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14 Oct 2021 20:13:04
Can i ring for the first time

Dallas get Irving

Nets get Porzingis, Brunson & 2nd

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14 Oct 2021 21:13:56
I think Irving will get the vax eventually and will stay with Brooklyn.

14 Oct 2021 22:40:15
Not worth it for the Mavericks unless they know Kyrie won't retire. Plus I feel like a Mark Cuban and Kyrie Irving marriage would be destined to fail.

14 Oct 2021 23:35:12
This oughtta be good. Lol.

14 Oct 2021 12:30:05
If Zion doesn't want to sign the extention.

Knicks: Zion Williamson

Philly: Randle+Quickley

NO:B simmons+ 1rnd pick Knicks 2022+ 2024+ 1rnd pick Dal 2023

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14 Oct 2021 14:09:54
Not bad, but I doubt Zion will have the leverage to force his way out while still on a rookie contract.

14 Oct 2021 14:10:43
Knicks not giving enough.

14 Oct 2021 15:15:38
not giving enough?

The Knicks give an all star, a young talent and three draft picks, that's a good package for a star that could leave for free. (It's a proposal, if Zion don't want to sign a new contract)

NO receive a player, thats' under contract for four more years, that has been an all star the last three years, made an all nba and all defensive team, that's still young and fits Ingram's timeline and they receive three more picks

This package is better than the AD and PG13 package.

14 Oct 2021 17:15:55
Not better than the PG package.

14 Oct 2021 18:21:15
If Simmons could only shoot.

14 Oct 2021 20:06:56
Yes Gasupo. Zion is more valuable than this in a trade.

14 Oct 2021 21:08:32
I don’t see why NO would let Philly be included. Give me Randle and Quickley over Simmons. And it’s not very close.

14 Oct 2021 05:22:16
What if there was a Irving & Westbrook swap?

OKC trio back at it

Kyrie & Lebron back together plus AD



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14 Oct 2021 08:17:49
Nets say no Kevin Durant doesn’t want Russell Westbrook doesn’t help them to complete for championship and plus they’re rivals they going against each other Nets will never do a deal with Lakers you’re so crazy!

14 Oct 2021 09:53:02
The nets and the lakers are rivals?? lmao

14 Oct 2021 11:23:43
Good idea - in NY Irving will not play this season - also if Nets get less back in Westbrook - at least they have a starter - if Kyrie is happy in LA, I do not know - but a least he is allowed to play - and will get his money : )

14 Oct 2021 13:55:33
Never knew I could be crazy for giving a What If? Situation lol.

14 Oct 2021 14:13:14
If the Lakers had a guarantee that Kyrie wouldn't retire, then this trade makes perfect sense for both sides. Maybe Kyrie would want to honor Kobe by suiting up for the Lakers. However, I think he'd rather retire than play with LeBron again.

14 Oct 2021 14:56:21
LA passed a mandate as well, so he couldn’t play there either.

14 Oct 2021 15:51:42
@Bmiller proof of a negative c.v. test allows you to play at Staples Center. Kyrie could play there, he'd just have to get tested all the time.

14 Oct 2021 22:15:45
Passed on Oct 7th

Los Angeles became the third city to pass a sweeping c.v. vax mandate that will impact its NBA and NHL teams, joining New York and San Francisco.

The ordinance, which was passed on Wednesday, will go into effect November 29.

Starting that day, anyone entering, among other facilities, indoor gyms, including Staples Center, the home of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers and National Hockey League’s Los Angeles Kings, will have to be fully vaccinated, meaning 14 days past their last dose of the c.v. vax.

Both the Lakers and Clippers said last month that their teams are, or are in the process of being, fully vaccinated. The NHL’s Kings also said they are fully vaccinated as a team.

As it is in New York, there is an exemption in L. A. for “non-resident performers, ” meaning the mandate will apply only to members of the Lakers and Clippers and not to players on opposing teams.

14 Oct 2021 22:18:14
The positive test results exception applies to GUESTS, not to actually Lakers and Clippers team members.

14 Oct 2021 22:44:35
@Fredman, the LA Times: "Yet in Los Angeles, an unvaccinated Laker or Clipper could apparently still take part in home games, provided they provide proof of a negative test to comply with the county health order as it applies to Staples Center. "

14 Oct 2021 03:05:02
Pels get. Irving

Nets get. Graham. NAW. Satorosky

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14 Oct 2021 04:14:22
Nets say no.

14 Oct 2021 18:23:13
@MD. Did you not tell me not to comment on your posts? Then offer the same courtesy back if that is still the case😎😎😎😎😎😎.

14 Oct 2021 00:33:19
Building off of Psiphon's idea:

Nets get John Wall and a return on their 2024 second round pick

Rockets get Kyrie Irving and DeAndre' Bembry

Having John Wall is a lot better than having the $35 million in dead cap that Kyrie will essentially be this year. The Nets also get a pick back and create a roster spot that could be used to sign a guy like James Ennis.

Any team trading for Kyrie runs the risk of him retiring: but the Rockets wouldn't care. If Kyrie retires, then they get out of having to pay John Wall while only surrendering a likely late second round pick. If Kyrie decides to play for them, then they got a massive upgrade at point guard for virtually nothing.

Seems like a win-win to me.

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14 Oct 2021 21:15:28
I know Irving's value has plummeted, but not this bad. Wall is cooked. I'd rather keep Irving and hope he gets the vax.

14 Oct 2021 22:51:43
Wall still put up 21/ 3/ 7/ 1/ 1 last year (albeit on a bad team) . I wouldn't say he's completely cooked. His contract expires in the summer of 2023, so that'd be major salary relief for the Nets. At the end of the day, something is better than nothing.

14 Oct 2021 00:05:59
wolves:T Harris+Maxey+ 1rnd pick Philly 2023

Philly:Russell+T Prince

SG:S Curry


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14 Oct 2021 02:09:44
Wolves definitely say no.

14 Oct 2021 03:01:43
Rare moment I agree with MD wolves in rebuilding mode Harris isn't on their timeline.

14 Oct 2021 09:42:01
this wolves team isn't rebuilding.
Harris brings experience, he can be a leader for this team.
Maxey is a better fit in this Woves team
And the philly pick gives them an extra asset to trade for another player.

14 Oct 2021 10:16:14
Wolves a first round exit at best with your trade. Def rebuilding.

14 Oct 2021 14:57:21
Just because they’re a first round exit doesn’t mean they’re rebuilding. They desperately want to compete, even if they’re not a contender. KAT isn’t that young anymore.

14 Oct 2021 21:34:14
realistically they're not making the playoffs.

14 Oct 2021 21:43:45
beasley's 24, towns 25, russell 25, edwards 20 why sell out to maaaybe get marginally better and most likely miss the playoffs unless there's an injury that's a recipe for disaster.

13 Oct 2021 23:56:21
Utah: P George+ T Mann

Clippers: D Mitchell+ Bogdanovic+ swap option 2023 or 2025 draft pick

Sign :Hollins-Jefferson
SF:P George/R Gay

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14 Oct 2021 02:10:06
Clippers say no.

14 Oct 2021 04:15:28
The Jazz would laugh hysterically at this one.

14 Oct 2021 05:45:00
Both team would no.

14 Oct 2021 09:43:42
There's beef between Mitchell and Gobert and Mitchell is easyer to trade.

The Jazz go all in with this trade.
They become a better team on defensive end and PG replaces Mitchell's scoring production.

13 Oct 2021 23:39:11
LA:K Irving+J carter

Nets:Westbrook+ 1rnd pick LA 2025+2rnd pick Bulls 2023+ 2rnd pick Was 2024

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14 Oct 2021 02:11:21
Nets say no because Kevin Durant doesn’t want to play with Russell Westbrook again it’s doesn’t help them to win championship.

14 Oct 2021 04:17:44
Lakers don’t have a first to trade until 2027, and they’d pass on this. Kyrie would probably retire before playing with LeBron again.


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