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15 Apr 2021 03:58:06
Wolves new ownership wants players now to develop. When they gel

Wolves get Barrett Robinson Quickley Toppin Knox both 21 23 ny and Dallas 1st NY 25 27 1st.

Knicks get Towns Russell


Russell Towns and Randle have a chance to can challenge anybody in the east.


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15 Apr 2021 10:38:54
This is the stupidest trade you’ve ever proposed. So the knickS give up everything they have for the two stars of the worst team in basketball?

They give up 5 players under 23. Then 6 1sts?

This is offensive to every Knicks fan.

15 Apr 2021 12:51:51
Firstly, TWolves will trade them separately for more value.
Knicks could be a suitor for Towns, but it would be a similar deal to the PG trade. Likely Robinson + Toppin + 4frp gets it done.
That way Knicks keep Barrett and Quickley and run with an elite starting 5 of
Quickley, Rose, Barrett, Randle, Towns.

15 Apr 2021 13:37:46
Was Towns "happy" playing under Tom Thibbs when he coached Minnesota?

15 Apr 2021 17:50:36
If knicks get the supporting cast that I proposed around that big 3 Knicks will be beast in the east as good as bucks, sixes or Nets. If Thibodeau had Russell and Towns the 1st time instead of butler and Towns, things would of been different. 3 years ago Towns 22 and Butler 28 were on 2 different levels. That is why Towns and Thibs failed. Thib left before Russell and Towns merged. Currently Randle is older above any level of the knicks current young stud toppin Barrett Robinson and Quickley similiar to Towns and Butler. But Russell Towns are Randle are same level as far as peak talent and age. As is the remaining supporting cast of vets I included. Also factor Thibodeau long term won't except mediocrity for than 1 year. Factor knicks new management love for Kentucky Stars. Wolves are just apposite. They don't need the players to develop until 2023 when AROD takes over. If you want tweak the trade ball s&t 2 2nds or fillers for Russell to have a facilitator instead of a shoot 1st pg I get it. But I think Thibodeau and Rose can transform Russell into a superstar. If knicks can't get Towns they have a great relationship. Towns and Randle have the Kentucky connection.

Cheeseburger at worst case scenario

I would trade for Russell for 2 Dallas 1st cap space.

14 Apr 2021 17:53:51
Off-season trade. Pels resign lonzo, trade him to bulls for Lauri who just resigned. Bulls get their pg and facilitator and pels get a 7ft who while not good defensively can spread floor for Zion with his shooting. Don't see them resigning adams so u got Hayes and lauri as your 5s at diffrent times on court and u get sumtn for ball who Probly was leaving in free agency

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14 Apr 2021 18:41:06
Adams already extended.

14 Apr 2021 21:18:06
He is going NY and Knicks will be charged for Tampering.

16 Apr 2021 00:56:25
Ain’t happening. Ball wants to stay in NOLA.

14 Apr 2021 17:14:15
Minn-capela-Colby white-Aminu 2021 and 2023 1st round picks Atl

Starting five trae-bog-hunter-gallanari-towns. Resign Lou for bench to go along with okongwa and huerter. Don't see Collins resigning.

Bulls add some wing depth and defensive pg off bench. Sign lonzo as free agent pg. starting five- lonzo-lavine-reddish-pat will-vooch. Bench- Dunn sato-Thad young culver-theis

Wolves blow it up. Look to trade Russell also elsewhere. Hope to land in top 3 dis year so they keep pick along wit hawks pick. Build around Edwards and could use capella and white down road as trade peices

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14 Apr 2021 23:47:20
Trae can’t stop ball and towns can’t defend rim. I think capela is perfect center for hawks.

15 Apr 2021 12:54:04
I don’t see Atlanta as a fit for Towns. I think they should go after Malik Beasley from TWolves for like Reddish and a first.

14 Apr 2021 13:17:28
Grizzlies - Sabonis

Kings - Valanciunas

Pacers - Wright Bagley Clarke and 1st from Grizzlies (via Utah)




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14 Apr 2021 18:21:58
Pacers need WAY more on this for Sabonis.

14 Apr 2021 23:11:21
Valanciunas in a wheel chair will still defend better than Bagley 1st from Kings to Pacers. Instead of pick I ask for clark and JJJ.

15 Apr 2021 12:59:00
Valanciunas is pretty underrated and on a great deal imo so I think grizzlies would be hesitant to give him up. They’ve got a good squad coming up and just need to be patient.
I also think Pacers rather give up Turner than Sabonis.
I could see a Turner for Whiteside and Hield or somethin.

15 Apr 2021 17:53:30
Pacers don't need 5 SG. they need more pf and centers to balance the lineup if they trade sabonis or turner.

14 Apr 2021 04:56:51
Atl gets-towns/hield
Wolves-bagley-reddish-Thad young-snell-Aminu. 2021 atl 1st pick 2023 1st pick. Sac 2021 1st pick

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14 Apr 2021 13:32:11
Snell is a UFA.

No way Kings give up Hield, Bagley and a lottery pick for Capela and Gallinari.

14 Apr 2021 15:13:02
Fredman- why both are upgrades.

14 Apr 2021 16:49:20
Don’t put much stock into what Fredman says. Never posts any of his own and just shoots down others like a typical know it all. Said bulls couldn’t get vooch for two 1sts. History of nba shows many lobslided trades, he acts like they never happen.

14 Apr 2021 20:25:03
33 I agree to the max.

14 Apr 2021 22:25:29
Just like Hoops said this trade is lopsided, Shiller. No way I could agree to it.

Also, Hoops, I bet I was 10 times more right about trades not happening than on a couple that I may have gotten wrong. But I get it. Can only bring a horse to water, can't make him/ her/ it drink.

14 Apr 2021 23:14:50
Fredman there is reason why your team record is bad, they don't play defense. Gallo offensively better than Hield and Bagley. Bagley is slightly better than Toppin or Knox.

15 Apr 2021 13:04:24
As I said above, I don’t see Towns fit in Atlanta. Tbh I like Capela and think they could upgrade at SF before C.
Atlanta also doesn’t give up nearly enough in this proposal at least not to Min. More quantity than actual quality.
Same with Bulls, that doesn't get DLo.
Sac also says no, they prolly do Hield + Bagley for Capela and Galli if they’re getting a pick not giving up.
And Minnesota obviously says no.

13 Apr 2021 23:07:54
Magic/Mavericks/Knicks/Kings Magic Off-season

Kings get Gary Harris Mo Bamba Kevin Knox

Magic get Trey Burke Josh Richardson Dwight Powell 2021 first round pick.via Mavericks 2022 second round pick.via Mavericks 2024 second round pick

Knicks get Terrance Ross Michael Carter Williams

Mavericks get Buddy Hield

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14 Apr 2021 13:40:09
lets see. Hield makes $22.2 next year. Harris (20.4), Bamba (7.5) and Knox (5.8) is a total of $33.3. Kings don't have $11 mil in cap space nor are the salaries within 125% + $100K.

14 Apr 2021 23:18:17
Knicks will take on Ross and MCW and anybody else you don't want Harris and take your bulls 1st. I don't know why you need cap space. Your not signing anybody and accept over paying for Fultz.

13 Apr 2021 19:10:26
Wizards Adam

Pelicans Bertan

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13 Apr 2021 20:23:53
Adam is free agents next yr.

13 Apr 2021 21:35:42
Yeah. No thanks.

13 Apr 2021 22:45:23
Adams makes nearly $30 mil next year and Bertrans makes $16 mil next year. Additionally, Washington is already projected to be over the salary cap next year and they don't have a $30 mil trade exemption, so I am not sure how this trade happens.

14 Apr 2021 05:22:36
Adams signed an extension for 17 million in 21-22 and 18 the next year.

13 Apr 2021 18:03:52
Jamal Murray to Brooklyn
K. Irving to Denver.

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13 Apr 2021 19:13:28
Irving is not on Murray level and it has nothing to do with talent. Kyrie Irving uses everything excuse in the book just to get by which is not except able when your making 35 mil per year. I hope messes up and his contract gets voided and he never gets paid again.

13 Apr 2021 19:37:50
YOU should be Brooklyn GM, you deserve that man.

13 Apr 2021 22:28:23
Kyrie is so much better. Murray averaged 21 on his best year. Kyrie has won more even with his issues.

14 Apr 2021 23:24:33
Omg what is it do guys sympathies for that loser. He won bc of LeBron carried him. Only looking at talent. What he was, he is more of distraction. Nets will not win bc of him. Harden and Durant are the deal.


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