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01 Jun 2024 17:49:58
Lakers - Cavs - Bulls

Lakers get Lavine & Allen
- dont tell me the Lakers are getting too much. They take Lavine, high risk high reward and get a front court duo for AD


Cavs get Vanderbilt, Pat Williams, 17th pick Lakers, 1st round pick Chicago
- adds 2 defensive bigs and some assets for Allen


Bulls get Reaves, Vincent & Hachimura
- gets rid of Lavine and get a decent return in Reaves


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01 Jun 2024 18:40:08
Lakers are getting too much.

30 May 2024 14:01:31
Atlanta sends-Capela (exp),Hunter, Bogdanavic, Okungwu,2nd Rd pick

Portland sends Ayton,Grant, Brogdan (exp)

Gives Atlanta a bigger front line move Brogdan after trade to save on cap space draft Sarr 1st overall. Ayton would work better with the pick & roll with Trae, Murray,Grant, Johnson, Ayton.

Gets Portland out of the tax with smaller contracts to move so they can rebuild around their young talented backcourt faster. I think Hunter & Okungwu would work well with Portland guards the pick & roll that Trae runs does not work well for them.

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01 Jun 2024 03:17:17
Absurd trade for Portland could get far better offers for grant and ayton.

01 Jun 2024 03:22:16
For instance if Portland willing to trade Ayton and grant kings would give up huerter, Barnes, Mitchell, Lyles, vezenkov and this years 1 st round pick.

01 Jun 2024 11:23:11
@Hyena 1 I hear you but I don't think Portland makes that type of trade with Sacramento. The Only real value from Sacramento is Sabonis & Fox which I know they aren't moving for Grant & Ayton also this moves puts Sacramento in the heavy tax apron. Secondly it returns Portland 2 guards to a guard heavy team with Scoot Henderson, Afernee Simons, Matisse Thybulle, Malcolm Brogdan. They have no room for 2 more guards. Harrison Barnes does not help them. Hunter & Okungwu would mesh well with their young backcourt. It's only a few teams willing & able to take on 60 million from just 2 players.

01 Jun 2024 14:10:48
To be fair kings should only offer the trade for grant not ayton but your offer regarding hawks offers nothing of any value to Portland. Barnes helps them if loses grant so how about Barnes huerter Lyles and a 1st for grant?

01 Jun 2024 19:12:12
@Hyena1 I think you are overvaluing Grant. He is a 30 yr old 3rd or 4th scorer on a title contender with 4 yr/ 150 million contract owed. Portland will find it hard to move that contract. Rebuilding teams are not carrying a player that age with that type of money. It's maybe 3 teams that would & maybe 5 that could. Sacramento ain't taking on that type of salary for 5 pt bump at that position between Grant & Barnes. Portland will have to take back less than desirable names if they want rebuild that squad before their rookie back court get to their next cont.

02 Jun 2024 01:32:09
I’m a kings fan and would do that trade immediately to get grant without having to give up Murray. Getting out of Barnes and huerter contract for grant would be an ideal fit for kings…. think this trade makes sense for both sides.

30 May 2024 08:35:54
An opportunistic Mavs GM could Kyrie send to Lakers in the summer - since he may have the higher value. You could ask the desperated Lakers for a lot. : ) I like that idea. ; )

LAL Kyrie, Hardaway, Kleber, Exum
DAL Murray, Hunter, Russell, Hachimura
ATL Reaves, Hood-Schifino, Green, Propser, Vanderbit, 1st LAL

Mavs win 2024 and 2025 again : )

Lively - Gafford
Washington, Hachimura
Hunter, Jones
Luca, Hardy
Murray, Russell

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30 May 2024 17:47:03
The value is bad for Atlanta. That said, I wouldn't trade Kyrie if I'm the Mavs. He's way too important for them.

31 May 2024 11:55:19
I agree terrible for Atlanta.

31 May 2024 12:27:00
So after Kyrie helped Luka to be with his first finals appearance, you will trade him. Lmao.

30 May 2024 03:35:48
Raptors Offseason:

S&T Trent 4Y 65M to LAL for Vanderbilt, JHS, and a 2nd

Re-Sign Quickley 4Y 128M

Trade Brown and McDaniels to GSW for Wiggins and Moody

Sign Monte Morris w/ MLE

Draft Tristan Da Silva @19 and Ajay Mitchell @31

C ' Poeltl/Olynyk/Boucher

PF ' Barnes/Da Silva/Vanderbilt

SF ' Wiggins/Moody/Agbaji

SG ' Barrett/Dick/Hood-Schifino

PG ' Quickley/Morris/Mitchell

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30 May 2024 05:12:17
Wiggins fits good on raps more valuable than people realize warriors had a lot of issues could see Wiggins playing like he did two years ago somewhere else. But golden state shouldn't do this . Monte Morris shouldn't be in the league . why trade for Vanderbilt jhs won't be good .

30 May 2024 13:21:13
Wiggins is a local player, Toronto Raptors likely have as much insight on him as any team in the league. It's great that he got a ring, but he underperformed most years of his career. He seems rather disinterested last season. Raptors need shooters around SB. Wiggins has 3 years left on his contract with a diminishing return. Raptors just got ride of older players - this trade does not make sense from Raptors perspective.

29 May 2024 05:22:11
Warriors - Jazz - Raptors

Warriors : Lauri Markannen, Bruce Brown

Curry - Paul
Thompson - Payton
Kuminga - Brown
Green - JacksonDavis
Markkanen - Looney

Jazz : Chris Boucher, Moses Moody, Brandin Podziemski, 21st round picks Warriors, pick swap Warriors

George - Sexton
Podziemski - Clarkson
Moody - THT
Collins - Hendricks
Kessler - Boucher

Raptors : Andrew Wiggins, 2 2nd round picks Utah

Quickley -
Barrett - Dick
Wiggins - Agbaji
Barnes - McDaniels
Poeltl - Olynyk

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29 May 2024 11:37:57
Jazz can do better.

30 May 2024 03:36:47
I think the Warriors are giving too little to get back both Brown and Markannen.

28 May 2024 23:28:16
Philadelphia moves

Sign Paul George & KCP
Tobias Harris for Barnes & Huerter


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29 May 2024 11:39:28
Harris is a free agent. They have to let him go to be able to sign George and KCP.

30 May 2024 05:13:18
Is barnes better than Harris tho.

28 May 2024 23:18:51
Bones of trade: swapping of all stars, add more pieces to balance out everything

Nyk / Nop / Cle

Nyk get Brandon Ingam, Jose Alvarado


Nop get Jarrett Allen, Miles McBride

Allen-Nance Jr

Cle get Julius Randle, 2nd rd pick Nyk


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29 May 2024 13:21:59
I like this for the Knicks
It feels like NO and Cle need a little bit more
Maybe NO the protected Was pick and Cle the protected Det pick.

29 May 2024 20:43:44
Nope from Pels.

30 May 2024 05:13:57
Can we all please come back to earth on Jarrett Allen. m.

28 May 2024 23:08:35
Jazz - Okc

Jazz- giddey, dieng, 4 1st

Okc- markkanen

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29 May 2024 13:22:57
Utah would be a good place for Giddey.

28 May 2024 18:23:02
Mavs are in the finals. And if we are honest, Mavs are build to beat the Celtics as well.

Would be boring.

No trades needed anymore. No chats for proposals anymore.

Mavs get the rings.

So keep it easy for next season:

ATL Hardaway, 1st
DAL Hunter

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28 May 2024 22:05:03
I like Hunter, but his rep is that he's not worth his contract. Why not keep Jones Jr who'll be much cheaper and keep the 1st?

29 May 2024 07:53:11
Mavs keep Jones Jr. anyways.

Hunter has a stronger body can play sf/ pf. He could be a sleeper like Washington. In any case he is an athletic defender and inside/ outside scorer that Mavs can use in any case. Having Hardy you do not need Hardaway anymore.

29 May 2024 11:52:17
Hunter would look a lot better away from Trae young.

29 May 2024 11:42:02
Not sure Washington is a sleeper, he's no better now than he was before.

30 May 2024 05:16:14
They got Washington for cheap meaning he didn't have a lot of perceived value league wide. His defense has improved significantly and he's playing a role on a winning team very different than putting up numbers on a rubbish team.

30 May 2024 08:21:49
Would you take Brooklyns Bridges over Hunter? Propably yes. : ) But Mavs are already in the Finals (at least those days : ) and Hunter would improve the team. Y do not need more, than to win. Even if Mavs could affords the asset to trade for Bridges it may be an option to keep assets for trades in the future - Kyrie will not play for ever.

30 May 2024 12:55:28
They did not get Washington for cheap, and in fact overpaid for him when factoring in what they had just given up to get Grant Williams. Horrible asset management, which they have a history of (Brunson) .

30 May 2024 16:29:32
As a Hawks fan I like the deal but it wouldn't work because of Bogdanavic. Hardaway would have to be a 6th man for us.

01 Jun 2024 02:12:49
Yeah Washington actually wasn't cheap but sunken cost on Williams. If they can keep Luka the pick will be trash anyway . Kyrie better fit than brunson.

28 May 2024 01:59:36
Mem - B brown

Tor- kennard, konchar, 2nd rd pick

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28 May 2024 18:13:10
I basically like Bruce Brown for any team, but isn't Memphis in need of more size?

28 May 2024 01:55:26
If Lebron leaves LA


LAL get Josh Giddey, Jaylin Williams, Ousmane Dieng, 4 1st round picks & 2 pick swaps

OKC get Anthony Davis

Davis can push this OKC team to a championship caliber squad

LA should go for the rebuild

Pg SGA/Wallace
Sg Dort/Wiggins
Sf Williams/FA
Pf Davis/K.Williams
Ce Holmgren/FA

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28 May 2024 03:00:32
Think the Lakers can do way better. No blue chip prospects or high level picks there, it's just a pu pu platter.

28 May 2024 13:55:15
Add 2 more picks.


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