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29 Mar 2023 03:40:58
Pels - Hawks

Pels get D Murray & Bogdanovic

Hawks get Ingram & Lewis

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28 Mar 2023 17:43:03
Boston: L Ball
Heat; J Brown
Cha; Herro+ D Robinson+1rnd pick Heat 23 and 27

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28 Mar 2023 18:32:02
Boston already has Smart, White, and Brogdon, seems like a strange target. Heat wouldn't be giving up enough anyway.

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28 Mar 2023 21:02:55
Heat gets the best player in the deal while getting rid of one of the worst contracts in the NBA. I don't like this trade at all. Charlotte probably rather keep Brown to themselves imo.

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29 Mar 2023 00:43:07
Takes at least those picks just to dump Herro and DRob.

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28 Mar 2023 08:29:27
1) Clippers-Heat

Heat: P George
Clippers: T Herro+ Jovic+ D Robinson+ 1rnd pick Heat 23-27-29

Rockets: K Leonard
Clippers: Porter+ smith+ #2 (Henderson)+ 1rnd pick Nets 24

PG:Henderson/T Mann

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28 Mar 2023 15:09:52
Rockets wont do it.

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29 Mar 2023 02:49:46
Kawhi would rather sit the whole season than play in Houston.

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28 Mar 2023 08:08:46
Miami: Green+ Porter+ 1rnd pick Nets 24
Hou: J Butler

Hou: sign: J Harden
draft Wenbanyama

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28 Mar 2023 14:49:31
I think the Harden rumors are smoke & mirrors to get Harden leverage. He wants the max.

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28 Mar 2023 17:36:01
it probably is, but that's why this side is fun.

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28 Mar 2023 21:04:31
I wouldn't give up Green for Butler, but rather pair him with Harden.

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27 Mar 2023 21:45:03

Jaylen Brown
Malcolm Brogdon
Danilo Gallinari

Jimmy Butler
Kyle Lowry

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28 Mar 2023 02:21:46
Haha no.

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27 Mar 2023 20:44:14


8 pick.via Bulls from Magic
2025 1st Round Pick(Top 5 Protected)via Nuggets from Magic

Beal/Dick/free agent
Carter/N.Reid/free agent

Am I giving up too much or it is enough?

Yo Shaq let me know

Magic draft Gradey Dick @ 6 pick

Wizards gonna convince Beal to waive his no trade clause so they can send him any teams

Markelle Fultz has to become sixth man & mentor Jalen Suggs

Let Jalen Suggs be staring point guard

Re-sign Mo Wagner & Sign Naz Reid

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28 Mar 2023 01:57:13
Beal doesn't not waive his no-trade clause. To go to Orlando.

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28 Mar 2023 03:17:41
The value is fine, challenge is getting Beal to waive his no-trade clause. Maybe he likes the idea of playing in Orlando?

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29 Mar 2023 02:26:43
Who ENJOYS playing in Orlando? Only kids visiting Disney World. That's it.

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27 Mar 2023 16:29:38
Mavs team didn`t have the future to win it all - Mavs wanted to change. Maybe there was hope, it goes the smoth way it does not.

There is some hope, since MIN will not fit as well and have no option to adjust but to many bigs - what they need to keep and pay for.

Mavs need to try it on MIN:

ORL Hardy, 2nd
DAL KAT, Prince Harris
MIN Green, Hardaway, Bertans, 3x1st (1st (DEN over ORL) and 2 of DAL)


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27 Mar 2023 19:08:03
In what world is Hardy worth a 1st round pick?

And Minnesota turns that deal down everyday of the week and twice on Sundays.

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27 Mar 2023 19:19:55
Hardy is not going to get a first back in return.

Plus, does the salaries work? The Hardy for Harris seems way out of alignment.

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27 Mar 2023 20:45:59
Boy that Luca-Kyrie combo is lighting it up😂😂😂😂.

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27 Mar 2023 09:55:45
Indy: Doncic
Dal: Mathurin+ Theis+Duarte+ 1rnd pick Indy 2023-2025-27 (top 2 protected)+ 1rnd pick Cle 23+ 1rnd pick Bos 23


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27 Mar 2023 11:39:07
Haliburton-Doncic pairing seems eerily similar to the Irving-Doncic pairing. Plus, that is a massive hole in the Pacers defense with Doncic-Hield.

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27 Mar 2023 13:40:46
I don't think you can compare Haliburton with Irving.
Irving is an *ss, Haliburton would find a way to play with Doncic

Doncic became ann above avarage defender. Hield isn't the best defender, but he's producing 5.0 rebounds and 1.2 steals. So i think that could work. Hali takes the best offensive player, Turner protects the rim and Jackson grabs the rebounds.

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27 Mar 2023 19:21:31
@Gasupo and others. It is more about 2 players needing the ball in their hands to be highly effective. Nothing about the players "attitudes".

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27 Mar 2023 20:17:00
Irving is a chemistry killer. Halliburton & Doncic would adjust playing together to make it work.

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28 Mar 2023 01:59:10
Haliburton-Fox didn't work. Doncic-Kyrue is not working. Why would you think Haliburton-Doncic would work?

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28 Mar 2023 14:50:59
@Fredman that's a good point. Both Doncic & Halliburton are high IQ players so maybe they figure it out.

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28 Mar 2023 16:51:51
Luka and Kyrie isn’t working because that team has one of the worst front courts in the NBA (and because Kyrie is a cancer) .

Fox/ Hali “didn’t work” because Hali was only 100 games into his career and they had one of the worst front courts in the NBA.

If Indy has a bottom 10 front court with Haliburton and Luka, it’s a disaster. If they can surround them with shooting and defense, it could be amazing.

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28 Mar 2023 16:55:14
It feels like the “Dame and CJ can’t win together” talk for years. Yeah, if you start Harkless, Aminu, and Kanter with them, they’re doomed. If the best forward that ever starts with them is Evan Turner, they can’t win.

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