas can’t get him for nothing. Other teams will roll the dice. Look at Toronto for history on the same situation.

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19 Sep 2020 15:37:18
wirh Love and Hardaway Bucks are still a winning team - not without.

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19 Sep 2020 10:11:11

Hou: Walker+1rnd pick Memphis+ 1rnd pick Bucks 2022 (top 10 protected from Cle)

Boston: Sexton+ Nance Jr+Exum.

cleveland can make a playoff run with Westbrook-Drummond-Love and develop Garland-Porter-Avdija

Houston replace Westbrook by a better fit. Kemba is also younger and they get some assets, so they can draft youn prospects they can develop for when the Harden run is over.

Boston gets a younger player and caprelief in 2021.

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19 Sep 2020 11:28:43
Boston say no.

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19 Sep 2020 05:05:27

Cle- 2nd pick & wiggins

GS- 9th pick, garland, bryant, osman, wizards '22 1st

Was- 5th pick, drummond

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19 Sep 2020 09:48:38
Why would the Cavs do that?

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19 Sep 2020 10:13:18
Wiseman-sexton can become a good combo.

I like it for GS, if they can draft Vassell.

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19 Sep 2020 12:01:28
The Cavs haven’t shown any interest in wiseman, even before the lottery. He’s basically a younger version of Drummond. The Cavs are giving up a young lottery pick, a decent player on an expiring in Drummond, taking on Wiggins contract. an okay role player in Cedi, and the 5th pick just to move up 3 spots in a bad draft. I’m not sure the Cavs do this, if it’s just taking on Wiggins for Drummond and swapping the picks.

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19 Sep 2020 13:09:54
Putting the value of the trade aside, the wizards can’t do that without going well into the luxury tax which I tend to doubt they want. Drummond is good but he’s not as good at d as he once was, he can’t shoot, and he’s making a lot of money even if it’s expiring.

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