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04 Dec 2022 01:45:04
Orlando Magic Situation

I'm so fed up !

I'm not gonna watch any games anymore!

I can't stand losing!!

I'm so upset and frustrated

It's really hurts me as Magic fan

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04 Dec 2022 08:32:10

04 Dec 2022 12:38:09
I’m really I had take my anger outta me I just never like losing these games very hard to watch Coach Mosley is terrible he doesn’t have a skilled to improve but

Shaq was right I was so fed up and my whole family and friends know I never like losing I’m just impatient

I still love my team just hate tanking!

03 Dec 2022 06:21:11
AD is finally showing his dominance again. When he's fully healthy and play with this aggression, he's right there with Giannis

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03 Dec 2022 11:43:06
I'm freakin' glad he's not staying on the 3pt line anymore. Such a joy for a Lakers fan to see a player dominate again translating to wins. Hope this sustains. I'm good if he sits one or two games to rest though.

03 Dec 2022 14:42:02
Just waiting for the street clothes to be hanging in AD's locker.

03 Dec 2022 22:56:41
Dont worry Fred, your Kings are a lock in the playoffs because the Lakers suck.

03 Dec 2022 00:09:12
Orlando Magic situation

What the value of ?

Mo Bamba

Terrence Ross

two second round picks?

Or young players @ best ?

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03 Dec 2022 02:24:08
Depends on the matching salary pieces.

I would say Ross has no value outside if an expiring contract, so it depends on what bad contract you are willing to take back.

Bamba is in a similar position but I would say Orlando gets an additional mid 2nd rounder because of his youth.

03 Dec 2022 04:15:59
@Fredman can Jazz use Mo Bamba so Magic can get young player like Leandro Bolmaro or Nickeil Alexander-Walker not asking much tho

What about Terrence Ross for Patrick Beverley along with second round pick

Orlando Magic would like young player & cap space relief

Utah Jazz has a TPE that Mo Bamba can fill in.

03 Dec 2022 20:40:59
According to Sportrac, the Gobert excpetion is only $9.6 mil. The Ingles exception is $9.7 mil. Bamba makes $10.3 mil. None are large enough for Bamba's salary.

Additionally, adding Bamba salary would push Utah over the luxury tax line. Why give up draft capital and pay a luxury tax for Bamba on an expiring contract? Just sign him next year if Utah wants him.

02 Dec 2022 23:56:18
New team idea

pg- Joshua primo
sg- kyrie irving
sf- lebron/Anthony Edwards
pf-miles bridges
c- meyeres Leonard

is it too much to ask for a little ime udoka as well??? #daretodream2024 #bringbridgesback #kyrietheconquerer #joshuathegent #Lebrongkong #meierlegend #everyonelovesanthonyE

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03 Dec 2022 06:20:16
Even if this was a team. You think Primo would start over Ant.

02 Dec 2022 20:52:51
Saw a tweet today. Kings had the 4th hardest strength of schedule for the first 20 games.

Portland has had the hardest.

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30 Nov 2022 18:32:15
What pieces would you add to any team to make them a possible contender?

Me if I'm the Lakers I'm looking at Free Agents because there you have several options in Miles Bridges, Boogie, Melo, Aldridge. Also in my opinion we need more size because we have to many guards to put into rotation and AD isn't a true 5.

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30 Nov 2022 23:28:57
Boogie, Melo and Aldridge can not guard the perimeter which forced to switch. These guys would get torched.

01 Dec 2022 02:31:23
I think they need some more taller forwards. Harkless, Aminu, etc.

30 Nov 2022 13:28:02
All-Stars if they chose today



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30 Nov 2022 15:09:28
I realize they wont get zero, but the Lakers really deserve zero all stars.

30 Nov 2022 16:11:01
that is a serious lack of bigs for the East. May want to consider Porzingis?

I think Sabonis has a better shot with a 17/ 11/ 6 line than Ingram's 20/ 5/ 4 line. I will give Markannen a pass because it is the host city.

Also, I don't know how Brunson or Garland gets in over Haliburton.

30 Nov 2022 16:28:07
I did consider Porzingis but thought Beal deserved it over him.
I definitely think New Orleans deserves 2 all stars over Sacramento. The statlines are close enough to look at team success.
In hindsight, you're right, Hali>>Brunson.

30 Nov 2022 20:19:15
I think Sabonis and Jokic on the same team allows for running the same plays when Sabonis subs in for Jokic. Both are excellent passing bigs. Need passers to set up the other stars.

30 Nov 2022 21:25:37
Isn't the format like 5 guards and 7 forward/ centers?

30 Nov 2022 23:08:42
AD deserves to be an all star.

01 Dec 2022 03:29:31
I don't know why but I am betting there will be a lot of votes for Westbrook coming out of LA.

01 Dec 2022 14:04:45
I thought it was 6 FC, 4 BC, and 2 flex.

03 Dec 2022 16:12:41
Williamson starts over AD.

30 Nov 2022 08:55:28
Who are the 3 players you like and dislike the most?

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30 Nov 2022 15:14:24
Like: Dame, Steph, Giannis (honorable mention to the nicest guy in the league CJ McCollum)

Dislike: Westbrook, Embiid, Irving (honorable mention Pat Bev, who is the worst)

Props to the Lakers, Nets, and 76ers for really having an interesting arms race to stock up on the most dislikable teams possible.

30 Nov 2022 16:14:02
Like: Tatum, Giannis and Fox
Dislike: Westbrook, Irving and Lebron (Honorable mention Kawhi moved from the Like to the Dislike category this season) .

30 Nov 2022 18:28:07
Like: LeBron, Westbrook, KD (Honorable mention: Kyrie, even though media tries to make him out as a bad guy. )

Dislike: Nurkic, Booker, Kevin Porter JR.

30 Nov 2022 23:11:30
Like: Ja Lebron and Luka (HM: Simmons)

Dislike: Russ Kyrie and Kawhi.

01 Dec 2022 02:14:17
Like (non Celts)
J. Allen

K. Thompson
D. Murray.

01 Dec 2022 16:43:12
Like - OG, SGA and Lowry

Dislike - Kyrie, Russ, Harden.

01 Dec 2022 23:06:40
Like: Luka, Lavine, Zion

Dislike: CP3, Bron, Pat Bev.

03 Dec 2022 02:56:25
like- Doncic, AD and Jokic
Dislike- Pat Bev, Booker and Paul (hm Pat bev again coz he annoying)


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