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08 Apr 2020 13:01:59

NYK get Beal

WAS get Barrett, Gibson, Smith Jr, '20 1st, DAL 1st '21, 2 2nd rd picks


NYK get Paul

OKC get Portis, Ntilikina, Knox & DAL 1st '23


Sign Morris bros, Melo, others

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08 Apr 2020 16:16:27
That’s a lot to give up for a team that probably couldn’t get out of the first round, could lose Beal in free agency, won't have enough money in free agency for a third max and probably can’t count on Paul as a long term piece. Unless a big unexpected name hits the trade market like a Harden or something, they should probably just tank one more year.

09 Apr 2020 09:19:33
Cp3 package
Ellington Payton Gibson Bullock all bought out 6mil. This save okc 79 mil. Knicks not giving up anybody else nor picks. If anything picks go the other way.

Leon Rose would only go after Booker or Oladipo and not beal.

Trade Barrett ny 20 22 1st for Booker

Ntilikina for late 1st Amar Sylla
Knox for mid 1st Sediq Bey
Brazdekas for late 2nd Marcus Howard
Smithjr for mid 2nd Desmond Bane

CP3/ I. Smith/ M. Howard
Booker/ Vassell-27/ Bane
Marcus/ Bey/ Sylla
Markieff/ Melo/ Wooten
Robinson/ Wisemen-1st/ Maker-36.

09 Apr 2020 12:12:56
Barrett 2 dal ny 21 23 1st.

08 Apr 2020 12:50:12

MIN get Oladipo

IND get Culver, Johnson, 1st round pick '20 (if not 1-4)

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08 Apr 2020 13:37:39
Can twolves trade the pick with their 2021 already out to gsw?

08 Apr 2020 13:49:16
Draft day or after.

But I think Indy passes anyways.

08 Apr 2020 15:31:24
This is too much of a risk for the Wolves. Oladipo is a free agent after next year. I think this is too much to give up for what could be a 1 year rental.

08 Apr 2020 17:12:12
I don't think we would do this :-)

08 Apr 2020 01:02:53
So boring. So let's make some scenarios just to start a discussion. These stars are not going to be traded in real life (at least not now), just choose them randomly

Damian Lillard
Joel Embiid
Devin Booker
Kyrie Irving
Klay Thompson

What teams could make a deal for them and what is the specific best offer they will make that makes sense for both sides? Remember this is just for fun, we assume that they are on the trading block.

Note: cannot be traded to one another. No need to trade them if their teams could acquire one of these guys.


Lillard to OKC for Chris Paul, 4 1sts
Embiid to Utah for Gobert & picks
Booker to Wolves for picks & Culver, Okogie, Johnson
Irving to Magic for Fultz, Gordon & picks
Klay to Hawks for Redish, Huerter, Collins & plenty of draft picks

Let's see what are the best deals we can make :-)

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08 Apr 2020 07:37:21
So u put at least not now. U saying nets and warriors would trade Klay and Kyrie at one point? U r stupid as hell. Kd and Kyrie are best friends along with Deandre Jordan. Klay grown through the franchise and will be a warrior with curry for life. Damian Lillard and booker I could see demanding a trade and I could see philly picking Simmons over Embiid and them searching for value to keep them going.

08 Apr 2020 07:42:55
My bad didn’t read the part it said for fun. Damn I kinda went off fo nothing lol sorry.

08 Apr 2020 08:43:43
Dont call anyone stupid, learn how to show respect. Even if i don't mention it was just for fun. This site is made for that man.

08 Apr 2020 10:38:41
Ok stupid, just having fun 🤣🤣.

07 Apr 2020 23:17:59
Hawks get D.Smith Ellington Bullock
Knicks get Holiday Reddick 60
Pelicans get Barrett Reddish Payton Dedmon 21 & 23 dal & ny 1st



Randle Portis for CP3


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08 Apr 2020 08:44:17
Hawks say no.

08 Apr 2020 10:41:46
Smithjr = Reddish
Bullock Ellington = Dedmon.

08 Apr 2020 11:53:26
In which world is DSJ = to Reddish?

Cam is a rook coming off a pretty good last six weeks of basketball. He has 3 and D written all over him and will be a valuable contributor by year three.

DSJ couldn’t get consistent minutes with the Knicks, one of the most PG needy teams in the L. He can’t shoot, doesn’t look to pass, and plays minimal D.

Look man, I’m a Knicks fan and even I think you’re nuts on this one. More likely trade deal for DSJ is to the Sixers for Mike Scott and their 2nd round pick back.

07 Apr 2020 21:01:01
Philly: Reddick+ Le Vert

Utah: L Ball

NO: Dinwiddie+ Ingels

Nets: Horford+ 1rnd pick OKC 2020 (from philly)+ 1rnd pick Utah 2021+ 1rnd pick Philly 2022

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07 Apr 2020 21:45:39
Isn’t that jazz pick 2021 going to Memphis? Why do nets want AL?

07 Apr 2020 22:05:47
It’s 2020.

07 Apr 2020 22:24:01
The Nets are getting ripped off.

08 Apr 2020 11:49:51
The Nets don't need Dinwiddie and Le Vert, both are scorers and the Nets already have Durant and Irving. Horford is a great complementary player for them. He can rebound and shoot threes and the Nets get three draft picks, so that gives them the flexibility to get extra assets in the future (Drafting talent or trade for players they can use) .

08 Apr 2020 11:57:49
Terrible for Nets.

LeVert is a very good young player, and Dinwiddie is extremely valuable either as the second unit leader or above average starter when Irving is inevitably out with injury/ rest.

Horford can’t play the four anymore, and with Allen and Jordan in tow, Al is just excess to requirements. He’ll also be 38 and making almost $30M by the end of his deal. The picks don’t mean much to the Nets as by signing Durant and Irving, they’re in win now mode.

08 Apr 2020 12:42:52
Gasupo, Curry and Klay are scorers but they needed another one to win more. Levert and Dinwiddie can be more valuable than Horford and those picks if the Nets are going for the title.

07 Apr 2020 13:45:29

- let's assume Derozan opts in and agree to sign an extension with Magic

IND get Aaron Gordon
- i think that Gordon is a better fit for the Pacers in that PF position

Pg Brogdon/McConnell/Holiday
Sg Oladipo/Lamb
Sf Warren/Holiday/McDermott
Pf Gordon/Leaf
Ce Sabonis/Bitadze

SA get Myles Turner & Terrence Ross
- get a big man they can develop for their future (maybe Duncan can help him) & a scorer on the wing.

Pg Murray/Mills
Sg White/Forbes
Sf Walker/Ross
Pf Aldridge/Gay
Ce Turner/Lyles/Poeltl

ORL get Demar Derozan & Luka Samanic
- Derozan's value is not that high at this point and i think they give about right to acquire him. Maybe they give a 2nd to IND? The scoring of Demar could be very vital to this young team

Pg Fultz/Augustin/MCW
Sg Fournier/Iwundu
Sf Derozan/Ennis
Pf Isaac/Aminu/Samanic
Ce Vucevic/Bamba/Birch

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07 Apr 2020 16:24:53
Any chance San Antonio gives up Forbes or White instead of Samanic? I think they are looking at Samanic being LMA's replacement when his deal is up.

07 Apr 2020 21:44:54
Probably Forbes as I heard the spurs don’t plan to bring him back in free agency.

08 Apr 2020 01:26:07
Then Forbes couldn’t be traded, and would much rather give up Samanic instead of White.

DDR is testing FA and is likely not picking up his option. If he were to do so though, why would Orlando be where he would want to land?

08 Apr 2020 18:25:14
Because Orlando has been long rumored to be interested in him.

07 Apr 2020 12:53:24

CLE get McCollum

POR get Garland & Love



CLE get Simmons & Horford

POR get Garland, Nance Jr & Korkmaz

PHI get McCollum & Love

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07 Apr 2020 13:25:36
I’m not sure the first one works well for either team. The Cavs end up with 2 combo guards that can’t defend in their back court and the Blazers really don’t get better.

The second is really only good for the Cavs. Unless Portland is looking to blow up, I don’t see how it helps them and I think the 6ers would want more for Simmons.

07 Apr 2020 10:04:47

GS get Drummond & 4th pick

Pg Curry
Sg Klay
Sf Pick
Pf Green
Ce Drummond

CLE get Wiggins & 1st pick

Pg Garland
Sg Sexton
Sf Wiggins
Pf Love
Ce Wiseman

Picks are assumptions

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07 Apr 2020 11:51:32
So Drummond is opting in before the draft?

07 Apr 2020 12:05:55
It’s not worth it for the Cavs. The number 1 pick is more expensive without much of a guarantee that you’re getting a better player, the consensus number 1 is another guard that the Cavs don’t need, Wiggins would be horrible for the development of the young guards around him with the lack of defense, lack of passing and chucking, and Wiggins’s deal is longer.

07 Apr 2020 13:27:08
Fredman, I don’t think Drummond really has bother viable option unless a sign and trade can be lined up.

07 Apr 2020 16:33:13
Toronto seems like a possibility.


San Antonio if Derozen opts out.

Ring chase with the Lakers on a cheap deal?

07 Apr 2020 17:11:12
He has a 30 million dollar option. He’s going to opt out to play for the mle or less?

07 Apr 2020 20:27:51
Depending on how player options go, there are teams with over $20 mil in cap space. I could see him taking a 4 year 90 mil from playoff teams. Not sure he would get that offer thou. But it wouldn't surprise me either.


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