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09 May 2021 21:52:42
Damn i'm so happy for the New York Knicks and their fans. They're playing with huge heart.

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11 May 2021 18:09:18
With a terrible owner.

08 May 2021 14:43:07


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09 May 2021 00:13:28
Ohh again?

08 May 2021 04:35:18
Kuzma is straight trash. Who would have any interest in him. Lmao.

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08 May 2021 20:42:52
Kuz ain’t trash he just have more bad games thin an average star.

09 May 2021 04:47:39
Kuzma is Bagley in a Lakers uniform.

09 May 2021 14:29:45
Exactly Fred. His inconsistency is sickening.

10 May 2021 05:23:51
He did not play and the Lakers win.

10 May 2021 07:39:00
Maybe he played hurt.

11 May 2021 13:18:35
Excuse for everything eh?

11 May 2021 18:12:32
Kuzma a star?

Maybe at one time by the Kardashians. But only one time!

07 May 2021 21:35:50
I don't know but i hope the Lakers go to the play-in tournament. Go and win it and face one of Utah or Phoenix. If they lose, they kinda deserve it. They can't always rely on "Lebron" coming back.

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08 May 2021 20:39:50
Without James it shows his true worth but you can’t say Davis can’t carry a team cause without James they be a different team cause they have lots of cap.

08 May 2021 20:42:03
I see Lakers finishing number 6. James working out to come back better.

09 May 2021 01:14:17
wouldn't be surprised to see the Lakers go 2-3 on the remaining 5 games considering the last 4 on back-to-back games which means players will be rested.

Can also see the Blazers also going 2-3 in remaining 5 which means tiebreaker goes to Portland. Mavs go 3-2.

09 May 2021 04:06:16
Portland will go 4-1 or maybe 5-0. They are a beast in closing out the regular season.

09 May 2021 04:49:53
@Psiphon. Not seeing that with Portland ending the season against the Jazz, Suns and Nuggets.

11 May 2021 18:31:00
Portland is 0-6 against Jazz, Suns and Nuggets as of today.

05 May 2021 02:45:56
With james and Davis missing numerous games lakers still kept the best opp ppg in the west so soon Davis and James back to form to take over in crunch time its over with, its going to be a good year with lakers coming on top again..

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05 May 2021 12:37:28
If you lose to a tanking, injured team, you're not going to win against Utah in a 7-game series lmao.

05 May 2021 15:35:48
Or a healthy Brooklyn/ 76ers.

05 May 2021 17:30:14
Any team can win any series if they're in a zone and healthy.

05 May 2021 20:59:32
I hope Utah doesn't choke in the playoffs the way they do for the past few years.

06 May 2021 01:52:50
But lakers are the injured team.

06 May 2021 04:44:56
Lakers had one playoff run in 8 years. Got get there to choke. Right now lakers in play I. Game. A simple foul/ ankle and poof season is over.

06 May 2021 07:34:00
One playoff run and they won the chip. No matter how many runs you have in the playoffs if you don't win a chip it's nothing.

06 May 2021 12:44:36
Strange how Utah doesn't get much chatter through the media. Everything is about the Lakers, Nets. I'd be okay with the Jazz or Suns winning it all.

Lakers and Nets have big mouths that get majority of headlines.

06 May 2021 14:43:45
@biggie. Media plays to markets and market-sizes, not the team's records.

06 May 2021 15:18:43
Not market size it go By star power.

06 May 2021 15:22:40
Utah and suns sucess come from Lakers and clippers being hurt. plus in a series no one on Utah or the suns can stop James Davis or Leonard george when healthy.

06 May 2021 18:01:45
Unfortunately this is true Fred.

ll, their success comes from hard work not Lakers injuries. Clippers are who they are, not as good as expected to be.

06 May 2021 18:18:00
although, I do have to admit that Lakers losing in the Play-in tournament does concern me as well. Not sure I having the Lakers have a (minute) chance at winning the #1 pick in the draft is good either.

06 May 2021 18:20:03
a healthy Irving-Harden-Durant can beat a healthy Lebron-Davis-Schroeder.

06 May 2021 18:25:34
Yeah, LeBron+Davis couldn't even beat Siakam+Lowry, how they going to get past powerhouse Utah.

06 May 2021 19:13:48
That's just coming back from an injury Davis and lebron. But they beat the nuggets the next day minus James Dora you make sense so just stop.

06 May 2021 19:20:42
If Leonard and George played every game this year and the same for james and Davis then I believe they be the top two seeds this year biggie.

Fred James Davis drummond Schroder kcp >>>> Irving harden durant green Jordan plus lakers bench better and are proven champs.

06 May 2021 20:12:44
Yeah Darry sometimes your comments just makes no sense got to agree with ll this time.

07 May 2021 13:01:28
WDYM? Making a fair point. James, even coming back from an injury, along with Davis, should be more than enough to take on Siakam and Lowry, minus VanVleet, Trent, and Anunoby.

07 May 2021 18:50:56
Drummond = Griffin.

07 May 2021 19:18:59
Healthy Lakers team I take every time in a playoff series.

07 May 2021 22:42:46
I'd take Raptors over Lakers.

Anunoby can lock down LeBron.

Siakam can guard AD.

VanVleet on Schroeder.

Imagine KCP trying to guard Lowry.


08 May 2021 01:58:42
@NBA16. So the real qiestion is will the Lakers be healthy when thd play-in games begin? Lebron's comments about his ankle and Davis's back suggest that the answer will be No.

08 May 2021 03:37:14
How you a kings fan saying nets better then lakers they should both suck to you. U just a laker hater or not a die hard kings fan cause every team sucks to me other then lakers even if Lakers are worst team in league. nba 16 the lakers are playing this way to remain healthy and to see what rotation To go with cause lakers are a lock to make play offs and will beat any team in play In tournament cause they going to make sure james and Davis healthy as can be to do so. If lakers finish 7 or 8 I can see them beating utah or the suns with healthy James Davis in first round. whoever don't believe is crazy cause lakers stayed better then any team in west and when when healthy they get 1st seed like last year. so getting healthy they can beat any seed.

08 May 2021 06:28:39
Are you 12? You can see other teams as good while rooting for your own team.

08 May 2021 07:18:24
Jazz were 2-1 against the Lakers and the only game the Lakers won was in overtime so it could have easily been a 3-0 sweep of the Lakers this season.

Phoenix is 2-0 against the Lakers with a third game yet to be played.

I get playoff basketball is different than regular season results. But to just ignore these results against the Lakers is also just ignorant.

BTW so happy that I do not fit II's perception of a fan!

08 May 2021 09:20:00
Again. Not that i don't believe that the Lakers can beat anybody but i already accepted that there's a great chance that a new team will hoist the trophy this season. Last year's team is way better than this year's Lakers. Love the chemistry of that team.

08 May 2021 09:23:27
Darry good luck with that. Who did lock up Lebron James in a 7 game series? Draymond? Kawhi? Maybe no one. But it's fine. I say Raptors in 5 for you to be happy.

08 May 2021 15:28:56
OG will not lockdown Lebron especially in playoffs lol. Raptors even making playoffs?

08 May 2021 18:30:22
My point. Raptors won't make playoffs and they have the tools to stop the Lakers.

08 May 2021 20:48:22
They don’t have the tools to stop Lakers only Lakers can stop the Lakers.

09 May 2021 00:12:59
They don't even have the tools to win the east without Kawhi. I admire how you love your Raptors but your "defense" isn't getting you another trophy. That's the truth.

09 May 2021 02:08:26
Has Lebron ever lost a playoff series to Toronto?

10 May 2021 17:41:12
Psiphon I like this year Lakers better they got to get healthy is the big difference. Davis getting there and James doing something to Get healthy its why he not playing. so after that it's a rap.

05 May 2021 02:32:55
When Lonzo plays with confidence like tonight, it flashes that superstar talent everyone thought of while he was in HS/College

Hopefully he can find that confidence every game and coaches let him loose

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05 May 2021 07:25:34
So glad to see him finally bloom. Maybe his brother's performances have something to do with this.

05 May 2021 13:07:59
maybe he's now been playing against grown men as long as lamelo has and has become a serious nba threat. sometimes they just need time to get used to the competition.

04 May 2021 18:50:58
If chris paul highly overpaid then how he a top 5 mvp candidate this year. U get paid for winning games by staying healthy and having success not producing stats...

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04 May 2021 21:04:43
LOL. Giannis, Jokic, Embiid, Curry, Luka, LeBron >>>> Paul.

04 May 2021 22:15:43
He’s missed 20+ games half of the seasons he’s been in the league. He hasn’t been able to play in the final playoff games of his teams season 2 of the last 5 seasons due to injury. Not sure that staying healthy is a pro for Paul’s career.

He couldn’t drag two other all stars out of the second round in 6 years in LA.

He’s clearly worth the money this year. No one should be arguing that. But looking at his past, and his performance to end 17-18 and then all of 18-19, it made perfect sense to say “he’s declined, he’s never been incredibly healthy, and he’s at the age that all of that gets worse”.

Honestly, how many guys turn the clock back at 34/ 35 like Paul has? It’s incredible. And it should shock people, because it doesn’t happen.

05 May 2021 00:49:07
His past has nothing to do with this year and if he has another good year you can say he earned his contract. and Dora the explorer you make no sense.

05 May 2021 04:52:36
How did Wiggins and KAT get paid then? Porzingus?

05 May 2021 07:00:40
Poor management.

05 May 2021 17:30:19
The past has a lot to do with his contract though. So bringing up the past talking about his contract is perfectly viable.

06 May 2021 15:50:35
33 you wrong then 2018/ 2019 Paul and harden made 4th seed. they was up 3-2 till Paul got hurt so he earned his money he missed a few games and he earned to run it back but they traded Paul.2019/ 2020 Paul carried thunder to playoffs.2020/ 2021 he top 5 mvp. So next year if Paul stay healthy and suns top 4 he earned mostly all his contract. he missed 17 games in 2018/ 2019 season in Houston and they made it to the second round then he got hurt being up 3-2. then after they traded him they got worse with Westbrook. I say he earned his money that year in Houston just like Davis earned his money this year in la missing those games and James earned his money too plus Durant and harden all missed games but still earned there money cause there name being on that team like Paul backs them up. If Paul have a bad year his name make up for his play to his team so he can’t be overpaid cause Houston getting paid cause he there in some way.

06 May 2021 19:15:03
Not sure how I can be wrong when all I said was that bringing up the past is valid when talking about how a player earned his contract. Never said I agreed Paul was overpaid or anything.

So before you look for a fight, which clearly that's what you're here for, learn to comprehend what someone says!

08 May 2021 03:39:40
You said a lot like his past was bad so he overpaid.

04 May 2021 18:21:00
I will have a better understanding about how good the Knicks are over next 4 games. If they can get 42 wins, I believe they will have real good chance locking up 4th seed and possibly winning the 1st round. Matchup are key. Bam Bam owns Randle. But he has dominated almost everyone else this yr. Davis is a good test for him.

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